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OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

OM hrim srim blim aim gloum grhadhipataye brhaspataye vim ta aim ta svaha


Angle-Yoga to the 12 sthāna

dharmasthāna = 1st-from-9th

Physical expressions of the philosophical beliefs


Saint Sixtus Entrusts the Church Treasures to Lawrence

Fra Angelico, c. 1447; Cappella Niccolina

dharmasthāna = 2nd-from-8th

  • 2nd-from = saturation, completion, end-of-cycle and [temporal] death

  • Also, 2nd-from = 2nd spouse of person signified by bhava-X.

resources (2) produced by knowledge of mystery cycles (8)

resources (2) produced by the process of self-destruction and rebirth (8)

resources (2) produced by inheritances and hidden monies, (8)

resources (2) produced by the partner's family history, languages, cattle herds, and stored wealth

resources (2) produced by sudden catastrophic traumatic changes, earthquakes floods and fires surgery widowhood shock emergency disaster (8

Death (2)-of-circumstances-of-death (8) = access to wellspring of eternal life, the supreme dharma.

knowledge (2) of the continuation of life (8) across the cycles of temporal life and death.

vision (2) shaped by experience of immersion into tantric mystery traditions (8)

dharmasthāna = 3rd-from-7th

  • 3rd = 2nd-from-2nd= self-made financial wealth

  • 3rd shows the mental activities and self-made financial wealth of matters of that house.

  • Also, 3rd-from = younger sibling of person signified by bhava-X.

Mentality of the spouse.

self-made financial wealth of the spouse.

  • Spouse's communicative abilities , their overall talkativeness and ability to handle various messaging media.

  • Their business administration, talents in sales, marketing, advertising, public relations et-cetera.

  • Their ability to network socially, form teams, create short journeys such as vacations and business trips, and create mutual interest groups.

If dhana-karaka Shukra occupies bhava-9, wealth results are stronger. The conditions of 9 indicate potential for manifestation of self-made financial wealth from

  • 9 = messaging (3) about consulting and advising activities (7)

  • 9 = crafting (3) alliance and agreement (7)

  • 9 = announcements (3) about brokering or trading exchange (7)

  • 9 = writing (3) about relationships (7)

(Mentality of the 2nd spouse = 3rd-from-bhava-2 = bandhu bhava.)

dharmasthāna = 4th-from-6th

  • 4th-from gives the secure basis and protection, the roots, the housing and containment, of matters of that house.

Dharma bhava is where enemies, debts, and disease are grounded and contained. From the wisdom perspective, conflict is natural and inevitable; thus, bhava-9 has a protective or parental or teacher's view toward social imbalance and bodily disease.

Conflict containment:

These have pronounced 9th-amsh empowerment

  • Guru-figures who teach conflict resolution
  • religious authorities who preach conflict containment and educate the people toward treating others with more compassion
  • Social leaders and governors who provide the people with nourishment and security, are marked by a strong, auspicious Dharmesha-9 and/or helpful tenants in dharmabhava.

Remarkable conflict-management leaders should have navamsha confirmation of ability to contain-or-redirect conflict

dharmasthāna = 5th-from-5th

  • 5th-from gives creative expression to the matters of that house

Children-of-the-Children = grandchildren

  • Bhava-9 = especially the first child of one's own first child. Overall, dharma bhava represents all of one's grandchildren.

  • periods child-karaka Guru and periods of Lord of Bhava-9 in the Vimshottari dasha show Timing of birth of children and grandchildren

Self-expression (5) of Divine Intelligence (5)

  • periods religion-karaka Guru and periods of Lord of Bhava-9 also show the ceremonies (theatre, 5) which involve taking religious vows (9)

  • including marriage vows (9th = 3rd announcement from 7th union)

Creative expression of your children, your Grandchildren -- the first child of the first child in particular.

A strong 9th house = natural entertainments and amusements coming from children (5). For example, a religious teacher is often surrounded by the most wonderful children.

Creative expression of intelligence = your wisdom

Creative expression of your speculative activities = your greatest fortune

Creative expression of your romantic entertainments = your fascination and delight in the world of the gods

Dharmesha-9 is a Vimshottari dasha timing agent for children with equal power to vidya-pati-5 and Guru

fortune that originates in fortune - ie. religion, spiritual fellowship, a good roll of the dice that gets you into a religious setting, and all the auspicious results of wisdom and compassion, the intelligence of intelligence

dharmasthāna = 6th-from-4th

6th-from = debt accruing

Into every bhava a little rain must fall...

Educational and property debt:

6th-from-4th shows debt accruing from matters of bhava-4: education, landed property, the mother, and social/emotional security. Educational debt will feature strongly in the native 's life if bandesha-4 or tenants of bhava-4 indicate pre-incarnationally planned resistance, or if Dharmesha-9 is malefic. Should rogesha aspect Dharmesha-9 or vice-versa, educational or property debt will feature prominently in the native 's life.

Mother's Illness

Daivata kshetra indicates illness for the mother.

Because dharma bhava = bhagya highly fortunate, a mother's sickness is often helpful to one' spiritual and philosophical development. When a mother becomes ill, we attend to her more conscientiously, which increases our love and appreciation for her, which further enhances the Dharma.

Animosity from the parents

Naturally 6th-from-4th represents conflict with the settled and established rhythms of the people (4), particularly with matters of customary morality (4) and property ownership-stewardship (4).

When 9 is stronger than 4, one may with all due respect eschew the parochial limitations of the narrow, emotionally secure world of one's ethnicity (4) in order to pursue the higher, non-ethnic philosophy of religion.

There may be two completely incompatible interpretations of"religion" - from the parents viewpoint, religion is customary morality whereas in the case of a nativity with a much stronger dharma bhava, religion is not compatible with social morality but rather true conviction requires the native to abandon conventional laws and follow the unbiased, unlimited, unboundaried Light of Truth. (see: Jesus Christ.)

" When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up" ~~ Psalm 27:10KJV.

dharmasthāna = 7th-from-3rd


  • profiles the marriage, partnership and advising relationships conducted by the occupants of that house.

use bhava-9 as lagna to measure the profile = spouse of the immediate younger sibling

(Even if there is no physical younger sibling, there will be a cousin, neighbor or team-member who acts the younger-sibling role.)

Sahaja Bhava-3 shows the active daily mental life as a writer, media communicator, teacher/trainer, facilitator, event organizer, social planner, business administrator etc. Bhava-3 is quintessentially a house of business (busy-ness) defined by constant repeating thoughts and short journeys.

Bhava-9 shows the partnerships that are formed through repeated daily interactions, conversations and meetings. Bhava-9 contains the well-wishers whose own business reputation is enhanced when the native talks about them, meets with them, or invites them to join a small-group event.

If sahajabhava (management, conversations, siblings) and dharmabhava (understanding, guidance) and their rulers are well placed, one may enjoy a strong business career.

Dharma bhava = 8th-from-2nd

8th-from = an angle of Mangala = hidden, occult forces at work

In mid-process, the transformative power of 8 may be so dramatic that the situation appears to have been destroyed. However, results of the 8th angle always produce rebirth . A phoenix will rise from the ashes.

Hidden powers of wisdom

Hidden (8) outcome of one's treasury acrrual , stored values and conservation of knowledge (2). Dharma bhava may demonstrate the secret (8) wisdom empowerments that are granted to authentic lineage holders in the great philosophical traditions (2).

Second family

In cases where bhava-2 = a site of abandonment, shock, or trauma, it can happen that self-destruction and rebirth of the family lineage (2) may produce a subconscious narrative that creates a second family .

Whether a second family manifests and whether its effects upon the native are positive or negative depends upon the character of graha in 9.

For example, if lagnesha occupies 9 and the lord of dharma is well disposed, one might emerge (8) from destructive trauma (8) of the birth family into a highly validating (lagnesha) and supportive second family.

Manifestation of a second family also depends upon the distance from the Moon to Dharma bhava. If occupants of 9 are auspicious and dharmasthāna occupies a trine or quadrant from Chandra lagna, narratives of greatly beneficial adoption or inclusion into a second family may be realized.

Even a third family is possible, especially when an abandoned child is handed from one relative or authority to another. If there is to be a beneficial third family, conditions in bhava-4 should be ultimately be more sheltering and supportive than conditions in 2 or 9r.

Wisdom following destruction of the second marriage

Results of transformation which occurs during the breakdown of the second lifepartnership can yield tremendous wisdom if the graha in 9 are favorable, such as benefic lagnesha in 9

Bhava-9 includes children, world travel, and ritual priesthood.

. These can disturb your marriage and core partnerships. Traumatic, transformative upheavals of

Bhava-2 = second marriage. If the second marriage relationship manifests while the first marriage is still operating, the destructive effects on the people represented by bhava-7 (spouse and business partners) are obvious. Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of bhava-2 or bhava-8 is the most common timing agent for divorce .

But other types of arising subconscious pattern or confidential information such as the native 's birth family speaking about his spouse (positive or negative depending on character of bhava-2)

Destruction of financial wealth through Charitable Giving

Charity, generosity, compassionate and complete giving, are all known consequences of seeing the Great Truth.

Although losses from giving in charity do negatively affect the bottom line on the material plane, they purchase merit on the higher planes.

Since you can't take it with you anyway, it makes much more sense to transform financial affluence into spiritual wealth. Spiritual wealth is portable across incarnations. It's the one truly transferable resource!

dharmasthāna = 9th-from-1st

Supportive core of The earthen body esp. The spine, which channels Kundalini energy.

  • legs

  • spine

  • back

  • Hips and Knees If you have a nice strong dharma bhava, even advanced age will see you enjoying strong hips and knees. Problematic dharma bhava yields the opposite.

If you have a nice strong dharma bhava, the spine remains flexible, and there is a natural inclination to run Kundalini energy at high levels. Even advanced age will see you enjoying strong and flexible hip joints.

Problematic graha in or aspecting dharma bhava, or damage to Dharmesha-9 , indicates Kundalini blockage which reduces health esp. lower-body flexibility.

dharmasthāna = 10th-from-12th


  • shows the leadership duties and public status conferred through the matters of that house

Public service and prestige leadership roles which originate from one's deepest imagination and meditative reflections.

Creative people such as film producers have strong Dharmesha-9 which may not manifest as conventional religious teaching but is highly influential to the public psyche.

  • powerful bhava-9 containing lagnesha Chandra, Guru-Meena, and Mangala-Meena * Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie

Bhava-9 indicates greatest fortune of wisdom to know how to manifest resources when they are needed ... a nd as a corollary to not be burdened with resources when they are not needed.

Dharamsthāna is permanently auspicious.

Although bhava-9 is 12th-from-10th, having karmesha-10 in bhava-9 does not damage the career.

Rather, if karmesha-10 is strong, the conventional profession converts to a priestly vocation, a leadership role in universities, or social recognized globalization activities.

dharmasthāna = 11th-from-11th

gains, profits and goal-achievement from:

  • the network of voluntary association
  • from the elder sibling
  • from social participation movements
  • from marketplace activities
  • from access to opportunity to participate


  • Bhava-9 = "who you know" (social network) includes deities, conversations of priests
  • Bhava-9"what you know" (conceptual network) includes high philosophy, conversations of scholars -- super-knowledge of science (scientia) = higher truth
  • Bhava-9 = university culture, university worldwide network, international temple networks
  • beneficiary networks such as sangha (sangiti, the reciters) faith community, religious brotherhood are reflected in bhava-9
  • similarly, periods of exceptionally profitable gain can be predicted during periods of simultaneous strength of the lords of both 11 and 9 (and the two karakas, Guru and Shani)

Gains from gains. Dharma bhava = the most fortunately gainful of all the houses

Graha in dharma bhava and the Dharmesha-9 can bring friends, good ideas, fruitful philosophical observations, well-wishers, and profitable associations.

Dharmesha-9 is always fortunate. Precisely what Dharmesha-9 will gain is determined by its rashi and bhava, drishti et-cetera.

Should Dharmesha-9 occupy a kendra or trikona in a favorable rashi, there will be much gain of religion through religious education and fellowship.

dharmasthāna = 12th-from-10th

12th-from = the nature of losses sustained in regard to matter of that lagna as well as voluntary withdrawal from activities

12th-from-10th = dissolution of the public reputation and social leadership roles

Loss of career and public prestige, usually a voluntary abandonment due to outgrowing the ego-membrane need for public validation. A strong preference, which is reinforced by one's spiritual fellowship, for direct validation from the divine. Loss of need for popular approval.

  • Motivates the native to reflect and meditate on the vicissitudes of public life and profession, rather than to actively engage in leadership or professional achievement.

  • However, That despite its spiritual benefits and its abundant gainfulness + Dharmesha-9 never helps career.

  • Periods of Dharmesha-9 may produce affluence, wonderful long journeys, and wisdom, but they do not promote overall public approval.

Dharmesha-9 periods can be surprisingly hard on natives whose ego-membrane development requires vigorous public approval through titles, position, and leadership recognition.


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