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Jyotishavidya Practice

Clairsentience Clairvoyance Clairaudience

Telepathy * Telekinesis Detecting patterns in subtle matter


Fra Angelico. Perugia Triptych: Angel of the Annunciation. 1437.

Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, perugia, italy.


Prophet Muhammad receiving a vision in Makkah * Tabriz, circa 1320CE

QUOTATION Tenzin Gyatso

Transcendent Wisdom . Translated, ed. annotated B. Alan Wallace. p 44

" To disciples of increasing purity, ability, and rarity the Buddha gave more private guidance in the subtle mysteries.

  • It appears that such teachings are included in the Mahayana sutras.

  • There is no certainty, however, that all of the tantras were taught while the historical Buddha was alive.

To an extremely small number of pure disciples the Buddha could appear today.

  • They could encounter Vajradhara, the King of the Tantras, and he could reveal tantras and quintessential guidance to them.

  • This is possible even though more than twenty-five hundred years have gone by since the historical Buddha passed away.

There is no possibility, after the Buddha's death, of additions being made to his public discourses.

  • But I think that teachings to disciples of pure action do not necessarily have to be given during the historical Buddha's lifetime."

Everyone has clairsentience at birth,

but few people have full permission to develop this "magical" power.

Oracles, seers, prophets, visionaries, healers, mystics, sagacious and wise personalities -- how do they know? What do they see?

  • wikipedia Clairvoyance

  • Clear * clair voyance * viewing = second-sight vision that allows a person to "see" the myriad, coherent thought patterns which are scattered around the aura.

  • In clairvoyant sight, these patterns appear as images of light, color, and shape. Many and photographic images.

Everyone is clairvoyant in one's dreams and one's daydreams.


Latin aurum = English g old

Halo * hallowed is a rendering of English yellow.

Look for the color of the aura surrounding the conscious clairsentient.

  • It is a Light Golden Color field of radiant energy, often softly glowing.

QUOTATION – Clairsentient 1939-1994 social justice Paul Solomon

"You are an intricate, delicate, complex, fascinating, wonderful creation. Absolutely wonderful. . .

And when you have confidence, feel appreciated and feel loved, you are no longer separated from a God that you feel condemned by, but have a relationship with a God that is proud of what He made, finds it acceptable, and has a love for you.

And understanding of that, opens a channel of communication."

Most mothers are strongly clairvoyant and clairaudient with their children,

and mother's intuition is famously correct.

Mothers often assert their right to use and value the gift of maternal intuition. If something untoward happens to their child, most mothers will know instantly.

  • They might suppress the knowledge if they are distracted with other tasks, but the message will be flashing on their psychic screen and they will KNOW.

Many women are also clairsentient within their larger family circle, with their female friends and coworkers, and their husbands.

  • Within all intimate circles of human relationship, subconscious messages are being exchanged constantly.

Modern males are equally clairvoyant. Unfortunately as a general rule, mainstream modern western men suffer restricted permission to acknowledge the information they receive on their clairvoyant channels.

Actually, men are rather rigorously trained to "not know" .

Most people ignore these messages because they are too busy or they don't believe the message exist. However, aclairsentient person can detect these messages consciously.

QUOTATION ~~~ Louise Hay (1984), You Can Heal Your Life

" No matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts .

  • Even self-hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself.

You have a thought that says, "I'm a person."

This thought produces a feeling, and you buy into the feeling.

  • However, if you don' t have the thought, you won't have the feeling.

And thoughts can be changed.

  • Change the thought, and the feeling must go."

Calm Abiding

QUOTATION Tenzing Gyatso. (2002). The Buddhism of Tibet. Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. Ed.).

" There are many types of meditative stabilization , but let us explain calm abiding (samatha) here.

The nature of calm abiding is the one-pointed abiding on any object without distraction of a mind conjoined with a bliss of physical and mental pliancy.

  • If it is supplemented with taking refuge, it is a Buddhist practice;

  • and if it is supplemented with an aspiration to highest enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings, it is a Mahayana practice.

Its merits are that, if one has achieved calm abiding, one's mind and body are pervaded by joy and bliss; one can-- through the power of its mental and physical pliancy -- set the mind on any virtuous object one chooses

  • And many special qualities such as clairvoyance and emanations are attained."

Saint Clare of Assisi = the patron saint of clairvoyants, gilders and gold, telepathy, telegraph, telephone, and television


Saint Clare of Assisi, italia,

painted by Simone Martini, c. 1312

Depending on the scope of one's gift and the depth of their meditation commitment, aclairvoyant may be able to detect and interpret light-and-color patterns around a person, afamily, atown, or an entire planet.

Groups of clairvoyants "clear seeing" monitor the aura around Earth, and always have. The knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya, as it is received it today, originates with the meditating Rishis who looked clairvoyantly into the heavens.

A clairvoyant human may be gifted to see another person's present, their past, or their future. A clairvoyant might be able to see the present and not the past, or vice versa. A clairvoyant might be able to see disease patterns but not financial patterns, or vice versa. A clairvoyant might see parallel lives in prominent religious or political positions, but not in wars or normal family scenes.

A clairvoyant might only be able to see normal family scenes, and not violent or prestige actions. Clairvoyant perception is limited by the permission levels embedded in the thought patterns of the clairvoyant him/herself.

Most astrologers east and west have clairvoyant capabilities to some degree. Most people in any line of work are actually clairvoyant to some degree, but few lines of work [Shani] offer much cultural praise [Guru] for the use of spiritual insight. The less effect Shani has on Budha, and the strong the relationship between Budha and Chandra, the greater the native 's permission to develop their clairvoyant abilities in this life.

Clairvoyance is a natural part of human intelligence, but it benefits from training and conscious development similar to skills training in art and music. The more skills training, the easier and faster the psychic information presents itself.

Jyotisha-vidya reading vs Psychic-intuitive Reading

Being cross-trained, ican do both modalities - analytical and intuitive. I am acutely aware of the difference.

Psychic readings are impulsive.

Immediate, instinctive, intuitive psychic reading responds to the patterns that are evident in the energy field which contains native's intense, momentary emotions .

  • Positive emotions such as joy and gratitude

  • but also (more typically) negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, or fear.

The emotions are visually expressed in the color-picture-patterning of the Astral body.

Most clients approach a psychic reading with high anxiety. The client is normally excited, hoping for spiritual validation, but also afraid of receiving invalidation.

A general truth of all readings

  • whatever else the clairvoyant reader may see in the aura,

  • even if the information might elicit a negative value judgment from some social agency (parent, spouse, government) -

  • Nevertheless, the client as an individual may receive a simple, naeutral level of spiritual validation .

Once the spirit is validated with positive affirming language, then details of the aura patterns, alternating light and dark, flecked with gold and sometimes quite radiant in golden light, may be offered.

A good psychic reader will acknowledge the native 's passions and fears (which mainly boil down to, will I be loved or will I get social approval) and articulate a few of the major pictures that are flashing around in the person's aura.

That's it. No planning, no long-term responsibility, for setting and meeting goals on the life path.

Jyotishavidya readings by contrast are planned .

The Jyotishavidya view of spirit is detailed, in-depth, quite rational and logically structured, and the readings require hours of preparation.

In contrast to the passive snapshot of the moment provided by a psychic reading, the Jyotisha reading

  • paints a broad vista of the 120-year life path

  • predicts the logical consequences of the planetary behaviors occurring on the schedule revealed by the Vimshottari Dasha calendar.

Unlike a psychic reading which is physically proximate, immediate emotional reactions ideally do not interrupt the flow of interpretation.

One is encouraged to accept responsibility for the unfolding of the knowledge along one's path. One can act intentionally or react impulsively. Naturally, intentional action will give the best spiritual results.

The Jyotisha reading is a very distinctive type of information (120 year life path), adifferent intention (personal responsibility), and a different psychic environment (calm reasoning) than an aura reading.

The Jyotishavidya reading may reveal the spirit's predisposvidya

In a non-reactive state , one can appreciate that this entire detailed flow of events is the manifestation of divine intelligence in one's own unique personal sphere. Each event, whether reactively judged as easy, difficult, moral, immoral, beneficial, hurtful, helpful = the fruit of one's own labeling thoughts.

How to change the fruit? Change the thoughts!

The thoughts behind the feelings

Few people seriously consider the power of changing/observing one's thoughts . Suppressing feelings yes, but changing the thoughts behind the feelings, probably not.

The Jyotisha reading might be the first time that the native has considered a clear distinction between causal (mental), astral (emotional), and physical levels of the human aura.

If the clairvoyant reader is strongly grounded in a non-prescriptive, non-judgmental state of love with the Supreme Being (true faith, trust) then a psychic reading can be a powerful, life-affirming experience.

Excellent book which explains in very simple terms how to engage the thoughts as an engine for creating the desired manifestation:

  • The Magic of Believing , by Claude M. Bristol. Written in 1948. Brief, direct, funny, with clear instructions. Highly recommended. (Available via inexpensive paperback book and possibly online versions too.)

Vocabulary Choices

Clairvoyant guidance is used in choosing the optimal Jyotisha reading vocabulary that will more closely match the querent's range of perception.

  • Human language is a very limited tool for expressing spiritual concepts.

  • Luckily, English language is such a hodge-podge of different vocabularies from such a wide variety of feeder languages, that a bit of specificity in word choice is available in English.

  • Instantaneous clairvoyant sensing is used to determine whether a particular word may cause a dark spot or a bright spot in the remote field of the readee's consciousness.

Readers typically practice psychic grounding through the muladhara chakra. This ritual ensures that every Jyotishavidya reading occurs in a securely grounded space. Through positive intention, it prevents interference from predatory spirits who may try to meddle in the smooth transmission of the insights of samayavidya.

When commentators observe that the ignorant mind is perverse or wrong, the criticism is not personal but rather mechanical. The concern is about the way the thought-generating mechanism misconceives reality.

Now the pertinent questions are: What is reality? How is this mind mistaken about reality? And in what way does the mind wrongly apprehend reality?

Reality or emptiness of true existence is something that can be established logically. There are sound, or perfect, reasons to prove the emptiness of inherent existence, and conviction in these reasons can be established.

On the other hand, there is no logical way to prove true existence because logic itself is a science of polarities, and true existence has no opposite.

  • True existence =what appears to an ordinary, untrained consciousness.

  • But when it comes under logical scrutiny, true existence cannot be found.

  • Even in our everyday life we often find contradictions between the way certain things appear and their actual mode of existence

  • that is, the way things actually exist is different from the way they appear to exist.

...Our perception of impermanent things like mountain ranges and houses does not conform to their actual mode of existence. Some of these things have existed for many centuries, even thousands of years. And our minds perceive them in just that way--as lasting and permanent, impervious to momentary change.

Yet when we examine these objects on an atomic level, they disintegrate every moment; they undergo momentary change. Science also describes a similar pattern of change. These objects appear solid, stable, and lasting, but in their true nature, they constantly change, not keeping still even for a moment.


Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi . (orig. 1946).

  • Sarga-15, the Cauliflower Robbery


" Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in man during those instants when his mind is calm.

Nearly everyone has had the experience of an inexplicably correct "hunch," or has transferred his thoughts effectively to another person.

The human mind, free from the static of restlessness, can perform through its antenna of intuition all the functions of complicated radio: sending and receiving thoughts, and tuning out undesirable ones.

As the power of a radio depends on the amount of electrical current it can utilize, so the human radio is energized according to the power of will possessed by each individual.

All thoughts vibrate eternally in the cosmos. By deep concentration, aMaster is able to detect the thoughts of any mind, living or dead.

  • Thoughts are universally and not individually rooted; a truth can't be created, but only perceived.

The erroneous thoughts of man result from imperfections in his discernment.

The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind, that without distortion it may mirror the divine vision in the universer.

Radio and television have brought the instantaneous sound and sight of remote persons to the firesides of millions: the first faint scientific intimations that man is an all-pervading spirit. Not a body confined to a point in space, but the vast soul, which the ego in most barbaric modes conspires in vain to crampr.

" Very strange, very wonderful, seemingly very improbable phenomena may Yet, appear which, when once established, won't astonish us more than we're now astonished at all that science has taught us during the last century," ~~ Charles Robert Richet, naobel Prizeman in physiology, has declared.

" It's assumed that the phenomena which we now accept without surprise, don't excite our astonishment because they are understood. But this isn't the case.

If they don't surprise us it's not because they are understood, it's because they are familiar;

for if that which isn't understood ought to surprise us, we should be surprised at everything: the fall of a stone thrown into the air, the acorn which becomes an oak, mercury which expands when it's heated, iron attracted by a magnet, phosphorus which burns when it's rubbed. . . r.

The science of today is a light matter; the revolutions and evolutions which it will experience in a hundred thousand years will far exceed the most daring anticipations.

The truths - those surprising, amazing, unforeseen truths which our descendants will discover - are even now all around us, staring us in the eyes, so to speak, and yet we don't see them.

But it's not enough to say that we don't see them; we don't wish to see them ;

for as soon as an unexpected and unfamiliar fact appears, we try to fit it into the framework of the commonplaces of acquired knowledge, and we're indignant that anyone should dare to experiment further."

Psychic Abilities

Managing the Gift of Psychic Perception in Modern Life

Some folks are born with super-high active levels of intuition. Highly intuitive people have become that way through many lifetimes of spiritual development. Despite the fact that one's present lifetime conditions may be utterly normal in most non-psychic dimensions - psychics work, sleep, and get sick just like everyone else - nonetheless in the skill of astral perception psychics are particularly clean = clear.

Psychically sensitive listeners = a variety of santa = saint. The English term Saint derives from Latin sanctus meaning clean = sanitized = sane = clean of ignorance.

Psychic powers can become so pronounced that psychics often seek protection from spiritual invasion.

Shamans are made by traditional skills training. Shamanistic personalities are also born (intuitively knowing how to listen = Śrāvaṇa. Unfortunately, psychics who choose to be born into cultures which do not have a cultural category called tantrik or channeler may begin to doubt their own sanity.

Psychics born into the dead center of pedestrian, positivistic, consumerized first-world life may have been told that their perceptions are unhealthy. Absolutely the opposite is true. It is a marvelous, clean, and supremely healthy gift to be able to hear the voice of the ancestors and the instructions of angels. But still, there is fear of truth.

In the materially brightening but spiritually darkened post-industrial modern culture, the self-concept of those who were born possessing strong intuitive capabilities has often been damaged. The gifted ones may not know where to go with their spiritual information. They may not know how to interpret it. They may endure a life without human teachers, guides, or sangha.

Natural-born shamans in post-industrial, positivistic culture may be labeled and stigmatized as psychopaths, sociopaths, or just plain crazy. They may endure medical treatment with chemical drugs such as anti-psychotics, which suppress the acuity of the psychic antennae.

SSome 20th-century western psychics tried to package the tantrik other-worldly signals coming into their consciousness in terms understandable by conventional religion, or popular culture, or gambling, or the psychic business. They tried to construct a social identity in the mode of prophets or preachers.

Or, often under pressure from scheming family members, there may be some attempt to commercialize the gift via exploitive business arrangements, such as a pay-for-insight psychic telephone hotline. The gifted one struggles to help the needy while the commercial operator exploits all involved.

Unfortunately, most attempts to make conventional sense of tantrik information results in a corruption of the authentic spiritual messages being delivered by astral informants, such as deceased family members, angels, or spirit guides. Shamans receive signals from beings without bodies -- spiritual beings.

Spiritual beings are not locked into the time/space continuum. When spiritual beings are communicating about philosophy and religious truth (which are their greatest concerns) they are communicating super-mental concepts which are often much too advanced to be contained in the restrictive, judgmental package of lower-level human social perceptions.

Born shamans may babble a rasher of religious nonsense. Unless they can be supported and protected by an experienced teacher-guide who can help them shape and interpret the messages, there is limited hope of the messages making sense within the conventional discourse modes of modern religious or civil culture.

In aboriginal societies, young ensitives, borderline psychotics, and generally difficult kids may be apprenticed to the village shaman as soon as their special gift and/or public annoyance is identified. Over a period of many years duration, older shamans trains the younger ones to pick up messages from the tribe's spiritual guides (including ancestors.) Those messages may direct the tribe to hunt in a particular place, to migrate, to permit or deny a certain marriage, etc.

The civilized religious traditions which best integrate tantrik behavior into mainstream religious information are Vajrayana [Tibetan] Buddhism with its strong tradition of magic and sorcery; the Hindu and Buddhist Tantric lineages; and mystical Christianity with its secret monastic initiations.

In India, tibet, or Mongolia - as well as in the secret monasteries of France - one can learn to develop the natural psychic gifts and to communicate with divine powers in a sane, helpful, religiously deepening way. But these are sanctuary communities such as ashrams, cloisters, and hidden monasteries, which have little contact with the outside world. They know that people in the outside world are still not ready to see their reality.

Unless one is born into one of these protective, supportive skills training traditions or consciously seeks to enter such a community, the chances of learning to manage and indeed develop higher levels of psychic sensitivity are slender. The unshielded default experience is to feel criticized and ostracized, or to be deceived by exploiters into wasting one's life-force energy trying to package it commercially.

One may endure a terrible self-doubt while attempting to makr sense of psychic perceptions. Without an older, experienced teacher and a supportive spiritual community, to buffer the intensity of the perceptions and clarify the messages by comparing them to previous message-streams of the ancient traditions, anatural-born psychic can deteriorate into mental illness and dis-communication.

Education in trance mediumship or tantric meditation is required. Naturally, it is easier to receive the skills training when one is younger, but it's still possible to receive some healing validation for one's life truth by attending psychic skills training classes at an advanced age. One may prefer a mature blossoming which produces clear-minded trance-mediumship only in the final years of life. Or one might be blessed to receive the skills training in early adulthood, and practice in a grounded fashion, helping others compassionately, throughout a rich and satisfying lifetime.

Most psychics are very spiritually attuned but they are rarely dogmatic. American and French skills training schools are like that. They are the first bloom of tantric-style healing skills training tailored to the western mind. No big guru, no exotic costumes or fancy rituals, no special books... just hands-on training in reading auras and healing mind-bodies.

Typically one is continuing a course of shamanistic development from many previous lifetimes. One remembers how to channel otherworldly information. What may be missing in this lifetime is solid tribal support for intuitive practice, resulting in severe perhaps crippling spiritual invalidation.

It can help to find some amusement about the path one has chosen! Each action, each thought, each emotion that is generated in this current life is a building block for the next/other lives. (in reality countless lifetimes are occurring simultaneously, and each choice made in one embodiment may subtly or dramatically can influence the others.)

The most important thing now is to forgive all those who have stigmatized, ignored, criticized, or ridiculed one's extraordinary perceptions in this life. Let all those jokers off the hook so that one can avoid having to deal with them again in the next life!

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,

Sincerely, bPL


photo by Viola Legetti


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