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Vimshottari Dasha

6/8 +++ 2/12



Geometric Angles that produce

unbalanced Bhukti and Pratyantardasha

see also shad-ashtaka 6-8 challenge-angle

6th-from-Chandra - 12th-from-Chandra




Challenging Angles of relationship between planetary time-period lords.

If these growth-challenging angles occur in the radical nativity, then the dasha + bhukti of these two graha is predicted to be a challenging life experience.

Naturally, the Jyotiṣika must consider all of the other behaviors of the graha which occupies the shad-ashtakya Awkward Angle.

Although some portion of the predicted effect of the period may be less benevolent due to the relative awkward location of the graha, comfortable results may simultaneously arise.

For example,

  • a graha which is 12th-from the mahadasha pati may bring in its period imprisonment, involuntary seclusion, hospitalization, or a temporary loss of visibility.
  • However, the same graha could also be Vriddhi-pati-11 to generate good earnings, bhratru-pati-3 to produce publications, or dharmesha-9 to produce great wisdom.
  • Every Vimshottari period contains valuable knowledge which advances the spiritual maturation process

Major period lord =

Mahadasha pati - or- bhukti pati - or - pratyantaradasha pati

Awkward Angles

When the distance from the period lord to the sub-period lord = the less benevolent angle, the Implications =

any graha

12th-from = dissolving, erasing

graha placed in 12th from the major period lord can temporarily dissolve identity. during the subperiod of graha residing in 12th-from, one may be subject to erasure in a community or in a relationship. Public attention to one's existence is psychically dimmed, and one enters some type of enclosure, so that one is temporarily unseen . People behave as if one does not exist.

any graha

6th-from = accusing, complaining

graha placed in 6th from the major period lord can temporarily induce illness, animosity, broken unions, failed agreements, betrayal, poverty, and debt. However, unless the graha in 6th-from the period lord is truly virulent, the most common outcome is a victim-feeling of disappointment following a broken promise. The native or the agent represented by the graha in 6th-from may experience temporary ill-health.

6th-from Surya

ego conflict

6th-from-Surya * stress zones * may include:

poor health (6) according to the character of the graha residing in 6th-from Ravi.

(Exempli gratia, if 6th from Ravi contains Shani, diseases of hardness such as tumors or skin ailment).

Faltering of the Will due to conflict and distrust (6). Damage to self-confidence due to disputes, accusations and complaints.

Alienation from Divine Intelligence, animosity in public life, temporarily tarnished reputation, temporary unhealthiness (6) of the father (Ravi).

12th-from Mangala

drains the competitive vitality

* Stress zones * may include:

repressed anger, emotional volatility, subconscious conflict, psychosomatic illness

  • denial of aggressive energies at work in the environment. Often involves a sudden eruption of the long-denied forces causing a destructive physical loss.

6th-from Guru

  • Enemies of Wisdom

  • crisis of faith

6th-from-Guru * stress zones * may include:

6th-from angle = controlled by Budha, and Budha has a permanently adversarial relationship to Guru.

imbalance-seeking-a-remedy in belief system, animosity or antagonism from spiritual worlds, loss of faith, religious doubt

  • Similar to effects of 6th-from-Dhanus = Vrishabha (sensual pleasures) and 6th-from-Meena = Simha (self-reflexivity).

4th-from Shukra

6th-from Shukra and 12th-from-Shukra can be challenging also

4th-from-Shukra* Stress zones * may include:

4th-from angle = controlled by Chandra, and peer-equal-balance Shukra chronically dislikes Chandra the I-am-big-you-are-small parent-child protector

Graha in 4th-from-Shukra take away spousal pleasuring and replace it with parental caretaking emotions. In a marriage, this era emphasizes parent-child duties or matters of personal emotional security.

  • Interpersonal intimacy is much diminished.

  • threatens but does not destroy the marriage. bandesha-4 from Shukra does not destroy the bond but does depreciate the spouse.

  • If Shukra-Mesha the crisis of depreciation is doubled because Chandra is both karaka and lord of 4th from Shukra.

  • If Rahu in 4th from Shukra, some extreme crisis or sudden uncoiling of the kundalini force may set the scene for the struggle between marital peer bond vs parenting.

During Shukra-Budha bhukti ,

  • if Budha occupies 4th-from Shukra, the competition between peer alliance vs parenting feelings manifests in communication

8th-from- Mahadasha-pati The 8th angle does not connote disease. It connotes the shake-ups which cause the shedding of old skins, and the emergence of a fresh new skin. It connotes eruptions which signal change of identity, emergence of previously hidden information, and sudden birth of new ideas (which require jettison of the old ideas). 8th angles do not signify chronic illness but they do involve psychological trauma, and sudden changes.

6th- from Rahu


Rahu moves "backwards " so this would be a graha in

agents of polarizing catalysis = enemies of Quick Advancement, exploiters


Animosity from predatory people and exploitive environments which insidiously block one's attempts at quick and clever social-material advancement.

Imprisonment or long assignment in distant lands during 12th-from-Rahu .

Results of dealing with tricky and fraudulent adversaries may lead the native into a temporary state of poverty and illness from psychic exhaustion.

  • Often, one tricks oneself one becomes one's own worst enemy.

One schemes toward a Great Leap Upward, but the results of machinations intended to produce sudden, illicit personal elevation are often disastrous.

Those whom one intends to exploit (6) become one's own exploiters ..

Arguments and addictions bind one to the none-too-desirable object of one's desire.

Sneaky, slimy adversaries. Sneakier than you. Theft and entrapment. Caught in a sting .

  • For example, one might become addicted to drugs which offer the false promise (6) of permanent alertness, so that one can be superhumanly [Rahu] productive not needing to sleep. Illness at the least jail (6) at the worst.
  • One might scheme a financial breakthrough that is found to be illegal and forces litigation, bankruptcy or jail
  • Illegal undertakings of many varieties are possible under this angle, all of which are motivated by the glitter of get-rich-quick or get-famous-quick.
  • Rahu famously lacks impulse control. In periods of 6th-from-Rahu, the enemies lack even the barest respect for contractual agreements and even honor amongst thieves disappears
  • Even the bhava which occupies shad-ashtakya 6-8 from Rahu can be problematic, with agency of that bhava representing those who block one's attempts to vigorously get ahead in life
  • spring-forward blocker agents according to the bhava which = 6th-from-Rahu


2 = family history, 2nd spouse

3= younger sibling-cousin

4 = parent

5= children

6 =servants, mother's relatives

7= spouse, business partner

8 = spouse's family

9 = professor, religious teacher

(,,,,,, 11 = elder sibling, )

12th-from Ketu

6th-from- Rahu

Ketu moves "backwards " so this would be a graha in a 2/12 angle to Ketu

extreme detachment and quietude which could be, or be interpreted socially as, mental illness.

Could also be a yogi in disguise!

Death-wish, self-destructive behaviors.


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