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Health * Bulimia

~~ Gayatri mantra

  1. "Lipstick" dramatist, fashion model Margaux Hemingway

  2. "On Golden Pond" dramatist-activist Jane Fonda

  3. UK-Princess 1961-1997 Diana Spencer


Green Tara

Body image issues, perfectionism, Rahu and Shani

Damage to the Body image which generates health disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa, etc. is traceable to Shani and Rahu, in combinations with Shukra and Chandra.

Chandra yuti Rahu -Ketu
  • The very karaka for contentedness and belonging within a sheltered place, Chandra signals emotional fulfillment.

  • If one believes for karmic reasons that one is not permitted to be fulfilled (see Princess Diana, below) there may result a psychologically driven process of binge eating to have the emotionally rooted experience of being filled-full followed by a purging to deny the completion of the fulfillment.

  • Chandra with either Rahu or Ketu, usually ruled by or accepting drishti of a strong Shani, indicates the lack of permission for emotional fulfillment.


One may correct this past-life based expectation within the current life by deciding to forgive the parents (Shani-Chandra) who have been unreliable protectors in the context of acceptance of one's own deeper narrative, which involves a subconscious intent to correct an imbalance remaining from parallel lives .

In the parallel life , one deprived another being (perhaps inadvertently) of shelter, protection, or the deep sense of belonging. In the present life, Jyotisha suggests that one of the parents - particularly the mother = emotionally unavailable or abandons the child.

possibly via early death,

  • "On Golden Pond" dramatist-activist Jane Fonda suicide of bi-polar mother *Rahu+ Shukra; Rahu drishti to Azlesa Chandra

  • or by abandonment UK-Princess 1961-1997 Diana Spencer , mother left the home after hostile divorce * swakshetra Shani in 12th from Chandra = Bandhu bhava = home

Wishing to correct that past-life immoral action, one is born in the present life with the intention to balance the karmic scales by experiencing oneself the lack of fulfillment, lack of reliable protection, and lack of feeling included.

  • After recognizing the pattern, one is ideally positioned to forgive oneself (first) forgive one's parents and caretakers (second) and finally gain permission for fulfillment.

  • Slowly and carefully, of course, often supported by conscious Seva on behalf of those with less conscious and more painful conditions of the same general type.

  • Shani

    Shani, lord of social law, regulates the social appropriateness registers and imposes conformity of thought, feeling, and physical appearance.

    • the native who perceives one's physical appearance to be negatively judged will typically have a kundali that features a powerful Shani.

    • Psychological experience of body image under social criticism includes: too dark, too bony, too fat, too pale, too short, too tall, etc. ad inf.

    The disordered behaviors are understood as different expressions of "perfectionism" which is a compulsive rejection of all things not perfect. the native becomes self-rejecting as a response to the inner argument (6) which asserts that the physical body appearance is not perfect and Therefore it must be rejected.


    Rahu, karaka for disruption and passionate desire to "get to the top" is associated with impulsive, desire-driven actions designed to catapult the native to higher levels of social recognition and privilege.

    Rahu + Shukra

    produces striking physical attractiveness, but also a need to continually promote the value of one's own beauty and a relentless quest to push harder, higher, faster for more validation of the beauty.

    • Shukra = the natural regulator of bhava-2 = food, value, and beauty.

    • Thus Rahu + Shukra in the case of beautiful models and actresses is often associated with self-starvation disorders which results from Rahu's fierce quest for the contemporary western beauty-value: an unnatural and artificial (Rahu) combination of thin limbs with prominent bones combined with voluptuous breasts and thick lips.

    • If combined with drishti of Shani, the self-deprecating results of 'food discipline' may be unbearably intense.

    Typical Jyotisha placements for body-image disorders include:

    • Shani + Chandra, Shani + lagna, or Shani + lagnesha

    Lesser but still significant experience of being judged for body appearance =

    • Chandra 6/8-from-Shani, lagnesha shad-ashtaka 6-8 from Shani, Shani in 6 or 8 from lagna.

    Also a complicating factor indicating emotional volatility and desire to "leapfrog' to a privileged appearance (also cosmetic surgeries) =

    • Chandra engaged with the Rahu-Ketu axis

    Ketu's dissociativeness in conjunction with one of the body karaka = also a factor:

    • Ketu + Chandra, Ketu + lagna, or Ketu + lagnesha

    UK-Princess 1961-1997 Diana Spencer


    Example Nativity:

    In her early 30's, UK-Princess 1961-1997 Diana Spencer revealed that she had long suffered from bulimia.

    Diana Spencer, Princess of WalesHer eating disorder involved food gorging to the point of illness, followed by compulsive vomiting; the native gains the brain-numbing, mouth-pleasure of eating but self-deprives oneself of the nutrient which might be absorbed by the intestinal process.

    Thus a slender, boyish, fashionable physique could be obtained even by a woman who ate heartily and bore two strappingly healthy children.

    • Diana's chart shows Ketu-6 being constantly attacked by Rahu-Mangala-12 fantasies and demons.

    This now-elderly professional female suffered from acute bulimia during her 18-year Rahu Mahadasha.

    Teenage bulimia started within the first few months of the onset of Rahu Mahadasha, and ended with a destruction-and-rebirth experience during the final bhukti of Rahu-Mangala. (Mangala = the maha-maraka for Thula lagna = 8th-from-Rahu).

    the native accomplished a complete recovery and self-rebirth.

    • Exceptionally powerful uttama-Shani in lagna

    • Shravana Chandra yuti Rahu + in a rashi of Shani

    • Chandra in Shravana "the listener" denotes a particularly acute sensitivity to public opinion. the native feels an emotional need to receive the good opinion of others, to receive approval for conforming to perceived public standards for decency and respectability.

    • Typical of the disrupted pair Rahu + Chandra in 4, this native suffered the death of a parent in childhood, and was made to feel like an outsider (Rahu) because of that loss. The surviving widowed parent, while physically present, became emotionally unavailable due to unending grief.

      • At the onset of Rahu mahadasha, the native undertook a campaign to feel included via making a quick leap [Rahu] into the ranks of the physically handsome. Rahu of course leaps over the normal step-wise process to obtain privileges, choosing characteristically a "shortcut" path to success.

      While her education proceeded excellently at distinguished universities (uttama yogakaraka L-4+L-5 Shani for the Thula lagna) she continued the secret practice of bulimic purging. Friends marveled at her capacity for sorority beer-drinking and eating entire pizzas while maintaining a lithe, tanned model's body.

    • Maraka L-2+L-7 Mangala for the Thula lagna is often the trigger for killing something or stopping the flow of a vital behavior. In this native's case Rahu-Mangala period brought on some near-lethal bilious disease caused by the purging behaviors, and the native to save her own life put a stop to the self-destructive bulimic practice.

    "Lipstick" 1955-1996 Margaux Hemingway


    Example nativity:

    celebrity actress, model "Lipstick" 1955-1996 Margaux Hemingway

    At the peak of her 1970's career (Shukra Mahadasha) super-model and film actress Ms. Hemingway was reckoned a great beauty. She held million-dollar fashion-modeling contracts and started work as a film actress. She was famous for her tall physique, her high cheek-bones and her beautiful, engaging smile.

    Unfortunately, she struggled with epilepsy, alcoholism, and binge eating with bulimia -- Perhaps complicated by a bi-polar condition.

    ~~ Joseph Murphy, Ph.D. (1963). The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,p 38-39

    "... Motion and emotion must balance.

    As in heaven [your own mind] so on earth [in your body and environment].

    This is the great law of life."

    You will find throughout all nature the law of action and reaction, of rest and motion.

    These two must balance, then there will be harmony and equilibrium.

    • You are here to let the life principle flow through you rhythmically and harmoniously.

    • The intake and the outgo must be equal.

    • The impression and the expression must be equal.

    • All your frustration is due to unfulfilled desire.

    If you think negatively, destructively, and viciously,

    • these thoughts generate destructive emotions

    • that must be expressed and frequently expressed as ulcers, heart trouble, tension, and anxieties,

    What is your idea or feeling about yourself now?

    Every part of your being expresses that idea.

    Your vitality body, financial condition, friends, and social status

    represent a perfect reflection of the idea you have of yourself

    This is the real meaning of what is impressed in your subconscious mind and what is expressed in all phases of your life.

    We injure ourselves by the negative ideas we entertain.

    How often have you wounded yourself by getting angry, fearful, jealous, or vengeful?

    These are the poisons that enter your subconscious mind.

    You were not born with these negative attitudes.

    Feed your subconscious mind life-giving thoughts

    and you will wipe out off the negative patterns lodged within it.

    As you continue to do this, all the past will be wiped out and remembered no more."


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