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    BPHS Rahu Mahadasha

    BPL commentary Rahu Mahadasha

    1. Rahu in classroom-1 * passion for vitality
    2. Rahu in classroom-2 * passion for treasuries
    3. Rahu in classroom-3 * passion for communication
    4. Rahu in classroom-4 * passion for property, routine, roots
    5. Rahu in classroom-5 * passion for politics, celebrity, games
    6. Rahu in classroom-6 * passion for conflict, remedies
    7. Rahu in classroom-7 * passion for partnership
    8. Rahu in classroom-8 * passion for secrets
    9. Rahu in classroom-9 * passion for philosophy, preaching
    10. Rahu in classroom-10 * passion for leadership power
    11. Rahu in classroom-11 * passion for prizes, achievements
    12. Rahu in classroom-12 * passion for privacy

    Aum ram ravahe namah

    Rahu * Raghu * Rahuva

    resides in

    Mantra * Vidya * Putra Bhava-5

    Caput Draconis occupies the 5th house

    shadowy charisma

    see also: Rahu 5th-from-Chandra

    * passion for creativity, politics and drama *


    Rahu Yantra


    "As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be, you can't see how it is."

    ~~ Ram Dass

    Rahu drishti to 9, 11, 1 amplifies the ideological-patronage (9) and network-participation (11) and physical-appearance (1) attributes.

    Passion for Political Privilege

    special and important in center-stage roles

    Urgent ambition to create drama

    passion for politics, celebrity, literary genius, games

    urgently ambitious charisma

    disguised as aroyal figure

    prestige sought via children, creativity, literature, intelligence fashion, politics, royalty, celebrity

    desire to be recognized as a radiant light

    fascinating heart, spine

    Elevation through Celebration

    splendid placement for a theatrical performer, literary artist, or charismatic politician

    The privilege-seeking ambitions of Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 express via creative intelligence.

    Although outwardly a somewhat friendless and socially disconnected personality due to Ketu in bhava-11 , Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 invests great energy in pursuit of demonstrations of political acumen which promise to advance His social entitlements.

    Camouflaging, disguising Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 wants to appear as a legitimate, credible holder of status-rank in the class of beings =

    • The Sun-Kings, theatrical actors and politicians,

    • radiant centers of public attention,

    • the charismatic and glittering, the royal and divinely inspired,

    • generators of marvelous children,

    • game-players and gamblers, entertainers, fashion-stylists

    • the intelligent, the creative, the sparkling, the confident and bright,

    • holders of Good Fortune, the golden ones, brilliant, blessed,

    • Rex: the rich, the regal, the self-righteous, the rightfully chosen.

    Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 takes on whatever guise is necessary to insinuate Himself into the desired center-stage roles.
    Elevation via Fascination

    Rahu utilizes the theatrical stage of Bhava-5 creativity

    Often a dramatic rise from the station of birth via extraordinary or exotic politics, romance, theatrics, celebrity and charisma.

    • Unusual or exotic circumstances regarding children

    • idealistic personality;

    • passion for holding the center of political attention

    Quest for superior privilege via intelligence, speculation, gambling, politics, and offspring . Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 is overinvested in children, politics, entertainment, celebrity, charisma, center-stage entitlements.

    • Ambitious desire to be recognized for the exceptional qualities of one's children. May claim entitlement rights to children who are not precisely one's own. Often adopted exceptional children.

    As an adversary of Shani, Rahuva wants what He socially legitimately cannot have (Shani legitimation).

    As an adversary of Chandra, Rahuva also craves what He morally should not have (Chandra, morality, the "walls" surrounding the settlement, local environment produces morality.)

    It is the desire of Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 to receive the privileges accorded to:

    • political, literary, and theatrical genius

    • creator of delightful children

    • masters of the arts of entertainment and amusement

    • a splendid center-stage figure radiating Great Brilliance

    Whatever distinction He obtains in the hungry question for recognition, hungry Rahu will never be satisfied.

    Immediately upon obtaining the object of desire, Rahu again yearns for more, better, different privileges given to the class of beings who show political empowerment, charismatic centrality, and poetic, romantic brilliance. Every day begins with renewed lust for this ephemeral prize.

    Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 = amplified political-creative impetus toward self-elevation through rule-evading risk.

    The full scope of effects depends upon which graha occupy bhava 9, 11, and 1.

    A Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 parent may convert the process of raising children into a self-focused dramatic performance. It is not really about the children.

    chalakaraka Rahu in bhava 5

    • Ambitious desire (Rahu) to be recognized as a brilliantly intelligent creative risk-taking performance genius. Self-elevation via surreptitious involvement in politics, drama, or the royal court.

    • Extraordinary, illegitimate, or exotic children. Children might live with foreigners or the circumstances of their acquisition breaks some type of taboo. Celebrity seeking; fascinating figure; excitement, bright lights, applause - but with a slippery undertow.

    chidakaraka Ketu in bhava 11

    • Ambivalence (Ketu) toward economic gains and social networking. No restrictions upon gains of income, but also very little attachment to material achievements.

    • Although Rahu makes one famous, Ketu-11 has few friendship links; no taste for company. May be swindled by false friends in the marketplace, but not motivated to seek redress.

    5 = 11th from 7th

    • in His 11th-from gainful, economic, networking, association-seeking behaviors, Rahu co-lord of Kumbha-natural-11 produces the hunger to form profitable marketplace association with a specific class of persons.

    Rahu craves to enter into association with those whose gains, profits and goal-achievement are typically obtained from activities of the 7th portion.

    Rahu aims to gain a fraudulent or as-yet-unearned qualification into this class of persons.

    This class of entitlement obtains material increase (11) from the basis of bhava-7 contractual agreement.

    Rahu desires those Fruits and profits arising:

    • from Marriage

    • from contracts and agreements

    • from alliances and partnerships

    • from balancing and weighing

    • from bargains and deals

    • from negotiation and haggling

    • from match-making and pairing

    • from equity and equalization

    • from yokes and harnesses

    • from matching pairs, sets, groups

    • from equability and pleasantness

    • from paired organs in the body (testes, ovaries, eyes, ears, hands, lungs)

    • from diplomacy and graciousness

    • from appreciation of contributions of Others

    • from consulting and advising

    • from attorneys, barristers, solicitors

    • from legal settlements

    • from harmony

    • from fairness

    • from brokering and middle-man

    Rahu-Amplified losses from unfavorable divorce

    "losses from divorce" = 12th-from-6th = bhava-5.

    • In 2011,"Genesis " musician Phil Collins was reported to have paid out $US_42_million in divorce settlements to his first three ex-wives and children. Collins = Shukra + Guru yuti Rahu + Mangala in bhava-5 (romance, children) + Chandra in a rashi of Shukra in 1 (social identity) .

    • This combination amplified by Rahu may generate an increasingly dramatic (5) roller-coaster effect of marriage (Shukra), children (Guru), and divorce-followed-by-remarriage (Mangala, L-2 regeneration of spouse). Total possible 5 marriages.

    Rahu's Passageway

    Bhava-5 provides the snake-hole aperture through which the ambitious Naga King slithers, slides, and springs upward.

    Public Figure Examples:

    Rahu in Mesha

    • Jane Wyman first life-partner of Ronald Reagan, A-List actress of her day
    • "Runaway Bride" drama-commerce Julia Roberts

    Rahu in Vrishabha * uttama

    Rahu in Mithuna

    • "My Fair Lady" 1908-1990 Rex Harrison arudra

    • "Da Vinci Code" novelist Dan Brown + Shukra + Surya + Budha

    Rahu in Karkata

    Rahu in Simha

    Rahu in Kanya

    Rahu in Thula

    Rahu in Vrischika

    Rahu in Dhanushya

    Rahu in Makara

    Rahu in Kumbha swakshetra

    Rahu in Meena

    • musical producer Quincy Jones

    • cinematic producer Guy Ritchie

    • Patty Hearst heiress, bank-robber, performance artist

    • Lee Iacocca Chrysler CEO, marketer

    Amplification of the importance of charisma, politics, individual creativity, and children (5), often at the expense of the practical awareness of the larger social community (11).

    "Knows " that one is destined for greatness as a member of the elevated class that has been specially chosen to promote one's children, one's creative performance, one's romantic literature, political power, or gambling genius.

    Rahu in Bhava 5

    • genius

    • splendid glittering charm

    urgent ambition to obtain political intelligence. Oily, smoky things in the position of center-stage glamour and attention. Fuels, gasses, explosives.

    • USA Pres-30"Price of Freedom" Calvin Coolidge = uttama Vrishabha, involved with corporate oil interests; significant wealth via carrying out their wishes via his governance

    • USA Pres-05 "Monroe Doctrine" James Monroe served as foreign intelligence officer in European embassies during the early years of the new USA

    • USA Pres-30"Price of Freedom" Calvin Coolidge

    • USA Pres-42 "My Life" Bill Clinton + uttama-Chandra

    hungers to be recognized as

    a brilliant speculator or gamesman

    theatrical performers * a passion for center-stage

    or literati,

    • "Da Vinci Code" novelist Dan Brown

    • "Just So Stories " 1865-1936 Rudyard Kipling

    wishes to be perceived as "naturally" possessed of a charismatic glamour which admits to membership in the genius class

    camouflaged participant in celebrity-activism

    desire to join the company of those blessed with divinely good luck

    Always hungry for, but never satisfied with

    • achievement, privilege, recognition in political, theatrical, romantic, poetic, creative, or speculative endeavor, including the birth of children.

    Rahu in 8th from 10th

    • Knows how to exploit the legal loopholes using secrets of orderly hierarchies and governments.

    Extremely strong political-theatrical instincts toward self-elevation through risk. However, the full scope of effects depends upon which graha occupy bhava 9, 11, and 1.

    Rahu in bhava-5 = craves the privilege of creative self-expression via performance arts, politics, or children.

    May involve a taboo-breaking fertility quest or foreign adoption.

    Reckless Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may signal a risqué pregnancy; or romance. The first child may be socially illicit in some way, as 5 = 8th from 10th, but this is rarely harmful.

    Generally, if Rahu enjoys the mutual drishti or yuti Guru, ambitions to self-promote via children are fulfilled and many lives are benefitted.

    Otherwise, expedient Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 can deprive one of self-produced children even while generating dozens or even millions of students

    • "Policy of Kindness " 14th Dalai Lama Tenzing Gyatso * Rahu-Dhanushya preacher-teacher.

    • France-Emperor 1769-1821 Napoleon Bonaparte being childless in his first marriage, in order to get a male heir, divorced his wife Josephine, and married a royal whom he did not love. She produced the short-lived heir. Eventually he expressed affectionate respect for the mother of his child. No drishti from Guru.

    • "Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie adopted several children from a variety of ethnic ancestries. Rahu-Vrischika = transformation of identity. Superb mutual drishti with Guru-Meena-9 while Rahu's ruler Kuja occupies dharmasthana with the Meena Moon.

    Idealistic, political and romantic . Political election, romance, or children provides a platform for personal ascendance. Rahu craves elevation to a higher social station via politics, theatre, children, or creative performance.

    • UK-PM 1997-2007"Global Alliance" Tony Blair + Chandra

    A great desire to express personal genius, although one has not yet earned the wisdom to understand the source of that creativity.

    Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may be driven by a passionate desire to be the radiant center of political attention, like a sparkling brilliant confident King.

    Desire to be seen at center stage in both politics and theatre: celebrity-activists

    Rahu uses the creative intelligence or the children as a platform from which to launch the Great Leap, but does not remain consistent with the political or creative agenda that one was elected or nominated to carry out.

    • Passion to become someone better, higher, different than given at time of creative assignment.

    Via Rahu's characteristic over-promotion, Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 often gets into misguided child-raising or illicit politicking that is "over their head".

    • Rahu in bhava-5 = individual ascendance launched from a platform of children, creative intelligence, politics, and performance arts

    By means of divine intelligence, showmanship, and speculative gaming, one wishes to obtain the privileges of royalty.

    Rahu favors the use of deception and His style usually involves sneaking into forbidden places under culturally false pretenses.

    Great Leap Forward via Personal Genius: Politics, Theatre, Romantic Amusements, and Games

    Rahu's Great Leap Forward in bhava-5 creates a sudden advance to a higher level of social privilege via a shape-shifting change in

    • political-power style,

    • children, creativity

    • literary authorship, performance arts,

    • political and theatrical charisma

    • fashion, celebrity relationships, romance, courtly love

    • gambling and gamesmanship, speculation

    • and expressions of personal genius.

    During the mahadasha of Rahu and bhukti periods of Rahu, one may"re-invent" the political self to facilitate a move to center-stage which more effectively matches the customs of a royal or celebrity echelon.


    Rahu-Rahu swabhukti of France-Emperor 1769-1821 Napoleon Bonaparte = onset of the 1789 French Revolution.

    • Napoleon shifted political loyalties every few months, fighting three-way battles, taking glamorous center-stage positions on the battlefield them disappearing for holiday retreat, then suddenly promoted to a higher title despite critical absence from duty [5 = 8th-from-10th, dereliction of duty] all the while wearing dashing uniforms ornamented with medallions and ribbons.

    In Shukra/Rahu period, the actress and child welfare advocate"Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie adopted a child (Rahu/5 = adopted children) and changed her legal name to her stage name ="Angelina Jolie" ("pretty") .

    • The name-change decision was not only political by removing the power of her famous actor father to control her identity but also a"great leap forward" theatrically by creating lovely, exotic-sounding dramatic name.

    "Desire for Exotic Creativity"

    • "Leapfrog" over the conventional path to privilege via political intelligence, theatrical genius, games and gambling, extraordinary confidence, or via one's children.

    • Desire to challenge conventional boundaries of creative intelligence, raising children, politics, speculation, and genius in performing arts

    • Hunger to Possess fame, celebrity, and hear the applause for one's individual intelligence

    • Although improperly qualified, one seeks privileged experience in courtly pastimes, poetry and literature, speculation, amusements and games

    • "leapfrogs " to celebrity status in theatre, politics, financial speculation, games, often by"marrying up" (Guy Ritchie)

    Rahu the Rakshasa feeds upon chaotic and manipulative circumstances within the realms of children, politics, creativity, literature, performance arts, theatre, speculation, and games.

    Rahu the Intruder disregards the approved steps for generating children, upsets the schedule of theatrical performance art, and makes one privy to disturbing and possibly dangerous threats to national security.

    • Disrupts the predictability or poses legitimacy questions in regard to: the spouse's earnings (5 = 11th-from-7)

    Rahu Mahadasha - Rahu bhukti = Rahu pratyantardasha

    During periods of Rahu, a surreptitious intruder or poseur enters the realm of shelter and foundations and caretaking interactions.

    • The goal of the interloper is to break limits and challenge assumptions.

    One's passion for connecting to this enticing exotic agent is disruptive but exciting and each iteration breaks some limit upon how many and which types of roots one is allowed to grow.

    Restless Dissatisfaction with Children, Intelligence, Politics, Celebrity

    • Rahu in 5 provides a source of chronic dissatisfaction with the limitations and constraints of one's children, with political behaviors, with conventional intelligence, performance arts and celebrity lifestyle.

    • Dissatisfied with conventional children, Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may prefer to adopt a child from a better or more diverse bloodline. Dissatisfied with conventional practice of intelligence, one adventures into new forms of insight. Rahu in 5 can indicate genius marked by remarkably high entitlement and intelligent gambling on creative risks.

    • Children tend to come through adoption and previous marriage or are born out of wedlock or have some high-risk features..

    • One seeks sudden promotion to privileged ranks via agency of calling attention to one's children (or grandchildren), performance arts, political association, fashion, celebrity recognition, speculative risk, and fame.


    Rahu the Rogue provides an extreme desire to obtain political celebrity and to receive applause for brilliant performance.

    Les agents provocateurs represented by Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 = not necessarily an immoral influence. The agent desires to obtain privileged experiences by"leapfrog" without having followed the conventional proving steps toward social approval of"creativity" (5, intelligence, genius, children).

    Thus Rahu in 5 disturbs the existing orderly limits regarding:

    • "showing off" = bravado = one may usurp"center-stage"attention in a surreptitious fashion by pretending to have more political credibility than one really has. (Examples of quick-rise to politically central positions on the basis of spotty, unrelated or unproven background

    • Lee Iacocca

    • exotic or unusual conditions of political career

    • romance = frequent and passionate


    bahu-putra yoga

    Rahu in putra bhava ="bahuputra yoga"

    results = If Rahu occupies 5 and Rahu does NOT occupy either Makara navamsha or Kumbha navamsha then a possibility opens of having a rather large number of Children. There should however be other factors which support good expansion of the child-count, such as a well place Jupiter.

    • "Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie = Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 and L-5 Mangala + Guru + Lagnesha-Chandra in dharma bhava

    Children might live with outcasts or foreigners.
    • dramatist Brigitte Bardot 's only child (Shani-5) was taken from her and raised by her ex-husband's family. However Shani is strong in Makara; mother-son reunited later (Shani) in life.

    children = one may enjoy parenting children from diverse origins, including

    • step-children from the spouse's previous marriages

    • offspring of multiple marriages Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs

    • multi-racial = Quincy Jones

    • foreign adoption from mixed ethnicities "Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie

    conditions of the birth or adoption of the first child are likely to cross cultural barriers in some fashion, for example a single-parent adoption or a child born out of wedlock

    The birth of children becomes politicized Napoleon/a> or one becomes a voice in the politics of children's welfare"Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie.

    • One tends to disregard conventional limitations regarding production, acquisition, and raising of children

    • Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may appropriate the children of another

    Children esp the eldest are unusual, perhaps adopted

    • "Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie

    • cinematic producer,"Mr. Madonna" Guy Ritchie

    or born under unusual circumstances

    The Rahu child is desirable, ambitious, and attractive, but may be a channeler of alternative personalities per Rahu-1. (depends on Rahu's ruler )

    Rahu's pride generates a great desire to exercise the creative intelligence.

    One seeks to achieve self-elevation through acquisition of children. May feel entitled (5) to the social validation granted to those who raise society's children, yet often the offspring do not arrive on the conventional schedule.

    Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 feels a passion for children despite not quite having earned the entitlement in parallel lives . Confidence in one's reproductive powers is low but recognition (Rahu) entitlement (5) = high.

    Children are exotic or 'marked' (remarkable) in some fashion; often a foreign adoption, or one accepts the children of another.

    Children are indeed a means to an end, the end being self-glorification (Rahu) rather than a natural continuation of a divine spark of intelligence (normal reproduction). Too much desire and not enough faith somewhat perverts the natural fertility process. Thus, devious means of producing or acquiring children must be resorted to.

    If Guru casts drishti upon 1, 5 or 9 or Guru casts drishti upon Chandra; if Chandra occupies 1, 5 or 9;, none of the above devious machinations (Rahu) will overly complicate the biological process. At least one child arrives biologically when Guru's fertile eye glances at cool, moist Soma or the fortunate basal trine.

    • However even that child much beloved may arrive as a social taboo-breaker or via trickery or in fraudulent circumstances.

    • Remember that bhava-5 shows the social-material conditions of the children esp the social response to their unique expression of divine intelligence; however Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 's own emotionally responsive relationship to the child-1 starts at 5th-from-Chandra; child-2 = 7th-from-Chandra, etc.

    As a general rule of Rahu in 5, while Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may overly promote one's child in order to bring glorious justification to oneself (e.g., a 'stage mother') nevertheless offspring arrive into one's life in an abundant, natural way and there is little need for misgiving.

    • If Rahu + Guru and/or lord of 5 in 8, an early abortion or a medically terminated pregnancy often due to genetic irregularity (Rahu) of the infant's physical form.

    With Rahu in 5, success in obtainment of children depends on the bhava-lord but inevitably Rahu the co-lord of Shani's rashi Kumbha will cause some ego-conflict and sorrow in matters of social justification (Surya vs Shani) in the process of reproduction and child-raising.

    Rahu in 5 in a barren rashi (Kanya, Mithuna, Makara, Kumbha) generally signifies lack of children. However if Budha or Shani are well positioned, e.g. in a trine and supported by child-positive companion graha, children may be obtained albeit by complex and possibly expensive means.

    In other rashi, the circumstances of the children will reflect the character of the lord of putra bhava. Not a reactionary but a risk-taker in creative endeavors. A gambler who loves games of chance.

    For a good life, avoid low-class gambling scenarios such as casinos. May give exceptionally interesting, volatile, and/or spectacularly profitable results in stock-market speculation, esp. if Surya is also in this bhava.

    Agents of approval, admiration, applause = risk-takers and cultural-boundary challengers.

    Passion and desire are the primary means of gaining ego-validation , attention and approval.

    Smoky, oily things

    Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may be involved in the"politics of pollution" both

    • socially in terms of managing ostracized darker (Rahu)out-groups

    • and materially, in terms of regulating toxic pollution of the natural environment

    The Chosen

    One wishes to feel specially"chosen" for a privileged role: permission to join the class of Kings, the spectacularly rich, elite politicians, creative performers, and literary genii, in a celebrity place at the center of attention.


    Literary and performance art:

    raising children and expressing individual creativity.

    As the great taboo-breaker, Rahu upsets customary moral boundaries and induces risky behavior:

    • in the children;

    • in the literary and creative genius;

    • in the politics, theatre, contests, games,

    • displays of intelligence

    Rahu disrupts the customary methods of raising children and expressing individual creativity.

    Can be an indication of celebrity, if Rahu's dispositor is favorable.

    Underclass, exotic, or taboo attributes of the children. Stomach trouble for Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 .

    • Rahu in a rashi of Shani may deny children entirely.

    • Rahu in rashi of Budha, children arrive under peculiar circumstances (illegitimacy, commercial adoption, children of distant relatives thrice removed).

    • Rahu in other rashis may give large numbers of children, or a child of remarkable, outstanding talent.

    Only the bhava lord can determine whether Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 can raise these unusual children, or whether the kids will be raised by others (servants, ex-spouses, etc.)

    Expansive but unstable desire for children, which may be thwarted due to psychic fluctuations and inconsistency of purpose. Fascination with celebrityand political power. Excited applause received from the audience in response to Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 's expressions of individual genius.

    Otherwise, peculiar circumstances surrounding the conception and development of children. Depending on the rashi, the child may become famous or distinguished in its own culture.

    Always something unusual in the circumstances of conceiving the first child. Frequently an indicator of foreign adoption. Can signify adopting or raising one's grandchildren because one's own children have an irregular lifestyle.

    Career + public status difficulties

    "Damned if you do; damned if you don't."

    When Rahu = 5, naturally Ketu = 11.

    bhava-10 = public dignity + profession = enters a bad-angle position = a feeling of entrapment in career

    • the notoriously difficult 6th-from-Rahu = an attempt at quick self-elevation during which one becomes the victim of fraud or tricky deceit by adversarial others at the top of the social hierarchy

    • the notoriously difficult 12th-from-Ketu = an attempt to withdraw from involvements during which one is prevented from"clean cut" separation because 12th-from-Ketu frustratingly 'dissolves the detachment' and re-invigorates the professional duties.

    • This sort of executive leadership role is adversarial and unsatisfying to the point of impoverishment or physical illness, yet psychically (Ketu) it is quite hard to get out of the social responsibilities involved.

    Das / Bepin Behari : says:

    "Your creativity has a strange or foreign aura; not bad, but deep and unusual.

    • Your writing, for example, is so deep that others get somewhat absorbed in it.

    • You have a very easy time understanding the lower levels of society, the seedy, the underworld, the poor, the distressed -- this is an area where you move easily.

    You are deeply interested in liberation from material entanglement.

    • Expert in understanding the inner meaning of things, in other words, has insight.

    During the periods ruled by Rahu, you will experience gains and success.

    • Your spouse will sometimes exhibit a short temper and have stomach problems.

    Watch out for your own difficulties with the heart and lungs.

    • You will probably have at least one son.

    • You worry much, and have few friends.

    • Your first child may pose some difficulty.

    During Rahu ruled periods , watch for indigestion and excess bile.

    • Also, this Rahu brings you into association with the downtrodden of society and it makes you mentally sharp.

    • Your son(s) if any should watch out for snakes and danger while in the country."

    6th-from-Rahu-in-5 :

    6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu = The Trouble-makers:

    6/12 agency = bhava-10 =

    • The Father's family history

    • The father's wealth

    • The Father's knowledge

    • The father's cultural values

    • Seniority,

    • Respect for Age

    • Respect for Law

    • Rank and Responsibilities:

    • Social Obligation,

    • The Boss

    • Top Positions,

    • Leadership,

    • Career,

    • Ability to Govern,

    • Creating an Orderly Environment

    • Executive Directors

    • Rules,

    • Policies

    • Top Decision-Makers

    • Hierarchical Social Structures

    • "The Deeds One is Required to Perform"

    • Executive Leadership,

    • Vocation,

    • Institutional Governance,

    • Dignity,

    • Social Reputation

    • Promotion

    6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu

    Fame and acclaim, rank and recognition: Rahu wants it - but can Rahu get it?

    The bhava which = 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu = karma bhava = most conflicted, adversarial, toxic, frustrating, every-way-but-loose environment of the nativity

    • Periods of the lord of bhava-10 are therefore often especially difficult for matters of maintaining or securing a top executive or governing position and sustaining public respect, particularly if combined with a Rahu-Ketu transit to the axis of bhava 4-10.

    By knowing the axis of radix Rahu-Ketu, it will be possible to predict which department of life will cause consistently the most persistently volatile and recurring yet seemingly uncontrollable trouble for Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 .

    Compared to 6th-from-Shani

    6th-from-Shani-related disagreement and conflict improves with age, neutrality, and patience.

    • However, 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu variety of conflict due to overstepping the bounds of one's rightful place (6th-from-Rahu) plus loss of meaningful engagement due to apathy (12th-from-Ketu) reappears in a new guise during each subsequent Rahu bhukti.


    6th-from-Rahu = the disagreements, disappointments, broken contracts, accusation, arguments, and adversarial relationships which originate in Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 's attempt to self-elevate via quick, unconventional and generally unearned increase in social rank and privilege.

    6th-from-Rahu shows the adversarial relationships, illness, and financial imbalance such as debt leading to poverty or servitude, which are triggered by Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 's instinctive desire (Rahu) to challenge boundaries and leap-frog over customary stepwise earnings.

    The negative consequences of 6th-from angles are karmic in origin. Persons whom one may have inadvertently harmed in parallel lives may suddenly appear as exploiters, enemies, or disease agents during periods of Rahu or lord of 6th-from-Rahu. They enforce servitude, start conflicts, and cause or treat disease during this period.

    • Effects of 6th-from-Rahu do not necessarily reflect any present-life crime or dishonor committed by Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 . The origins of Rahu-Ketu drama are often shrouded in the mists of previous lives.

    • Neutral acceptance of the realities of"6th-from"accusations, disregard for agreements, and ill-will in humanity is often the only available strategy for dealing with this recurring situation.


    12th-from-Ketu = loss of vitality, dissolution of enthusiasm, drained energies, erosion of conviction, disengagement, and general ennui regarding persons, topics, and relationships which are already weakened due to Ketu's residence in the bhava.

    • Effects of 12th-from-Ketu are relatively subtle yet often deeply frustrating; there is not enough energy or enthusiasm available to summon, not enough fuel in the tank, to get going toward solution of 12th-from-Ketu problems.

    • Neutral acceptance of inevitable loss is typically the only available strategy.


    Naturally, if weak or undignified graha should occupy or own the bhava which is 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu, the negative results can be intensified.

    Particularly the"personal" graha - Surya, Chandra, Budha - are afflicted when they occupy the adversarial 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu.

    • California-Gov 1975-83; 2011- Jerry Brown suffers Budha + Shukra + Mangala in 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu = karma bhava.

    • Brown has done well in elections to various important civic offices at the US-State level. He has won the Governor's election three times, been voted State's Attorney-General, a two-term Mayor of the very large city of Oakland, and numerous other top roles in governing the US state whose population is greater than the nation of Canada.

    • However, unlike many US politicians who used their fame and power from California governance as a launching pad to project themselves into power roles in Washington D.C., Brown has never won a US-national level election.

      • He failed in US Senate bids and he failed several times to win the Democratic nomination for the USA presidential election. This failure is extra frustrating considering that Brown's name and image are well recognized (or were, when he wanted the national role) across many sections of the USa demographic.

      Still, every time he aimed for the top - he failed. He encountered no serious animosity or disagreement at the state level, but when the goal became national-level governance rank, Brown hit the skids. He could not get the support he needed either financially or from the essential base of volunteer campaigners.

      • Indeed, in the culture of national elections he projected an image of extreme liberalism and youthful idealism that appeared sensualized and self-indulgent (Shukra + Mangala) and his rhetoric (Budha) sounded almost warlike (Mesha) in the polarized young-innovators-against-old-bigots cultural debates of the later decades of the 20th century.

      With the lords of six bhava in bhava-10 , Brown is surely a capable leader and widely recognized after decades of holding high-visibility (10) government (10) positions. His father Pat Brown was CA governor before young Jerry started doing the job; clearly the father's knowledge and values (10) contributed a great deal to the younger governor's repeated successes in state regulation and imposing the rule of law (10).

    However those same six bhava-pati occupy the awkward and disagreeable 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu.

    Brown has proven himself a highly capable governing executive but still he never quite achieves the top ranks, due to karma bhava's less benevolent angle to Rahu-Ketu.

    Animosity and Conflict via Rahu-resides-5 =

    6th-from mantrasthana = bhava-10 =

    During Rahu bhukti if L-6 from Rahu is strong , one may be forced into servitude, conflict, sickness, or crime by imposed obligation to adhere to public moral standards, need to maintain a top organizational position, professional career responsibilities and substantial leadership duties

    Rahu in 5th-from-Chandra

    politics, entertainment


    Sudden and dramatic emotional changes causes by eruption of ambitious or privilege-seeking desires in one's own children, one's lovers, or one's theatrical personality.

    Often a very charming individual who delights in holding the center of attention.

    • Primary agents of personal and social disruption in life are one's children, one's romantic lovers, and one's own genius.

    Disruption through Celebrity: one is changed and changes others via challenge to cultural norms "on stage", as the recipient of copious public attention and admiration

    Emotional disruption caused by feeding upon the chaos of politics, literary creativity, salience or fame in performance arts.

    Volatile, roller-coaster experience in romance and courtly love.

    tendency to"fall in love" (romance, 5) in socially dramatic, taboo-breaking circumstances (particularly in a fiery rashi trine)

    • "Be Here Now" Baba Ram Dass bhakti-love for Guru, watery trine

    • born into a financially and politically elite family, Calif-gov 2004-2011 partner, journalist Maria O. Shriver fell in love with a beefcake body-builder who possessed a high school education

    highly expedient, creative connection to politics, often based in the ambitions of the parents (Chandra) political foundation.

    • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto was born into an intensely political family

    • Calif-gov 2004-2011 partner, journalist Maria O. Shriver = niece of USA Pres-35 "Profiles in Courage" JFK and USA Sen Teddy Kennedy born into a family of extensive political influence. On the basis (Chandra) of her family's power, was able to craft a successful"two-person" political career for her unlikely mate and herself.

    • USA Pres-38 "Time to Heal" Gerald R. Ford 's stepfather who raised him was the local head Republican organizer

    • the father of Jennifer Aniston was a dramatic actor

    • "Policy of Kindness " 14th Dalai Lama Tenzing Gyatso 's father was a local political personality and a compulsive gambler

    Primary agents of personal and social disruption in life are one's children, one's romantic lovers, and one's own genius.

    • Disruption through Celebrity: one is changed and changes others via challenge to cultural norms "on stage", as the recipient of copious public attention and admiration

    • Dalai Lama , Aniston , JFK

    • Emotional disruption caused by feeding upon the chaos of politics, literary creativity, salience or fame in performance arts.

    effects of Rahu mahadasha 18 years

    effects of Rahu bhukti

    effects of Rahu pratyantardasha

    Most salient effects of Rahu in bhava-5 * passion for politics, celebrity, gamesoccur during Rahu mahadasha. Maximum outcome during swabhukti of Rahu-Rahu and also during the bhukti of Rahu's rashi-pathi.

    Also strong results of Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 should be expected during each of the nine bhukti periods of Rahu which occur within the 120 year Vimshottari Dasha.

    • During any Rahu bhukti, expectations must be adapted to the angle between the Mahadasha-pati and Rahu.

    Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 generates urgent ambition to obtain greater social-material privileges via display of creative intelligence, political charisma, extraordinary children, or celebrity fame.

    • May involve a fertility quest, surrogate birth, or foreign adoption; or a sudden, unexpected pregnancy which becomes a vehicle for self-promotion.

    • Alternatively, Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 may invoke a passionate desire to engage in artistic performance, celebrity fame or radiant political power.

    Methods of expedient self-elevation for Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 include"appropriation" of the instruments of bhava-5 such as promotion to more central political positions, creative distinction in literary or dramatic performance, hub-of-the wheel roles, scholarly brilliance, king-figure behavior, and flaunting of bhagya good-luck via financial speculation and gambling.

    Although Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 has not yet *earned* the entitlements of authentic creativity which are normally accorded to royalty, children, and genius performers, Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5 is motivated by a hungry desire to grasp these entitlements in a"fast-track" fashion. His ambition is boundless.

    • Typically during the first portion of the Rahu period, Rahu will succeed in rising above the privilege accorded to His station of birth - sometimes dramatically so.
    • However toward the end of the Rahu period, just at the moment when He would appear to have achieved His goal, Rahu typically suffers a sudden fall from the improperly appropriated entitlements.
    • A more normal course of karma in the nativity is then recovered.

    Via Rahu's characteristic ambition for recognition, Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-5's upward trajectory may involve fraudulent or irregular methods of financial speculation, gambling and games, political empowerment, creation, or procreation that are"over one's head".

    Final results depend on the disposition of the ruler of Rahu's rashi.

    file update: 28-Nov-2015

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