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Jyotishavidya Practice


of Birth Time

" Correcting"

justification of adjustments to the reported birth time

If you would like to begin the rectification process, please fill in the Rectification Worksheet and send it to Barbara.

If there is sufficient data, Barbara will advise whether a rectification of birth time is possible.

It is also possible to find a listed professional Jyotiṣika who currently offers rectifications by contacting either

  • British Jyotisha association
  • American Jyotisha association.

These professional groups should have vetted lists of certified practitioners, and possibly someone might be available for a rectification project.

Constructing a Jyotishavidya nativity


General rules of thumb

Credibility of client-supplied birth times

Sadly, folks can present false birth times which have long been accepted as true by themselves and their families. Both their kin and their later biographers may manufacture birth data as a matter of convenience. The false data may arise from hazy memory or it might be created to serve an expedient purpose. It may seem preposterous, but experience shows that even birth times inscribed into family Bibles are often completely unsupportable when tested by a principled rectification.

Although it is not practical to pre-emptively rectify all received birth times, the Jyotishi should be vigilant in accepting birth times provided by the client. The only exception to the vigilance rule is a modern hospital certificate. And even though hospital records have higher credibility, the classic AM and PM switch was widespread before the internet age.

Caveat emptor.

About speculative birth times

Caution must be observed when deploying a speculative birth time!

Predictions based upon Vimshottari Dasha require an accurate birth time

A case can be carefully built for using a speculative birth time by proving multiple correspondences between expected planetary results and known events in the native 's life. This proving process is easier to apply to the chronological biography of a public figure whose adult life is chronicled in detail.

The samayavidya offers a complex analytical process which is handled differently by various Jyotiṣika. Generally, Jyotisha rectification process has two stages

  1. Aligning life-events of public record with the Vimshottari timeline. Public events can include marriage, birth of children, decease of parents, school diploma, end of a job, formal retirement, health crisis, et-cetera

  2. ensuring that (1) radix D-1 view (2) the navamsha D-9 view (3) dashamamsha D-10 view ALL provide a coherent narrative of the sequence of public-record events

As more humanbeings are born into the internet age, generally birth times are getting more reliable.

Yet, it is frequently true that the actual moment of the infant's first breath (the point in time which creates the radical lagna of the kundali) is earlier than the remembered time.

Usually, if a time adjustment is needed, go earlier

Often, rectification -- even from an institutional birth certificate -- can show that a slightly earlier birth time provides closer alignment to the Vimshottari Dasha periods. It is relatively rare to adjust a hospital certificate time to a later minute. Nearly always, it moves earlier.

Home birth

Birthtimes tend to be recorded more accurately if the time-recorder was sitting just outside the door and not involved in the birth (usually a male).

Otherwise, home birth times are unreliable. Mother or attending women are understandably more concerned with the mother-child health than with recording the accurate birth time. Due to the intensity of childbirth, birthtimes reported by the birthing mother or other women in the room are notoriously unreliable.

Home-birth times recorded as "dawn" or "near midnight" are difficult, perhaps impossible, to utilize in astrological analysis until that vague time has been subjected to careful rectification.

Times inscibed into the family Bible such as "7am" or "6pm" can seem precise but they are usually misleading. Generalized times, such as 10pm or midnight, are usually synonyms for "dawn" or "dusk" or "darkest time of night". They often indicate not an accurate clock-hour but rather a general portion of the day such as "early evening". Despite containing a number, such birthtimes cannot be accepted at face value.

Honorific birth times, usually asserted as First-ray Dawn or High Noon

Religious groups may insist that their charismatic leader was born at exactly first-Sun-ray over the eastern horizon, because of their devotional belief that the guru-figure had to have been born into the direct sunrays of dawn.

For example, the mother of Martin Luther King Jr insisted that he was born at exactly High Noon. During the time of his political fame and long afterward, his devoted followers clung to the belief that his High Noon birth was proof of his Chosen status. However, Rectification shows that he was born hours distant from noon.

Birth times supplied by devotees of any holy figure must be rectified.

Mother's memory of specific time of birth = as a rule is unreliable; but a general time such as "near 2am" is not necessarily a fiction.

  • With that being said, readings have been done in the past for people who say their mother swore upon the accuracy of a specific birth time. Years later when they apply for a first passport and must pay to obtain their official govt birth certificate, the person discovers that the recorded time of birth is wrong. It is not only hours later than Mom said -- but also not even a reasonable transposition of the accurate time. It's a fiction of mom's hormone-fogged birth memory.

  • Case = woman whose mother vigorously insisted that her daughter had been born precisely at 08:35 a.m. After hours of puzzle-solving work, this birth-time could not be seamlessly matched to biographical events. When the querent paid the government fee to obtain her official birth record, the hospital certificate stated a time of 19:55 -- not even close!

Childbirth can be very stressful - physically and emotionally. Mother's memories formed during that traumatic event may be unrealistic.

However, every dark cloud has a silver lining. There was a later benefit for the daughter. coming from the above mother-daughter transaction. Because the mother became incensed that her daughter did not trust mom's memory, the daughter became more clearly aware of mom's mental-health challenges.

Indeed, once the correct time was applied to the nativity, mom's distressed condition was obvious from the Chandra position,. Daughter was then enabled to bring a new insight into her ongoing therapy.

When no birth time is available

When no accurate birth time can be provided, it remains possible to read the nativity from the Chandra Lagna. If using only the general position within the 24-hr frame of a single calendar day, there is a risk of mis-identifying the qualities of Chandra by rashi or by nakshatra.

Nevertheless, Jyotiṣika in India have done this for millennia.

  • Using only Chandra lagna, none of the varga charts can be calculated, and timing of major events cannot be known.

  • However, the Moon's Nakshatra should be examined carefully, including the Pada of the Nakshatra if that can be detected from the native 's physical appearance or from career or another biographical fact.

A careful and conscientious Jyotiṣika may have the time and inclination to perform a rectification for a person who has no birth time but a presumably accurate birth date. Rectification involves a very detailed logical analysis of the life events matched to the meaning and order of the planetary patterns.

Divining the Birth Data

If even the date/time/place of birth is not known, psychic methods could be engaged to locate the calendar date, and then the time, and finally the place.

Information about human births undertaken within the School of Earth is stored holographicly within the so-called Akashic Record. Like any set of school records, the information is available to those with permission to access.

Different forms of divination could be used systematically to answer specific discriminating questions [yes-or-no, this-not-that] Under skillful supervision by a patient and knowledgeable astrologer, divinations can eventually produce a full set of information = date + place + time.

However, the diviner, the Jyotishi, and the client must be fully free of anxiety during this long and detailed divination. The Jyotishika must know which questions to ask, and the diviner must know when the answer has been located.

Usually, in the modern age, it is the anxiety and impatience of the client which interrupts the psychic clarity and skews the outcome. Therefore, psychic methods are a last resort.

Also, the map of the palm may offer an excellent guide to rectification of the nativity since the palm-map typically does match the Jyotishavidya nativity in all particulars.

Events which can help establish a rectified time of birth

  • birth of children (especially the first child)

  • first and second marriage

  • marital divorce or collapse of business partnership

  • schooling results, e.g. university diploma; professional licensing examination

  • Job loss and gain; promotions; retirement

  • health crisis like cancer, severe organ disease, or crippling accident; illness or injury to children

  • financial crisis, bankruptcy; mortgage-default with foreclosure

  • obtainment of citizenship or work permission in a new country

  • decease of the native, native's parents or decease of children-grandchildren

accurate rectification for Public Figure Examples when no birth time is available

In the case of well-known public figures whose biographical details are a matter of public record, a birth time can be accurately deduced from components such as

  • characteristics of the rising nakshatra

  • bhava of Rahu

  • placement of Surya and Chandra = public figure's father and mother,

  • any known health issues (such as alcoholism or diabetes) should match bhava-6

  • timing of marriages, birth of first child, date of death of parents, etc. should match an appropriate bhukti of the Vimshottari dasha

other pieces of public biographical information which can be matched one by one until a complete profile is established.

As opposed to a common citizen, the aura of a public figure has become brightly visible to their surrounding environment and the intensity of their Jyotisha graha is usually quite dramatic.

For a highly recognized public figure the atmakaraka is nearly always in the navamsha lagna or navamsha 10th, and frequently the atmakaraka is also in the career dashamamsha -10 1st or 10th.

Rarely, if the atmakaraka is not in kendra of D-9 or D-10, some [uchcha] graha must be in kendra 1 or 10.

However, the typical situation for a public figure = atmakaraka in D-9 bhava-1 or bhava-10, while the rashi signifying the professional area = 10th navamsha (e.g., writing Mithuna, medicine Kanya, governance Makara). Lord of 10th navamsha should be also strong in D-1.

Furthermore the Karakamsha in radix is nearly always an obvious expression of a notable public career in a specialized skill. For example for elite politicians, the karakamsha can be predicted = either bhava 1, 5, 9 or 10; for the uber-earner billionaires Rahu is nearly always in 11 and the karakamsha of radix predictably in 2, 5, 9, or 11. Highly recognized writers typically have Rahu in 3 or 5, and the karakamsha is frequently 3-publishing (screenwriters, 5).

For those whose fame is attributed to winning awards like the Nobel Prize or the Pulitzer Prize, Rahu falls in 11 (awards for achievement).

Thus for Public Figure Examples only - this will not work for just-folks like you and me! - a rectification to the minute can reasonably be accomplished by lining up the above factors then do a quick check for the lagna of the Shastyamsha D-60. If the atmakaraka is found in the lagna of the D-60 that will be a great personality.

Unfortunately, pancha-maha-purusha yoga has relatively little predictive value and is not pragmatically related to fame or development of a public iconic personality. In the nativity of an average person, PMP yoga may indicate personal moral integrity perhaps but it says nothing about public roles.

When an approximate time is available

If one knows that one was born in the morning --- in the evening --- then that general knowledge creates a range of hours within which a search for a more accurate time becomes justifiable.

The astrologer's willingness to undertake such a search must be significantly motivated, because these rectification processes involve several iterations of checking and re-checking that are extremely time consuming.

  • one's physical appearance is a useful guideline for setting the kundali indriya-lagna . (It helps to know something about the genetic norms within the native s family and tribe in order to determine whether the native 's complexion and physique is generally paler, darker, redder, bluer, curlier, straighter, taller, shorter, muscular or slender, relative to the general group characteristics.)

  • If one has children, timing of birth of the first child during a bhukti of lagnesha-1 or vidya-pati-5 or dharmeshadharmeshadharmesha-9 , is a reliable indicator of correct kundali indriya-lagna .

  • Angles from Chandra represent mother's emotional relationship with the child and a very valuable predictors of the life experience of their relationship. However, timing of physical birth period of Vidyapthi-5+Dharmesha-9 from Chandra usually = inadequate proof . Angle must occur from physical radical lagna.

  • Timing of marriage during bhukti of navamsha lagnesha-1 or yuvati-pati-7 and also samchara Rahu-Ketu via the Svamsha can help set the rashi of navamsha lagna. Svamsha rashi should confirm (or at least not contradict) the native 's bodily complexion.

How much time correction is sensible?

If a rectification from the birth certificate time is required, it will generally be necessary to set the birth time * earlier* than recorded.

It is likely that this pattern of needing to set earlier happens because hospitals and midwives Typically, Record the birth at the time the baby has fully emerged from the birth canal. In fact, often enough, the baby takes its first breath well before even the shoulders are all the way out. Typically, 1-5 minutes earlier than recorded time is warranted.

Rarely, I have pushed as far as 10 minutes earlier than recorded time. I was hesitant to push as far back as 10 minutes in the one case where it seemed necessary, but later found out that the birth in that case posed a significant learning challenge, with one arm getting stuck backwards and medical intervention needed to avoid breaking the tiny arm. Although technically not born yet, the stuck baby's head was out and he was breathing on his own for several minutes before the full birth was complete.

In these cases of difficult birth conditions there are usually other circumstantial pointers. Often the mother is in a difficult Vimshottari period. Mom is ill or ambivalent about the birth, the birth process is not well coordinated between mother and child, and the child may have some uncomfortable or delaying graha in lagna/Chandra lagna to match the mother's ambivalence about their birthr.

The U.S. Military says


" Although standard time in time zones was instituted in the U.S. and Canada by the railroads in 1883, it was not established in U.S. law until the Act of March 19, 1918 , sometimes called the Standard Time Act.

The act also established daylight saving time, a contentious idea then. Daylight saving time was repealed in 1919, but standard time in time zones remained in law. Daylight time became a local matter.

It was re-established nationally early in World War II, and was continuously observed from 9 February 1942 to 30 September 1945. After the war its use varied among states and localities.

The Uniform Time Act of 1966 provided standardization in the dates of beginning and end of daylight time in the U.S. but allowed for local exemptions from its observance. The act provided that daylight time begin on the last Sunday in April And end on the last Sunday in October , with the changeover to occur at 2 a.m . local time.

During the"energy crisis " years, Congress enacted earlier starting dates for daylight time. In 1974 , daylight time began on 6 January and in 1975 it began on 23 February . After those two years the starting date reverted back to the l Ast Sunday in April .

In 1986, a law was passed that shifted the starting date of daylight time to the first Sunday in April , beginning in 1987 . The ending date of daylight time was not subject to such changes, and remained The last Sunday in October .

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 changed both the starting and ending dates. Beginning in 2007 , daylight time starts on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November."

" For a very readable account of the history of standard and daylight time in the U.S., see

Ian R. Bartky and Elizabeth Harrison:"Standard and Daylight-saving Time" , Scientific American, May 1979 (Vol. 240, No. 5), pp. 46-53."

Q: Births are very commonly advanced or postponed these days because of other considerations such as doctor's availability. In such cases, is it correct to still use the actual birth time as the basis?

A: Yes, regardless of delivery or conception technology (induced labor, C-section, etc.) the moment of the baby's first breath is used to calculate the kundali indriya-lagna , which is the astrological point on the eastern horizon at the moment of first breath.

In rare cases some folks claim to have recorded the moment of conception of their child (adna lagna). This can also be used, (but with caution WRT accuracy).

Q: Hello Barbara,

I was hoping you could answer a question I had about Daylight Savings Time and how they effect planetary positions. If you have already answered this on your website, then I deeply apologize for asking again!

When viewing the birth chart, should we be taking into account Daylight Savings Time?

I'm not necessarily sure if the software I have accounts for it. Is there some sort of scientific justification for DST to be used in Vedic Astrology that allows us to still receive an accurate chart?

Or should we be looking up the date when daylight savings started and ended in our respective year of births and subtracting an hour from the time we were born?

Do you have a set practice that you follow?

Hope you are well!

Thank you

A: Namaste,

Thanks for your question. Daylight-saving time has been the bane of astrologers for many years. An essential element of correct timing is of course adjustment for daylight-saving time according to the rules for time-reckoning in the land of birth, at the time of birth, in the place of birth.

Reputable, high quality Jyotisha software is essential for correct calculations.

For basic calculations, Jagannatha Hora s/w written by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao is excellent , accurate, and due to the extraordinary generosity of its author it is FREE for download

For more sophisticated screens and reports, Sri Jyoti Star s/w programmed by Andrew Foss is very reliable. This is professional Jyotisha software, sold commercially. BP Lama Jyotishavidya uses and recommends Sri Jyoti Star.

One good test of accurate calculations is whether the stated birth-place-time yields a sensible Shastyamsha for public figure births.

Given the stated birth time-[;ace, the D-1, D-9 and D-10 should all render a sensible narrative of the biographies of public figures, whose life events are a matter of public record.

For public figures, will the exact time of birth which produced a sensible narrative for D-1, D-9 and D-10 (plus as many other varga as one wishes to test) ALSO produce a clear narrative which matches one's public-record life events when we read the D-60 shastyamsha?

If the birth time is accurate and the software is accurate, the answer should be 'yes'. Try this test on numerous public figures using your software as one test of validity of calculations. However, when doing this sort of testing be prepared to do quite a bit of rectification (in certain cultures, people superstitiously mis-state their birth time) or use professionally rectified birth times for public figures as your test data.

Wishing you every happiness and success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, BP Lama Jyotisha

Daylight Saving Time - Aaarrgh

The bane of western astrologers, Daylight Saving Time is fickle and annoying throughout Eurasia.

For USA births in particular, it is necessary to be very knowledgeable about the various passed-then-revoked-then-passed-again state and local DST rules. A knowledgeable Jyotiṣika can determine when it is reasonable to rectify a birth-time by adding or removing DST.

Recommended book:

  • Time Changes in the USA. author = Doris Chase Doane . Still in print!


  • My own birth time on 24-Aug-1956 in Chicago IL is recorded in Central Standard Time as 12:17 pm.

  • DST did NOT apply on birth certificates in Illinois in 1956 because the legislature of the agricultural state of Illinois was beholden to the farmers, who hated the confusion and extra work that DST causes them. (A farmer can't exactly set the cows back one hour every spring and autumn!)

  • However, my birth time is recorded in my grandmother's diary as 1:17 pm

What caused this discrepancy?

  • The State of Illinois passed a law that all 1956 legal documents would be stamped in standard time.

  • However, the local people in Chicago -- mainly factory workers -- continued their habitual practice of"spring forward, fall back" . Most Chicago folk were not involved in agriculture but rather in factory work that DID benefit from more morning daylight. Regardless of the vicissitudes of the state legislature, householders continued their regular habit .

BTW in 1957, the next year, industrial interests in Chicago held sway over the farmers' lobby, and 1957 summer birth times in Chicago are recorded in DST not CST.

The pro-and-con foolishness (and all the millions spent lobbying and re-legislating it) finally came to a stop with the federal law in 1966 .

Clearly one hour of birth time can make a huge difference in the resulting astrological charts, so be on the lookout for DST as a rectification possibility.

  • Consider a DST add-drop not only for births in the typical Spring/Autumn change months,

  • but also for births in the American Midwest farm states during the 1950's.

Midwest USA examples

  • The state of Michigan did not record DST on birth certificates until the 1960's!

  • Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana (don't get me started on Indiana ). Birth certificate times from Minnesota and Michigan are all questionable until 1966, when federal law imposed uniformity nationwide.

  • Major portions of Alaska including the panhandle switched time zones several times in the last 50 years - and not all software has encoded these switchbacks.

Knowing the DST rules for each USA/Canadian state, province, or tribal reserve; and knowing DST rules governing"military time"at military hospitals worldwide; and being willing to try an adjustment if it seems feasible , are required tools for the western Jyotiṣika.

This is a huge amount of detail , and mistakes will surely be made.

  • Good ephemeris software is a basic requirement, but the rules are so complex and reversals so frequent that a competent Jyotiṣika must still be willing to double-check the software calculation when birth occurs in a DST trouble-zone.

For a USA birth, if a chart seems to be violating Jyotisha rules for multiple life events and for physical appearance, I will always take that small initial step of adding or removing a DST hour on the birth-time, to see if that small and reasonable adjustment makes all the pieces jump into place.

  • The most obvious change will be the navamsha; it helps to know the time of marriage (often occurs during periods of 1/7 navamsha) and the profession of the native (10th navamsha) in order confirm the potential correctness of the adjustment.


AM and PM:

Over the period of 30 years astrological practice, I have found that rectifying a reported birth time from AM to PM (or PM to AM) may cause the puzzle pieces to fall into place.

AM and PM times can get swapped during the verbal communication process.

Sometimes a chart does not behave correctly - timing of marriage and children violates Jyotisha rules, and the person's character does not match the lagna + Chandra lagna as calculated.

In these cases, unless the Jyotiṣika can see the original birth certificate, it may be warranted to try reversing AM and PM in the birth time.

  • If AM-PM reversal does cause marriage and childbirth timing to line up properly, proceed then to confirm basic physical appearance indications, timing of marriage, family, educational or career milestones, whether navamsha karmesha-10 's role in the adjusted radix confirms the native 's career specialty etc.

  • If the Vimshottari timing is measurably more consistent with the native 's true history, we can presume that making an AM-PM birth-time switch is warranted.

AM-PM rectification may possibly even be acceptable when the birth certificate is in hand, if such a reversal yield dramatically better conformance with Jyotisha rules for major events in life. If the certificate was not issued by a modern hospital, clerical errors are more likely.

  • Take this liberty with some caution , because adjusting a birth time adds a level of interpretive complexity to any reading.

  • In addition to rational justification, Confirm intuitively that your psychic certainty level is higher with the adjusted time.

What is Needed to set up a Rectification Analysis?

Several and possibly dozens of life-facts must be known in order to set up the rectification process.

  • First, your date and place of birth must be known precisely.

  • birth-times near midnight are extra challenging.

  • Then, the range of possible birth times within approximately one hour of accuracy. Please let me know the beginning and ending time in the range of analysis.(For example, if you were born between 0830 and 0930, 0830 would be the start point for the analysis and 0930 would be the end point of the analysis.)

  • Then, we need a list of your key life events. As many of these as you can provide will be helpful. Any type of dramatic or milestone event is useful.

  • For example, death of family members, birth of children, marriage or divorce or remarriage, taking of holy vows, school graduations, important examinations, change of residence - shift house, major illness or accident, and any other event that has deep personal significance to you.

Do it yourself?

Professional software and your own knowledge of your major life events makes DIY rectification quite possible.

after age 28 with some years of professional duties, marriages, children, etc. To use as confirming data, If you need a rectification you can ery likely do it yourself by setting the navamsha 10th house correctly to match your profession and confirming the Svamsha via the timing of marriage. If you don't need or want to tinker with the times until it matches your life history (and matching the life history of client is what takes the time!) then perhaps it is best to find a Jyotiṣika who can do a rectification.

Calculating the charts is relatively trivial but predicting the outcome is the hard part! Therefore, the birth time should be established before any predictive reading can be done.

Most modern Jyotisha software has a birth-time-change tool that allows the user to move the birth time up and down via 1-minute (or less) increments; visually one can watch various lagna change on the 16 varga. Probably the most determinative choice = rashi upon the 10th navamsha. The rashi on the 10th navamsha should match the real-life career.

For example a nurse would normally have Karkata on the 10th navamsha whereas an athlete would have Mesha and a singer would have Vrishabha, an economist or philanthropist Kumbha and a politician would be Simha. Attorneys can be Kanya (arguments) or Thula (contracts). Similar rules for matching the dashamamsha -10 - make sure that the lord of radix-10 gives the proper karaka results in dashamamsha -10 . For example if the person is a university professor or a religious teacher, the lord of radix-10 should be featured in the dashamamsha -10 -9. If the person is an at-home wife and mother, Chandra should control the lagna or 10th of the D-10 and her 4th house of the radix similarly should be favorable (to allow her to stay home).

Case Study: Jyotisha Chart Rectification via Work History

Luckily you have a two-decade established work history. So, we are in a good position to see which patterns best match what really happened over the past 20 years.

Career, profession, civic duty, the type of work one typically does in society, is often accurately indicated by The lord of the 10th navamsha .

The rectification will be successful if we can match the planetary lord of the 10th navamsha to your regular line of work.

  • Note that one's socially recognized line of work is not what you're interested in, have studied, or think is valuable,

  • it is what you actually do, using the calendar test - actual hours worked.

  • (e.g., a great and well-educated philosopher who works for decades as a restaurant waiter without teaching or publishing will not get Dhanus or Meena upon the 10th navamsha. Despite his lofty thoughts and vision for a better society, he will get Kanya for service or Karkata for nurturing with foods...)

The pattern of your adult work seems to (1) computer systems programming for management of very large databases and (2) extensive volunteer work with your religious group, which involves lots of setup for important ceremonial events.

Based on this info, it may be possible to adjudicate the correct time.

A: Four birth time options to think about:

  1. At 00:06 hrs

  2. kundali indriya-lagna = Kumbha;

  3. navamsha lagna Svamsha = Vrishabha (Taurus).

  4. Lord of the 10th navamsha = Shani.

  5. See which radix (real-world) houses Shani rules.

For Kumbha indriya-lagna ,

  • Stoic Shani activates bhava-12 for foreign lands, meditation and sanctuaries,

  • As well as bhava-1 for The earthen body /social appearance.

The dharma center could be considered a bhava-12 setting in that it has a sanctuary, sacred enclosure, ashrama purpose of creating an invisible space for practice - although for most people, it is more about group gatherings and community (11).

But is Shani the lord of bhava-1 as well? That seems unlikely, unless you are in the body business (such as a fashion model or athlete or massage therapist or gym trainer or prostitute).

  1. At 00:08

  2. kundali indriya-lagna = Kumbha

  3. navamsha lagna Svamsha = Mithuna (Gemini)

  4. lord of the 10th navamsha becomes Guru.

  5. See which radix (real-world) houses Guru activates .

  6. For Kumbha kundali indriya-lagna , Guru owns domains 11 and 2.

Domain 2 = usually some type of"values " curator or"assets " management like museum collection curator or rare recordings librarian or national trust or banker etc.

Most of the people working in bhava-2 have something to do with Banking, Collecting, Storing, Hoarding . Most financial businesses and applications = bhava-2.

bhava-11 = marketplace/community setting, making connections socially, philosophically, and electronically. bhava-11 activates networks.

  1. At 00:14 hrs

  2. kundali indriya-lagna = Meena

  3. navamsha lagna Svamsha = Karka.

  4. Kuja becomes lord of 10th navamsha.

  5. See which radix (real-world) houses Kuja activates .

  6. For Meena indriya-lagna, Kuja = radix lord of bhava-2 = banking or collecting activities

bhava-9 = priesthood: university professor, temple priest, guru, master of ceremonies, teacher, sage. These folks are generally teachers or scholar-administrators. They work in higher education, travel, temples, and every aspect of public morality and religion.

  1. 00:20 hrs,

  2. kundali indriya-lagna = Meena

  3. And navamsha lagna Svamsha = Simha

  4. Shukra becomes lord of 10th navamsha.

  5. See which radix (real-world) houses Shukra rules.

  6. For Meena indriya-lagna, Shukra = radix lord of bhava-3 and bhava-8.

bhava-3 is standard business administration in the"world of words " - every kind of office work, sales, writing, any communications media work.

Domain 8 = healing work like surgery and psychotherapy, as well as Tantra,"private investing" , secret meetings and working with big pools of money or energy. bhava-8 work is veiled from public view.

Other rectification items

  • We need to account for the reality of six years in the US Navy, 1984-1990, working on electronics and nuclear power. karaka -rashi for electronics = Kumbha; military = Kuja + bhava-6. Those six years = 1984-1990 = Chandra/Budha bhukti until Kuja/Shani. Karka Budha for Kumbha indriya-lagna = Vidyapthi-5+L8. Karka = ocean = navy. bhava-6 = military service.

If Meena were kundali indriya-lagna , Budha becomes a pretty amazing literary or performing machine that would have had you in a more glittery communications career at that point. Budha being the bhukti-pati when you started a career in military service, should be a in a sign of war or in bhava-6.

Budha is not in a sign of war (Mesha or Vṛścika), but you also perhaps did not see too much active duty during those years. I think Budha being in bhava-6 and in Karkata (Cancer) is a good indication of a very young man joining the navy!

Year-2000 = overseas "wandering" should = a period of either ruler-of-12 or Ketu in the Vimshottari dasha. The period of wandering in foreign lands = Rahu/Shani and Shani = ruler-of-12 . That works fine.

But since Shani = ruler-of-12 for both Meena and Kumbha indriya-lagna , this fact doesn't advance our quest for the correct kundali indriya-lagna : )

Running the dharma center = bhava-11 may not pay much (or anything at all!) but it does count as volunteer work; it does receive social recognition as work which has social worth. More proof that whichever graha becomes lord of 10th navamsha, that graha should rule bhava-11 in radix.

For years, you had paid work as a computer programmer. This is connections-work, making electronic systems talk to each other. And I don't know for sure, but you might be using computer work mainly as a way of meeting goals like saving money for the next dharma trip.

you are not that much ego-involved in the prestige of the work, you just do it instrumentally to meet short-term goals. This points again to a search for a lord-of-10th-navamsha which is also radix bhava-11

Dad's death in Rahu/Shukra only makes sense from Kumbha indriya-lagna , where Shukra is "8th-from-9th" (end-of-cycle for father) and strong in svakshetra.

You bought a house in Rahu/Shukra. Shukra needs to be in bhava-4 for that period to produce an event of buying a house.

With Meena indriya-lagna, Shukra occupies bhava-3, which would give the loss of a house.

The dharma-lord+ dharmesha-9 , should indicate your advanced dharma practice.

In Kumbha indriya-lagna , Dharma Lord = Shukra (Venus) in a kendra and svakshetra - the Venus in Taurus in bhava-4. Then a group of felicitous planets including your money-maker Guru go into the bhagya 5th radix, which puts Guru's drishti upon dharma bhava.

So even though mystical, detached and lawless Ketu occupies dharma bhava (gurus are potent but unreliable, leave their bodies, generally wander) the Guru drishti is a big plus for having the money and confidence to keep doing religious study.

If Meena were radical lagna, dharma pathi would be Kuja -4 Gemini. That Mithuna Mars/4 isn't a harmful planet per se, but this ruler would be a malefic, occupying 8th-from-dharma, and Guru would not send the drishti to dharmasthāna. Therefore, Meena in your case just does not reveal your essential dharma-doctrine empowerment.

since your wife is a religious, internationally traveled foreigner, Rahu looks right in navamsha/7

" the dharma found you" in August 2004 in Rahu-Shani-Shani-- Vimshottari period and Shani = lagnesha, karaka for"Self" .

If Meena - Antya was kundali indriya-lagna , the event when the dharma found you would have remained part of your social life (11) or your imaginative life (12), but it wouldn't have redefined all your values, especially your sensitivity toward the"precious " quality of certain lineages of knowledge (2).

  • The entire worldview not just some compartmentalized behaviors has been changed by a sudden revelation of this treasury of knowledge .

  • Were Kumbha = kundali indriya-lagna , Chandra occupies 11th house of assemblies, creating a Chandra-lagna of Dhanus - Haya (Sagittarius) for sacred teachings and Pūrvāṣāḍhā - Apah for Victory through being absorbed into a connection through psychic attraction, like water is absorbed into a sponge.

  • Chandra which shows your psycho-emotional connection to a group of friends (students of the lamas). You do likely feel at home within this group, although Budha being rogesha-6 there is plenty of conflict and dissent, jealousy perhaps or poverty or illness. Lots of problems in the group.

  • If lagna were Meena - Antya, Chandra would make you famous with a big house full of rich, interesting, multi-cultural company - more like a national diplomat. And you'd feel comfortable in and attracted to elite positions in corporations or big government organizations, being visible to the whole hierarchy of folk.

Therefore, my choice based on this reasoning = the 00:08 birth time = Kumbha - Ghata kundali indriya-lagna and Mithuna - Dvamdva navamsha lagna.

Q: How do we get started on the rectification process? I do have a birth certificate, but the time seems to be wrong ...

A: Thanks for your note. To get started on a rectification of birth time, we'll need a list of your important life events, such as diplomas, marriages, children, illness, accidents, inheritances, adventures, -- anything that was significant or life-defining (so far in your life) for you, or for society.

Items of career and profession are also very important in identifying Svamsha = the soul's portion = which is the Nakshatra rising within the Navamsha Lagna. The reason that having your career/professional info (in your life so far) is so helpful, is that the rashi on the 10th navamsha is an accurate indicator of career.

Also each pada of the rising Nakshatra has its own identity. In the navamsha, the rising pada (quarter of a Nakshatra = one quarter of 13 degrees 20 seconds). Different authors have different viewpoints on the characterizes of the pada (I have a few author comments posted on my website, and you can see how different the viewpoints are based on author culture and personality). It makes a difference whether the person is male or female, how the Nakshatra express in the nativity...

So, I might have some narrowing-down questions to ask you as the rectification proceeds. It will take several emails between us, most likely.

to get started, please provide

  • Birth date, place, and time from the Birth Certificate

  • rectification opinions from any other astrologers one may have consulted.

Please describe one's career and professional duties thus far in life. This factual information provides the best objective evidence.

Job titles are helpful, but what is more important is how you see yourself in vocational terms, in the job.

For example, I used to work as a"help desk manager" in a big science company. But I didn't see myself as a scientist or a computer techie. I saw what I did as teaching, because I was helping people learn to use their computers better (this was a long time ago, when PC's were new.)

I have Mithuna (Punarvasu Nakshatra ) in navamsha lagna, and Guru activates my 10th navamsha. So, I'm a teacher always -- but the job environment can be a university, a corporation, a high-altitude base camp, a website, a kid's playground, a big meeting ... almost anyplace.

It helps to know your job titles but even more important, how do you see your service vocation (thus far in your life). That will help if there is a rashi change within the two possible Nakshatra, Generally, BC times = most commonly "late" . The actual birth is often 1-10 minutes earlier, with approximately 3-5 minutes earlier than the stated time being very common indeed.

I imagine what happens is that, at least in a hospital birth, the nurses are much more concerned with having a healthy baby than they are with recording the child's first breath, and as a result the birth is recorded as "completed" when the child has fully emerged and its vital signs are approved.

  • Please let me know the above info, and let's see if we can establish your navamsha lagna for certain.

All the best, BP Lama

Q: Dear Madam,

... I was born ... at 12:59 PM .... I would like to have a Jyotisha reading by you but I also want to know the precise time of birth. I am following the above time of birth . Please let me know if there is anyway of knowing whether it is accurate. After determining its accuracy I can get a Jyotisha reading or should I do it before? Please guide me..

A: Namaste,

If the 12:59 PM time of birth, which you are currently using, is known from a certificate of birth signed by the attending physician in a hospital, it is probably correct.

If the birth time is recorded from someone's memory, a long time after the birth happened, it might be incorrect.

For the purpose of providing accurate birth times, the least reliable memory is the Mother! Moms often do not remember the child's time correctly, and when shown a birth certificate from a hospital with a time that contradicts mom's personal memory, the Mother may be very surprised about how wrong their memory is! This odd state of affairs does makes sense given the intensity and trauma of the birth experience, when the astral (no-time) and physical planes are so intermixed.

Sometimes I find benefit in setting slightly earlier a birth-certificate recorded time, perhaps one minute or two minutes earlier, in case the navamsha lagna rashi would shift by doing so, and only in response to known facts about one's profession .

For example

The rashi of the [10th navamsha] is an accurate indicator of profession. If this indicator seems incorrect, e.g. If the person is a long-time schoolteacher which would be Brihaspati, but indeed Kuja has become lord of the 10th navamsha, which would suggest a military professional or an engineer, then sometimes - only sometimes - shifting the birth forward one or two minutes can cause the 10th navamsha lord to match better with the adult profession.

However, it is unusual to make adjustments to the birth-certificate stated time. Rectifications are labor-intensive. They require copious background data including a number of adult milestone dates. Local village astrologer, who knows his clients' life stories and character very personally, is in a much better position to make corrections to the recorded birth time. However, usually they don't have to make corrections, because they were present personally at the birth!

Rectifications are labor intensive and expensive. If you have a reliable birth certificate time, It would be recommended to use that time without further challenge, unless (as in the example above) there is some major item that could be pushed to a better match by making a very small time adjustment.

Wishing you success in your Jyotisha studies,

Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: In any large metropolis, several births are bound to occur at the same time and independently, producing essentially the same horoscope. I appreciate that these lives will have different life journeys ahead of them because of past karmic interactions.

However, if you as an astrologer, received two identical horoscopes as a result of such simultaneous but independent births taking place at the same geographical location, would your readings be identical, or is there some other intuitive or spiritual ability that will enable you to distinguish them?

A : One of the tools by which Jyotiṣika distinguish apparently identical nativities is the shastyamsha (D-60). The D-60 lagna changes every 15 seconds. I've looked at Jyotisha nativities for numerous sets of twins, who are typically born 1-5 minutes apart. There are always significant variations between the nativities of each twin, present in at least one of the varga.

In practice, I look first for variations in the Dwadashamamsha -10 which reveal that each of the two twins have a different relationship to their parents. Then I proceed through the more delicate varga charts, looking for variation in vehicle behavior (D-16), spiritual ambition (D-20), tendency toward accident and injury (D-30) and others up to the D-60.

I understand your question, about it's being logically possible. I've never confronted two absolutely identical births, with same time to the second and exact same long+Lat.

Prima facie, I would say that Jyotisha is not a good tool in the logically possible setting of two children born at the same second, perhaps on two different floors of the same hospital.

To distinguish the nativities in this extraordinary situation, It would be recommended using another tool, such as palm reading, to distinguish the paths of two humans born in extremely close time-and-space settings.

Q: Dear Barbara,

I have a question regarding Navamsha. As one's chart is linked with the spouse's Navamsha, is it possible to use the spouse's Navamsha to do a birth time rectification?

For example regarding my chart, the possible time error is 20 minutes, so I hesitate between two lagna lords of Navamsha, Virgo and Leo. My spouse's Navamsha has Leo rising, and rashi chart with Virgo rising and debilitated Mercury. Does it make sense to take Leo as my Navamsha lord, as Sun is also debilitated in Navamsha, or is it just to far fetched to do birth time rectification using spouse's navamsha?

Thank you so much, a student

A : It is an interesting topic.

Rectifications are complex and many Jyotiṣika have their own style of analysis in the rectification process.

I personally would say that your wife's navamsha can be one piece of the puzzle, but it could not be the sole determinant. As Suryanarian Rao (grandfather of300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika BV Raman ) used to say to his grandson,"astrology is a science of tendencies ".

We are looking for several corroborating matches which point in the same direction. So we will need at least one other factor to feel confident in the choice between Kanya or Simha indriya-lagna in D-9.

[10th navamsha]

I rely partly upon adult career to set the navamsha lagna. If the choice is between Kanya and Simha, that means the career should have distinctive attributes of either Budha (Mithuna on 10th navamsha) or Shukra (Vrishabha on 10th navamsha).

[Kanya - Parthya] navamsha folk

  • are often involved in media publishing and production (Mithuna) travel and tours, the skills training style of teaching (short-term instruction, not diploma courses but technical skills trainings), writing including songwriting, radio-television and films, and every variety of business administration including sales, advertising, marketing, public relations, meetings, calendars, planning, etc.

  • They are businessfolk who often own their business. If not they are generally well-liked managers (manos = hands, Budha) in larger concerns. Look to the role of Budha in radix to establish the type and success of business.

[Simha - Leya] navamsha folk

  • are often professionally involved in luxuries, including food: wealth, banking, fashion design, interior architecture, ornaments and articles for women, perfumes, fine oils and wines, delicious edibles of all kinds (Vrishabha = the cows and the fields) beautiful song and musical instruments, matters of face such as teeth, jaw, eyes, hair, and face; anything to do with the accumulation and maintenance of luxurious values (Laxmi).

  • They can also be academics charged with maintenance of large knowledge collections (Sarasvati) such as historical libraries, musical recordings, and museum art collections.

  • Sweet-seeking Shukra can be a custodian of financial well-being hoards without necessarily owning the stash; sometimes the method of ownership is educated ability to appreciate = put a price upon valuable goods.

  • Suave Shukra activates 10th navamsha = any type of valuation and pricing, including even the academic study of values which might not create a materially wealthy person but one possessed of The treasury of understanding.

Also check the role of radix karmesha-10 within navamsha. If Radix karmesha-10 is well-disposed within the navamsha the career goes well with respect and good satisfaction. Radix karmesha-10 should occupy a kendra of the navamsha to give best social results.

spouse's navamsha = Svamsha Marriage Roles

Regarding the relationship of the spouse's navamsha to one's own, or in general to the relationship between the nativities of married partners, here is what I usually look for to"prove" the marriage.

  • As a general rule, the rashi of the spouse's Janma-Chandra should match one's own navamsha (1) 1-7 axis, or (2) Rahu-Ketu axis, or (3) in rare cases, the woman's Janma-Chandra rashi will match one pole of the axis of the man's navamsha Shukra. (3) is a stretch of the principle and frankly I do not see this very often.

  • The reason I mention this matching of each partner's natal Chandra rashi with the other partner's navamsha axes of either D-9 lagna or D-9 nodes, is that in rectification cases if the spouse's Chandra rashi does not match one's navamsha Rahu-Ketu axis, and the Svamsha is unknown, then the rashi of the spouse's radix Chandra is a likely match for the missing navamsha 1-7.

spouse's milestone events

Events in the spouse's life can be timed using one's own navamsha.

  • If there has been a notable event in the spouse's life such as receiving university diploma, death of the spouse's parent, significant illness or injury -- these should all be corroborated in the partner's navamsha.

For example, I recently saw a woman whose husband's father died during her Shani bhukti. In her navamsha, Shani in lord of 7th (death) from 9th (father) from Guru (Guru = karaka for masculine-figure mate in the nativity of a married woman). In her case, Guru was also the yuvati-pati in navamsha. Therefore Brihaspati had gained extra power to represent the life events of her husbandly-companion.

  • If your wife's life thus far has produced notable milestones, try to justify those milestones using Simha indriya-lagna for yourself or Kanya; one of these rashi-lagna usually will give a better result than the other.

Hope the above is helpful. Rectification is quite complex; try to collect as much corroborating evidence as possible; and good luck!


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Subject: correct lagna

Dear Ms. Pijan Lama,

I ordered a computer generated chart from you last year. It showed my lagna to be Dhanus. Many other charts have shown the same.

However, the astrologers at Astroved claim my lagna is Scorpionis. They're subtracting an hour from my birth time for DST.

I don't know if DST was in effect in Iowa in August, 1961. Sag seems to fit me better than Scorpionis.

How can my correct lagna be determined?

A: Namaste

Yes, Daylight Saving Time (DST) was observed in Iowa during 1961.

Below are airport weather station records from several cities in Iowa for the year 1961 - Iowa City, Des Moines, and Burlington. The record shows the start-stop dates for DST in 1961.

WRT the method by which the correct lagna is properly determined, it involves looking at the role each graha would play if lagna-1 were correct, then looking at the role each graha would play if lagna-2 were correct.

For example, the bhava of the Sun should indicate the social position-profession of the father while the bhava of the Moon should indicate the social position-profession of the mother.

Identifying the correct lagna is not an exercise in psychological typology (" Sag fits me better" ) but rather a comparative analysis of the two possible arrangements of the 12 bhava matched to your family relationships, profession, civic duty, mate, health situation, and biographical life events as predicted by the Vimshottari Dasha.

Even if you're not ready to do a complete verification of birth time, at least you can be certain that DST did apply in Iowa in August of 1961!

Unfortunately, Jyotisha software written outside USA may not be accurate for US births before 1966. (1966 was the year that the US Congress finally legislated a standard DST system for the entire country. Before that, there were hundreds of state and county time-keeping variations and it was a huge record-keeping mess.)

If you are interested in Jyotisha, it's a good idea to invest in some * reputable* Jyotisha software which correctly calculates the arcane rules of American DST.

Shri Jyoti Star is recommended. There are several good Jyotishavidya software packages to suit different tastes now available in the marketplace. Narasimha Rao's excellent and accurate Jagannatha Hora s/w is completely free.

Wishing you best success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Now, in five min lagna is changing and things take a complete turn. So, which one should i believe? Example : In case of chandra in 12th house that is mentioned in your research is accurate, but that is in 21.40pm case, but for some other planers 21.45pm is coming accurate. Which one to believe?

A: To determine your correct lagna, it is not recommended to "believe" either possibility. Please test the options using a rational method.

Please test both possibilities against a list of

  • the characteristics of the family members
  • one's important life events

See which lagna produces the most matches and the least exceptions, both qualitatively [descriptively] and quantitatively [matching calendar dates of factual events].

This puzzle-solving process is called rectification, and it is quite time-consuming.

It is possible to find an astrologer who can make the rectification, but is also possible to do it yourself. The key is self-knowledge combined with patience.

Jyotishashastra, is a system of explanations, descriptions, and rules

Although people often mix religio-cultural explanations into the practice of the vidya, the samayavidya has nothing to do with "belief".

Test your data against the expected outcomes using both quantitative and qualitative principles.

Apply the rules for indriya-lagna #1

Then, apply those same interpretive principles to indriya-lagna #2.

Only one of these rule-sets will produce

the correct quantitative results for the timing of events in your life

  • satisfying qualitative results to denote the characteristics of your family members [for example, father's profession]

The rectifier must be objective about the timing of events and about the true character of their family members. The practitioner who is doing the rectification must refrain from judging oneself or applying characteristics to oneself.

The entire situation must be free of anxiety and bigotry. Else the perceptions are twisted.

Please remove all moral judgment before embarking on any work in Jyotishavidya.

There can be no use of toxic guilt-words such as // should, supposed-to, must, ought-to, good, bad, evil,// ... and their morally judgmental equivalents in the earthly languages.

Look at the timing of material events and look at the behavioral properties of other people who have definitive cultural-financial-educational roles in one's own life. [these are your preincarnationally composed team]

Do not consider what to believe.

What people believe about themselves is mainly an attempt to defend against social criticism. Self-belief is often no more than a propaganda that is constructed from other peoples' expectations.

of course, most people are so disturbed by the compulsive need to criticize and judge themselves that most people cannot do their own rectifications... so in that case, look for a reputable astrologer who can help you scientifically to establish the correct lagna.

Wishing you best success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, BPL Jyotishavidya

Q: . Hello, ... There is some confusion as to what my Nakshatra is. Some Calculators and sites say I am Purva Bhadra, which only 2 or 3 say that. While the majority say I am Satabhisha. My Birthday is September the 11th, 1992. I was born in Indianapolis Indiana. Thank you for reading!

Sent from my iPhone

A : Namaste,

by "my nakshatra" is meant Nakshatra of indriya-lagna or Nakshatra of Chandra ?

Are you calculating the kundali using an accurate-to-the-minute time of birth? (ideally, from your hospital birth certificate) For both Nakshatra of radical lagna and Nakshatra of Chandra, an accurate birth time is required.

USA federal law standardized DST for all states in 1966 and Indianapolis did not change after 1966. However, Indiana births can be tricky because even after 1966 there were numerous time-zone exceptions in the NW and SW corners of the state of Indiana in counties which need to coordinate with Illinois for economic reasons. (Illinois is central time and Indiana is eastern time, except for these special counties.) Even though Indianapolis births after 1966 are not troublesome for DST calculations, the Sep-11 date that you quote is near the boundary of autumn DST time-change.

Jyotisha software calculations must be properly programmed to adjust for DST. Therefore, it is recommended for USA births that occur near the stop-start boundaries of DST, try to use Jyotisha software coded in the USA and not the websites hosted in India and elsewhere.

American DST rules are somewhat peculiar (OK, very peculiar) and Daylight-Saving-Time rules are sometimes not properly coded into the internationally programmed s/w . However, the DST rules with all their peculiarities are usually correctly rendered in USA-coded s/w. People who live here in USA realize that while DST is annoying the rules have to be coded properly to yield correct results.

But even perfect software doesn't take all of the guesswork out of it. While state law might officially require all births to be recorded in standard time, the birth-assisting nurses might have recorded the local time showing on their wristwatch. Even with superb software (BP Lama Jyotishavidya usesShri Jyoti Star) rectification might be needed due to the vicissitudes of American DST.

If you are interested in studying Jyotisha but not yet ready to invest in professional software, It would be recommended to obtain the free-to-download and highly accurate Jyotishavidya software, coded by Pt. Narasimha Rao, available at

Best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, BP Lama Jyotisha

Q: . To: bpijanlamajyotisha@msn.coam

Subject: Important Lagna's

Dear Barbara! (sorry for my english mistakes, I have not learn it correctly)

Over the last two years I find out about your website. My interest for astrology is vedic zodiak since the beginning. It's amaizing, many Informations on your website! (like a: Jyotish-Lexikon ) Thanks for it!

I've been thinking for some time whether I should write to you. I don't want to insult your work. But I was schocked,..there are more than one or two or more false Lagnas.?? I have my Informations from Data-Bank,..or I can see it by myself....having Infos or an Interview,..or pictures from the native.(but you have so many Rashis for example, many are there??)

My question: Where do you get your Infos(birth-time). I know, a good working Data-Bank is

The important point in vedic astrology is: the view and logic in sidereal Zodiak is more deeper,..more is a real"pleasure" understand the relationship between the life of the native and the Rashi. So, it is a pity if you do not take the correct Lagna.

I would like to offer my help. There are natives/Rashis,...nobody around the world know the right birth-time, but many people are speculating. I know, sounds strange,that I'm thinking I know the truth about that. But in future (it doesn't matter, If I learn to interprate Rashis good enough or not)..this is my great employment! It's an enjoyable work. The appearance and the living conditions and events of a person are so identical to sidereal zodiak. It's unfortunately a weak and too difficult to see it for western astrologers.

PS: for example. An interesting topic for me this time was the Chart of Ramana Maharishi. David Frawley introduced it at birth: 01:15am. Data-Bank by takes the time: 01:00am. I think both times are near the truth, but so he would be Lagna Libra at the first degrees. There are informations about his life.(an easy but unusually man living in a cave) By closer interpretation it very looks like Lagna Virgio.(so it could be at the last degrees of Virgio)...but it's not my last opinion. I treat this very critical! And important is,...there will be only one right Janma-Lagna.(also when it's on 2959'..)

I would be glad if you answer this mail. (I hope,you understand my english,'s difficult to explain things... )

A: Namaste,

Thank you for your sincere and friendly email. I am happy to know that you are a beginning student of Jyotisha and that you are enjoying the learning process!

A next-step uggestion for your Jyotisha education would be to make your own internet website and post your own findings. An international Jyotisha community is developing on the internet. If you can accurately explain your reasoning, you can generate valuable educational discussion among those who share your research interests. By sharing your work with the engaged research community, you could contribute important material for discussion. If your work is high quality, those who study the samaya-vidya * the scientia of calendar timing * in the context of the modern world * will thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful contributions.

Please consider that most of the birth time information on has not been rectified. It is intended to be suggestive not authoritative. The owners of the data on astrodatabank have generously provided their data collection to the public and their service is greatly appreciated. The recorded date and place of birth is usually accurate. Since the advent of the internet, public-figure birthday and birthplace can be confirmed from public sources. Yet, the birth times have been collected from many different astrologers. The "BC in hand" claim was simply accepted from the data providers and eventually posted. The BC-in-hand claims have never been verified.

There was in particular one American tropical astrologer who provided a large number of birth times to the original data collectors for this database. Amazingly, this individual claimed to have personally obtained the official birth certificates -- with to-the-minute birth times -- for a remarkable number of politicians and celebrity figures from her era (USA 1940's to 1980's). The records submitted to the data collectors by this individual marked "BC in hand" appear to contain speculative or intuitive birth times. Unfortunately, dozens of " BC in hand" records sourced to this provider do not withstand rectification. Indeed, these records appear to have been imaginatively fabricated.

Sadly, astrologers can suffer from mental disorders just like anyone else. One of the features of Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the belief that one enjoys close-and-constant relationships with celebrity figures.

This contributor to the birth-times database (now long-deceased) claimed to have enjoyed interpersonal correspondence with a large number of political and entertainment celebrities. Remarkably, all of these socially prominent figures complied with her RFI for BC-in-hand. They or their staff carefully located, photocopied, and snail-mailed their birth certificates to aid her famed collection of BC papers. In one story told by the provider, a famous politician revealed their precise birth-time to the blessed astrologer while the pair were riding in a hotel elevator en route to a campaign event. The cited hotel was 100 miles distant from her home city, but serendipitously she just happened to be in glittering company for the evening!

Particularly in the era before computers, some career astrologers regularly declared "intuitive certainty" regarding celebrity nativities without too much careful validation.

In short, it is recommended to always rectify a public-figure nativity, no matter which exalted astrologer claims the accuracy of their personal calculations.

To prove the accuracy of a birth time for a public figure, a rectification must be undertaken showing the Vimshotttari dasha coordination of the data points representing key life events such as dematerialization, marriage, birth of children, earning diploma, major injury or illness, etc. The nakshatra-pada of the radical lagna and the nakshatra-pada of Chandra must be justified.

The same rectification rules apply for private citizens, but verifying the accuracy of the birth data is usually neither necessary nor possible. The astrologer simply accepts the accuracy of the client-provided birth date-place-time.

For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, a very brief data-check rectification is required for most private readings. This quick pre-check involves verifying the match-up of the karaka functions of the Vimshottari Dasha calendar rulers for major life events, such as the client's marriage, divorce or injury-illness, decease of parents, birth of children, immigration to new country, major shock or identity change, earn diploma, buy house, et-cetera.

Finally, consider the assumption that "nobody around the world know the right birth-time". A competent Jyotishi with adequate practice time and access to accurate historical references can in fact identify the modern-calendar birth time for anyone who was born at any time in history.

However, the rectification process is often far, far too time-consuming. A thorough and careful rectification can require an entire day of thinking and testing, even with computer support. One may be unable to provide a sufficient number of corroborating biographical events. Also for cultural reasons, certain forbidden events may remain undisclosed, or the family may have altered the birth record to remove perceived obstacles to marriage-making. Therefore, many astrological nativities, particularly those for public figures, may be incompletely rectified.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life' s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


Subject: Is a reading worth it?

Hi Barbara. Thank you so much for your informative website by the way. I hope you never take it down.

I was wondering - Is birth rectification worth it if you know you were born within a certain 30 minute period?

I was born somewhere between 10:30 and 11am in the morning. (My birth certificate is rounded to 11, but my immunization at birth was recorded as 10:30.

Weird. Obviously they just rounded up/down). Do the Vargas matter enough to have that exact to the minute birth time?


Within tradition of Jyotishavidya, an accurate reading (assessment and prediction) requires a birth time that is accurate to the minute. Much more than varga calculation is affected. Nakshatra pada of radical lagna and Chandra lagna, the Svamsha (nakshatra pada of the navamsha of the radical lagna), potential change in Rahu-Ketu axis within D-1 and D-9, and numerous other boundaries are affected by the precisely recorded minute of the birth (as measured by the child' s first in-breath of Earth atmospheric air).

In some nativities, no significant changes might occur in a range of 2-5 minutes. At some latitudes, it is possible that several minutes could pass with no significant changes in the key lagna.

In other nativities, the difference between two minutes of recorded time can be significant.

For example, if the first minute = 29:59 of Jyeṣṭha but the second minute = 00:01 of Mula, Naturally, that is a very significant change which has domino effects throughout the geometrical relationships within the total nativity. If Chandra is sitting on a key boundary, one or two minutes variation can alter the Vimshottari Dasha calendar, affecting marriage predictions, career forecast, and birth of children, among many other down-the-line impacts.

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