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Ratha kaja thuraka pathaathi sevaka saasthramaya chithraathevi sahaayakrube|


Chitta * Citthirai * Vismakarma * Tvastri

Azinech * Alaraph * Arista


Chandra in Chitra * comforted by designing pursuits * protectors of dynamic architecture, dominating arrangements, progressive rebalancing

contributions coming to Earth

from the star-civilizations of


"anything bright or coloured which strikes the eyes" (spic * spec)

artifice * maker * crafter * arts

Architecture * Arch-types * Archeology * Arcons Arc of the Covenant * Noah's Ark * Genetic Engineering * Pattern-makers * Initiators of Design * Crafting * Fashioning * The Builders * Annu-naki the Builders


Graha * Bhava* Amsha * Rashi

Nakshatra of Mangala


Tvastr the Artificer

the Fourteenth Nakshatra (previously the 12th)

  • 23:20 Kanya until 06:40 Thula (Virgo-Libra)

  • pada 53, 54, 55, 56 of total 108

Chitra nakshatra Celestial Location ~~ Roebuck, The Circle of Stars

  • Spica: alpha Virginis

Regional Names for Chitra
  • Chaitra * Chithirai * Citra * Caitra * Chitta * con spic uous, excellent, distinguished, bright, clear, bright-coloured, variegated, spotted, speckled, agitated, various, different, manifold
  • Vismakarma
  • Spica * ear of grain, the grain sheaf of Partha
  • Azinech
  • Alaraph
  • Arista
  • Dana
  • Nak-pa * the black one Tibetan
  • Thoth the Universal Architect(Egyptian)
  • Hermes the Great Teacher (Greek)

The animal symbol of Tvastri-Chitra is the Female Tiger.

Tiger Approaching a Waterhole, Kotah, c. 1790

BPL commentary on Chitranakshatra pioneering engineering Mangala strives to produce the newer-faster-better, the competitive, the champion

Chitra folk are often:

Architects, artists, artisans, makers of drawings, draftsmen, printing pressmen, diagrams and blueprints, tinkerers, tailors, masons, mechanics, fabrications, handcraft, musicians who work and re-work traditional musical instrument players, new arrangements, new improvements, engines and engineers. Designers and those who improve existing designs.


Nakshatra Vana

Sacred Tree for Chitra Nakshatra:

see nakshatra gardens at:

  • western botanical name = Aegle marmelos

  • Sanskrita namah: Bilawa

  • Tibetan (bodkye): zukngu

  • Common names: Bilva, Bael, Bela, Beli, Bili, Sirphal, Kaveeth, Koolivam, Bengal quince, stone apple,

  • ",,, the only member of the monotypic genus Aegle ... a mid-sized, slender, aromatic, armed, gum-bearing tree growing up to 18 meters tall ... grows in the dry forests upon hills."


Aegle marmelos = Bela Tree = sacred to Chitra Nakshatra

Features of Chitra * Tvastri

Chitra nakshatra Body Part

  • Neck of the nakshatrapurusha * Kala-purusha

BPHS Chitra nakshatra auspicious activities

  • Marriage
  • Brahmin receiving sacred thread
  • travel
  • construction of temples or other religious buildings
  • or installing holy objects therein
  • laying foundation stones
  • breaking ground

Chitra nakshatra protective Deity * bhapa * bheza

  • Tvashtr, the celestial architect

Chitra nakshatra Symbol:

  • Pearl

Chitra nakshatra Gana * group:

  • Demonic * Rakshasa

Chitra nakshatra Tibetan Tradition

  • Nak-pa, The Black One

  • Janakpa, black bird

Chitra nakshatra Meanings

  • Bright,
  • Many-Colored, Variegated
  • A work of Art, a work of Magic
  • Military Conquest, Invasion
  • Scripted and Choreographed Movements
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning


  • Applies to nakshatra of radical lagna AND nakshatra of Chandra. For emotional relationships, nakshatra of Chandra is more influential in determining compatibility and ease of interaction.

Psycho-socially compatible with Chitra * Tvastri

Nakshatra of Mangala * Mangala the Champion leads the conquest of new worlds. He is a pioneer, an inventor, and a sexually driven competitor who rages in vital warfare, runs faster, drills deeper, and pursues His quarry without restraint. Mangala-ruled folk join in a band of brothers.

Nakshatra of Chandra * Kuja and Chandra are mutual friends. * matrikaraka caretaking Chandra's rhythmic, parenting, routinized style provides a pleasing compliment to Mangala's direct-action warrior vigor.

Nakshatra of Surya * center-stage, sparklingly exceptional, brightly self-reflexive Surya finds a willing companion in dynamic, energized, boldly conquering Mangala. Together they surge with confidence, vitality, and force.

Nakshatra of Brihaspati * Guru and Kuja are mutual friends.. Brihaspati's ever-expanding realm of inclusive doctrinal understanding is well supported by Mangala's unstoppable weapons of penetrating power. The priests join the conquistadors, generating new worlds.

Psycho-socially neutral with Chitra * Tvastri

Nakshatra of Zukra = materialistic, accumulating, sensual Zukra is all about gracious, accommodating, feminine magnetic attraction. Penetrating, pursuing, promoting Mangala is all about propulsive masculine yang energy. The Zukra partner adjusts and the Mangala partner propels. Together they can move forward as a team, so long as the roles are clear.

Nakshatra of Rahu or Ketu * whether highly exciting (Rahu) or deeply observing (Ketu) the fascinating yet disruptive nodal styles are potentially useful to Mangala's pursuit of the win. In particular, Kuja and Ketu share rulership of the Vrischika rashi, Positive relationships can support occult transformation, ascetic tantra, disaster response, or invasive healing. For other pursuits, discernment is required.

Psycho-socially uneasy with Chitra * Tvastri

Nakshatra of Shani * Scared Shanaicarya is intimidated by aggressive Mangala. Yet from Kuja's perspective, Professor Shani is a harmless old guy who poses no threat to Mangala's forward challenge. Shani partners need systematic order while Mangala partners often feel trapped by too many rules. Except for certain specialties such as engineering or military, there are relatively few environments in which this pairing can succeed

Most catalytic (challenging) nakshatra for Chitra * Tvastri

Nakshatra of Budha * Budha can tolerate Mangala, But from Kuja's perspective, Professor Budha is a shatru-graha = arch-enemy. Active, competitive Mangala becomes profoundly annoyed by do-nothing, talking-head Budha. A Mangala-ruled nakshatra will generally use force to try to dominate a Budha-ruled nakshatra. Yet Budha just keeps on talking.

Shakti of the Chitra nakshatra

commentary by David Frawley,

"Twashtar desired, "May I gain a wonderful progeny."

One who makes the appropriate offering to Twashtar, to Chitra,

  • gains a wonderful progeny.

Twashtar is a form of the Creator, usually called Praja-pati.

Chitra therefore has great creative powers,

giving splendor, multiplicity and abundance."

Shakti of the Chitra Nakshatra

quotation from Dennis Harness

"14. Chitra: The Star of Opportunity

(Virgo 23 20'to Libra 06 40')

The symbol for the brilliant Chitra nakshatra is a bright jewel or pearl. Chitra translates as the "beautiful one" or "pretty pictures", which reflects its ability to arrange things nicely and in an artistic fashion. The deity is Tvashtar, the divine celestial architect .

The creator of Astro*Carto*Graphy, Jim Lewis, had his natal Moon placed here. Chitra natives are often successful artisan types.

The shakti is the ability to accumulate merit in this life".

Chitra has a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of kama, or desire.

The animal associated with this nakshatra is a female tiger which reveals the passionate, sensual nature experienced here.

Mars is the ruling planet of this asterism.

Chitra Career Interests:

  • Architects, interior designers, jewelers, clothing.
  • Lawyers, judges, priests.
  • Religious people who have knowledge of the scriptures.
  • Creative business people, artists.
  • Writers, publications, radio, TV and film.
  • Armed forces, police detective.

Chitra is represented by the beautiful, high magnitude, fixed star, Spica, at the beginning of sidereal Libra."

Vocabulary for Chitra Nakshatra


  • carpenter, maker of carriages
  • "creator of living beings ", former of the bodies of men and animals
  • the heavenly builder, maker of divine implements, esp. of Indra's thunderbolt and teacher of the Ribhus
  • regent of the Nakshatra Chitra


  • conspicuous, excellent, distinguished; bright, clear, bright-colored;
  • bright-sounding;
  • variegated, spotted, speckled
  • agitated; having many varieties;
  • strange, wonderful


  • every action; accomplishing or creating everything
  • all-doer, all-creator, all-maker
  • name of the divine creative architect or artist (said to be son of Brahma,
  • and in the later mythology sometimes identified with Tvashtri
  • he is said to have revealed the Sthapatyaveda or fourth Upa-veda,
  • and to preside over all manual labours as well as the sixty-four mechanical arts
  • [whence he is worshipped by Karus or artisans];
  • in the Vedic mythology, however, the office of Indian Vulcan is assigned to Tvashtri as a distinct deity,
  • Visva-karman being rather identified with Praja-pati [Brahma] himself as the creator of all things and architect of the universe;
  • in the hymns RV. x, 81; 82 he is represented as the universal Father and Generator,
  • the one all-seeing God, who has on every side eyes, faces, arms, and feet;
  • in Nir. x, 26 and elsewhere in the Brahmanas he is called a son of Bhuvana,
  • and Visva-karman Bhauvana is described as the author of the two hymns mentioned above
  • he is a son of the Vasu Prabhasa and Yoga-siddha; in the Purnas a son of Vastu, and the father of Barhishmati and Samjna;
  • accord. to other authorities he is the husband of Ghritaci;
  • moreover, a legend is told of his having offered up all beings, including himself. in sacrifice;
  • the Ramayana represents him as having built the city of Lanka for the Rakshasas,
  • and as having generated the ape Nala, who made Rama's bridge from the continent to the island;
  • the name Visva-karman, meaning, doing all acts, appears to be sometimes applicable as an epithet to any great divinity)
  • name of Surya or the Sun
  • of one of the seven principal rays of the sun (supposed to supply heat to the planet Mercury)
  • of the wind

BPL Commentary on Chitra * Chaitra * Chithirai * Citra * Caitra * Chitta

Vismakarma * Tvastri * Azinech * Alaraph * Arista * Dana * Spica

Mangala-ruled Chaitra is considered to be an auspicious lagna for the male, but less auspicious for the female. (Note Shil Ponde's fierce distinctions below.)

  • According to the traditional commentaries rife as they can be with genderized prejudice, the Chaitra male = direct, successful, clever, and dexterous while the Chaitra female = "too much variegated" fickle with men and too much body-oriented, competitive, or selfish.

  • Chitra folk = distinguished planners, designers, strategists, architects.

  • In addition to the warlike competitiveness of Professor Mangala, the Chitra pada 1-2 located within Kanya can benefit from the calendaring, scheduling, logical argumentation and categorical organization of Budha.


Chitra may make manual drawings of their schemes. A chitra musician often writes a few musical notations indicating a harmonic arrangement. Chitra typically like to do several drafts of a plan, although in a pinch Chaitra strategist can sketch a thoughtful battle plan with a stick in the dirt.

For the Chitra pada 1-2 located within Kanya, engaging the hands is key to success. Here are found the instrumental musicians, the delicate machine operators, the design-and-sew experts in the garment industry, the technical fine-arts painters rendering a brilliant vision onto stretched canvas. To judge overall outcomes for this powerful nakshatra, assess the interaction within the nativity of the two adversaries, Budha (ruling Kanya) and Mangala (ruling Chaitra).

For the Chitra pada 3-4 located within Thula, consciously engaging the body's internal balancing systems (particularly the adrenal gland mechanism) is the key to sustained release of energy which can produce superb results in all fields of arrangement and design. To judge overall outcomes for this powerful nakshatra, assess the interaction within the nativity of the two neutrals, Shukra (ruling Thula) and Mangala (ruling Chaitra).

The hand-to-body connection is strong. Chitra folk are often skilled in martial arts involving sharp and decisive hand movement.

Famous military strategists

Direct (Kuja) but articulate (Budha) - depending on the constitution of Kuja and Budha in the kundali.

  • Others who handle drawings, maps, and plans include urban planners, city managers, advisers on complex environmental issues, designers of cityscapes and fantasy environments in literature and video games.

  • Other applications of their talent which engages direct-attack tactics in the context of carefully considered and detailed, highly organized and mapped pre-planning


Crop Circle in Wiltshire UK 2014

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativities

Chitra * Tvastri

BPL commentary:

For Chitra natives the condition of pioneering, direct, yang-energy, forward-pushing bhratru-karaka Mangala considerably affects the outcome.

Brother-figures, warriors, hunters, athletes, dancers, champions, challengers, inventors, explorers, dis-coverers, engineers, builders, drivers, drillers, diggers, exploders, aggressors, pursuers, and competitors may be especially influential.

Guided by instructors from civilizations of Spica.

BPL commentary on Chitra feminine nativity: the traditional language of "die four years later" should be updated to "may be divorced four years later"

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde.(1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 96.

"An expensive and luxurious person.

  • One who is fond of clothes and beautiful surroundings and revels in them.

  • She spends much money on jewels, perfumes, cosmetics

  • and her taste in these matters is expensive .

She likes to change costumes several times a day

  • and always look like an animated fashion plate .

Variety is the spice of life to this woman

  • and she will be inconstant and fickle in love affairs,

  • having many during her life and marrying often.

Many actresses, musicians, artists and opera singers have Chitra rising.

If she is born on the day before the New Moon, with this asterism rising,

  • she will have a husband who will die four years after her marriage to him

  • and she will never have any children.

If she is born with Chitra on the Rising Point on the day before the Full Moon ,

  • she will be immoral and promiscuous in her love affairs

  • and will support some of her lovers or spend money on them

  • and she will die in poverty."

Feminine Nativities

Kanya portion

Often challenging for a female due to the 8th implication for hidden forces affecting marriage, although helpful for physical musculature-curvature, dance, and athletic prowess

= Mangala mulatrikona = 8th- from-Kanya = Mesha = hidden wealth, secret information; eruptions of sudden unexpected force; invasive attack; shock, trauma; widowing; inheritance; catastrophic change; surgery; frequent transformations into new identity;

occult knowledge; hidden behaviors of the life partner

  • POTUS-pair-16 Illinois 1818-1882 Mary Todd Lincoln

  • Uptown Girl 1954- supermodel Christie Brinkley

  • Zorro 1969- drama-commerce Catherine Zeta Jones

  • voluptuous fashion model, legal war for inheritance money Anna Nicole Smith (3 marriages)

Thula portion

* Mangala mulatrikona = Mesha bhava-7 = Arrangements, Diplomacy, Bargaining, deal-making, contracts, design, *arrangements*, agreements, exchange, peerage * paréage, parity, equity, equanimity, equability, equation, marriage, balance, fair-share

Feminine nativities:

Chitra in swamsha

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativities

Chitra * Tvastri

BPL commentary:

For Chitra natives the condition of pioneering, direct, yang-energy, forward-pushing bhratru-karaka Mangala considerably affects the outcome.

Brother-figures, warriors, hunters, athletes, dancers, champions, challengers, inventors, explorers, dis-coverers, engineers, builders, drivers, drillers, diggers, exploders, aggressors, pursuers, and competitors may be especially influential.

Guided by instructors from civilizations of Spica.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 84

"Chitra natives are quiet, thoughtful, and profound.

Very slow in movement and of great dignity in bearing and manner.

  • they like to read books on serious and philosophical subjects.

they make good students in their youth.

they are also extremely clever with their hands,

  • which are strong, supple, and dexterous.

they like to do things or fashion things with their hands

  • and could be sculptors or artists or surgeons."


Kanya portion * Mangala mulatrikona = Mesha 8th-from =

warrior's skills, physical musculature, manual craft, and athletic prowess are helped * Builders

energetic pursuit of death-and-rebirth cycles, sudden change of identity, unexpected new appearance; occult environments; suddenly transformative or catastrophic events; trauma, shock; hidden liaisons; hidden energies, secret sources of new power; initiation, fiery rebirth; hidden competitiveness; secrets; confidential information; physical expressions of mysticism; the dark side; discoveries, unexpected inheritance; occult knowledge; New Identities; unexpected thrust, forced changes especially in marriage

  • Institutes 1509-1564 John Calvin

  • Twilight of the Idols 1844-1900 Friedrich Nietzsche * philosopher philologist

  • Realm of Light 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich

  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover * engineer, mining, diagrams

  • Waste Land 1888-1965 publisher T.S. Eliot * mental illness caused sudden, permanent damage to his first wife

  • Sound and Fury 1897-1962 William Faulkner * violent alcoholism both husband and wife

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- capitalist Warren Buffett

  • Golf 1975- champion Tiger Woods

  • novelist, essayist Victor Hugo yuti Ketu

  • quantum physicist, 1922 Nobel prize Nils Bohr

Thula portion * Mangala mulatrikona = Mesha 7th-from **

energetic engagement with contract, relationships, justice, diplomacy, marriage, bargains, interaction, deal-making, match-making, design, *balanced arrangement*, deal-making, parity, pairs, partnership, equity, equanimity, equability, equality, equation, justice, fairness; rhyming , balanced lyrics, crafting of agreements, counseling, advising, rapprochement. May include negotiation toward agreement on the terms of military ceasefire.

Masculine Nativities: Chitra swamsha



General Description of Chitra characteristics

  • Commentary by Das and Behari

General results of being born in Chitra Nakshatra :

1. Physical features:

You have a lean body.

  • In some cases there is an indication of a stout and tall body.

You can be recognized or identified in a crowd of hundreds of people

  • through your magnificent dealings and expressions.

there is a hidden inherent gift of having wonderful ideas

  • that may initially appear silly

  • that are later viewed as excellent.

There is also an inherent gift of intuition.

You are the type of person who is very much fit for the astrological profession

  • where intuition is very much needed.

In some cases it is also noticed that you may experience dreams that come true .

  • this indirectly indicates that a divine power may be installed in the psyche of Chaitra born.

You are the type of person who is not bothered about the sentiments of others

  • nor are you selfish to others.

Your dealings with the poor will be very cordial and full of kindness .

You may be mistaken by others as rude and stingy.

Guard your tendency t o speak before you think.

You may have to confront your enemies at every step but are capable of escaping any conspiracy.

You have a soft spot for those in need and spend your energy in their upliftment.

3. Education, sources of income/profession:

Obstacles in life are no problem for you.

You can overtake all hurdles with courage and hard work.

You may not lead a comfortable life up to the age of 32 years.

  • The period between 33 years and 54 years of age will be your golden period.

One of the redeeming features of Chitra born is that you receive help from unexpected places without much effort.

4. Family life:

While you love and respect your siblings and parents,

  • you may experience some doubts concerning them.

You may not enjoy the benefit, love and affection of your father .

  • You may even live separate from him,

  • even while he may be famous or successful.

You are more attached to your mother and enjoy benefit from the maternal side.

there is a saying that the Chitra born cannot stay in the house where you are born .

this may manifest in many ways, you may travel and l ive far from your home town

  • or your childhood home may be destroyed.

  • In any case you will settle far from home.

Married life may be considerably strained .

While the marriage will be stable,

  • the relationship between the couples may not be cordial,

  • at times leading to frequent friction on small matters.

5. Health:

  • there may be some difficulty with internal organs .

Mangala-ruled Chitra * Tvastri

Description of the Pada * quarters

Pada-1 Chitra = Kanya Rashi = Simha swamsha

BPL Commentary

Vrishabha rules the 10th navamsha suggesting careers in finance and banking, storage and containment, conservation of natural values, capitalization, artistic beauty, music, voice-face-hair, speech-song, story-telling, history, genetics, animal breeders, physicians of the eyes, jaw, mouth, teeth, tongue, throat, dentistry, luxury goods, delicacies and sweets, fine foods, wines and liqueurs, flowers and perfumes, fine textiles, beautiful decorations, ornaments, and pleasures.

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

  • Uptown Girl 1954- supermodel Christie Brinkley

QUOTATION commentary of Das / Behari

"You may have bent shoulders and hands.

  • You will be a sweet speaker, and passionate.

  • there is an indication of two daughters.

  • You will be expert in various arts.

  • there may be frequent quarrels among siblings."

QUOTATION from Four Pada (quarters) of Chitra - for the Male only* by Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 105:

"Considered handsome by most standards.

  • Very grave, but witty in a quiet way.

  • Would make a good surgeon.

  • Very fond of music."

BPL comment:

Chitra-pada-1 radical lagna puts

The Chitra-pada-1 nativity shows many of the typical Simha traits of glittering intelligence, enjoyment of center-stage roles, interest in politics and drama, and natural self-centered authority.

Vrishabha on the 10th-navamsha suggests that the Chitra-pada-1 nativity is typically professionally engaged with matters of Vrishabha such as visual arts, illustration, beautification, women's ornamentation and fashion, eyes-hair-face, mouth-teeth, flowers, perfumes and aromatic oils, sensual pleasures, speech, song and music, facial beauty, eyesight, banking and financial treasures, sweets and liquors, dairy foods and cattle.

Any graha located in Vrishabha 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The public career may be subject to revaluation and reassessment because Professor Zukra indicates historical, financial, and aesthetic value.

If, within the Simha swamsha, the nakshatra of the navamsha-lagna lies between 13:21 and 26:39 (Purvaphalguni) then the Zukra-ruled artistic, musical, beauty. and finance indicators are further strengthened.

Pada-2 Chitra = Kanya rashi = Kannya swamsha

BPL commentary

Mithunaya rules the 10th navamsha suggesting careers in business administration, shopkeeping, management, meetings, correspondence, instructional delivery, handcraft, manual arts and tool use, conversation, committee-work, team-building, communication, commerce, painting, writing, documentation, description, illustration, publishing, evangelism, announcements, messaging, cinema, scripting, programming codes, information technology, signaling, gesture, matching, mating, coupling, doubling, duplication, doppelganger, polarities, mirroring, twinning

Masculine Nativities

  • Institutes 1509-1564 John Calvin

  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover (lived decades in Australia and China)

  • Realm of Light 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich (born Rus, lived in numerous lands, settled in India; suffered pneumonias)

  • SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- capitalist Warren Buffett

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das / Behari

"You are truthful and charitable.

  • You may live in foreign places,

  • have two daughters.

You may suffer from upper respiratory disorders."

(BPL: two daughters may also = two artistic sons)

Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Chitra - for the Male only* - from: QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 105:

same as Chitra pada-1

"Considered handsome by most standards.

  • Very grave, but witty in a quiet way.

  • Would make a good surgeon.

Very fond of music."

BPL comment:

Chitra-2 radical lagna puts

The Chitra-pada-2 nativity shows many of the typical Kanya traits of service-ministry and orientation to health care, unbalanced arrangements, and mitigation of pollution (cleaning).

The Chitra-pada-2 nativity is typically professional engaged with matters of communicative Mithunaya such as writing and editing, publications, conversation, announcements, declarations, documentation, media-messaging, evangelism, cinema, radio-television-internet, books-magazines-journals-blogs, travel itineraries, scheduling, planning, meetings, business administration, project management, conferences, seminars, presentations, instructional delivery, description, explanation, diagrams, photography, drawings, hand-craft, tool-use, apprenticeship.

Any graha located in Mithunaya 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The definition of the public career may be subject to re-describing and re-explaining because Professor Budha indicates chattering.

Chitra-2 produces a highly mentalized triple-Budha effect. The disposition of Budha becomes critically important for assessing both the personality and the career. Typically, the personality is so strongly identified with the career that public profile and personal profile tend to merge; one becomes one's work.

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- capitalist Warren Buffett is a distinguished businessman. His Budha-Kanya * uttama along with Budha-yuti-Zukra-nichha have made him a master undervalued stock-picker. The remarkable power of undervaluation comes from nichha-Zukra ruler of the financial 2-9. He continues to work in his company even into his late eighties.

Pada-3 Chitra = 00 Thula 03:20 = Thula swamsha

BPL commentary

Karkata rules the 10th navamsha suggesting careers in homemaking, parenting, caretaking, nursing, school-teaching, nurturing arts, farming and gardening, home-construction, property management, real-estate, interior decor, transportation, policing, border defense, protection of ethnic root rhythms, customary rituals, fishing, shipping, oceanography, marine professions.

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das / Behari

"You will be learned in scriptures and are intelligent, and calm in speech.

  • You will be satisfied with small profits.

  • You may have a strong temper but still enjoy a good reputation.

this position of the Moon (or lagna) may cause problems with your parents.

  • You may suffer from diseases that cause burning sensations.

You may also suffer from upper respiratory disorders."

Description of the Four Pada (steps) of Chitra - for the Male only* - from: QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 105:

"Inclined to the study of occult subjects,

  • religious but quite unorthodox.

Would be good at designing patterns and weaving in textiles.

Likes artistic work with the hands.

  • Usually a widower at the close of life.

  • Career is a changing one."

BPL comment:

Chitra-pada-3 radical lagna puts

The Chitra-pada-3 nativity shows many of the typical Thula traits of bargaining, trade, negotiation, match-making, deal-making, concern with the terms of the contractual agreement, and seeking of alliance.

The Chitra-pada-3 nativity is typically professional engaged with matters of Karkata such as rhythms and routines of a settled people, folk customs, local environments, protective and nurturing behaviors, caretaking, parenting, guardianship, stewardship, nourishment, stabilization , groundskeeping, homekeeping, gardening, farming, fishing, ocean tides, estuaries, cultivation, protection of land and property, patriotism , safety, policing, homemaking, nursing, early childhood teaching, sheltering, defending, temple rituals, seasonal festivals, comforts. real-estate, building, transportation, infrastructural security of the settlement.

Any graha located in patriotic Karkata 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The definition of the public career may fluctuate because Professor Chandra indicates Ebb and Flow.

Pada-4 Chitra = 03:21 Thula 06:40 = Vrischika swamsha

BPL comment

Simha rules the 10th navamsha suggesting careers in creative or entitled roles, in drama, entertainment, amusement, gambling and games, celebrity, royalty, glamour and costumery, bright displays, genius, literary arts, performance arts, politics.

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter's upbringing in a southern agricultural state and his overt show of respect to his mother "Miss Lillian" promoted public emotional trust in his lawfulness and sincerity. His charitable works particularly elections monitoring and Habitat for Humanity = distinguished by sobriety and orderly process; their ethics have never been questioned.

QUOTATION from Das / Behari

"You are charitable.

  • You may travel frequently for your earning .

  • You serve your parents and teachers with full devotion.

However, you may have to undergo several sorrows of life before attaining results."

Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Chitra - for the Male only* - from: QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 105

same as Chitra pada-3

"Inclined to the study of occult subjects,

  • religious but quite unorthodox.

Would be good at designing patterns and weaving in textiles.

Likes artistic work with the hands.

  • Usually a widower at the close of life.

  • Career is a changing one."

BPL comment:

Chitra-pada-4 radical lagna puts

The Chitra-pada-4 nativity shows many of the typical Vrizchika traits of pursuit of hidden empowerments, sharp focus on the mysterious and confidential, drive to control, manipulative or intrusive nature, explosions and implosions, and energetic penetration of secrets.

The Chitra-pada-4 nativity is typically professional engaged with matters of Simha such as politics and political elections, theatre, literary creativity, performance arts, celebrity, royal entitlements, pageantry, poetry, ceremony, entertainments, ceremonial dance, children, romance, courtly love, games, gambling, expressions of genius, applause, brilliant confidence, solar power, bright lights, Divine Intelligence, self-knowledge, ego, individuality, independence, non-conformity, exceptionalism, uniqueness, center of attention, brilliant red things.

Any graha located in glittering Simha 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The public career may be brightly visible because Professor Ravi indicates self-referential radiance.

There is potential for the development of a splendid healer and brilliant symbol of intelligent transformation. But there is an equal potential for the development of a political figure whose need for equitable agreements may weaken the effectiveness of leadership.


Sri Rangam Temple * Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple * Thiruva-rangam * temple of reclining Vishnu

in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India


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