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Drama and Song

Commerce and Material Economy




born 10 months after

born four months after



celebrated dramatist of cinema + stage

famed for artistically disciplined performances

enduring, high-recognition theatrical career

admired for communicative skill

ability to mimic [Rahu] language

Meryl Streep

a.k.a. Mary Louise Streep

Earth-birth Wōdnesdæg-22-Jun-1949


prize-winning dramatist of stage and screen


Meryl Streep

birth data from

tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotishavidya

charts + graphs + tables = produced by Shri Jyoti Star - adapted by BP Lama

born on Ekadashi Krishna Paksha

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativities

Revatika - Pausan

Pashu - Pushana-vana - Antyabha

BPL commentary

For Revatika births of a feminine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing, evangelical Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

Pashu the Pastor is delicately attuned to the signals of the animal kingdom. Hearing [Budha] the voices of mineral, plant, animal, and human worlds, Antyabha-born often work for the welfare of all creatures. Many veterinarians and animal-welfare activists are Revatī-born. These way-showers are also found in all aspects of music and dancing, producing melodies, beats, and lyrics.

Whatever the Pashu folk say, others will follow and believe.

For those born into the Budha-ruled paradigm of Antyabha, siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts -- and beasts of every description - may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance is provided by emissaries from the civilizations of stars clustered near Zeta Piscium. Their purpose is to shepherd the flocks in safe passage, calling them to follow with an imaginative, sweet sound and rhythm

The Way-Shower

Revatika ladies expresses the natural tension between Busy Bantering Budha and Guiding Generous Guru. Commercially oriented Budha is a master of writing, reporting, cinema, and detailed communication. Kumara naturally matches the vibration of chatty students and a younger audience. Yet, Brihaspati much prefers to preach on broad-scope topics, ideology and inclusive doctrine.

Revatī-born often find themselves in shepherding roles that require delivering a message to their herd of followers. The usual delivery style is musical, oratorical, or imagistic-imaginative, but any method of Showing the Way may be chosen. Pashu the Pastor combines a broad humanistic vision with a beckoning repeating signal frequency such as a slogan, a jingle, or a melody.

Themes of pastoral guidance, musical or imagistic messaging, and benevolent outreach to all creatures may contextualize Revatika's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Revatī - Pashu .

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 101

" ... defect in hearing.

the native is a person of clean morals

  • and is popular with her own sex.

She is fond of pets and animals.

She is a very good housekeeper

  • and likes interior decoration and design .

Her face is laughing, always with dimples,

  • and she usually has black or dark brown eyes with curly hair."


Meryl Streep in 1979 photographed by Jack Mitchel [MS age 30]


Meryl Streep in 2015 [MS age 66]

Biographical data matched to Vimshottari Dasha timeline

Shukra Mahadasha [age birth until age 12.9]

22-Jun-1949 Earth-birth in Summit, New Jersey, USA * Shukra-Rahu bhukti

[Surya Mahadasha ] [age 12.9 until age 18.9]

[Chandra Mahadasha] [age 18.9 until age 28.9]

Jun-1968 until May-1971 = Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [12, imagination, quietude, seclusion, sanctuary, psychic intuition]
  • [age 19-22]

1971 [MS age 22] earned BA Vassar College * Chandra-Shani bhukti

1975 [MS age 26] earned master's diploma in drama from Yale University * Chandra-Shukra bhukti * [Shukra-1- parivartamsha Budha-2] Budha diploma

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age 28.9 until age 35.9]

1977 [MS age 28] first major cinema role in the film Julia * Mangala-Rahu bhukti

Mar-1978 [MS age 29] grieved the tragic lung-cancer death of dramatist fiancé * Mangala-Guru bhukti * Guru rules 8 sudden identity change * R-K samchara Kanya-Meena contact dual R-K axis

30-Sep-1978 [MS age 29] consecration of marriage 1-of-1 with fellow Yale alumnus, sculptor Don Gummer, a friend of her brother Harry * Mangala-Guru bhukti * Guru rules Dhanus 7th-navamsha * R-K samchara Kanya-Meena contact dual R-K axis

Apr-1979 [MS age 30] wins Academy Award [Oscar] for her performance in the film Kramer vs. Kramer * Mangala-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 9 = awards for work accomplished [11-from-11] ++ Shani rules 10th-from-Chanda * R-K samchara Kanya-Meena contact R-K axis

13-Nov-1979 [MS age 30] celebrated the birth of child-1, son Harry * Mangala-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 9-children R-K samchara Kanya-Meena contact dual R-K axis

1982 [MS age 33] wins Academy Award [Oscar] for her performance in the film Sophie's Choice * Mangala-Shukra bhukti * [Shukra-1- parivartamsha Budha-2] Budha rules 5-celebrated performances

[Rahu Mahadasha] [age 35.9 until age 53.9]

Apr-1998 until Jun-2000 - Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [12, imagination, quietude, seclusion, sanctuary, psychic intuition]
  • [age 49-52]

[Guru Mahadasha] [age 53.9 until age 69.9]

29-Sep-2001 [MS age 52] [mom age 86] grieved the decease of mother via heart disease * Guru-Guru svabhukti * nicha-Guru rules 12th-from-Chandra ++ dvithya Sade-Sati

22-Jul-2003 [MS age 54] [dad age 92] grieved decease of father via renal failure * Guru-Guru svabhukti * nicha-Guru rules 7th-from-Surya

[Shani Mahadasha] [age 69.9 until age 98.9]

Jun-2027 until Aug-2029 = Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [12, imagination, quietude, seclusion, sanctuary, psychic intuition]
  • [age 79-82]


Salient features of the nativity


pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[communicative center of the household]

[father may be pharmacist-physician-minister]


[optimistic-philosophical Arudra-1] [navamsha Surya-Dhanus]


  • [Surya-Mithuna] Mithra - neighbor, companion * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the conversational gesturing rashi of Budha
  • [Surya in bhava-4] center of root routines * brightens the patriarchal folkways * intelligence for housing * focus on farming * smart gardens * dramatic transportation * ethnic entitlements * political parenting * Stable confidence * attention on foundational infrastructure * eye on security * sparkling center of the patriotic-drama * father may be a schoolteacher-landowner-patriot
  • [Surya-yuti-Shukra] confidently harmonious * brightly creative bargainer * uniquely intelligent feminine-figures * entitled to pleasures * aesthetic expressions align with the spiritual rays of the Sun * financial politics * graciously creative * dramatic promises * radiantly diplomatic * self-reflexively attractive * father may be artist-broker-arranger



[Surya-Mithuna] = marketing, advertising, sales, writing or handcraft.

  • Dad = a pharmaceutical salesman. [Merck]

[Surya-yuti-Shukra] suggests dad's management, financial ability, and commercial involvement with drugs [Shukra].


matrikaraka [mother] * garha-karaka [village]

[witty-creative vidya-pati for Meena indriya-lagna]

[feels like a political wealth champion]

[sense of belonging to a theatrical family]

[calmed by spicy-pitta food-and-drink]

[profound need for competitive financial security]

[mother may be the kinetic center of the family]

[physicalized emotional sensitivity]

[ancestral voices urge conquest]

[inner lineage knowledge of fiery charming domination]

[family capital established via speculative ventures]

[evocative use of dramatic language]


[analyzing-helpful Bharani-2][navamsha-Chandra in Kanya] intuitively sensitive helping complaining calculating feelings

[Pushkara pada]

  • [Chandra-Mesha] comforted by forward pursuit * settled into warrior rhythms * needs vitality
  • [Chandra in Bharani] needs to carry valuable burdens * safeguards the treasuries * protects precious values
  • [Chandra in classroom-2] comfort in collections* familiar with history * needs to tell stories * accustomed to storage * nourished by heritage knowledge * settled into the rhythm of languages * feels the repeating pulse of inventory counting * emotionally attuned to accumulated values * calmed by conservation * undulating voice * intuits the incantations * acculturated to sound-speech-song * mother may be a traditionalist, historian, librarian, singer



bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]

[remembering-preserving dhanesha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[belieiing-philosophical dharmesha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]


[face-voice Rohiṇī-2] [navamsha Kuja-Urisha]


  • [Mangala-Urisha] vigorous pursuit of heritage collections * proactive in acquisition * pro-actively conserves the hoard *pushes the herd * competes for banked treasuries * Sound engineering * actively preserves food * promotes color value * dynamic arts of speech-song * innovative conservation * pioneering libraries * champion of historic knowledge
  • [Mangala in bhava-3] drive toward commerce * push toward scripted communication * active touring * vigorous pronouncements * invasive management * energized process * hyperactive mentality * athletic sibling-figures * promotional sales * photographs of the muscular physique * dynamic marketing * champion of teamwork * pursuit of business
  • [Kuja-yuti-Budha] proactive communications * energized signaling * dynamic reporting * clipped speech patterns * abrupt announcements * champion of vigorous messaging * pushes toward direct commands * forward thrusting gestures * incisive speech * forceful writing



jamayah-karaka [sibling] sandeza-karaka [message] * zisya-karaka [student]


[homebound-anchoring bandhesha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[bargaining-balancing yuvati-pati for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[values-based discussions]

[talks about treasuries]

[sweetly enriching announcements]

[communicative sweet-toned speechwriting songwriting]


[ensemble-managing Rohiṇī-3] [navamsha Budha-Mithuna]


[Shukra-1- parivartamsha Budha-2]

  • [Budha-Urisha] financial communications * articulation of tonal value * talks about stored goods * discusses collected assets * delivers descriptive evaluations * sends historic messages * skillfully signals the music * preservation methods * describes sound frequencies * hands-arms-shoulders send sensual gestures
  • [Budha in bhava-4] narrative of cultural roots * skillfully describes parochial routines * delivers ritual instructions * discusses protective caretaking * talks in rhythmic comfortable style * analysis of foundational security * conversations about defense * skilled handcraft of fenced shelters * explainer of homeland customs * patriotic slogans * detailed communication about nourishment * team collaboration in farming-and-fishing * transportation scheduling * seasonal planning* familiar sibling conversations
  • [Budha-yuti-Mangala] competitive communications * scripted actions * impatient conversations * potential for sexualized messaging * penetrating explanations * direct instruction * dominating dialog * signals forward action * pioneering logical movement * energetically outspoken opinions * talkative brother-figures


Budha = listening, hearing

  • scripts. instructions, narrative, cinema, communications transactions, commerce, detailed explanations

[Budha-yuti-Mangala] [Rohini] occupies the facial, linguistic, historical, pronouncing, verbal [2nd-from-Chandra]

known for her extraordinary ability to produce linguistic accents [2] and mold her face [2] to roles.

  • MS's dramatic performances are famed for their linguistic accomplishment.
  • Her mimicking ability is much admired.
  • She reports that her skill arises from her attention to listening carefully = Budha ears = and then acquire pronunciation and vocabulary of personalities, accents, intonations, prosodies, and the phonological features of foreign languages.
  • Perhaps the best-known and lauded example of this specific talent is her Polish and German language performance in Sophie's Choice .


dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]


[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Meena - Antya]

[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Meena - Antya]

[identified with permissive marketplace career roles]

[numerous optimistically corrupt revenue linkages]

[distribution systems guided by materialistic ideology]

[pragmatic philosophy of voluntary connection]

[falsely cheerful friendships]

[class-conscious understanding of community gridworks]

[associates may provide misleading guidance]

[husband may be a misunderstood earner]


[imaginative-guiding Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [navamsha Guru-Meena]

  • [Guru-Makara-Draco] * understands social structure * numerous law-makers * class-conscious convictions * corrupted understanding of regulatory requirements * conventional doctrine * believes in common sense * pragmatic guidance * philosophical realism * diverse social responsibilities * materialistic worldview * faith in hierarchies * preaches about wise governance * widens the scope of bureaucracy
  • [Guru in bhava-11] great friendliness * much networking * much achievement * big social-participation groups * several large assemblies * numerous revenues * many social-material goals * extensive marketplace linkage * patron of community exchange systems * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be an earner-socialite-networker


[Guru-Makara-Draco] occupies 10th-from-Chandra = 11 awards, revenues, profits = MS astonishing abundance of prizes and awards


svadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]


[busy-messaging sahaja-pati for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[mysterious-revealing randhresha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[enjoys talking in the home]

[balanced domestic discussions]

[graciously gestures in the customary style]

[pleasantly communicative mother]


[face-language-values Punarvasu-2] [navamsha Shukra-Urisha]

[Atmakaraka visual beauty, grace, balance, relationships, marriage, finance, contracts, equity, values, speech]

[Shukra-4- parivartamsha Budha-3]


  • [Shukra-Mithuna] appreciation of detail * beautiful accessories * attracted to writers * likes businesspeople * balanced gestures * diplomatic communications * prefers a communicative partner * aesthetic of handiwork * pleasures of specific explanations * enjoys correspondence * satisfied by conversation * articulated messaging arrangements
  • [Shukra-4] seeks pleasure via home-based routines * likes the seasonal rhythms of nature * enjoys real-estate finance * attractive gardens * strong feminine presence in the home * aesthetic of domestic stability * pleasing designs to adorn the chest * beautiful breasts * lovely torso * appreciation of owned-stewarded properties * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may be a homemaker-farmer-driver-schoolteacher-police
  • [Shukra-yuti-Surya] balanced roles in drama * appreciation for political display * pleasantly charming * self-focused diplomacy * radiant bright beauty * self-reflexive bargaining * sweet entitlements * negotiating father-figure * self-directed arrangements * focus on trade exchange * solipsistic romance * idealistic contracts * enjoys the game of deal-making * prefers self-confident partners


Shukra rules Urisha-3 cinema, scripts Karakamsha


duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]

[Vimala Yoga]

[profitable-friendly labha-pati for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[retreating-private vyaya-pati for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[rigidly ceremonial acts of service]

[maintains corrupt displays]

[old enemies in drama-politics]

[chronic heart-spine ailment]


[talkative-teamworking Magha-3] [navamsha Shani-Mithuna]

  • [Shani-Simbha] [challenging placement] heavy old legacy drama * must accept center-stage pressures * structural compression upon heart-spine * conventional limits upon creative self-expression * tightly governed speculation * disciplined genius * orderly games * regulated drama * resistance to romance * proletarian entertainments * restricted intelligence * slow, elderly politicians * restrained entitlement * obligatory ceremonies * scarcity of amusements * maintainer of old sovereignties
  • [Shani in Bhava-6] [beneficial] intrepid assistance * steady time-structured resistance to enemies * must serve the chronic victims * outlasts the adversaries * survives military siege * tense digestion * relentless criticism * constitutional illness-injury * tolerance for servitude * aging physicians * enduring diseases * service fatigue * helper's burnout * prevents innovative treatments * blocks new medications * professional social workers * patiently aids the disadvantaged * dutiful healthworker * accepts the rules of medical institutions * lawfully supports the sick * reliable herbalist * conventional pharmacist * protocols for problematizing * realistic about addiction * accepts abuse * neutral to crime * military discipline * governs the poor * regulates debt * legislates loans * respected elder of an oppressed sector


StreepMeryl1979_byJackMitchell.jpg [Rahu]

rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]

[for Meena indriya-lagna]

[Rahu casts passionate drishti into 5-7-9]

[entrancing cult of imaginative personality]

[identified with prestige of contemplative vision]

[vital embodiment of fascinating clairsentience]

[appears as a uniquely special dreamlike impersonator]


[dreamworld-fantasizing Revatī-4] [navamsha Rahu-Meena] [vargottamsha] intuitively over-reaching visionary dreamlike imagination

  • [Rahu-Meena] shimmering illusion of immersion * craving for symbolic guidance * extravagant imagination * mirage of dreamlike wisdom * mesmerizing aura of concealing fog * mask of Other-Worldly wisdom * fascinating prayers * extraordinary ancestor guides * fabulous clairsentience * intriguing sleep-states * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] attributes of deep trance * exceptional private intuition * unorthodox interior guidance * seeks privilege via contemplative-roles
  • [Rahu in bhava-1] passion for prestige appearance * in svabhava of Competitive Kuja, the Shadowy Specter seeks privilege via glamorous physical visage * extraordinary athletic action * outsider who cleverly insinuates into a noble identity * smoky, oily aura * desires competitive advantage * exceptionally recognizable embodiment * exhilarating force of nature * thrilling champion of non-standard lifestyles * social mobility sought via dynamic movement * powerful personality * innovative behavior challenges existing norms * culturally mixed self-image * embodies exciting new energies * self-promotion via blood-and-birth * double agent * over-reaching ambition for empowered individuality * craves special importance * trespasses cultural limitations of race-class-creed-gender * fascinating figure * may represent a cult of personality



kavandha-karaka [headless] chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]

[for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[dispersed engagement with enslaving partnership]

[dissolution of medical advocacies]

[surrenders useless assisting advice]

[apatheticly forgives the trespass of disoriented legal assistants]

[abandons unsustainable complaining arrangements]

[absent from empty toxic alliances]

[disregards unbalanced agreements]

[eccentric service contracts]


[calculating-assisting Chitra-2] [navamsha Ketu-Kanya] [vargottamsha] intuitively assisting helpmate observing witness

  • [Ketu-Kanya] humbly dissociates from accusatory complaints * incomplete service * empty disagreements * odd arguments * not limited by stigmatized conditions * incoherent lawcourt argumentation * ignores restriction on helpfulness * eccentric service to the disadvantaged * releases a living green cloud of servitude into the misty abyss
  • [Ketu in classroom-7] equably ambivalent toward agreements * absentee advocates * disregards contractual loyalties * disinterested in mutuality * wanders from the middle-balance * empty arrangements * irrelevance of equity * surrenders alliances * abandons the usual covenants * ignores advice * incoherent promises * liberation via surrendered negotiations * unless other graha in 7, may prefer to live free from partners


Streep Meryl 2019 [age 70]


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