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Nakshatra of Mangala

ruled by moving Mangala

arts and artisanal hand-craft

multi-faceted, architecturally-minded

" Plays to Win"

needs competition for bright-sparkly things

fear of poverty and silence


OM kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

AUM som somaya namah



Professor Chandra



resides in

Chitra - Spica

विश्वकर्मन् viśvakarman [all-maker, carpenter]

त्वष्टृ tvaṣṭṛ [heavenly builder, maker of beings]

emotional patterning delivered into the Earth consciousness grid

conferred by the races of



Shri Phal = fruit of the Bilawa Tree

Sacred to Chitra Nakshatra

Nakshatra kona of Mangala

In Mangala-ruled nakshatra, professor Chandra seeks emotional stability and security via productive activity, dynamic forward movement. and conquest.

Emotional alpha

Competitive, muscular, arrives First, innovates, instigates, high emotional vitality, can be dominating,; needs to Initiate

See also: Chandra in a nakshatra of Mangala

Each of the Mangala-ruled nakshatra of Chandra is emotionally compatible with other dynamic, forward-pushing, mangala-ruled champions

Chitra - Spica * Tvastr

  • Ruled by energetic, dominating militarized Kuja

  • 23Kanya40 -until- 06Tula39

  • pada 1-2 = contained within Chandra-Kanya

  • pada 3-4 = contained within [Chandra-Tula]

Pada-1 Chitra-Kanya

[23:40 Kanya - Parthya 26:39]

[dramatizing-showy Chitra-1]

[navamsha-Chandra-Simha] intuitively sensitive to entertaining political display


  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush [showy-displaying Chitra-1] + [Guru-yuti-Chandra] [Chandra-1 parivartamsha Budha-11]

  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 1927-2022 Josef A. Ratzinger

[26:40 Kanya - Parthya 29:59]

[assisting-ministering Chitra-2]

[navamsha Chandra in Kanya] intuitively sensitive helping complaining calculating

[00 Tula - Vanika 03:20]

[arranging-trading Chitra-3]

[navamsha Chandra-Tula] intuitively sensitive diplomatic arranging bargaining


[03:21Tula - Vanika 06:39]


[navamsha Vṛścika Chandra] intuitively sensitive discovering-transformation

Chandra in Chitra is innovative, pioneering, and design-driven

  • Kuja-Budha- Tvastr [Kanya]

  • Kuja-Shukra-Tvastr [Thula]

  • Mangala and Chandra = Friendly relationship

  • the Kanya-pada 1-2 are ruled by energetic, dominating militarized Kuja= less benevolent bhratru-pati-3 and randhresha-8 from Chandra-Kanya

comforted by engineered arrangements

protectors of innovative design

soothed by patterned movement

ancient rituals of site construction

needs to use forceful instruments

intuitive rhythms of building design

champions of dynamic architecture

Mangala endures a hostile relationship with Budha.

Mangala enjoys a neutral and often mated relationship with Shukra.

In all four pada, chitra-Chandra is combative and dominating, conquesting and pursuing, lively and sporting -- Yet, also scholarly and capable of penetrating [Kuja] thought [Budha].

Often a capable writer on contentious topics, and emotionally sensitive to aggressive or innovative roles:

Yet Chandra's needs are different in the two portions, Kanya pada * Step 1-2 vs. Thula pada * Step 3-4.

In logical Kanya, chitra-Chandra needs to win the argument and pursue the plan. For success, both Professor Budha and Professor Mangala should be strong.

In diplomatic Tula, chitra-Chandra needs to dominate the partnership in the role of the architect of the alliance.

Then Chitra-Chandra pursues the agreement

Strategic and tactical pursuit; competitive dominant instinct; the arts of war

needs to Dominate through strategy and tactic in complexly structured competitive wars

in Kanya, seeks to win the argument

in Tula, seeks enrichment via money, jewels, ornaments e.g. luxury automobiles [Shukra]

Lord Tvastr formed the bodies of humans and animals.

  • Chitra destroys enemies and enriches friends

Chitra are competitively ambitious " alpha" warrior types.

Even when Chitra is born with high levels of analytical intelligence - often present in the Kanya portion - Chandra-Chitra remains a physically straightforward person who understands blood-competition at the mundane and muscular battlefield level.

[Chitra-Chandra] May appear crude or primitive because of their core intuition being so fleshly. However, the flesh is the undeniable basis of human life, and one who recognizes that base reality will be effective in dealings . Aggression by weapon (or realistic threat of it) is particularly the skill of Chitra.

Blessed by Lord Tvastri, the Chaitra native possess intuition [Chandra] for design of excellent strategic plans .

  • Emotionally oriented to winning the competition (often a political election) and obtaining the jeweled prize.

If not well supported, the emotional instinct to win may involve appropriations of the treasury of others.

Chitra is the architectonic jewel of great price.

This native wants to know how it all fits together (the facets of the jewel) and then to USE one's knowledge [Budha] for personal gain.

Mangala-ruled Chitra's method = movement.

Mangala-ruled Chitra's goal = strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term) positioning for competitive advantage :

The competitively advantaged position is usually pursued through control of material assets, in combination with a high decision-making position of some type.

Particularly in the Budha-ruled Kanya portions, chaitra-Chandra is a magnificent planner.

Financial and political corruption does not offend this native; since the baser instincts of human nature are simply more facets of the jewel.

Pursues ones single goal with a high sense of entitlement, reflecting a noble and cut-throat style of practicing the arts of war.

  • La Pucelle d'Orléans 1412-1431 St. Jeanne d'Arc [ceremonial-displaying Chitra-1]

Spiritual director of this section of the Learning Pathway

  • Tvashtr Vishvakarma = the celestial architect (devashilpi)

Architecturally minded genius, able to mount great schemes and plans.

  • Strategically minded.

Charming conversationalists and entertainers, especially in the Budha-ruled pada.

Famed for insight, artistic ability, and for their power to work in hot-pressure environments. Masters of illusion.

Favors jewels and gems (formed in hot-pressure) especially in the Shukra-ruled pada.

  • Deep emotional need to dominate through charm.


Navamsha Moon in Chitra - Spica

psychic mirroring function of intimate relationships


  • Das Kapital 1818-1883 economics Karl Marx + [nīcha] Surya + Guru


In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Chitra behavior.

The partner of Chandra-Chitra needs evidence of artistic craft to stabilize their own emotional life. They are literary writers; song-writers and instrument-playing musicians; painter sculptors and workers in glass, artisans and craftspeople of every fashion. They seek to evoke articulated balance and in a tangible form.

  • Das Kapital 1818-1883 economics Karl Marx attracted a cultured, literary partner, the baroness Ms. Jenny von Westphalen. In addition to bearing and raising seven children, Jenny was a literary scholar in the theatrical genre, specializing in Shakespeare.

Under emotional stress within relationships, the Chandra-Chitra partner can experience deep anxiety reactions that manifest as compulsive crafting-and-re-crafting of a piece of artisanal production. Stress behaviors might include for example writing and re-writing a poem-song-story, or painting-and-re-painting an artistic picture ... or even cleaning and re-cleaning a weapon.


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