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Nakshatra of Surya

ruled by center-seeking Surya

see also: emotional compatibility for Chandra in a nakshatra of Surya

Uttarāṣāḍha ruled by Surya = " later victories, wins the final battle


Sacred to Uttarāṣāḍha

artocarpus-heterophyllus = jackfruit


OM hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah

AUM som somaya namah



Professor Chandra



resides in

उत्तराषाढ uttarāṣāḍha



comforted by bright visions

protectors of confident conviction



Nanna - Innana

Sin - Selene - Serena


Aah - Iah

emotional patterning

delivered into the Earth consciousness grid

conferred by the races of Ascella and Nunki

Uttarāṣāḍha = higher victories

sons of Vishnu / Ravi

ruled by Vishva Deva


Chandra located in a Nakshatra Trine of Surya

Often features a need [Chandra] to be recognized [Surya] for qualities of personal genius, divine intelligence, creative performance, center of attention, royal glory, all praise

see also

Chandra in a nakshatra of Surya

Each of the Surya-ruled nakshatra of Chandra is emotionally compatible with other creative genius, self-promoting, Surya-ruled celebrators


optimistic-philosophical [Uttarāṣāḍha-1]

[navamsha Chandra-Dhanus] intuitively sensitive inspirational-guiding


[Pushkara navamsha]

political orientation. Pada-1 generally wins during one's lifetime comforted by customary beliefs * settled into rhythmic received teachings * needs to feel wisely guided


pada 2-3-4 = generally wins after one's fleshly lifetime. The Win is achieved often by having one's ideas or program enacted after one's term of office has ended, or after the career is finished.

hierarchical-governing [Uttarāṣāḍha-2]

[navamsha Chandra in Makara] intuitively sensitive class-conscious institutional corporate status ordering [Vargottamsha]

[Pushkara navamsha]

[profitable-networking Uttarāṣāḍha-3]

[navamsha Chandra in Kumbha] intuitively scientific-collectivist

  • India-PM 1917-1984 Martial Law Indira Gandhi [systematic-gridworked Uttarāṣāḍha-3]


[imaginative-philanthropic Uttarāṣāḍha-4]

Very Psychic

[navamsha Chandra in Meena ] intuitively sensitive visionary-reflective

[Pushkara Navamsha]

Hyacinth_yellowSmall.jpgUttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva

  • ruled by blindingly intelligent Surya

two different results

pada-1 = 26-40 until - 30:00 within Chandra-Dhanus

[optimistic-doctrinal Uttarāṣāḍha-1] One is a Believer. Chandra has a broad understanding of human nature, affinity for large undertakings, and believes in their own power due to encouraging internal guidance. // Think Big // is their mantra.

pada-2-3-4 = 00:00 until 09-59 within Chandra-Makara

[Sparkling Surya] rules mysterious, shocking, transformative 8th-from-Chandra

[Uttarāṣāḍha-2-3-4] has mystical or psychic empowerments, may inutitively perceive hidden intelligences, and their internal guidance may be revelatory or exposing

[Uttarāṣāḍha-2] [Makara] is comfortably attuned to social hierarchies of class-ranked status. A pragmatic person, often ensconced in bureaucracy, who nevertheless serves as a hidden agent of transformation.

[Uttarāṣāḍha-3] [Kumbha] is comfortably attuned to massive gridwork systems. Often well-connected, generally popular, and economically collectivist, with deeply revolutionary [8] intuition.

[Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [Meena] is comfortably attuned to channels of oceanic imagery. Profoundly psychic, contemplative, revelatory. May be an agent of radically transformative initiation due to guidance emitting from Other Worlds. A seer.

Janma-Chandra in Uttarāṣāḍha = Great Victory = confidence, stamina and constancy .

Uttarāṣāḍha = protected by guardians of the spirit, who assist the Uttarāṣāḍha to make the ultimate winning choice, which is the choice to join the positive dimensional path (4-D and 5-D positive).

[Chandra in Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva] soothed by bright visions * protectors of confident conviction * needs intelligent inspiration * protection of confident conviction

  • Surya - Guru - the Vishvadeva [Dhanus]

  • Surya - Shani - the Vishvadeva [Makara]

  • Professor Surya and Professor Chandra generally enjoy a compatible, Very Friendly relationship.

Pada-4 [Meena] is especially psychically intuitive

In the Makara pada, may be associated with psychic organizations, revealed knowledge.

All three of the Nakshatra of Surya must span two rashi.

rulers of pada-1 for Kṛttikā-Aryaman-Vaishva = Surya-Guru-Vishva Deva

Uttarāṣāḍha Pada-1 in Dhanus Rashi = a hospitable environment for center-stage Surya.

May comfortably shine in center-stage roles within entertainment industry, political industry, or gambling-games

Uttarāṣāḍha Pada 2-3-4

tend to feel more conflict emotionally because of the natural animosity between hot self-dramatizing Surya versus cold social-order lawfulness of Shani .

Surya who is ruler of the three Makara pada of Uttarāṣāḍha is also the natural ruler of 8th-from-Makara. Thus an element of clandestine operations and invisibility is usually present in the emotional style of Chandra in pada 2-3-4.

The environment which most successfully combines politics-glamour with social ordering and lawful governance is Naturally, the world of political elections [Surya] for elite governance office. Thus many distinguished politician legislators and governors of state are born with Chandra in Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva in Pada 2-3-4.

Rulers of pada 2-3-4 = Surya-Shani-Vishva Deva

Chandra in the Shani-ruled Pada 2-3-4 of Uttarāṣāḍha nakshatra = engaged in politics elections entertaining [Surya] but also accepting the lawful duties of social governance [Shani].

[Chandra in Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva] soothed by bright visions * protectors of confident conviction * needs intelligent inspiration

= in the bright lights of the center stage whether the arena is a fashion-show runway, a cinema-filming stage or a"theatre of operations " in a military campaign. (Patton)

Their commitment is based on Surya's core confidence . Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha is predisposed to careful consideration of long-term political [Surya] objectives.

The overall high rates of social and political success enjoyed by Uttarāṣāḍha nativities are based first and foremost upon the super-friends relationship between Ravi and Saumana * Chandra. In addition:

In the brightly inspirational Dhanus - Haya portion pada-1, Uttarāṣāḍha-Chandra's dynamic performance enthusiasm due to nakshatra-pati Surya + rashipathi Guru enjoy a best-friends planetary relationship.

Uttarāṣāḍha-Chandra's political success in the Makara - Draco pada 2-3-4 = somewhat limited by its more pragmatic and legalistic nature due to Surya mutual-enemies relationship to Shani. Personal charm is usually not enough to carry these folks to success; they must provide legal justification.

Chandra in Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva pada 2-3-4 tend to have time-demanding [Shani] public duties.

  • India-PM 1917-1984 Martial Law Indira Gandhi [systematic-gridworked Uttarāṣāḍha-3]

In relationships one may have little time or attention available to devote to the task of supporting the mate's well-being

Chandra is deeply concerned with operating a (usually political) bureaucracy or lawful institution.

In the Dhanus portion

One's emotional orientation is shaped by a confident and highly optimistic view of the paths available toward realization of one's political vision.

Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha is wise, clever, philosophical, and rich.

One appreciates the practical realities of getting and maintaining political power, but this seems to be less a struggle and more an amusing and enlightening adventure into the expansion of human civilization.

in the Makara - Draco portion

One's emotional orientation is shaped by a confident and pragmatic view of the paths available toward realization of one's political vision.

One may become an institutional politician, attempting to make significant improvements in very large scale social structures.

Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha is sympathetic to the common man , systems-oriented, thinking always of supply-lines, political funding networks, and the practical mechanical realities of getting and maintaining political power.

There are limits on what one can accomplish in the Makara portion of Uttarāṣāḍha, due to Shani's pre-incarnationally planned, intractable law.

One may be suddenly stopped in the middle of a practical work in progress, due to the workings of that Law.

If Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha appears to be switching horses in mid-stream, that is only an appearance.

  • It will be found that Uttarāṣāḍhawill never abandon one's personal unique vision of the truth [Surya].

Uttarāṣāḍha pada-1 the Dhanus portion has fun on the campaign trail, and theatrical, educational, religious and political ambitions are fairly easy for them to fulfill.

Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha enjoys a tremendous faith in the fundamental goodness of humanity, and their faith buoys a permanent confidence in their minds.

However, the Makara - Draco portion pada 2-3-4 tends to adjust secondary and tertiary instrumental means in order to enhance progress toward the main goals.

, one must know Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha 's target vision in order to appreciate his strategic approach to the goal.

Indeed Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha will realize one's central objectives, but secondary or lesser attainments may be sacrificed along the wayr.

In the Makara - Draco portion pada 2-3-4, life itself may be sacrificed in order to achieve higher values

Personal health may be abandoned in order to achieve a brilliant vision of the intelligent humanistic social order.

A marriage may be sacrificed in order to move forward to another marriage which better supports one's essential life goals.


Like its Surya-ruled sibling-Nakshatra Chandra in Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman and Chandra in Kṛttikā - Pleyades , Chandra in Krittika has a deep emotional need to receive confirmation and praise.

  • The Chandra-Krittika native is profoundly nourished by public expressions of applause, approval, and acclaim.

  • Emotional need to win contests (prizes, awards, elections) and receive enthusiastic confirmation of one's intelligence and one's central, royal place in The attentions of society.

  • Without a steady dose of ego-validation * Surya * from political successes or prize-winning celebrity accomplishments, the Chandra-Krittika native can fall into a deep emotional depression.

Like the other Purva-Uttara pairs, Pūrvāṣāḍhā expresses mainly the outer-directed worldly energy of invincibility. Pūrvāṣāḍhā uses engulfing, overwhelming energy to attain victory. Purva and will surge in any direction.

  • the Makara - Draco portion of Uttarāṣāḍha pada 2-3-4expresses the inner-directed conquest through discipline and control.

  • the Makara portion "wins " completely but full tally of the win arrives only after this Earthly life is has expired

Also typical of the Uttara ("later" ) Nakshatra, Uttarāṣāḍha enjoys one's most valuable successes later in life.

There may be superficial success earlier, but the goals which are most important in Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha 's own value system are reached only in middle age and afterward .

In the Dhanus - Haya portion pada-1, Surya and Guru combine to regulate Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha 's perceptions and reactive feelings in a righteous, patient, inclusive and responsible way.

  • Moneyball 1963- drama-commerce Brad Pitt * inclusive family

In the Makara - Draco portion pada 2-3-4, Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha 's worst trait may be stubbornness . rigid and inflexible in one's victory-seeking style, which causes severe polarizing catalysis early in life.

Distinguished by one's firm refusal to abandon the path, once it has been clearly chosen. Stamina and dedication to task are Uttarāṣāḍha hallmark traits. Strong willed and certain, if not very flexible.

Can be humor impaired but is generally a good friend and spouse, so long as one's will to act as one sees fit is not deeply challenged.

Dedicated, philosophically broad-minded educators and moral authorities of the highest order.

The Makara portion likes religious vocations which involve governance and political expressions [Surya] of vision for a structured lawful improvement.

  • Deep emotional need for universal connection.

Spiritual director of this section of the Learning Pathway

  • Vishva Deva, sons of Vishnu = a collection of universal gods

  • ten gana-devata

Fear Factor

  • fears dissipation, lack of structure, lack of certainty, weakness/addictions, and incipient chaos


Navamsha Chandra occupies D-9 Uttarāṣāḍha - Vaishva

psychic mirroring function o f intimate relationships



In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Uttarāṣāḍha behavior.

The partner seems very solid in character, with an inner-directed certainty regarding one's life goals and central values. The partner is typically elder to Chandra-Uttarāṣāḍha .

Under stress, the partner's virtuous qualities of 'certainty' and 'invincibility' may resemble a pig-like stubbornness that is impossible to cajole or convince. The partner will tend to take the lead in decision-making, presuming that s/he has a better command of the long-term strategy and view.

Yet, once the partner has made a clear and determined choice to undertake a commitment, the partner is true to their convictions + highly dependable even when a very heavy load of responsibility is borne.

Nakshatra ruled by Surya and ruled by Guru = Partner shows a love of children.

Husbandly figure takes the commanding role of a committed and dedicated father. Wifely partners have a matriarchal presence which is wise and principled, with a tendency to demand moral excellence of their children rather than unconditional love.



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