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Nakshatra of Shanaicarya

ruled by structured, sober Shani

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Mangifera Indica = Mango

Mango Tree = Sacred to Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra

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OM sham shanaishcharaye namah

AUM som somaya namah


Professor Chandra

चन्द्र candra = brightener, shiner

सोम so-ma = moon, soma-sacrifice

सुम su-ma = moon, atmosphere

tha = disk of moon

ऋक्षराज् ṛkṣa-rāj = lord of the constellations

निशाकर niśā-kara = night-creator

resides in






ahivradhna [great snake]


soothed by wisdom systems

compassionate protectors of hierarchical rule

needs to provide orderly guidance

protectors of compassionate order

emotional patterning

delivered into the Earth consciousness grid

conferred by the races of



Nakshatra Trine of lawful, orderly, survivalist, sober Professor Shani

See also:

Chandra becomes a Shani-influenced Builder + Regulator

  • Emotionally attached to Lawful Ascendance

  • Needs structure and reliable order in the emotional life

Each of the Shani-ruled nakshatra of Chandra is emotionally compatible with the other capable, sober, systematic, mature Shani-ruled Regulators


Chandra in Uttarabhadra - Andromeda


[ceremonial-political Andromeda-1]

[navamsha-Chandra-Simha] intuitively sensitive entitled dramatizing entertaining political display


  • Swing Time 1911-1995 dance theatre Ginger Rogers [dramatizing-political Andromeda-1] [1, energized physique, dynamic appearance]

[calculating-ministering Uttarabhadra-2]

[navamsha Chandra-Kanya] intuitively sensitive helpful-critiquing analytical ministries

[Pushkara Navamsha] critical thinking


[arranging-trading Andromeda-3]

[navamsha [Chandra-Tula] intuitively sensitive equity-seeking, diplomatic-dealing-brokering-bargaining


[regenerating-revelatory Andromeda-4]

[disguising-discovering Andromeda-4]

[navamsha Chandra-Vṛścika] intuitively sensitive disguised exploration camouflaged discovery


  • Jyotiṣika 1956- educator BP Lama [regenerating-revelatory Andromeda-4] [5, literature]

  • UK-Duchess of York 1959- Sarah Ferguson [regenerating-revelatory Andromeda-4] [Somana-yuti-Ketu] [4-parenting, routines]

  • spiritual medium, channeler of The Sabian Symbols Elsie Wheeler


Regulator of Astral-Material Bridge Traffic [Shani-Meena]

intuitive attunement with massive systems

sensitive understanding of distributed resource systems

ahirbudhya_small.gifWithin the 30-degree range occupied by [Chandra-Meena] pada 1-2-3-4 of Uttarabhadra indicate the emotionally based orientation to lawful and structured spiritual guidance and intuitive understanding.

Janma-Chandra in Uttarabhadrapada = "Greater Foundation" regulated and structured = The Fortress

  • Guru-Shani- Ahirbudhnaya

  • Professor Shani and Professor Chandra suffer an enemy relationship

Uttarabhadra-Chandra profoundly needs to protect and secure [Chandra] very large and diverse [Guru] regulated systems [Shani].

  • France-Pres 1955- public finance Nicolas Sarkozy [political-dramatizing Uttarabhadra-1] [Andromeda-Chandra-yuti-Mangala-Andromeda] [Chandra-5 maha-parivartamsha Guru-9-uchcha] [5, politics] Via shrewd financial argumentation and debt analysis, naS helped to protect the diverse and interconnected economies of the European Union from imminent financial collapse . Also, naS Mūla-Rahu-2 in 10th-from-Chandra = high-risk finance.

  • Banker to the Poor 1940- microcredit Muhammad Yunus [Uttarabhadra-4] [Somana-yuti-Ketu] MY = famed for his work with the global economics of severe poverty

  • Second Sex 1908-1986 social theory Simone de Beauvoir wrote feminist ethical philosophical arguments which addressed the gendered distribution of rights and duties [Shani] throughout worldwide economic and social networks

Uttarabhadra = a schoolteacher [Chandra] who channels wisdom teachings [Guru] about the great cosmic structures of karma and dharma [Shani].

Uttarabhadrapada often needs to make dramatic changes (Mangala, Vṛścika) especially for children [Guru] through large institutions programs and governments [Shani].

  • Open Society 1930- currency-values George Soros [ceremonial-political Andromeda-1] [12-distant lands, clandestine operations]

  • Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates [disguising-discovering Andromeda-4] [10, leadership, burden of responsibility]

Deep emotional need to build guidance systems

* large-scale systems regulators *

Emotionally attuned to Great [Guru] Systems [Shani]

" The Fortress " * Builders of Big [Guru] Lawfully Linked Networks [Shani]

remain and retain

psycho-spiritual guidance roles WRTinstitutional and large-corporation governance

Ruler of Uttarabhadra - Andromeda Classroom = Professor Shani - 03Meena20 - until - 16Meena39

Father and Self-Righteous figures

From the perspective of one born into the rays of Chandra in Uttarabhadrapada - 6th-Adversaril-Agent Surya the ruler of 6th-from-Chandra = mutual adhi-shatru toward Shani activates Uttarabhadra.

Often the native experiences an ongoing emotional friction with the Father [Surya] and father-figures generally. The periods of [6th-from-Chandra]may produce intense emotional conflict due to Shani's attunement to Time and massive systems while the Surya-agent is blinded by their own light and exclusively concerned with Self.

Others in the environment may perceive the father quite differently, according to their own karaka distribution.

However, chandra in Uttarabhadrapada who is a massive-systems intuitive, tends to experience considerable tension with the self-centered and self-reflexive antics of iconic father-figures including professors, bosses, and religious authorities among the menfolk.

  • Swing Time 1911-1995 dance theatre Ginger Rogers [dramatizing-political Andromeda-1] [1, physique, appearance] During a divorce drama, GR's father kidnapped her as a tiny toddler. When her parent's marriage was legally dissolved, dad disappeared completely. GR's Surya rules 6-crime.

Regulating, stabilizing, and also visionary qualities of Makara + Kumbha indicate the hierarchical and systematic behaviors of the Shani-ruled Nakshatra .

Like its matching Shani-ruled triplets Chandra in Pushya - Sidhya and Chandra in Anuradha - Maitra, the Uttarabhadrapada Chandra = ranking and ordering. Pushan the Guide

symbolizes Uttarabhadrapada-Chandra's emotional need to produce visionary trail blazing hierarchies-and-systems providing regulated guidance [Meena].

In Kendra or trine, shani-ruled Uttarabhadrapada-Chandra tends to enjoy social-material success

  • Second Sex 1908-1986 social theory Simone de Beauvoir [analyzing-complaining Uttarabhadra-2] scholarly critique (5, yuti Mangala)

  • dramatist, women's rights advocate Alan Alda = 4

One may defend oneself through emotionally impelled work [Shani]. Work consists of collecting and arranging pieces of wisdom (Ahirbudhnaya's jewels of the deep) into a hoard of some type.

One takes care to ensure that one's personal fortress walls cannot easily be breeched. In extreme cases, the rigidity and self-defensiveness associated with Uttarabhadrapada will manifest in physical paralysis, spasms, and hardenings; it is associated with arthritis (cf. Elsie Wheeler).

Profoundly psychic [Meena] + deep need for secluded retreat. Pursuing destiny to feel positioned in a social pyramid [Shani] and having recognized status in the cosmos. Generally, Chandra in Uttarabhadra needs to live in a secluded and protected environment, from which one may venture (often in stealth) for one's own private purposes [Meena].

Uttarabhadrapada Chandra prefers the view from the back of the theater; one wants to know how it all fits together. Characteristically gives a highly structured [Shani]intuitive mind.

Reflective, cosmological, systems-contemplative. Disciplined habits . Dedicated to their work. Strong skills in speech and writing and remarkably charismatic in public performance due to the depth and extent of their acquired knowledge. Emotionally protective and pragmaticr.

Whatever wealth one has will grow in the latter part of life with a gift from a friend, or an growth in an early investment, or an inheritance. The treasury of wisdom grows considerably with Time.

the native likes to stay at home, often working in the home on business or literary projects. Protective of family and grounded through family.

Usually blessed with a small number of devoted, well-behaved children.

Uttarabhadrapada Chandra can be problematic for marriage if the spouse needs more exposure socially than this naturally quiet native; or if the spouse becomes an invasive threat.

Chandra in the upachaya bhava improves with age.

Chandra in karma-bhava-10 = sympathetic familiar face with high public visibility. What people see is Shani's structure, and Guru's global scope.

Chandra in yuvati bhava-77 = deal-maker. Strong career placement specializing in alliances, partnerships, and mutual-protection agreements. The public senses Shani's sense of public duty combined with Guru's generosity and goodwill. Chandra-Uttarabhadra imports from the cosmos [Meena] treasures of Ahirbudhnaya to collect in the world of shared agreements , where the precious hoard is protected and developed.

[Chandra in bhava-8] may self-destruct via Shani-imposed austerity, strict work schedule, and need [Chandra] to generate a new identity.

[Chandra in bhava-12] is much inclined toward privacy and research. Generally, the native is both meditative and emotionally distant. The mother is invisible such as a desaparacida, and the first marriage mate is characteristically adversarial in attitude. Yet for Chandra-Uttarabhadra, the intuition is both expansive and acquisitive, so that no matter the intensity of emotional draining (Chandra-12) caused by descent into physical life, one may travel easily upon the astral bridge between Earth and other dimensions. Chandra-Uttarabhadra imports from the cosmos [Meena] treasures of Ahirbudhnaya to collect in the subconscious 'sea' of imagination, where the precious hoard is protected and developed.

The Shani-ruled Nakshatra are structured, organized, systematic beings capable of developing complex ideas and moving both self and family forward in a regular, step-wise fashion toward a specific set of personal and social goals.

They are scientific in outlook, naaturally inclined to experiment in a systematic style, learning as much from failures as from apparent successes, and building a body of experience along with a network of associations as they ply the path toward realization.

Like Ahirbudhnaya guarding his hoard of jewels at the bottom of the sea, chandra- Uttarabhadrapada intuitively builds a fortress and lays-in a larder to ensure survival.

  • Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates [disguising-discovering Andromeda-4] [10 leadership, burden of responsibility] famed for thickly defended security-intensive executive home

The preferred form of emotional engagement with the world is wisdom-conserving and self-defensive .

Uttarabhadrapada has a penchant for non-communicative"stone-walling"a nd other forms of passive, self-protective resistance . Think"mental fortress ".

  • Although wise and inclusive by nature [Guru] the native is fearful of psychic invasion (Shani fears Mangala) and characteristically self-defensive to a fault.

  • There is a deep fear of crowding; a need to work in silence; and a need for rigid [Shani] boundaries between the inner life and the outer life.

The seriousness of the life purpose and the need for extended periods of reflective silence (as if at the bottom of the sea) tend to inhibit undue social mixing.

  • the native will have a very limited tolerance for frivolous socializing, and may be moody or outright disrespectful if one's "inward time" is constantly disrupted by others.

  • However, the public performance when it occurs as a planned time of"outward" expression is likely to be generous, warm, sincere, and fully focused on cheerful and purposeful interaction with others.

Again due to heightened psychic sensitivity, Uttarabhadrapada must be selective in the choice of networking agents in one's community environment.

Family members, spouses, and companions will be those who, regardless of their station in life or public credentials, are respectful of the inward-outward boundaries and will not invade the native 's space when one is in the reflective state of concentrated study .

Uttarabhadrapada's choice of mate and work associates may seem eccentric, until the observer understands that Uttarabhadrapada's emotional comfort depends on being surrounded and protected by those who understand one's contemplative work habits.

Spouse = a regulated person, hard-working, and friendly like Uttarabhadrapada.

Most compatible mates are born with Chandra in the Shani-ruled Nakshatra portions

  • Chandra in Pushyami * Sidhya - soothed by lawful customs * protectors of the ethno-social structure * needs dignified orderly habits

  • [Chandra in Anuradha - Maitra] * Maitra - comforted by resistance to danger * protects against preventable damage * soothed by emergency regulations

  • Chandra in Uttarabhadra - Andromeda * Ahira-buddhnaya - soothed by wisdom systems * protectors of compassionate order * needs to regulate structured guidance

Pleasant mates may also be found with their Chandra born into nakshatra of Shukra, or nakshatra of Budha.

Chandra in uttarabhadra = hard-working [Shani] . One often reaches the top performance levels in one's field of expertise due to a disciplined emotional approach toward mastery of professional systems.

Due to exceptionally high levels of psychic sensitivity, public engagements must be carefully measured out and exposure to the bombardment of public curiosity cannot occur in excess. However, when the work schedule is suitably arranged, Chandra in Uttarabhadra - Andromeda may be found to be a super-worker with powerful imaginative capabilities.


Feminine nativities only

  • Chandra in Shani-regulated 26-Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra

" You are of medium height with stout body and large, protruding eyes. You are a real goddess of financial wealth in the family and are the embodiment of a real family woman.

Your behavior is extremely cordial, respectful, praiseworthy and you have the ability to adapt as the circumstance warrants.

You can attain a good position due to your own effort. You are best suited to the profession of a lawyer or arbitrator or also a good nurse or doctor.

You will be a gem in any family into which you are born or married. In other words, your foot-steps alone are sufficient to bring in wealth.

  • You should not marry a person born in Punarvasu Nakshatra.

  • If you do, you will lose your spouse.

You are prone to rheumatic pains, acute indigestion, constipation, hernia and in some cases tuberculosis of low intensity."

Chandra in Uttarabhadra - Andromeda

QUOTATION Das - Behari commentary

" You are a most attractive and innocent looking person.

There is an inherent magnetic force in your looks.

If you look at a person with a mild smile, rest assured, that person will be your slave.

You keep equal relationship with high and low people

  • irrespective of the status of the persons.

  • You have a spot-less heart. You do not like to give troubles to others.

The only drawback noticed in the behavioral field is that you have a short temper ,

  • however, it is not of a permanent nature .

You will not hesitate to sacrifice even your life to those you love.

  • At the same time once you are hurt you will become a lion.

You have wisdom, knowledge and personality.

  • You are expert in delivering attractive speeches.

You are capable of vanquishing enemies and attaining a fairly high position.

You are sexually inclined always

  • and desirous of being in the company of the other sex.

You can attain mastery over several subjects at the same time.

  • Even if you are not academically much educated,

  • your expression and knowledge will equal that of highly educated person.

You are much interested in fine arts

  • and have the ability to write prolonged articles or books .

In the work field, you can shine well due to your extraordinary capacity and capability.

  • Laziness is a remote question for you.

  • Once you undertake a job you cannot turn back till that job is completed .

  • Even in the case of utter failure you are not desperate.

If you are employed you will reach the top.

  • In most of the cases it has been noticed that

  • you are employed initially in the lower or middle level positions,

  • but later on reaches a good position

  • and always receive reward and praise from others.

It has been noticed that your stability in life or even the slightest upward movement
  • begins after marriage .

You start your livelihood at a very young age say 18 or 19 years of age.

You will have important changes in the professional field

  • at 19th, 21st, 28th 30th, 35th and 42nd years.

While you keep praising your father

  • on the one side due to his prominent personality and religious rigidity,

  • you cannot derive any benefit from him.

You lead a neglected childhood.

  • You are normally subjected to a life away from your home town.

Your married life will be full of happiness.

  • You will be blessed to have a most suitable spouse.

Your children also will be an asset,

  • most obedient, understanding and respecting children.

  • You will be blessed with grandchildren also.

  • You are an ornament in your family.

Your health will be very good.

  • You are non-caring about your own health.

  • Hence you will search for a doctor only when you are seriously ill.

  • You are prone to paralytic attack, stomach problems, piles and hernia."


"Moon is under star 26-Uttarabhadrapada, and Moon is in star quarter # 4."

" You will be rich, endowed with all comforts, good and devoted spouse, one daughter and one son living and long life to them.

  • You will meet with some danger due to water when you are 5 year old, dysentery and high fever when you are 8 years old,

  • too much unexpected complications when you are nine years old

  • and moves in the eastern direction when you are 24 years old in connection with employment."

QUOTATION from Das "Moon is under star 26-Uttarabhadrapada, and Moon is aspected by Mercury."

" You will have the comforts of good servants,

  • expert in astrology,

  • and may be an artisan."

"Moon is under star 26-Uttarabhadrapada, and is not Moon is aspected by a malefic planet."

" You will live for 90 years old

  • and will meet with death in the month of October."


Purple Hyacinth

Lawfully Ordered Environments,

Social Responsibility

and the Burden of Leadership

Being born into a Vimshottari Period of Shani, Uttarabhadrapada-Chandra = predisposed throughout life to undertake various social leadership responsibilities.

Often it begins with the parents, who notice that this quiet and self-ordering child will indeed accept the task of caring for younger siblings or stirring the cooking pot without resentment. Parents assign many duties to the Shani-ruled child. This child would prefer to do an adult job rather than play freely in the childish way.

In the elementary classroom, this child stays indoors during playtime in order to help the teacher. The teacher comes to rely on such a responsible child for duties such as carrying messages or keeping a watch on Time.

This child becomes a supplemental parent, and in the event that the family loses its chronologically adult parent the Shani-ruled child will take over most of the responsibilities of an adult householder, even when the child is quite young.

Uttarabhadrapada typically goes to work early in life, generally at about age 14-15, and works until the day of death. It is their nature to structure and regulate all environments, especially the home [Chandra] where children are raised with a regular and predictable set of family routines that are based upon the work schedules of their parents.

Adult life is nothing new to the Uttarabhadrapada native although periods of Shani may wear them down emotionally and spiritually due to a daunting workload and often unrecognized habit of accepting unrewarded responsibilities." It's OK, i'll do it" might be the motto of Uttarabhadrapada.

The maximum scope of responsibility depends upon Uttarabhadrapada Chandra's location by bhava.

  • Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates [disguising-discovering Andromeda-4 [comfortable Chandra in 10, corporate leadership] Orderly and compassionate system-builder . The scope of WHG's corporate and philanthropic responsibilities is entirely global reaching to the full extent of world society.

bandesha-4 Chandra in 12 = Uttarabhadrapada

In the steady Shani-ruled Uttarabhadra nakshatra = remain and retain, bandesha-4 Chandra seeks emotional stability and security through cultivating the old ways of one's people (4). Manas the mind is tranquil despite exterior fluctuations of material life. May need to go abroad for schooling or family support. Affinity for the folkways, the place, the homeland, relatives and familiar surroundings.

Prenatal maternal narrative of Shani

and Born into [Shani Mahadasha]

born into period of vriddhi-pati-11 +ruler-of-12 from Meena-Chandra. Predisposed to accept material and social leadership responsibilities. Predisposed to manage social organizations, including the sibling group. A responsible child ; mother's helper.


Mother has a need to sustain work duties which deliver validation via dissolution of the physical into the spiritual [Meena].

She feels a need to labor on behalf of those in transition between life and death:

  • the secluded, reflective and prayerful

  • the imaginative and clairsentient

  • those presently dying and those just now being born.

The mother's parenting style gives preference to the needs of children and the wider society, often leaving the spouse to fend for himself.

Having received the emotional influence of Uttarabhadrapada via mother, the native will be comfortable within relationships with children, psychics, and servants of humanity.

Feels a deep sense of security and belonging

When in possession of a secure foundational structure , whether physical, emotional, psychological, social, financial, mental, or spiritual. (, any type of foundation whether material or conceptual.)

the native will establish the deepest emotional bond with one who co-creates or co-maintains the material and spiritual fortress which supports and protects the core values of family life.

his person may be the co-parent, the moral or religious teacher, or some other provider of protective structure who defends [Chandra] the native 's psychic space against oppression or invasion, from predators who intend to exploit one's psychic resources.

  • Deep emotional need to feel Fortified and Established

Spiritual director of this section of the Learning Pathway

  • Ahirbudhnaya = Ohirbudna

Trauma profile = fear of engulfment and crowding

Uttarabhadrapada's psycho-emotional condition initiates in the current life when the child experiences "psychic invasion" .

  • The real conditions may include:

  • Too many children in a small house, or perhaps a beloved only child is invaded by overly inquisitive parents.

  • One may be a celebrity hounded by an invasive media,

  • Or have a medical reality of physicians poking and prodding.

The result = Uttarabhadra feels psychically a deep need to ground and recover their integrity.

Andromeda-Chandra sees the big picture [Guru] ++ feels a deep sense of duty [Shani] to complete important tasks in the world.

One must defend against exhaustion from petty interference.

Early engulfment creates a lifelong need for privacy, seclusion, and a fortified personal space.

Emotionally incompatible with nakshatra of enemies of Shani

  • Surya

  • Chandra

  • Mangala

  • Rahu

  • Ketu

Uttarabhadrapada, like Anuradha and Pushya, is rather formal and routinized in their emotional behavior. They need dignity and predictability in emotional interaction. The enemies of Shani have various ways of upsetting Shani's sense of emotional orderliness and regular pace of affairs. When the Uttarabhadrapada native must deal with these folks, it is usually an unhappy experience.

Shani-ruled natives do not like and often cannot tolerate showboating politicians [Surya] whiny co-dependents [Chandra] predatory aggressors [Mangala] swaggering gangsters [Rahu] or homeless nutcases [Ketu].

The fifteen types of people that Uttarabhadrapada-Chandra does not get along with:


  • Krittika, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarāṣāḍha


  • Rohini, Hasta, Śrāvaṇa


  • Mrigashira, chitra, dhaniṣṭha


  • Arudra, svati, Varuna


  • Aśvini, magha, mula

Special considerations -- Budha bhukti can be growth-challenging for Uttarabhadrapada children

In Budha's view Chandra = enemy graha.

Budha bhukti will be very strongly felt during the human developmental years age 5 to age 12.

  • Should Chandra occupy the final pada of a Shani-ruled nakshatra - Pushya - Sidhya, Anuradha - Maitreya, Uttarabhadra - Andromeda * at the time of birth, it is very likely that the entire period of the child's age 5-12 will occur during the Vimshottari Mahadasha of Budha.

  • Parents of children with Chandra in a final quarter of a Shani-ruled Nakshatra should take note: you will be raising a highly mentalized, logical, critical, and argumentative child.

  • Take note of the bhava and rashi of this child's Budha placement, and plan accordingly to support an inquisitive child who has already (in parallel lives ) mastered the fine art of the critique!

  • This child will find the holes in all of your arguments.

Budha bhukti are easier to manage and produce improved results after age 32 = the age of maturity for Budha

Navamsha Moon in Uttarabhadra - Andromeda

psychic mirroring function of intimate relationships


In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Uttarabhadrapada behavior.

Under stress, the native may re-ground by burrowing in to their own world. One mayOne may seek protection in isolated activities such as writing and contemplation, or spending unstructured time with one's childrenr.

Under emotional stress within relationships, naavamsha Chandra in Uttarabhadrapada can experience deep anxiety reactions which manifest as emotional distancing, silencing, and non-communication.

These Ahirbudhnyna-like serpentine defensive reactions will naturally subside, as soon as the native has regained one's inner composure, in the aftermath of a psychic invasion.

The partner is a deeply reflective person who seems articulate, capable, and reflective.

Partner = an at-home person, protective of financial well-being and security, grounded through their contemplative and self-fortressing nature, preferring the basic satisfactions of family life to the glamour of public acclaim. Behaviors of the partner in context of deepest emotional needs will be characterized role of Shani in one's own nativity.

In the case of several marriages such as

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington , the second lifepartner may be profiled according to Mesha general traits of competitive warfare, sporting nature, innovative and pioneering qualities such as her second husband George Washington


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