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"Man is what he thinks all day long."

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Spouse see partner for native with Chandra-11

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  3. Chandra in bhava-3
  4. Chandra in bhava-4 * digbala
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Chandra * Soma * Krishnaya


Vriddhi * Labha Bhava-11

Moon in 11th house

Familiar Systems; Group Routines

Comfortable (Chandra) to the Community (11)

ethnic, rhythmic, customary networks

emotional sensitivity to large-group, community needs

comfortably settled, nested, habituated to familiar rhythms of the marketplace, systems, networks community, assemblies, ecologies, achievements, goals, sources of revenue.

mother is friendly, networked, gainful

Public Figures

Chandra in Mesha

Chandra in Vrishabha * uttama * mulatrikona 4-30

Chandra in Mithuna

Chandra in Karkata

Chandra in Simha

Chandra in Kanya

Chandra in Thula

Chandra in Vrischika * nichha

Chandra in Dhanusha

Chandra in Makara

Chandra in Kumbha

Chandra in Meena

Chandra-11 needs constant emotional participation in economic earnings behaviors and confirmation of friendship with other gainful networkers.

Emotionally reactive social-economic sensibility. Not a planner; responsive.

  • USA civil rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King was a student of 1869-1948 Mahatma Gandhi''s philosophy. Rev. King became nearly as well known as the 1869-1948 Mahatma via his Chandra-11 ability to hold the emotional and moral center of an extensive social network

Feels comfortable, grounded and secure when engaged in income-gaining, goal-achieving, or social participation activities. Likes large groups, communities, conventions, assemblies, rallies, esp when there is some sentimentally evocative theme for the gathering.

Chandra-11 is a "joiner" of many associations and distributive groups. May refer to community or marketplace associates as "family" (Chandra).

Affinity for the marketplace of domestic products such as homewares, vehicles or land and water; landed properties esp farmlands; educational and caretaking products; in particular when the income is earned in the school or in the house.

The mother may be a community-minded personality, a networker or social organizer; always interested in earnings. Typically a friendly personality with a deep need for stable income.

Emotionally nourished by reaching material goals.

Sentimental attachment to the elder sibling, and often the primary earner in their home.

Chandra in Bhava-11

  • swabhava of neutral Shani

  • Exceptionally sensitive to economies, networks, regulated links, and perceived community

Rooted in economics, ecologies, networks, systems, the marketplace, the agora = large scale social participation, opportunity progressive movements

emotionally attached to the father's relatives (3rd from 9th)

compare to: Chandra-6, emotionally attached to the mother's relatives (3rd from 4th)

  • "Path to Power" UK-PM 1979-1990 Margaret Thatcher was emotionally close to her political parents (Simha), with whom she had many teenage discussions about political economy

One feels connected, absorbs and internalizes the rules of the marketplace, and reflects the external components of profitability and fruitfulness which are present within one's environment.

Chandra-11 reflects the structure of the marketplace.

Affinity for complex inter-linkage of regulated associations = brighter or dimmer mirroring according to the fullness of the Moon, and Soma's proximity to Rahu.

  • Ambitious Chandra yuti Rahu in bhava-11 craves wealth and socially recognition in "fundraising" circles.

Vriddhi-Chandra does not create (Surya) networks of association but simply reflects (Soma) the existing distributive systems structure in the environment at birth. (May also create social economies if Surya also in 11.)

  • Caretaker (Chandra) of the natural and social networks - financial, social, biological, conceptual, etc Type of network = according to Chandra's rashi.

  • Reflects the stronger personalities within one's immediate social and professional, earnings-driven environment; knows some big earners

  • Deep emotional connection to economies and ecologies of the world, both social and environmental.

Especially close emotional attachment to an elder sibling, paternal uncle, or mentor.

One's Mother = socially active in community affairs, causes, and fundraising events.

Chandra-11 = emotionally most comfortable in relationship to the elder siblings and mentors, with socially progressive friends and fellow-travelers in a large-group setting, and when living in a habitually well-regulated, systematic fashion.

  • A person of systematic emotional character. "A man (or woman) of regular habits".

Prefers to live according to principles of economic order.

Similar to Kumbha in general, often a vegetarian or a "tea-total" (no alcohol) practitioner, unless Shukra occupies 6).

Natural scientific environmentalist.

Naturally suited to matters of economics and large-scale marketplace policy

Emotional attachment to elder sibling

Strong emotional attachment to

  • network of friendships

  • social-progressive movements

  • the father's relatives (3rd from 9th)

Emotional need for

  • profitability,

  • large assemblies,

  • mutually gainful association.

Chandra-11 can signify an emotionally gainful, comfortable and sheltering relationship with the step-mother (8th from 4th)

Step-mother = disruptive influences upon radical bhava-4. If there is some destabilizing, upsetting factor in bandhusthana which might suggest sudden frsth-and-rebirth experiences within the childhood home, then Chandra-11 = auspicious for forming a protective relationship with first stepmother.

(additional steps indicating a subsequent stepmother = 8th-from-11 aristhana (generally unfavorable) and in the event that the father has multiple remarriages the next stepmother, fourth following the birth mother, would be calculated as 8th from 6th = vyayabhava also unfavorable generally.)

  • Chandra-11 also indicates a maternal-style nourishing and protective relationship with any women who enter the life in the role as an agent of "suddenly changed home" 8th-from-4th.

Even minor disruptions to the home routine, such as going away to school, are indicated via bhava-11. In the case of Chandra-11, one may benefit from protective females and caring teachers in the environments which have followed the sudden breaking of bhava-4 roots.


7th-from-Chandra = Bhava-5.

The partner = creative, gifted in performance arts, and enjoys children.

If Bhava-5 = strong, the union can be emotionally pleasant union, glowing brightly with the light of romance, children, and amusement. The partner enjoys theatre of partnership, having a role to develop and boast about, being centrally important to the Chandra-11 native.

If bhava-5 is afflicted, partners can be self-centered, needy of constant attention and praise, focused on personal recognition, and ego-driven.

Typically, mate is deeply involved with children and creative arts (or games or politics) while Chandra-11 is more focused on marketplace earnings, building networked associations, and material accomplishment.

11th angle *

  • community
  • economy


    goal achievement


    social participation

Chandra-11 ABSORBS the great energy of the marketplace and large-group achievements into oneself.

This can create some emotional pressure when it is time to attend to one's own self. One's own truth may become lost in the truth of a great social movement.

Needs friendship, affinity for communities of interlinked relationships, develops networks of concentric circles of mutually gainful association so that their need for social validation can be met.

Most at home in the Agora, orchestrating discussions in the assembly. Attends rallies and conventions, thrives in very large groups connected in physical space or electronic space or in the timeless marketplace of philosophical ideas.

Marketplace mobility not = superficial amusement. Chandra-11 likes to connect with others, but one always has a purpose of achieving an end or goal.

Attached to the elder sibling or father's younger sibling (or both). Mother is strategically social and very goal-oriented, but rather conventional in outlook.

High expectations of one's own capabilities, and major accomplishment usually do accompany Chandra in bhava-11. Success gauged by earnings and marketplace connections. Financial income through the mother or her attitude or advice.

Belonging (Chandra) to numerous clubs and associations, supports community development, and joins with others to promote social causes -- according to the rashi.. Fundamentally aware of the connections between people and ideas. Friendships are instrumental but not exploitive; the goal of all human association is mutual gain. Natural instinct to extend one's networks of influence and profit.

Chandra Mahadasha

and Chandra bhukti

Chandra periods generate emotional experiences characterized by Chandra's temporal bhava-11. The steady, rhythmic, ritualized, repeating-cycle of feelings is centered in economic engagement (often involving marine assets such as fish or estuary lands), social networking, and rootedness in the customs of the local settlements. Chandra periods are generally gainful.
See more details of this powerful transit at Shani ashtamsha

Once every 29-31 years, enduring for a period of 2.3 years

Shani transits the 8th bhava counted from Chandra-11 lagna

  • Shani enters bhava-6 swabhava of Budha = friend of Shani, which forecasts a relatively easier passage for regulatory, institutional Shani moving across the domain of health imbalance and relationship disagreement.

  • Shani ashtamsha occurring in aristhana can be a long siege of health problems, but typically one succeeds in the mentalized effort to recover health and financial balance or judiciously resolve conflict in relationships.

  • Many interactions with physicians, criminal or divorce attorneys, military officers, and other concerned with illness, pollution, exploitation, human trafficking, addiction, and other human conditions adversarial to justice that force a deeper understanding of the nature of physical, social, financial, psychological, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual balance.

Final outcome depends significantly upon:

  1. current Vimshottari dasha bhukti period(s)

  2. the presence of graha within bhava-6

  3. any graha yuti Chandra

  4. possible intensification when natal Shani in bhava-6


The man may experience his mother as a fundraiser, a community organizer, a peer-network leader; a setter of goals and earner of achievements. Mom is practical, work-oriented, encourages her child to follow to rules into order to earn the rewards.

Mother functions emotionally similar to an elder sibling, as a shepherd and coach in the marketplace of goods and ideas. It is generally a cheerful relationship although not especially warm or deeply connected emotionally.

All women from this man's perspective share a quality of friendship and the women are seen mainly as elements in his wider network of community relationships. He may seem a bit scientific or detached in his relationships with women, but he remains essentially friendly.

Highly social personality, protective and parental, with a large local network that interweaves friends and family. Emotional urge toward goal-setting and mobility in the marketplace, but concerns of family and food often slow one's progress.

The elder sibling is parental and caring. Chandra-11 receives emotionally sensitive advice from those who have traveled the marketplace before one. Chandra-11 intuitively follows elder advice to prioritize family and security, and to stay near the sea.

Chandra needs strength from other more public graha to assist worldly accomplishments. Like group activities, esp. near water. Highly profitable for Mithuna lagna. Well-liked and friendly, according to the rashi.

Disagreement, disappointment, emotional servitude = 6th-from-Chandra

When Chandra occupies Bhava-11, the most difficult house emotionally becomes 6th-from-11th, or bandhu bhava. Depending on conditions in Bhava-4, there will be affective difficulties due to disagreements with property owners, schoolteachers, and other defenders of the cultural roots.

The lord of bandhu will produce emotional servitude (giving more than one receives) during its Vimshottari period, and the "guardian class" such as parents, school teachers, and upholders of local traditions are a particular source of that problem of disappointment or exploitative overwork. One tends to be a global thinker with Chandra in bhava-11, therefore those bound to the local view are rather annoying. The fourth marriage (Bhava-4) is particularly problematic.


  • Home, house, school, properties, vehicles, and patriotism = Bhava-4 = 6th-from-Chandra; naturally discomfort with conventional education and cultural manners can arise.

  • Unless there are strong graha in 4, one may feel emotionally unsuited to carry out the requirements of home or property ownership. One is rather uncomfortable being in the parent or schoolteacher role.

  • As result, one may feel enslaved to the task of maintaining domestic security .

Das / Bepin Behari commentary upon Chandra-11:

" gain easy success.

With the Sun in this position you have to work hard and the reward is not commensurate with your exertions. But in the case of the Moon, money flows to you easily, without much effort.

  • You possess "many ornaments and different kinds of precious stones."

  • Gifts from overseas come in abundance.

  • Your mind is always free from worries, particularly if the planet is powerful and well aspected.

You are blessed with a very efficient spouse and have many well-behaved children. Your social circle is amiable and friends occupy important positions in life.

  • Your mother has a special affection for you, and you receive valuable gifts from her.

  • Gains from government favor in respect of fame, authority and valuables.

  • All your operations prove fruitless.

  • Blessed with daughters. Gain from trade in a variety of items. Daughters develop defects in themselves: may be physical or moral.

  • Normally wealth does not stay with any one individual; but with you it brings more wealth.

This is the house of friends, hopes and wishes; gain from business, profession; jewelry and elder brothers.

  • Strong Moon in the 11th house makes you a Treasurer or treasury officer;

  • Wealth and charming spouse. Never fading fame. Both the opposite sex and wealth are loyal and stable to you.

You are frank, tactful, handsome, modest, noble, reputed and lucky.

Surrounded by sincere friends and riches -- renowned and talented.

  • Varied pleasures and benefit of conveyance.

  • Contented and cheerful, contemplative, imposing, bold; longevity and children; charitable and has attendants. Innocent acts.

If the Moon in this house is waning, in depression sign or in the sign of a malefic or enemy, you are denied all the aforesaid pleasures and gains.

  • You remain sick, involved in foolish acts and are ignorant.

  • More daughters than sons.

Moon in the 11th house gives more acquaintances than friends.

  • You will be wealthy, will have many sons, be long-lived, will have attendants, be intelligent, sharp, valorous and splendorous.

  • Will be happy, wealthy, fortunate, be honored by the government, will face failures in undertakings, will obtain a son in the 50th year, be famous, endowed with conveyances and palatial buildings, will have more daughters, be intelligent, very learned, long-lived and will keep some hidden wealth."



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