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Newton Gingrich in 2011 [age 68]


U.S. Congressional Representative from Georgia [1979-1999]

erstwhile Professor

Newt Gingrich

a.k.a. Newton Leroy McPherson

a.k.a. Newtie Patootey

Earth-birth Thu-17-Jun-1943

nativity of Callista Gingrich


USA Congressional Representative [1979-1999]

university professor


Newton "Newt" Leroy McPherson Gingrich


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- adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Public-Figure Examples


Kita - Thrikketta


For Jyeṣṭha births of a masculine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing, evangelical Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

For those born into the Budha-ruled paradigm of Varta, siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, castmates, classmates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance is provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Antares.

Their purpose is to communicate a forceful, dynamic, healing regeneration cycle via sexual energy transfer and discovery of secrets.

Penetrating Communications

[Busy Bantering Budha] -ruled Jyeṣṭha gentlemen are typically outspoken, incisive and decisive, competitive, descriptive, and energetic communicators. Thrikketta-born maintain a deep sense of mental seniority. Capable writers, Ketta men are quick-witted and skilled in handcraft. Articulate and pro-active to the point of verbal aggression, they find a ready audience on topics of a mysterious, apocryphal, hidden, or forbidden nature.

Thriketta fellows may be handlers of secrets of a sexual, psychological, political, military, engineering, or financial nature.

Masters of verbal control and manipulation, Zakra chaps are often found in politics. Due to the influence of nakshatra-pati Budha, often Jyeṣṭha -born use words to manage an ever-transforming experience of power.

In the process of channeling these mysterious and compelling kinetic energies, thriketta men may engage in sexual intrigue and dangerous liaisons. Ketta-born are natural psychologists. Jyestha can become transformative healers when their sexual energy consciousness evolves.

Themes of verbal contest, sexual energy transfer, and healing discovery may contextualize Jyeṣṭha 's terrestrial experience. Also applicable to Chandra in Jyeṣṭha - Antares

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 85

" A dark and sensitive nature ...

  • superficially religious

  • but are hypocrites at heart.

On the surface they are respectable, law abiding citizens, ostensible church-goers,

  • but secretly their morals are loose

  • and their tempers passionate.

Smooth, oily, and suave to all appearances,

  • they carry in their hearts schemes and thoughts which might not stand the light of day."

[end quote]


Newt Gingrich [age 51] official portrait of the Speaker of the House, 1994


Newt Gingrich with Calista Gingrich

Jyeṣṭha + Aśleṣa

Biographical data Vimshottari Dasha calendar

[Budha Mahadasha] [age birth until age 0

17-Jun-1943 Earth-birth as Newton Leroy McPherson in Harrisburg, pennsylvania, USA * Budha-Shani chidradasha [Budha-yuti-Shani]

[Ketu Mahadasha] [age 0 until age 7]

[Shukra Mahadasha] [age 7 until age 27]

Nov-1955 until Feb-1958 Janma Sade-Sati Vṛścika

  • [5 politics, drama, romance, poetic literature, intelligence, gamesmanship ]
  • [age 11-13]
  • overlaps Shukra-Chandra bhukti

18-Jun-1962 [NLG age 19] [wife age 26] consecration of marriage 1-of-3 with his high-school geometry teacher * Shukra -Guru bhukti * Guru rules Meena svamsha ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Karkata-Makara contact natal R-K axis

1963 [NLG age 20] celebrated the birth of child-1 * Shukra -Guru bhukti

1965 [NLG age 22] earned baccalaureate diploma in History * Shukra-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 4-diploma

1970 [NLG age 27] grieved the decease of bio-father - Shukra-Ketu chidradasha

[Surya Mahadasha] [age 27 until age 33]

1971 [NLG age 28] earned PhD in history * Surya-Chandra bhukti * Chandra dharmesha-9 university

1974 [NLG age 31] hired as assistant professor * Surya-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 4-schoolteaching

[Chandra Mahadasha] [age 33 until age 43]

1978 [NLG age 35] denied tenure = end of academic career * Chandra-Rahu bhukti

Nov-1978 [NLG age 35] gets elected to USA Congress * Chandra-Rahu bhukti

1980 [NLG age 37] divorce from alliance-1 * Chandra-Guru bhukti [Rahu-yuti-Guru] [Rahu-yuti-Shukra]

1981 [NLG age 38] consecration of marriage 2-of-3 * Chandra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules Meena svamsha ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Karkata-Makara contact natal R-K axis

Dec-1984 until Dec-1987 Janma Sade-Sati Vṛścika [1]

  • overlaps Chandra-Surya chidradasha age 41-44

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age 43 until age 50]

[Rahu Mahadasha] [age 50 until age 68]

1994 [NLG age 51] elected Speaker of the House. As the first Republican house-speaker in 40 years, naLG earned charismatic political fame and was praised as a pundit for his conservative ideological preaching * Rahu-Rahu svabhukti [Rahu in bhava-9] politics, fortunes due to optimism, ideology

21-Jan-1997 [NLG age 54] becomes the first speaker of the House to be punished by the House for ethics violations. Convicted of misappropriation of other people's money. * Rahu-Guru bhukti [Rahu-yuti-Guru]

Nov-1998 [NG age 55] after censure for a significant ethics violation, naLG suddenly quits his 20-year career in USA-Congress * Rahu-Shani bhukti ++ Shani-return

2000 [NLG age 57] divorce from alliance-2 * Rahu-Shani bhukti

Aug-2000 [NLG age 57] [CG age 34] consecration of marriage 3-of-3 with Calista Gingrich * Rahu-Shani bhukti ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Karkata-Makara contact natal R-K axis

2003 [NLG age 60] grieved the decease of mother - Rahu-Ketu bhukti

2009 [NLG age 66] official doctrinal conversion from the Baptist creed to Roman-Rite adherent ism * Rahu-Chandra bhukti * Chandra rules 9-catechesis

[Guru Mahadasha] [age 68 until age 84]

2012 [NLG age 69] Republican presidential nomination campaign [failed] * Guru-Guru svabhukti * Guru rules 5-electional politics ++ Rahu gochara Chandra-Vrischika from June 2011 until Dec 2012

07-Aug-2013 [NLG age 70] grieved decease of [estranged] wife-1 - Guru-Shani bhukti ++ Sade-Sati

Nov-2014 until Jan-2017 Janma Sade-Sati Vṛścika [1]

overlaps Guru-Shani bhukti age 71-74

Distinctive Features of the Nativity

[Sparkling Splendid Surya]

pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]

[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[center of hidden-message communications]

[secret healing intelligence for hands-arms-shoulders-lungs]

[focused into explanatory demonstrations of mysterious empowerments]

[radiant core of dangerous media-messaging attention]

[significant profit from untaxed commercial assets]

[conversational, gesturing presence in crisis intervention environments]

[narrative of catastrophic events for dutiful conductors of dignified roles]

[father-figure may be executive decision-maker in undisclosed organization]

[father is often a talkative yet unavailable figure]


[negotiating-contractual Mriga-3] [navamsha Surya-Tula-nicha] intuitively explaining detailed descriptive process communications compromise

  • [Surya-Mithuna] Mithra - neighbor, companion * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the conversational gesturing rashi of Budha

  • [Surya in bhava-8] center of revelation * spectacular explosions * heart of rebirth * splendid emergence * intelligence for trauma healing * political secrecy * confident rejuvenation * brightly transformative * focus on discovery * initiatory entitlements * eye on hidden assets * sparkling center of mystery * father may be interventions healer, undercover agent, brilliantly disguised


self-reflexively emerging, brightly transformative, charmingly volatile, regal style of self-reinvention, discovery focused, radiantly recycling, politically camouflaged, splendidly disguised, center-stage rejuvenator [Surya in bhava-8] rules

  • 10-career, profession, dignity, regulatory roles, governance duties, social authority, symbolic recognition, iconic visibility, leadership responsibility. top status, reputation, commanding positions, honor, high regard, public respect, executive power, elite rank, lawful imposition, organizational director


FATHER and Step-Father


[Ketu-3 in 8th-from-Surya] = step-dad

three graha in 9 which is also 9th-from-Chandra = three fathers.

Not a strong personal connection [scattered] with either the bio-dad nor the step-father. Yet, Ketu's ruler Shani-7 is structured in dik-bala . Contractual 7 offers a hospitable environment for Shani. Therefore, the relationship is supportive albeit disciplined and limited.

[Comfortable Caretaking Chandra]

matrikaraka [mother] * garha-karaka [village]

[philosophical-doctrinal dharmesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

check Mangala and Kuja-drishti to find the engine behind Chandra's penetrating, transformative, rebirthing sensibilities

[comforted by embodiment of secret empowerments]

[emotional bound to hidden patronage]

[needs to follow the pulse of the ancient regenerating rhythms ]

[physically feels the flow of old routes and dangerous pathways]

[instinctively secure in culturally-attuned mysterious divine-wisdom roles]

[personal sympathy for the healers and discoverers]

[moves through familiar routines of transformative initiation]

[uses vital intuitive energy to pursue principled exploratory innovation]

[soothed by occult beliefs]

[sensitive to evolutionary identity change]

[needs direct physical control of their psycho-political environment]

[usually has a career in political display, ritual ceremony, or dramatic entertainment]

[catalytic mother may be sensitive psychic, protective emergency-responder, or local interventionist]


[fantasizing-conceptual Jyeṣṭha -4] [navamsha Chandra-Meena] intuitively sensitive visionary-contemplative

  • [Chandra-Vṛścika]comforted by mystery * sensitive to trauma-healing * needs healing discovery

  • [Chandra in Jyeṣṭha - Antares] calmed by competitive signals * protector of prophetic messages * familiar face of direct announcements * soothed by provocative talk

  • [Chandra in classroom-1] comfort in glowing incandescent embodiment * familiar with kinetic energy * feels the beating pulse of muscular movement * accustomed to body-based emotional response * needs rhythmic energy flow * attuned to oceans * feels like a pioneer * soothed by championship * sensitive to new birth * seeks calming routine activities * undulating personality * mother may be a life-protector, asea-farer, amidwife, sentimental


sensitively physicalized, rhythmically moving, routinely sympathetic, appearing parental, embodiment of patriotism, naatural environmentalist, identified with customary actions, predictable personality, fluctuating vitality, emotionally energized, needs to protect the cultural boundaries [Chandra in classroom-1] rules

  • 9-ideology , paradigm of belief, profession of faith, principled convictions, higher understanding, father-figures, priestly patronage, preaching, patriarchal entitlements, philosophical convictions, theory, public spiritual guidance, celebrated doctrines, sangha, sacred teachings, credenda, globalism, dharma, worldview, weltanschauung, mother's health


  • [folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra high visibility, customary social position, familiar leadership, routinely recognized duties are performed in the dramatizing, displaying, demonstrating, celebrated, entertaining, politicized style of Simha-10]


[Chandra in classroom-1] dharmesha = guidance, coaching, inspiration

Newt was born to a 16-year-old single-mom. The birth father played a minimal role in his son's life. Mom = supportive, complex, influential. Mom was Newt's biggest cheerleader.

MARRIAGE partnership emotional equity support expectations

three wives would be predicted in the order of their degree

  1. Guru
  2. Shukra
  3. Rahu

[7th-from-Chandra-1 ] marriage 1-of-3

  • Vrischika discovery transformation healing camouflage revelation
  • bhava-7 contract, agreement, covenant, promise-making, alliance-building contains [Budha-yuti-Shani]
  • wife-1 was 7 years his elder

[Guru-Karkata n] [Guru in bhava-9] [Guru-yuti-Shukra] [Guru-yuti-Rahu at 04 degrees represents wife-1

  • wife-1 = a high-school teacher and parent.
  • Guru rules 2-5 family-politics-creativity

8th-from- [7th-from-Chandra-1] = [2nd-from-Chandra] marriage 2-of-3

  • Dhanus ideology, beliefs, convictions, worldview
  • bhava-2-finance, heritage, assets, evaluation, historical knowledge

[Shukra-Karkata] [Shukra-9] [Shukra-yuti-Guru] [Shukra-yuti-Rahu Second spouse Shukra-17 degrees [Shukra finance]

  • Wife-2 is credited with helping NLG get his finances in order [2
  • Their divorce was contentious, and she complained [6] about his character failings during his unsuccessful POTUS bid [Shukra-yuti-Guru] [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] located in 6th-from-2

3rd-from- [7th-from-Chandra-1 ] marriage 3-of-3

  • bhava-9 ideology, beliefs, sacred teachings, patronage, patriarchal roles
  • Karkata protection, ancient rhythms, ritualism, old ways

[Rahu-Karkata-Aśleṣa] [Rahu in bhava-9] [Rahu-yuti-Guru] [Rahu-yuti-Shukra Third wife Rahu-25 degrees

  • Rahu-1 amplifies Karkata-Rahu's ruler Jyeṣṭha -Chandra-5.
  • The third lifepartnership explicitly supports political ideology and righteous sermonizing

Religion, credenda

  • bhava-9 = 9th-from-Chandra: emotional response to doctrine. NG undertook not one but two religious conversions switching from
  1. his received confession = Protesting Christian
  2. a new Protesting sect
  3. finally he declared allegiance to the credo of the most ritualized litury, roman-Rite adherent ism.

[Competitive Champion Kuja]

bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler of Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

check Guru and Guru-drishti for defining source of Kuja's expansive philosophical worldview

[vigorously symbolic political campaigns]

[energetically imaginative stage performance]

[dynamic theatrical enactment of compassionate understanding]

[expresses dramatic creativity with energized dreamlike imagery]

[promotes dynamic demonstrations of pioneering vision]

praised for pro-active charity]

[physicalized intuition for playing romantic poetic games]

[may battle over unboundaried entitlements with one's own children or students]


[institutional-regulatory Revatī-2] [navamsha Mangala-Makara-uchcha] intuitively competitive forward-pushing regulatory lawful legislative hierarchies

  • [Mangala-Meena] vigorous pursuit of intuition * warrior in the Dreamworld * energetic action behind-the-scenes * proactive envisioning * push toward private prayer * vitally active imagination * invisible impact * indefinite impulses * pursues clairsentient roles * sound-healing engineer * conquest within walled enclosures * champion of sanctuary

  • [Mangala in bhava-5] drive toward creativity * pursuit of games * pioneering speculation * dynamic style of flamboyant display * competitive children * energized by romance * political conquests * productive intelligence * push toward celebrity * champion of romance * promotes choice-making *propulsive genius * actively charming


energetic center-stage performer, brightly kinetic dramatist, champion of romantic pursuit, vigorously gambling, dynamically creative, competitively political, sparkling entertainer, pioneering displays, dominant winner in gambling and games [Mangala in bhava-5] rules

  • 1- distinctive attributes of personality, dense material incorporation, individual personification, earthen embodiment, physical integrity, kinetic energy, dance, style of movement, athletic prowess, muscular mobility, unique character, kinetic vitality, circumstances of birth, tangible appearance, coherent social identity

  • 6-ministries of service, dehumanization, misconduct, war, jail, slavery, pollution, argumentation, healthcare workers, ailment, injury, medical treatment, hypocrisy, crime, cheating, animosity, toxins, complaints, accusation, litigation, blaming, scapegoat, aid workers, helpers. imbalanced conditions, injustice, betrayed promises, servants, laborers, hostility, animosity, disagreement, dehumanization


[Busy Bantering Budha]

jamayah-karaka [sibling] sandesha-karaka [message] shisya-karaka [student]

[mysterious-revealing randhresha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[friendly-economic vriddhi-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

check Shukra for defining source of Budha's sensual enriching musical knowledgeable acquisitiveness


[imaginative-charitable Kṛttikā-4] [navamsha Budha-Meena-nicha] intuitively explaining narrative of visionary imagination


  • [Budha-Urisha] financial communications * articulation of tonal value * talks about stored goods * discusses collected assets * delivers descriptive evaluations * sends historic messages * skillfully signals the music * preservation methods * describes sound frequencies * hands-arms-shoulders send sensual gestures

  • [Budha in bhava-7] narrative of partnership * discusses contracts * debates on deals * analysis of relationships * discourse on trusts * banters about betrothal * crafting of covenants * delivers negotiating instructions * explainer of arrangements * talks about fairness * advocate for justice * gestures toward settlement of quarrels * mentality of marriage * formulates alliances * defines equity * balanced bargains

  • [Budha-yuti-Shani] explainer of rules * dictates about system requirements * regulatory roles express communication skills * lawful planning * slow scheduling * conventional conversations * message of institutional order * mature management * makes necessary announcements * cautious gestures * talkative elders


talkative negotiator, relationship manager, articulate partner, advocating communicator, equable conversation, balanced gesturing, partnership explainer [Budha in bhava-7] rules

  • 8-unexpected eruptions of regenerating force, occult initiation, mystical revelation, shocking intervention, opaque empowerments, invasive surgery, intensive healing, evolution, violent explosion, sudden identity change, rejuvenation, recycling, rebirth, hidden assets, upheaval, undisclosed secrets, transformative events, discovery, in-laws of first marriage, health of younger sibling-cousin

  • 11-fruitful revenues, interconnected income, profits, material achievement, social networking, friendships, community linkage, fan-clubs, mass participation gatherings, collectivism, marketplace gridworks, distribution, association, populism, economic systems, fundraising, gains-and-goals, awards for work accomplished, health of the enemies


Master of Government [Shani] Reports [Budha]

[Budha-yuti-Shani] Marketplace-oriented, economically gainful Budha labha-pati activates Shani ruler-of-3 publications, meetings, conference, media-messaging, teamwork, collaboration, itineraries, reports, announcements. The primary source of his income is media publications.

Although NLG has published almost no full-length books [except his doctoral dissertation in history] he is a productive fountain of short articles, book reviews, and opinion pieces. Counting his literary book reviews as well as published articles in a wide variety of venues and subjects, the total number of NLG publications is hundreds or more. Also the Rahu-Shukra-Guru drishti into Ketu-3 no-limits ephemeral or insubstantial publication.

[Generous Growing Guru]

dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]

[uchcha] [svabhava]

[karako bhavo nashto for father, patrons, chieftains, indoctrinators]

[collecting-preserving dhanesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[witty-creative vidya-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[multiple doctrines of culture]

[growth of ancestral philosophical understanding]


[political-gaming Pushya-1] [navamsha Guru-Simha] intuitively expansive generous charitable political-theatrical display



  • [Guru-Karkata ] big shelters * various caretakers * believes in ancestral ways and rhythms * doctrine of ancient ways * expansive security * optimistic patriotism * broad understanding of local cultures * develops farms and gardens * multiple dwellings * many parent-figures

  • [Guru in bhava-9] tolerance for diverse doctrines * multiple beliefs * expansive ideology * much inspirational sermonizing * broad humanistic understanding * sanctimonious patriarchs * guidance roles in public religion * muultiple father-guru-professor figures * extensive worldview * patron of philosophy * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be an ideologue or spiritual guide

  • [Guru-yuti-Shukra] sodarya-karaka * multiple feminine-figures * permission to make deals * abundant pleasures * blossoming treasures * expansion of art * inspirational music * optimistic diplomatic philosophy * large-scale alignments * broad scope of partnerships * diverse financial arrangements

  • [Guru-yuti-Rahu] mizra-karaka * multiple mix-culture opportunities * permission to bend barriers * many impostors * abundant expedience * wide scope of ambition * craving for expansion * seeks promotional advantage via globalist philosophy * optimistic toward obtainment of privilege


expansively philosophical, abundantly global, multiple worldviews, numerous patrons, optimistic father-figures, diversely ideological, tolerantly preaching, broad-scope of understanding [Guru in bhava-9] rules

  • 2-acquisition, family legacy, tradition, language-lexicon, preserved memory, banking, collections, entreasurement, herd-hoard, containment, financial capital, accrued amounts, asset evaluation, knowledge of history, speech-song, heritage values, color-sound, arts-and-music, face-voice-eyes-teeth-mouth-hair, genetics, stored resources, health of the father

  • 5- Politics, center-stage roles, theatre, demonstration, display, charming brilliance, genius, poetry, choice-making, showmanship, gambling and gamesmanship, romantic idealism, creativity, fashion-shows, flamboyance, celebrity entitlements, confidence, artistic performance, drama, children, financial speculation, intelligence, entertainments, fun


[Guru-yuti-Rahu + [Guru-yuti-Shukra occupies the paternalistic, patronizing, philosophical, theoretical, university-culture 9th-from-Chandra

[Guru in bhava-9 rules

  • 2- speech, vocabulary, conservation, historical values, treasuries of knowledge, food storage, eating

[Sweetly Suave Shukra]

svadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]

[balancing-bargaining jaya-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[contemplative-isolating vyaya-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]


[optimistic-dogmatic Aśleṣā-1] [navamsha Shukra-Dhanus] intuitively harmonizing bargaining-balancing protective inspirational arrangements



  • [Shukra-Karkata] values comforting routine * likes to nourish * attracted to settled habits * prefers a home-loving partner * taste for folk-lifestyle * appreciates farmers-and-fishers * pleased by secure borders * enjoys rhythmic seasons * adorns beautiful gardens * seeks balanced parenting arrangements * aesthetic of domestic sharing

  • [Shukra-9] seeks pleasure via philosophical doctrine * enjoys wide worldview * believes in beauty * feminine-figures preach-teach on higher principles * broad scope of negotiations * expansive musical taste * pleasing designs to adorn the pelvic floor * graceful hips * balanced femoral sockets * sweet sacral plexus * appreciation of theory * father may be financier-broker-arbitrator-artist * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may hold a guidance position

  • [Shukra-yuti-Guru] sweetened expansions * gracious diversity * appreciation for philosophical doctrine * adjustable catechism * numerous negotiations * humanistic agreements * generous beauty * balanced patronage * arrangements according to priestly paradigm of belief * prefers relationships with generous partners

  • [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] sweetened adventure * gracious ambition * appreciation for opportunities * thrilling negotiations * passionate sensuality * over-reaching agreements * exceptional beauty * enjoys cultural mixing * barrier-bending relationships * unorthodox arrangements * diplomatic equity balances exhilarating chance * risk-rewarding contracts * unconventionally attractive * pleasantly mesmerizing appearance * prefers exciting partners


sensually philosophical, appreciative of higher understanding, harmoniously patronizing, aesthetically wisdom-guiding, financially optimistic, musical-artistic father-figure, global scope of relationships [Shukra-9] rules

  • 7-covenant, promise, trust, contractual relationships, social justice, advocacy, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, partners, justice, marriage, legal and formal partnerships, negotiation, alliance-crafting, match-making, fair arrangements, even deals, advocacy, trading, bargaining, brokerage, haggling, go-between, middleman, meddler

  • 12 enclosures, the bed, fantasies, privacy, interior spiritual guidance, clandestine undertakings, intuitive awareness, non-linear conceptual undertanding, concealment, seclusion, invisibility, dissolved identity, meditation, contemplation, dreamworlds, astral plane, imaginary scenarios, sanctuary sleep, distant lands, health of the avowed partner


[Guru-yuti-Rahu + [Guru-yuti-Shukra occupies the paternalistic, patronizing, philosophical, theoretical, university-culture 9th-from-Chandra

[Sober Structural Shani]

duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]


[busy-collaborative sahaja-pati for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[homebound-anchoring bandesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[financial, accruing, stubbornly knowing, mature, unyielding, collaborative, publishing, managing, parental, protective lifepartner]


[political-theatrical Mriga-1] [navamsha Shani-Simha] intuitively orderly structured political regulation

[Atmakaraka institutional structure, law-and-order, social conventions, fear, age, judgment]

  • [Shani-Urisha] heavy old valuables * must endure the sounds of proletarian speech-and-song * obliged to conform to the official bankers * antiquated genetic stock * required preservation of aging assets * must normalize conservation * slow elderly evaluators * must judge the worth of hoards * must endure pressure to store the precious inventories * must bear the weight of historic treasuries * structural compression upon neck-jaw * orderly warehousing * fixed rules govern collection * must gather seeds * must eat dry foodstuffs * must preserve lineage knowledge * scarce financial resources * maintainer of old heritage

  • [Shani in Bhava-7] enduring partnerships * heavy vows * must balance-and-rebalance * lawful relationships * tense bargaining * grim determination to maintain the contract * chronic marital responsibilities * compression of the visible genitalia * pressured bargaining * negotiation fatigue * unyielding alliances * slow-moving advisors * resists new arrangements * elders maintain respected old promises

  • [Shani-yuti-Budha] resistance against signaling * materialistic siblings * responsible for maintaining lawful commerce * pragmatic coupling * limited interaction * disciplined messaging * structured announcements * speaks plainly * proletarian instructions * regulated business * constrained communication * conventionally regulated conversations


formally promising, agreement-maintaining, rigidly contractual, alliance constricting, relationship regulating, orthodox marrying, conventionally matched, equitably responsible, systematically bargaining, trust-imposing, lawfully pledging, seriously oath-taking [Shani in Bhava-7] rules

  • 3-communications, messaging, sermons, scripts, radio-television, media-products, Writing and Publishing, letters of correspondence, announcements, planning, schedules, sales, marketing, documentation, reporting, cohort, entourage, committee-work, iterative stepwise process, manufacturing, commercial business, instruction, explanation, discussion, diagrams, labeling, event management, signage, training, itinerary, tours

  • 4 cultural foundations, property boundaries, way of Life, protection, defense , homeland, household, routines, rituals, mother, parents, customary rhythms, caretakers, socialization schooling, gardens, waterways, transportation, housing, social security, sense of place, environmentalism, citizenship, belonging, ethnic basis, ethnoreligion, patriotism, real-estate, farming, land-ownership, burial, predictability, health of the elder sibling


[Risk-rewarding Rahu]

rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]

[for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

Rahu-9 casts passionately paradigmaticly believing drishti into 1-3-5]

check Chandra for defining source of Rahu's apparently familiar, rhythmic entrancement

[righteous desire to expound ancestral principled beliefs]

[craving for soothing, exhilarating rhythms of customary preaching]

[seeks privilege via domestic patronage roles]

[potential for fraudulently or fabulously exaggerated patriotism, in matters of theological, theoretical, ideological, global-scope, philosophical, doctrinal, sacerdotal, higher priestly understandings]

[exciting ethno-national ideologue]

[expedient use of habitual parochial catechisms]

[over-reaching mixed-culture moralistic teachings]

[pretentiously ambitious father-figure may over-ride orthodox practice in patriarchal guidance roles]


[networking-profitable Aśleṣā-3] [navamsha Rahu-Kumbha] intuitively over-reaching economic systems opportunism



  • [Rahu-Karkata] shimmering illusion of security * craving for customary rhythms * risky policing * ambitious home-building * mask of ancestral belonging * extravagant loyalty to the homeland * tantalizing defenses * over-reaching patriotism * fabulous farms * exceptional fisheries * grandiose gardens *passion for oceans * fascinating ethnic routines * marvelous localities * intriguing owned-stewarded properties * extraordinary cetaceans * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] attributes of caretaking * seeks privilege via caretaker-defender parent-roles

  • [Rahu in bhava-9] passion for prestige preaching * in svabhava of Saptarishi Guru, the Shadowy Specter gives glamorous guidance * thrilling surge of theoretical understanding * entranced by one's own convictions * dazzling dharma * outsider who cleverly insinuates into patriarchal wisdom roles * seeks importance via sacred teachings * fantastic philosophy * compulsive catechesis * privilege-seeking proselytism * intriguing ideology * ambitious father-figures * extraordinary professors * barrier-breaching guru-figures * exciting culturally-mixed worldview * may pose as a pope * shimmering illusion of sacerdotal sangha * fabulous faith community * surreptitious appropriation of priesthood * entrancing ecclesiastics * smoky specter of ultimate principles * extravagant globalism * trespasses cultural boundaries of patronage * mirage of exemplary fatherhood * opportunistic third marriage (if any) * social mobility sought via paradigms of belief

  • [Rahu-yuti-Guru] amplified generosity * magnified diversity * exotic beliefs * tricky teachings * opportunistic guides * unconventional children * fascinating [but perhaps illusory] appearance of inspired philosophy * hypnotic preaching * expansive worldview * inclusive cross-cultural mixing * optimistic about risk

  • [Rahu-yuti-Shukra] amplified attractions * magnified beauty * exotic taste * tricky partners * opportunistic feminine-figures * fascinating [but perhaps illusory] appearance of luxurious pleasure * Strange-and-wonderful designs * thrilling relationships * barrier-bending brokerage * unusual contracts * hypnotic arrangements * gracious balance of cross-cultural mixing * entrancing music


[Guru-yuti-Rahu + [Guru-yuti-Shukra occupies the paternalistic, patronizing, philosophical, theoretical, university-culture 9th-from-Chandra

NLG wisdom-display spans diverse [Guru] social categories. Brilliantly intelligent, expedient actor, producer of glaring doctrinal hypocrisies

  • Prone to amplified overstatement of the principles of belief.
  • two major religious conversions
  • Twenty years of aggressive ideological rhetoric and dogma-driven policy behavior driven by a rationale of economic entitlement for capitalist agents [navamsha Rahu-Kumbha]

NLG models the Rahu-style Great Leap approach.

NLG's moral-emotional [Old Pathways Karkata] style is prophetic rather than argumentative. Although NLG is a trained academic, the logic that NLG deploys is less determined by the rules of reason than by the political psychology of expedient spin [Rahu]

[Collapsing unshackling Ketu]

kavandha-karaka [headless] chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

check Shani and Shani-drishti to determine non-material Ketu's material agenda

[disregards hierarchical discourse conventions]

[eccentric governance publications]

[incoherent regulatory planning events]

[empty legislative announcements]

[lawfully liberating abstract discussions]

[scattered status-ranking mentality]

[passively fixated on ambitiously protective-defensive Rahu-Karkata-9 indoctrinators, father-figures, preachers, public spiritual guides]


[political-entitled Dhaniṣṭha-1] [navamsha Ketu-Simha] intuitively liberating-dispersing political display

  • [Ketu-Makara-Draco] formally dissociates from strict regulations * dissolves caste hierarchy * meaningless rules * vacuous laws * walks away from social authority positions * severance from executive roles * not limited by public protocol * ignores conventional structure * disregards class barriers * releases a cold blue cloud of institutional order into the misty abyss

  • [Ketu in classroom-3] eccentric communications * disinterested in daily chat * writes on foggy abstract topics * dissolves messaging boundaries * implausible prophecy * wandering discussions * can handle esoteric information * irrelevance of normal mental narrative * abandons management tasks * dismisses the standard explanations * disregards conventional discourse * unless other graha in 3, may prefer to live free from younger siblings



media manager * lifepartner-3 of politician Newt Gingrich

Callista Gingrich

birth data from

tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotishavidya

charts + graphs + tables = generated by Shri Jyoti Star -

- adapted by BP Lama

Calista Bisek Gingrich

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Public-Figure Examples

Aśleṣa * Aśleṣās - Naga - Uraga - Azreshasha - Hydra - Aayilyam - Bhujamaghabha


For Aśleṣa births of a feminine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing, evangelical Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

Siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, castmates, classmates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Hydra. Their purpose is to hold securely, twist, and control.

Call to Roots

[Busy Bantering Budha] -ruled Aśleṣās are typically storytellers. They are protective, parentally concerned, emotionally responsive communicators. Intensely patriotic and often xenophobic, naaga-born harken to the old ways, the ancient rhythms, the folk stories which bind an ethno-cultural people to their roots. Aśleṣā have a particular genius for evoking ancestral guilt, ethnic narratives, and ancient resentments.

Emotionally engaged and gesturing [Budha] in their messaging style, Hydra-born are often accomplished writers in literary genre ranging from political speech-scripters to parenting advice to folktale raconteurs. They specialize in tropes of root-culture, customs and habits, protection of the genetic stock, stabilization of the place of settlement, and defense of a way of life.

Bhujamaghabha speak the stories of a people in their land. It is the tale of a beginning in the watery mists, travel by ship, the struggle to farm and build, the cry for protection of a parental god, and finally the rooted possession of their place. Hydra-born are natural environmentalists who prefer conversations about motherhood, family meals, ritual worship and holidays, food and farms, schools, roads and housing, with an emphasis on ensuring continuity of culture. As parents, aśleṣa bind their children closely.

In leadership roles, the Naga-born may communicate in a swaying, hypnotic jargon, talking in the familiar folk style, appealing to the base layers of the society, recalling an ancient past. Their audience is rapt with feeling. Their rhetoric is soothing, repetitive, simple, and homey, like a parental lullaby, soothing the baby's cries.

Once lulled, naaga's quarry may be bound and captured, lashed to the safe place. It is a bondage ritual, repeated to ensure that the past customs can repeat in an unbroken, rhythmic flow.

Aśleṣās-born may be found in socially powerful messaging roles. They come to prominence when a tribe is weakened at the root and feeling vulnerable. An ancient racial narrative is invoked. This storyline may beseech a people to strap themselves to the land and waters which give sustenance. Its clarion call rallies the fyrd, the farmers' army, the simple folk's defense of their habits, their sustenance. To this place they are bound by hunger, by vulnerability, by a need for protection.

Themes of tight bindings, holding to roots, emotional restraint, and defense of ancient folkways may contextualize Naga's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Aśleṣa - Naga.

" ... This person is careless and unclean about herself and the manner in which she dresses.

  • She is not good-looking but indeed rather homely.

She is distinguished by some disfigurement on face or body

  • and is rather miserable and unhappy.

She has a secretive and rather bitter nature

  • and is somewhat harsh and unkind in her dealings with others,

  • where opportunity presents itself.

If she cultivated kindness and tact,

  • her shortcomings might be forgotten by those with whom she comes in contact.

But her attitude and appearance are not conducive to popularity."


the third Mrs. Gingrich's physical appearance = assisted by drishti of Makara-Shukra upon her Chandra ++ indriya-lagna. Shil-Ponde's implication of homeliness loses its severity under the harmonious, pleasing ray of Shukra.

RAHU [populist-profitable Kṛttikā-3] [navamsha Rahu-Kumbha] intuitively over-reaching mass-participation collectivist community excitements

is a professional media communicator who manages their reporting-publications-messaging business.



[for Karkata indriya-lagna]

[sensual passion for luxurious revenues]

[over-reaching indulgent profits]

[ambitiously entreasured high-achieving friends]

[desire to enrich economic communities]

[exceptionally wealthy social networks]

[extraordinary financially privileged fundraising]

[hunger for valuable earnings]

[risk-rewarding historic marketplace connectivity]

[seeks importance in heritage assemblies]


[Rahu-Urisha-11 = opulently entreasured ; financial revenues + ; passionately preciously valued friends]


[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra visible, commanding, socially responsible, official pioneering warlike champion Mesha-10]


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