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Graha * Bhava * Gochara

30-year transit cycle of Shani

  1. Shani gochara Mesha
  2. Shani gochara Vrishabha
  3. Shani gochara Mithuna
  4. Shani gochara Karkata
  5. Shani gochara Simha
  6. Shani gochara Kanya
  7. Shani gochara Thula
  8. Shani gochara Vrizchika
  9. Shani gochara Dhanuzya
  10. Shani gochara Makara
  11. Shani gochara Kumbha
  12. Shani gochara Meena
Samchara * Gochara



Thula-Vanika * Libretis

Shani's rule of law SLOWLY but DURABLY effects

SYSTEMATIC institutional legal balancing

procedural JUDGMENTS impose principles of fairness, equity, parity, and justice

in matters of social GOVERNMENT




fair contracts

social justice

system-wide equity

legal parity

re-balancing and re-distributing under governance of the rule of law



Shani in bhava-7


In the gracious, equable rashi of Thula, sober and lawful Professor Shani does His best work.

Make no mistake however: Shani is still Shani and painstakingly slow work is still painstakingly slow work!

Professor Shani rules time, hierarchies, institutions, governments, and orderly systems of all types.

Shani strives to make all features of His environment conform to principle. Shani is a legalist: He imposes Law and Order.

In Thula, the principles which determine Shani's course of action are those of social equity, mutual parity, and structurally balanced design.

Thula Shani's beneficial effects manifest mainly on a social, legal, institutional scale.

Professor Shani's teaching regime imposes legal (Thula) judgments upon unfair situations. Shani-Thula gives excellent results for matters of fair contracts and social justice throughout the social world.

Shani-Thula institutes the slow but inexorable organizational requirement to re-balance the large-scale judicial and participatory resource-equity social systems.

In short, the correct expectation for all matters of institutional, legal, and hierarchical organization is that justice will be served.

If leaders lose their leadership positions during Shani's transit via Thula, the system over which those leaders have been presiding has become unfair, and Shani is enforcing the rule of law toward balance, equity, and due process.

Thula-Shani's good works include legal enforcement of fair agreements in contracts, structuring of large social equalization programs, and overall adherence to the principles social justice in a departments of social conduct.

On an interpersonal scale, the native for whom Thula is a subha-bhava will find that Shani's cautious, slow-moving (or anti-moving) behavior allows the person and their peers (Thula) to slow down and concentrate their efforts on long-term mutual interests.

The marriage contract and the employment contract are obvious recipients of Shani's responsible, dignified, and elderly influence. However there are many more social-legal contracts, agreements, and alliances to consider.

For example according to modern political philosophy (Rousseau) each individual citizen holds a contract with one's government, called"the social contract". Under Thula-Shani's gochara influence, this "social" contract between each citizen and the State is likely to come under judgment.

In particular, shortcomings in fairness or inequitable distribution of power within the citizenry can be expected to become topics of legal inquiry and rectification. For example, unfair political elections for government office come under legal inspection.

The great thing about Thula-Shani is that He will ultimately, before the end of this transit, impose remediation and rectification.

Slowly but inexorably, on a systematic and durable basis, Zani-Thula imposes Justice.


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