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Graha - Bhava

per BV Raman, there is also a legitimate version of KSY which applies when all seven classical graha occupy the five bhava between Ketu and Rahu.

One name for the Ketu-to-Rahu span is "Kala Amrita Yoga"

  1. Ketu in Bhava-1
  2. Ketu in Bhava-2
  3. Ketu in Bhava-3
  4. Ketu in Bhava-4
  5. Ketu in Bhava-5
  6. Ketu in Bhava-6 -
  7. Ketu in Bhava-7
  8. Ketu in Bhava-8 -
  9. Ketu in Bhava-9
  10. Ketu in Bhava-10
  11. Ketu in Bhava-11
  12. Ketu in Bhava-12 -

  1. [Rahu in bhava-1]
  2. [Rahu in bhava-2]
  3. [Rahu in bhava-3]
  4. [Rahu in bhava-4]
  5. [Rahu in bhava-5]
  6. [Rahu in bhava-6]
  7. [Rahu in bhava-7]
  8. [Rahu in bhava-8]
  9. [Rahu in bhava-9]
  10. [Rahu in bhava-10]
  11. [Rahu in bhava-11]
  12. [Rahu in bhava-12]

Glyph_Ketu.png Glyph_Rahu.png

AUM ram ravahe namah

AUM kem ketave namah

Kala Sarpa Yoga


Seven classical Graha must occupy the five Bhava inside the span between Rahu and Ketu.

No graha allowed in bhava containing Rahu.

No graha allowed in bhava containing Ketur.

Kala-Amrita Yoga

= Reverse-KSY

Seven classical Graha must occupy the five Bhava in the span between Ketu-start and Rahu-end .

No graha allowed in bhava containing Ketu.

No graha allowed in bhava containing Rahu.

Full Text of BV Raman's opinion on KSY

Kala Sarpa Yoga emphasizes Professor Rahu's instruction regarding opportunities to gain * social mobility * and desire for pivilege.

Kala Amrita Yoga emphasizes Professor Ketu's instructions regarding *the Witness perspective * and apathy toward attachments.

See Myth of Rahu-Ketu



Chinese Dragon at the Queensland Museum Australia

12 types of Kala-Sarpa Yoga

  1. Ananta- Rahu-1
  2. Kulika- Rahu-2
  3. Vasuki- Rahu-3
  4. Shankpal * Samka-pala- Rahu-4
  5. Padmaka * Padama- Rahu-5
  6. Maha-padma- Rahu-6
  7. Takshaka * Taksakiya * Rahu-7
  8. Karkotaka- Rahu-8
  9. Samka- Rahu-9
  10. Hatak * Ghataka- Rahu-10
  11. Visha-dhara- Rahu-11
  12. Sesha-naga- Rahu-12

Introduction to KSY

What is Kala-Sarpa yoga and why is it so Dreadful?

Example KSY Nativities

Nullification of KSY

When KSY does * not* apply

Twelve Types of Kala Sarpa Yoga

Past-life bleed-through : heroism, ritual murder, and trauma

Loss of energy through heroic self-sacrifice

KSY Conscious transformation = divine sacrifice

Grumpy and hard to get along with? Yes. Crazy or destructive? Usually not.

KSY = a curse?


Example KSY Nativities

Kala Sarpa Yoga * 7 graha enclosed within the 5 bhava from Rahu to Ketu

Kala Amrita Yoga

seven material graha enclosed within the five bhava from upagraha Ketu to upagraha Rahu

  • WW2-Nazi propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels = (suicide by bullet after fatally poisoning his wife + 6 children. Chandra lagnesha in [Mūla] 6) = Ketu-1 personality-body-identity + Rahu -7 ambition for contracts, relationships with fascinating Other

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock- Rahu-8 * Kala-Amrita KSY = reverse- pari-Karkotaka * terror

  • Duino Elegies 1875-1926 mystical poet Rainer Maria Rilke poet novelist * [Rahu in bhava-1] Kala-Amrita KSY = reverse- pari-Ananta * relationship-based annihilation of the personality-embodiment.

  • POTUS-pair-26 Whitehouse Restoration 1861-1948 Edith Carow Roosevelt * Kala-Amrita KSY = pari-Padama * passion for planning, scheduling, schematics, project management

  • Sound and Fury 1897-1962 novelist William Faulkner Nobel prize novelist = Ketu-5 genius for peculiar, otherworldly literature-drama + Rahu-11 ambition for material income-prizes-achievement

  • Silly Love Songs 1942- Beatle Paul McCartney = KSY does not apply because the arc from / R-to-K / or / K-to-R / is broken by the Dhanus indriya-lagna

  • Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini= Ketu-7 severed alliances, dispersed promises + Rahu-1 ambition for cult-of-personality

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock psychological fear films - Ketu-2 + Rahu-8 hidden terror

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan * Amrita-Takshaka * Rahu-7 + Ketu-1


Shri Bangalore Venkata Raman. (1947).300 Important Combinations, p. 327

(bold-type emphasis by BPL)

[begin quote] " Kala Sarpa Yoga has its bright shades.

  • It makes one industrious, hardworking,

  • aware of one' s own ability - despite mental restlessness.

It raises the natives to top positions in their respective fields

  • provided of course other Raja Yoga are present.

Rahu-Ketu axis favors rise in mundane life while Ketu-Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters.

It is also found that Kala Sarpa Yoga natives

  • get betrayed by trusted friends and even relatives.

Suffering due to developments in life strengthens the mind and mellows one's outlook.

This is a blessing of Kala Sarpa Yoga.

.... It occurs to me that undue importance need not be given to Kala Sarpa Yoga.

The view held by some astrologers that Kala Sarpa Yoga affects longevity and adversely affects the operation of other yogas favoring a rise in life, achievement, and accomplishment is not tenable.

  • .... No single yoga , including Kala Sarpa Yoga, is capable of marring or making a horoscope.

In our view, Kala Sarpa Yoga plays an important role in mundane astrology [assessment of world events]

and is not of much importance in individual charts." [end quote]

Introduction to KSY

The lore of Rahu-Ketu is not part of the oldest Jyotisha texts (which go back to the Rig Veda and Atharva Veda.)

Rahu-Ketu seem to have entered the Jyotisha literature in the early centuries of the common era. Varahamihira mentions them. The yoga names for the specific bhava placements of Rahu-Ketu are drawn from Naga lore.


Kala-Sarpa Yoga is a rather late accrual to the inventory of planetary yoga within Jyotishashastra.

Historically, Rahu and Ketu gained prominence in the Jyotishavidya commentary literature starting around 600-800 C.E. -- long after the main body of literary classics were recorded. Therefore Kala-Sarpa Yoga is not listed in the hoary classical works such as Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra .

Since its medieval rise to popularity, however, Kala-Sarpa Yoga has captured the interest of many practicing Jyotiṣika.

Similar to the commonplace but ridiculously over-simplified beliefs surrounding Kuja dosha "mangalika", the KSY is believed to entail many horrible and crippling consequences. [It does not.]

Kala-Sarpa Yoga is associated with dreadful experiences like suffering from poisons, relentless catastrophes, sudden and disastrous changes in every aspect of life, and every type of scandal. The accursed victim is predicted to become homeless, unmarriageable, unemployable, or a pariah -- all due to this single excruciating planetary configuration.

In truth, few of these terrifying results are likely manifest.

What the yoga does involve is a rather deep and complex psychological compulsion to re-enact a past-life memory of being especially Chosen as a human sacrifice.

  • Psychologically, KSY may produce a pattern of self-glorification [Rahu] mixed with self-mortification [Ketu].

  • Emotionally there can be a deep conviction that one has been chosen as an agent of higher destiny. This conviction supports both unusual risk [Rahu] and unusual detachment [Ketu].

  • Rahu always wants to go higher. Ketu always wants to disconnect. KSY imposes a particularly high-frequency oscillation of the attraction-repulsion cycle .

During a Rahu phase, the KSY personality may display radically different traits from the behavior observed during a Ketu phase.

It is not a split personality in modern psychological terms.

Rather KSY = a two-phase interior signal

  • Phase-1 announces "urgent ambition to distinguish oneself and obtain privilege NOW" [Rahu]

  • Phase-2 announces "abandon attachments and nebulize into a state of witness, prayer, egolessness NOW" [Ketu].

It can be a growth-challenge to know who this personality really"is " r.

Yet with KSY, the real person assuredly"is " both an ambitious materialist hungry for elite privilege [Rahu] AND a non-acquisitive wandering mendicant who may seem either saintly or dysfunctional or both.

Chandra's character can provide additional profile data regarding the nature of KSY's emotional needs.

For example if Chandra-yuti-Shani, one may demonstrate a need for approval from institutionalized authorities.

Being used for "higher purposes " may produce especially during the dissolving, pulverizing Ketu phase a sensation that one's life force is being 'consumed' by the deities.

In modern parlance, phrasing such as being 'eaten alive by worry' or 'consumed by one's work' may be heard from the KSY native.

One's own individual needs may seem irrelevant to the higher needs of the group. Naturally such a perception may frame a sacrificial personality often found in the lives of the saints.

However, the point of confusion is that Rahuva dominates this personality. Expect intervals of burning desire for recognition and ambition to acquire unearned privilege.


Obsessive-Compulsive patterns

KSY psycho-mental oscillation pattern may lead to obsessive-compulsive behavior.

During the Ketu phase,

  • dissolution of material ambition and sacrificial "beheading" of the ego-membrane demonstrate surrender of one's life force to the goals and needs of one's community, tribe or nation.

  • KSY-native appears detached and highly spiritualized, non-reactive, and often absorbed in reflective prayer .

  • There may be a compulsion to let everything go, to scatter one's possessions, and even to attempt to break apart one's own body.

However, during Rahu phases,

  • Devious Desiring Rahu may attempt to utilize these very acts of apparently selfless spiritual detachment as the launching platform from which the Hungry One can"get it all back" (in spades).

  • Under camouflage of apathetic saintliness, the KSY native may then act on a powerful compulsion to self-promote toward ever-higher levels of elite privilege.

The nature of these intensely desired privilege ar may be known via the bhava occupied by Rahu.

Jyotisha Rules for identification of Kala-Sarpa Yoga

  1. All planets must be "hemmed in" between Rahu and Ketu, as we read clockwise in the southern-style radix chart.

  2. According to B.V. Raman, Rahu must occupy one of the first six houses from the lagna, bhava 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

  3. According to B.V. Raman, If even one planet is outside the "clutches" of Rahu-Ketu - if even one planet is not hemmed in - Kala-Sarpa yoga does not apply.

If even one planet is outside the "jaws of the serpent" , results may be surprisingly good for social-change leadership or activism. The person knows all about the destructive powers of wild, excessive desire but one is not entrapped by those desires. Rather, one serves those who are trapped.

Results can = world-scale compassionate leadership - especially if that one "saving planet" is a subhagraha such as Guru or Shukra.

KSY does not disturb career or income. It does impact relationships, both personal and professional, but there are typically effective compensations in the nativities of those who use KSY to rise to power. Quite a number of contemporary world leaders have some type of modified kala sarpa yoga where all planets are hemmed in AND some planets occupy the Rahu-Ketu axis.

Nullification of KSY

QUOTATION B.V. Raman, Catechism of Astrology . Part II, page 35

"Kalasarpa will have its effects nullified

  1. if one of the planets especially Mercury is exalted and occupies a favorable strong position

  2. or Lagna is outside Rahu and Ketu."

from: Bangalore Venkata Raman. (1992).

A Catechism of Astrology.Part II, page 35 (bold-type emphasis by BPL)

Full text of Shri Raman's KSY comments

Nullification of Effects of KSY, by B.V. Raman:

" Q, 51 What is meant by ''Kalasarpa Yoga'' ? Explain its effects.


Kalasarpa Yoga is formed by the situation of all planets and Lagna within Rahu and Ketu .

Here Rahu must be considered as moving in an anti-clockwise direction (Apasavya).

  • This should not be confused with"Sarpa Yoga" given by all great Rishis as being formed by

  • the presence of Saturn in one of the kendra, Mars in another kendra, and the Sun in another without any association with benefics.

Both these yogas are Arishta Yogas.

The first Kalasarpa will have its effects nullified

  • if one of the planets especially Mercury is exalted

  • and occupies a favorable strong position or Lagna is Outside Rahu and Ketu.

As this yoga is not mentioned prominently by such great writers as Varaha Mihira or Satyacharya ,

we have to take it that it is not very effective in Kali Yuga."

QUOTATION B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part I, p. 26

Any graha outside the semicircle of Rahu-Ketu will cancel KSY .

" Q. 31:

If all planets, except , say Saturn, are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu,

  • does it constitute Kalasarpa Yoga?


  • By Kalasarpa Yoga is meant the situation of all planets between the two nodes .

  • When Saturn is outside the semicircle forming this yoga, then it implies the cancellation of the yoga."

QUOTATION from: Bangalore Venkata Raman. (1992).

A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, page 32 (bold-type emphasis by BPL)

Full text of Shri Raman's KSY comments

KSY in Mussolini's nativity, by BV Raman

Q. 48. Is there Kalasarpa Yoga in [Benito] Mussolini's horoscope ?


There is no doubt Kalasarpa Yoga in Mussolini's horoscope

  • but the evil is tempered

  • because the planets are hemmed in not between Rahu and Ketu but between Ketu and Rahu.

Mussolini has a powerful Sula Yoga (one of the Nabhasa Yogas ),

  • because all the 7 planets are concentrated in the three houses and the 7th, the 8th and the 9th.

This is quite unfavourable and will have a very adverse effect

  • especially now that Saturn is at present transiting Mussolini's Janma Rashi, in which are placed Saturn and Mars." [end quote]

BPL note: Sri Raman would have written this answer in approx. 1942 while simultaneously gochara Shani passed over the center of Mussolini's janma rashi, Vrishabha - Urisha = bhava-8 .

E.g., Saturn Return + Sade-Sati.

The by-then-reviled dictator was assassinated via gunshot to the chest, and his corpse subjected to violent abuse. ]

Twelve Types of Kala Sarpa Yoga

Students of the samayavidya might notice that the predicted dire consequences of the Kala Sarpa Yoga are not different from the predictions normally associated with standard at-birth placements of Rahu and Ketu within the 12 bhava.

  • The fact that Rahu-Ketu "encircle" the seven classical graha does not worsen the prediction .

In Kala Sarpa Yoga, as with other prediction for the effect of Rahu and Ketu, the lords of the rashi occupied by Rahu and Ketu provide a definitive force. Yet, as in other predictions for Rahu-Ketu, the occupied bhava is the most important fact.

of ten, the energy of Rahu-Ketu is significantly expressed through companion planets which share their natal house. However, in the accurate form, Kala Sarpa Yoga permits no graha in the residences of Rahu or Ketu. Therefore KSY does suggest a uniquely strong expression of the nodes within a nativity.

However, the undistracted strength of the nodes does not bode evil. It simply bodes a direct expression of the characteristics expected from Rahu-Ketu in their natal bhava.

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush SAMKA-KSY = [uchcha-Rahu-9] Exaggerated, boundary-challenging, extraordinary wealth from the father and the priesthood of believers, often via unusual or inappropriate methods. Mr. GWB hails from an elite financial family with assets in oil-and-gas natural resources [slippery, shimmering Rahu-Urisha = petroleum and extracted natural gas].

  • On the down side, Ketu-3 scatters the communications, which can result in the person appearing as disinterested in the conversation. or mentally dull. As the American idiom goes,"not the sharpest knife in the drawer."

Rahu-Ketu simply amplified the realities of GWB's entrapment between the will of his father [9] and the perceived incompetence of his younger brothers [3] .

  • According to the rule of 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika BV Raman, by the strength of Budha-11 parivartamsha with Chandra-Kanya-1 , GWB can operate sufficiently between these two poles.

The serpent force

Kala * earth-time

sarpa * Serpent

One translation of Kala-Sarpa-Yoga = "the serpent-force has enclosed the entire incarnation" .

  • The serpent-force is Naga energy, which is essentially Earth energy , the psychic power of chthonic deities. The Naga are intra-terrestrial (hollow-earth) ancient serpent-like entities who continue to control the psychic shield around planet Earth.

  • the energy of their writhing, slithering movements may be detectable as 'kundalini' force known to yogic aspirants. On a larger scale, they penetrate Earth surface via slender snake-holes which connect outer Earth with inner Earth.

  • Naga beings thrive in the subtle-particle (astral) realm which interpenetrates the physical realm. They are overseeing beings, of a higher vibrational constitution than human beings or other earth-animals.

  • Naga should not be confused with the common earth reptile from density low-2. Ancient Indo-Tibetan tradition and some modern esoteric traditions are sensitive enough to detect the presence of Naga energy. These traditions describe Naga effects in detail.

In practical terms, Earth energy is the vibration of the ancient history of Earth. It moves through the vehicles of sound and image. It is not logical; it is not verbal; it is not even rational. (It is older than Budha). It can be controlled, but only with psychic skill.

Vocabulary = What is a Naga?

BPL: the Naga Kingdom is traditionally located in the intra-terrestrial 'hollow' earth region, from which Naga may penetrate the Earth surface at their conveniencer.

Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon - :

" serpent-demon of the race of Kadru or Su-rasa"

" inhabits the waters or the city Bhoga-vati under the earth"

" Naga are supposed to have a human face with serpent-like lower extremities "

" the three Naga kings = Sesha, Vasuki, and Takshaka"

Skt Names of the Nine Naga
Vasuki, Ananta, Takshaka, Varuna, Padmaka, Sankhpala, Kulika, Mahapadma, and Karkotaka

Kiartimuk = a Thai deity derived from Rahu

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


"Rahu, Lord of the Planets " Central Tibet, Densatil Monastery, circa 1400

sculpture Gilt copper alloy inlaid with colored glass ornaments The Los Angeles County Museum of Art =

Position of Nodes + Sanskrit Name

English Translation * Effect of the Yoga


[Rahu in bhava-1] * passion for vitality

Ananta * Annant - Kala Sarpa Yoga


// Reverse ananta KSY //

KSY starts from Ketu in bhava-7

Meanings for An-anta from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • endless , boundless , eternal , infinite

  • name of Shesha (the snake-god) * name of Shesha's brother Vasuki

  • name of Krishna * name of his brother Baladeva

  • name of Shiva * name of Rudra

  • name of one of the Vishva-deva

  • name of the 14th Arhat

  • the plant Sinduvara, Vitex Trifolia

  • the 23rd lunar asterism Śrāvaṇa

  • a silken cord (tied round the right arm at a particular festival)

  • the letter A

  • the earth

  • the number one

  • name of Parvati and of various females

  • the plant Shariva; Periploca Indica or Asclepias Pseudosarsa or Asthmatica (the root of which supplies a valuable medicine)

  • the sky , atmosphere

" The First One, the Eternal One"

Primacy, championship, rights of the pioneering innovating first-arrived, Arya

Ananta KSY is said to be short-tempered, impatient and difficult to satisfy, with the result that alliances and partnerships become frustrating and unbalanced.

A gift of physical identity , and often the capability to channel the movements of a Naga who cleverly manipulates the musculature, physical features, and aura of vitality .

May be a remarkably convincing champion of visible, genetic, flesh-based arya "first-arrived" higher entitlements to primacy. However, the Naga spirit who acts through the body may use aggressive (1) movements.

(However, a strict "brake" upon the Naga's movements, such as lawful Shani drishti upon Rahu, can reduce the scope of Rahu's false claims to superior privilege.)

[Rahu in bhava-1] impacts the mutuality of the marriage agreement bringing stronger focus to one's own personality, and indicates disinterest toward the spouse's needs.

The Other-partner-mirror Ketu in 7 displays apathy and disregard for the native; mate's personality may be somewhat socially disintegrated or featuring restless, scattered attention.

In Reverse

An exceptionally complex and mystifying personality that displays the uniqueness, exceptionalism, and flamboyant physicality of Rahu in bhava-1, yet seems bent on a path ofKetu-defined annihilation-of-self.

Depending on lagnesha, may become a public figure of renown. However the overall trajectory of life may exemplify not only the intentional destruction of outdated regulatory systems [Ketu] such as contracts and morals, within one's own personal world, but also that same pattern may manifest on the public stage involving Ketu-annihilation of already-desiccated social ordering rules.

  • Italy-Dictator 1883-1945 Fascist Benito Mussolini bM destroyed his country while he was destroying himself. Lagnesha [Atmakaraka] [vargottamsha] Mithuna-9 [randhresha Shukra-yuti-Guru rogesha] BM was a primal preacher and father-figure. Typical of Rahu-1, at first his braggodocio was wildly exciting and his Rahu-arrogant flamboyance seemed to embody the spirit of an ancient warrior nation [Old Rome]. However, BM's wartime decisions followed a pattern of over-extension [Rahu] followed by exhaustion [Ketu] with disastrous results. By the time of his capture, he was an almost universally loathed figure. As a final disgrace, his corpse was hung by the ankles, mutilated, and beaten by the citizens he had so maniacly mislead.

  • Duino Elegies 1875-1926 mystical poet Rainer Maria Rilke with [Guru in bhava-8] lagnesha and [Guru-8 parivartamsha Shukra-10] RMR channeled his patterns of annihilation of the personality-embodiment into a body of mystical poetry. He did not scatter the coherence [Ketu] of a nation, but he did make-and-break a remarkable number of relationships. Using the suffering from these surrenders as a basis for his writing, RMR wove poetic themes of disintegration and emptiness into a textual narrative that spoke to the newly modernized Euro-creative classes. His poetry remains widely appreciated by those attuned to his Ketu-ism.

[Rahu in bhava-2] * passion for treasuries


Kulika = Kulik = Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga * Reverse" Kulika KSY * Starting from Ketu in bhava-8


Meanings for Kulika from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • of good family

  • a kinsman

  • the chief or head man of a guild

  • any artisan of eminent birth

  • a hunter

  • a thorny plant * Ruellia longifolia or Asteracantha longifolia

  • Tuesday or Friday

  • one of the eight chiefs of the Nagas or serpent-race * described as having a half-moon on the top of his head and being of a dusky-brown colour

  • a kind of poison

" The talking head"

Kulika KSY may lose control of one's tongue and speaks hurtfully or untruthfully.

A gift of language, speech and song .

Kulika KSY often has the capability to channel the words and songs of a Naga who cleverly manipulates language. May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic speaker or singer. However, the Naga spirit who speaks through the mouth may be Boasting about its Knowledge.

Yet, a stiff "brake" upon the Naga's speech, such as drishti from lawful Shani upon Rahu, can reduce the scope and impact of the mesmerizing words.

[Rahu in bhava-2] * passion for treasuries is considered to speak poisonously; traditionally, one may ingest poison or suffer venomous snake-bite.

The Naga may desire to eat foods which are not suitable to the human vessel. Care should be taken to eat only pure and nourishing foods that are good for the human body. Generally Rahu-2 eats somewhat exotically or differently from the native's mainstream culture.

Expedient tendency to exaggerate in matters of speech; inflated claims; may possess inflated or exotic historical knowledge; charismatic lying which fills an immediate public need.

May gain higher entitlements on the enchanting strength of vigorously asserted truths in a time of public need for exotic speech.

Ketu in 8 disperses resistance to curses and psychic attack. Ketu-8 spins the cycle of birth and death in a way which may induce terror for others - but not frightening to oneself. Ketu-8 may experience bursting or eruptions, fine-particle poisoning, anesthetic medication for surgeries or psychic invasion.

[Rahu in bhava-3]

passion for communication

Vasuki Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga = pari-Vasuki

Reverse Vasuki KSY , starting from Ketu in bhava-9

Meanings for Vasuki from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • name of a serpent-king

  • one of the three chief kings of the Naga, the other two being Shesha and Takshaka

  • the gods and demons used the serpent Vasuki as a rope for twisting round the mountain Mandara when they churned the ocean

Mesmerizing Commerce, Fascinating Projects

The Twister, the Churner

Business transactions can be opportunistic. Announcements may mis-inform or dis-inform. Vasuki KSY may grant the power to fabricate the facts and spin a script.

[Rahu in bhava-3] * passion for communication

Master of propaganda. Genius of legerdemain in the worlds of writing, publishing, scripting, marketing, sales, advertising, public-relations, description, explanation, diagramming, instruction, radio-television-internet, memes, fake-news.

Risk-rewarding Rahu-3 often signals a mesmerizing, influential figure in the communications industry.

Rahu in His messenger-role = attracted to televangelism.

One may be a gifted communicator, yet what Vasuki says might not be what the audience hears.

A gift of interpretation and transaction, and often the capability to channel the signals of a Naga who cleverly manipulates instructions and explanations.

May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic salesperson. However, the Naga spirit who gestures through the hands may be transmitting misinterpreted messages.

Yet, an effective brake upon the Naga's narrative, such as drishti upon Professor Rahu from strict-and-sober Shani, can reduce the scope of disinformation.

[Rahu in bhava-3] May indicate a younger sibling or co-worker with high ambitions. Bhava-3 = hearing. Rahu-3 indicates intense desire to become a writer, journalist, announcer, evangelist, messenger. Rahu-3's amplified message meets the immediate needs of the public to receive this type of torqued instruction or explanation, However, the signal may later be seen to have been distorted.

Ketu in 9 scatters attachment to the established religion, and may cause a "relativistic" approach to doctrine, such that the native disregards the professors, and pundits.

Rahu follows a pattern of ambitious rise to privilege, followed by a fall from power. Vasuki KSY tends to collapse when public becomes disenchanted with the falsified or tainted instructions.

For example, Vasuki KSY may indicated the downfall of university researcher who prematurely reported an exciting discovery, basking in the glory of their theory, only to later fall from grace when Rahu's inflation, expedience, posturing, or deception is revealed.


Kurma Avatar of Vishnu, below Mount Mandara, with Vasuki wrapped around it, during Samudra manthan, the churning of the ocean of milk. circa 1870

[Rahu in bhava-4]

passion for prestige property, routine, roots

Samka-pala * Shankpal * Shankaphal * Shank-pal

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga " Reverse" pari-Samkapala KSY * Starting from Ketu in bhava-10

Meanings for Samka from * Koln Sanskrit Lexicon


  • contest , strife, fight
  • to reckon or count , up , sum up , enumerate , calculate

  • to estimate by

  • to appear along with , be connected with, belong to

  • - name of a serpent-demon of the race of Vasuki the Naga

" What belongs to Pala"

A gift of bounded belongings * property, vehicles, and shelters . Often can channel the nesting instincts of a Naga who cleverly manipulates homes and vehicles. May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic patriot . Intense defense of security of ethnic boundaries.

Impassioned practice of seasonal, agricultural religion such as local festivals and puja. However, the Naga spirit who holds to the home-roots may be exaggerating ethnic land entitlements.

(Yet, a strict "brake" upon the Naga's property entitlements, such as drishti upon Rahu from lawful Shani, can reduce the scope of false truths.)

It is said that relations with the mother and the folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of her people are damaged. Traditionally, Samka KSY negatively affects vehicles such as landcraft, watercraft, and aircraft and owned buildings such as homes, schools, and warehouses.

Yet, in practice, Samka KSY does not lose its purchase upon the owned-stewarded properties. One obtains the privileges accorded to members of the class of estate holders .

Ties and bonds to local culture are exaggerated at the expense of larger, more comprehensive ties such as regional or national affiliation.

Matters of borders, fences, schools, houses, commercial properties, and overall national defense may become expedient devices by which Samka KSY sacrifices for the survival of the tribe.

Unless the teachings of the ruler of Professor Rahu are subject to prolonged repetition of the key structural elements of the learning pathway (Usually, via constrictive drishti) one may strive to own vast properties, ships, and land vehicles; Rahu-4 may rise impulsively in defense of estate holdings thus He empowers security agents and police.

Ketu in 10 scatters attachment to the public status and respectability, and may cause one to abandon high-visibility leadership roles in favor of holding close to the familiar.

Rahu in bhava-5

passion for politics, celebrity, games

Padama * Padam * Padmaka

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga " Reverse"

pari-Padama KSY

starting from Ketu in bhava-11

POTUS-pair-26 Whitehouse Restoration 1861-1948 Edith Carow Roosevelt [calculating-logistical Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2]

Sound and Fury 1897-1962 novelist William Faulkner Nobel prize novelist

Meanings for Padmaka from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • red spots on the skin of an elephant

  • the wood of Cerasus Puddum

  • an army arrayed in the form of a lotus-flower

  • name of a partic. constellation

  • a partic. posture in sitting Vedantas

  • Costus Speciosus or Arabicus

" A bright red sparkling spot"

A gift of dramatic charm , and often the capability to channel the intelligence of a Naga who cleverly manipulates the brilliance and sparkle of divine charisma.

May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic entertainer. However, this Naga spirit who radiates through the heart may be a a court-jester who pretends intelligence. The Naga is delightfully entertaining, but neither spiritually enlightening nor true vidya. Aura of falsified, inflated, over-privileged, or fabricated genius.

(A stiff "brake" upon the Naga's brilliance, such as drishti upon Rahu from cold and dour Shani, can reduce the scope of false pretense to royal or intellectual privilege.)

Rahu-5 is said to generate improper romantic love, procreative fertility, games, gambling, politics, and financial gain from speculative endeavor. Associated with irregularities in the method of acquisition of children, pretense of genius, falsified or over-idealized expressions of romantic love.

  • POTUS-pair-26 Whitehouse Restoration 1861-1948 Edith Carow Roosevelt [Rahu in calculating-logistical Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2] ECR had pari-Padama KSY. ECR's ambitious [Rahu]

Ketu-11 dissipates the economics gains; disperses friendships. Yet, in practice, when Ketu in upachayasthāna provides some beneficial comfortable results over time = freedom from the burdens of socializing. If Ketu's lord is strong, economic gainfulness arrives.

Rahu in bhava-6 - passion for conflict, exotic remedies


Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga " Reverse" pari-Mahapadma KSY, starting from Ketu in bhava-12

Meanings for MAHAPADMA from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • a particularly high number
  • name of one of the 9 treasures of Kubera
  • a treasure inhabited by a Naga
  • one of the 8 treasures connected with the Padmini magical art
  • name of a hell * one of the 8 cold hells
  • a kind of serpent
  • name of a Naga dwelling in the Maha-padma treasure mentioned above
  • of the southernmost of the elephants that support the earth
  • a Kim-nara or attendant on Kubera
  • a species of esculent root
  • a white lotus flower

" A great treasure, one of the eight treasures" (Tashi-takia).

Ripubhava is the best location for Rahu. A gift of military prowess, medicinaries * drugs , or ministries of service. Associated with material success via engagement with false or disputes, treachery, broken promises, betrayal, treason, divorce, usury, criminalization / crime, slavery, exploitation, accusation, pollution.

Mahapadma KSY often has the capability to channel the persuasive arguments of a Naga who cleverly manipulates unbalanced situations .

Mahapadma KSY may be a remarkably convincing, charismatic litigator or accuser. However, the Naga spirit who serves through unfair or exploitive methods may be the agent of betrayal.

(However, a strict "brake" upon the Naga's jealous accusations, such as drishti upon Rahu from lawful Shani, can reduce the scope of false blame .)

Rahu-6 = a materially successful placement. Mahapadma KSY typically uses the methods of criminal misdeed, broken promise, disease-discomfort, pollution, drug toxicity and addiction. Mahapadma KSY Either engages directly in slavery, usury, betrayal et-cetera; or one profits from the acts of those who do.

In the satkona, Rahu provides clever enemies, criminal elements, toxic environments. Yet Rahu may skillfully utilize these problems in a very clever way, transforming them into a launch platform toward higher recognition and privilege.

In general, papagraha in dusthamsha produce materially successful results until Rahu's fall. Of the papagraha, Professor Rahu in particular does His best work in the satkona.

Rahu-Ketu axis with both nodes in in upachaya bhava

A gift of speech, and often the capability to channel the speech of a Naga who cleverly manipulates language. May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic speaker. However, the naga spirit who speaks through the mouth may be Boasting about their Treasures.

(Nevertheless a strict "brake" upon the Naga's speech, such as drishti upon Rahu from lawful Shani, can reduce the scope of false truths.)

Ketu-12 is said to dissipate the sleep, dreams, and private bedroom relations. Generally Ketu-12 is a psychic disability involving weak boundaries between the material plane and the astral plane. Spiritual guidance from otherwise well-intentioned ancestors may be nebulized, diffused, or broken becoming incoherent [Ketu] and unusable.

[Rahu in bhava-7] * passion for partnership

Takshaka * Tak-zaka

Kala Sarpa Yoga


" Reverse" pari-Takshaka KSY,

starting from Ketu in bhava-1

  • WW2-Nazi propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels = (suicide by bullet after fatally poisoning his wife + 6 children. Chandra lagnesha in [Mūla] 6)

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan * Amrita-Takshaka * Rahu-7 + Ketu-1

Meanings for Takshaka

from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon -

  • One of the three chiefs of the Naga kingdom.

  • A cutter; a carpenter.

  • Visva-karman. Taksha-karman.

// The builder //

A gift of building alliances.

Rahu in 10th-from-10th is likely to place the native into relationships with materially and socially powerful beings.

May hide behind a bigger, flashier, more influential person in order to accomplish one's own aims.

Takshaka KSY often has the capability to channel the bargaining instincts of a Naga who cleverly manipulates contracts. May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic promise-maker. However, the Naga spirit who yokes through the genitalia (7) may negotiate expedient agreements and declare opportunistic vows.

(Yet, a strict "brake" upon the Naga's partnering practice, such as drishti upon Rahu from lawful Shani, can reduce the scope of false promises.)

Takshaka KSY fueled by Rahu-7 is said to give improper qualities to the ambitious and exotic mate. Generally, the mate is affected only if Professor risk-rewarding Rahu's ruler is poorly disposed. KSY arises not from the mate, but rather from one's match-making, trust-proffering, deal-cutting propensities. May be a compulsive bargainer and wheeler-dealer.

Ketu in bhava-1 is said to give high blood pressure, headache, and a general lack of enthusiasm for life. One may have a weak physical constitution and feel vulnerable to the predations of others.

Rahu in bhava-8

passion for secrets


Kala Sarpa Yoga


"Reverse" pari-Karkotaka KSY

starting with Ketu in bhava-2

MomordicaCochinchinensis.jpgMeanings for Karkotaka from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • Name of a Naga.

  • Sugar-cane.

  • Momordica Mixta * Momordica cochinchinensis

" The Poison" * Karkotaka fruit can be crafted into a medicine, but in its natural state, it is a poison.

A gift of revealed secrets . Karkotaka KSY often has the capability to channel the revolutionary powers of a Naga who cleverly manipulates upheavals and disaster.

May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic healer. However, the Naga spirit who penetrates the apertures of one may terrorize even while powerful healing discoveries are revealed .

Momordica cochinchinensis (picture to right) is a powerful medicinal plant when used judiciously.

(Yet, a strict "brake" upon the Naga's invasions, such as drishti upon Rahu from slow and blunt Shani, can reduce the scope of false emergencies.)

Professor Rahu does His best work in bhava-6, bhava-10, and bhava-11. However, he is also effective in bhava-8 where His presence is a life-extender albeit also indicates one who keeps secrets.

Karkotaka KSY based in Rahu-8 is said to bring mysterious diseases, black magic, and sudden shocks. The transformative, camouflaging, masking abilities of Rahu the Trickster can deal rather shrewdly with hidden money, family secrets, undisclosed liaisons, and other potentially catastrophic material. The Naga King prospers in conditions of terror and disaster such as sudden exposure of secrets, explosions, eruptions, earthquakes, and disruptive storms (whether inside the body or outside the body, whether physical social financial or political).

Karkotaka-KSY may be a specialist in disasters, a tantriki or invasive healer using dangerous penetrating methods such as surgery or poisons.

Ketu in bhava-2 is said to make a spendthrift with an unsupportive family history, and medical problems of the face or teeth. In general, one feels ambivalent toward herds, hoards, and hordes. Carrying on the family values lineage is not important.

Rahu in bhava-9

+ Ketu in bhava-3


passion for philosophy, exotic preaching

Samka - Shankchood * Shankhachud * Samcodaka

Kala Sarpa Yoga

  • UK-PM Path to Power 1925-2013 Margaret Thatcher [governing-organizational Pushya-2] [Samka KSY]

  • Violet Flame 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet Violet Flame 1939-2009 [contractual-promising Chitra-3] [vargottamsha] [Samka-KSY] -- Church Universal and Triumphant

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush [political-displaying Mriga-1] [Samka KSY]

Kala-Amrita-Yoga " Reverse" pari-Samka KSY starting with Ketu in bhava-3

Vocabulary = Samka, from Koln Sanskrit Lexicon


  • contest, strife, fight


  • an implement for driving horses , goad or whip

  • animating , inspiring , promoting


  • " impeller"


  • urging , exciting , inflaming , arousing

  • a stimulant


  • to impel , push on , drive , shoot off

  • to inflame , arouse , animate , instigate , further

  • to brandish , wield

  • to summon , challenge

  • to procure quickly , assist to obtain

" The Whip

A gift of Fervor in realms of ideological - philosophical - theoretical - sacred-teaching

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush = [uchcha-Rahu-9] [Samka KSY] Most POTUS have downplayed their personal religious beliefs, honoring the culture of American pluralism and taking care to not favor any particular doctrine per the Constitution. GWB however campaigned explicitly upon his "born again" Christian identity. He aligned himself politically [9] with the conservative moralism of his public spiritual guide [9] Hour of Decision 1918-2018 Rev. Billy Graham. In doing so, GWB polarized the electorate. Yet, he won the POTUS-43 election - twice - while enriching his father's oil companies [uchcha-Rahu petroleum, greasy smoke]

Samka KSY often has the capability to channel the ecstasy of a Naga who cleverly manipulates divine presence, impelling others to proclaim a doctrine a theory or a higher reality.

May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic divine . However, the Naga spirit who proselytizes through this priest may profess a false doctrine.

  • Violet Flame 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet Church Universal and Triumphant - Shankchood - Rahu-9 + Ketu-3

  • A brilliantly charismatic psychic channel and preacher, ECP was styled as a specially chosen mouthpiece and prophet. She and only she had been selected to enunciate the guidance of elite discarnate divine beings. The sacred entities declared that they were able to speak exclusively through her. ECP delivered remarkable teachings which mesmerized her faithful cult following. At her iconic peak, ECP may have had a devotee base of 100K or more adherents. Typical of Rahu boom-bust cycles, ECP's awesome rise into sainthood ended suddenly, with a precipitous drop . Following a false prediction about imminent nuclear attack, ECP issued instructions for the congregation to hide underground in bunkers with supplies for the next 10 years, Naturally, before burrowing, the faithful were to legally assign their assets to the Church. When the doomsday moment did not materialize, most believers abandoned the preacher, the doctrine, and the tithing.

Yet, a strict brake upon the Naga's pontificating, such as drishti upon Rahu from conventional Shani, can reduce the scope of false dogma.

Professor Rahu in bhava-9 is said to deliver instructions which may cause severe financial losses via gambling and disregard for priests. However, in practice, Professor Rahu in the bhava-9 classroom signifies a craving for recognition as a High Priest officiant of the Temple, and a desire to use the preaching of religious or philosophical doctrine as the method of self-elevation to a realm of higher social privilege.

If the dharmapati is strong, Professor Rahu in a bhava-9 classroom may indicate a socially mobile successful preacher, presbyter, kohen, kahuna, or pope; Yet, the style and content of professing activities may be controversial.

  • UK-PM Path to Power 1925-2013 Margaret Thatcher held the UK-Prime-Minister position for a remarkably long tenure 1979 until 1990. She broke every glass ceiling in the field of political leadership (Rahu cultural boundary bending) .MRT also exhibited the classic KSY impact for Ketu-4. In her autobiographical writings and interviews, MRT rarely mentioned her mother. Although alienated from both parents after MRT's decision to marry a divorced man thus breaking a taboo held by her rigidly pious Methodist parents (Rahu taboo challenge) MRT continued to mention the ideological guidance that she had received as a teenager from her dad (dharmesha Budha-1). On the other hand, her mom was dismissed as one to whom MRT simply, after the teenage years, had " nothing to say" .

Ketu in bhava-3 dissipates the relationship to siblings (see also Ketu in the emotionally talkative, communicative cohort evangelical instructional team-working administrative managerial announcing publishing reporting explanatory conversational lyrical messaging 3rd-from-Chandra) and cousins-cohort, encourages mental dispersion and apathy, and brings negativity or incoherence into the life narrative. One may feel apathetic toward human communications in general.

a possible yoga for the Pentecostal talent of "speaking in tongues " or other varieties of psychic channeling

In practice, Ketu in upachaya bhava [3, 6, 10, 11] is not so problematic In Sahaja bhava, Ketu produces a tendency to non-sequitur at the least a rather whimsical communication style which does not effectively instruct the target audience.

A younger sibling may have mental health issues or be prone to eccentric behaviors. One may experience a dispersal of courage due to weak conversational boundaries and poor mental "traffic control" .

[Rahu in bhava-10] - passion for leadership power

Ghataka * ghatak * Patak * Hatak

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. JoseMaria Escriva

Russ-Empress 1729-1796 Noble Maidens Catherine the Great

Kala-Amrita-Yoga "Reverse" Ghataka KSY starting with Ketu in bhava-4

Meanings for Ghataka from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • accomplishing, procuring

  • ready , skillful

  • forming a constituent part

  • a pot , jar, a water-jar

  • a genealogist, a match-maker, negotiator of matrimonial alliances

  • a tree that produces fruits without apparent flowers

  • a period of time * 24 or 48 minutes

  • the Ghari or Indian clock

kala-sarpa yoga Ghataka * extreme strengthening of focus amplifies both Rahu's ambitions for attainment of 10 and Ketu's disinterest in the comforts of 4

A gift of governance and leadership empowerment, by whatever means necessary

  • Russ-Empress 1729-1796 Noble Maidens Catherine the Great Although born and raised in German-speaking Lutheran culture, she convinced her people of her Russian ethnic purity by making a passionate high-visibility (10) conversion to the Russian Orthodox catechism and learning the language via intensive study, at age 17. CG was able to incorporate ruthless murders, internecine intrigue of the highest order (pure Rahu-10) , incognito travels, and the mesmerizing appearance of total command (10) while behind the scenes, nothing was ever as secure [Old Pathways Karkata] as it seemed. Goal-driven Dhaniṣṭha [Rahu in bhava-10] .

Ghataka KSY often has the capability to channel the decisions of a Naga who cleverly manipulates executive powers.

Rahu-10 may be a remarkably convincing, charismatic leader. However, the Naga spirit who commands the hierarchy through the institutional governance may be imposing rules that are falsified or expedient or asserted by means of inflated-authority.

Yet, an effective planetary "brake" upon the Naga's reptocracy, such as drishti upon Rahu from lawful Shani, can reduce the scope of false consequences .

Rahu in 10 is said to irregularize the decision-making and leadership capabilities through impatience and urgent desire.

However, the role of Rahu's ruler is very important. If the ruler is well placed, governance and institutional leadership may be well received, despite being characteristically Rahu-irregular.

  • Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. JoseMaria Escriva * yogakaraka Shukra-Kumba-2 rules Rahu-Tula-10 while Shukra resides at a benevolent 5/9 angle from Rahu. Institutional leadership associated with capital wealth via personal charisma (5th) and supportive doctrine (9th) but often perceived as unseemly [Rahu] behavior for a purported Saint who had taken a vow of poverty.

In practice, Rahu gives materially favorable results in upachaya bhava * 3, 6, 10, 11. A Great Leap Upward in public recognition and prestige usually occurs during Vimshottari periods of Rahu. Craves leadership roles.

If Rahu's ruler is functioning well, the results may be excellent for boundary crashers.

May be accompanied by emotional insecurity and abandonment of life foundations (Ketu-4).

Ketu in 4 is said to disperse the fundamental serenity and security in life, so that the native feels constant uncertainty and depression.

Some vulnerability to ancestor ghosts who are restless due to incomplete burials (4) after their deaths.

  • Burning incense while visiting graves of the departed on proper memorial days, or showing memorial honor to those whose passing was not ritually respected at the time (e.g., lost or unrecovered corpse).

Ketu-4 weakens the physical heart; Therefore, Ketu-4 nativities must attend more carefully than normal to cardiological health. Without proper attention, heart can become a psychic weak spot which lacks protective boundaries. However, with aid of a sensible lifestyle, regular check-ups and management of diet, the physical outcome of the underlying psychic situation can be rationally managed.

[Rahu in bhava-11]

passion for income, goals, elite achievements

Visha-dhara * vishdhar

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga "Reverse" Vishadhara KSY starting with Ketu in bhava-5

Meanings for Vishadhara from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

Visha * Visa

  • poison, venom, bane, anything actively pernicious.


  • a receptacle or container.


  • holding or containing poison , venomous , poisonous

  • a snake

  • abode of snakes, Patala or one of the lower regions

  • containing water

  • a receptacle of water

// Container of poisons // A gift of economic gains .

Vishadhara KSY often has the capability to channel the marketplace linkage of a Naga who cleverly manipulates the economic networks. May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic community activist who seemingly supports the regulated extension of economic participation However, the Naga spirit who links through the networks of friendships may be imposing deceptive connections. Visha-dhara KSY links only to and between aspiring elites.

(Yet, a strict "brake" upon the Naga's exaggerated earnings, such as drishti upon Rahu from lawful Shani, can reduce the scope of fraudulent prizes and profits .)

Rahu in 11 is said to damage the earning powers; the elder sibling becomes an enemy. Usually However, Rahu-11 obtains significant earnings, albeit uses devious and deceptive means. Measurable gains can be expected. Rahu-11 favors economic income via slippery, oily, or smoky commodities.

Big Groups, Big Networks, opportunity = identity with community * mass assemblies

Rahu co-rules labha bhava = material goals and achievements. Rahu-11 will eventually produce significant material gainfulness via marketplace risk-taking and barrier-bending, taboo-twisting networked friendships.

Visha-dhara may produce marvelous results materially because Rahu is singularly motivated to obtain earnings. One becomes wealthy and well-connected via methods which may be surreptitious nevertheless effective for the purpose. Generally, the friendship network includes profit-aiding foreigners who may speak expediently with the 'forked tongue' of snaky Rahu.

Collapsing Ketu in 5 is said to dissipate the focus upon one's the children and reduce the individual intelligence, to the point where Ketu's disconnectedness reduces the output of one's creative mind. One may appear dazed or unintelligent.

[Rahu in bhava-12] * passion for prestige privacy

Sesha-naga * Zesa-naga * Sheshnag

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala-Amrita-Yoga " Reverse" Sesha-naga KSY starting with Ketu in bhava-6


Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha Naga, c. 1870.

Meanings for Zesa * Sesha from - Koln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • remainder , that which remains or is left , leavings , residue (pl. all the others) , surplus , balance , the rest
  • there remains something to happen to me, that which has to be supplied (e.g. any word or words which have been omitted in a sentence
  • that which is saved or spared or allowed to escape
  • to be spared
  • allow to escape
  • remaining out of or from , left from
  • remnant of food * those left out of the slain * the survivors
  • end , issue , conclusion , finish , result
  • last , last-mentioned
  • a supplement , appendix
  • a keepsake , token of remembrance
  • name of a celebrated mythological thousand-headed serpent regarded as the emblem of eternity
  • (whence he is also called An-anta, the infinite, in the Vishnu-Puraa he and the serpents Va1suki and Takshaka are described as sons of Kadru , but in one place Shesha alone is called king of the Nagas or snakes inhabiting Patala , while elsewhere Vasuki also is described as king of the Nagas and Takshaka of the serpents
  • the thousand headed Shesha is sometimes represented as forming the couch and canopy of Vishnu while sleeping during the intervals of creation, sometimes as supporting the seven Patalas with the seven regions above them and Therefore, the entire world
  • he is said to have taught astronomy to Garga
  • according to some legends he became incarnate in Balarama
  • of one of the mythical elephants that support the earth
  • the remains of flowers or other offerings made to an idol and afterwards distributed among the worshippers and attendants

" The Remainder"

Sesha-naga KSY Rahu in 12 = Illusions and Trickery upon the bridge between astral plane and physical plane. Rahu works in the dream world, conjuring images and infusing the imaginations of listeners with a promise of salvation (12). Rahu attempts to manipulate conditions of sanctuary, private prayer, and spiritual guidance.

A gift of imagination. Sesha-naga KSY often has the capability to channel the imagery of a Naga who cleverly manipulates the out-of-time dream space.

May be a remarkably convincing, charismatic weaver of astral experience. However, the Naga spirit who enters through the feet may be prone to exaggerate divinatory prescience.

Rahu-12 is said to give intense imaginative desires which dissolve (12th-from) the physical integrity (1). The corresponding weakness of Ketu-6 produces underlying health conditions related to psycho-imaginative over-production in 12.

Passionate desires expressed in foreign or subconscious dreamlike imaginative settings (12). barrier-bending, taboo-twisting in the bedroom.

Ability to tap the deepest subconscious fears and desires for personal advantage. Elevation to higher privilege via transactions along the bridge between the material sphere and the astral sphere.

Ketu in bhava-6 = apathy WRT pollution, addiction, usury, slavery. Disengaged from mental, emotional, and physical health balance; uncaring about poverty or indebtedness; disconnected from arguments and conflicts.

Accusations and disagreements linger indefinitely, in a state of irresolution. Ketu-6 may be jailed and make no attempt to get out; may be accused and make no attempt to self-defend.

Some tendency to be carried along in illegal ventures, not as the lead perpetrator but often as an employee or servant of a wrong-doing master.

What is Kala-Sarpa yoga and why is it so Dreadful?

First of all, it is really not that dreadful.

  • KSY may seem to others as psychologically Obsessive , desire-driven, or psycho-mentally impatient, but not (normally) deadly or dangerous.

KSY yoga gives a sacrificial personality which tends to subjugate the welfare of self to the welfare of a group, an ideology, a goal, or a cause.

KSY native may have limited self-knowledge but they are quite driven to use all of their personal resources to satisfy their singular desire.

One often appears to not have much of a life because they are so focused into a single channel.

The group upon which KSY may be obsessively focused can be a family network, a religious cult, a political party, a profession, or any association of people committed to a shared cause. The native 's hunger to satisfy the desires of the group transforms the native 's entire life into a vehicle for this desire.

The ideology upon which KSY may be obsessively focused can be political, religious, or anything in between.

The goal upon which KSY may be obsessively focused can be physical, mental, social, emotional, or spiritual.

The power upon which KSY may be obsessively focused can be psychic, material, punitive, liberating, utterly private, totally global, or anything in between.

KSY = wide range of sacrificial social expression

KSY may manifest though a driven ideologue whose personality is consumed by a hunger to lead their group into political power.

  • UK-PM Path to Power 1925-2013 Margaret Thatcher sAMKA (ideology, beliefs. politics) broke through millennia of gender barriers to achieve a fierce grip on the UK premiership

KSY can express through a parent who does not live one's own life, but rather lives entirely through one's children, sacrificing everything for the children.

KSY can signify a wife who literally lives through her husband, and who commits suicide upon the spouse's death.

KSY can create a teacher who lives through their students.

KSY may under highly benevolent

circumstances creates a son of God who sacrifices one's life for the transformation of humanity.

To understand the Kala-sarpa personality, appreciate that this native is driven by a great hunger to possess a particular person, object, experience, or power.

KSY personality interprets the ongoing stream of life experience predominantly in terms of this goal. Rahu can sacrifice an unlimited amount of one's own resource in the quest to achieve this satisfaction.

If the goals are socially recognized, KSY's intense and dedicated drive may bring the native worldwide recognition and praise. If the goals are considered socially deviant, one may be criminalized and eventually executed.

  • KSY does not define the goal.

  • KSY defines The obsessive psychological ambition to obtain the privilege, get the social status, or reach the goal.

KSY Obsessions

The Kala-Sarpa nativity predicts a lifetime of potentially Obsessive habits and concerns.

  • Key transits of Rahu-Ketu have enhanced dramatic effect in their lives.

  • The"dreadful" effects of Kala-Sarpa yoga can much mitigated if the chart is otherwise strong - , if there are Raja Yoga s in place and dasha periods = favorable.

In the charts of political people, celebrities and those high in the public eye, "true" Kala Sarpa yoga will give its classic result: " Great fall in life at the pinnacle of achievement ."

Psychic sensitivity heightened in KSY

KSY folks are exceptionally psychically sensitive, and their sensitivity can force them to defend themselves through anti-social means. They often form Obsessive healing partnerships with other psychic 'sensitives'.

  • Certainly if neither party is aware of their channeling gifts, these partnerships can be ego-destructive.

  • However, the converse is also beautifully true.

  • If aware of their powers, KSY people can be genius healers, trance mediums, and clairvoyant image readers.

KSY and Identity Crisis

During during Rahu-Ketu bhukti and also periods of the Moon, KSY folks can have severe identity crises caused by having reached toxic saturation levels of other people's negative imagery.

Therefore, KSY folk must patrol their aura boundaries defensively especially during Rahu-Ketu bhukti . Vigilant patrolling will ensure that" foreign energy" in the form of criticism and negative pictures, is prevented from entering the individual sphere.

Sacrifice: keynote of KSY

Keynote of KSy

Rahu sacrifices, transforms or channels all of the intelligence, abilities, preferences, and perceptions in life toward His quest for a singular goal.

  • The psychic strain of this condition can cause terrible pain in The earthen body .

  • The pain is authentic but the pain is typically diagnosed as "somatic" which is invalidating to the KSY native who is feeling it.

The homework-problem = KSY natives use their physical bodies to channel conflict away from the people they are serving.

  • KSY people are found doing this in the fields of medicine, government leadership, family business, and simple homemaking.

  • They are the people who keep a fractured, conflicted group together by sacrificing themselves for the benefit of group harmony.

KSY and Physical Body Health

KSY Feminine Nativities who use their bodies to absorb psychic conflict will tend to experience radically fluctuating, usually unmanageable excess bodyweight.

  • Bodily impact is especially acute if Moon or lagnesha is involved with Rahu-Ketu.

  • Additionally the spine through which Kundalini energy flows, may be a site of undiagnosable nerve pain. Pain and weight management begins to become possible when the native comes to understand their psychic permeability, victim orientation, and sacrificial nature.

  • KSY males also experience fluctuating body weight but they tend more toward the spinal pain. For both males and Feminine Nativities, very close attention to the endocrine balance as well as daily meditation and conscious management of psychic boundaries are essential to a quality lifestyle.

KSY and Sexuality

If Rahu or Ketu are involved with Mangala, sexual interactions of all kinds must be carefully managed due to the heightened psychic openness and potential for psychic invasion [Mangala] and carrying out the agendas of others (K [Ketu] during a sexual communication.

  • Whenever Rahu is overly strong, the native will face various issues regarding boundaries. Generally speaking Rahu signals the native to crash, overcome, or invade boundaries. The children who are passive objects of predatory boundary-crashers tend to become adults who repeat the same boundary-disrespecting behaviors.

  • Skillful, articulate, and intentional negotiation of restrictive, outgrown boundaries may be the mark of genius.

  • Obsessive, crude, dehumanizing aggression across protective boundaries is normally considered a criminal act.

  • Rahu's ruler can make the difference between an act of genius and an act of criminal disrespect.

  • KSY in the 6/12 axis can give 'betrayal'. Feminine Nativities and males may be prone to child sexual victimization [being eaten] within their own families as they become the conflict absorber who calms and reintegrates angry and predatory adults.

Past-life bleed-through: heroism, ritual murder, and trauma

The default KSY state is unfortunately to suffer increasing pain caused by toxicity and attachment to the victim state.

  • Subconscious memories continue to pump forward desire to repeat an ancient cycle of self-destructive desire. Recall the myth of Rahu-Ketu !

  • The KSY native was a victim of public religious sacrifice in parallel lives .

  • One continues to live out the ego-membrane identity as one who will be destroyed in order than others shall flourish.

Historically, some ancient societies had a practice of selecting certain children at birth who would eventually be used as human sacrificial victims. . A child might live their entire life anticipating that one would be murdered in propitiation to the gods at the age of nine or twelve (or whenever the time came).

  • KSY people are living out this carryover self-image, inscribed in unspeakable trauma, encased in heroic dignity, and so dominant in the consciousness that it drowns out every other call to self-development.

  • Essentially KSY are trying to rescue the tribe through destroying themselves. In modern life this is rarely effective . In fact it is tragic and embittering. So it is a very good idea for KSY people to see how their initial healing instinct is classically self-destructive, and to consciously avoid the attractions of the victim state.

Loss of energy through heroic self-sacrifice

The glorious age of sacrificial victims, who give their lives for their people, is by and large completed.

There may be some remaining valid events for heroic self-destruction -- such as death by war and sacrifical acts which prevent catastrophe. However, in general, KSY folks are running their lives on old programming.

  • KSY people often wake up after a lifetime of giving their energy to others and say,"Why didn't I get an education? Why didn't I save money for retirement? Why didn't I marry the person I loved, but instead married the person who advanced my cause? Why am I sick, bitter, and resentful that everyone around me is doing better than I am?"

False Bodhisattva

Even when material circumstances are beneficial in the KSY person's life, one may suffer a deep grief toward the end of life. The cause = "false Bodhisattva" : seeing, toward the end of the incarnation, that one has abandoned one's own spiritual development to unconsciously serve the agendas of others.

(A true bodhisattva has completed one's own path. After completion, the Bodhisattva remains in pastoral service of the incarnated masses until all have arrived.

KSY Conscious transformation = divine sacrifice

The KSY native can be profoundly transformed and saintly when one understands one's pre-incarnationally planned inheritance and CONSCIOUSLY decides to dedicate one's life to the welfare of their family, tribe, religion, nation, or humanity.

  • This is a rare but exquisitely beautiful possibility for the super-conscious KSY.

The conscious KSY native can be a performer of miracles - a transformative guide in any field of endeavor.

In contrast to the suffering, toxic, unconscious default KSY, the conscious KSY is not a victim of obsession.

  • Rather, one may have tremendous vital charisma and deepest possible satisfaction in one's own life.

The conscious KSY knows that one's life is INDEED being sacrificed for a higher cause. One lives in awakened agreement with that calling. This very high level of vocational awareness generates intentional (not obsessive) sacrificial ego-membrane transformation. The KSY native becomes transformed into a mere tool for the divine will.

This " high" KSY runs such pure Kundalini energy that one serves a living link between human and divine, executing the will of the divine with no human interference. One willing sacrifices the body for a higher purpose, at the moment the signal is given.

Crazy or destructive?

Usually not.

Grumpy and hard to get along with?


In contradiction to the ominous forecasts of some Jyotisha literature, the world is full of high-functioning KSY folks with good jobs and stable families.

Strong planets within the Rahu-Ketu enclosure can be very grounding .

As B.V. Raman regularly noted, astrology is a science of tendencies.

  • Unless the hyper-sensitivity of KSY is accompanied by other destructive planetary combinations, the extreme potential of KSY is only partly felt. Generally, KSY gives strong sensitivity -- not psychosis!

  • Also it is important to remember that even the most ominous-looking KSY can easily be cancelled by

  • " Kalasarpa will have its effects nullified if one of the planets especially Mercury is exalted and occupies a favorable strong position -- or Lagna is outside Rahu and Ketu." ~~ B.V. Raman, A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, page 35

In Vedic Astrology : A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish (p. 183) Jyotiṣika Ronnie Gale Dreyer says," [KSY] which is labeled in the scriptures as malevolent and unhappy, provides inflexibility, stubbornness, and a high-strung personality."

Certainly this is the traditional viewpoint, and also a true experience for the average low-awareness person.

The reason for their grumpiness (in extreme cases, sociopathic personality) = KSY folk are EXTREMELY psychically sensitive.

Need for psychic education

KSY folk need psychic skill training to learn to defend themselves against the barrage of negative energy in today's world.

  • If KSY folk can build a successful psychic shield, they can be transformative leaders of a great healing change in society.

  • Kala Sarpa Yoga represents the effect of intense tantrik training in parallel lives . The KSY person is predisposed, for good or evil, toward channeling foreign energies and opening themselves to become vessels for spirit communication.

Those who live in such a

habitually unbounded mental state can easily absorb unwanted negative thoughts and feelings from outside their true self. They are often in danger of"losing themselves " in the channeling process.

A Curse?

Village astrologers may refer to KSY as a curse

  • Superstitious /fortunetelling / approach to Jyotishavidya is not healthy or useful.

  • KSY is more beneficially understood as a psychic management challenge. KSY can be intelligently and successfully handled to produce optimum results.

  • Utilizing the enormous psychic sensitivity entailed in KSY, one may become transformed into a world-class healer in the field which Rahu's ruler suggests.

The KSY native's life experience depends heavily on direction from Rahu's ruler .

Rahu's ruler can greatly improve KSY results

Rahu =foreigners and barrier-bending, taboo-twisting .

  • Rahu rules no bhava. Rahu is obliged to give the results of his planetary lord.

  • If Rahu's ruler is benevolent, Rahu's ruler will provide a socially recognizable, validated public role.

  • The dignity of the role protects the native from the sociopathological effects of excess contact with taboo substance or behavior.

Skillful use of Rahu and risk-rewarding Rahu's ruler can produce great leaders !

Example Jyotisha reasoning:

If Rahu-Kanya and Rahu's ruler in Budha/Mithuna/10,

  • one may enjoy a tremendously influential career in communications (Gemini) within the health-care industry (Virgo).

  • Rahu Himself must be a taboo-breaker somehow - this is His nature. Natural choices for medical communications specialty might be taboo diseases - sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy, other diseases associated with immoral behavior or"curse" (taboo).

  • Since Mithuna is itself a sexual sign where Budha is empowered in svakshetra, the attraction * akarshana * toward communications genius regarding sexually transmitted diseases is especially strong.

  • the native is Naturally, willing to have contact with outcastes and strangers, to travel in foreign lands, and to maintain a relentlessly neutral attitude even while managing a terrifying world epidemic (while the" clean" people turn the other way...).

This is just an example of how Rahu's supposedly sociopathic or at the least difficult-to-like energy can serve as jet fuel for a remarkable world career involving barrier-bending, taboo-twisting and healing.

Reputable psychic training will go a very long way toward transforming Kala Sarpa's excessive psychic absorptiveness into powerful psychic healing skills.

One Outside Planet== "almost" KSY

In the charts of world leaders, it is common to see an almost KSY yoga which is alleviated by the presence of one single graha outside of the Rahu-Ketu enclosure.

That one outside graha tends to have a very strong effect on the native 's performance in the outside world.

If the one outside planet = Surya , one may have a strong leadership dharma and will probably teach moral philosophy as a guru to dark souls desperate for spiritual information

If the one outside planet = Chandra , one may have tremendous compassion for the masses. Through caring speech, one can uplift large numbers of desire-tortured people.

  • POTUS-33 Trial and Hope 1884-1972 Harry Truman * Svati-Chandra-4 resides outside the arc of almost-Kala-Amrita KSY (graha in arc from Ketu to Rahu)

  • POTUS-42 My Life 1946- Bill Clinton * Chandra-Mesha-8 lies outside the 10-4 arc

  • Calif-Gov 1938- Moonbeam Jerry Brown * Chandra-Mithuna-12

If the one outside planet is Mangala , one may be a gifted social leader who will fight injustice and rally the cause of upliftment for the least powerful

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter [Rahu-Aśleṣā-9] [Rahu-9 mutual drishti Guru-1] Rahu-9 higher principles, dogma, ideology, beliefs. Rahu-9 occupies the emotionally dignified , social-ordering, leadership-seeking = 10th-from-Chandra. JEC = famed for his one-hit-wonder presidential term starting in Ketu-Rahu bhukti - after which he abandoned American politics. Neverthless Rahu-9 has a missionary zeal. JEC continued to work in elections monitoring for emerging democracies [Mangala-4 fighting in-country] He eventually won a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting this battle [9, celebrated awards].

If the one outside planet is Budha , native may use the calculating mind in organizing detailed planning and resource accounting to serve large-scale justice movements designed to lift the masses from their ignorance

If the sole outside planet is Guru, one may be blessed by extraordinary wisdom about other people's desire-caused troubles. He can be a healing professional like a psychologist (perhaps a criminal psychologist) who feels great compassion toward those who are victims of terrible desires.

If the sole outside planet = Shukra , one may be able to save the world (or one's own little section of it!) but the vehicle of upliftment will be arts and music. It is well known that music alone has the real power necessary to change society!

If the sole outside planet is Shani , one may be exceptionally self-protective, risk-averse and savvy about the darker side of human nature. Yet one might participate in social justice movements in a conservative function, such as legal work with intractable, repressive regimes.

Unfortunately without robustly supportive planets, one may become the repressive force which one originally sought to remove...

KSY cancellations: any graha with Rahu?

Some Jyotiṣika, including"300 Important Combinations " Shri B.V. Raman, opine that Kala-Sarpa yoga is also cancelled if there is any other planet in the same bhava with Rahu.

  • Some restrict the cancellation, saying that the graha accompanying Rahu must occupy a lower degree than Rahu in order for KSY to obtain.

KSY between Ketu and Rahu?

Most Jyotishi opine that Kala-Sarpa yoga does NOT apply when planets are hemmed in between Ketu and Rahu.

KSY is believed by most to occur Only when all planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu.

d. B.V. Raman writes that a variation of KSY does in fact apply when all planets occupy the five bhava between Ketu and Rahu.

KSY by bhava-pair axes :

1-7, 2-8, 3-11, 4-10, 5-9, and 6-12

B.V. Raman suggests that the particular axis involved has a significant determining power in the final KSY effects.

1/7, 2/8, 3/9, 4/10, 5/11, or 6/12 -

  • The 6/12 axis = associated with betrayal by colleagues or family members.

According to Raman in Three Hundred Important Combinations, (p. 327) the 6/12 position could indicate incarceration, or spiritual elevation, depending on the presence or absence of powerful Bandhana Yogas . ['Bandana' Yoga = bondage; see p. 274]

  • The 1/7 axis = less benevolent for marital placidity.

" The marital life," says Raman, "may become oppressive and marred by frequent classes and want of understanding."

Shri Raman compassionately mentions that the day-to-day oppression of this difficult KSY variation can be avoided, like all other difficult yoga can be overcome or avoided, through conscious understanding.

  • 2/8 = intrigue of money, mishandling of shared funds, accounting scandals etc. The person has many ups and downs financially - often great wealth, wiped out, and rebuilt several times

4/10 = setbacks in career unless 10th-rashi or 10-lord is strong. Roller-coaster cycles of rise-and-fall in public life, with tremendous fame attended by scandal creating collapse.

  • Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. JoseMaria Escriva

  • 5/11 = matters of children, income, and one's community of friendship. Rahu-5 complexifies the situation with children, often indicating a sort of "pretending" to have produced a child, or an unusual type of child-acquisition. Yet, the Kala-Sarpa yoga, in combination with other yoga, can suggest children acquired from multiple sources (often foreign adoptions) exotic birth conditions, or other fascinating, dramatic (5) results for offspring.

Again, interference by numerous Other malefic factors is required to give the frightening results often ascribed to KSY.

KSY Remedies

If your Jyotishavidya nativity

shows the "dreaded" Kala-Sarpa Yoga, don't panic. There is much oversimplified Jyotisha alarmism out there.

There is a profitable market for "remedies" of uncomfortable birth yoga in traditional Bharati culture.

In the west, the "cure" more likely to be prescribed is self-awareness, personal responsibility, moral and technical education, commitment to serve those less fortunate , and a robust sense of humor.

As d. Raman so eloquently insists, no single yoga could ever control an entire chart!

When a less benevolent dasha makes life difficult for a conscious person in an otherwise good KSY chart, consider "treating" the KSY condition via Traditional Jyotishavidya Sacred Jewels ratna. Ratna are however expensive; comfortable and pleasing results can also be obtained via using the colors and imagery associated with the ratna. The goal is to emphasize positive, affirming, and nourishing THOUGHTS.

As always in any case of astrological imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, Selfless Service works best.

IMO the single most effective remedy for any type of chronic, self-obsessed mental pattern is to offer selfless service to those suffering the same sorrow as oneself, only worse.

The best way to pry the mind out of its fixations is to assist others with their own quest to solve their own life problems. It is remarkable how quickly the spiritual awareness can expand when one observes that many others are working on this precise type of [akashic memory patterning] , and that - being just a bit ahead of those lower down - one may be able to offer useful guidance to those in one's "downstream" .

Q :

In India, Kaalsarp dosha has gained great prominence, many astrologers associate restrictions, lack of opportunities and hurdles in life due this yoga.

Others associate KSY with power and fame yoga; as observed by you also, many successful businesspeople and politicians have it. I myself have observed that the yoga does obstruct the smooth working of life.

In India, the remedy for it is specific organized puja, conducted by priests in Nasik, Trimbkeshwar, where Lord Shiva shrine is there.

What sort of service can eradicate the evil effects of yoga, if some one cannot do the traditional ly recommended puja?

A :

If you have read this far down the page, you have probably encountered my views on assessing realistic outcomes for this famous but over-estimated astrological configuration.

  • In brief, I have seen many nativities of perfectly normal people who live out their entire lives with KSY and are fairly happy.

As Shri B.V. Raman writes,

"The view held by some astrologers that KSY affects longevity and adversely affects the operation of other yogas favouring rise in life, achievement and accomplishment is not tenable .

The overall assessment of the horoscope is important.

No single yoga, including KSY, is capable of marring or making a horoscope.

In our view, Kalasarpa Yoga plays an important role in mundane astrology and is not of much importance in individual charts ."

Seva for KSY
As a general principle of "psychic similum" , Selfless Service to those who are not well-connected to mainstream society and who often get blamed for misfortunes, such as foreigners, outcastes, and other taboo outsiders, will aid in alleviating the fear of being destroyed which is the subconscious reality underlying KSY.
KSY: Rahu in lagna

For those lacking the beneficent corrections of "one outside planet" , the most dreadful results of Kala-Sarpa yoga certainly can occur when the person lacks self-consciousness and is thus incapable of assuming spiritual responsibility for his own life.

  • Passions may become extreme. One becomes such an expedient actor, that no moral principles can restrain him in this life.

  • When Rahu rises, Ketu must occupy bhava-7 = spouse. Native's passions affect the spouse, who becomes a background feature of dispersed particulate indefiniteness rather than a sharply focused individual contributor to one' own wellbeing. The life mate could become "collateral damage" in the native 's hungry quest for recognition as a personality of special importance.

Shri Raman writes (p. 328):"evil gets intensified if lagna is between Ketu and Rahu" whereas "evil is almost neutralized if lagna is between Rahu and Ketu."

Default questing style: duplicitous and possibly illicit.

Barring rescue of the native 's character from other uplifting combinations, KSY Rahu in any bhava signifies a consuming obsession with achieving and controlling matters of that bhava.

  • The methods employed by Rahu are typically duplicitous and illicit. Recall the myth of Rahu-Ketu. Rahu will do"whatever it takes " to drink the gods' Amrita!

  • Traditionally Kala-Sarpa" victims " experience ruined marriages, spoiled career/chronic unemployment, hardship, and chronic debt. Major periods of Rahu or Ketu are devastatingly difficult. Kala-Sarpa yoga gives a peculiar mental state throughout life, which is much exacerbated during the nodal returns/oppositions at 18, 27, 36, 54, 72, etc.

  • If other graha support wealth, the native may well be surrounded by wealth and material luxury. But one cannot experience full pleasure from the deluxe conditions. One is always craving a more intense level of experience. One is willing to"throw out the baby with the bathwater";, to sacrifice basic order and stability in life, in order to pursue the next, exciting new experience.

The compulsive mind signals that one *must* concentrate one's full energy into the obsessive quest in order to feel whole.Any activity or relationship which competes with the quest will be destroyed.

Successful but compulsive

Rahu-Ketu gain tremendous strength in Kala-Sarpa Yoga . One has the power to get the job done.

  • KSY native is very successful in manifesting the craved experiences.

  • However, despite Rahu's power to intensely concentrate the intelligence and attention, which could ideally yield high productivity and creative genius , KSY folks are not so happy.

One is beset by constant pangs of hunger. Just when it seems that one has it all, some new experience appears on the horizon, one feels the obsession rising again, and off one goes in pursuit of it.

Kala-sarpa yoga vs Sarpa yoga.

  • Sarpa yoga occurs when all benefics are in kendras while all malefics (Surya, Kuja, Shani) occupy kona-bhava (1-5-9).

  • Don't count the Moon's position for Sarpa Yoga.

Sarpa yoga = famous for creating downward mobility. tOne = born into family affluence, but by the time of occurrence of the Rahu-Ketu opposition of approx age 27 or the Rahu-Ketu return of approx age 36, that wealth is gone completely and the person becomes a pauper. Usually there is emotional distress within the family even during the treasury years.

Bach Flower Remedy for KSY:

RED CHESTNUT = Altruism, self sacrifice. Obsessive concern for others, unable to let go. Sacrificing one over concerns for others. Suffering, or overwrought with fear for loved ones.

Q: Respected madam, Namaskar.

to remove Kaal Sarpa dosha, a golden ring shaped in form of Snake, is it suggested. I wish for her Good health and happiness, can all this be improved. Best regards -- Jai Ganesha.


flawless gems can channel stronger psychic currents through the body's nadi system, and this is their Jyotisha utility: to magnify the positive thought intentions which travel through the nadi (psychic nerve) system.

Thought intentions originate entirely in the native 's inner mind, and it is the native 's personal responsibility to generate and maintain positive thoughts. The flawless gem will amplify whatever intention the native produces. If the native is unfortunate enough to be generating negative intentions, then also unfortunately the gems can function as amplifiers or signal-repeaters for negative intentions also.

The center of power is not the gem. The center of power is one' own mind.

snake-image in gold sounds to me like sympathetic magic and perhaps has a superstitious motivation to place the power outside of the individual. One point to consider = Kala Sarpa yoga is a permanent condition in the nativity, and the Yoga cannot be"removed" by any outside agency.

  • Kala Sarpa yoga is a part of life for the person who chose to be born with it. With sufficient consciousness, the native will mature morally, emotionally, and psychologically into learning how to manage and direct the Kala Sarpa effects.

  • Another thing to consider = metals in Jyotisha remedial gem settings (gold, silver, platinum, occasionally copper, panch-dhatu) are designed to support and not interrupt the signal-strengthening properties of the gems . The metal is not itself a conducting agent, but it favorably supports the gem.

If the golden snake is applied in a ceremony designed to ground and strengthen one' commitment to learn to appreciate and handle properly the Kala Sarpa yoga (in other words to be aware of a tendency to sacrifice one's own energies toward the well-being of one's people) then wearing such a ring could be a positive decision. Such a ring could serve as a" reminder"a nd help the native"pay attention" to one's own thought process, monitor expectations and reactions, etc.

  • The psychic transactions of the Kala Sarpa yoga native do tend to be highly reactive (Rahu-Ketu influenced) so it could be spiritually beneficial to have such a reminder in a visible place. That conscious, vow-grounded approach toward wearing a golden snake ring could be useful indeed.

However please use caution in regard to the motive for applying the snake ring. If the motive is superstitious, based on the belief that one's power to mature and guide the intention of one's own thoughts and reactions in any way lies Outside the Self , this is misleading and disempowering.

  • Superstition - literally meaning"standing outside oneself" - is a dangerous motive. Superstition should be scrupulously avoided when dealing with remedial gems and the culture surrounding them.

  • Kala Sarpa yoga will not be"removed" because it is not a dosha. It is a yoga, a combination, a defining complex, which the native 's spirit chose to apply to their life-script before the time of birth. The spirit intended to use the KSY experience as an important learning lesson within the current incarnation.

  • Every feature of the Jyotishavidya nativity

    is intentional and purposeful! Every moment of every day is a living lesson. Those who pay attention to the daily lessons in this school of life can reap brilliant rewards of eternal wisdom.

  • These rewards are portable across planes of consciousness, and they do indeed fit through that"eye of a needle" which provides the tunnel between third density life and fourth density astral knowledge.

The negative effects of the yoga = a Tendency to psychic exhaustion from Over-giving and ungrounded sacrifice (the"martyr type" ). These oppressive effects can be relieved through personal attention to one's own behavior and the thoughts which precede the behavior.

The ring under no circumstances would be the"cause" of relief. Nor does any material object have inherent divine agency to"cause" psychic changes. Divine energy flows through the universe in a uniform pattern, and the strongest center for change and healing energy is always the human heart.

Outside objects may be beautiful reminders, but the source and origin of change is the divine intelligence, and the base receptor of divine intelligence in the human being is The human heart . ("Heart" includes the spiritual-mental-emotional-physical levels of heart.)

These are some electro-magnetic initiating thoughts on such a snake-ring

  • If the purpose is to superstitiously apply a magical talisman and expect The ring itself to do the work rather than the person wearing it, this is going in the wrong direction. Such a process will have the effect of deepening the Kala Sarpa bondage through disempowerment of the heart.

  • However, if the purpose is to serve as a beautiful, visual 'reminder' of the spiritual work that one has willingly undertaken in this lifetime, it is a lovely idea and may provide cheerful inspiration to push onward along the path of truth.

Wishing you every happiness, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: I have an"almost" KSY but Rahu is joined in karma-bhava by Guru-Mangala.

It is a welcoming rashi for Guru-Mangala but a bad sign indeed for status-craving Rahu. Rahu periods tend to bring me far too much obligation in life -- family members want money-loans (which I feel they will not repay as I am the great overseas Provider), cultural expectations such as paying for village festivals (although I no longer live there), boss wants extra hours at work (and not a few hours either but nearly a doubling of my paid hours), kids have so many projects and school performances...

I feel like everyone has a piece of me. I would have expected more glamour and recognition from Rahu but there in karma-bhava Rahu gives me a Shani-weight of exhaustion, duty, and now if I give the loans that are wanted I am facing poverty too!


You are positively right that shadowy, slippery, manipulative Rahu is in a hostile place: out of the shadows into into a high visibility in the public eye (10 ) and Simha - Leya (hot, bright, dry).

Although Rahu gives comfortable results in the longer term when He occupies any upachaya bhava (3,6, 10, 11) in the younger life Shri Rahu in 10-Simha = persistently problematic .

In addition, with Rahu-Ketu creating an "almost" Kala Sarpa yoga, it is important to avoid the psychological trap of"martyr complex" , becoming a sacrificial victim = feeling obliged to give all your savings to your family members.

Simha at the pinnacle of the kundali and you presenting enduring a bhukti of Rahu would suggest that these family members are likely males [Surya], and either their leader is the father (Guru in 10) or it is the father directly initiating the disabling (to you) money sacrifice"for the good of the greater family" (KSY).

KSY and its modifications suggest a lifelong need for proactive defense against victimization [being eaten] by tribal guilt.


Consider taking charge of the process, refuse victim-mind. If you choose to give your life savings - much of it earned via overtime hours and other sacrificial methods - to"the fam" ,

then try to do that as the result of a neutral, self-determined business decision. The KSY personality is usually tightly bound to"The Family" in larger ethnic sense of tribe = family. Thus KSY considers the welfare of the full, extended family even including the ancestors when KSY makes a decision.

Just make sure that your choice is a"decision"and not an act of martyrdom.

The decision should be rationally defensible in terms of your personal, educated, and consciously articulated values.

  • Rahu-Ketu are desire-driven thus very un-reasonable.

  • Establishing a voice of adult reasoning in Rahu Times is no small battle!

Even if it features some aggressive tension [Mangala], your core identity with the extended family = quite strong psychologically .

Do the cost-benefit analysis and you determine that"rescuing"a highly-placed family member really is in your own best interest in the long term.

Try to avoid getting tangled in guilt, grief, and other emotional bondage (Rahu-Ketu) that can disturb the clarity of one's decisions -- leaving the feeling that one is a victim of circumstances.

Rather, acknowledge that giving your savings "away" is a choice made in the full light of awareness [Surya].

" There are no victims " - this is a fundamental truth.

However, KSY and its modifications often suggests that one was a sacrificial ritual victim in parallel lives . (There were millions of these in public rituals of a bygone era and still a few today in darker lands.) Therefore be on the alert for voice of powerless, ever-needy victim-mind.

Internal victim-narrative, much more than the real-life time-money constraints of Shani, can damage one's mental calm and add [akashic memory patterning] guilt-karma to relationships.

Probably there is a strong tradition of reactive guilt in your family. Luckily, you are now spiritually equipped to step forward from that tradition and refuse to accept that historic bondage. To live in the present and not be bound to the past, one must have a clear mind!

Q: Hi Barbara, how are you? I'm doing okay. I had a question and was hoping you could help me. I'm interested in learning jyotish and wanted to start by looking at my own chart.

Now, I've been told that I have"Kala Sarpa Yoga." But in my chart if you take a look, though the Graha do come in between Rahu in the 4th bhava and Ketu in the 10th bhava, the Moon is still slightly outside of Ketu... does that still qualify/constitute as Kala Sarpa Yoga?

If you could enlighten me on that then that'd be great. Thank-you so much.

A: Namaste,

According to Shri B.V. Raman, Kala Sarpa yoga does not apply where there is any graha whatsoever in the rashi of Rahu or in the rashi of Ketu.

  • SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela, KSY does not apply because Ketu shares Vrishabha with Shukra-8.

To meet the KSY conditions, all graha must be contained in those rashi which lie between Rahu and Ketu.

  • Vishadhara POTUS-43 Decision Points George W. Bush displays a legitimate KSY.

If Chandra occupies the same rashi either with Rahu or with Ketu, the nativity does NOT contain the Kala Sarpa yoga.

Please see also KSY comments by BV Raman.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: respected Madam,

My daughter is causing us a lot of anxiety. She is very spiritually oriented , but had some disturbing experiences. She is under medical care for Obsessive Compulsion Disorder.

She is scared to seek work, though the doctor recommended going out of the house . She doesn't need to work as her husband is well paid .

In her horoscope I was told that she has Kala Sarpa Yoga as all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. We got the remedial puja done at Sri Kalahasti temple and got japa done for her by our priests.

I saw your web site and am convinced about your recommendation of Seva or service as an effective remedy.

As she is in a delicate state mentally, I would like to consult you on her behalf.

We would like to do everything possible see that our daughter is safe.

Please advise. With high regards ...

A: Namaste,

There is no need to worry about obtaining a Kala-Sarpa Yoga remedy.

KSY does not need a remedy. It needs intelligent understanding. KSY is an astrological birth condition which indicates that an individual is born with the purpose to serve a group that is larger than self -- such as a family, a tribe, or a nation.

The nature of the service is often sacrificial in that one's own lifestyle preference may be ignored in favor of doing what the group, tribe, or nation needs one to do.

Famous KSY examples include

Do not be superstitious.

In fact, the best thing you can do for your daughter is to release all fear on her behalf. Do not worry for yourself, and do not worry for her.

Have faith in the 100% intentional integrity of each individual incarnation. Be loving. Eschew criticism and judgment. Smile wisely at public opinion. Be rational and honest in approach, and consult a qualified Ayurvedic physician.

Ask a reputable Ayurvedic practitioner about whether Ayurvedic techniques including diet adjustments may aid or soften the modern OCD diagnosis. Often the calming effects of panchakarma therapy can relieve anxiety and calm the concern.

wishing you and your family every happiness and success,


BP Lama Jyotisha


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