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mean-nodes vs. (misnomer) true-nodes

Rahu samchara * transit bhava-8

Rahu occupies 8th-from-Chandra

  1. [Rahu-Mesha-Aja]
  2. [Rahu-Urisha] [uchcha]
  3. [Rahu-Mithuna]
  4. [Rahu-Karkata]
  5. [Rahu-Singha] [nīcha]
  6. [Rahu-Parthya]
  7. [Rahu-Tula]
  8. [Rahu-Vṛścika]
  9. [Rahu-Dhanus]
  10. [Rahu-Makara-Draco]
  11. [Rahu-Kumbha] [svakshetra]
  12. [Rahu-Meena]

Mystical initiators, agents of revolutionary transformation, shocking discovery, and secret-keeping disguise


AUM ram ravahe namah


राहु rāhu

Professor Rahu

dhatu √ रभ् rabh = grab, seize, take-hold

अर्करिपु arka-ripu = enemy of Arka

चन्द्रारि chandra-ari = enemy of Chandra

चाण्डाल cāṇḍāla chandala = outcast, outside the boundary, pariah, worst, lowest

भुजङ्गम bhujaṅgama = serpent-demon

खेट khe-ṭa = air-moving, cavity, hollow, aperture अर्कशशिशत्रु arka-śaśi-śatru = enemy (shatru) of the sun (arka) and the moon (shashi)


enemy (shatru) of the sun (arka) and the moon (shashi)

resides in


रन्ध्र randhra = aperture, sphincter, hollow, cave, opening

मृत्यु mṛtyu = death, dying, fatality

आयु āyu = life, lifespan, mobility

निर्यत् niryat = going forth, exiting, coming out, set free

Caput Draconis

Head of the Dragon

North Node



the eighth house

mors * renatus

see also: Rahu in 8th-from-Chandra

"A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them."

~~Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung


Mahakala, the wrathful protector of Vajrayana Dharma



[for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

[passion for active identity transformation] [seeks prestige physical initiations] [ambitious embodied discoveries] [fascinating evolutionary energy]

[Rahu-Urisha] [uchcha]

[for Tulā indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Shukra for defining source of Rahu's apparently musical, enriching sensuality

[passion for high-value identity transformation] [seeks prestige secret knowledge] [rebirthing-rebranding of traditional values]

  • POTUS-pair-42 + USA Secy State 1947- Hillary Clinton [regulatory-governing Kṛttikā-2]



[for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Budha for defining source of Rahu's apparently explanatory, communicative flair

[ambitious instructions for revolutionary change] [seeks prestige via secret information] [over-reaching desire to transform the scripted process]

[passion for detailed disguise] [unorthodox writing-editing about evolutionary cycles] [undisclosed manager of exciting secret projects]

[risky taboo-challenging hidden communications] [fascinatingly fabulous camouflaged coupling]



[for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Chandra for defining source of Rahu's apparently familiar, rhythmic entrancement

[ambitious comforting in times of revolutionary change] [nourished by prestige initiations] [desire to transform the old customs]

[seeks opportunity via mysteriously shrouded rhythmic insight]

secret police, hidden boundary protections


[for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Surya for defining source of Rahu's apparently ingenious, brilliant entitlements

[ambitious entitlements in times of revolutionary change] [unique prestige initiations] [desire to creatively transform the political powers]

secret political entitlements, hidden intelligence


[for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Budha for defining source of Rahu's apparently logical, articulate argumentation

[opportunism in secret conflicts] [undisclosed service for social mobility] [revelation of hidden power via logical argumentation] [desires transformation via detailed reasoning]

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton [algorithmic-routinized Hasta-4]


[for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

[ambitious negotiations in times of revolutionary change] [seeks alliance via prestige initiations] [desire to transform legal agreements]

[craves secret deal-making] [intriguing hidden marriages] [fascinating disguised arrangements]


[for Mesha indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Mangala for defining source of Rahu's apparently mysterious, discovering energy

[ambitious discoveries in times of revolutionary change] [seeks healing empowerment via prestige initiations] [desire to transform the core identity]

craves unexpected explosions, fascinating hidden poisons


[for Urisha indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

[transformative beliefs in times of revolutionary change] [prestige doctrinal initiations] [desire to transform the beliefs]

craves secret philosophy, taboo-challenging hidden worldview

  • France-Emperor 1769-1821 Wars Napoleon Bonaparte [champion-challenger Mūla-1]

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock [financial-oratorical Mūla-2] [navamsha Rahu-Urisha-uchcha]


  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington [calculating-logistical Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2]

  • POTUS-27-pair Cherry Trees 1861-1943 Nellie Herron Taft [exploring-disguising Pūrvāṣāḍhā-4]


[for Mithuna indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

[transformative laws regulate revolutionary change] [boundary-breaching step-wise hierarchical discoveries]

[ambition for explosive change within brittle status-rank structures] [excitingly energized yet orderly exposure of secrets]

[Rahu-Kumbha] [svakshetra]

[for Karkata indriya lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

[transformative economics in times of revolutionary change] [prestige community initiations] [desire to transform the marketplace systems]

[craves secret gainful linkages] [entrancing hidden friendships]


[for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-8 casts passionately secretive revelatory drishti into 12-2-4]

check Guru for defining source of Rahu's broad philosophical worldview

[transformative inner guidance in times of revolutionary change] [thrilled by dreamworld initiations] [over-reaching desire to envision the bridge between worlds]

[ambition for privately entranced invisible wholistic understanding]


  • POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford [political-demonstrating Andromeda-1]

Les agents provocateurs

  • seeks prestige via involvement with threat, alarm, sudden attack
  • thrilled by catastrophic risk
  • excited by fabulous emergencies
  • intrigued by dangerous conditions
  • craving for emblems of secret power
  • passion for secrets, hidden forces, terror

  • pursues social mobility via glamorous mysteries
  • wants access to confidential information
  • exhilarated by invasive change
  • insinuates transformative healing
  • seeks agency of spiritual initiation, baptism, born-again
  • desire to penetrate into the deepest core of rejuvenating life-force energy
  • fascinating camouflage

  • shimmering illusion of occult imagery
  • appearance of sudden penetration
  • mimics the release of unexpected force

  • seeks privilege via remarkable, important surgeries,
  • uses camouflaged empowerments
  • gives the impression of energetic eruption
  • promotes discovery of hidden forces in a culturally Mixed-and-Mottled style

  • may breach the established comfortable folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms
  • often over-extended in undisclosed, secret and confidential matters

Rahu in Bhava 8

= 8th- from any lagna

= 8th-from Chandra

Rahu-8 = fraud of exaggeration of mystical, occult, secretly-empowered transformations

There is nearly always some degree of secrecy required in the lives of those who choose to be born with Rahu in bhava-8.

Emergency, risk

The ambitious, socially mobile path toward privilege is composed of erupting forces, masked mysteries, confidential information, hidden liaisons and dangerous secrets.

Rahu's hidden arrangements may be personal, reproductive [8] political, sexual, financial, political, even spiritual.

  • POTUS-pair-44 Let's Move 1964- Michelle Robinson Obama [visionary-conceptual Arudra-4] unexpected [8] complications in chemistry of child-conception pushed the young couple into IVF treatments. Although eventually successful, according to MRO's memoire, the process produced deep inner transformation.

Empowered Agent of Taboo-breaking Evolution

Political Masque

  • POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford [Rahu-8 in political-demonstrating Andromeda-1] As a child, GRF lived under the veil of a falsified family identity. Famed for keeping secrets. As chair of the notoriously undisclosing Warren Commission, GRF was privy to shocking [8] classified reports on the assassination of JFK. He authored the final assessment, stating that the commission found /no new information/ . The true circumstances of the national trauma have yet to be revealed.

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon [secretive-eruptive Uttarabhadra-4]

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson [ideological-dogmatic Arudra-1] [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] (Warren Commission)

Doctrinal Masque

Financial Masque

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] = one of the most capitalized men in the USA during his term as POTUS-36. However, the true scope of LBJ's personal accounts was effectively hidden behind the culturally-masked executive director.

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon [secretive-eruptive Uttarabhadra-4] Tax evasion.

  • The owner and chief of operations was his wife, Ladybird Taylor [Shukra]. In those days, it would have been nearly unthinkable for a southern woman to own-and-operate a highly profitable radio-television business cartel. When Senator Johnson sponsored legislation that was exceptionally favorable to radio-television companies in the American South, there was nary a whiff of suspicion that he was directly promoting his own personal profit.

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington [exhilarating Rahu in calculating Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2] MCW held political, commercial, and financial confidences of her husband's revolutionary military campaigns.

Sexual Masque

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] conducted dozens of hidden sexual affairs, and supervised a few murders too.

  • India-PM 1889-1964 Toward Freedom Jawaharlal Nehru [governing-regulatory Arudra-2] JN was a handsome, powerful, gracious, educated man who cultivated the attentions of some beautiful, powerful, educated, gracious women.

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock was not only the master of film noir genre in mid-twentieth century English cinema; he was also a sexual predator whose exploitive demands upon virtually all of his female staff was effectively covered by a lifelong public marriage to a mousy, publicity-shy wife of record.

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton [defensive-habitual Hasta-4] was not only the curator of the secrets of earth's physical laws. He was also a gay man who had to conduct his relationships partly in code. Homosexuality could be a death sentence in his era.

  • Raag Khamaj 1920-2012 sitarist Ravi Shankar [musical-historical Viśākha-2] [navamsha Rahu-Urisha-uchcha] [Kuja-yuti-Rahu]

  • Puttarpathy 1926-2011 Sathya Sai Baba [proletarian-profitable Arudra-3] [Arudra-Chandra-yuti-Rahu-8] largely camouflaged by his management team, yet accused of sexual mistreatment of masculine devotees.

Rahu is fascinated by sudden release of hidden energy.

Claim to occult entitlements.

Rahu's self-elevating platform = the environment of the apertures tunnelized membrane openings between the worlds = conduits of the spirits = chakra, channels, rivers, naadi

Cycles of shockingly sudden change.

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton [roguish Rahu in occulted-8, algorithmic Hasta-4]

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [visionary-conceptual Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] [8, explosions]

Self-elevation through risky [Rahu] hidden liaisons , masked dealings, camouflaged treasuries.

Fascinated with dangerous, mysterious secrets.

Passion for Secrecy and Undercover Operations

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon [secretive-eruptive Uttarabhadra-4] Risk-rewarding Rahu occupies the emotionally-sourced mentality 3rd-from-Chandra and navamsha-3, churning the mind. During Budha-Ketu bhukti, in the final paranoid months of his presidency, rMN surreptitiously recorded all Whitehouse West-Wing conversations - without the knowledge or permission of the people being taped. Nixon became obsessed with fantasized Invisible Enemies [Rahu-8 drishti into 12, and 12 owned/aspected by Chandra-6-Makara]. His paranoia rose to such a height that even at the end of extremely busy Chief Executive days, he secretly reviewed the tapes each night.

Gets involved with occult knowledge

Rahu + Chandra= sudden upheaval regarding the mother

Rahu + Surya = sudden upheaval regarding the father

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 = a very dicey but high-potential position which can result in

sudden unexpected transformation of identity

reptilian trickery regarding the spousal family of origin and spouse's assets

acquisition of hidden wealth and secret knowledge

Full scope of effects depends upon which graha occupy bhava 12, 2, and 4.

bhava-8 = 5th from 4th

Politics and Charisma (5) of Educational Diplomas (4)

Danger and Discovery

Unlike inactive, witnessing Ketu in 8 which is overall a spiritually beneficial placement, rahu in 8 can represent a losing gamble with the dangers of sudden often violent and unexpected changes, specifically changes which initiate the Conditions of dematerialization.

Pretentious Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 = ambition to discover the hidden energetic forces which animate the unknown.

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [visionary-conceptual Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] (8 explosions, sudden deadly force). AE discovered numerous phenomena of nature including the fourth dimension of physical reality

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock [financial-oratorical Mūla-2] [navamsha Rahu-Urisha-uchcha] psychological secrets, hidden realities, sudden emergence, masked motivations

Craving for the "born again" experience

Renegade Rahu tries to trick and deceive The Conditions of dematerialization, using threats to life for His own instrumental purposes.

Devious Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 may be intrigued by tantrik promises of fleshly immortality and perhaps become fascinated by the privileges of empowerment through the dark forces.

In His arrogance, rahu may underestimate the true intensity of the dark force and the corresponding frailty of human defense against annihilation is not recognized until Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 has entered the inextricable vortex tunnel.

In compounded difficulties such as harsh drishti of Kuja to 8 and other hasteners, possibility of unintentional suicide and other outcomes resulting from the pichchala-karaka's slippery movement to trick the Conditions of dematerialization.

  • " Nirvana" musician, Kurt Cobain

Fascination [Rahu] with the wealth of the partner (2nd from 7th)

Fascination with the Knowledge of the partner (2nd from 7th)

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [visionary-conceptual Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] was considered to have obtained much benefit from the ideas of his first wife, herself a gifted physicist

Opportunistic advantage gained from making sudden unexpected changedFrance-Emperor 1769-1821 Wars Napoleon Bonaparte [champion-challenger Mūla-1]

  • NB shifted political loyalties every few months, fighting three-way battles, taking glamorous center-stage positions on the battlefield -- then, disappearing for holiday retreat -- then, suddenly promoted to a higher title despite critical absence from duty. All the while, naB was fascinating [Rahu] the audience by wearing dashing uniforms ornamented with medallions and ribbons.

Rahu in bhava-8 = fascinated by the lure of privileged secrets.

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [visionary-conceptual Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] (8 explosions, sudden deadly force) devastating secret bombs capable of large-scale annihilation

Suggests the fascination [Rahu] of extramarital (8) intrigue - but the outcome depends on Rahu's ruler .

Two examples of a Rahu-timed extramarital fascination which harmonized into a second marriage due to the stability of Rahu's ruler

  • Syriana 1961- drama-activist George Clooney [commercial-planning Magha-3]

Excellent placement for

  • professions of masking, hiding, camouflage and disguise

  • high-risk work in volatile environments

  • double-agents and spies

A great desire to be recognized as a discoverer or transformative healer, although one has not yet earned the insight. Via Rahu's characteristic over-promotion, professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 often gets into misguided tantric or confidential practices that are"over their head" .

  • Great Leap Forward via Discovery:Occult and Confidential knowledge, Hidden Assets, Emergencies

  • Discovery - recovery

  • Elevation through revelation

Rahu Risk-taking as a response to conflict

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 = 6th-from = bhava- 3, might feel compelled toward illicit behaviors by a conflict with commercial business, the siblings, or the family of the 2nd spouse

Expedient Ambition to Possess Mysterious Secrets

Passion to challenge conventional boundaries that define Hidden or Confidential Knowledge and Sudden, Forced Changes

  • Hunger to Possess forensic knowledge and tantric mysteries

  • Rahu-8 can "leapfrog" to higher occult-knowledge status in realms of secret monies, emergencies, catastrophic change, surgery, and magic, often by "marrying up" .

The partner-helpmate's contribution to assets (2nd from 7th) = masked in secrecy

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [transformative- regenerating Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] (8 explosions, sudden deadly force) secret scientific development of the bomb to end all wars, potentially to end all of terrestrial life.

Uses surreptitious or unconventional methods to obtain credibility in situations of catastrophic change , radical healing, emergencies, interventions and invasive "break-ins "

radical asset discoveries = uncovering the existence of hidden natural resources

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [visionary-conceptual Uttarāṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] = annihilating power of nuclear fusion

exposing the psychological hidden motivations

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock [financial-oratorical Mūla-2] [navamsha Rahu-Urisha-uchcha]

Rahu_Mesha_oilfire.pngDesire to Discover the Hidden

privilege attained via camouflage

occult fascinations

advantage achieved via emergency, catastrophe, disaster, terror

craving for environments that contain thrilling, dangerous, revolutionary, exciting, undisclosed secrets

social mobility achieved via important

  • transformation of identity
  • revolution, recycling, rejuvenation, revival
  • sudden, unexpected changes
  • surgery, invasion, explosion
  • spouse's family, spouse's assets, hidden monies, tax-shelters, insurance pools, lotteries
  • confidential relationships
  • undisclosed environments, captivating secrets, tantra
  • healing refreshment, death of spouse (widowing)
  • emergency, eruption of hidden forces, upheaval
  • disaster-response, catastrophe-management

Rahu drishti to 12, 2, 4 amplifies the clandestine-sanctuary (12) and treasury-acquisition (2) and environmental-protective attributes.

seeks extraordinary [Rahu] privilege within confidential, secretive, undisclosed, tantric, mystical, identity-transformative, trauma-healing environments (9)

privilege sought via re-invention of Self

disguised as a transformative, healing figure

ambition for new identity, renaissance, rebirth

instrumental expedience of masked resources:

desire to utilize hidden treasures

elevation via secret liaisons; via cultures of secrecy and silence; via occult knowledge, via confidential information, via healing mysteries

ambition to rejuvenate, rebirth, reconstitute, renovate, discover and reveal

fascinating internal reproductive parts

Rahu-ratna may be supportive during Rahu bhukti


Yama Thangka

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 strives to obtain the privilege accorded to those who can effect sudden, potent, instinctive, forced transformations of identity

Expedient invasive use of:

  • surgery


  • trauma

  • danger

  • poisons

sudden attack

hidden money

  • secret liaison

  • masks

  • camouflage

  • disguise

  • occult knowledge

Elevation via Destruction of Old Form, Transformation and Rebirth into New Form

  • Sudden, Unexpected New Identity

  • Secret, Undisclosed Resources

  • Hidden Assets

  • Revolutionary Change

  • Social mobility via trauma, catastrophe, upheaval, transformative force

  • Camouflaged actions and secret liaisons

  • provides extraordinary opportunities in dangerous, disastrous, traumatic, surgical, hidden, camouflaged, violently erupting, quickly changing, or suddenly transformative conditions

  • Trajectories of Transformation and Rebirth

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 wants transformative, supplanting, re-engineering empowerments which are outside the normal moral boundaries .

Rahu in Bhava-8 sudden revolution = privileges gained via secret knowledge and sudden, forced identity change.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 grants the ability to ambitiously and expediently utilize rule-breaking and mixing

Empowerment via the hidden (8) trajectories [Rahu] of transformation

Follows an upward trajectory via energy of disasters, upheavals, revolution, surgeries, hidden assets, tantric knowledge

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington - Rahu in bhava-8 social mobility via catastrophic sudden changes. Avowing a first marriage at age 18, she bore four children. Two of her kids died in childhood and the other two died in their teens-twenties. In the seventh year of marriage, her husband suddenly died. MCW's second marriage (age 27) to George Washington was vastly more influential, represented by her Budha + Mangala + Surya + Ketu in bhava-2 on the Dhanus-Mithuna axis, contact Washington's Dhanus-Chandra. MCW is often accounted as a primary financial agent of the Revolutionary Army, albeit Rahu-8 keeps secrets and most of the 1770's transactions remain hidden.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 = passion for sudden upheavals and energy recycling; often amplifies the potency of activities conducted in secrecy; has agency to magnify the conditions of flesh-death

Common placement in the nativities of lifepartners of high-ranking officials. They keep secrets. They are the secret-ar-ies.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 = overinvested in catastrophe, upheaval, sudden unexpected force. The native is fascinated by disasters, emergencies, conspiracies, hidden threats. Unless corrected by lawful Shani, one may become an alarmist or terrorist who is preys upon the human fear of sudden change.

Often a dramatic rise from the station of birth via extraordinary or exotic rebirth, dangerous environments, sudden upheavals, and the Conditions of dematerialization.

  • Unusual and advantageous circumstances regarding the partner's family (2nd-from-7) and marital assets.

  • Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 seeks to"get ahead" via confidential information, holding secrets, engagement with sudden eruptions of force, disasters, unexpected and overwhelming changes

  • attracted to positions such as 'executive secretary' wherein one knows, and can use for self-elevation, secret information about the business, about the boss

  • intelligence officers, police detective, disaster specialist

Quest for higher entitlements via

  • rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, "born again"

  • secret liaisons, hidden money, masked assets

  • disguised identity

  • occult mysteries, tantra

  • emergencies, sudden unexpected changes,

  • explosions, eruptions, disasters

  • surgery, forced transformations

  • reconstruction, rennovation

  • knowledge of the conditions of death

Professor Rahu generally wants what He lawfully cannot have or socially should not have .

Pretentious Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 wishes to obtain the privileges accorded to those who attend Great Transformations.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 is a master of rejuvenation, resuscitation, emergencies, an energetic pursuer of trauma intervention , askillful manager of affairs conducted with Great Secrecy.

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington * Rahu-8-Dhauzya ideology * clandestine information exchanges. In possession of significant inherited wealth, martha was a secret agent . In an era when few men believed that women were capable of reasoning, her successful camouflage was much aided by her gender.

  • Standard Oil 1874-1960 philanthropy John D. Rockefeller inherited (8) the massively capitalized assets of his robber-baron industrialist father. Taxation (8) of this hoard was cleverly manipulated [Rahu] via undisclosed payments to US Congressmen, who re-arranged the federal tax code to favor the Rockefeller interests. JDR was Rahu-enabled to make magnificent charitable grants, entirely at his own elite [Mesha] discretion, with no concern for tax consequences.

Whatever distinction Rahuva obtains in the hungry question for recognition, He will never be satisfied.

Immediately upon obtaining the object of desire, rahu again yearns for more, better, different privileges given to the class of beings who show intensively transformative instincts, responsive movement in a state of terror, and rebirth during catastrophic change. Every day begins with renewed lust for this ephemeral prize.

Mesmerizing identity-changes

  • Standard Oil 1874-1960 philanthropy John D. Rockefeller * became a great agent of social transformation via access to undisclosed massive amounts of capital. JDR experienced an extreme change of identity when he abandoned directorship of Standard Oil and US Steel to pursue a life of shockingly ambitious philanthropy

As much as Rahu hungers for recognition by those who deal in conditions of emergency, terror, disaster, and threat to life, rahu is frustrated in the veiled, under-cover conditions of randhrasthāna. Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 can only be acknowledged secretly.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 often brings substantial inheritance, which Pretentious Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 wants to use as a catapult into higher privilege even while one tries to hide the money.

Entitlement sought : Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 wants to appear as a legitimate, credible holder of status-rank in the class of beings

  • holders of confidential information, secret-keepers, masked by camouflage, transformers, magicians and tantriki, those who deal with sudden eruptions of force, one who has psychological control, who can read patterns of invisible or subtle influence,

  • who drills, digs, or dives, or plunges into the unknown, excavators and exhumers, surgeons, one who understands and can act upon the cycles of self-destruction and rebirth,

  • discovers hidden resources, finds hidden treasure, receives inheritance, who turns the wheel of birth and death.

If Mangala or randhresha-8 = strong, rahu may take whatever risks are necessary to achieve membership in this class of beings.

strong association with socially risky, desire-driven extramarital relationships

Hidden resources,

hidden infiltrations

hidden forces

hidden conditions

hidden monies,

hidden subsidies

" on the take"

- and its consequences

Hidden hoards of confidential information

Hidden Sources of Financial Wealth

Hidden eruptions, secret forces, masked conditions:

" As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be, you can't see how it is." ~~ Ram Dass

The Chosen

One wishes to feel specially "chosen" for a privileged role: permission to join elite secret societies and confidential knowledge reserves.

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [imaginative-abstract ̄ṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] (8 explosions, sudden deadly force) AE had membership in the secret group of WWII scientists who had access to both Nazi advanced weapons technology and also the USA Manhattan Project.

As the great taboo-breaker, rahu destroys customary moral boundaries and behavioral consistency

  • in the spouse's family (in-laws)

  • in the inheritance and shared marital assets

  • in mysterious affairs such as covert military invasions, uncovering ancient history, surgeries, birth and death,

  • tantrik yoga practices

  • in catastrophic emergence.

Les agents provocateurs represented by Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8

The agent desires to obtain privileged experiences by"leapfrog" without having followed the conventional proving steps toward social approval of"mystery" (8 = exploration of the hidden, magical, occult).

Thus Rahu in 8 disturbs the credentialing process and existing orderly limits regarding

  • management of the joint assets of marriage,

  • handling sudden emergencies

  • discovery of hidden resources

  • secret money and confidential information

  • cycle of destruction and rebirth

  • relationship with in-laws

  • surgery disaster catastrophic change and sudden transformations

Depending on the strength of Rahu and Rahu's planetary lord, professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 may suffer an passion for secrets.

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [imaginative-abstract ̄ṣāḍha-4] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] (8 explosions, sudden deadly force) had a secret, long-undiscovered first child, adaughter named Lieserl. She was born before his first marriage to the girl's mother.

  • AE discovered numerous secrets of the atomic level of terrestrial physics. He worked on secret weapons of mass destruction which resulted in the sudden and violent conditions of dematerialization for Nagasaki-Hiroshima in WWII. Einstein had scientific collaborators, but he would never reveal or acknowledge their contributions to his work.

Rahu is beneficial in bhava-8, but only for magical or tantric healings, such as surgery, and emergency intervention . Rahu in bhava-8 may bring inherited wealth , and surprisingly broad access to privileged information. Much hidden interaction with foreigners, exotic and secret world-power lineages (if in a regal sign) and a great attraction to situations involving catastrophic, forced, and sudden changes.

Hunger for the hidden, secret, mysterious, confidential, deadly, dangerous, or taboo.

Keynote of interventionist healers in the Acute transitional stages of life and death. Makes an excellent psychiatrist and medical or crime writer. Engaged with the rebuilding of identity after catastrophic change. Intrigued by the extraordinary disruption of life force during emergencies.

Hunger for immersion in sudden movements of the cycle of birth and death, such as acute psycho-medical trauma, emergency first-responder, medical"triage" , wills and estates, large-scale taxation, managing weapons of mass destruction, awareness of forces of great evil in the world.

  • the birth family of the spouse will have exotic or underclass attributes.

    Death by poison/drugs, snake-venom, or mysterious surprise attack.

Rahu's quick-ascending tunnel-up passageway =

Bhava-8 provides the snake-hole aperture through which the ambitious Naga King slithers, slides, and springs upward.

[Rahu in bhava-8] = Ketu in bhava-2

chalakaraka 'slippery' Rahu in bhava-8

  • Ambition to obtain "by whatever means necessary" the privileges accorded to holders of mysterious or confidential empowerments

  • fascination with The financial wealth of the partner

  • passion for clandestine liaison; craving to be acknowledged as an important figure in times of crisis and transformation;

    a healer and a knower of intimate secrets.

  • One's connection to the power-source of destruction-and-rebirth cycles = amplified and one seeks the power to engage with the forces of sudden, unexpected change.

chidrakaraka 'beheaded' Ketu in bhava-2

  • 'say whatever you want'

  • Ambivalence toward the family lineage history;

    toward face, hair, teeth, mouth and eyes; eating and food; toward language, speech and song; toward meter and verse; toward received values; scattered focus on containment of financial wealth .

  • apathetic, disengaged with treasuries of valuable goods and conserved knowledge, Yet, there are no barriers preventing acquisition of herds, hoards, and collections of stored value. Wealth outcome depends on Ketu's lord.


Bodily vitality and social personality difficulties

" Damned if you do; damned if you don't."

When Rahu = 8, naaturally Ketu = 2, then bhava-1 social personality enters a bad-angle position= a feeling of being trapped in the wrong body.

the notoriously challenging 6th-from-Rahu = an attempt at quick self-elevation during which one becomes the victim of fraud or tricky deceit during the conception process

the notoriously challenging 12th-from-Ketu = an attempt to withdraw from involvements with the family lineage (2) during which one is prevented from clean cut separation because 12th-from-Ketu frustratingly 'dissolves the detachment' and re-invigorates the historic family bond.

This sort of body and the social personality which develops on its basis is adversarial to Pretentious Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 's true spiritual self and unsatisfying to the point of impoverishment or physical illness, yet psychically [Ketu] it is quite hard to get out of the body.

A compulsive keeper of secrets.

Fascinated with the secrecy surrounding taboo actions and desirous of tantrik knowledge. Wants to explore and Adventure in forbidden areas, both physical and psychological. Likes to stir the cauldron. Easily gets into secret terrain that is "over one's head" .

May secretize information which was previously openr.

  • Causes and Conditions of dematerialization are related to the randhresha-8 and to Rahu, including illicit desire and pursuit of risk

  • death in a foreign place, or surrounded by strangers .

  • Funeral full of oily smoke from incense at the burning ghat.

  • Surprisingly auspicious!

  • Tantrik benefits accrue. In extreme cases, following the myth of Rahu, the head may be severed.

  • Presence of naga spirits.

Other People's Money (8)

Can be tempted to file false insurance claims, invest cintamani * mani * money which in truth belongs to others, and claim expertise not truly possessed ... because Pretentious Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 sees these temporary little white lies as small expediencies which can assist the overall trajectory, and Naturally, these small misallocations will be forgotten once Rahu arrives in the glorious elite.

QUOTATION from Das / Behari

" ... you are always trying to attain your goal, but unfortunately your goal is not often clear to you.

Under such conditions you always worry about unimportant things or strive after something which seems important momentarily but gives no ultimate satisfaction,

  • and to attain your assumed objective you may associate with undesirable characters who bring a bad name.

You suffer from complex ailments which are difficult to diagnose.

Rahu promotes health; promises longevity; grants gifts, legacies and inheritance from the dead.

You are extravagant, sick, strife with brothers , life away from birthplace, unhappy family life.

Denied happiness through spouse, children, honor, education; suffers from diseases of rectum, diabetes; hindrances or enemies.

  • Complains of gastralgia or hystericus etc.

Denied patrimony.

Respected and recognized by the rulers and pundits.

Fortune smiles once; but losses mock you again and again.

Forsaken by the noble for no reason.

  • Gain of sufficient wealth from the government.

  • And sometimes it is lost.

Well-built, short-tempered .

Free from danger; suffers from diseases of the generative organs, hydrocele, gain through defeated enemy. Trouble, ill-spoken, slow coach and ailing.

Vicious. Much trouble and suffering.

Praised by the state. Condemned by some. Many ups and downs.

  • Stomach problem through hard labor.

Honor and fame from the government, naoble by deed and thought, healthy, some income or employment.

  • Happy in old age.

  • Infections."

Animosity and Conflict via Rahu-resides-8 =

6th-from randhrasthāna = bhava-1 =

During Rahu bhukti if rogesha-6 from Rahu is strong, one may be forced into servitude, conflict, sickness, or crime by hostile social response to the appearance of The earthen body and critical, argumentative, or accusing behaviors embedded in the social personality


6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu =

Primary agents of polarizing catalysis

6/12 agency bhava-1

6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu

The bhava which = 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu = most conflicted, adversarial, toxic, frustrating, every-way-but-loose environment of the nativity

By knowing the axis of radix Rahu-Ketu, it will be possible to predict which department of life will cause consistently the most persistently volatile and recurring yet seemingly uncontrollable polarizing catalysis for Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 r.

Compared to 6th-from-Shani

6th-from-Shani-related disagreement and conflict improves with age, naeutrality, and patience.

  • However, 6th-from-Rahu + 12th-from-Ketu variety of conflict due to overstepping the bounds of one's rightful place (6th-from-Rahu) plus loss of meaningful engagement due to apathy (12th-from-Ketu) reappears in a new guise during each subsequent Rahu bhukti.


6th-from-Rahu = the disagreements, disappointments, broken contracts, accusation, arguments, and adversarial relationships which originate in entrancing Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 's attempt to self-elevate via quick, unconventional and generally unearned increase in social rank and privilege.

6th-from-Rahu shows the adversarial relationships, illness, and financial imbalance-seeking-a-remedy such as debt leading to poverty or servitude, which are triggered by Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 's instinctive desire [Rahu] to challenge boundaries and leap-frog over customary stepwise earnings.

Consequences of 6th-from angles are pre-incarnationally planned to occur within the Learning Pathway. Persons whom one may have inadvertently harmed in parallel lives may suddenly appear as exploiters, enemies, or disease agents during periods of Rahu or lord of 6th-from-Rahu. They enforce servitude, start conflicts, and cause or treat disease during this period.

  • Effects of 6th-from-Rahu do not necessarily reflect any present-life crime or dishonor committed by Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 . The origins of Rahu-Ketu drama are often shrouded in the mists of previous lives.

  • Neutral acceptance of the realities of"6th-from"accusations, disregard for agreements, and ill-will in humanity is often the only available strategy for dealing with this recurring situation.


12th-from-Ketu = loss of vitality, dissolution of enthusiasm, drained energies, erosion of conviction, disengagement, and general ennui regarding persons, topics, and relationships which are already weakened due to Ketu's residence in the bhava.

  • Effects of 12th-from-Ketu are relatively subtle yet often deeply frustrating; there is not enough energy or enthusiasm available to summon, not enough fuel in the tank, to get going toward solution of 12th-from-Ketu homework-problems.

  • Neutral acceptance of inevitable loss is Typically, the only available strategy.


The native typically does not desire to eradicate their power to control secret knowledge. It is a precious and intriguing capability. The earthen body may be exploited (6) for Rahu's purposes; the resulting imbalance-seeking-a-remedy can be corrected via Seva for those suffering mysterious or undiagnosable disease (6). Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 is a healer's placement, and when properly used entrancing Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 can become the agent of miraculous transformations.

Effects of Rahu mahadasha 18 years

Effects of Rahu bhukti

Effects of Rahu pratyantardasha

During periods of Rahu, asurreptitious intruder or poseur enters the realm of sudden emergence and mysteries and confidential interactions.

  • The goal of the interloper is to break limits and challenge assumptions about the normal stepwise path of the normal stepwise path of acquisition of hidden knowledge and wealth .

  • One's passion for connecting to this enticing exotic agent is disruptive but exciting and each iteration breaks some limit upon how many and which types of secret knowledge one is allowed to explore.

The most salient effects of Rahu in bhava-8 - passion for secrets occur during Rahu mahadasha. Maximum outcome during svabhukti of Rahu-Rahu and also during the bhukti of Rahu's rashi-pati.

Also strong results of Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 should be expected during each of the nine bhukti of Rahu which occur within the 120 year Vimshottari Dasha.

During any Rahu bhukti, expectations must be adapted to the angle between the Mahadasha-pati and Rahu.

Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 generates urgent ambition to obtain greater social-material privileges via display of confidential information or knowledge of catastrophically dangerous situations. Suggests a potential path of ascension via extramarital intrigue However, the emotional urge for secrecy may equally likely express via clandestine political affair involving hidden power or cleverly hidden financial assets.

The methods of expedient self-elevation for entrancing Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 include "appropriation" of the instruments of bhava-8 such as promotion to higher emergency-management rank; surgical distinction; healing roles; handling explosive, revolutionary, sensitive or classified information;, and environments of great danger or secrecy.

Although Professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 has not yet * earned* the higher entitlements which are normally accorded to tantriki, surgeons, nauclear physicists, physicians of world leaders, and disaster first-responders, professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8 is motivated by a hungry desire to grasp these entitlements in a"fast-track" fashion. His obsession is boundless.

  • Typically during the first portion of the Rahu period, the Risk-Lover will succeed in rising above the privilege accorded to His station of birth - sometimes dramatically so.
  • However, toward the end of the Rahu bhukti, just at the moment when He would appear to have achieved His goal, rahu typically suffers a sudden fall from the improperly appropriated entitlements.
  • A more normal course of [akashic memory patterning] in the nativity is then recovered.

during Vimshottari periods of Rahu, professor Rahu teaching in classroom-8's upward trajectory may involve fraudulent or irregular handling of secret money, secret knowledge, or secret relationships that are"over one's head" .

Final results depend on the disposition of the ruler of Rahu's rashi.


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