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Ketu in 12th-from-Chandra

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Ketu Yantra from

AUM kem ketave namah

OM shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah

केतु ketu

Professor Ketu

शिखिन् śikhin [comet, one reaching peak knowledge]

आकाश ākāśa [ether, space, vacuity]

विशिरस्क viśiraska [no śiras, headless]

रुण्डक ruṇḍaka headless body

कबन्ध / कावन्ध kāvandha [appearing as a headless trunk]

रिक्त rikta [empty]

kha [space]

प्रलय pralaya [loss of awareness, cosmic dissolution]

resides in




Cauda Draconis

Tail of the Dragon

South Node

Caesura [cut]

Comet-tail [Ketu-tārā]




the twelfth house


see also: Caput Draconis in Piscium


Foggy night, bridge in Praha * Prague


Ketu in bhava 12 = Rahu in bhava 6

  • ambivalence [Ketu] toward privacy, meditation, retreat, ancestor -guides, and dreams; scattered approach toward obtainment of sanctuary

  • Ketu-12 = disregard for the conventional protocol of the bedroom, the meditation sanctuary, the hospital, and the prison

  • desire [Rahu] to be recognized as a powerful agent of conflict and distrust : a clever adversary , a smart criminal (6), a shrewd litigator, an exotic druggist, or renegade genius of military (6) logistics

Scattering instruction conveyed by ancestral voices

  • Their message = "abandon all hope" .

Fragmented or disconnected intuition due to weak psychic boundaries while an ambitious and charismatic criminal [Rahu] enjoys an adversarial or exploitive environment (6). The mothers relatives may have predatory characteristics and while Professor Ketu is aware of this situation, He is unable to prevent their illicit activities.

Scattering effects within enclosures such as hospitals and hotels. Beneficially, the enemies of the partner are dispersed. However, the father's caretakers (4th-from-9th) are not a wholesome influence.

Directive signals from the ancestors (12) may become scattered; although dream-life is easy to access. Beneficially, a preponderance of instruction from spirit guides which emphasizes and instructs on the topics of sacrifice, severance, surrender, release, and forgiveness.

Ketu is generally not interested in conventional methods of reflection and prayer. Public * worth-ship * worship may be coherent but private * worth-ship * worship may be eccentric and eclectic.

Beneficially, the opportunity for direct clairsentient revelation on a private basis is wide open, presuming that ruler-of-12 is well disposed. Ketu-12 may grant exceptionally gifted clairvoyance.

Yet, if clairsentient gifts are noticed there can be initial negative effects of incomplete grounding and inability to control an inconsistent flow of guidance. It may be difficult to"turn off" the source of intuitive instruction.


crumbling sanctuary near to Grewelthorpe

in North Yorkshire, Great Britain

Public Figure Examples


[beneficial placement for Urisha indriya-lagna]

[dispersed engagement with innovative conceptual thought] [dissolution of wartime back-channels] [restless apathy toward research competitors]

[surrenders pioneering visions] [forgives broken fresh-start private guidance] [abandons unsustainable materialization fantasies] [absent from empty blood contemplations]

[disregards invasive clandestine conventions] [eccentricly imaginative distribution systems]

[passively fixated on ambitiously diplomatic-partnering Rahu-Tula-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]

  • General Electric 1847-1931 Thomas Edison [champion-competitive Asvini-1]


[beneficial placement for Mithuna indriya-lagna ]

check Ketu's ruler Shukra for compensating agreements despite private disengagement

[dissociated from invisible historical roles]

[few/no boundaries within sensual private spaces] [no barriers to asset movement between foreign lands] [potentially unfettered awareness in cloistered earthy settings]

[release from treasury-caused imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner values] [unlimited sound-color fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined financial annihilation] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive preservative guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously secretive-emerging Rahu-Vṛścika-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]

  • Microsoft global philanthropist Bill Gates [political-theatrical Mriga-1]



[beneficial placement for Karkata indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible management roles] [few/no boundaries within communicative private spaces] [no barriers to commercial movement between foreign lands] [potentially unfettered awareness in cloistered explanatory settings]

[release from conversational imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner gestures] [unlimited talkative fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined information annihilation]

[may perceive non-verbal intuitive instructional guidance] [passively fixated on ambitiously inspirational-dogmatic Rahu-Dhanus-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


[beneficial placement Simha indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible parenting roles] [few/no boundaries within sheltered private spaces] [no barriers to customary movement between foreign lands] [potentially unfettered awareness in cloistered marine settings]

[release from ritualized imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner security] [unlimited defended fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined land-ownership annihilation] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive protective guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitious regulatory Rahu-Makara-Draco-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


  • Superman 1952-2004 tetraplegia Christopher Reeve [profitable-distributive Aśleṣa-3]


[beneficial placement for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible dramatic roles] [few/no boundaries within romantic private spaces] [no barriers to speculative movement between foreign lands] [potentially unfettered awareness in cloistered mountaintop settings]

[release from political imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner intelligence] [unlimited demonstrative fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined gambling annihilation] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive idealistic guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously friendly- profitable Rahu-Kumbha-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]

  • Jane Wyman first life-partner of Ronald Reagan , A-List actress of her day

  • Sherlock Holmes 1859-1930 occultist Arthur Conan Doyle [competitive-dominating Magha-1]


[beneficial placement for Tulā indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible service roles] [few/no boundaries within assistive private spaces] [no barriers to ministering movement between foreign lands] [potentially unfettered awareness in cloistered agricultural settings]

[release from unfair imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner humility] [unlimited exploitive fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined medical annihilation] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive helping guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously imaginative-symbolic Rahu-Meena-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]

  • UK-Princess Royal 1950- equestrienne Anne Laurence [visionary-charitable Uttaraphalgunī-4]



[beneficial placement for nergizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[disengaged from invisible contractual roles] [few/no boundaries within arranged private spaces] [no barriers to diplomatic movement between foreign lands]

[release from just imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner balance] [unlimited mutual fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined agreed-upon annihilation]

[may perceive non-verbal intuitive negotiating guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously competitive-challenging Rahu-Mesha-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


[Ketu-Vṛścika] [uchcha]

[beneficial placement for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna] [Super-Ketu, master of annihilation and rebirth]

[disengaged from invisible trauma-healing roles] [few/no boundaries within eruptively energized private spaces] [no barriers to undisclosed movement between foreign lands]

[release from secret imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner evolution] [unlimited frightening fantasy worlds] [unafraid of imagined catastrophic annihilation]

[may perceive non-verbal intuitive transformational guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously sensual-entreasuring Rahu-Urisha-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]

  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata [sheltering-defensive Viśākha-4]



[beneficial placement for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible theological roles] [few/no boundaries within doctrinal private spaces] [no barriers to inspirational movement between foreign lands]

[release from ideolologically-caused imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner faith] [unlimited theoretical fantasy worlds] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive philosophical guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously messaging-commercial Rahu-Mithuna-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


check Shani to determine non-material Ketu's material agenda

[beneficial placement for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible hierarchical roles] [few/no boundaries withiin conventional private spaces] [no barriers to orderly movement between foreign lands]

[release from legalized imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner architecture] [unlimited elite fantasy worlds] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive structured guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously protective-defensive Rahu-Karkata-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


check Shani to determine non-material Ketu's material agenda

[beneficial placement for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible marketplace roles] [few/no boundaries withiin communal private spaces] [no barriers to profitable movement between foreign lands]

[release from economically-cause imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner gridworks] [unlimited interlinked fantasy worlds] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive friendly guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously speculative-political Rahu in Singha-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


[beneficial placement for Mesha indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from invisible guidance roles] [few/no boundaries withiin imaginative private spaces] [no barriers to movement between dreamlike foreign lands]

[release from slumbering imprisonment] [unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner wisdom]

[unlimited clairsentient fantasy worlds] [may perceive non-verbal intuitive symbolic guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously ministering-assisting Rahu in Partha-6 physicians, medication, ailment, military, accusations, criminals, unfair conditions, broken promises, service providers, servants, domestic animals, helpers]


KETU IN Bhava-1 2 =

Similar to Ketu in 12th-from-Chandra

Ketu diffuses, scatters, nebulizes matters of His residential bhava.

[Ketu in classroom-12] benefits from a lack of restrictions on matters of the Other World,

  • including imagination, subconscious, prisons voluntary-and-involuntary, the bedroom, meditation, privacy, distant lands, the father's mother, the mother's father, isolation, sanctuary, clairsentience

Professor Ketu teaches on the topics of liberation from fixed form, freedom from conventional limitations, dispersal of burdens, and spiritual wandering.

Effects of Ketu include wandering in cloud-form (nebula) and unsettled, liberated behavior in the bhava.

Ketu grants the passive benefits of freedom-from , not the active benefits of freedom-to

[Ketu in Bhava-12] [beneficial] analgesia (incomplete pain)

  • Unsettled, disoriented, free-wandering, scattered imagination.
  • Often dissociated from private spiritual guidance.
  • Tends to walk away from fixed isolation.
  • Abandons conventional sanctuaries.
  • Disregard for the authority structures that maintain invisible institutions, such as hospitals, prisons, monasteries
  • Liberation via understanding that private environments are impermanent by design, including one's own bedroom,walled enclosures, or bridges to Other Worlds .


  • disregard for folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of who belongs in the bedroom

  • perpetual underlying psychic grief for some ineffable lost connection to sanctuary

  • Often an apparently successful person due to the materially favorable exploitations of Rahu-6

No-contact Ketu does not interfere with clairsentient spiritual communications. Ketu-12 is an asset to the practicing visionary. Ketu-12 does often shatter (Ketu shatter, split) the institutionalized prayer structures of conventional religion. Suddenly cut off from the source of reliable sanctuary.

Often Ketu-12 must wander the invisible worlds of bedroom, monastery, sanctuary, imagination. May expose the private life to unwanted public scrutiny. Dusthamsha Ketu = generally beneficial for purpose of psychic freedom.

Yet, if dissociative Ketu has difficult companions Ketu-12 can yield an incoherent imagination, hearing voices or wandering in search of sanctuary. Naturally, any graha yuti-Ketu can alter the outcomer.

Professor Ketu in the 12th bhava affects relationships in the private bedroom, the meditation hall, the prayer sanctuary, the monastery, and the dream world.

Tends to surrender the integrity of boundaries between the material world and the spirit world, such that Professor Ketu's narrative of disconnected wandering may become the tool of strong spirits.

In practical terms, there is often difficulty to establish any reliable boundaries in Professor Ketu's classroom, and there may be a rather hopeless struggle to defend one's private sanctuary against a prying public.

The bedroom (12) is not well guarded. Professor Ketu in His unbounded, unwalled, unrestricted attempts to explore the romantic imagination (12) may if the ruler is uncomfortable be intruded upon. Often a quixotic Don Juan figure in the romance department. As always with Rahu-12 or Ketu-12, the results of nodes in 12 = the bedroom, meditation sanctuary, distant lands, or clandestine research laboratory = will depend largely upon characteristics of Ketu's ruler.

Dusthamsha Beneficial Effects = Freedom from Connection to polarizing catalysis

Professor Ketu delivering His instructions via classrooms in sthāna-6, sthāna-8, or sthāna-12 may produce the apathetic, ego-disconnected " teflon" advantage.

Ketu-dusthamsha effects a slip off from the waking consciousness and one does not feel connected to previously productive polarizing catalysis (6,8,12) statements, commitments, declarations, relationships, etc.

Professor Ketu in bhava-12 provides a classroom consisting of distant lands, invisible activities, and abstract (not concrete) often unsupportable ideas

Apathetic or detached toward conditions of privacy, fantasies, imaginative worlds, enclosed pleasure-sanctuary relationships, animosity in contractual relationships, animosity with the spouse, long journeys, foreign travels , loss of identity, sanctuary, monastery, hospital, prison, concentration camps, asylum, meditation, enclosures, labyrinths, research, libraries, imagination, foreign identity, pilgrimage, surrender.

Neglects, fails to observe, or expresses disinterest in the boundaries which normally enclose private enclosures, the imagination, the intuition, privacy, sanctuary spaces, monasteries, meditation, foreign lands, long journeys, one's own parallel lives , hospitals and hospital officials.

Tends to act with disregard for conventional rules against medical advice in matters of release from hospital, from imprisonment, escape from capture, from distant lands.

Professor Ketu may create a classroom experience in which one wanders aimlessly, disregarding offers of sanctuary. Professor Ketu may instruct the native to hop fences "and cross barriers as one has little regard for separations or boundaries, personal, ethical, ethnic, religious, legal, or material.

Due to His no-barriers character, Professor Ketu's classroom-12 lacks privacy . Normally Professor Ketu in sthāna-12= too weak to provide effective separation from predators, either social-material or psycho-spiritual.

Gifted in imaginative works, conducting long journeys, and creation of sanctuary spaces, by one who is too restless to meditate, always disappointed in travel experiences, and cannot retain possession of the products of one's own imagination.

Dismemberment, dissolution, distance, deportation, departure

The corpse undergoes peculiar forms of disintegration, and may be dismembered [Ketu] after death (12).

  • the corpse of Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata , while thankfully not dismembered, was moved numerous times after her death and her burial was long delayed. She died in the motherhouse of her religious order, then the corpse was moved into a nearby church, and then after eight days (and probably some more shifting) her shriveled corpse was loaded onto a historic gun-carrier wagon (the same one used in the funerals of Gandhi and Nehru) and paraded through Kolkata for a state funeral.

Few limits or controls upon environments of 12 such as bedroom, hotel, hospital, hospice, distant lands, enclosures, cloister, sanctuary, meditation space, research lab, private retreats, or clandestine places.

Ketu in the 12th house indicates apathy or detachment toward sanctuary enclosures. Tends toward un-bound-aried expenditure, meditation and identity loss.

Similar effects may be felt when Ketu the Releaser occupies 12th-from-Chandra

Papa-graha in dusthamsha while materially frustrating may give quite beneficial spiritual results.

Ketu is a wanderer. Ketu wants to meditate, to be psychically attuned through neutral clairsentience -- seeing and hearing communication from the spirits, but NOT reacting to it and not getting committed to any relationship.

Ketu does not want the responsibility to maintain an intimate relationship. Occasional intimacy is OK, but Ketu will not support a contract like a marriage, or any long-term commitment. Ketu is quite detached: the Witness.

Ketu wants peace and quiet, especially in the bedroom for sleeping. Ketu needs more sleep than normal.


Potential for damage to the feet (12) via accident or injury when Ketu the Undefended receives malefic drishti which signals a ghostly attack.

Foot reflexology and massage of feet, anointing of feet in religious ceremonies, may be deeply healing and facilitate clairsentient listening.

Vimshottari period of Ketu

During Ketu bhukti of any mahadasha and acutely during the Ketu-Ketu svabhukti, one born with Ketu in Vyaya Bhava may have a sensation of material anchors / slipping away / in regard to matters of 12, such as

  • spiritual guides,
  • prayers,
  • divinations,
  • dreams,
  • imagination,
  • non-verbal intuitive conceptual thought,
  • research environments,
  • interior guidance,
  • hallucination,
  • long sojourn in foreign lands (e.g., military assignment)
  • private matters
  • enclosure such as dormitories and hospitals (12)

These matters seem to be rather persistently out of one's intentional control .

This Ketu-Bhukti feeling of being a drifting spectator toward the conditions of one's own life may be even more profound when either Chandra or the indriya-lagna occupy a Nakshatra of Ketuva - Aśvini, Magha - Regulus, or Moola.

QUOTATION from Das commentary WRT Ketu in bhava-12

" In your mind you think of spiritual life as real and true and so you know that material life is not the aim of life.

  • This comes gradually as you get older, as material expectations are one by one ruled out as unfulfilling.

  • Therefore, gradually through life, you spend more of your time and energy towards serving good causes.

Also, in an attempt to sort things out in this transition, you become restless ,

  • and sometimes try to spend for pleasure , only to feel increased frustration.

Overall, you should do well because of your sincere approach to life .

Areas to try to prevent disease troubles would include

  • the feet, eyes, and private parts."

[end quote]

As a rule, Papagraha in a dushthamsha generally can be expected to produce conflict-reduction and less fretting about adversarial conditions in 6-8-12.

Tends to disorient the potential difficulties of crossing the 12-bridge, which requires dissolving the embodied identity in order to experience the astral self. [Ketu disorientation]

 May connect very successfully with the quieter spirit guides who frequent serene, private, enclosures.

Regardless of how one is personally handling the world of private imagery and meditative practice, the native can passively reflect the fantasy lifestyle image of the psychic projections of the collective unconscious.

" No barriers " Ketu places the native upon vyaya's astral-material bridge (12) through direct intuition. No analysis, no cultural filters. In bhava-12, the experience is entering sanctuary of the inner mind.

Karaka Ketu-12 for"abandonment in the grotto" .

  • Illness and argumentation of the spouse are ignored.

  • One is not interested in the spouse's conflicts with others, including spouse going to jail or other consequences of spousal conflict with others.

Marginalized by the ashram, hospital, sanctuary, or research establishment. Private fantasies are weak, and closed-door negotiations fail.

  • One loses interest in dreams and bed-pleasures.

  • The marriage partner may seek alternatives, but one is not concerned with such a loss.

Ketu the Witness accepts losses.

Ketu the Witness accepts everything.

Results Depend upon the bhava ruled by Ketu's lord.

Double detachment. Native is highly sensitive to communications from spirits and presences without bodies. May not be inclined toward any specific spiritual practice, but tends to wander from temple to temple, or landscape to landscape, just looking.

during bhukti of Ketuva, there is a Disengagement and Witness Wisdom via pilgrimage, wandering, and clandestine operations in foreign lands.

  • Favors wandering in foreign lands, long retreats, deep meditations, and extraordinary psychic channeling. If one is engaged in psychic work one should request an outside grounding control to ensure protection from hitch-hiking or predatory spirits.

  • Tends to be a loner and while one can channel spiritual information from the ancestors for the benefit of others, one rarely can do this service for one's own self.

  • Does not connect consciously to the world of dreams, simply lives with this background awareness until asked to give a read-out.

The material manifestation of the bhava that are ruled by Ketu's lord are not harmed.

Psychological expectation of abandonment and rejection by the ancestors, by meditation guides, and by shepherds or pathfinders in general (Ketu = abandonment, chidrakaraka)

Tends to surrender or give away one's fantasies, privacy, sanctuary, dreams.

  • Feels that meditation, sleep, prayer, and philosophical reflection are merely a mirage .

Malefic graha in dushthamsha can give comfortable and pleasing results .

One is disconnected from his inner sanctuary but he becomes available for helping those most deeply in need

Collapsing Ketu signals disconnection/ Vyaya-sthāna signals dreamy, intuitive disconnection from the logical constraints which enable to imagination. Despite initial restlessness, one may settle into enthusiastic // giving away// of outdated attachments - which weren't going to last anyway.

Good prognosis for spiritual release and deep neutrality toward all attachments, even those emotional attachments which exist only in fantasy and dreams. The native tends to enjoy a calm meditation space, but this one will not be much interested in elaborate meditative instructions. Natural adept of"surrender"and"release" .

Strange experiences when traveling in foreign lands.

Potential for damage to the feet (12) or the astral imaging system [clairsentience, dreams] (13) via accident or injury when Ketu the Undefended receives malefic drishti which signals a ghostly attack.

Long spiritual walks which vigorously exercise the calves may generate spiritual"hearing" .[Ketu]

A bit jumpy until age 60. Then, increasing alignment with the Divine cycle of manifestation and dissolution, breathing in and breathing out.

Neutral awareness of the vivid imagery of the aural and visual imagination. Aware that life is but a dream. Apathetic toward psychic capabilities yet possessed of them. If other graha are with Ketu, may activate the dream-interpretive or psychic-healing skills.

As always with Rahu-Ketu the planetary lord defines Ketu's effect. If the lord is a strong benefic there can be great waste seeking after bed pleasures. More sensible approach to loss if the lord is a neutral or malefic. However, even this resolves with time.

Dissatisfaction, ambivalence and uncertainty regarding the privilege to express intuitive awareness and dreamlike perception.

Depending on the ruler of Ketu's rashi, one may have prayer and meditation skills or ability to handle matters of hospitals, ashrams, cloister and sanctuary -- but one feels detached from their value.

  • Peculiarities of the complex reflexological patterns of the feet.

  • Must take care to protect the feet from psychic incursion of grief, due to an effable sense of loss .

  • Psychic vitality runs out through the"leaky" feet chakra.

Resistance to validation through dream-work, prayer and communication with the Ancestors;

the maternal grandfather, the elder sibling's in-laws, and the enemies of the spouse seems distant and unconnected to one's essential self.

  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata often mentioned that she felt her prayers were inferior and ineffective, even rejected.

Dissatisfaction, ambivalence and uncertainty

regarding the privilege to express social, conceptual, and electronic networking as well as material achievements and gains .

Depending on Ketu's lord, one may have perfectly competent networking skills or ability to set and achieve important material goals -- but one feels detached from the exercise of these skills.

Peculiarities of the skin and nerves . Must take care to protect the skin And The nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) from psychic incursion of grief, due to an ineffable sense of loss .

Resistance to validation through earnings, profits, and successful goal achievement; The elder sibling And spouse of the eldest child seem distant and unconnected to one's essential self.

power-vacuum in the topics of 12, a bhava of meditator-teacher-preacher Guru:

Ambivalence , apathy, abandonment, dispersion, absence of barriers [Ketu] toward

  • distant lands , prayer and meditation, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, research, interior guidance, hallucination, ancestor -guides, and dreams; yet no resistance to the intuitive streams of wise direction which flow from disembodied sources; unable to maintain privacy; disconnected in bedroom activities.

Rahu-6 pairings = a complementary ambitious risk-positive desire for recognition [Rahu] as

a clever adversary , adventurous druggist, expedient accuser, or agent of conflict.

Self-elevation in the worlds of usury, medicine, pharmacology, theft, exploitation, accusations and criminal defense, argumentative litigation, military, fraudulent or work with oils and oily smoke, animal butchery, toxicity and pollution * chemical, social, emotional


sees the weakness in the ancestor's spiritual guidance

lacks accountability toward the ancestral guides, toward clairsentient experience, toward the products of one's own imagination

distant lands, private worlds, spiritual telepathy

apathy toward matters of the bedroom, clandestine undertakings, the sanctuary, hospitals, hospice, hostels, and hotels

psychic approach to spiritual guidance, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, research, interior guidance, hallucination, divination, dreams and non-petitionary prayer

dismemberment, dissolution, distance, deportation, departure

no barriers against the invisible, the psychic, the inconspicuous; open access to astral imagery conducted via spiritual guidance indecisively

indecisively unable to make up the mind in matters of meditation, out-of-body identity, dream-world, spiritual guidance, prayer, clairsentience

disregards dreams

Ketu in classroom-12 benefits from a lack of restrictions on matters of the Other World, including imagination, subconscious, prisons voluntary-and-involuntary, the bedroom, meditation, privacy, distant lands, the father's mother, the mother's father, isolation, sanctuary, clairsentience.

Collapsing Ketu-12 limitless, unstructured conduct in private spaces

Dispersed, distanced, disengaged, and dissatisfied from the privileges of bhava-12 = privacy, sanctuary, hermitage, invisibility, spiritual guidance, clairsentient direction, sleep. Potential for insomnia.

Ketu in classroom-12 represents a wanderer, moving over the surface of the world like a floating vaporous cloud. Collapse.

Professor Ketu's connection to the source of sanctuary is somehow severed. similar to Ketu in 8, this is a fairly good or anyway relatively less problematic placement.

  • Ungrounded imagination

  • Scattered sleep; wandering ancestors.

  • Cut off from spirit guides, or their imagery can be unclear

Professor Ketu longs for - but cannot sustain [Ketu] peaceful reflection and bed pleasures.

Professor Ketu longs for - but cannot sustain [Ketu] privacy, invisibility, sanctuary

  • dispersal of energies into environments such as refugee camp, summer camp, training camp, climbing camp, scout camp, workers camp, concentration camp, transient camp, college campus

[Ketu in Bhava-12] = busts-up, nebulizes, scatters privacy; disperses the imagination; eliminates conventional social restrictions on transactions in distant lands.

Bhukti of Ketuva can give splendid results for extended spiritual retreat.

Gives meditative instincts and private pleasures if Ketu's lord is strong, but Ketu-12 may feel distanced, disengaged, and dissatisfied with these gifts.

Ketu-12 has relatively little interest in foreign lands (unless Ketu yuti other graha). Disregards instruction from the inner teachers (12). Finds the inner practices of meditation and divination (12) to be fairly useless. No limits in the private bedroom. No limits on imprisonment.

  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Zedong was met with doctrinal disdain and ultimately de-funded by Josef Stalin. Stalin complained bitterly that Mao was only interested in China. Stalin believed that Communism must be inherently global, imposing identical worker status upon all people worldwide. In Stalin's view, unique details of local cultural structures should be eradicated. Mao was indeed a great patriot of China due to his [lagnesha Makara-Shukra-4 dikbala] holding very empowering parivartamsha yoga with his [uchcha- Tula-Shani-1]. Despite the financial consequences, Mao ultimately disregarded [Ketu] the foreigner Stalin (Ketu-12) Mao forged ahead with his uniquely Chinese brand of Marxist praxis. Ketu-Kanya-12 also represents Mao's vast system of prison torture camps (with Rahu-6, expedient accusations) ++ his notorious habit of keeping multiple ladies (and assorted gentlemen) in his private bed (12).

Residing in 8 or 12, dissociative Ketu may be unable to hold onto things which are not, by definition, materially sustainable. Yet papagraha are well-placed in dusthamsha. The results are often favorable or at least not too difficult to manage.

Scattered Ketu's weak psychic boundaries create difficulty to achieve, obtain, maintain, or retain connection to

  • Sanctuary , sacred enclosure, peace of mind, prayerful states of mind, pleasant dreams

  • Ancestors and spirit guides, dreams, clairsentience

  • Distant Lands, long sojourn or residence in distant lands,

  • spa, retreat, hospital, hostel, hotel, monastery, cloister, prison,

  • taking refuge, holiday resort

  • seclusion, isolation, privacy, bedroom,

  • imagination, meditation, artist's studio, science laboratory

father-guru-professor's caretakers or parents (4th from 9), partner's enemies, illness of the spouse (6th from 7), wealth of friends (2nd from 11), social recognition for communications messaging (10th fr 3)



The ideal place for this Ketu would be a high rocky monastery in the middle east or the Gobi desert or the Karakoram ... somewhere inaccessible except after a long climb up, and somewhere very quiet and windy, very regulated, with a fixed schedule of activities every day. There are still some places like that in Egypt, Yemen, Greece, Syria, Turkey... wars and the drama of the people below do not affect these ancient monastery retreats.

A great place to be or be associated with would be any type of retreat center which features a fairly strict or regulated routine night and day. It could be run by a conservative religious order. Someplace like an addictions or detox center would be good - lots of drama going on around you, but you are only there to validate spirit, not to get involved in the psycho-social relationships.

Professor Ketu wants to work and quite possibly live in a hospital, nursing home, dormitory, a sanctuary, a monastery or convent, a secluded camp, or any environment which is private, behind walls or inside a fence -- even a prison.

Professor Ketu-Makara/12 also likes to be associated with the elderly and people who are dried out. The people Ketu is attracted to can be young but still dried out from"windy" diseases, from fasting, or just constitutionally they are parched, wrinkled, creaky and boney. Ketu even likes alcoholics who are trying to dry out.

Professor Ketu also likes people who are trying to reduce their over-involvement with things; those who are trying to separate and disconnect from a part of the past that is finished. For example, people who are trying to reduce contact with the outside world by entering a monastery, or who are trying to reduce their weight by going to a residential diet spa, or reduce drugs/alcohol, or reduce some type of outdated behavior.

Professor Ketu likes all of these people and when you work with them, serve them, Ketu provides sustenance.

Because Professor Ketu in bhava-12 is all about enclosures, Ketu-Makara-12 also likes demarked ethnic reservations, if those are suitably dry and rocky places, like the big Hopi and Navajo lands in the USA-Southwest or the dry dusty, detached-from-mainstream reservations in the deserts of eastern Oregon and Idaho.

However, many parts of reservation life are quite disorderly, especially the rampant alcoholism and the gambling. Ketu does not like the disorderly parts. Only the orderly parts, such as a place of ritual worship, a medical clinic, or a school.

QUOTATION Alan Watts commentary

" It is a special kind of enlightenment to have this feeling that the usual, the way things normally are, is odd, uncanny and highly improbable.

  • G. K. Chesterton once said that it is one thing to be amazed at gorgon or a griffin, creatures which do not exist

  • but it is quite another and much higher thing to be amazed at a rhinoceros or a giraffe, creatures which do exist and look as if they don't.

This feeling of universal oddity includes a basic and intense wondering about the sense of things."

QUOTATION from H. H. Dalai Lama. (2003). Compassion .

Mental Obstacles to Meditation

" Buddhist texts speak of four principal obstacles that one must overcome for meditation to be successful.

The first is mental scattering or distraction ,

  • which arises at the coarse level of mind and refers to the tendency for our thoughts to be scattered.

The second obstacle is dullness and drowsiness,

  • or the tendency to fall asleep.

The third is mental laxity ,

  • which means that our mind is unable to retain sharpness and clarity.

Finally, at a more subtle level, there is mental excitement, or agitation

  • which stems from the fluctuating, changeable nature of our mind."


Forest Fog in Estonia


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