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Ketu occupies 5th-from-Chandra

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Ketu Yantra from

AUM kem ketave namah

OM shram shreem shroum sah ketave namah

केतु ketu

Professor Ketu

शिखिन् śikhin [comet, reaching peak knowledge]

आकाश ākāśa [ether, space, vacuity]

विशिरस्क viśiraska [no śiras, headless]

रुण्डक ruṇḍaka [headless body]

कबन्ध / कावन्ध kāvandha [appearing as a headless trunk]

रिक्त rikta [empty]

ख kha [space]

प्रलय pralaya [loss of awareness, cosmic dissolution]






Cauda Draconis

Tail of the Dragon

South Node

Caesura [cut]

Comet-tail [Ketu-tārā]



resides in

the fifth house




disregards intelligence

fractured political diplays

wandering children

famous for romantic apathy

empty idealistic drama


Noche Nublado * Foggy Night, Paris

photo by Javier de la Torre

Public Figure Examples


[for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with speculation on originations and inventions]

[scattered innovative intelligence] [disengaged witness to championship games] [liberated from blood entitlements] [disregard for drama of empty competition]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may physically dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously diplomatic-partnering Rahu-Tula-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]



[for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

check Ketu's ruler Shukra for compensating agreements despite political disengagement

[unconcerned with speculative pricing]

[scattered acquisitive intelligence] [disengaged witness to political history] [liberated from financial competition] [disregard for drama of empty values]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may sensually dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously secretive-emerging Rahu-Vṛścika-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]


[for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with speculation on business and information technologies]

[scattered messaging intelligence] [disengaged witness to commercial politics] [liberated from romantic mentality] [disregard for drama of empty talk]

[may be disconnected from journalistic eldest child] [material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may communicatively dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously inspirational-dogmatic Rahu-Dhanus-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]


  • General Electric 1935-2020 CEO Jack Welch [dominating-pioneering Punarvasu-1]


[for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with speculation on real-estate and border-defense]

[scattered patriotic intelligence] [disengaged witness to local games of property stewardship] [liberated from outdated local customs] [disregard for drama of empty nationalism]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may emotionally dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitious regulatory Rahu-Makara-Draco-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]



[for Mesha indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with speculation on election campaigns and melodrama]

[scattered political intelligence] [disengaged witness to creative games] [liberated from entitled ceremonies] [dispersed charisma]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may theatrically dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously friendly- profitable Rahu-Kumbha-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]

  • Steppenwolf 1877-1962 anti-Nazi Hermann Hesse [rhythmic-protective Magha-4]


[for Urisha indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with speculation on lawsuits and accusations]

[scattered service intelligence] [disengaged witness to politics of helping] [liberated from ceremonial ministry] [disregard for drama of empty complaints]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may medically dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously imaginative-symbolic Rahu-Meena-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]


[for Mithuna indriya-lagna ]

[unconcerned with speculation on contracts and alliances]

[scattered diplomatic intelligence] [disengaged witness to politics of alliance] [liberated from bright displays of partnership] [disregard for the drama of empty vows]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may peacefully dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously competitive-challenging Rahu-Mesha-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]


[Ketu-Vṛścika] [uchcha]

[for Karkata indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with speculation on initiations and rebirth]

[scattered transformative intelligence] [disengaged witness to politics of trauma-healing] [liberated from displays of hidden power] [disregard for the melodrama of empty threats]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may mystically dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously sensual-entreasuring Rahu-Urisha-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]



[for Simha indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with lack of principled romantic ideals] [disinterested in religious ceremonies]

[scattered inspirational intelligence] [disengaged witness to politics of catechism] [liberated from displays of wisdom] [disregard for the drama of empty beliefs]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may dissolve due to beliefs. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously messaging-commercial Rahu-Mithuna-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]


check Shani to determine non-material Ketu's material agenda

[for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[scattered hierarchical intelligence] [disengaged witness to institutional politics] [liberated from displays of rank] [disregard for the drama of empty status]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may lawfully dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously protective-defensive Rahu-Karkata-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]



check Shani to determine non-material Ketu's material agenda

[for Tulā indriya-lagna]

[unconcerned with economic entitlements] [scattered interlinking intelligence] [disengaged witness to marketplace politics]

[liberated from flamboyant earnings display] [disregard for the drama of empty achievements]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may spatially dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains.]

[passively fixated on ambitiously speculative-political Rahu in Singha-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]


[energizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler for Vṛścika indriya- lagna ]

[scattered clairsentient intelligence] [disengaged witness to sanctuary politics] [liberated from displays of ancestor guidance] [disregard for the drama of empty intuition]

[material relationship to children, especially but not exclusively the eldest, may conceptually dissolve. The spiritual relationship remains. ][passively fixated on ambitiously ministering-assisting Rahu in Partha-11 friends, socialites, earners, awards, revenues, economists, distributors, associates, community-links]

  • Chelsea Clinton

  • Mrs. Sonia Maino Gandhi * political wife

  • Julia Child (the French Chef)

  • orchestra conductor Zubin Mehta * wife operates a luxury home rental business for celebrity clients

  • sing-songwriter Bob Dylan

  • philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre

KETU IN Vidyasthāna Bhava-5

putrabhava, mantrabhava, vidyabhava.

Similar to the effect of Ketu in 5th-from-Chandra

Ketu diffuses, scatters, nebulizes matters of His residential bhava.

tends to blunt the self-certainty and disorient the core intelligence, often associated with misleading statements and mistakes in judgment

Professor Ketu teaches on the topics of liberation from fixed form, freedom from conventional limitations, dispersal of burdens, and spiritual wandering.

Effects of Ketu include wandering in cloud-form (nebula) and unsettled, liberated behavior in the bhava.


  • disoriented to first child
  • may disavow the eldest child
  • or the eldest child may voluntarily wander away
  • eldest child often an unusual personality, eccentrically creative [Ketu eccentric, 5 creative]
  • general disinterest in the procreative results (children)
  • does not block the birth of children
  • relationship to child-1 depends upon putra-pati
  • see also 5th-from-Chandra for one's emotional experience of child-1

Ketu-5 may indicate that at least one wandering or adopted child in included within one's own household.

One or some of the children may have eccentric, unformed, unidentified, or disestablished qualities

EXAMPLE - Six of his sixteen children = non-persons with no legal rights

  • POTUS-09 Tecumseh 1773-1841 William Henry Harrison fathered sixteen children. Ten were said to be the offspring of WHH and his legal wife, Anna Tuthill Symmes [b. 1775 – d. 1864]. Six were said to have been the offspring of WHH and an African household slave.

  • WHH's children borne of their slave mother were considered slaves by blood, and these six kids would have been bought-and-sold as non-persons, legally defined as agricultural property. WHH children with Anna Symmes would been free citizens and would have inherited their father's property. Ketu-5-Meena ruled by a morally corrupt Guru-Kumbha-4.

Ketu grants the passive benefits of freedom-from, not the active benefits of freedom-to

[Ketu in Bhava-5] * anacardium (dispersed confidence).

from beloved to beleaguered

  • Unsettled, disoriented, free-wandering, scattered creativity.
  • Often dissociated from children, especially [but not exclusively] the first child.
  • Tends to walk away from fixed ceremonial entitlements, celebrity, fame.
  • Abandons conventional drama.
  • Disregard for the authority structures that maintain politics, entertainment, and royalty.
  • Liberation via understanding that genius is impermanent by design, including one's own intelligence, charisma, romantic idealism, and speculative ventures.

Ketu abandons or cuts-off matters of His bhava

for example,

  • Ketu-1 tends to cut-off the social personality from the core identity, leading to a wandering, unsettled, often disoriented experience of inhabiting the physical body.
  • Ketu-10 tends to walk away from important leadership roles - often after investing great effort and focus into obtaining executive authority.

The weird, anything-goes, legally unconstrained, truth-dispersing politics of Ketu in Bhava-5

[Ketu in Bhava-5] indicates a script of surrendering or cutting-off the eldest child, whether consciously or unconsciously

  • General Electric 1935-2020 CEO Jack Welch [dominating-pioneering Punarvasu-1] JW spent very little time with his four children. As he recounted, when JW returned home on a rare visit, his eldest child said, Mommy, who is that guy?

  • Shambala 1939-1987 Tulku Chogyam Trungpa during the chaotic days of exile, an early relationship produced a son with a fellow-traveler nun. CT abandoned the mother-and-child, moving the UK for better opportunities. Decades later, the son assumed a spiritual role [Ketu]. In the second marriage, CT produced a mentally-behaviorally disabled son. [Ketu-Mesha] physical disorientation.

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald Trump [nīcha-Chandra-yuti-Ketu] was said to have paid little attention to his children, until they became DJT's adult business partners. [Nīcha-Chandra lagnesha] suggests that when the children became old enough to support his identity [lagnesha] as a financial speculator[5] the kids could be emotionally integrated into his life. Nevertheless, [Ketu-Vṛścika] carries a script for traumatic shock.

  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot [mysterious-eruptive Pushya-4] [navamsha Ketu-Vrischika-uchcha] [nīcha-Kuja-yuti-Ketu] BB famously rejected her son as an obstacle to her career. The boy was raised by paternal relatives The growing son had only a few superficial meetings with his rejecting mother, before cutting off contact completely [chidrakaraka Ketu]. [Ketu-Karkata compounded by nicha-Kuja] aggressively emotional disorientation.

Favors impermanent acquisition of a step-child or foster child, or hosting of students from distant cultures.

For parents, Ketu-5 is associated with the birth of otherworldly, eccentric, abandoned or otherwise disconnected children.

May dissociate from children entirely, depending upon Ketu's ruler.

The English word student derives from the Latin studere = "to be eager" . Ketu-5 shows the presence of eager students who are nonetheless numbed or disconnected from their natural environment. For charismatic teachers, Ketu indicates potentially talented students but simultaneously they are spacey or disoriented.

However, the disposition of children and gifted students (if any) depends heavily upon the role of disconnecting Ketu's planetary lord. If Ketu's ruler is comfortably-placed, the relationship may be more solid.

Ketu = inert

perpetual underlying psychic grief for some ineffable lost connection to Divine Intelligence.

Learning Style = peculiar, non-linear, apprehensive, content with lowest acceptable performance. Does the minimum.

Students with Ketu-5 often accept the lowest possible marks that will produce the diploma. Little enthusiasm for intellectual life.

Alternative lifestyles expressed in theatrical or political performancer.

[Ketu in Bhava-5]

busts-up, scatters relationship with the children; disperses the intellectual attention to topic; eliminates conventional social restrictions on on royalty and celebrity roles.

  • UK-Queen Consort 1947- Camilla Shand [ceremonial-displaying Anuradha-1] CC disregarded the usual protocol on obtainment of royal roles (5) CC became an internationally recognized celebrity figure (5) -- apparently without the least interest in doing so. Ketu-5 receives drishti of His ruler, Mangala the Pursuer - considerably strengthening romantic energies of bhava-5 .


Scattered behavior in regard to procreation and delightful amusements may produce an incoherent, unfocused, or discombobulated eldest child . Often the child is perfectly intelligent but not interested in a conventional lifestyle, or not interested in material achievements.

Also = disconnected or eccentric results in fashion, theatre, or politics.

  • Nepal 1945-2001 The Last Hindu King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah [entreasured-heritage Mūla-2] + [Surya-yuti-Shukra] BBBS endured ten years of ongoing civil unrest and calls for king-free revolution in his homeland. Then, BBBS was murdered in his own kitchen during Ketu-Shani bhukti . Most observers believe he was murdered by agency of his brother (Rahu Mithunaya) who was a pretender to the throne (ula Ketu-5 + Surya).

If bhava-5 = also the Karakamsha , or bhava-5 = arudha lagna,

No-barriers Ketu-5 may produce a politician who is successful in winning elections, yet not much concerned with protocol or polite boundaries.

Despite occasional success, one may learn to surrender the political ambitions.

Ambition is shrewdly trained upon the gains and goals of Rahu-11. One may wine-dine and romance with impunity, since their interest in political gamesmanship (5) may be minimal.

Incoherent, nebulous approach to royalty, celebrity, fame. Dispersion of rigid class-conscious boundaries.

  • Waste Land 1888-1965 publisher T.S. Eliot [profitable-connected Uttarāṣāḍha-3] TSE marriage 1-of-2 with a woman who was introduced to him as an upper-class lady, but who turned out to be a food service and childcare worker with serious mental-physical health issues.

Scattered, incoherent attempts at ego-central role-playing.

Peculiar, eccentric, or mismatched romantic lovers.

If vidya-pati-5 occupies bhava-6 or bhava-12, conception of children may not manifest due to inability to cohere.

May express disregard [Ketu] for the intelligence, authentic genius, and original ideas of others


Does not harm the legal contract of marriage (7) and does not prevent children. Yet often a lifelong sense of emptiness in matters of romantic love and recognition for personal creativity: as if a thick, hazy cloud of dust particles had dimmed the healing rays of the Sun.

Ketu in bhava-5 = often defined by community connections to validation- via-earnings Rahu-11 types.

  • The Rahu-Others in one's larger social network crave elite status recognition and privileged entry into elite networks. The community might consist of religious, social, financial, trading, substance-using, marketplace, professional, educational, language-speaking, or nearly any gathering of those wishing to exchange goods, services, money, or ideas.

  • Risk-rewarding Rahu-11 knits an opportunistic friendship network including outcasts, foreigners, experimenters, and poseurs. Rahu-11 eventually brings income from this large network of associations, although Rahu is utterly unconcerned as to whether the means of obtainment are legal. (Legality is a Shani concern.)

  • Ketu-5 feels an incurable apathy toward Rahu's adventures. One largely observes the goings-on of the Others, from one's celebrity viewing position and holding central status in the local royalty, an odd queen or king, watching but not too much involved in politics or drama.

  • In addition, there is a detached and dispassionate attitude toward children in general and one's own children in particular. The first child is peculiar and often lives away from home (for example attends boarding school, lives with another parent, or marries in a foreign land).

The Ketu native may appear disinterested and dissatisfied toward even the most socially grand and spectacularly self-elevating [Rahu] community.

  • POTUS-pair-43 School Libraries 1946- Laura Welch Bush married into the financially privileged and powerful Bush clan. Husband's situation = marketplace-profiteer [uchcha-Rahu-11]. Randhresha Mangala-yuti-Ketu -Vṛścika-5 politics . Ketu had a dispersing effect upon her involvement in a crime. At age 17, young driver LWB famously killed another teenage driver via head-on car collision. The victim was her close male friend from high school. In USA law, an agent of accidental death is normally charged with manslaughter. However, Ketu disperses the effects of the randhresha Mangala. LWB was never charged with a crime of any kind, not even reckless driving.

Even the super-financially privileged and privileged who may become one's genuine friends (Rahu-11) can be seen from a distance when Ketu gain strength during a Ketu bhukti or empowered transit.

Ketu-5 knows the importance of networking (11) but does not quite know how to have fun (5, entertainments); most amusements quickly lose their attraction * akarshana *; and although one will attend ceremonies, officiate, and patronize celebrity events, there is little personal joy in it.

Rahu-11 places one within a large and highly diverse set of interlocked communities (11).

If Surya is strong, Rahu-11 may be well known. However, the interlinkage of a Rahu community = materially expedient. Rahu-11 motives = not idealistic but rather explicitly instrumental; Rahu-11 = almost always gainful.

Prefers to socialize with business associates or those whose friendly association is instrumental to the native 's financial gain or elite social recognition.


Ketu-5 may be provided with the basic conditions of children and romance but cannot sustain an ego-connection to it

children, creative self-expression, politics, entertainments, speculation, literary authorship= all present in life in various degrees but one lacks energy to develop the base conditions beyond what was provided.

Exceptions: Ketu + another graha. The other graha has motivational energy. Ketu contributes 'weirdness' which is ability to observe everything indiscriminately.

Ketu-5 = may serve as a Political tool of more passionate economic interests

  • .


Just as Rahu the demi-god wanted desperately to sneak into the ranks of the immortal gods, and He would adopt any disguise to do so, Rahu in the nativity represents the desire to attain membership within an ultimate, exalted, pinnacle elite rank.

Rahu the Jyotisha Graha represents one who aims to"pass "as a member of an exotic collectivity or association (11) and thus to gain (11) privileges granted to this elite target groupr.

The Others-associates [Rahu] wants to take risks, have grand adventures, and shoot for high goals.

The Others-associates [Rahu] = passionate about life and quick-uncoiling but the native [Ketu] = apathetic about life and statically ambivalent toward movement. If Ketu moves at all, He is reluctant and slow.

The Others-associates [Rahu] = expedient, materialistic, and Goal-Oriented. (Rahu = co-lord of Kumbha-11 = goals and achievements)

[Rahu] desires to charm, pander, poach and seduce one's way into a higher social station through clever marriages and exciting sexual liaisons;

Ketu-5 = disinterested in mating behaviors and generally ambivalent - sometimes even repulsed by - toward matters of the Flesh .

  • A Ketu native may appear to be the victim of urgently self-elevating, fraudulent, trickster, deceitful, unfaithful, or self-serving Others-associates.

  • But the old adage applies: there are no victims.

  • Apathetic Ketu rarely complains.

  • Wealth or poverty, fame or ignominy, profit or loss -- the Ketu native simply walks through the roles provided at birth, counting the days toward final liberation.

The Others-associates [Rahu] wants to experience a sudden, exhilarating trajectory from the station of one's birth to a measurably "more valuable" position. The native [Ketu] seeks no weight, no value, no validation. Unconcerned Ketu does not care about station, location, position, valuation, or recognition.

The Others-associates [Rahu] is boastful and possibly deceitful. Rahu is an expedient agent in marketplace networks and often His true motives are cleverly disguised. For His part, Ketu = uncaring and negligent in center-stage, royal or celebrity roles, often reluctant to undertake the Movement that Rahu demands in order to meet Rahu's urgent need for social visibility, promotion, and elevation.

The Rahu Others-associates may complain of feeling unsupported by an unresponsive or insufficiently flamboyant Ketunativer.

Political spouse * Corporate spouse

Ketu-5 is a common placement for the political partner

Although the lifemate is not the central figure in politics and its brightly lit venues of entertainments, elections campaign theatre, mixing with celebrities and royalty, she must still be present at all ceremonies and events.

A never-ending string of parties, celebrations, and award presentations must be attended and applauded.

The political lifepartner does all this as a shadow partner of the Rahu-Other, who is passionately circulating throughout the social network developing instrumental contacts that help him to get recognized and elected.

Often the politician partner [Rahu] is passionately involved in social change movements (11) and financial markets (11) while the classical political life-companion is not so passionate (unless this one has other graha in 5) but a competent, typically pleasant, and neutral entertainer.

[Ketu in Bhava-5] = Rahu in bhava-11

  • Ambivalence [Ketu] toward glamour, glitter, celebrity, royalty, uniqueness, divinity, gambling, children, creative performance , politics, personal intelligence

  • Desire [Rahu] to be recognized as an important figure in communities , economies, and interlinked networks. Highly motivated to achieve material gains.

kamakaraka Rahu in bhava-11 =

  • Urgent ambition to gain the privilege of elite earners. Craves to be recognized and receive the entitlements accorded to important figures in communities , socially regulated economic participation , application of scientific principles to social organization, rule-driven conceptual systems, and interlinked networks

  • desire to push forward a principled agenda of social progress connecting additional social classes via marketplace opportunity and linking groups into participation in larger social systems. Seeks the prestige of affiliation with the highly profitable and the highly connected.

chidrakaraka Ketu in bhava-5=

  • Apathy and ambivalence toward personal entitlements, individual charisma, bright lights, romantic idealism, royalty and celebrity, gambling and games, amusements and entertainments, delights of children, theatrical or literary creative performance , political power, speculative thought, and individual intelligence.

  • Often an economically privileged individual due to the earnings ambition of Rahu-11. Passive blank screen in love affairs; accepts the psychic projections of the Other

  • I can be whoever you want me to be

  • First child may be detached or peculiar. Cannot hold on to the lover or the children. (Adjust this trait if graha in 5.) Channels the vibration of the children, the romantic lover, the dramatic role, the political campaign, or the creative project without ego-membrane interference.

power-vacuum in the natural effects of bhava-5:

  • One's connection to the power-source of self-confident, generative, creative intelligence is somehow severed.

************* -

scatters the intelligence

communications (3rd-from-3rd) are unconstrained by logical or cultural context

Ketu-5 can make dramatic statements unrelated to the facts, because truth-value, in which a statement of fact is connected to a state of consensus reality, is irrelevant to un-connector Ketu

unravels the romance

lacks accountability toward the children, the politicians, the creative artists, the literati

detached from amusements, disregards entitlements

celebrates the odd, the ostracized, the peculiar

mismatched romance; surrenders to peculiar lovers

disconnected from the eldest child

wanders away from the game (5)

vacuum, vacuous, vacancy, evacuation, on vacation * dissolution of ego-engagement in matters of creativity, authenticity, uniqueness, politics, entertainment, drama

wanders away from the center

disperses attention from the core

indecisively unable to make up the mind in matters of gambling, games, gambits, creativity, drama, politics, romance and children

Scattered Ketu's weak psychic boundaries = disperses the *generation * of coherent independent thought.

Ketu's ultimate performance in bhava-5 depends considerably upon the characteristics of His ruler. Yet despite the possibility of a strong ruler creating a unique and charming natural intelligence, Ketu interrupts the flow of intelligence from the heart with considerable gaps in creative ideation.

Often Ketu-5 appears as a paragon of good intentions producing little positive effect.

Genius incomplete; comes unglued at the moment of glory.

Intelligence dispersed * instructions, pronouncements disoriented or mystified

Communications (3rd-from-3rd) are typically unconstrained by logical or cultural context.

The communicative delivery of Ketu in 3rd-from-3rd is not bound or constrained by environment, setting, surroundings, or context.

One tends to feel free to declare the factual nature of one's own momentary delusion. Often there is disregard for facts and disregard also for the impact of one's own disoriented communications upon the recipients of the message. Ketu typically displays apathy toward the impact of His randomized communications upon his audience.

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald J. Trump [nīcha-Chandra-yuti-Ketu]. Sensitive, defensive Chandra is the lagnesha. Mr. Trump's presidential service began in 2017 with a distinctive use of the unconnected-to-the-larger-context, 40-character-limit messaging format called Twitter. The first volley of " alternative facts" disoriented his audience (the US electorate) but did not disturb POTUS-45. Social-political observers critiqued his Twitter pronouncements as random (Ketu0 and singularly reactive [Chandra]. Displaying no forethought and eschewing accountability [Ketu] the Twitter messages not only disregard consensus reality but also serve to fragment [Ketu] the national discourse.

Regardless of Professor Ketu's rashi, when Ketuva occupies bhava-5 one may provide a veneer of alertness but the intellectual mechanism is disoriented. Ketu-5 in 3rd-from-3rd tends to make disconnected, even gibberish, pronouncements. Instructions and descriptions tend to be garbled or distinguished by a feature of non-reference to consensus reality.

The grammar of the message itself and the words used may be articulate depending on the characteristics of Budha. However, the issues with Ketu-5 is usually that whether the style of the pronouncement is gracious or rustic, the meaning may be garbled and unclear due to the disconnection between the words and their denotation.

The message may be linguistically smoothed by bantering Budha's communicative abilities. However, Ketu is not a respecter of forms and Ketu acknowledges no consequences. Ketu recognizes no fixed reality. Thus truth-value, in which a statement of fact is connected to a state of consensus reality, is irrelevant to un-connector Ketu-5.

Bhava-5 represents games. From Ketu's perspective, all declarations and announcements are events which require a clever performance (5) but the performance is artistic, fun, gaming, or speculative and it has no consequences. Ketu's ruler and any co-tenants control the style of declaration, announcement, and report however fundamentally Ketu-5 speaks ex-post-facto, unconcerned with logic or truth, in the spirit of entertainment and nothing more.

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald J. Trump * [nīcha] Chandra-yuti-Ketu. Mr. Trump's short-lived outbursts are world-famous. His ability to issues contradictory statements, often within a single day, tends to befuddle his more rational observers. Yet Ketu-5 liberates Mr. Trump from the burden of concern with objective truth.


It must be known where the cut-lines are before one can confidently make the cut. Decision ('cis' = cut * incisive, scissor) requires definition ( fin = limit * finite, fence). Ketu-5 struggles with executive decisions due to dispersion of confidence. However, in matters of politics, children, creativity, romance Ketu-is often the passive recipient of "getting cut" .

  • Ungrounded personal thoughts and ideas creates a pattern of indecision and default.

  • Although Rahu-11 motivates economic gain, there are also avoidable losses in speculative finance due to inattention to detail.

  • Scattered genius; wandering intelligence.

  • Cut off from special entitlements (5).

  • a growth-challenging combination of timidity and impatience.

In matters creative and pro-creative, Ketu-5 lacks follow-through.

With the classroom of Professor Ketu being placed in bhava-5 creative performance, the"evidence" of the vidya becomes dispersed. Modalities of conveying the vidya such as proper register, defined vocabulary and limited concepts become vague and often inconsistent in usage.

While Budha controls the speech articulation (so that a well-placed Budha may have the native sounding sharply articulate) indeed Ketu residing in vidya-bhava-5 tends to obscure and disperse the * definitions * of words and the * Boundaries * between concepts. The person may chatter on using a pleasant or even intelligent-sounding discourse of self-expression, while the usage entails so many contradictions and obscurations of meaning that the discourse in-toto makes no sense.

Incomplete execution in poetry, romantic idealism, children, politics. Brilliant ideas dissipate incoherently, turn to dust.

Manifestation of intellect is dispersed into vague academic entitlements. Through lack of attention to the role of personal will and engagement with the process, may declare success prematurely.

Misplaced confidence and unreliable ideas. May be accused as lacking integrity, but importantly the Ketu-5 issue is not a lack of moral integrity (that would occur in bhava-4) but rather a lack of intellectual integrity (ideas suffer absence of execution after the initial inspiration). A woolly thinker.

" Means well" but outcome nebulized before complete results can occur. Occasional flashes of lightning in a great dust-cloud. High earnings via Rahu-11, but remains in the service of others.

Scatters the capability to achieve, obtain, maintain, or retain connection to:

  • Children, Creative Genius, generation, engineering,

  • Intelligence, generosity

  • A-muse-ments, Gambling and Games

  • Success in Speculative Investment

  • Royalty, Kingship, Celebrity, Center-Stage roles,

  • Brilliant Performance, Charisma, Charm

  • Entrepreneurship, self-determination, creative direction

Naturally, any graha yuti Ketu and the disposition of Ketu's lord have priority in determining the outcome of Ketu-5. Infertile if Ketu's lord in 6-8-12. Otherwise, eccentric children.


Separated or detached from one's own children, toward whom one may assume a Witness perspective.

  • General Electric 1935-2020 CEO Jack Welch was said to have had so little contact with his children that on the rare occasions of his home visits, the kids asked their mom who he was.

Unusual or eccentric traits in the children, who may be especially psychic or gifted in spiritual perceptions.

The results of Professor Ketu are comprehensively determined by His ruler. Ketu-5 does not per se limit the number of children.

However, if the putra-pati occupies a dusthamsha while putrabhava accepts incoming drishti of papagraha, with no relief from subhagraha, then the presence of Ketu in bhava-5 may be considered indicative of infertility and disinterest or indecisiveness regarding the acquisition of children.

Often the first child [Ketu] is eccentric or socially peculiar while the mate of the first child [Rahu] is socially ambitious.

Vimshottari bhukti of Ketu

During Ketu bhukti of any mahadasha and acutely during the Ketu-Ketu svabhukti, one born with Ketu in putra bhava-5 may have a hopeless feeling that one's ability to procreate, children and their well-being, literary creativity and performance art, romance and poetic amusements (5) are slipping away for reasons that seem out of your control .

This feeling of being a distant observer or powerless bystander toward putra-bhava conditions in one's own life may be even more profound when either Chandra or the indriya-lagna occupy a Nakshatra of Ketuva = Aśvini, Magha - Regulus, or Mula - Nirṛti.

Ketu in 5 = Long-term material success is inhibited by doubt WRT one's ability to connect with

  • lovers, children, performance art,

  • divine intelligence, speculative gain,

  • amusements and delights,

  • bright lights, confidence

Psychological expectation of abandonment and rejection by lovers, children, kings, politicians, entertainers, celebrities, performers, creatives, speculators, adventurers, geniuses, brilliant ones (Ketu = abandonment, chidrakaraka)

  • Disengagement from center-stage , limelight, politics

Does not cling to children. Eldest child tends to live away from home.

Native tends to abandon one's children to the Fates

  • Throws up one's hands in despair, saying 'there is nothing I can do' about the child

  • Having no working boundaries or identity, Ketu the Undefended in 5 = open to receiving and releasing children, winning elections but then leaving elected office, winning and losing in speculative ventures.

  • The eldest child is eccentric., possibly also very gifted in some eccentric way if Ketu's Lord is strong.

  • May thereby (in favorable rashi and with a well-disposed lord) be available to receive occult knowledge via lack of resistance to it.

  • Ketu in 5 often suggests "wandering" for example special-needs, adopted, lost, stateless or refugee children.

  • If Ketu's lord is well disposed, Ketu in 5 provides a splendid grace for short-term foster-child care; one may be a dedicated caretaker (if 4 is strong) while Ketu gives the ability to ego-disengage from a child very quickly

Ambivalence toward The spouse's assets. If an inheritance is expected, it will not materialize or will be much reduced from the original sum.

  • Ketu in the bhava of trans-form-ation often separates the native from attachment to one's material legacy in order to deliver a much more valuable spiritual legacy .

Dissociated from children.

Potential for damage to the spine (5) or the back (5) via accident or injury when Ketu the Undefended receives malefic drishti. Depends on the rashi and must be triggered by harmful bhukti. Rashi effects = Kumbha skin and nerves, Mesha blood, Kanya digestion, Vṛścika sexual, Thula kidneys-adrenals, +. In rare cases creates an opening for tremendous Kundalini surge up the nadi channels due to lack of defense = Ketu.

  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot * [nīcha] Kuja-yuti-Ketu * famously rejecting her pregnancy as a 'horrible tumor', BB (likely suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder) rejected her infant son -- except for occasions of publicity photographs. The son was raised by his paternal relatives. Apart from a few cool meetings, the mother-son relationship did not occur. BB also severed any relationship to her grandchildren, declaring these bonds to be unnecessary.

Special children, learning disabilities, kids outside the norm, kids who are not interested in material achievement

Collapsing Ketu in 5 would give some distinctive creativity and procreativity issues.

Ketu in 5 doesn't prevent children; rather, it typically produces a special child who is eccentric Yet, intelligent and notably disconnected from the normal behaviors of children in the culture.

If the native has multiple children, all of the children may be unusual in some intriguing way but the eldest is the most distinctively eccentric.

Vacant Ketu in 5 = karaka for kids with learning disabilities.

  1. Ghostlike Ketu in a rashi of Shani = physical disability, often congenital

  2. Disconnected Ketu in a rashi of Shukra = sweets, drugs, 'histrionics' in method of getting romantic attention

  3. Pilgrim Ketu in a rashi of Guru = overweight, unusually large or over-expanded (Ketu has no limits)

  4. Unreal Ketu in a rashi of Budha = communication issues, output might not make sense

  5. Empty Ketu in a rashi of Mangala possibly combative, oppositional-defiant, other behavior control

  6. Dissociative Ketu in a rashi of Chandra emotionally disconnected yet very needy of attention

  7. Wandering Ketu in a rashi of Surya distant from father and demanding; disorder of wandering attention yet may be remarkably creative.

  • eccentric expressions of creative intelligence, shrewdness in games .

The eldest child =Ketu-ish, peculiar, detached, eccentric, odd or simply has a relationship with their parent that is physically distanced .

the eldest offspring may attend a boarding school in childhood

some other agency of separation such as an early marriage and settling far away

Feels that creativity, genius, royal charism a are a mirage.

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King's eldest daughter famously enjoyed a lavish lesbian wedding to her female theology professor when the daughter was 30 and the professor was 54.

Gives psychological separation from children, losses through apathy while engaged in speculation For the philosophical can work toward building consciousness and freedom from social constraints upon individual self-expression.

In practice, the eldest child is very sensitive to the presence of the ancestors, and often has some type of disability which increases their sensitivity to the voice of spirit guides. The children may underperform by mainstream standards. However, the child will succeed after receiving intuitive, sensitive helpr.

A s a result of accumulated experience stored in the subconscious, the native fundamentally expects to be separated from one's own creative genius.

Harms not intelligence but reduces "ownership" of the intelligence. Unfortunate as a Gambler. Too much ambivalence toward the outcome. Loses good opportunities in financial speculation through procrastination or disengagement. If the lord is aggressive, may gambles with money, with their future, with lovers, and with the children's lives Yet, the negative effect especially on the children is not important. Unclear how to express or promote oneself.

  • Can be way too laissez-faire with raising children, due to inability to connect with their reality.

  • Disconnected from the first child; long distances, long separations .

  • Subsequent children less disconnected than the first, but as a parent this native may be apathetic without much will to promote the children's future.

one should never gamble or play games for money because they do not understand speculation and Ketu makes a victim.

Unmotivated in romance. The native tends to give up, to surrender, at the first sign of challenge to renegotiate the partnership. When children have polarizing catalysis or need extra support, the Ketu native does nothing - neither help nor harm. It is an inert placement.

Apathetic or detached from children, romantic lovers (not spousal), performance arts, speculation, gambling, creativity, genius , self-expression, politics, elections, political campaigns, literary pursuits, theatre, acting, self-publishing, poetry, dance

  • Neglects: one's children, intelligence, gambling, creativity, authorship, theatre, performance art, the heart

Dissatisfaction, ambivalence and uncertainty regarding the privilege to express genius and creativity.

Depending on Ketu's lord, one may have performance art skills or ability to produce and raise children -- but one feels detached from their value.

Long-term material success is inhibited by doubt WRT ability to connect with the heart . Must take care to protect the heart from psychic incursion of grief, due to an effable sense of loss .

Resistance to validation via performance art, divine intelligence, or genius celebrity; the children seem distant and unconnected to one's essential selfr.

Despite what one is really doing with individual channeling of divine intelligence, the native can passively reflect the creative genius image Of the psychic projections of the collective unconscious.

" No barriers " Ketu connects the native to the experiences of His house location through direct intuition. No analysis, no cultural filters.

bhava-5 is the house of intelligence, and Ketu is the karaka for abrupt disconnection, forcible removal, and apathy or even despair.

Learning Disabilities / Learning Style

  • Learning is hard for Ketu, who has no head!

  • Ketu-5 is associated with "learning disabilities" that stem from apathy and disconnection with the whole concept of personal dramatic performance. One cannot get too excited about winning, and praise from mere human means little.

  • The cauda draconis just watches the drama of brilliant expression and personal empowerment; He is not engaged.

One is averse to praise for individual achievement. It is not modesty or conservatism but a genuine disengagement from the whole business of celebrity, uniqueness, and channeling the light.

Nature of the "disability" is indicated by the rashi, incoming drishti et-cetera. as well as co-tenant.

The lightning flash of genius is rarely seen. Prizes are rarely won. The native is "withdrawn" from competitions and games.

the native with Ketu in 5 may experience apathy toward life's opportunities for creative self-expression.

Unless there is some compensation in the nativity such as [uchcha-Budha] or vidya-pati-5 in lagna, the native does rather poorly in school competitions.


Intelligence of a peculiar, eccentric nature. The English word intelligence = inter (between) + lig (choice) + ence (noun suffix). Intelligence means " choosing between" . Bhava-5 indicates the nature and characteristics of the choice-making intelligence.

Just as Ketu-5 does not prevent children but rather may increase them, Ketu-5 does not prevent intelligence but rather may increase its scope. Yet, the characteristics of the intelligence are peculiar by nature and rarely match (Ketu mismatch) the conventional expectations. The charismatic intelligence (5) tends to manifest in a non-standard, marginal, peculiar, 'witnessing' and difficult-to-validate type

Yet, the instinct to gain political power or applause via the personal genius is much blunted. One will seek other routes toward receiving the attention and approval which the ego-membrane craves.

Ketu-5 may be positively brilliant if other graha heighten the analytical and articulatory intelligence. Yet one's dramatic expression in costume, hairstyle, personal manners (5) is so odd, so peculiar, so withdrawn, and so self-centered that one may be seen as "not the brightest light in the harbor" .

The natural genius may not emerge very clearly, and the native is not rewarded for being intellectually or politically clever. In childhood, one loses at most games which involve speculative intelligence; by the time of adulthood, apathy has set in, and the native will not compete.

Poetry and Romance; falling in love

  • As with children and intelligence, Ketu does not prevent suitors.

  • One may be romanced, and receive the idealistic projections of others, yet one easily sees the emptiness of courtly love (5).

  • Ketu being so detached from the poetic ideal, one rather naturally seeks a material expression of celebrity and desirability; it is easier to seeks only material gain (Rahu/11).

  • Fruits of the marriage (5) are not prevented, but unless those fruits have some material substance (e.g., children) one will tend to devalue the fruits.

  • There is little romance or glamour in the life. One does not idealize. It is difficult or unlikely to"fall in love" (5).

  • Eventually one may feel that one is missing something.

One may feel marginalized by the entertainment and political establishment.

Ketu-5 may be considered too detached and eccentric for mainstream glamour. One may feel ostracized by the king-makers of political and theatrical celebrity, even if the products of one's creativity are recognized and one becomes materially successful.


Red Dust Cloud in space, from NASA


applies more vividly to Ketu in 5th-from-Chandra

Putra bhava is the bhava of performance and pride in one's own creative output is Naturally, the signature of bhava-5. Ketu's job is to disconnect the performance and dislodge that pride.

Ketu in 5: children are not prevented. If anything, no barriersKetucan signal inordinate numbers of children.

Rather, one's relationship to children tends to become invalidating.

The children are not failures in society, exactly, but they seem somewhat oblivious to what is expected of them.

Performance is surprisingly low, when compared to the child's apparent potential

The children turn out oddly, in some way that is peculiar or incommensurable with one's ego-expectations.

In very extreme circumstances, the child may dematerialize.

Ketu + the bhava-pati in svakshetra is strengthening.

For example,

  • Ketu + Makara-Shani-5 may produce a child who is eccentric politically perhaps extremely conservative or other staunch resistance to innovation and a deep psychological fear of change. However, such a child will naturally professionalize due to Shani and lead a conventional life in most ways. Ketu + Makara Shani svakshetra would also likely delay the conception of children due to excessive frugality or careerism of the parents. Yet neither Ketu nor Shani will deny children. Shani delays but does not (usually) deny. Ketu has no opinion.

Disability of Child

If Ketu's lord is a malefic and Ketu's lord is located 6, 8, or 12 from putra bhava (in bhava-4, bhava-10, or bhava-12) then Ketu-5 = condition of illness or other disability which affects all the children, particularly the first child. The disability may prevent the child from developing its brightest intelligence potential. However, the child may enjoy life on the child's own terms because Ketu typically disregards other people's opinions.

The child is likely to feel no serious social consequences of the mainstream-defined disability due to the non-reactivity of Ketu. Therefore, the child can be perfectly contented on its own basis entirely without regard to social marginalization or lack of a central position.

With Ketu-5, the eldest child especially and all of one's children generally are Anti-social, chronically mentally or physically ill, dysfunctional in some way, making poor life choices, Or otherwise producing a creative self-expression of which the native cannot be too proud.

unacknowledged or disregarded learning disabilities that prevent the child from performing well in school;

underlying unrecognized physical conditions , e.g.

The child seems to not represent the parent in a positive light, to the extent that one may be humiliated by the child's behavior.

With Ketu in putra bhava, the relationship is indeed materialized (a child is born) but over time one becomes frustrated, annoyed, and disappointed by the child.

In bhava-5, Ketu yields disappointment and disorientation during material connections with the child or children, but high levels of spiritual detachment and non-judgmental acceptance of a"problem child" will improve the outcome tremendously. The first child typically does have some social adjustment problems such as learning disability or a physical handicap.

Similar to Ketu in each of the 12 houses, with a redirection of consciousness, if the native can achieve spiritual witness which removes he urgency to react to the child, this in turn may provide the native with great social respect and regard as one who maintains dignity in obviously trying circumstances.

Eccentric but delightful

Does not deny children. Rather, gives unusual and peculiar traits to the procreated. Eccentric but likely delightful character attributed to the first child in particular and to all of one's offspring in general.

The first child is born under unusual circumstances (e.g., out of wedlock or after the parents are told they are infertile) or the first child is adopted or the first child is very sensitive yet rather unresponsive to conventional education, making others question their intelligence.

In rashi of material-plane Shani, the peculiarity may be physical. In rashi of mental-plane Budha, the peculiarity may be mental.

The eldest child is distant, unconnected, and apathetic although perhaps remarkably intelligent in an intuitive style.

Not a gambler, but a rather apathetic toward creative endeavors. (Depends definitely on lord of bhava-5!)

Agents of approval, admiration, applause = hermits, yogis, saints.

Meditation and detachment are the primary means of gaining ego-validation, attention and approval.

Genius for Teaching Lost or Disconnected Children

Putra bhava contains genius, and any graha which migrates there may express its genius brightly -- on the stage of politics, drama, personal intelligence, creative expressions, and children.

Ketu in bhava-5 may indicate a gifted, independent teacher of children with various disabilities: physical, social, emotional, mental.

  • One may have a touch of genius for understanding and handling "attachment disorder" , socially disconnected, learning-disabled, or other functional-behavioral disorders related to inability to maintain relationships, abandonment trauma, detachment, apathy, and the other karaka qualities of Ketu.

  • the native has a special blessing of witness-consciousness which allows one to resist the impulse to react negatively to threatening or inappropriate behavior from children .

Free from habitual punitive reaction, the children suffering social adaption difficulties may feel more safe and accepted , and even quite adversarial children may learn and begin to thrive.


Even without professional teaching, the spiritually minded native may enjoy a special Seva dedicated to the care and protection of disconnected children.

  • In my files is the case of a lovely woman who tried to earn a teaching license but her own learning disabilities (Ketu, 5) prevented her success.

  • She worked for many years as a caretaker for infants of professional families whose parents temporarily abandoned [Ketu] their child in order to travel for business or vacation [Ketu].

  • Later, as her faith grew stronger, she developed a beautiful ministry of caring for infants who had lost their parents via state intervention.

  • These infants were in social transition, having been abruptly disconnected from their families and waiting (for weeks, months, or longer) for adoption.

  • The parents were mainly in prison for drugs and drug-related crimes, although some parents were known child-abusers and others had abandoned their newborns for reasons unknown [Ketu].

QUOTATION from Das commentary WRT Ketu in bhava-5

" ... makes you have such unusual urges that you become a very original but shocking thinker , which causes you trouble with others.

  • There is some abnormality with the children or between you and your children.

You become so affected by some of your thoughts that your own goals get blurred

  • and you suffer psychological instability.

Yet, you are powerful in some way mentally,

  • and you at times have power over others.

  • Your brothers suffer trouble from weapons.

You suffer from your own thoughts.

  • You have one or two children.

  • In spite of great vigor you remain in service of others.

You get hurt by falling from a high position.

  • You have disputes and discussions with associates.

You are crafty, jealous, weak, timid and impatient.

  • You can sermonize well, you have an inclination for holy pilgrimage and foreign travel.

  • Knowledge and learning may be denied at times.

  • You get land wealth or business opportunities.

Either having or staying with the children is difficult or you get separated from your children due to circumstance.

You are disobedient and meet with troubles thereby.

  • Some harm comes from your excess or irregular pleasures."


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