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Mrs. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1990's

Iconic Messenger of the Church Universal and Triumphant

clairsentient channel

author of doctrinal books

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

a.k.a. Betty Clare Wulf

a.k.a. Elizabeth Clear-Profit

Earth-birth Saturday-08-Apr-1939

dematerialization 15-Oct-2009 [age 70]

Kala-Sarpa yoga SAMKA - Shankchood variety = Rahu-9


Apocalyptic Evangelist

church operator

trance channel


Elizabeth Clare Wulf Prophet

birth data from

tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotishavidya

charts + graphs + tables = generated by Shri Jyoti Star -

- adapted by BP Lama

Visha-dhara variety of Kala-Sarpa yoga

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativity

Sadachbia - Varuna

Shatavisaka - Shata-takara


For Shata-taraka births of a feminine valence, the disposition of mesmerizing, hypnotic, shadowy, exciting, passionate, ambitious, opportunistic, privilege-seeking Professor Rahu may considerably affect the outcome .

For those born into the Rahu-ruled paradigm of Sadabija, exotics, ethnic mixers, opportunists, fascinators, mesmerizers, privilege-seekers, impostors, rogues, intensifiers of passion and desire, self-proclaimers, self-promoters, agents-provocateur , charlatans, masters of smoke and oils, and entrancingly ambitious persons may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Sadachbia* Tabernacles

[Risk-rewarding Rahu] -ruled Sata ladies are rare birds. Varuna-deva born = often found in fascinating social roles that boost mass consciousness. Sata feminine figures = often express Rahu's shimmering attractions. Although not conventional beauties, they usually become wealthy and popular,

Sadachbia ladies may hold dignified professional positions [Shani]. Their public conduct appears appropriate [Shani], but their personal lifestyles may be unorthodox [Rahu]. They are especially skilled in using the etheric magneto-electrical gridwork, and in this context may be healers.

Satha-yathevi unusual behavior often challenges outdated social stereotypes and improves economic opportunities for women. Yet, consciously or not, sadachbia ladies may serve expedient purposes within a larger marketplace network.

Like all Kumbha-born, their wealth expands via globalist, philosophical Brihaspati.

Themes of over-reaching, charlatanry, entrancement, expedient linkage, hypnotic appearance, and connections between contradictory systems may contextualize Sata's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Sadachbia - Varuna


from Shil-Ponde [1939] . Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 100r.

" A person who is controlled in her emotions.

  • She is not easily angered.

  • Her own sex respects her.

She is attached to her relatives

  • and beloved by her elders.

She will always maintain a good and respectable position in the community."

[end quote]


ECP in 1990's

ProphetElizClareWulf_c1960x.jpg Biographical events matched to the Vimshottari Dasha calendar

[Budha Mahadasha] [age birth until age 16.2]

08-Apr-1939 Earth-birth in Long Branch, new

Jersey, USA * Budha-Budha svabhukti

[Ketu Mahadasha] [age 16.2 until age 23.2]

[Nov-1955 until Feb-1958] Janma Sade-Sati Vṛścika

  • [10, public authority, regulatory duties, governance, organizational leadership, reputation, executive responsibility, social recognition, elite decisions]

    [age 16-19]

Sep-1957 [ECP age 18] enrolled at Antioch College in Ohio * Ketu-Chandra bhukti * Chandra rogesha ++ janma Sade-Sati

Mar-1959 [ECP age 20] drop out of Antioch College in Ohio * Ketu-Rahu bhukti ++dvithya Sade-Sati

1960 [ECP age 21] consecration of marriage-1-of-4 with Norwegian attorney Dag Ytreburg * Ketu-Shani bhukti * Shani activates Kumbha Svamsha - samchara Rahu-Ketu via Kumbha-Simha ++dvithya Sade-Sati

Aug-1961 [ECP age 22] earned baccalaureate in political science from Boston University * Ketu-Budha chidra-dasha * Budha diploma

[Shukra Mahadasha] [age 23.2 until age 43.2]

16-Mar-1963 [ECP age 24] consecration of marriage-2-of-4 with traveling salesman Mark Prophet, [he is 19 years her senior] The union produced four children * Shukra-Shukra svabhukti ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Mithuna-Dhanus contact navamsha [Mūla] Chandra

26-Feb-1973 [ECP age 34] grieved the decease of husband-2 Mark Prophet via stroke* Shukra -Guru bhukti * Guru activates 2nd-from-Guru

1973 [ECP age 34] consecration of marriage-3-of-4 with Randall Kosp a.k.a. Randall Charles King, agalley cook * Shukra-Guru bhukti [Shukra-yuti-Guru] ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Mithuna-Dhanus contact navamsha [Mūla] Chandra

1975 [ECP age 36] ECP founds the Church Universal and Triumphant which becomes the parent company for all of the church's financial operations * Shukra-Shani bhukti * Shani lagnesha * Shani activates 3rd-from-Chandra = commercial business ++ Rahu-Return

1980 [ECP age 41] divorce from husband-3. He files public lawsuit for harm. Hidden settlement for damages won by husband-3 * Shukra-Budha bhukti * Budha activates 8-undisclosed payments

1981 [ECP age 42] consecration of marriage-4-of-4 with business manager, Ed Francis [he is 11 years her junior] * Shukra-Budha bhukti * Budha-yuti-Shani rules Kumbha Svamsha ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Mithuna-Dhanus contact navamsha [Mūla] Chandra

[Surya Mahadasha] [age 43.2 until age 49.2]

Dec-1984 until Dec-1987 Janma Sade-Sati Vṛścika

  • [10, public authority, regulatory duties, governance, organizational leadership, reputation, executive responsibility, social recognition, elite decisions]

  • [age 46-49]

1987 [ECP age 48] Church Universal and Triumphant [CUT] loses its protected tax status = no longer legally recognized as a religious institution by USA government * Surya-Ketu bhukti * ++ janma Sade-Sati

[Chandra Mahadasha] [age 49.2 until age 59.2]

1989 [ECP age 50] Directing the cult members to hide underground, ECP predicts an attack upon the USA by Russian military. The vision describes an apocalyptic radiation holocaust, followed by years-long nuclear winter. Devotees barricade themselves into Montana bunkers to survive the horrible catastrophe. * Chandra-Rahu bhukti * Rahu-9 visionary sermons

14-Mar-1990 [ECP age 51] On the prophesized date of devastating global nuclear war, cUT believers move into underground bunkers. The concrete tunnels have been stocked with extensive survival supplies. The sewage system backs up. Then, no holocaust occurs. USA tax authorities investigate the money. * Chandra-Rahu bhukti * Rahu-9 excitable worldview, over-reaching preaching

1994 [ECP age 55] celebrate the birth of child-5-of-5, born into marriage-4-of-4 * Chandra-Shani bhukti * Shani lagnesha

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age 59.2 until age 66.2]

1998 [ECP age 59] divorce from husband-4-of-4 * Mangala-Mangala svabhukti * Kuja activates Ketu in 6th-from-Chandra

Nov-1998 [ECP age 59] diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease * Ketu-Rahu bhukti

2004 [ECP age 65] public announcement tells the faithful that ECP suffers from epilepsy + Alzheimer's Disease * Mangala-Surya bhukti [Surya-yuti-Budha] announcements

[Rahu Mahadasha] [age 66.2 until decease age 70]

15-Oct-2009 [ECP age 70] blessed liberation from the Earthen-body, via Alzheimer's Disease * Rahu-Guru bhukti * maraka Guru activates-2

Prophet_EC_c1970.jpgDistinctive features of the Nativity

[Sparkling Splendid Surya]

pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]

[bargaining-balancing yuvati-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[confidently identified with intuitive values]

[visionary icon of heritage knowledge]


[systematic-profitable Revatī-3] [navamsha Surya-Kumbha] confidently mass-participation networked



  • [Surya-Meena] Bhaskara - the illuminator * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the expansively visionary rashi of Brihaspati

  • [Surya in bhava-2] creative values-fulfillment * confident story-telling * dazzling bardic tradition * intelligence for languages * genius for sound-and-color * radiant genetically preserved knowledge * focus on stored assets * banking entitlements * bright face-speech-song * eye on capital resources [including human capital] * father heart of family * sparkling center of the treasury-drama * father may be a banker-singer-collector-preservationist

  • [Surya-yuti-Budha] confidently conversational * brightly explaining messenger * entitled to discuss * creatively intelligent sibling-cohort * discursive father-figure * gestures conduct the spiritual rays of the Sun * radiantly descriptive * articulate in drama * skillful game-player * self-confident announcements * talks about ideals * narrative of power-politics * recites love poems * describes divine romance

  • [Surya-yuti-Shani] confidently lawful * bright regulator * entitled to impose order * politically intelligent authority-figures * radiantly systematic * Sober hierarchical strict father-figure * cautiously orderly expression of the spiritual rays of the Sun * limited entertainments * creatively disciplined


regally vociferous, sparkling face-eyes-voice,, shining eyes-hair-teeth, confidently oratorical, dramatically musical, flamboyantly financial, center of the family line, brilliantly sonorous, self-assuredly historical, politically traditional [Surya in bhava-2] rules

  • 7-covenant, promise, trust, contractual relationships, social justice, advocacy, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, partners, justice, marriage, legal and formal partnerships, negotiation, alliance-crafting, match-making, fair arrangements, even deals, advocacy, trading, bargaining, brokerage, haggling, go-between, middleman, meddler


Rulers of 1 + 5 + 8 + 12 are clustered around Surya

  • this powerful articulatory cluster Surya + Shani + Budha * occupies the charismatic, sparkling, emotionally intelligent 5th-from-Chandra
  • The Surya cluster produced a theatrical, entertaining, uniquely charismatic, poetical [nīcha] Budha] and divinely intelligent celebrity experience for which ECP was known.
  • ECP claimed an exclusive contracts with her extraterrestrial voices
  • according to CUT, only ECP was permitted to channel the divine knowledge

Surya activates 7

  • The legal edifice of the church organization was built with binding contracts.

Surya activates Simha 10th-from-Chandra

  • Mrs. Prophet was best known for her role as the attorney, advocate, mouthpiece, spokesperson [7] representative for numerous discarnate beings who did not have their own mouths.

Surya-yuti-Shani endurance

  • Despite an expensive, disorienting, catastrophically failed series of apocalyptic prophecies in 1990, many in the sangha [9] had deeply internalized the information from books and in-person deliveries of the channel.
  • Yet, as the congregation dwindled, it did not completely die
  • Even today, the books are sold and the community of believers persists, albeit in a dramatically reduced form following dematerialization of the charismatic leader [Surya charisma]


Dad was born and raised in Germany. also Rahu in bhava-9 eign father

  • Dad served as a teenage WW-1 German military U-boat operator Surya in bhava-2 rules 7- vehicles, shipping.
  • As an adult, dad emigrated to the USA before the onset of WW-2.
  • He was later accused of Nazi spying and was interred during part of WW-2. Surya-yuti-Shani activates 12-spying, prison

[Surya-Meena] absorbs the growth-challenging, confrontational mutual drishti of Mangala-Dhanus-11 ++ yuti restrictive ashta Shani-Meena

Mangala drishti to the combust Shani-2 ++ combust [nīcha] Budha + pitrikaraka Surya

  • complex childhood conditions, particularly the father's frustrated unfulfilled behavior [ashta-graha] .
  • Her alcoholic father was said to have been unable to control his violent temper . In fits of anger, he smashed her prized belongings and was verbally abusive. Shani- mutual drishti - Kuja = profound inner tension.

[Comfortable Caretaking Chandra]

matrikaraka [mother] * garha-karaka [village]


[inimical-argumentative rogesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

check Mangala and Kuja-drishti to find the engine behind Chandra's penetrating, transformative, rebirthing sensibilities


[optimistic-doctrinal Jyeṣṭha -1] [navamsha Chandra-Dhanus] intuitively sensitive inspirational-guiding

  • [Chandra-Vṛścika] comforted by mystery * sensitive to trauma-healing * needs healing discovery

  • [Chandra in Jyeṣṭha - Antares] * calmed by competitive signals * protector of prophetic messages * familiar face of direct announcements * soothed by provocative talk

  • [Chandra in classroom-10] comfortable with high reputation * socially recognized protector * parental style of leadership * Familiar Face to the public * sensitive to social protocol * accustomed to regulatory duties * soothed by peak position * acculturated to executive routines * settled into the rhythm of elevated roles * feels the repeating pulse of elite status * calmed by climbing hierarchical steps * anchored into lawful responsibility * undulating authority * mother may be a dignitary, prominent parent, cultural icon, respected caretaker


sensitively ordering, protectively lawful, routinely governing, parentally regulating, rhythmically dutiful, customary commander, predictable hierarch, culturally respected, emotionally responsible, needs to hold elite positions [Chandra in classroom-10] rules

  • 6-ministries of service, dehumanization, misconduct, war, jail, slavery, pollution, argumentation, healthcare workers, ailment, injury, medical treatment, hypocrisy, crime, cheating, animosity, toxins, complaints, accusation, litigation, imbalanced conditions, injustice, betrayed promises, servants, laborers, hostility, animosity, disagreement, dehumanization


  • [folk reputation 10th-from-Chandra = habitual public duties conducted via Simha-7. Known for regal, entitled, brilliant, displaying style of diplomacy, arranging, representation, consulting, peer-counseling, brokerage, crafting agreements]

ECP was a global church leader who was styled as a protective parent [Chandra]

Chandra-Vṛścika [nīcha] rogesha = profoundly debilitated.

Chandra in Jyeṣṭha may be outspoken, often adamantly so

  • The dramatically incorrect 1990-1991 prophecies occurred during Chandra-Rahu bhukti

[Chandra in classroom-10]

  • Maternal icon
  • Known as " Ma" within the CUT organization.


ECP's Mom was born in Switzerland and raised mainly in USA. Mom was a student of mystical practices, meditation, and occult secrets Chandra-Vṛścika

  • In particular, mother and daughter attended the spiritual healing services of The Church of Christ, scientist founded by Christian Science 1821-1910 Mary Baker Eddy .

MARRIAGE partnership emotional equity support expectations

ECP was married four times, thrice divorced and once widowed.

[Guru-yuti-Shukra] ++ Guru-1 parivartamsha Shani-4 = multiple marriages

  • Mrs. Prophet was also identified, at various life-phases, as Mrs. Ytreburg, mrs. Kosp, and Mrs. Francis.


lifepartnership 1-of-4

  • bhava-4 Urisha finance
  • Norwegian attorney Dag Ytreburg
  • a brief union, apparently for financial security [4] ECP age 21

8th-from- [7th-from-Chandra-10] = [2nd-from-Chandra]

lifepartnership 2-of-4

  • bhava-11 Dhanus beliefs contains goal-driven Mangala-Dhanus
  • salesman, trance-channeler Mark Prophet
  • Mangala karmesha = career, reputation, public recognition

3rd-from- [7th-from-Chandra-10]

lifepartnership 3-of-4

  • bhava-6 Karkata cooking caretaking
  • personal aide and galley cook
  • After a brief union, husband-3 filed and won a major lawsuit [6] against ECP and the church directors, claiming financial , psychological, and sexual abuse [6 mistreatment] .

10th-from- [7th-from-Chandra-10]

lifepartnership 4-of-4

[Competitive Champion Kuja]

bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]

[busy-messaging sahaja-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]


[ministering-strategic Pūrvāṣāḍhā-2] [navamsha Mangala-Kanya]

  • [Mangala-Dhanus] vigorous development of humanistic worldview * energized inspiration * thrust toward doctrinal expansion * proactive teaching-preaching * promotes philosophical globalism * champion of broad understanding * pursues patronage

  • [Mangala in bhava-11] drive toward connectivity * competitive earnings * pursuit of profits * dynamic marketplace actions * battle for revenues * champion of community activism * invasive networking * vigorous sporting friends * energized scientific systems * economic conquests


progressively gridworking, competitively earning, energized distributions, pro-actively community-connecting, innovatively gainful, vigorously systematic, pursuing networked revenues, promotes friendly association, champion of mass-participation linkage [Mangala in bhava-11] rules

  • 3-communications, messaging, sermons, radio-television, media-products, writing, publications, letters of correspondence, announcement, planning, cohort, commercial business, instruction, explanation, training, tours

  • 10-career, profession, public authority, symbolic recognition, leadership, reputation, command, respect, executive power, elite roles, organizational director


Kuja-11 drishti energizes, stimulates, activates, moves, and provokes

  • 2 speech, finance, heritage, collections, language, speech, sound, voice, face
  • 5 politics, drama, romance, speculation, children, display, creativity
  • 6 conflict, warfare, accusation, exploitation, resentment, lawsuits, divorce, mistreatment

Kuja spacey communicator + high visibility leader

  • Kuja activates -Mesha-3 publications, planned events, study groups, messages, scripture, books
  • = containing Ketu = [6th-from-Chandra]
  • Mangala karma-pati activates 10-leadership, public reputation, career, iconic roles
  • Kuja activates Mesha-3 Arudha Lagna containing Ketu otherworldliness
  • Kuja activates Chandra in classroom-10


[6th-from-Chandra] Epilepsy and Brain Disease

  • ECP suffered from epilepsy throughout her life.
  • She developed Alzheimer's brain disease in her 50's and died of dementia age-70.

Constant Tension mutual drishti Shani-Kuja

Personality suffers stress due to challenging, confrontational mutual drishti of Mangala-Dhanus-11 and Shani-Meena-2

  • As ruler of [6th-from-Chandra] , Kuja also provokes the constant association with accusations of financial misdeeds and involuntary servitude which dogged the cult leader for decades.

inspirational dynamism Mangala-Dhanus-11 in charming, artistic Pūrvāṣāḍhā = petite, enthusiastic, always-moving, smiling personality

[Busy Bantering Budha]

jamayah-karaka [sibling] sandesha-karaka [message] shisya-karaka [student]


[creative-displaying vidya-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[mysterious-transformative randhresha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

check Guru and Guru-drishti for defining source of Budha's abstract imagining worldview


[secretive-discovering Uttarabhadra-4] [navamsha Budha-Vrischika] intuitively explaining secret information [Revati-Budha-yuti-Surya-Revati]


  • [Budha-Meena] intuitive communications * articulation of private spiritual guidance * imaginative pronouncements * explains the astral patterns * abstract conversations * symbolic information * foggy thinking * psychic instructions * meditative messages * describes visionary procedures * fuzzy logic * hands-arms-shoulders send dreamlike gestures

  • [Budha in bhava-2] narrative of values-fulfillment * conversations about natural resources * talks about history * instructions for asset conservation * explains banking procedures * cherished recordings * discusses sound values * articulation of speech-song * quick-darting eyes-face * tells stories * defines storage methods * describes family lineage * manual preservation of collections * chats about knowledge base * conserves libraries * quick with language * manages archives * repeats from memory

  • [Budha-yuti-Surya] amusing explanations * entertaining chatter * central roles in communication * brightly clear descriptions * dramatic enunciation * confidently delivers instruction * articulation of radiant certainty * political messenger * talkative father-figures

  • [Budha-yuti-Shani] explainer of rules * dictates about system requirements * regulatory roles express communication skills * lawful planning * slow scheduling * conventional conversations * message of institutional order * mature management * makes necessary announcements * cautious gestures * talkative elders


discusses finance, assets manager, articulate singer-musician, traditional communicator, knowledgeable conversation, memorable gesturing, explains legacy values Budha in bhava-2] rules

  • 5- Politics, center-stage roles, theatre, demonstration, display, charming brilliance, genius, poetry, choice-making, showmanship, gambling and gamesmanship, romantic idealism, creativity, fashion-shows, flamboyance, celebrity entitlements, confidence, artistic performance, drama, children, financial speculation, intelligence, entertainments, fun

  • 8-unexpected eruptions of regenerating force, occult initiation, mystical revelation, shocking intervention, opaque empowerments, invasive surgery, intensive healing, evolution, violent explosion, sudden identity change, rejuvenation, recycling, rebirth, hidden assets, upheaval, undisclosed secrets, transformative events, discovery, in-laws of first marriage, health of younger sibling-cousin

[Budha-yuti-Shani] channeled messages gird the structural hierarchy

  • ECP's clairaudiently received messages were collated into a body of sacred scripture.
  • A faith community formed around recognition of the power of the message in that scripture.
  • From 1975, aprivilege hierarchy [Shani], cultic ritual, liturgy [Budha] + spiritual commune were developed in order to codify, practice and promulgate the teachings.

Busy Budha activates 5-artistic performance = 3rd-from-3rd

  • psychic instructions, channeled narrative, media products

[Budha-Meena] [nīcha] activates 5-artistic performance + 8-occult, secret, privileged information

Busy Budha activates Mithuna-5 Karakamsha entertainments, celebrations and celebrities, glamour, performance

  • New Age evangelist ECP served as a celebrity [5] psychic channel [Ketu] communicating the spiritual messages of a host of discarnate beings who are collectively called 'Ascended Masters'.
  • She delighted audiences around the world with the splendor [5] of the Beings, who generally all had magnificent titles [5 entitlement] such as Saint, count, or Mahatma.

[Budha-Meena] [nīcha] delivers imaginative or childlike inspiring messages.

[Budha-Meena] [nīcha] = Lend me your mouth

  • The signal distortion seems to have been compounded or perhaps incited by a hitch-hiking spirit insinuating itself into the speech mechanism.

Narrative of attack, survival

  • Kuja-11 drishti into 2 = prophetic messages [Budha] includes calls to action , warnings of invasion and attack [Kuja]
  • The Dictations supplied energizing [Kuja] mandates to focus on survival [Shani] due to coming annihilation [Shani] via war.

Typical of poetic, visionary [nīcha] Budha, and emphasized by the Budha-ruled Jyeṣṭha -Chandra, instructions often lack the logical stepwise scaffolding necessary to follow a series of instructional steps.

  • Bluntly asserted truths demand either acquiescence or denial with minimal opportunity for critical thinking.
  • Unfortunately, the uncorrected [nīcha] Budha created frequent signal distortions.

Kuja activates Vṛścika10 = highest public roles = initiation, exposition, sudden terrifying force

  • Key millennialist prophecies regarding apocalyptic war and other psychic threats were found to be materially vacant [nichha Budha] .

Conceptual [nīcha] Budha when psychically deployed in a pre-cognitive or " psychic reader" capacity often lacks sharp discrimination between material vs. emotional.

Nichha Budha can be confused about probabilistic range limits

Albert Einstein also has the Budha+ Surya+Shani Meena complex. AE was also an intuitive of top caliber. However, aE also had [uchcha] Shukra within the Meena cluster, adding clarity and intuitive balance. ECP unbalanced imagination.

  • Meena-Budha reinforced by the Budha-ruled Jyeṣṭha -Chandra produced an interpretive style that interpreted the psychic " ripples" and " echoes" of probabilistic ranges as having sufficient conceptual certainty to definitively indicate a singular material event.

Mental confusion and conflation

  • Psychic date predictions almost never work, unless the prediction is given as a likelihood and as a range.
  • Predicting specific time-calendared material outcomes in a world of potentials is a mistake that belies the mirroring, reflective qualities of the astral imaging mechanism [Meena].
  • It is essential when reading the eso-teric [outside of earth] and cosmic patterns to distinguish clearly between accumulating potentials and significantly weighted actualizing trends.
  • [Budha-Meena] [nīcha] + asta + asta-Shani with no correction = sadly unable to distinguish these delicate differences.

  • What actually happened in the prophesied time range was not a Cold War attack upon the USA -- but its opposite = the 1991 financial collapse of the Soviet Union rendering its military powerless.

Unsustainable claims

Furthermore the claim to be the exclusive channel for her ascended sources is another proof of interpretive confusion, since entities may use a variety of human vehicles to express their information

exclusivity is never a working principle of the redundant universe.

See also Rahu in bhava-9


Budha-Meena [nīcha] rules bhava-5 ++ occupies 5th-from-Chandra

  • ECP bore five living children, all of whom rejected her cultic authority [asta Shani]
  • All offspring exited the privilege hierarchy
  • Eldest child was the most committed to severance via a " no-contact, nao-visits" policy = Shani.

[Generous Growing Guru]

dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]


[gainful-economic vriddhi-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[conserving-entreasuring dhanesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[dhanayoga Guru-1 rules 2 + 11 = abundant capitalized earnings]

check Shani and Shani-drishti to see the structured systems which regulate the wisdom of Brihaspati

[multiple systematic personality attributes]

[embodiment of interconnected philosophical beliefs]

[identified with understanding of assemblies]

[iconic personification of marketplace worldview]

[personality exemplifies collectivist ideology]

[paragon of economically indoctrinated cheerfulness] [preacher-and-teacher may deliver proletarian wisdom]

[expansive speaker-storyteller with a vast social network]

[lagnesha + karmesha = high visibility priest or theorist]

[In a wifely nativity, husband may be marketplace financier, optimistic community evaluator, believer in futuristic philosophy]


[publishing-announcing Purvabhadra-3] [navamsha Guru-Mithuna] intuitively optimistic expanding communications delivery

[Atmakaraka doctrine, teaching, preaching, sacred scriptures, paradigm of belief, priesthood, abundance, fertilit]y


[Guru-1 parivartamsha Shani-2]

  • [Guru-Kumbha] much networking * hope for the future * many marketplaces * optimistic about big associations * permission to connect * scientific beliefs * doctrine of economic linkage * distributed guidance * expands the scope of social participation * multiple communities * diversity of friendships

  • [Guru in bhava-1] [dikbala] Much vitality * philosophical personality * permission for unrestricted action * generous disposition * numerous identities * expands the scope of competition * many cheerful sporting activities * believes in birthright * expansive aura * extra height-or-girth * embodiment of tolerant cheer * a patron of personal benefit * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be an expander, philanthropist, benefactor, grower

  • [Guru-yuti-Shukra] sodarya-karaka * multiple feminine-figures * permission to make deals * abundant pleasures * blossoming treasures * expansion of art * inspirational music * optimistic diplomatic philosophy * large-scale alignments * broad scope of partnerships * diverse financial arrangements


expansively active, abundantly energized, jovial competitor, multiple identities, naumerous offspring, optimistic innovator, generous grower of children-partnerships-worldview, broad-scope of embodied inspiration [Guru in bhava-1] rules

  • 2-acquisition, family legacy, tradition, language-lexicon, preserved memory, banking, collections, entreasurement, herd-hoard, containment, financial capital, accrued amounts, asset evaluation, knowledge of history, speech-song, heritage values, color-sound, arts-and-music, face-voice-eyes-teeth-mouth-hair, genetics, stored resources, health of the father

  • 11-fruitful revenues, interconnected income, profits, material achievement, social networking, friendships, community linkage, fan-clubs, mass participation gatherings, collectivism, marketplace gridworks, distribution, association, populism, economic systems, fundraising, gains-and-goals, awards for work accomplished, health of the enemies


[Guru-yuti-Shukra] [Guru-1 parivartamsha Shani-2]

  • Generous Guru resides in the patriotic, parental, nationalistic, comfort-seeking, home-loving, foundational, property-owning 4th-from-Chandra shows the expansion of lands, properties, and vehicles.
  • activates 11 economic earnings and community networking.

Guru = the moneymaker for Kumbha indriya-lagna

[Guru-yuti-Shukra] joins the rulers of 2 + 4 + 9 + 11

The tax-free religious organization owned a college campus, residences in several states [ranging from humble to opulent] , vehicles, and ultimately a vast tract of ranchland in the Grand Teton area of Montana.

  • while ECP's official personal salary was modest, an opulent lifestyle for her and her family was provided for decades by the tax-free Church that she founded.

DOCTRINE = Rahu-9 mutual drishti Guru-1

As a secondary writer collaborating with her primary writer, tropical astrologer Murray Steinman, ECP was a prolific contributor to many books of Ascended Masters doctrine.

Her expansive, multiple-volume, decades-long rendering of new-age spiritual revelation attracted many followers.

Guru activates 2-lineage

ECP claimed to stand in a lineage of New Age female preachers

[Sweetly Suave Shukra]

vadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]

[yogakaraka believing-guiding dharmesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[yogakaraka homebound-anchoring bandhesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[gainfully arranging personality]

[economic integrity in negotiations]

[graciously balanced friendly appearance]

[electrically attractive physical embodiment]

[valued relationships within scientific community networks]


[profitable-community Varuna-1] [navamsha Shukra-Dhanus] [vargottamsha] intuitively harmonizing soothly arranged community networking linkage


  • [Shukra-Kumbha] appreciation of social networks * likes knitting-knotting * attracted to marketplace revenues * pleased by large-group connectivity * prefers a friendly partner * collectivist arrangements * enjoys regulated systems * sweetly gracious within big crowds * scientific aesthetic * financially balanced economic linkage

  • [Shukra-1] seeks pleasure via handsome embodiment * enjoys the company of womenfolk * graciously attractive appearance * active style of balancing * pursues adjustable arrangements * appreciation of muscular vitality * pleasing designs to adorn the head * aesthetic of new life * physical exercise to balance the brain * identified with brokerage * seeks the sweet midpoint of dynamic negotiations * energetic pursuit of equity * identified with acts of diplomacy * bargains vigorously for fair exchange * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may be an athlete, innovator, champion, pioneer

  • [Shukra-yuti-Guru] sweetened expansions * gracious diversity * appreciation for philosophical doctrine * adjustable catechism * numerous negotiations * humanistic agreements * generous beauty * balanced patronage * arrangements according to priestly paradigm of belief * prefers relationships with generous partners


pleasantly competitive, aesthetically postured, balanced style of movement, naatural maker of arrangements, energetic mediator, fair bargains, gracious appearance, diplomatic personality, harmoniously embodied, prefering luxurious attributes, attracted to active companions [Shukra-1] rules


  • 4 cultural foundations, property boundaries, way of Life, protection, defense , homeland, household, routines, rituals, mother, parents, customary rhythms, caretakers, socialization schooling, gardens, waterways, transportation, housing, social security, sense of place, environmentalism, citizenship, belonging, ethnic basis, ethnoreligion, patriotism, real-estate, farming, land-ownership, burial, predictability, health of the elder sibling

  • 9-ideology , paradigm of belief, profession of faith, principled convictions, higher understanding, father-figures, priestly patronage, preaching, patriarchal entitlements, philosophical convictions, theory, public spiritual guidance, celebrated doctrines, sangha, sacred teachings, credenda, globalism, dharma, worldview, weltanschauung, mother's health


Shukra activates 4

ECP persona symbolized a cultic pathway to the celestial home

[Sober Shani]

duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[intuitive knowledge preserves historical values]

[obligation to maintain imaginative structures]

[onerous duty to contain Otherworldly treasures]

[speaks cautiously about clairsentient guidance]


[imaginative-conceptual Revatī-4] [navamsha Shani-Meena] [vargottamsha]

[Guru-1 parivartamsha Shani-2]



  • [Shani-Meena] oppressive dreams * socially responsible imagination * fear of vast waters * required immersion * must use symbolic images * aging affects the bedroom * structural compression upon aching feet * strictly imposed sanctuary * endures proletarian prayer * slow elder diviners * limited access to ancient ancestor guides * pragmatically constrained intuition * must sustain the astral resonance * scarce contemplative resources * maintainer of old interior visions

  • [Shani in bhava-2] steady time-structured values-fulfillment * scarcity of precious resources * must preserve historic traditions * must gather * must catalog * obstructionist family-of-origin * must remember * cautious use of words * boney face * tense eyes * class-conscious speech * speakers' fatigue * chronic financial insufficiency * undernourished eye-teeth * must use old libraries * cold dried food hoard * limited sight * ossified heritage * language regulator * appreciates ignorance * maintains treasuries of proven knowledge * hierarchies impose know-nothing rules * elders hold center of family

  • [Shani-yuti-Surya] social resistance to individual creativity * pragmatic politics * class-conscious father * limited unearned entitlements * delayed [but not denied] romance * conventionalized theatrical displays * restrained flamboyance * disciplined intelligence * fearful speculation * cautious willpower * Socially-approved expressions of divine brilliance

  • [Shani-yuti-Budha] resistance against signaling * materialistic siblings * responsible for maintaining lawful commerce * pragmatic coupling * limited interaction * disciplined messaging * structured announcements * speaks plainly * proletarian instructions * regulated business * constrained communication * conventionally regulated conversations


obliged to family heritage, cautious speech, naarratives of duty, financial responsibility, has to conserve natural resources, oppressed by old vows, mature evaluation, collects valuable old artifacts, limited food, must preserve secret treasuries, must regulate the lineage assets, structured style of singing, slowed [but not prevented] acquisition of enduring pleasure, burdensome historical precedent, family-of-origin may impose heavy restraints [Shani in bhava-2] rules

  • 1- distinctive attributes of personality, dense material incorporation, individual personification, earthen embodiment, physical integrity, kinetic energy, dance, style of movement, athletic prowess, muscular mobility, unique character, kinetic vitality, circumstances of birth, tangible appearance, coherent social identity

  • 12 enclosures, the bed, fantasies, privacy, interior spiritual guidance, clandestine undertakings, intuitive awareness, non-linear conceptual undertanding, concealment, seclusion, invisibility, dissolved identity, meditation, contemplation, dreamworlds, astral plane, imaginary scenarios, sanctuary sleep, distant lands, health of the avowed partner


Shani activates Kumbha Svamsha

Shani dagda burned, ashen = within 2 degree orb from Surya

Constant Tension mutual drishti Shani-Kuja

Personality suffers stress due to challenging, confrontational mutual drishti of Mangala-Dhanus-11 and Shani-Meena-2

Moudhya-dosha Shani = "burned" by the hot rays of Surya only 2 degrees distant from the Cold Lawmaker.

Surya + asta-Shani + asta-[nīcha] Budha

combined rulers of 1 + 5 + 7 + 8 + 12

ECP was known for her autocratic and autistic assertion that messages she channeled from spirit guides [Meena] carried social-institutionally legitimate [Shani] authority Shani-yuti-Surya

and that she was the sole [Surya] legitimate [Shani] bearer of this truth [Budha] Shani-yuti-Budh

  • Although her financial handlers [Guru] likely encouraged this assertion,
  • there is no such thing as an exclusive channel
  • Deranged graha in Meena can indicate that one may believe in the factuality of one's own imagination.

[Risk-rewarding Rahu]

rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]

[for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-9 casts passionately paradigmaticly believing drishti into 1-3-5]

check Shukra for defining source of Rahu's apparently sweetening , contractual equity

[righteous desire to expound a principled faith in ultimate justice]

[enthusiastic belief in over-promising]

[craving for exhilarating balanced negotiation]

[potential for fraudulently or fabulously exaggerated advocacy, in matters of theological, theoretical, ideological, global-scope, philosophical, doctrinal, sacerdotal, higher priestly understandings]

[excitingly diplomatic ideologue]

[over-reaching equity-lens mixed-culture worldview]

[pretentiously ambitious father-figure may over-ride orthodox practice in contractual alliances]


[contractual-promising Chitra-3] [navamsha Rahu-Tula] [vargottamsha]

Samka-Shankchood variety of Kala-Sarpa yoga = Rahu in bhava-9

  • [Rahu-Tula] shimmering illusion of balance * craving for trade * mask of fairly bargained contracts * over-reaching advocacy * outsider who cleverly insinuates into trusted counseling roles * sweetly unconventional adjudication * exceptional accommodation * mixed-measure balance * extravagant brokerage * mirage of suave deal-making * extraordinary terms of mutual agreement * gracious non-customary alliances * ambitious diplomacy * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] equity-assured negotiation * seeks privilege via adviser-roles

  • [Rahu in bhava-9] passion for prestige preaching * in svabhava of Saptarishi Guru, the Shadowy Specter gives glamorous guidance * thrilling surge of theoretical understanding * entranced by one's own convictions * dazzling dharma * outsider who cleverly insinuates into patriarchal wisdom roles * seeks importance via sacred teachings * fantastic philosophy * compulsive catechesis * privilege-seeking proselytism * intriguing ideology * ambitious father-figures * extraordinary professors * barrier-breaching guru-figures * exciting culturally-mixed worldview * may pose as a pope * shimmering illusion of sacerdotal sangha * fabulous faith community * surreptitious appropriation of priesthood * entrancing ecclesiastics * smoky specter of ultimate principles * extravagant globalism * trespasses cultural boundaries of patronage * mirage of exemplary fatherhood * opportunistic third marriage [if any] social mobility via paradigms of belief


// over-reaching preaching //

double-Rahu Svatika Rahu in bhava-9 creates a new religion

  • ECP + cult administrators generated a body of sacred scripture using transcripts of the channeled lectures


  • at the peak of her popularity, Violet Flame 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet headed a religious community numbering in the tens of thousands

Opportunity [Rahu] in faith congregation [9]

In a corporate-branding attempt, ECP's business operatives claimed that she and only she was the authorized mouthpiece for her discarnate voices. All other channelers were frauds.

6/8 angle between over-reaching Rahu-Tula ++ gullible [nīcha] Budha-2 speech.

  • The proprietary prophecies were dramatically invalidated

Rahu generally, indicates potential for fraud due to over-reaching.

Rahu- 9 = fraud of exaggeration of theological, theoretical, global-scope, philosophical, doctrinal, sacerdotal, higher priestly understandings of the Divine

  • Rahu in bhava-9 = particularly associated with fraud in context of religious teaching, sermons, indoctrination, priesthood, paradigm of belief, credenda.

Surya-Surya svabhukti begins 1982 ** Chandra-Rahu bhukti 1991

  • The cult organization grew rapidly for 18 years [Rahu cycle] from 1982 until 1990.
  • In 1991, paying members abandoned the church due to fraudulent prophecy.
  • Rapid attrition of paying members signaled the decimation of the international structure

Kala-Sarpa yoga. SAMKa

  • ECP remained fully identified with the religious guru role, having no other occupation during her lifetime
  • Mrs. Prophet's nativity features the Samka variety of Kala-Sarpa yoga based in Rahu-9, associated with economic opportunities available via doctrinal, theoretical, or philosophical roles

[Collapsing unshackling Ketu]

kavandha-karaka [headless] chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]

[for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[disregards original discourse conventions]

[eccentric conquesting communications]

[incoherent start-up plans]

[empty first-arriver announcements]

[energetically liberating abstract discussions]

[scattered competitive mentality]

[passively fixated on ambitiously diplomatic-partnering Rahu-Tula-9 indoctrinators, father-figures, preachers, public spiritual guides]


[logistical-helping Bharani-2] [navamsha Ketu-Kanya]

  • [Ketu-Mesha] physically dissociates from competitive dominance * incomplete nobility * eccentric innovations * challenges the ineffable * unconventional athletic force * disoriented quest for supremacy * heroic push forward into nothingness * dissolute conquest * muscular martyrdom * not limited by blood or birth * ignores restrictions on kinetic movement * releases a blood-red cloud of dynamic energy into the misty abyss

  • [Ketu in classroom-3] eccentric communications * disinterested in daily chat * writes on foggy abstract topics * dissolves messaging boundaries * implausible prophecy * wandering discussions * can handle esoteric information * irrelevance of normal mental narrative * abandons management tasks * dismisses the standard explanations * disregards conventional discourse * unless other graha in 3, may prefer to live free from younger siblings


Ketu-Mesha ++ Ketu in classroom-3 - detached from daily business

Surya-Ketu bhukti

The Church Universal and Triumphant was adjudged by the USA taxation authorities to have misused their tax-free status. CUT was reclassified as a profit-making corporation. Several years of fraudulent deductions were invalidated, creating a large tax debt. Yet ECP herself was not troubled since Ketu-3 provides an ongoing detachment from matters of commercial business. Her accountants devised a cleverly arranged shell corporation to re-define the organization's capital holdings [2] [Surya-yuti-Budha] [nīcha] . Even when taxation authorities later enforced back payments, ECP herself was not accused of fraud.

After a lifetime of struggle with epileptic seizures,. Brain, Ketu-Mesha] Alzheimer's Brain Disease ultimately ended ECP incarnation, age 70.

"and now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble, all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious, whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Paul of Tarsus, Epistle to the Philippians 4:8


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