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Graha - Bhava - Rashi - Gochara


Shani Transits by Rashi 1900-2099 CE

Shani transit via Mesha

Shani transit via Urisha

Shani transit via Mithuna

Shani transit via Karkata

Shani transit via Singha

Shani transit via Kanya


Shani transit via Tula

Shani transit via Vṛścika

Shani transit via Dhanus

Shani transit via Makara

Shani transit via Kumbha

Shani transit via Meena

  1. [Mesha - Arya]

  2. [Vrishabha - Urisha]

  3. [Mithuna - Dvamdva]

  4. [Karkata - Kadaga]

  5. [Simha - Leya]

  6. [Kanya - Parthya]

  7. [Tula - Vanika]

  8. [Vṛścika - Thriketta]

  9. [Dhanus - Haya]

  10. [Makara - Draco]

  11. [Kumbha - Ghata]

  12. [Meena - Antya]

  1. [Shani in classroom-1]

  2. [Shani in classroom-2]

  3. [Shani in classroom-3]

  4. [Shani in classroom-4]

  5. [Shani in classroom-5]

  6. [Shani in classroom-6]

  7. [Shani in classroom-7] [dikbala]

  8. [Shani in classroom-8]

  9. [Shani in classroom-9]

  10. [Shani in classroom-10] [svabhava]

  11. [Shani in classroom-11] [svabhava]

  12. [Shani in classroom-12]

  1. [Shani-Mesha] [nīcha]

  2. [Shani-Urisha]

  3. [Shani-Mithuna]

  4. [Shani-Karkata]

  5. [Shani-Simha]

  6. [Shani-Kanya]

  7. [Shani-Tula] [uchcha]

  8. [Shani-Vṛścika]

  9. [Shani-Dhanus]

  10. [Shani-Makara-Draco] [svakshetra]

  11. [Shani-Kumbha] [svakshetra] [mulatrikona if within 0-20 deg]

  12. [Shani-Meena]


OM sham shanaishcharaye namah

30.5-year cycles of Shanicarya



OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

Visiting Professor


samchara - gochara




Dhanu * Danusu * Haya

Taukshika * Sarasana

Saturan's 2.3 year transit



Toxotis * Shutze * the Shooter


Kashat * al-qaws

duration in rashi = 2.3 years * including vakri * retrogrades

frequency of occurrence = once every 30.5 years

Gochara Shani via Taukshika Effects upon the 12 Bhava


How does Professor Shani behave in transit?

What are His samchara effects in the 12 bhava?

Dec-1928 until Apr-1931

Feb-1958 until Jan-1961

Dec-1987 until March-1990

Jan-2017 until Jan-2020

Dec-2046 until March-2049

Oct-2076 until Jan-2079


Uluru * Ayers Rock * world chakra

What is the typical duration of a Shani transit?

Following His enduring teaching circuit, samchara Professor Shan travels through each of the twelve classrooms at the rate of approximately one rashi per 2.3 of earth's solar-years * including vakri * retrogrades

Jan-2017 until Jan-2020

including periods of vakri * retrograde

Jan-2017 until Jan-2020 = the First transit of Shani via Dhanus that follows the galactic precession crossover = 1994 until 2031

The crossover phase starts with Rahu-gochara-Tula 1994 and concludes with Rahu-gochara-Tula 2031.

During His visit to the rashi of Dhanus, which environments is orderly Professor Shani able to TEMPORARILy

  • limit - delimit
  • fence - finalize

  • freeze
  • seize
  • cease - decease
  • restrict - constrict
  • restrain - constrain - strain
  • legalize
  • standardize
  • hierarchize
  • bureaucratize
  • cramp - crimp
  • judge
  • withhold
  • delay
  • deny

  • retard
  • slow
  • impede
  • prevent
  • normalize
  • conventionalize
  • structure - stricture

Normalization, Order, Law

A Broad and Inclusive System

Traveling through Dhanus rashi, Professor Shani matures and structures the human apprehension of large-scale, socially ordered " consensus-reality" .

Shanicarya is not concerned with individual reality, which a perceptual framework more aligned with Shanaidev Bhagavan's arch-enemy Surya = Shri Vishnu, the all-seeing Sun.

Rather, Shani is concerned with the uniform class-based perceptions of socially-regulated large-group reality.

In particular when traveling through Haya, Professor Shani is concerned with Group-Regulated Beliefs such as widely held scientific theories, philosophical systems, ideologies, or sacred doctrines. Shani in Dhanus rashi becomes a master scientist of orthodoxies.

Shani's Strictly Realistic Inquest into Paradigmatic Orthodoxy

Ortho means straight, and doxy means doctrine * teaching. Orthodoxy is the straight teaching which purports to be proven truth at a social consensus level. Typically, when Professor Shani delivers the Dhanus lectures, orthodoxies are constructed, delivered, and imposed by agents of the large-scale governing hierarchies such as religious institutions or the leadership of the nation-state.

Shani's journey via Dhanus and Meena is always slightly less punitive and constricting and indeed less fearful than normal. Unusual for keep-your-head-down Shani, in Dhanus, the Lord of the Architectonic must move to the " Theory" highest viewpoint. From this Divine vista, He must proceed to order and regulate. His scope in Dhanus is unusually broad and His testing process unusually inclusive.

Shani's Order-and-Organize Toolkit

Normally, Shani is more than happy to accept (indeed, require) conformity to the lowest-common-denominator belief system. Normally, Shani will use His highly reliable toolkit of ignorance, delay, anxiety, and fear to ensure that optimum social regulation is obtained. Normally, He is willing to accommodate superstition and cruelty if these evils facilitate social conformity. Normally, Shani supports whatever government-approved catechisms, rules, theories or ideologies best support His agenda of uniformity, scarcity, and hierarchy.

Expansion of Consensus Reality

Shani is tasked to determine whether, at this time in the great cycle of civilizations, the social-consensus truth received from previous generation is still the provable, tested, consensus reality that is working to regulate large portions of society .

Have large portions of the social population instead and indeed raised their consciousness, experienced alternative realities, drifted into alternative theories of existence?

Doctrinal Prophylaxis

Professor Shani has arrived in the Dhanus classroom for the purpose of getting a grip on these new viewpoints and re-ordering the consensus reality to prevent doctrinal disorder.

Multiple Orthodoxies in a Single Global Society

Professor Shani must contend not simply with a single dharmic (worldview) phenomenon. Rather, for the transit of 2.5 Earth-years duration, He must order-and-reorder truths in the plural number.

Dhanus is the territory of Brihaspati, and Professor Guru is inherently a multiplier. Guru's wisdom is inclusive and pluralistic by nature.

Responses to the " structured pluralism" that is organized and imposed by Professor Shani for duration of 2.3 years may depend partly upon other planetary occupants of Dhanus within the individual nativity (or within the nativity of a nation or a tribe).

Overall, for individuals and for groups (especially for large groups) the effect of Shani's transit via Dhanus = ordering, regulating, and integrating the diversity and variety of current philosophical and theoretical beliefs into the most functional possible system.

Ordered Tolerance: A Place for Higher Dimensional Perceptions

Shani must contend with the New Truths, which are the result of spiraling new consciousness in the more philosophically advanced sectors whose Taukshika arrows have shot far beyond the previously ordained conceptual and perceptual limits.

Ordered Tolerance: A Place for Old Believers

Shani must also contend with the re-ordering and re-regulating of the Old Believers, whose arrows of truth have seemingly shot backwards and a deeply wedged into the Old Energy. Shani must find an ordering method which accommodates the guardians of the Old Order, the old priesthoods, the old patriarchy and the historic patronage system of material rewards for those who follow the orders of the Order.

The old believers are accustomed to living in fear, and they may not be ready or able to release their terrified beliefs about reality. They are ever-more-deeply and reactively entrenched into old realities and asserting the necessity of adhering to the old limits.

Shani is a respecter of age and proof . Old religious and ideological doctrines which located their proof in received scripture (regardless of the provenance of the scripture) can be respected and preserved by Shani. Articles of faith passed through the generations may find a place in Shani's broad system. Professor Shani must impose rules of religious tolerance.

Traveling through the classroom of Dhanus, Shani wears the robes of a specialist in consensus reality for large groups [Kumbha] such as societies, civilizations, and tribes. Professor Shani approaches the required topic of doctrine and belief with an insistence on slow and careful attention to the Theories of Reality * dharma *. Beliefs of all varieties and ancestries are now on schedule to be carefully tested, examined, and categorized.

Ecology of Belief: Regulating the Systems

Common [Shani] ground = staked and demarcated. Legislation governing the permitted actions within a pluralistic ecology of belief

No datum left behind!

No unexamined belief is too small for Professor Shani's consideration. Scientific Shani wants to organize all of the beliefs into a system. He will assemble large classes of people. He apply social pressure upon the leading groups to adopt a more scientific or more regulated set of beliefs that are more uniformly interpreted.

However, the bigger the better, since Dhanus specializes in *theory * the viewpoint of the divine. Theo = deos, deus, deity, god. Theo-ry in English (and in Greek, from whence English takes this military-tactical term) literally means the viewpoint obtained at the highest elevation

Many of the theories which Shani must orchestrate are social-scientific views of human large-scale behaviors. But some of the theories are meta-human in nature and content, incorporating the teachings of extra-terrestrial and multi-dimensional intelligences.

It is all on the table for Shani the Regulator, as He approaches the Dhanus portfolio with lawful purpose.

Avoiding War through Ordering of Doctrines

The purpose of life for Professor Shani = essentially avoiding Mangala .

From Shani's perspective Professor Pyreos [Kuja] teaches a dangerous lesson on fiery war and violence, the results of which are evident in the scarred and burnt surface of Areos -- once an Earth-twin garden planet.

Both Shani and Guru come together every 30.5 years during Professor Shani's transit via Dhanus to order the faiths so as to prevent violent conflict caused by warring beliefs on Earth.

Professor Shani is not a philosopher, and Pragmatic Shani does not intend that the truth should set anyone free. Rather, Shani's job is to ensure so far as possible that the truth does not start a planetary war.

Above All, Serious Shani is a Realist

Strictly Sober Shani will keep the students nailed to their chairs and the classroom may feel like a coffin until He is able to transmit His teaching about the mandate for tolerant social ordering of diverse beliefs, about the scope of regulatory laws governing truth and about the scientific method for discerning a baseline of consensus reality. Shani positively insists on theoretical and scientific accountability..

The system must remain open to a variety of ideologies [Dhanus] +++ governable [Shani].

Will Shani succeed in imposing His structuring, law-abiding, limiting and restricting program upon Dhanus's field of human religious, philosophical, and ideological beliefs?

That depends on the role of Dhanus - Haya in the individual nativity (including the nativities of nations).

Shani and Dhanus's Professor Guru have a mutually neutral planetary relationship.

Graha which can impede or harass Shani include His typical adversaries Surya, Chandra, and Mangala as well as Opportunistic Rahu " the merchant of chaos" .

Check for the roles of these graha within the nativity, and anticipate the effect of Shani's transiting contact upon each of them. Effects are determined by factors such as bhava-activating rulership, incoming drishti, and inherent friendliness of the bhava toward Shani.

Samchara Shani-Dhanus also has generally retarding, freezing, and structuring effects upon the radical lagna Dhanus - Haya.

However, due to the mutually neutral relationship between Dhanus's ruler Guru and transiting Shanaicarya, the effects are generally harmonious which rarely produces extreme scarcity or oppression.

Typical impacts may be increased duties within the sangha, imposition of doctrinal conformity, and more attention paid to the structural postural requirements of the fleshbody - particularly the sacral plexus. Other effects include Shani's typical demand for heightened maturity, consistent lawfulness, and more responsibilities for father-figures, high-priests, guru-figures, and other agents of the paradigm of belief.

Sade-Sati Dhanus

In addition to the rigidly disciplining effects of Shanideva Bhagavan transit to the radical lagna, If Chandra-in-Dhanus occupies the radical lagna, emotionally overwhelming Sade-Sati impacts can be anticipated.

Shani gochara via All Rashi maintains support and resources for most expressions of

  • density
  • gravity
  • sobriety
  • scarcity
  • elegance
  • streamlining
  • regulation
  • legalization
  • legislation
  • lawfulness
  • maturity
  • patience
  • neutrality
  • chronicity

Restrictions in Dhanus are not severe due to Shani's neutral relationship to the Host Brihaspati.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to expect some temporary limitations on the growth of conceptual thought, due to Shani's need for containment while He works on the System

  • Social restrictions on universities, think-tanks, and other scholarly entities which generate new theories
  • Social restrictions on doctrinal groups which preach intolerance or violence toward alternative beliefs
  • Scarcity of resources for broad-minded Dhanus-type personalities such as professors, religious scholars, philosophers, global thinkers, world-travelers, international pilgrims, the universally oriented

Features of human life that Shani limits and retards while traveling through Dhanus may include

  • heavy responsibility in worlds of sacred teaching, priesthood, indoctrination (example 2017-2020: Roman-Rite hierarchy authoritative response to widespread child sexual abuse lawsuits, including weighty pressure upon Pope Francis Bergoglio who has Dhanus indriya-lagna with four graha in Dhanus)

Those working toward lawful, functional, operable, statutory governance methods for regulating a tolerant pluralistic global belief system can usually find substantial permission, support, and funding.

Those interjecting Mangala-type aggressions or Surya-type selfishness or Rahu-type opportunism into the working process might not get much resource allotted to them.


Oregon Wy'east (Mt. Hood) autumn colors

Samchara Shani via Dhanus

Effects upon the 12 bhava

Naturally, if the transit of Shani via Dhanus rashi occurs simultaneously with an important Vimshottari Dasha bhukti of Shani, particularly Shani-Shani svabhukti * then the demands of limitation, discipline, austerity, elegance, maturity, sobriety, and social responsibility are further imposed.

  • Although Shani's effects can be recognized during His entire journey via all 30 degrees of each rashi, the most tangible results of His influence are often noticed when He contacts an important lagna

Date of Entry into Dhanus Rashi

Date of Exit from Dhanus ++ Entry into Makara Rashi

Position of Graha on Entry Day

If Shani-vakragati * retrograde * there can be 2 or 3 entries into same Rashi on the same day

12/24/1928 04/11/1931






12/16/1987 03/20/1990




12/07/2046 03/06/2049




  1. [Shani in classroom-1]

  2. [Shani in classroom-2]

  3. [Shani in classroom-3]

  4. [Shani in classroom-4]

  5. [Shani in classroom-5]

  6. [Shani in classroom-6]

  7. [Shani in classroom-7] [dikbala]

  8. [Shani in classroom-8]

  9. [Shani in classroom-9]

  10. Shani in classroom-10
  11. [Shani in classroom-11]

  12. [Shani in classroom-12]

  1. [Shani-Mesha] [nīcha]

  2. [Shani-Urisha]

  3. [Shani-Mithuna]

  4. [Shani-Karkata]

  5. [Shani-Simha]

  6. [Shani-Kanya]

  7. [Shani-Tula] [uchcha]

  8. [Shani-Vṛścika]

  9. [Shani-Dhanus]

  10. [Shani-Makara-Draco]

  11. [Shani-Kumbha] mulatrikona 0-20

  12. [Shani-Meena]


  1. If Dhanus = bhava-1 as measured from Dhanus indriya-agna or measured from Dhanus-Chandra * The earthen body size may contract due to restriction of the flow of kinetic energy. One's attribute-cluster personality may temporarily embody the Shani-sponsored virtues of maturity, sobriety, austerity, and patience. Social personality = pressured into accepting heavier workload and responsibilities. Time schedules for personal movement may be more rigorous and limited. Narrowed scope of operations for graha-in-1. Sporting competitions, individual championship, unique appearance may be discouraged. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Haya = temporarily slowed by scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. ++++ if Shani's transit via bhava-1 also contacts Dhanus-Chandra , then in addition to the general effects of Shani's slowing, drying, seizing, restricting of the fleshbody, there may be also a freezing of the flow of emotional nourishment during Sade-Saati. Shani's Parashari-drishti upon both 3 ++ 3rd-from-Chandra may produce temporary mental depression. Shani pressure upon Soma-randhresha may signal a need [Chandra] to preserve the existing personality (1) against the forces of identity-change (Soma rules 8 sudden changes).

  2. If Dhanus = bhava-2 as measured from Vṛścika indriya-lagna or measured from Vṛścika-Chandra ** Shani may desiccate the sustaining foods (2, pantry). Stored foodstuffs may be drier or preserved (such as via salt or other chemicals). Shani prefers more cautious speech , telling of hoary stories, singing the old traditional songs, reciting the approved histories. He cherishes frozen hoards of worthy objects. Compression of teeth-tongue (2) due to fear of telling the truth. Corrective dental work is slow but steady. During Shani's regime, it may be hard to speak the Dhanus truths which describe global, galactic, and universal philosophical scope. Fearful of nonconformity, the family of origin may be punitive or harshly judgmental. The family may temporarily withhold validation (validity, 2). Culling of the animal herds, narrowed lineage knowledge, shrinking of historical consciousness, blocked language fluency. Depreciation of contained, warehoused, cooped, banked values. Compressed output of graha-in-2. Financial accounts, precious collections, libraries and databases may be blocked or access delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Dhanus are also pinched temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.

  3. If Dhanus = bhava-3 as measured from Tula indriya-lagna or measured from Tula-Chandra * reduced frequency of communication events. Fewer business transactions , explanations, descriptions, instructions, diagrams, trainings, publications, and teamwork. Reduces the scope of evangelism, propaganda, including writing, radio-television-internet. Messages must adopt a plebeian vocabulary yet remain inspirational (Dhanuzuya). Narrows the range of the target audience. Institutionalizes and bureaucratizes administrative process. Temporarily diminished frequency of short-term travel, tours, conference attendance, seminars, short courses. Or, attending these meetings becomes more laborious, dutiful, colder, discouraging. Instructions = legalistic, pragmatic, cautious, structured, or socially responsible. Orderly Shani is quite comfortable in a svabhava of specific, instructional, tool-using Budha the Messenger-Merchant. Messages must demonstrate a practical usefulness measured by their direct application to the mental or manual task. Compressed output of graha-in-3. Entrepreneurial commerce, ensemble collaboration, programming may be hampered. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Dhanus are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or desicaation. Shukra lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Therefore, despite its dryness, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  4. If Dhanus = bhava-4 as measured from Kanya radical lagna or measured from Kanya-Chandra - gochara Shani slowdown drishti into 6-10-1 * Due to gochara Sauran's cold, stiffening, stony drishti upon tanu-bhava-1, the mineral-body can age visibly during these 2.3 years.Delays and restrictions in the established rhythms of home life. Obligatory duty to spend more time at home. Shrinks the boundaries or hampered movement in locality. Mandatory stabilization. Shelter-in-place policies. Dhanus imposes principled governance of property limits . Dryness or rockiness of farmlands. Climate potential for drought, ice, cold wind. Perimeter patrol-and-policing = legally imposed. Schools of all kinds may experience increased government restrictions on individual freedoms. Emphasis on classroom conformity. Transportation systems may be slower. Stricter consequences for non-conforming land-use, especially temples and universities. Burdensome environmentalism. Competitions or contests may occur in one's home, Yet, Be suppressed unless they can be framed within the established local code of conduct. Stricter building inspections for new construction. Compressed output of graha-in-4. Local infrastructure, building, shipping, vehicles, roadways may get delayed maintenance. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Budha lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Therefore, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  5. If Dhanus = [bhava-5] as measured from Simha indriya-lagna or measured from Simha-Chandra * Restricted expression of individual creativity. Constrains the range of permitted artistic performance. Cooling of theatrical display, fashion, and political charisma. Structures imposed by society tend to limit personal entitlements. Uniform standards impressed upon the brilliance of the children, including students . More pressure to use standardized testing + less tolerance for individualized learning styles. Conceptions = reduced, fewer children are born, the burden of raising children feels heavier. Kids may undergo more regimentation. Poets and literary artists may experience resistance to fame. Politicians may be pressured by the government away from flamboyant campaigning and celebrity sparkle. Speculative finance cramped by legalities. Compressed output of graha-in-5. Elections, entertainments, prizes, and games may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Sparkling Surya lagnesha is a bitter enemy of class-conscious Shani. During this Shani Tour, the Systems Master = especially hostile to personal entitlements and individual exceptions.

  6. If Dhanus = [bhava-6] as measured from Karkata indriya-lagna or measured from Karkata-Chandra lagna * overall beneficial effect * the scope of kapha-pitta [Dhanus] imbalance may shrink because Shani-via-6 slows disease. Chronic conditions may entrench. Shani restrains the production of toxins and limits options for self-medication. The volume of accusations, disputes, treachery, broken promises or unsatisfied contracts may decrease. There is a strictly pragmatic, legalistic, and lowest-common-denominator attitude toward matters of litigation, medication, and altercation. Shani reduces the quantity and diversity of unbalanced personalities in the daily narrative, particularly those reciting the liturgy of the victim. Shri Sauran is no respecter of individuality; He sees problems on a sociological scale. He does not entertain individualized complaints. Professor Sauran is welcome in svabhava of argumentative, detail-fixated Budha. Ailments of redness and heat often associated with a fiery-6 can be successfully treated with cold, dark, stiff, old, stony materials. Compressed output of graha-in-6. Medical treatment, litigation, divorce, criminalization / crime, provision of aid may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or desiccation.

  7. If Dhanus = bhava-7 as measured from Mithuna indriya-lagna or measured from Mithuna-Chandra lagna * Shani gets temporary dikbala for 2.3 years during this transit. Strict Shani imposes contractual obligations upon relationships both business and personal. Professor Shani's zero-exception legal judgments is welcome in svabhava of balance-seeking, contractual Shukra. Conventionally conservative advisors + cautious consultation + a preference for existing partnerships rather than new ones. Social pressure to complete brokerage, match-making, betrothal. Partners demand adherence to terms of agreement. Due to gochara Saruran's cold, stiffening, stony drishti upon tanu-bhava-1, the mineral-body can age temporarily during 2.3 years. Only the most socially approved forms of alliance, promise-making, avowal are supported. Unions formed in the time-honored way can benefit from maintaining shared beliefs [Dhanus]. Compressed output of graha-in-7. Vows, trusts, marriages, promises may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Budha lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Therefore, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  8. If Dhanus = [bhava-8] as measured from Urisha indriya-lagna or measured from Urisha-Chandra lagna * * Shani feels threatened in Kuja's svabhava-8. Kuja is a warrior who fights to the death, but Shani's shield must resist Kuja's sword. Shani delays dematerialization during His visit to randhrasthāna. Suppression of occult wisdom teachings. Common-sense materialism denies the reality of unseen forces. Impulse toward rebirth is delayed. Reduced tolerance for the unexpected. Oppressive emergency measures. Reluctance or refusal to respond to events perceived as frightening. Shani seals the lid which hides the secret caches. Shani camouflages the gateway to forbidden power. Few initiation ceremonies. Those which occur would be minimal. Baptism by icy cold waters (8). Stony Shani obscures the secret boiling magma underlying the telluric crust which causes the continents and their surface civilizations to rise into mountains or fall into the sea. Stops earthquakes or blunts them. Shani paralyzes the tectonic pressure-release mechanisms. Hampers discovery of power from heat-source. Impedes the transformative potency. Delayed healing. Blocks access to geothermal power. Dims insight into condition of rebirth. Prevents or delays inheritance from the estate of the parents (5th-from-4th). Compressed output of graha-in-8. Disaster response, recovery operations, exploratory surgeries, emergent new identities may be deprioritized. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness. Shukra lagnesha is a close friend of Shani. Therefore, despite its dryness, this Shani Tour is usually smooth.

  9. If Dhanus = bhava-9 as measured from Mesha indriya-lagna or measured from Mesha-Chandra * Shani focuses upon orthodoxy while He limits the scope of higher philosophical wisdom. Less sangha, less world travel, less theory in science, less theological inquiry, constrained understanding of higher truths of the sacred teachings. Rigid limits upon patrician entitlements. Cautious behavior of professors, priests, proselytes, presbyters, preachers, kohen, kahuna, popes, pater-nostra. Philosophy of institutionalized patronage. Father-figures tend to be withholding of praise. Sacred priesthood strictly imposing laws. Bhava-9 is generally a neutral location for Professor Shani, and His transit via 9 often indicates a long period of higher studies . For scholars, limitation by rigid theories or cramped fundamentalist interpretations. Compressed output of graha-in-9. Timing of inspirational results may be onerous or delayed. Compressed output of graha-in-9. Fatherhood, indoctrination, obtainment of university doctorate or high-priesthood may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.

  10. If Dhanus = bhava-10 [Shani svabhava] as measured from Meena indriya-lagna or measured from Meena-Chandra , Shani aids conditions of austerity, order, and discipline * Professional leadership necessary but burdensome. In Dhanus, respect for an inspirational leader. Social reputation may dwindle due to restricted venues for public display of capabilities. Less dramatic visibility, fewer changes of career, Yet, heavier decision-making responsibility . Uncelebrated effort invested now will sustain and support the career continuing into the next transit when Shani moves into 11. In Dhanus, support for university administrators and leaders of global organizations , so long as they are willing to accept a period of relatively scarce resources. Sober professional recognition at the peak of the social pyramid. Even if one does not normally fill a leadership role, social ordering duties may be imposed. Bureaucratic officials in public institutions must follow strict protocols. In Dhanus, favorable for the figurehead who follows the catechism of the doctrine while applying the rules of the hierarchy. Compressed output of graha-in-10. Step-wise promotion, official investiture, command-post may be frugally accomplished without ceremony. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or dryness.

  11. If Dhanus = [bhava-11] as measured from Kumbha indriya-lagna or measured from Kumbha-Chandra [svabhava] -11 of Shani benefits from austerity, order, discipline * drishti to lagna = earnings pressure * Friendship network remains reliable but it does not expand. Pinching economic legalities. Temporary plateau in profit. Gains from frugal products that cater to the lowest common denominator. Slow but steady, hardworking Shani-11 follows the rules. He rarely has big losses. Existing linkages between older friends, older collectives, regular communities and societies are reinforced, but new links are rare. Limits the flow of income.. Obligatory assemblies. Attendance at mass gatherings may be required. Compressed output of graha-in-11. Revenues, profits, earnings, achievements may be onerous or delayed. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or desiccation. Because Shani = lagnesha, this transit is naturally disciplined but dry.

  12. If Dhanus = bhava-12 as measured from Makara indriya-lagna or measured from Makara-Chandra * hampers the volume and frequency of spiritual shepherding. Fewer dreams. Night visions may contain less profound wisdom -- albeit perhaps more pragmatic guidance. Travel to distant lands may cease. Fewer sanctuary spaces welcome the meditator. Even so, an established contemplative practice may benefit from formal discipline. There is generally less secluded private artistic studio time available for reflective or creative work. Fewer new research opportunities in the walled laboratories. Yet, regulatory compliance improves for existing work.. Workload may impose isolation. Less insight. Less prayer, less sleep , less reflection. Shani-Dhanus demands principled teachings from the watching ancestors. More common-sense rules in the bedroom, the hospital room, the meditation cell. Compressed output of graha-in-12. Privacy, astral perception, restful sanctuary may be less available, or heavier workload to maintain them. The bhava ruled by graha-in-Taukshika are also limited temporarily by conditions of scarcity, rigidity, age, fear of consequences, cold, dark, or desiccation. Because Shani = lagnesha, this transit is naturally disciplined but dry.



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