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Surya occupies 2nd-from-Chandra

  1. [Surya-Mesha] [uchcha 10-Mesha]
  2. [Surya-Urisha]
  3. [Surya-Mithuna]
  4. [Surya-Karkata]
  5. [Surya-Simha] [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 1-10 deg]
  6. [Surya-Kanya]
  7. [Surya-Vanika] [nīcha]
  8. [Surya-Vṛścika]
  9. [Surya-Dhanus]
  10. [Surya-Makara-Draco]
  11. [Surya-Kumbha]
  12. [Surya-Meena]

  1. [Surya in bhava-1]
  2. [Surya in bhava-2]
  3. [Surya in bhava-3]
  4. [Surya in bhava-4]
  5. [Surya in bhava-5] [svabhava]
  6. [Surya in bhava-6]
  7. [Surya in bhava-7]
  8. [Surya in bhava-8]
  9. [Surya in bhava-9]
  10. [Surya in bhava-10] [dikbala]
  11. [Surya in bhava-11]
  12. [Surya in bhava-12]


OM grinih suryaya namah


Professor Surya

Arka - Ata

Athithya - Aditya

Aja - Agni

Khaga - Bhanu



kośāgāra [cask, case, treasury, storehouse]


kuṭumba bhava [family, relation by descent]


kula-daya [clan]


dhana-sthāna [capital, surplus, valuables, storage]


Soule - Saul


Sun [Sunday]

Apollo - Paul

Sirius - Osiris


Utu - Ata - Aitha

Aten - Aton - OM - On

Amon-Ra - Aurya


Helios - Heli

Haul - Halo - Ha

Havar [havana]

Nyima - Nyayiru



resides in

the second house



A portrait of Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu and Kashmir with his two sons, Ranbir Singh and Hira Singh.

Pahari School * 1840 (circa) * Panjab Hills

© Trustees of the British Museum

Public Figure Examples

[Surya-Mesha] उच्च

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

[intelligently competitive financial championship] [self-confident demonstrations of musical sound] [political expression of dominant heritage values] [radiant dramatic conquesting lineage] [enrichment via inventive invasive certainty]

[brightly aggressive money mishandling] [identified with politicallly corrupt banking] [father may be indomitable money preserver, entitled banker, resource-hoarder, keeper of medicines, brilliant musician]


[creative-gaming vidya-pati for Mesha indriya-lagna]

rules 5- Politics, center-stage roles, theatre, demonstration, display, charming brilliance, genius, poetry, choice-making, showmanship, gambling and gamesmanship, romantic idealism, creativity, fashion-shows, flamboyance, celebrity entitlements, confidence, artistic performance, drama, children, financial speculation, intelligence, entertainments, fun

* political, creative, literary, unique expression of political, dramatic, or intellectual values drama of paternal lineage, treasuries


[homebound-anchoring bandesha for Urisha indriya-lagna] [rules 4-household, cultural foundations, security, defense, agriculture]

[intelligent financial conversation] [self-confident musical knowledge] [political expression of historic cultural values] [radiant dramatic sound values] [

brightly patriotic land ownership] [identified with inherited property] [father may be financial manager, banker, resource-keeper, land sales, ensemble musician]

[Surya occupies Karkata]

[communicative vikrama-pati for Mithuna indriya-lagna ]

[creatively vocalizing certainty in rhythmic speech-song] [sensitive business decisions highlight customary capitalization and heritage accruals] [protective parental management of business-and-family events]

[familiar face-voice-hair-music = undulating center of attention] [confidently intelligent knowledge of historical sound-color values] [traditionalist, financially-focused father may be center of family]

[Surya occupies Simha]

[svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 1-10 deg]

[conserving-acquiring dhanesha for Karkata indriya lagna]

[political drama of historical values] [sparkling financial confidence] [charismatic speech tones]


[energetic lagnesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[drama of heritage family complaints] [confidently analyzes service values] [politics of food aid] [brightly represents medical truths] [speaks about helping traditions]

radiant exponent of * face, voice, hair, speech, treasure-traditions



[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Kanya indriya-lagna] [nīcha]

[intelligent bargaining of tentative agreements] [master of the interior covenant] [self-confident deal-making knowledge] [diplomatic political display of historic cultural values] [radiantly dramatic demonstration of private prayer]

[speaks imaginative language of inner certainty] [father may be dithering resource collector, financial negotiator, talkative dreamer, imaginative storyteller, master of compromise]

[Surya occupies Vṛścika]

[friendly-gainful vriddhi-pati for Tulā indriya-lagna ]

[Surya for Tula nativity]

[Dhanayoga Surya-2 rules-11]

[bright center of gridwork secrets] [identified with hidden marketplace power] [intelligence for economic rejuvenation] [brilliant values-based fundraiser]

[Surya occupies Dhanus]

[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

[recognizable bright face-eyes] [brilliantly regal belief-based reputation] [creatively confident in doctrinal public speaking] [ideological understanding of finance]

[respected for enunciation of sight-sound-truth values] [father may be philosophical warehouser-collector-financier]

[recognizable bright face-eyes] [brilliantly regal reputation] [confident public idealism]


[Surya occupies Makara]

[philosophical-doctrinal dharmesha for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna]

[bright focus of stored lawful knowledge] [confidently speaks on hierarchical values] [center-stage roles in conventional acquisitions] [father may be banker-musician-historian-collector]

rules 9-ideology , paradigm of belief, principled convictions, higher understanding, father-figures, priestly patronage, preaching, patriarchal entitlements, philosophical convictions, theory, public spiritual guidance, celebrated doctrines, sangha, sacred teachings, credenda, globalism, dharma, worldview, mother's health

[Surya occupies Kumbha]

[secretive-transformative randhresha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

drama of social systems

[Surya occupies Meena]

[contractual-bargaining jaya-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[confidently identified with intuitive values] [visionary icon of heritage knowledge]


splendid center of the treasuries-drama

politics of historical values, ways of keeping, conservation of memory

stored records, legacy, languages, song, preserved food

confidence in matters of collections, catalogues, libraries, databases

intellectual approach to evaluation, assets, assessments

confident icon of worthiness, story-telling, heritage, genetics

radiant speech-song-face-voice-hair

Single-focus Professor Surya occupies svabhava of Surya 's enemy dual-focus Shukra.

radiates sensually acquisitive [Shukra] personal charisma [Surya] into

  • collecting and gathering assets into the Treasuries of stored values

  • recorder of languages and historical tales

  • Curator and spokesperson of lineage knowledge

creative, center-stage performance style in roles =

  • collector, curator, hoarder of valuable goods and conserved knowledge, knower, speaker, singer

personality-identified with

  • memories; libraries; storage vaults; banks; asset collections

  • historic knowledge

  • eyes, face, hair, teeth, mouth, tongue, lips

The classroom universe seems to revolve around the dramatic self-center of

  • face and voice-based behaviors

  • telling stories

  • matters of acquired accumulated value

  • stored banked treasuries

  • the father's lineage

  • knowledge of history and languages

  • valued collections, acquisitions, and hoards

  • food and drink, speech and song, hair and eyes

Pitri-karaka in bhava-2 * Father-figure

[Surya in bhava-2] contributes to the perception that the culture of one's family lineage is theatrical, political, creative, self-righteous, egocentric, and charmingly bright. The family lineage may contain performing artists, gamers and gamblers, politicians charismatic figures, or patriarchs. Pitrikaraka Surya suggests that the father-figure typically has a dominant role in defining the family lineage.

Pitri-karaka Surya in bhava-2 may indicate a self-radiant, strong-willed or outspoken father who may confidently assert his own values and opinions (2) without undue concern for the values and opinions of others.

Often the father is engaged in acquisition of wealth-treasuries, food storage, banking, database or library, warehousing, collections, museums, and other expressions of the human urge to " keep" lineage values-fulfillment .

If Surya is weakened (in Tula, Makara, or Kumbha) then the father's self-confidence may be hollowed. One may suffer bullying behavior, selfishness (rather than self-confidence) or other self-proving over-compensations from the father-figure.

Self-referential Surya pitrikaraka suggests that Dad may be known to his society as a banker, historian, a collector of things or ideas, a librarian, a keeper such as gamekeeper beekeeper housekeeper or peacekeeper, overseer of valuables, caretaker of silos, stores and stocks, warehouseman, specialist in containers and containment, manager of reservoirs or storage tanks, or other "saver" who conserves, reserves, or preserves. Whether his reputation is positive or negative depends upon the 2nd lord * dhanapathi-values-treasuries, and its angle to Surya-2.

The father tends to accumulate affluence in some material form which can vary as herds, hoards, heaps, and hearings (songs). Also the father may possess and be socially recognized as the representative of a treasury of language, knowledge of history and languages, animal husbandry, ornaments, musical skill etc.

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington [theatrical-creative Mriga-1] + [Budha-yuti-Mangala] + [Surya-yuti-Ketu] MCW's dad was a wealthy land-holder of several slave-labor plantations which grew primarily tobacco for the British markets. She inherited this largesse via the patriarchal system, via her father and via her deceased first husband.

Self-referential Surya -2 imposes His personality very strongly upon his immediate family-of-origin environment.

In a masculine nativity, Professor Surya-2 represents the adult male functioning as a self-focused father-figure who claims the center-stage role within his own family * kutumba, 2

  • Moneyball 1963- drama-commerce Brad Pitt [originating-inventive Mūla-1] + [Budha-yuti-Mangala + [Chandra-yuti-Ketu]

  • Golf 1975- champion Tiger Woods [dramatizing-entitled Pūrvāṣāḍhā-1] his father was the sparkling center of TW's family drama. After dad's demise, TW's handlers placed him in the patriarchal frame with many photographs of admirable-dad TW with kids and dog.

In a feminine nativity, one's father is often the sparkling, self-referential center of the family

Self-referential intensity of righteousness and creative intelligence enters the domain of values lineage, art and music, accumulated wealth, face, hair, eyes, and voice. Supportive placement for a dentist, voice expert, or eye surgeon.

In bhava-2, brilliant heat of Professor Surya somewhat disconnects one from history and values-traditions, positioning one as an independent evaluator of affluence and beauty.

If Shukra is favorable, an aesthetic philosopher, with strong but distinctive artistic taster.


The face is bright, strong, and full of character, but the facial features and hair, particularly the mouth, are subject to the effects of excessive pitta-heat (e.g., sunburns, rosacea).

One models oneself upon the self-promoting aspect of the father-figure in one's own family. One will assert a unique and independent style in family lifer.

A cultural philosopher who radiates confidence: I am the Center of Knowledge (2).

Identified personally with material luxury, financial wealth and face-based beauty, but has a unique, often unconventional style of expressing these gifts.

Historic Elite

In weaker rashi placements (Tula, Makara, Kumbha) Professor Surya may identify with either the historic and conservative elite, or perhaps become a representative of working class beliefs and values.

In strongest rashi (Mesha [uchcha]; and Simha) identifies with personal drama and contemporary elite values; one becomes an exponent of privilege and rank - typically via the bloodline of the Father (Surya ).

One seeks praise and recognition for the luxurious qualities of one's wealth, one's face and voice, and one's acquired values, including historical knowledge and hoarded collections of wealthr.

Surya-2 = Family

Vision of truth

kuṭumba * Family above all.

The father tends to be the central figure in the family constellation.

Self-referential Surya-2 asserts that divine intelligence should motivate collections of treasury, knowledge of history, lifestyle values, arts, music, and the cultural legacies of one's people.

Intensity of charismatic charm enters the speech values. Brilliant recitation.

Influence of one's family of origin and their values in powerfully transmitted through speech acts.

One experiences speech-and-song performance as highly individualized.

Sings traditional songs, or tells the historic tale of one's lineage.

May be a bright and inspirational historian of values, or teaching philosopher of art, music, finance, or any of the collecting skills.

Prone to detailed record-keeping especially if Professor Budha joins Professor Surajar.

Second marriage

Surya-2 plays a center-stage role in the lives of the family of the second alliance. If Surya is very strong, one's brilliant-center role in the 2nd marriage may feel nearly like royalty.

Most commonly with Professor Surya the enemy of Professor Shukra located in bhava-2, there is not a second lifepartnership.


For Kumbha nativities, Surya-2 may indicate a second marriage with a brightly self-radiant personality which may be the fulfillment of incomplete expectations developed by not satisfied during the first marriage.

In a wife's nativity, if Chandra occupies bhava-1 and there are graha conjoined with Brihaspati, then Surya-2 represents the second husband. In a husband's nativity, if Chandra occupies bhava-1 and there are graha conjoined with Shukra, then Surya-2 represents the second wife.

If a second life-partner emerges, that person is remarkably strong-willed and radiantly confident in matters of language, wealth, and family life. (Presuming of course that Surya is well disposed. If ill-disposed, confidence turns to arrogance.)

A second marriage may also lack legal status if Professor Surya, the enemy of legislator-regulator Professor Shani, is very strong. One may assert that good will [Surya] between the partners is a sufficient basis for union and one may on the basis of that assertion eschew approval from the State [Shani].


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