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Tula indriya-lagna Friendly and Non-Friendly Domain Rulerships

  1. Surya
  2. Chandra
  3. Kuja
  4. Budha
  5. Guru
  6. Shukra
  7. Shani
  8. [Rahu]

  9. [Ketu]


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

OM sri ram dasrathaye namah

OM tatva niranjnaya tarakaramaya namaha

NavaGraha AdhiPati


OM grinih suryaya namah


Rulership Portfolio

measured from

lagna * ligne * line of



Thauli - Thula - Thulam

Zugos - Juka - Yugya

Vanika - Vaṇija - Baṇija





with Sacred Jewels general recommendation for Tula nativities



Surya = Vriddhi-pati-11

as measured from Tula indriya-lagna, Tula-Chandra, or partner-effects from Tula - Vanika navamsha

gains, achievements, income, networks, connections, development, opportunity, friends, mentors

the bosses' family, The treasuries of the government

writing and discussions (3) about religion (9)

stability (4) following emergencies (8),

children (5) from the first partner (7), winnings (5)of partnership (7)

servitude (6) and debt of servants (6),

spouse (7) of the eldest child (5)

hidden wealth (8) of the parents (4)

wisdom (9) from conversations and narrative texts (3)

the social rank (10) of the family history(2)

social connections via the fleshly genetic appearance,

dissolution (12) of privacy (12)


Career, Ability to Govern, Creating an Orderly Environment

Marriage, Partnership, Peer and Advising Relationships

Great pride in one's systematizing skills, one's community, participation in an economy and the products of one's networking skills.

Surya = material gains + social achievements

Double-trouble from Surya:

+ Surya Vriddhi-pati-11 = enemy of lagnesha Shukra

+ Surya Vriddhi-pati-11 = enemy of Shani the natural 11th lord

For Tula, especially during the major Vimshottari periods of Surya, problematic persons and behaviors include

  • Father, patriarchy, kings and royalty, politics and politicians, theatre and entertainers, celebrities and 'stars', gamblers and gaming, speculative ventures , ego-bright personalities, the self-righteous, and males in general

Father * Surya = pitri-karaka

Father is related to matters of bhava-11 including community activism, social-participation organizations, economic systems, income, earnings, friendship networks, distributive and associative linkages. Father tends to have a distinctive economic agency whether "successful" or whether only aspiring.

Marketplace earnings , networks of friendly association , the elder sibling or father's brothers

Surya Vriddhi-pati-11 = enemy of Shani the natural 11th lord

  • Selfishness or autocratic behavior causes trouble in relationship to marketplace earnings, friendly networks, the elder sibling or father's brothers

Independent earnings [Surya] may seem too bright, too individualized, or legally inconsistent with the marketplace rules [Shani].

Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya is materially gainful. while one is better suited to independent earning methods than to fixed institutional salary systems, in general the earnings are modest and do not attract negative attention unless they suddenly get big and bright.

Despite a normally modest income, Tula-1 is generally advised to prevent their earnings from becoming politicized or attracting too much attention [Surya].

Labha bhava = dissolution of privacy (12th from 12th). Tula-1 in big-ego politics will almost inevitably have the social propriety of one's income called into question.

Surya = Radiation and focus of attention

Center-stage Roles

  • Because Surya = center-stage recognition, Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya = prefers visible roles in realms related to labha-sthāna, such as community associations, economic networks, systems development, fundraising, social participation movements, electrification and computerization, social-material and financial connectivity, creating linkages between groups such as cross-cultural exchanges.


Computer system, the economic policy committee, the switchboard, the mass assembly, and one-to-many (Surya-to-Kumbha) settings such as the large lecture hall where Surya takes the attention of the assembled audience. However, due to the nature of the web that has no center 11th-amsha, Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya = best as a hub of connectivity rather than as a constant center of authority.

Therefore, the best environments are very large networks within which bright-light Surya moves along the linkages while conferring political, intelligent, dramatic, and literary empowerments.

Surya = radiation and attention. Surya = the Central Hub of the wheel, which hub radiates its strength into the spokes that move the outer rim. There is a Sun-star at the center of every universe.

Vriddhi-pati-11 = a many-to-many exchange relationship such as a human marketplace or an electronic network.

When Surya = vriddhi-pati-11 , with strength e.g., in svakshetra Simha-11, or uttama Mesha-7, Surya's creates a distinctively powerful one-to-many relationship wherein the native becomes a central figure who maintains a large network of diplomatic [Tula] associations.

Normally Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya = constrained by Tula's balancing agenda and Shani's lawful orderliness. Therefore even when Surya becomes empowered during Surya mahadasha or energizing transits, one becomes neither autocratic nor selfish nor addicted to the applause.

the Tula nativity with strong Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya = one who = a central figure in their network

  • = distinctively cautious regarding the force of gSuryaty (lowest common denominator) in large-group systems [Shani].

  • = also leery of distraction and corruption by wealth [Shukra].

This double constraint upon Surya contributes in no small measure to the notable public service success record of Tula nativities.

  • One receives considerable public attention throughout life. However, the attention may have positive or negative consequences, depending on drishti to Surya. For example with unfortunate drishti, the native could become a sort of a negative idol or a scapegoat .

  • Except possibly during Vimshottari periods of the shy and retiring ruler-of-12 Budha, Tula-lagna will never be a wallflower.

Throughout Tula-1's lifetime, periods of Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya will facilitate

  • achievement of social-material goals

  • and development of the social network.

Typically, Surya bhukti are usually rather stressful due to the natural tension between

  • Splendid Surya's confident, regal, self-promoting creativity

  • Sober Shani's grumpy, lawful, status-conscious, class-hierarchy conformism.

Surya bhukti are materially gainful, thus the experience is validating both socially and via increased marketplace income.

Yet, as an enemy of lagnesha dhanakaraka Shukra

Splendid Surya generally produces less revenue than might be expected for the intelligent and well-educated Thula born. Depending on the 10th-factors, one may develop a respected professional career. Leadership may demonstrate high worth both social and spiritual. Yet, personal treasury [Shukra] may be reduced compared to others with similar earning capacity.

Surya = karaka for divine intelligence as the seed of self, self-development, creative brilliance, and regal entitlements.

  • As vriddhi-pati-11 , Surya controls goal-setting, achievements, earnings in the marketplace, networking with friends, associates, and those who share a conceptual ideology (network of ideas); and of course all of the electro-magnetic device networks in the world of communications, science and engineering.

Bhava-11 = svabhava of Shani

11 = upa-chchaya = improvement of the material results over time;

  • Therefore, Surya will need more than half of the lifetime to show His best results.

Presuming that Sparkling Surya is well-disposed, the native is highly selective regarding one's inner circle of friends. As an associate member of a variety of interconnected large groups and assemblies

one is recognized and admired by many; Yet, a regal aura of exclusiveness and a preference for friends with high entitlements [Simha] will prevail.

Surya functions as a mentor within the networks, taking a regally authoritative yet encouraging role. (Simha = courage; Mithuna = skill)

Vimshottari periods of Surya Vriddhi-pati-11 = gainful for Tula-1.

Vimshottari Dasha periods of Surya are gainful bringing marketplace income and obtainment of social-material goals

  • Surya bhukti also favor hiking in the hills and other travel by foot toward the tops of high mountains.

vriddhi-pati Surya shines a brilliant light into the network of friends, energizing the circuitry of ideas, and connectivity at all levels.

One achieves one's goals with the help of willing associates. Fundraising, personal profit in the marketplace, enjoyment of the company of friends in a large assembly, and apprehension of the interconnectedness of all things are included in the range of experience of Surya bhukti for Tula-1.

Sparkling Surya must be strong

by rashi, drishti, association, and bhava in order to give full results. Surya will also rule one houses vis--vis Chandra. Assess the characteristics of Surya's house, from Chandra lagna, for a fuller appreciation of Surya bhukti . Badhaka -sthāna (so-called) harmful houses

Surya badhesha
  • Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya is capable of causing harm through (usually inadvertent) ego-motivated dominating behavior, or imposing the personal willpower upon the will of others, especially during process of setting and achieving goals (11).

  • Alternatively, Surya bhukti can generate an agent, usually male, usually in the figure of an elder-brother, business mentor, or senior-associate type, who is a member of one's social or conceptual network. This agent may manifest an ego disorder or display excessive or domineering willfulness,

  • The agent thereby blocks one's ability to act upon one's own intention or to realize one's own goals .

  • Surya is also an enemy of lagnesha Shukra, which exacerbates the identity-assertion conflict. Surya bhukti may be successful in many ways but the quality of ego-collision and feeling rather oppressed by the typical male figure will also be noticed.

As a karaka, Professor Surya is one of the karaka-agents for public distinction, recognizability, and in a general sense Career

By rulership, Surya indicates economic gains, marketplace associations and community networks of friendship

Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya = a karaka for career and public recognition

  • Tula-1 = somewhat disposed toward to accept public roles and professional leadership responsibilities within large, rule-driven systems (11) and large groups assembled in voluntary but purposeful association (11) .

Example environments that extend the social network and produce economic gain

  • broad-based social networks, any type of 'community' or common-purpose association, NGO principled social activism, electro-magnetic device networks (e.g. internet, scientific data networks) or extensively linked marketplace associations.

Center Stage

Vriddhi-pati-11 Surya

[nīcha-Surya in bhava-1] = Surya-Vanika [nīcha] bright center of diplomacy and grace * identified with equity, partnership, bargains +++ typically but not always gets [nīcha-bhanga] .

natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals in community development, marketplace earnings, economics, electronic connectivity and social networks

[Surya in bhava-2] vṛścika

a natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via treasuries of financial well-being and lineage knowledge; food and drink; family history

  • 52nd Dai, Dawoodi Bohra 1915-2014 Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin + Guru + Mangala + Budha-yuti-Rahu. The Syedna appealed deeply to the values tradition of the proletarian masses, while raising the intelligence [Surya] of the community [Kumbha].

[Surya in bhava-3] = Surya-Dhanus * bright center of messages about theory and doctrine

natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via self-owned commercial business in sales, advertising, marketing, publication, media-messaging . The business is associated with the bright image of the self, such as a photo of the owner.

[Surya in bhava-4] [Surya-Makara-Draco] bright center of governed social order

a natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via the bright image of the self in patriotism, parenting, sheltering, boundaries-borders-fences; homes, properties, caretaking, folk customs and established cultural norms and modes of transport

[Surya in bhava-5] [svabhava] [Surya-Kumbha] bright center of networked systems

a natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals using the bright image of the self in theatre, politics, fashion, children, games and gambling, royalty while appealing to the masses and the classes (Kumbha = plebiscite)

[Surya in bhava-6] [Surya-Meena] bright center of sanctuary and dreams

natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via criminal activities, helping professions, ministries of service, medicine, military, legal defense, servitude

[uchcha-Surya in bhava-7] = Surya-Mesha - bright center of competition and conquest [uchcha] * = the force of Will

natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via diplomatic agreements, balancing, bargains , contracts, negotiation, yokes, promises, trust, troth

Surya in bhava-8 Vrishabha

a natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via secrecy, occult, hidden resources

  • USA Sec-State, Natl Security Adviser 1969-1977 Henry Kissinger

Surya in bhava-9= Surya-Mithuna - righteously radiating communications

natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via political ideology, sacred doctrine, academic philosophy, economic globalism


[Surya in bhava-10] [dikbala] * Surya-Karkata - bright center of shelter + home-roots

a natural, very high visibility center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via institutional leadership, corporate directives, social ordering. In Karkata: customary, rhythmic, home-based Folkways.


Surya in bhava-11 svakshetra Surya-Simha - mūlatrikoṇa 1-10 deg - bright center of games and drama

a natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via community outreach, missionary work, charismatic and iconic roles within a web that has no center (11 lateral-link distribution networks)

Surya in bhava-12= Surya-Kanya - self-confidence in the cloistered realms of argument, medicine, military, legal defense, ministries of service

a natural center-stage placement using the bright image of the self to achieve goals via interpretive research, spiritual community work, pilgrimage, and distant travel

Vitality, Social Personality and Physical Appearance

as planetary patron of 11th-from-kundali indriya-lagna , Surya is a gainful and social graha for the Tula indriya-lagna native.

11th-from- lagna = charismatic, willful response to networking and goal achievement. The native is publicly perceived to be well-connected socially and, if other factors conspire, well-connected conceptually through possession of philosophical, scientific, and cosmological understanding.

Periods of Surya bring goal achievement and emphasis on strong-willed and egocentric personalities who are players in one's social network. Qualities of the masculine, bright, self-directed persons in the network read according to the characteristics of Surya.

Malefic graha occupying or ruling an upachaya bhava tend to give better results with acquisition of moral maturity and the passage of time. Should bhava-11 receive drishti of Shani, quite a bit of time (decades) = required to reach one's material goals However, success will indeed occur for Thula natives if Surya is well disposed.

Education, belongingness, and properties

Ruler of 8th-from-4th and 4th-from-8th, Professor Surya enforces sudden transformations in one's relationship to the childhood home, folkways, ancient customs and established cultural norms, foundational schooling, and ownership of property.

8th-from-4th = Tula indriya-lagna indicates a life plan to use the personal independent will-power, Surya, as a primary tool to transform the childlike attachments to protected shelters whether emotional, physical, cultural, or mental.

Surya growth-challenges the conventional upbringing by projecting the native into A large marketplace (11) of mingled people, goods, and ideas.

In the inter-networked circles of thought including the world of rational science, the native 's perspective emerges from parochial to global.

Surya bhukti bring transformation of the shelter space (buildings, houses, schools, vehicles) such as additions, renovations and redecorating.

as planetary patron of both 10th-from-2nd and 2nd-from-10th, Surya's leadership capability is pronounced in areas of banking and finance, collections and records, history and languages. Some component of the career [Surya] is concerned with organizing collections and hoards.

  • 10th-from-2nd = on the basis of the values of the family history, banking and finance, collections and records, history and languages, Thula pursues social validation through acceptance of decision-making positions.

Recognition achieved through one's ability to create an orderly environment in knowledge collections of all kinds, as well as leadership on the basis of speeches and proclamations (2). If Surya and dhanapati-2 are well-supported by the incoming rays, one may be a charismatic genius of documentation and setting up record-keeping systems.

as ruler of 5th-from-7th and 7th-from-5th, Surya is a charismatic, intelligent, speculative agent who brings amusement and entertainment into the environment of contractual, partnered agreements. Periods of Surya encourage Tula-1to enjoy the romantic aspect of relationships.

  • 5th-from-7th = On the basis of relationships, both intimate and professional, the native projects a series of political, theatrical, or literary campaigns.

  • Despite other negative factors which may be present, Surya's intelligent charm may bring much romance into marriage.

  • Disposition of Surya indicates the spouse's attitude and expectations toward children.

  • If Surya is problematic e.g., Surya-yuti-Rahu ) Surya bhukti could indicate a spate of spousal gambling.

family history, Acquisition of cintamani * mani * money and Knowledge

as planetary patron of 10th-from-2nd And 2nd-from-10th, Surya generates leadership ability based on the historic values lineage of the family history.

  • 10th-from-2nd = on the basis of stored wealth, contained knowledge, historic family lineage, heritage values-fulfillment , Surya bhukti bring Artha development (2 and 10 are both Artha bhava), vis-a-vis the family history and within the second marriage if any.

  • Acquisitive and hoarding behaviors are streamlined, so that the native acquires only the resources which promote social approval and develop the native 's ability to create orderly social environments. Social organizational knowledge is developed through Surya, typically on rational basis such as studies in sociology, economics, or human psychology.

    If Surya (karmesha-10 from 2) and Chandra (Dharmesha-9 from 2) are even modestly well disposed, Thula natives are generally quite effective in leadership roles, due in part to the values basis established in the family heritage (2).

Siblings, Teamwork, Communication, Publications

  • 9th-from-3rd

  • 3rd-from-9th

as ruler of confident, self-assertive Surya gives Tula-1 a fatherly role in sibling relationships, a somewhat imperious or paternalistic role in daily communications with the work-group, a charismatic style of narrative discourse, and willful intent to make announcements and publications.

9th-from-3rd =on the basis of sibling, small-group and team interactions, the native generates environments of wisdom, seniority, And moral certainty.

Highly personalized and egocentric style in administrative roles, where apparently simple and routine matters in the business office quickly become a platform for the display of personal intelligence. The communicative environment is permeated with gamesmanship and political excitement.

Surya may be good for writing Autobiographies and political analysis. In social settings where communicative routine and protocol are paramount (such as the classic office environment) one may be perceived as "high maintenance" , charming but needing a good deal of attention, disinterested in protocol and Therefore, somewhat unreliable, wise, and authoritative.

Although well-liked in general, radical Tula nativities with Surya-ruled labhasthāna-11 are generally too focused on intelligent achievement of personal goals (11) to be a consistently regular hierarchy boss. Team player prognosis is improved if Surya is somewhat weakened within the nativity which can reduce the brilliance of personal goal achievement. When Surya is strong, Thula is wise to follow the motto: " Make your success also the success of others" r.

Children and Divine Creativity

Ruling 7th-from-putrabhava and 5th-from-yuvatisthana, Surya represents the spouses of one's children as a group, and the spouse of the eldest child in particular.

  • 7th-from-5th = on the basis of charisma, speculative intelligence, children, and royal entitlements, the native projects a partnering and negotiating intelligence into relationships with politicians, children, creative artists, and game-players of all varieties.

For Tulā indriya-lagna, periods of Surya may signal

  • marriage of the eldest child;

  • new contracts and agreements with speculators and game-players

  • new partnerships with brilliant, romantic, flamboyant, privileged, or celebrity persons;

  • balance established through negotiation amid ongoing contests and games

Conflict, imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, disease-discomfort, Debt

as planetary patron of 6th-from-6th and 8th-from-6th, Surya gives a difficult, demanding, transformative, and even enslaving relationship to persons who live in a state of conflict. One's earnings (11) will be at least partly derived from unpaid or underpaid service to the suffering.

  • 6th-from-6th = on the basis of the practice of medicine, human services ministry, and Seva offered to persons and nations which suffer from a chronic state of imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, Thula natives will make a profit! (11)

  • Surya obliges Tula-1 to earn on the basis of willful [Surya] service (6) to the weak, the underappreciated, the exploited, the marginalized, the sick, and the criminal-minded. One becomes a slave or the slaves, A servant of the servants, in order to generate gains of income and obtain social goals. Service to the victimized classes forms the essential foundation of Tula's Ability to earn wealth (11) and claim lifetime achievements.

  • Tula-1 who mistakenly refuses to accept humble jobs, serve the poor and sick, or comingle with the exploited and dispossessed, shall have no basis upon which to achieve one's step-wise lifetime objectives nor to earn much materially.

  • The Tula indriya-lagna native's early wage-earning activities are often quite humble. Common labor such as serving food and cleaning, manual"grunt work" , and jobs dealing with human filth or misery may provide the entry level work experience for Thula natives. They will not stay there but they must start there. Even those who ultimately rise to great power (as Thulaoften does) will recall underpaid service work or charitable volunteer work with the needy classes, as the basis for their later income.

    Labha bhava = marketplace revenues = 6th-from-6th. For anyone (not just Thula!) one fast route to empowerment toward earning a large income (11) or toward achieving exalted goals for the betterment of one's social community (11) or to the achievement of nearly any major life goal (11) is to offer unpaid service (6) to persons who are poor, sick, disfigured, disagreeable, conflicted, war-torn, criticized, and otherwise unbalanced (6).

    For Tula, the graha which shows the nature of the gains achieved, on the basis of human service ministries, is Surya. If Surya is strong by rashi (Mesha, Simha, Vṛścika) or by placement (in kendra) or through a parivartamsha or other extraordinary yoga, Tula-1 may exhibit spectacular and brilliant gains in this life.

Sudden, Transformative Change

as ruler of both 4th-from-8th and 8th-from-4th, Surya becomes an educator who can parlay occult information and secrets into the public consciousness. The frightening threat of sudden change is made understandable to the people through the patriotic (4) and parental (4) care of Tula educators.

  • 4th-from-8th = sudden emergence of the unknown into life's stable patterns is what makes bhava-8 such a scary place. Thula can take violent, mysterious, or death-threatening knowledge and package that information in a way that is acceptable for conventional consumption.

  • For example, Gandhi was able to educate the public on some of the most ancient secrets (8) of tantrik philosophy by putting mysterious knowledge of atman and satya into conventional language with a practical domestic (4) goal.

Wisdom Teachings and Teachers

as planetary patron of 3rd-from-9th and 9th-from-3rd, Chandra brings saturation with religious and moral instruction received in the temple, expressed in the fulfillment of leadership which creates an orderly social environment.

  • 3rd-from-9th = on the basis of wisdom teaching acquired from spiritual or religious study, Tula-1 = positioned to explain, announce, and advertise higher truth in a popular and conversational (3) style.

  • Financially, Surya provides a good influence on the Tula nativity. 3rd-from is an angle of self-made treasuries , therefore on the basis of one's religious knowledge (which does not have to arise from an orthodox tradition, may be quite independently gained) one is able to publish, write, and communicate about higher truth for a profit.

Networks of Friendship, Goals Achievement, and Gains of Income

as ruler of 11th-from-kundali indriya-lagna , Surya promotes the ego-personality within one's network of social and conceptual associations. So long as Surya is reasonably well disposed, Tula-1 is naturally friendly and confident in social settings.

Other factors may contribute to an ego-membrane style that is studious, reflective, deeply patriotic, or beset with some chronic problem - yet despite other akashic-memory pattern, Tula-1 is always friendly, and nearly always quite confident in dealing with large groups of the assembly.

1st-from-11th = on the basis of membership in established social and conceptual networks, the native assumes an egalitarian (11) role in the marketplace of goods and ideas.

Thula natives are prone toward progressive social thought and idealistic views on the advance of human civilization. There is a deep humanistic equality in Tula's understanding of networks.

Yet, as Surya activates the connectivity bhava-11, one may function socially similar to earth's Sun in our solar system * Ra. The network position of the native is admittedly a small part of a very large network, yet one may be perceived as the radiant center of one what matters locally ... one's own little section of a fringe galaxy.

The Willpower is strong to organize social movements.

If both Chandra (karmesha-10 for social recognition) And Surya are empowered, the native can become an iconic leader who combines the large-group affiliation of 11 with the elite executive authority of 10r.

Spirit Guides, Dreams, Prayer, and Sanctuary Life

as planetary patron of 12th-from-12th, Surya dissolves loss (12) thereby creating gain (11) from intuition and psychic perception (12).

  • 12th-from-12th = Activity on the astral plane, transactions of the subconscious, reflective thought, and constant background communication with beings who do not currently use bodies (such as ancestors) can take a tremendous energy toll on most incarnate humans. Thula natives are definitely human, but matters of bhava-12 are more conscious and less dissolving for Thula than for most.

  • Tula = conscious in the act of prayer, conscious in dreaming, and also Thula tends to gain measurably from extended journeys in foreign lands.

  • Surya does, however, indicate the dissolution of sleep due to keeping the midnight oil burning as the native works overtime to achieve one's goals.

Tula-1 should take care when wearing the Surya-ratna, due to the natural animosity between badhesha Surya and Shukra, and also the upachaya nature of bhava-11. Preconditions for success with the Manika stone include:

Chronological maturity . bhava-11 does not yield comfortable results until after the first Shani return, after age 31.

Surya must possess strength in a favorable rashi and bhava. OK = Vṛścika-2, Mesha-7, Karkata-10, Simha-11.

Surya should not control via possession of the highest degree in the rashi, another uncomfortable graha in His residential house. To strengthen Surya in this case is to also strengthen the"lieutenant" graha who takes direction from the superior Surya.


  • Surya not yuti with vikrama-pati+rogesha-6 Guru

  • Surya not yuti with the ruler-of-12 Budha

  • Surya not yuti with His natural enemy the randhresha-8 Shukra .

d. Kapoor (below) does mention the natural animosity of Surya and Shukra, but he suggests that Surya's potential to increase earnings (which is true) is perhaps more important in material life than any smaller conflicts.

Surya in bhava-10 in Karkata = possible only forr Tula indriya-lagna

from Bepin Behari,

Planets in Signs and Houses

" The Sun occupying [Old Pathways Karkata] provides vitality to your social interaction.

  • Intellectually, you are versatile to the point of genius.

It is not just social eminence which attracts people to you,

  • but the fact that you are always concerned with helping and working for others.

Your sense of responsibility is enormous;

whenever you accept the responsibility for any task,

  • you will certainly see it to its successful completion.

Your organizing skills are so extraordinary ,

  • your personality so commanding,

  • and your conduct so ethical

that everyone from whom you require service or work willingly cooperates with you."

Sacred Jewels for Surya - Manika * pure Ruby

QUOTATION d. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 89

" For the Libra [Tula] Ascendant,

  • the Sun as ruler of the 11th is the enemy of Venus and the lord of the Ascendant.

  • the native of this Ascendant can always wear a Ruby when there is loss of wealth or when there are obstructions in acquisition of wealth on account of ill disposition or affliction of the Sun in any way.

  • If the Sun is in his own sign , the wearing of Ruby will make the native very fortunate and he will become wealthy, famous, honoured and will own conveyances and property.

  • The wearing of Ruby will also improve his health and longevity.

The beneficial results will be more apparent during the major period and sub-periods of Sun."


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