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Aum ram ravahe namah

Professor Rahuva

Raghu * Rakha * Rahuva * Rehula * Chandala * Karumpaambu



Matsya * Antya

Caput Draconis

Dragon's Head * North Node * Anabibazon

resides in



Thrill of dream world, spirits

Rahu-Ketu Main Page

BPHS Rahu Mahadasha

  1. Rahu-Meza
  2. Rahu-Vrizabha * uttama
  3. Rahu-Mithunaya
  4. Rahu-Karkata
  5. Rahu-Singha
  6. Rahu-Kanya
  7. Rahu-Thula
  8. Rahu-Vrizchika
  9. Rahu-Dhanuzya
  10. Rahu-Makara
  11. Rahu-Kumbha * swakshetra
  12. Rahu-Meena


Graha * Rashi * Amsha



Public Figures

Rahu in bhava-1 * passion for vitality

Rahu in bhava-2 * passion for treasuries

Rahu in bhava-3 * passion for communication


Rahu in bhava-4 * passion for property, routine, roots

  • The French Chef, WW-2 spy Julia Child

Rahu in bhava-5 * passion for politics, celebrity, games

Rahu in bhava-6 * passion for conflict, remedies

Rahu in bhava-7 * passion for partnership

Rahu in bhava-8 * passion for secrets

Rahu in bhava-9 * passion for philosophy, preaching, father


Rahu in bhava-10 * passion for public visibility

Rahu in bhava-11 * passion for prizes, achievements, goals

Rahu in bhava-12 * passion for privacy

Rahu the Rogue in Meena rashi = privilege-seeking quest of the chalakaraka is motivated by Ambition to Imagine.

Quest for Inner Vision and Sanctuary Retreat.

Pretentious Professor Rahu-Meena is fascinated by esoteric visionary roles.

Rahu the Poseur can seduce others in pretentious clandestine or sanctuary-retreat settings.

Great leap forward via divinatory insights, fantastic ideas, dreams and visions, private environments

Shamanistic instincts

Find Professor Guru and know His effects in the radix and navamsha. Rahu will amplify Guru's effects, and also the effects of any other graha occupying Meena.

Behind-closed-doors entitlements.

Phantom communications.

private arrangements.

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon was a complex man. He envisioned himself a brilliant mind on world affairs, a diplomat extraordinaire, and a globalizer in the post-war era of peaceful international cooperation. Rahu's ruler Guru was a great expander of diplomacy in bhava-7. However he was (or became) clinically paranoid. Nixon came to "hear" that he must take measures to "protect his legacy" even before his legacy had developed. Nixon installed a secret audio-tape system to record all conversations and phone-calls in the White House Although this surreptitious device (Rahu = tape) indeed provided Mr. Nixon with a short-term advantage (Rahu) in that he knew (or thought he knew) what others "really believed" about him, this illicit mechanism ultimately caused Rahu's Great Fall."Career death by snake-tape"

Rahu magnifies the desire to seek sanctuary in the world of intuitive, private perceptions.

Likes foreign travel. Increases the psychic capabilities.

May be able to harvest a deeply stored subconscious inventory of memory.

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung * ancient folktales and symbols

Can amplify childlike play or paranoia, depending on the supporting planets.

Prone toward clandestine activities, whether these are disappearing into an ashram for a week of prayer, traveling incognito, a long-term bedroom affair, or conducting unauthorized espionage in distant lands.

  • Effect depends upon which spirits one is channeling...

In Meena, Rahu's desire-inflaming passions acquire Guru-like dream- sanctuary and bridging-to-higher-planes characteristics.

Hunger to change the world, via doctrine and via charity, toward greater generosity and inclusiveness.

Generally will succeed in this mission, if there is good support from Professor Guru .

One who works for social change through breaking barriers of caste and class; a dreamer who lives in the desire-world of freedom to cross all boundaries through psychic skill and compassionate desire.

Professor Rahu amplifies Guru's two bhava, by intensity and by days

Rahu in Dhanusha or Rahu-Meena is a placement which effectively doubles the length of all Guru periods in the Vimshottari dasha (Except does not double Shani-Guru period).

In the total picture, when Rahu resides in a rashi of Guru, the two bhava which are ruled by Professor Guru are very much amplified and expanded. Rahu comes first, setting the climate of ambition and opportunism.

  • POTUS-27 Dollar Diplomacy 1857-1930 William Howard Taft * Rahu-11-Meena with Guru-Meza-12 * was the son of a high ranking government official Alfonso Taft. Young William was considered not brilliant but a hard worker with a natural affinity for management and administration (lagnesha Zukra-3 yuti Shani). He was very heavy-set (325 pounds at his peak weight) and not especially charismatic (Surya-yuti-Ketu). Yet Taft was well-liked in bureaucratic circles due to his diligent handling of "process". His family name was respected due to his father's reputation; overall however William Howard Taft showed few earmarks of political ambition. In fact, he stood for only three elections in his entire 50-year career - one for municipal office in Cincinnati, and two for POTUS-27. His other roles were all granted by appointment (Rahu-11, social network, community of friends).

  • The sequence of Mangala-Rahu-Guru mahadasha defined Taft's career which consisted of a series of appointments to bureaucratic management roles. Mangala-Simha yuvatipathi-7 occupies 10th-from-10th-from-10th starting off a strong career age 38, and Rahu-11 continues the goal-orientation and amplifies the networking capability of Guru randhresha-8 +Vriddhipathi-11 during his 40's. Rahu then Guru carried Taft's career with distinction until his death in Guru-Ketu period age 72.

Because Rahu periods immediately precede Guru periods, the potency of experience of the Guru-ruled bhava = increased.

  • Increase = not only in terms of psychological and material intensity of experience.

  • Increase = also by tripling the amount of time normally allocated to functions of Guru (functions of bhava rulership, karaka expressions, effects of winner of planetary war.)

Mahadasha of Rahu for Rahu-Meena
  • General trends, environments, experiences of the Rahu mahadasha

Opportunistic Trajectory via environments featuring Privacy, Bridge Travel, Clairsentience, Spiritual Guidance, cosmic inter-travel, and Dreams

Mahadasha of Rahu and most bhukti of Rahu (depending on Rahu's angle to the mahadasha pati) will exhibit the script qualities of Meena. The purpose of Meena is remembering important wisdom acquired during parallel lives .

Typical starting scene is a dreamscape, a distant land, a therapeutic enclosure, or a walled setting such as a military or refugee camp, a hospital room, a monastery cell or personal bedroom.

The Rahu experience begins with some variety of imaginative insight (according to the bhava) whichsensitizes the nativeeither physically, psychologically, or spiritually.

An enunciation of divinatory clairsentienceis required. The environment supports childlike, reflective, prayerful and enclosed behaviors, and the important actors typically are either quite young or lack the barriers of conventionalized adults, such as meditators, poets, artists, musicians, and others sensitive to the communications of spirits.

Imagination from inside, nightmare from outside

Rahu-Meena might engage in fantasizing behavior driven by a sudden, obsessive attraction * akarshana *. The unbounded expansion of the scope of the personality integrity or the body might start (or seem to start) from completely external circumstances, such as daily private prayer, meditation practice, taking a retreat, or developing a very private bedroom relationship. Conditions include clandestine activities such as smuggling and espionage.

Rahu-Meena might start the cycle with a desire to feel the intuitive childlike openness to imagery and the grand expanse of the universe, or a desire to reconnect with ancestors long away from their bodies, or those in distant lands who can only communicate via symbolic code (exempli gratia,, French-speaking and code-knowing Julia Child was a US-govt spy working with the French Resistance during WW-II).

There may be sudden deployment to distant lands which facilitates recovery of past-life personality components.

The longer the Rahu period, the more opportunity for dramatic development. After the enclosure event, there is continuous engagement with ancestors and the spirit world.


The downside of Rahu-Meena = in quest to keep the clairsentient channels open, or conversely to attempt to avoid feeling overwhelmed by excessive psychic traffic, one may abuse mood-altering drugs or alcohol.

Hallucinogenic or psychotropic drugs can serve as boundary-breakers to facilitate communications with spirits especially the artistic or musical Muse. Also during these periods children may suddenly be born into the native 's life, quite unexpectedly, as a result of manifestation of ancestor spirits.

If Rahu is associated with a Maraka graha, the craving for direct intuitive apprehension of the meaning of images may be punctuated by deaths or severe loss such as divorce. The death or profound separation can be self-inflicted due to Rahu's restless discontent.

Rahu brings important new actors into the life scene, and these actors are typically from a different cultural background. the native is imagined into the culture of the new actor, and may be asked to divine the presence of beings without bodies, so that a spirit can be guided into the path of materialization.

One needs to acquire or remember elements of this new actor's worldview in order for the native to make the leap into one's next life phase.


Le Grande Foyer of the Paris Opera in Paris, France

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