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Union covenant alliance lifepartners for Chandra-7

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  1. [Chandra-Mesha]
  2. [Chandra-Urisha] [uchcha] [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 4-30 deg]
  3. [Chandra-Mithuna]
  4. [Chandra-Karkata]
  5. [Chandra-Simha]
  6. [Chandra-Kanya]
  7. [Chandra-Tula]
  8. [Chandra-Vṛścika] [nīcha]
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  12. [Chandra-Meena]


AUM som somaya namah


चन्द्र candra = brightener, shiner

Professor Chandra

सोम so-ma = moon, soma-sacrifice

सुम su-ma = moon, atmosphere

tha = disk of moon

शशिन् shashin = moon, containing a hare

ऋक्षराज् ṛkṣa-rāj = lord of the constellations

आत्ममय ātma-maya = my own self-essence

जलमित्र jala-mitra = friend of waters

निशाकर niśā-kara = night-creator

resides in


जाया jāyā = woman, wife

कलत्र kalatra = status of being a wife, consort

स्मर smara = erotic love, sexual union, amorous memory

अस्त asta = death, cessation, setting sun, vanish, perish

अस्तचन्द्र asta chandra = the stable, settled Moon

Nanna - Anna - Di-ana - Inanna

Sin - Sinai - Selene - Serena - Luna

Aah - Iah

Mens - Mind - Moon = Monday


the 7th house




The best relationship is one in which your love for each other

exceeds your need for each other.

" I've learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget

how you made them feel."

~~ Maya Angelou

Hora Sara , sarga-25, shloka-38

" If the Moon is in its own house in the 7th house

or in the 7th amsha,

indicates a soft spoken husband

who will be at the disposal of another lady."


[Chandra-Mesha] [comforted by forward pursuit] [settled into warrior rhythms] [needs vitality]

[dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Tulā-born]

check Mangala and Kuja-drishti to find the engine behind Chandra's kinetic, competitive, forward-pushing sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the hierarchical, lawful, class-conscious style of Makara - Draco 4]

[Chandra for Tula nativity]

competitive, pioneering, forward-moving emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership

public reputation for emotional arrangements, familiar promises, habitual contracts

[Chandra-Urisha] comforted by precious values * settled into rhythmic gathering * needs luxury


[mūlatrikoṇa if within 4-30 deg]

[philosophical-doctrinal dharmesha for Vṛścika indriya-lagna]

check Shukra and Shukra-drishti to determine the form of Chandra's pleasing, enriching, musical sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the systematic, community-connected, profitable style of Kumbha-4]

[comforted by mutually valuable relationships] [sensitive to enriching contracts] [needs to understand the terms of financial arrangements]

[soothed by negotiation for accrued assets] [lifepartner may be maternal, accumulating, sensual] [knowledgeable, musical mother may be wise-woman, philosopher, priestly, guiding]

[Chandra-Mithuna] comforted by messaging * settled into rhythmic communications * needs mentality

[mysterious-initiatory randhresha for Dhanus indriya-lagna]

check Budha and Budha-drishti to determine the form of Chandra's conversational, coupling, commercial sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the imaginative, charitable, contemplative, dreamlike style of Meena-4]

[ruler of 8 occupies 7 = secrecy within relationships] [sensitive to publicity reporting] secret-keeping, mothering spouse

announcing, reporting, messaging emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership


[Chandra-Karkata] comforted by maternal soothing * settled into tidal rhythms * needs to protect

[balancing-bargaining jaya-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the competitive, innovative, primitive style of Mesha-4]

parental, cultural-roots patriotic emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership


[Chandra-Simha] comforted by creative display * settled into dramatic rhythms * needs attention

[inimical-medicating rogesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

check Surya and Surya-drishti to see the source of Soma's regal, radiating, displaying sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the traditional, historical, financial, remembering style of Urisha-4]

royal, celebrity, self-reflexive emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership


[witty-creative vidya-pati for Meena - Antya indriya-lagna]

check Budha and Budha-drishti to determine the form of Chandra's analytical, argumentative, logical sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the commercial, managing, explaining, communicative, style of Mithuna-4]

[comforted by mutual service relationships] [sensitive to unbalanced contracts] [needs to complain about unfair arrangements]

[soothed by argumentative negotiations] [lifepartner may be fruitful servant, assistant, aide] [mother may be politically sensitive adviser, advocate, mentor]

[Chandra-Tula] comforted by negotiation of agreements * sensitive to balance * needs to trade

[homebound-anchoring bandesha for Mesha indriya-lagna]

check Shukra and Shukra-drishti to find the brokerage behind Chandra's balancing, harmonizing, diplomatic sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the householding, agricultural, localizing, routinized style of Karkata -4]

bargaining, equity-seeking, diplomatic emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, alliances, partnership

[Chandra-Vṛścika] [nīcha]

[busy-communicative vikrama-pati for Urisha indriya-lagna]

check Mangala and Kuja-drishti to find the engine behind Chandra's penetrating, transformative, rebirthing sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the theatrical, demonstrating, charismatic, regal style of Simha-4]

[comforted by undisclosed business relationships] [aligned with penetrating partners] [sensitive to balanced trauma-healing]

[needs polarity for healing discovery] [emotional sensitivity to hidden bargains] [mother may be secretive advocate, attorney, arranger]

[Chandra-Dhanus] comforted by customary beliefs * settled into rhythmic received teachings * needs to feel wisely guided

[preserving-collecting dhanesha for Mithuna indriya-lagna]

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the minstering, aiding, exploitive, argumentative Kanya-4]

expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership contracts


[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Karkata indriya-lagna]

check Shani and Shani-drishti to determine the form of Chandra's orderly, class-conscious sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life, in the tradiing, balancing, deal-making, arranging style of Tulā-4]

[identified with the respectable caretaker-mother] [comforted by stable anchored diplomacy] [soothed by socially normalizing brokerage]

[culturally sensitive to official fixed class-status] [needs regulated pulse of lawful ritual ordering] [protector of the reliable rigid old folkways agreements]

[environmentalist feelings attuned to local mineral deva] [conventional mother may be schoolteacher-householder-gardener or parental property-holder]

dignified, regulatory emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership

identified with contractual agreement for lands, customs, ethnicity, ethnoreligion, way-of-life


[Chandra-Kumbha] comforted by friendship * sensitive to mass-participation gridworks * needs marketplace connection

[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

check Shani and Shani-drishti to determine the form of Chandra's collective networking sensibilities

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life in the mysterious, secretive, erupting, occulted, initiating style of Vṛścika-4]

populist, economic, community-networking emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership . emotionally needy, mother-like partner


[Chandra-Meena] comforted by ancestral guidance * settled into rhythmic intuition * needs contemplative sanctuary

[friendly-gainful vriddhi-pati for Parthya indriya-lagna]

[folk-reputation 10th-from-Chandra = land-ownership, patriotism, ethnicity, familiar rhythms, cultural foundations, defense of a way-of-life in the inspirational optimistic dogmatic style of Dhanus-4]

charitable, visionary, spiritually-guiding emotional sensitivity expressed through equity-seeking, bargaining, balance and partnership



soothed by the routines of

7-arrangements, contracts, partnership, brokerage, bargains, alliances

relationships, agreement, alliances, finance, negotiation, equity, justice, deal-making, match-making

comforted by contracts

moody middleman, meddler, go-between

sentimental relationships

caretaking spouse

7-advising, consulting, bargains, equity, marriage, deal-making, brokerage

Partner Parity Pairing Peer * equable flow

soothed by equilibriuam

Familiar [Chandra] to The Match-Makers (7)

Sense of deep belonging and vibratory attunement to balancing, justice-seeking persons and environments, such as

  • comfortably settled, naested, habituated to familiar rhythms of partnership, negotiation, parenting harmony, agreement, balancer.
  • adjudicated agreements, terms of contract, partition, alliances,
  • advising, counseling, advocacy, terms of agreement, partnership, legal settlements
  • 7 contracts, partnership, bargains, alliances, arrangements, advisors, attorneys, representation
  • 7-relationships, contracts, advocacy, fairness, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, bargaining, partners, negotiation, justice
  • 7-contracts, arrangements, marriage, alliances, brokerage, deal-making, equity
  • 7 - contractual relationships, promises, covenant, balance, negotiations, equity
  • 7-relationships, contracts, advocacy, fairness, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, bargaining, partners, negotiations, justice
  • 7 terms of agreements, balanced current, bargains, equations, diplomacy, fair deals, justice
  • 7 equity, arrangements, marriage, agreements, diplomacy, fair deals, justice,
  • 7 agreement, bargains, arrangements, equity, adjudication, match-making, balance, lawcourts, legal settlements, advising, counself, representation

Comfortable and Secure in Mediator and Equity settings, such as

  • relationships
  • brokerage
  • match-making
  • arrangements
  • contracts
  • advocacy
  • fairness
  • parity
  • balance
  • legal judgments
  • lawcourts
  • appeals
  • representation
  • judge, judgments, justice
  • diplomacy
  • bargaining
  • partnership
  • negotiations

Natural fit for roles involving

  • emotional sensitivity to partner's needs
  • contracts, trusts
  • advising, consulting,
  • equity, alliances, bargaining, arrangments,
  • middleman, meddling, deal-making, attorneys
  • relationships, negotiations, equity, contracts,
  • ;representation, bargains,
  • legal settlements,
  • alliances, brokerage,
  • marriage, match-making, promises
  • advocacy, fairness, legal judgments
  • lawcourts, appeals
  • representation, equity, diplomacy
  • peerage, parity. balance
  • partners, negotiations, justice


Unless impaired by destabilizing drishti, chandra-7 = profoundly loyal to partners,

loyalty in all relationships - both personal and professional - may be noted as the cornerstone of Soma's advocating, representing, negotiating emotional stability.


mom may be an attorney, broker, negotiator, match-maker, contract-maker, arranger.

  • How Will I Know 1963-2012 singer model Whitney Houston [Somana-yuti-Guru] Her mom = the acclaimed sacred-and-secular singer, cissy Houston, was a master of musical arrangements. [Chandra-Revati sound]. Mom maintained relationships with aunts, counsins, and friends -- many of whom were professional singers. WH enjoyed much [Guru] advising and counseling, from her mother and from multiple mentoring mother-figures. Mom's singing peers supported young Whitney's harmonious rise from teen modeling and church choirs, into a worldwide musical career.


Marriage partner primarily a parental, home-based, security-oriented, protective caretaker.


To feel secure, chandra-7 typically needs an inflow of partner validation and outflow of parental caretaking within relationships.

When Chandra occupies bhava-7, the indriya-lagna is located in 7th-from-Chandra.

One has a special affinity for 7th-matters such as contracts, alliances, trusts, bargains and pacts. The partner is valued as a parent-caretaker.

The primary relationship in one's life whether comfortable or uncomfortable is indeed with the mother. The relationship with the mother may be easy or challenging according to the characteristics of Chandra, but whatever the details of this bond it is the strongest of all and no marriage or partnership whether financial, social, or sexual can supersede the attachment to the Mother.

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [populist-earning Varuna-3] enjoyed an exceptionally supportive relationship with his mother, who was an intellectual and a supporter of humanistic arts. [Chandra in Sadachbia - Varuna]-7 is ruled by Shani-Tula [uchcha-3] conferring social dignity and rank upon the mother. As the daughter of the mayor of Frankfurt, Goethe's mother was well educated for her day. Goethe was her only surviving son, and she invested heavily in his development.

  • Goethe's mother was well-known to Goethe's friends. Her character was so salient that it was written into several contemporary dramas. Goethe lived with a mistress Christine Vulpius, awoman of low education, aluscious body, and sensual tastes (his [nīcha] Shukra-4). Christine was scorned by his elite friends. Yet, according to Goethe, the earthy Christine was his well-wisher in all things, an admirable housekeeper, and a capable defender of their home.

  • The strong graha in 7th-from-Chandra -- Simha-Surya+Budha-3 -- show that Christine had intelligence and creative spirit. However, the comments of his contemporaries and his own writings confirm that his primary philosophical and intellectual relationship was undeniably with his own Mother.

WRT bhava-12 = contemplation, interiority, imprisonment, distant lands, unavailability, invisibility, research = the conflicted 6th-from-Chandra-7

Vimshottari-dasha, bhukti of ruler-of-12, can produce an emotionally-charged argument, health challenge, or criminal accusation in the form of a privately interior conflict. The culprit may be a clairsentient agent, isolation, sleep, dreams, aresearch project, delusion, or imagination. Outcomes depends on the strength of the vyaya-pati.

Professor Chandra's special area of instruction is emotional sensitivity, absorption of feelings from the local environment, and emotional reaction or response. Chandra-7 is especially sensitive to the fluctuation of agreements and trusts. Somana-7 deeply feels the need for familiar, rhythmic routines of relationship negotiation and avowal

The parents [Chandra] may be involved in brokerage, marriage-matching, arbitration, advocacy, advising or counseling.

  • POTUS-pair-22-24 Needlework 1864-1947 Frances Folsom Cleveland [populist-profitable Varuna-3] [vargottamsha] FFC's dad was an attorney

  • India-PM 1889-1964 Toward Freedom Jawaharlal Nehru [diplomatic-brokering Pushya-3] Dad was an elite lawyer of Alllahabad. Dad also held a representative seat in the pro-independence Indian Congress.

Calmed by acting in harmonizing roles, such as a match-maker, dealer, attorney, or advocate (7)

When Moon-Mens is born into the 4th-from-4th bhava-7, there are benefits accrued from the stability of having a mother who is an anchoring and supportive presence throughout one's life. Often also the mother's mother 4th-from-4th is an anchor behind the anchor.


Normally, one's primary life relationship is with the Mother-figure, who is the main consultant and adviser in life. Whatever marriage partnerships may develop, the spousal partners are expected to function primarily as parents of the shared children and less as peer consultants or romantic figures.

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [populist-profitable Varuna-3] [Chandra-7] JWvG enjoyed a close relationship with his mother, who was said to be his closest sympathizer and companion throughout life. She died shortly after his wedding.

Chandra-7 seeks caretaking comfort within relationships and is emotionally sensitive to partnership balancing.

Definitive influence of Graha-yuti-Chandra

Anything which may be said of Chandra must be prefaced by a disclaimer. Professor Chandra is the soul of impressionability. He lives to reflect. Therefore, the characteristics of other graha yuti Chandra are often more in evidence than the underlying behaviors of Chandra Himself.

  1. Somana + Kuja * Emotionally competitive
  2. Somana + Budha * Emotionally communicative
  3. Somana + Guru * Emotionally effusive* Emotionally expansive
  4. Somana + Shukra * Emotionally indulgent
  5. Somana + Shani * Emotionally constricted
  6. Somana + Surya * Emotionally entitled * Emotionally self-focused
  7. Somana + Rahu * Emotionally expedient
  8. Somana + Ketu * Emotionally scattered

Comforted by Contracts

Chandra-7 needs constant opportunities to form and re-establish relationships, contracts, and agreements. The partner serves as a parenting agent, shelterer, protector, nourisher. Chandra-7 draws a deep sense of emotional and often physical safety from the partnership.

(Similar parenting-partner result from yuvati-pati-7 yuti Chandra)

Typically, the lifepartner alliance = oriented to home-life, farming, vehicles, schooling, child-raising, property management, policing, or other domestic routines

the actively sexual dimension of marriage may be less important. The lifepartner is usually dedicated to the well-being of one' personality and vitality

the union tends to be long-lasting. The spouse usually does not need an independent identity but rather derives core identity from the union.

In addition to the mutual parenting usually produced by Chandra-7, more information about the female mate can be known via Shukra and more information about a male mate via Guru.

Emotionally influenced Negotiations, dealing, brokerage

Mother-figure is usually an "arranger" of a match-making harmonizing disposition. Mom is a peace-maker. Professionally, mother-figure may be designated as or function similarly to an attorney, bargainer, match-maker, trader, broker, or counselor. Because the emotional stability is grounded through a peer, tendency toward codependent relationships based on need and emotional fluctuation in relationship including some moodiness is to be expected.

Mutually conforting, protective arrangements

  • POTUS-17 Reconstruction 1808-1875 Andrew Johnson= [visionary-fantasizing Kṛttikā-4] [7, negotiation] [mūlatrikoṇa] Dharmesha patronage in 7 arrangements. Most of AJ's entirchment came from mutually pleasurable arrangements with lobbies who wanted laws passed in their favor. AJ's job was to reduce alcohol tax while subsidizing railroads for shipping liquor. The Tennessee Whiskey cartel funded his campaigns and bought key votes to keep AJ in office during impeachment. In return, aJ received capitalization [Urisha] for buying frontier real-estate [7, land deeds]

Chandra in 10th from 10th is typically well known to the public = a familiar face

indriya-lagna = 7th from Chandra =

the developed personality integrity is fundamentally defined by one's relationship (7) to the mother (Soma).

Exceptionally sensitive to balance, equity, franchise, pairings, match-making, arrangement, negotiation, and perceived relationships between people, or between values

Most striking effects for [lagnesha Chandra-Makara + Karka lagna].


Emotionally engaged with:

alliances, agreements, parity, equity, fairness, balance, negotiations, bargains, deals

sympathetic and protective partners

maternal grandmother (4th-from-4th)

patriots, those emotionally attached to their homeland (4th-from-4th)

[Somana-yuti-Ketu] [7] tends to dissolve the cultural attachments, but the need for comfort of caretaking partners remains

friends of the father (11th-from-9th)

friends of philosophical and sacred doctrine (11th-from-9th)

partnerships are based on promise of security, naurturing, and protection.

Unions have a pronounced parental quality

Generally, the relationship (7) with Mother [Chandra] is particularly strong.

  • How Will I Know 1963-2012 singer model Whitney Houston [Somana-yuti-Guru] relationship with her mother and multiple mother-figures particularly supportive during young Whitney's rise from teen modeling and performing into a widely recognized adult performance career. Her mom = the acclaimed sacred-and-secular singer, cissy Houston.

Public Life

Bhava-7 = 10th-from-10th = a visible, public environment. The public is generally familiar with many of the intimate details of Chandra-7 's alliances such as marriage and interpersonal partnerships.

  • Chandra resides in svabhava of Shukra

  • Shukra sees Chandra as an enemy

emotionally, the core partnerships lose their ideal state of balanced equality [Shukra] in favor of Chandra's need for sympathetic, protective, parental, care-taking support

Chandra-7 indicates emotional affinity for the role of counselors, spouse, adviser, diplomat , crafter of agreement, negotiator, bargainer, wheeler-dealer

Balancer, integrator, negotiator of equity in contracts. Concerned with partnership, brokerage, negotiation, judgments, legal settlements

Emotionally allied to contractual agreements . However, emotional engagement with the contracted partner, and with the alliance-maintaining behaviors overall, may fluctuate if Chandra is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu.

Chandra in yuvati-bhava, 4th from Soma's natural residence bandhu-bhava, = generally advantageous for matters of alliance-building, promise-keeping, equity into agreements, and bargains or deals..

Brokerage, negotiation, familiar arrangements, habitual partners

  • POTUS-17 Reconstruction 1808-1875 Andrew Johnson Civil-War era brokerage, attempting to keep warring parties within the Union. Patronage and payment arrangements with the interests of the Whiskey lobby.

4th-from-4th = repeating themes of schooling, land-property ownership-stewardship , fences and boundaries, patriotic loyalty to the place of settlement

One feels allied, absorbs and internalizes the terms of contractual agreement, and reflects the external components of bargaining and negotiating behavior which are present within one's environment.

Chandra-7 reflects pleasures of human-to-human partnership, brighter or dimmer mirroring according to the fullness of the Moon, and proximity to Rahur.

Chandra-7 does not create [Surya] the contractual balance but simply reflects [Chandra] the existing culture of promise-keeping and legal resolution to disputes. (May also create the terms of agreement if Surya also in 10.)

Emotionally most comfortable in the law-courts, giving advice; counseling and consulting; when negotiating and match-making, arranging and re-arranging alliances, building balanced compositions

  • OTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon [theatrical-demonstrating Dhaniṣṭha-1] Although the public thought of him as a paranoid warmonger, naixon thought of himself as an expert diplomat and broker. As a professional attorney, he specialized in contract law.

Emotionally a bargainer , awheeler-dealer, wheedling

Particularly uncomfortable for Kumbha indriya-lagna because Chandra becomes rogesha-6 the argumentative complainer in 7; and for Dhanus indriya-lagna, because Chandra becomes the self-destructive randhresha-8 in 7.

Emotional quest for balance and agreement.

The main trouble with Chandra in yuvati bhava = one ABSORBS the balancing and alliance-building role into oneself.

  • This can create emotional pressure when others are not cooperating in the union, and one seems to be conducting all of the emotional life of the partnership by oneself.


When Chandra occupies classroom-7, 7th-from-Chandra representing the Mate = classroom-1.

The spouse = physically vital and active, perhaps even competitive - However, any graha in the indriya-lagna will be definitive. Chandra-7 is emotionally identified with the spouse's appearance and the mate's presence in the world. Marital Status becomes a key element of the personality.


Marriage and life partnerships can experience a unique challenge: the emotional need for partnership more resembles the infant's need for mothering, and less resembles the equal-to-equal, peer-to-peer balance of adult relationships.

Native is attracted to a parental figure and while it can be a source of longevity and stability in the public union that the partners deeply "need" each other, there is less equity and less freedom to negotiate growth in the partnership.

Both partners likely had problematic mothers in childhood, and the marriage may offer some shelter, safety or compensation to one who feels unprotected in this life. However, the primary goal of the marriage is security and not equity.

Chandra-7 = emotionally invested in the balancing role of the mate. One expects to be engaged in emotionally vital partnership throughout life. Chandra-7 does not feel right going solo.

The number of socially recognized marriages can be forecast from graha yuti Shukra (for a husbandly-figure) or graha in classroom-7 (for menfolk and womenfolk). Regardless of the number of marital-intimate unions, chandra-7 is deeply emotionally engaged in each of these relationships and draws essential nurturing value from each core partnership. The mate fills a parental role. The mate (whether male or female) is needed to provide the healing energy of touch, sympathetic counsel, and shelter from the storm.

Even if the configuration of Shukra or classroom-7 suggests a pre-incarnationally planned program for several unions, chandra-7 can bring the same deep feelings into each merger: a need to find agreement, make contracts, and fulfill the promise of stability and protection .

Masculine Moon classroom-7

Male may seek a mate who exhibits overtly maternal characteristics, caretaking instincts, and a love of the settled, rhythmic routines of home.

The interests of the mate are (or appear to him to be) located primarily in the home and with the loving task of raising children.

Chandra-7 male = sensitive to changes in emotional temperature in all of his agreements and contracts, and will rely on his partner to mirror and validate his own emotional naturer.

Feminine Moon classroom-7

Chandra-7 feminine-figure may invest the major portion of her emotional nurturing energies into her primary partnerships, especially marriage union.

Unless Chandra = a dusthamshapathi, the auspice for deep emotional commitment and faithfulness in marriage is very positive.

Once married, barring affliction to Chandra, the woman may feel quite settled in life, and she can happily proceed to build her family or career. Professions in advocacy, negotiation, counseling and advising are favored.


  • Disagreement, disappointment, emotional servitude

6th-from-7th = vyaya bhava

  • Depending on conditions in classroom-12, expect affective difficulties due to disagreements within one's own imagination and in one's own bedroom; with hospitals, ashrams, and monasteries; from the agents of foreign lands; and due to the spouse's extramarital relationships (if any).

giving more than one receives

  • ruler-of-12 may produce emotional servitude during its Vimshottari period s.

  • The imagination or the spouse's extramarital partners = a particular source of disappointment or exploitative overwork. Adversarial voices of the imaginative and dream state, as well as agents of residence in foreign lands, will continue to demand more in service than they can offer in reward.

  • Chandra-7 should carefully consider the implications for extended residence in foreign lands. (Short-term holiday travel = Bhava-3 = not problematic; only relocation for an extended stay is troublesome.)

  • Chandra-7 may feel emotionally unsuited to carry out the requirements of long-term social displacement and loss of identity from living in enclosure.

  • Some tendency to form private relationships with servants or employees of foreign origin, and much polarizing catalysis through them.

bhava-12 = private affairs, imagination, long residence in foreign lands

  • discomfort in environments of 12 = international job assignments, enclosures, sanctuary spaces

  • " invisible" (12) to the partner, ignored, unperceived

  • loss of identity due to invisibility can be a major source of emotional suffering (6th-from-Chandra)

As a result Chandra-7 may feel emotionally enslaved to the clandestine partners of the spouse (12) to conflicted conditions of sleep and the bedroom (12), spouse's broken agreements which are enemies of the marriage (6th-from-7th), dissolved personal identities, and the negative imagination.

7 = 10th from 10th

= public dignity + reputation

Moon fluctuates in its gentle pulsing rays.

Emotions are full but not always steady in the partnership. When Chandra occupies 7, the public (10) perceives a nurturing and parental (Soma) person who undertakes protective duties. If Chandra-7 is strong, one symbolizes to the public a caring agent of shelter and ethnic continuity, rooted in a place, continuing the folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of a people.

One serves as a caring and nurturing spouse who may fill a parental [Chandra] as well as marital (7) role.

Best results from Karkata Moon and Vrishabha Moon. Other rashi of Moon are strongly influenced by their lords.

Emotional outbursts and childhood trauma of the spouse for Urisha indriya-lagna, where Vṛścika Soma tends to attack Himself in Kuja's rashi. Good for trading in family materials, such as homes and furnishings; maternal and childcare items; and advocacy work with family interests.

Usually gives a tame spouse who is happy with an emotionally based role in the marriage, as nurturer and supporter. May be a stay-at-home spouse.

QUOTATION Hora Sara , sarga-25, shloka-38
"If the Moon is in its own house, in the 7th house, or in the 7th amsha,

indicates a soft spoken husband who will be at the disposal of another lady."

Disagreement, disappointment, emotional servitude
6th-from-Chandra = bhava-12.

Since classroom-12 is already the adversarial"enemies of the marriage" 6th-from-7th, the additional stress upon Chandra-7 suggests that agents of 12 such as distant lands, social invisibility, monasteries and cloisters, hospitals and dormitories, hotels and prisons, are all potential sources of emotional marital imbalance leading to disagreement and distress.

QUOTATION from Das / Bepin Behari WRT Chandra-7

" You are passionate, possessing an attractive spouse from whom you acquire much wealth.

Gain from voyaging, trade, speculation; water products; partnership.

  • On land, from grocery shop, milk and milk products, chemist shop, hotel industry; commission agent and insurance agent.

  • Avoid litigation, as Moon in the 7th house causes trouble and loss through it.

You marry a devoted spouse who is also very healthy. Such a spouse alone can give full sexual pleasure.

  • Gain from sale and purchase, roving on land or foreign trade abroad.

  • You enjoy tasty food

  • sensual; thin and lean

  • vanquished by the enemy. ...

  • You are handsome, healthy, wealthy and wise; famous; kind;

  • always traveling , itinerant; dominated by spouse; debauch.

Exalted, full Moon or in its own sign,

  • gives a beautiful and charming spouse; you yourself are wealthy and handsome

  • one marriage and contented with spouse only.

If this Moon is in depression, aspected or associated with a malefic,

  • you know no peace or happiness in life.

  • Squint;

  • marriage after 32 with an unchaste person,

  • arms attack

  • sweet and soft-spoken; palatial home; two marriages, if the lord is strong.

You will be amiable, happy, will possess a good physique and be sensuously disposed .

If the weak Moon be so posited,

  • you will be pitiable and sick.


If the Moon is in the 7th one

  • will be a happy spouse, will earn wealth in business in foreign places, will enjoy food,

  • will sexually enjoy many partners, will be very sensuous and be liberal.

There is difference of opinion among the various authors:

  • some say there will be wealth with this placement while yet others say this position will cause poverty.

  • It obviously depends on the state and lordship of the Moon."

[end quote]



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