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Budha occupies 6th-from-Chandra

  1. [Budha in bhava-1] [dikbala]
  2. [Budha in bhava-2]
  3. [Budha in bhava-3] [svabhava]
  4. [Budha in bhava-4]
  5. [Budha in bhava-5]
  6. [Budha in bhava-6] [svabhava]
  7. [Budha in bhava-7]
  8. [Budha in bhava-8]
  9. [Budha in bhava-9]
  10. [Budha in bhava-10]
  11. [Budha in bhava-11]
  12. [Budha in bhava-12]

  1. [Budha-Mesha]
  2. [Budha-Urisha]
  3. [Budha-Mithuna] [svakshetra]
  4. [Budha-Karkata]
  5. [Budha-Simha]
  6. [Budha-Kanya] [uchcha] [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 16-20 deg]
  7. [Budha-Tula]
  8. [Budha-Vṛścika}
  9. [Budha-Dhanus]
  10. [Budha-Makara]
  11. [Budha-Kumbha]
  12. [Budha-Meena] [nīcha if within 16-20 deg]


OM hrim krom aim grhanathaya budhaya svaha

बुध budha

Professor Budha

Parya - Parthya - Pana - Paranaya

विद् vid = declare, inquire, announce, report, explain [wit]

ज्ञ jña = thinker [said also of Mangala]

बोधन bodhana = instructing, informing; causing to awake, arousing

कुमार kumāra = boy, youth, groom, prince

प्रहर्षुल pra-harṣula = arousing, enrapturing

सोमपुत्र soma-putra = child of Chandra

नक्षत्रपति nakṣatra-pati = nakshatra master

resides in


शत्रु śatru = enemy, rival

रिपु ripu = cheat, deceiver, rogue, foe

क्षत kṣata = wound, hurt, injury

रोग roga = sickness, disease

अरि ari = enemy, envious, hostile, number-six


Mercury the Merchant

Ἑρμῆς ὁ Τρισμέγιστος = Hermes Trimegistus


Mercurius ter Maximus

Merx - Mark - Merch

sMargara - sMarjali - Marketa - Margareta


Nabu - Neba

Sabgu - Borsippa

Odin Woden = Wednesday


the sixth house



"Like a wild deer driven into a village,

a liar mistrusts everyone,

thinking that they are all like himself."

- Mahabharata-11


Crop Circle - kornzirkler - 2005


True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art , by Chögyam Trungpa, p. 85

" Let's not complain about the past; it is such a waste of energy.

You could do a lot of things for humankind if you could come out and be precise.

Let us face the world without wearing sunglasses.

Take off your glasses and perceive the light.

You can do so much, not only for yourself but for others.

You could contribute so much help and service to people who are suffering, who are trapped in all kinds of problems."


physicians and pharmacists in medieval Germany collecting herbs and distilling extracts.

From Botanicon. Plantarum Historiea,

by Adamum Lonicerum (Lonitzer) Frankfurt, 1565


[Budha-Mesha] [svabhava]

[sarala yoga]

[mysterious-revealing randhresha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna] [friendly-economic vriddhi-pati for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]

check Kuja and Kuja-drishti to see the source of Budha's competitive, conquesting, innovative, championship scripts

[hidden power from conflicted conversations] [profitable transformative meetings] [community linked therapeutic communication]

[innovative argumentative narrative of medical treatment] [pioneering argument about sudden change] [direct-action statements about pollution]

[earnings from service announcements]

burning ailments of the head may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

  • POTUS-pair-38 Addiction Recovery 1918-2011 Betty Bloomer Ford [political-dramatizing Bharani-1]


[Budha-Urisha] [svabhava]

[balancing-bargaining yuvati-pati for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna] [dutiful-commanding karmesha for Dhanus - Haya indriya-lagna]

check Shukra for defining source of Budha's sensual enriching musical knowledgeable acquisitiveness

[legal arguments about money] [conflicted conversations about professional arrangements] [disagreeable musical lyrics] [hostile talks about traditional values]

[narrative of sensual medical treatment] [conformational statements about historical maginalization and injustice] [ministry of sonorous communication with the disenfranchised]

[ailments of the sense-organs may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders] [siblings may complain about finance]

[Budha-Mithuna] [svabhava] [svakshetra]

[inimical-accusing rogesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna] [believing-principled dharmesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[duplicity in communications signaling] [deception in commercial trade] [principled detailed adversarial arguments] [scripted communicative fluency] [specific medical treatment plans] [cleverly phrased disagreements]

windy ailments due to excess busyness may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

[Budha-Karkata] [svabhava]

[sarala yoga]

[creative-displaying vidya-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna] [mysterious-transformative randhresha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

folk roots, familiar disagreements, analyses, arguments

wet, congested ailments of the stomach may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

[Budha-Simha] [svabhava]

[bargaining-balancing jaya-pati for Meena indriya-lagna] [homebound-anchoring bandhesha for Meena indriya-lagna]

political, regal disagreements, analyses, arguments

burning ailments of the heart-spine may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

[Budha-Kanya] [uchcha] [svabhava] [svakshetra]

[mūlatrikoṇa if within 16-20 deg = Hasta-3]

[busy-collaborative sahaja-pati for Mesha indriya-lagna] [inimical-distrusting rogesha for Mesha indriya-lagna]

logical disagreements, detailed analyses, arguments

mental ailments from underpaid work and mistreatment may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

inequity, ailment seeking the argumentative remediator in medicine, military, ministries of service

[Budha-Tula] [svabhava]

[collecting-evaluating dhanesha for Urisha indriya-lagna] [witty-creative vidya-pati for Urisha indriya-lagna]

check Shukra and Shukra-drishti for the source of Budha's sweetly smoothing, adjustable mercantile brokerage

diplomatic, balanced disagreements, analyses, arguments

drying ailments of the kidney-pancreas and sugar-processing systems may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

  • Pucci Prints 1914-1992 fashion Emilio Pucci [systematic-gainful Arcturus-3]

[Budha in Vṛścika] [svabhava]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Mithuna indriya-lagna] [homebound-anchoring bandesha for Mithuna indriya-lagna]

check Kuja and Kuja-drishti to locate the engine behind Budha's penetrating, discovering, rejuvenating discourse

[6, imbalance, exploitation] invasive, transformative disagreements, analyses, arguments

mysterious ailments of the regenerating systems may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

[Budha-Dhanus] [svabhava]

[Vimala Yoga]

[busy-messaging vikrama-pati for Karkata indriya lagna] [retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Karkata indriya lagna]

global humanistic disagreements, analyses, arguments

ballooning ailments of the sacral plexus may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

[Budha-Makara-Draco] [svabhava]

[historical-evaluating dhanesha for Simha indriya-lagna] [profitable-friendly labha-pati for Simha indriya-lagna]

[Dhanayoga Budha-6 rules 2+11]

[institutional explanation of suffering] [conventional description of animosity] [lawful narrative of imbalance]

cold, dry ailments of the bones-sinews-cartilage may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

[Budha-Kumbha] [svabhava]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Kanya indriya-lagna] [dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Kanya indriya-lagna]

[populist service ministry of institutionally dictated publicity events] [conflicted personality undertakes heavy leadership responsibilities] [scripted announcements serve the organizational agenda]

[respected ability to represent the voice of laborers animals and employees][logical complaint against systemic economic injustice] [mass-participation narrative of marketplace imbalances]

[may render articulate aid to the assembly of the disenfranchised][friendship linkage exchanges detailed societal grievances]

[sibling-cousin may be victim advocate, physician, or public-servant] [nervous ailments of the cold skin may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders]


[Budha-Meena] [nīcha] [svabhava]

[Vimala Yoga]

[philosophical-doctrinal dharmesha for Tulā indriya-lagna] [retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Tulā indriya-lagna]

check Guru and Guru-drishti for defining source of Budha's abstract imagining worldview

[conceptually imagined arguments] [dreamlike accusations] [intuitive handling of conflict]

wet, sluggish ailments of the lymph system may affect hands, arms, lungs, shoulders

articulation of argument

victim narrative

Budha-6 grants communicative ability in conflicted circumstances

helpful placement for lawsuits which benefit from misdescription of facts.

6- conflicts may be internal-personal [sickness-injury] or external-social [crime-injustice]

Budha can provide detailed incriminating information - or misinformation

The calculating skills of the Kumara may be especially crafty in svabhava

  • bribery
  • embezzlement
  • administrative crimes
  • accusations of corruption

schemes and strategies in medical environments

  • medical treatment plans
  • herbs,
  • peddler of pharma,
  • practitioner of phisik
  • detailed clinical protocols
  • administration of patient information

helping social-services narratives of

  • describing pollution,
  • defining discord
  • explanations of injustice
  • detaied crime
  • arguments supporting decriminalization
  • instruction WRT exploitation or slavery
  • programmatic treatment of addiction
  • administration of jails
  • scripts of victimization
  • verbalization of unfair conditions
  • complaints about legal sentencing

aggrieved narratives of

  • woeful complaint
  • resentful argument
  • ailment,
  • verbal fighting and injury
  • accusatory argument
  • mental pollution
  • reported slavery and human trafficking
  • scripted victimization
  • vocabularyof disrespect, denigration, distrust, contempt

verbal, descriptive, explanatory ministries of service

Squabbling, verbal skirmish

petty disagreements

Excellent position for medical, military, or skilled service-ministry professionals.

Splendid for human-resources environments, labor union, pollution activists, criminal-defense attorneys, medical project management, human-trafficking analysts.

Budha is skillful, both manually and verbally. Look for incoming drishti from opposing graha, check His ruler ++ angle from Chandra

Acrimonious discussions

(may be a helpful placement for professional conflict managers such as attorneys and judges, for whom acrimonious discussions are a source of income)



[Budha-Mithuna] [svakshetra]



Budha-Kanya [uchcha] [svakshetra] [mūlatrikoṇa if within 16-20 deg]



[Budha-Dhanus] rules 3 + 12 for Karkata indriya lagna.

Often nursing a mental grudge about ideology or philosophical beliefs.

Skillful administrator [3] in healthcare setting, managers of law firms, human resources admin, victim advocacy organizations, social-work offices. Medical management roles in hospitals, prisons, and other isolated environments [12].

  • Tendency toward dishonesty caused by withholding of information [12]. Protected by [Vimala Yoga] therefore typically free from most punitive consequences.
  • Avoids incarceration despite lies, no harm from distant lands. Accusations such as lawsuits may unfairly or incompletely describe the misdeed resulting in improper judgment.
  • Still, the Viparita Raja Yoga shields against harmful enclosure. Freedom from severe personal consequence.

Mūla-Budha-6 is particular has disdain for consequences. Not averse to high-stakes lying. One may announce [3] groundless accusations [groundless Ketu + accusations-6] . Budha-6 can be afflicted by mentalized jealousy which expresses via victim-narrative

May be a pattern of imagined attacks by invisible enemies which can lead to mental distress [exacerbated if Budha-yuti-Kuja]

Examples of Budha-Dhanus-6 further compounded by Mūla-Budha.

[Budha-Makara] rules

[Budha-Kumbha] rules 1-10 for Kanya indriya-lagna

Often nursing a mental grudge about economic systems or friendships.

May be a servant-leader [ruler of 10 occupies 6] articulating the victim narrative in military, medical, or other human services. Characteristically resentful, aggrieved, and distressed in verbal expression of unfair conditions. Speaking in the proletarian dialect, yet shrewd in lawsuits and criminal accusations. Superb position for labor union representative. Rises to authority [10] in circumstances of economic conflict [Lumbha 6]. Usually sick, often from self-medication [lagnesha in 6].

  • POTUS-16 Emancipation 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln [conceptual-guiding Varuna-4] [Atmakaraka] [Surya-yuti-Budha] Sick from an endocrine malfunction during most of his life, exacerbated by toxic medication. Sudden rise to national authority, during vicious Civil War about economics [Kumbha] of slave labor [6]

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T 1942-2018 Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin [imaginative-guiding Varuna-4] [Varuna-Budha-yuti-Ketu-Varuna] = tireless advocate representative voice-of-the-disenfranchised, worker for African-American Civil Rights

[Budha-Meena] [nīcha if within 16-20 deg]

[Budha in bhava-6] * younger siblings, student-figures, those engaged in technology. planning, scheduling, schematics, administration, communication and signaling may produce imbalanced, exploitive, blaming, accusing, often toxic, adversarial behavior. Associated with medicaments, medical treatment plans, medical techniques, technology of exploitation, administration of injustice.

Team-mates and siblings [Budha] who might be expected to behave loyally instead fail to be worthy of trust. Administrators, commercial businesspeople, managers, writers, publishers, and manufacturers may become devious exploitive, polluted in their actions, and possibly criminal in their behavior.

Corrupt or unbalanced counsel from siblings or sibling-figures such as schoolmates, younger friends or cousins, from team-mates or ensemble group, from neighbors or from co-workers.

The managers, technicians, administrators, and business processes of the information economy may perpetuate injustice.

Military response to conflict + narrative of injury

  • Pucci Prints 1914-1992 fashion Emilio Pucci [businesslike Budha occupies systematic Arcturus-3] EP vigorously supported the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini and served as a fighter pilot in WW-2. Severely injured during escape. After maturity, ministry of service to Tuscan artisans.

Positive implications: younger sibling or sibling-figure may be a health-care worker, criminal attorney, or social worker, or dedicated to a ministry of service.

Budha-6 may seem to others like a nay-sayer or complainer with little pleasant conversation.

For those in military professions, budha-6 provides the communicative ability to discuss in detail the necessary military maneuvers.

  • POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant [planning Budha occupies visionary Revatī-4] [vargottamsha] + [Atmakaraka] [nīcha-bhanga-Budha-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] part of his success in impossible circumstances was his ability to clearly describe the negative implications of the battle situation. Grant's boss Abraham Lincoln was said to have appreciated USG's honesty.

  • Following his leadership service as POTUS-18, Grant published [Budha] an exceptionally popular autobiographical account of the Civil War (Budha-6 nicha-bhanga). These best-selling volumes showcased his writing ability to describe horrible miseries of pain and violence, brother-hating-brother, and the devastation of the nation in chilling detail.

One may develop the skills to deploy information technology in the service of remediation of injusticer.

[Budha in bhava-6] = peer cohort such as siblings, neighbors, co-workers may practice victimology. One's own narrative may express a litany of complaints. If compassionate, may be agents of professional medical-military service. Much depends upon drishti, rashi, and age during any Budha dashar.

Argumentation - litigation - medication of imbalances - medical treatments - accusation - exploitation - crimes - complaints - usury - calculation of debt - categorization - explanation - analysis - diagnosis

Logical argumentative analysis composed in conflicted, litigious, accusative, and medical environments

  • every type of medical treatment (6) except surgery (8). Medicine = mediation of imbalance

  • matters of disagreement, disease-discomfort, disorder, distrust, disavowal, divorce, debt, doubt, devaluation, dastardly deeds, digestive difficulties,

  • splendid placement for military officer, documentation specialist, divorce attorney and medical doctors

Bantering Budha occupies 1st and 4th from His svabhava 3+6, suggesting advantageous alignment of mentality in matters of personality and schooling.

Budha-6 represents students, pupils, apprentices, disciples [Budha] mastering the Narrative of Logical Argumentation and Problematizing

Capable of explaining, describing, diagramming, and messaging in detail about the diseases, crimes, injuries, accusations, exploitations, conflicts, and unjust mistreatments that characterize bhava-6 .

Talking, gesturing, reporting, writing, painting, tool-using, technology-applying, arguing, criticizing, explaining, instructing, training, short-term, near -goal travel and constantly interacting with others, regarding

  • the objectified narrated experience of animosity, disagreement, dissolution of contract, disputes, treachery, broken promises,

  • poverty, usury, exploitation, illness, criminalization / crime,

  • misunderstanding, accusation, blame, criticism, medicine, argumentation, litigation, servitude

Classroom Learning Topics of Bhava- 6

Instruction offered by graha who are operating in the classroom of rogasthāna-6 pertains to matters of exploitation, unfairness, imbalance, poverty , animosity, illness , social conflict, environmental pollution , servitude

Bhava-6 svabhava-- comfortable placement for Budha . There is a great deal of information in the terrain of the maha-dusthamsha!

Professor Budha gives Transactions of bhava-6 via articulatory instruments of:

" the victim narrative [story of being eaten] " , discourse of crime, reports of the servants and mother's relatives, medical diagnosis and treatment plans, animal or underclass status, drug prescriptions, pharmaceutical compounding instructions, military plans, tactics, strategies, loan-making, protocols for treatment of disorders, information about war and injury, usury, sale of medicines, specialties of imbalance-management such as litigation on behalf of victims, divorce attorney, pollution mitigation, conversation and instructions regarding medicines, bankruptcy process, or the discourse of jails

  • POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant [narrative Budha occupies visionary Revatī-4] + [Atmakaraka] [nīcha-Budha-yuti-Shukra-uchcha] was a career alcoholic and civil-rights advocate who specialized in the narratives of war and unfairness.

Ari bhava contains the incarnation's current scheduled-for-cleanup workload of disagreement, doubt, and disputes, treachery, broken promises.

Budha-6 the problematizer both strong and difficult to maintain contractual agreements, including the marriage promise.

Excellent for journalistic media production re: social ills such as poverty, addictions, exploitation, disease-discomfort, and domestic abuses.

In the bhava of social conflict and loss of agreement, the mind generates electro-magnetic initiating thoughts of animosity, class-conflict, and victimization [being eaten] . Thoughts are saturated with "reasons for" conflict and exploitation; followed by a litany of reasoned solutions to reduce these.

Splendid for communication duties when audience consists of members of the service classes, medical professionals, military workers. For example, pharmaceutical sales, weapons or military equipment sales, cleaning products.

Often anxiety in the mind;. Ironically, the stronger the analytical intelligence, the deeper and broader one's restless worries are spread.

Budha-6 due to characteristic problematicity can feel beset by the victim mentality or enslaved into the service of victims.

On a positive note, budha-6 analytical skills may be fruitfully directed toward professional service in fields of war, medicine, debt and finance, policing and crime, and intellectual probing such as muckraking and social critique .

Commercial business success may be obtained through the analytical skill set in all the classic Bhava-6 endeavors.

Sexual communication, fertility, and libido are disturbed by anxiety and body imbalance.

Receiving massage, practice of mental calming techniques and removing toxins from the diet (meat, coffee, alcohol, other drugs) from the body will help in case Budha-6 is emerging from the pre-incarnationally planned cycle of seeing life as a problem.

However, budha-6 is usually convinced of the accuracy of one's perceptions, and rarely interested in these remedial measures.

Service Ministry = explanation, description, logical argumentation

When Budha occupies the maha-dusthamsha, considerable service may be offered in the verbal and manual skill-areas of explaining, describing, crafting, reporting, announcing, and messaging activities.

Budha-6 may proceed through a series of accusatory, conflicted, or contested environments in order to orient the mentality to the unbalanced (6) situation of the audience. The audience may be pre-oriented to debates or discussions which lack resolution.

The capacity for detailed reasoning and arguing the point is often superb. However, the satkona tends to be populated with entities who are characteristically disagreeable, unsatisfiable, or sick.

Budha's main employment in 6 = problematizing and describing inequities.

6 = a broken yoke

Particularly when 6 is inhabited by graha, Budha often produces skillful narrative in service environments such as medicine, military, and aid to the suffering. Yet, budha's job is descriptive, not reparative. The situation (6) tends to remain unbalanced despite specific identification of the problem..

if Budha is not well-disposed by rashi or there is pernicious incoming drishti, honesty may be inconsistent. One may respond to animosity with unfair verbalizing such as lying and counter-accusation. Common topics include injustice, suspicion, mistrust, servitude, debt, medicine, illness, exploitation, class conflict, and war.

Splendid position for criminal attorney representing the accused, divorce attorney seeking reparation for spousal misdeeds, social-worker serving disadvantaged clients, medical worker crafting diagnosis and treatment plan.

One-way street

Energy goes out from the graha in 6. Yet work-team confirmation and collaborative think-tank approval of the true importance of services rendered will rarely flow back in.

Lower expectations = better health

As a general rule, there is a repeating pattern of disappointed expectations (6), disputes, treachery, broken promises (6), and failed agreements (6) in matters of one's siblings * especially a younger one, any sort of training and skill-craft apprenticeship; short-term travel, neighbors, and most essentially group-work. One's own workplace environment is affected by the script of exploitation and imbalance caused by mentalized makers of litigious and accusatory argument.

Yet, 6 = svabhava of Budha, and Budha is adaptable. It is not a crushingly difficult placement, but rather a contentious one characterized by conflict over who should get credit for ideas.

The key to mental (Budha-6 ) health = to appreciate that one is highly unlikely to receive much recognition, reward, or repayment for logical investment in the workplace communications environment. No matter how quick [Budha] responsive [Budha] or crafty one may be, the scheduled beneficiaries of one's problematizing skill are not intended to acknowledge the gift.

Serve or Suffer

Bhava-6 can be a toxic, unfair, victim-minded, enslaved, addicted, villainized, criminalized and often warlike environment full of blaming, accusations, litigation, and endless interpersonal conflict. Bhava-6 can just as easily be apprehended as a context for service ministry.


QUOTATION Das / Behari

" ... Mercury in the Sixth completely upsets your physical and social life.

  • You experience so many inner subjective changes that your physical relationships are subject to severe turbulence.

  • Your mind is so stirred up that there is little social or psychological stability.

  • You may be catapulted from abject poverty to regal splendor, but you cannot hold onto anything.

There may be physical difficulties, sexual experimentation, and marital incompatibility leading to separation, divorce, or sexual abuse.

  • But through all these vicissitudes, significant psychological transformation and a widening of awareness and great insight into life can be experienced.

  • You may suffer from nervous breakdown;

    ailments due to tension connected with work.

  • Oppressed by inferiors.

  • Over-excited, rash.

  • Afflictions to Mercury tend to ruin the health through anxiety.

Energetic mental worker missing the best mental outlet for your energies.

  • Gain from chemistry, writings, books or clerical work.

  • Dyspepsia.

  • You may exhibit many fads and fancies regarding diet.

  • You may be inactive, ruthless, shattering the enemy, lose temper during discourse. [END QUOTE]

Realistic Expectations

it is unrealistic to expect validation 7 (paired weights) from the behaviors produced by karaka-graha in 6 (unbalanced weights)

Naturally, when Budha the narrative-manufacturer is born into the Satkona, the very bhava of 'dissolution' 12 of fairness 7, there can be a great deal of frustration in regard to the siblings and cousins, as well as a rather chronic complaining habit about life in general.

It makes sense to live in a way that does not require long-lasting verbal compatibility, that does not build unsustainable expectations of servants, employees or domestic animals and that self-honors one's extensive but unacknowledged behavior of defining and analyzing problems in workplace communications discourse and manual practice.

it is the nature of the maha-dushthamsha that for Budha-6 with argumentative Budha in 6, the more one gives, the more 'mercurial others' will take. There is no opportunity for graha in 6 to maintain equitable, just, or mutually satisfactory emotional contracts. Legal contracts with very carefully stipulated material terms of agreement may have been success if the yuvati-pati-7 is strong.

However, the defining, analyzing, instructional, explanatory and cooperative team-work activities are subject to disagreement throughout life. For a purpose!

This person verbalizes conflict and articulates logical arguments regarding frustration, problematicity, and blame. Results depend considerably on Budha's lord because Budha is so impressionable.

Does not reduce the intelligence, but the nature of the verbal and written expression may be constantly problem-announcing. Budha-6 may be associated as the bearer of bad news.

Mothers relatives

bhava-6 as 3rd-from-4th = siblings of the mother.

Budha in 6 = mother's siblings,

  • Mother's brothers and sisters = fairly financially privileged [Shukra].

  • However, the y suffer from some variety of social or physical imbalance; may be argumentative or ill.

  • Confirm via the emotionally talkative, communicative cohort evangelical instructional team-working administrative managerial announcing publishing reporting explanatory conversational lyrical messaging 3rd-from-Chandra (mother's younger sibling) or 11th-from-Chandra (mother's elder sibling).

victimization [being eaten]

One may feel victimized or wronged by younger siblings, by one's own mentality, by the statements of servants and employees, by talking, by youthful impulsiveness, by attorneys and advocates, by written documents or accusations made in court, by the agents of commercial transactions, by the hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs; by the intestines and by one's own thoughts about digestion.


Tendency to misappropriate or steal items related to publication, argumentation, documentation, conversation; the words and ideas of others (plagiarism); drugs, domestic animals, and servants.

Alternatively, one may serve those who misappropriate or thieve, in capacity such as social worker, probation officer, other support for criminals grand or petty.

Illnesses = Budha-6

Lung disease; injury to hands, arms, shoulders; mental illnesses and disorders of exaggerated argumentativeness.

As always with the Satkona, the choice is serve or suffer. Budha-6 is a skilled social worker serving those abused and exploited. Also an excellent medical diagnostician and treatment planner with strong communications skills in a clinical setting.

One who serves the ill is often protected from the worst effects of illness that might otherwise be predicted from the graha in 6.

Where the Thoughts do Linger

The bhava which is 3rd-from-Budha also creates a landing pad upon which the thoughts tend to dwell and linger.

Naturally, if graha occupy this "focus " bhava, the nature of the repeating narrative engagement with those thoughts will adjust according to the character of the tenant graha. thoughts focus upon third-from-Budha = upon randhra-bhava-8

  • Mysteries, captivating secrets,
  • camouflage, distracting patterns,
  • drilling, plunging, mining, diving, deep pursuit
  • masked relationships
  • hidden forces, catastrophic change,
  • joint assets of marriage,
  • emergencies and disasters,
  • sudden forced change, upheavals
  • inheritance and hidden monies
  • scheming upon ways to get secrets

QUOTATION Das / Behari commentary upon Budha-6-Mesha

" You are a quick thinker and like to speak your mind without delay.

You love learning but you don't like to tarry on any one subject.

  • If something doesn't come quickly to the mind you don't pursue it.

This may lead to an attachment to entertainment, rather than deep study ."

QUOTATION Das / Behari commentary upon Budha-6-Mithuna

  • " You will have financial difficulties.

  • Though eminently respectable, you may be involved in litigation.

  • Your stamina will be low."


Medicinal Plant


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