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Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah

Professor Guru * Brihaspati

resides in

Ayur * Randhra * Bhava 8

Ju-piter * Enlil * Marduk * Zeus-Deus * Iuppiter * Her-wepes-tawy

occupies the eighth house

multiple sources of hidden wealth

many identity transformations

much knowledge of occult process

multiple surgeries or penetrating inquiries

many helpful members of the partner's family

growth and expansion of the marital monies


Sunset in Antalya, Turkia

Public Figures

Guru in Mesha

Guru in Vrishabha

  • "Turtle Island" environmentalist poet Gary Snyder + Shukra + Budha

  • dramatist, Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly

Guru in Mithuna

Guru in Karkata * uttama

Guru in Simha

Guru in Kanya

Guru in Thula

Guru in Vrischika

Guru in Dhanushya

Guru in Makara * nichha

  • Russ-USSR dictator 1878-1953 "Man of Steel" Josef Stalin * yuti Rahu * parivartamsha L-8 Shani-10

  • Yogaville 1914-2002 Swami Satchidananda

Guru in Kumbha

  • POTUS-12 California Statehood Zachary Taylor yuti Rahu * harsha yoga * parivartamsha L-8 Shani

  • California-Gov 1975-83; 2011- Jerry Brown * parivartamsha L-8 Shani-9

  • Archbishop of Canterbury 2002-2012 Rowan Williams

Guru in Meena

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda + Mangala

Melinda French Gates

swabhava of friendly Mangala

A Golden Opportunity

Randhra = an opening, a window, a port.

Guru = a golden, auspicious guide.

In bhava-8, Guru delivers a Golden Opportunity which may be veiled, covered or disguised behind the appearance of surprising upheaval and sudden changes, conditions of death, unexpected divorce or death of partner, shock and trauma, forced separations, fears,

Female's partner karaka = Guru

Often, the female native meets her life partner in a secretive but privileged setting. The partner's identification with confidential information is important to her, and the partner's hidden assets, secret knowledge, or inherited wealth - or perhaps tantric or alchemical skills - may form the basis of the union.

  • First marriage for female characterized by secrecy and mysterious sources of wealth.

  • There is hidden money, confidential investments, and an aura of don't-ask-don't-tell in the husband's behavior.

The marital partner does things his own way, which may be a hidden way. Spouse may be involved in tax evasion or mate may have significant inherited family money. Adjusted up or down, depending upon graha yuti Guru within bhava-8.

Regardless of the external conditions of the union, the female will retain a respect for the power of secret knowledge, and a belief in its importance in her life.

In a male nativity, broad permission to conduct extramarital relations with almost no restriction, and few scandalous social consequences.

A permissive and generous spouse. Not good for Guru in Karkata or Guru in Vrishabha lagna (because Guru becomes L-6 or L-8, never beneficial in the marriage bhava.)

Spouse = large-bodied, friendly and optimistic (so long as Guru's rashi is favorable) and often a teacher.

Spouse = religious-natured. Dogmatically religious perhaps in an uncomfortable rashi, but spouse exhibits a compassionate intent.

Good for global businesses especially related to education or children, and for trading in books and religious items.

Capital reserves (2) and owned property (4) increases after marriage because Guru casts drishti upon 2 and 4. The family of the spouse (8 = 2nd from 7th) brings theoretical understanding, wisdom and fortune into the marriage.

On the down side, the spouse's jovial self-entitlement can be so expansive that less attention is given to developing the private relationship of marriage; the native may feel neglected if the spouse is too concerned with humanistic activities or ritual.

For a female nativity, benefits of hidden alliances

Brihaspati = karaka for the male partner or husband. When Guru occupies bhava-8 of a female nativity, associations with male partners may be veiled in secrecy. The husband is often involved in tax-sheltered assets or management of occult treasuries.

If Guru is comfortably placed, there is a good deal of secret wealth, both financial wealth and treasuries of knowledge, that may emerge from these mysterious relationships. Guru is welcome in a natural bhava of Mangala. If Guru also enjoys a hospitable rashi, the male partner's family may be quite financially privileged, and should the lifescript feature a post-marital settlement such as alimony that settlement will be generous.

For both the male and the female, there are subtle benefits to Guru in bhava-8. Although children are less predicted, even while matters of Guru's two rashi bhava are drawn into a cycle of sudden, forced changes, the native will enjoy providential wealth from unnamed sources.

One is privy to covert, confidential, unknown-source, or secret knowledge, which one may use for the enjoyment of life at all levels.

Putra-karaka in bhava-8 = less favorable for children, but not impossible. All factors must be considered before issuing an opinion when Guru-8 nativities inquire about future children.

death is attended with ritual ceremonial honors, attended with wisdom. If Guru's lord is favorable, death is attended by the high priest giving valuable ritual support to the transition.

Shani in bhava-8 or Shani drishti to randhra bhava may damage or delay your inheritance, even while this drishti extends your lifespan.

Behari commentary upon radix Guru in Vrishabha-8

"You may have a contradictory character.

  • Behind a veil of respectability your sexual curiosity and desire to enjoy the pleasures of life will be strong, though you will feel guilt in satisfying those desires.

  • You will not enjoy a happy home life and, though you sometimes seem to be a great moralist, your life has not grown in a balanced way.

You will be sickly but long-lived."

Guru-Meena in bhava-8

Guru-Meena in bhava-8 travels frequently across that dangerous tantric bridge between the material realm and the astral realm.

Due to ever-increasing encounters with the conditions of death (8) usually quite conscious and supported by spiritual guidance one may be called back to astral life rather early in the incarnation.


  • Ch. 80, shloka 30-33

"If in a female's horoscope Jupiter be in the 8th,

  • the woman concerned will be shameless and without virtue,

  • will have few children,

  • fatty hands and feet,

  • will be abandoned by her husband,

and will be gluttonous."

Das / Bepin Behari :

comments on Guru in bhava-8 :

"... a filter which permits past religious impulses to manifest only in terms of traditional belief systems.

... becomes learned, industrious, interested in the scriptural knowledge of your tradition and the higher values of life;

you practice severe penance

  • as well as arduous rituals.

Nonetheless, the desire for sexual union drives you to marriage,

  • possibly with widowed partners, or with"religious " people.

The spouse may come from a religious concern.

  • Fame and prosperity. ... imprisonment due to strife.

  • Patrimony or legacy.

[excellent for career in]: brokerage, occultism, dream psychology.

  • Also, peaceful and natural death.

Without patrimony, fortune, effluence, happiness, wealth.

  • Always feeling sickly.

  • Does not live long in the house of the father.

Your residence and body are not stable and stationary for long.

  • Always ailing.

  • Life hereafter is in heaven.

Has longevity; but impaired health.

Maintains the family traditions and culture. Steady and well-formed.

you are average and low, servile, gloomy, irrational, immodest, inert and lean.

  • Miser, friendless, slighted.

You visit the best pilgrim places;

fickle; void of spouses and wealth. Intelligent. Imprisonment may occur, or the feeling of it."


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