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Ashtamsha Shani is one of the Shani-Dhaiyya * Shani-Dhaiya = "two-and-a-half year" emotional-challenge transits.

Other Shani-Dhaiyya, traditionally, include:


zanichaturazra = Shani-chaturamsha = Shani's transit via the rashi = [4th-from-Chandra]

natal Shani located in 8th-from-Chandra = permanent Shani-aztamsha

Ashtamsha Shani

[Shani] Ashtama

Zani Azatan

Ashtama Shanaiswara

crisis drill * dis-comfort * hard landing

emotionally off-balance

Shani gochara


the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra

Transits of Saturn thru the 8th house counted from the Moon


Shani Ashtamsha

  • Emotionally based, physically expressed crisis of frozen trauma

    slow-motion catastrophe

    getting stuck in mid-cycle of the transformation

Matching Divinatory Signal:


Golden Tarot

2 of Coins, reversed

QUOTATION from Golden Tarot :"Imbalance and disharmony as a result of upheaval and transformation.

  • Taking one step forward for every two steps back.
  • Chaos caused by the shifting importance of projects and priorities.
  • Industrious yet unreliable actions.
  • Furious activity producing negligible results."
Q: my mate is preparing to enter their Shani-ashtamsha, and our union appears to be moving toward legal divorce. You said that this person is not in a divorce-karaka bhukti, but couldn't a Shani-ashtamsha also signify the crisis of divorce? Shani ashtamsha does not indicate divorce, because divorce is an active movement, and it is Shani's highest intention to prevent movement!

The English word divorce = "dis-vers " turn (vers) away (dis). Divorce is an action of turning away. You're right that divorce does generate (usually) a crisis of identity change, and randhra-bhava-8 represents crisis.

However, shani transiting via the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra tends to"freeze-frame" the crisis so that it becomes effortful (often extremely effortful) to move either forward toward new life (divorce) or backward toward the old life (reconciliation).

Shani and Chandra

temporary enemies

Chandra the Flow-Flooder

Shani the Flow-Freezer

Shani imposes a cold, dry, orderly, and change-resistant"holding pattern" which blocks Chandra's wellspring flow of emotionally support, emotionally nourishment, for cyclical changes.

During Shani-ashtamsha, chandra temporarily occupies 6th from Shani

Chandra the Flow-Flooder temporarily becomes an enemy of Shani the Flow-Freezer

Chandra is not an initiator. Chandra does not normally initiate actions (except when overstimulated by Mangala e.g. Chandra-Vṛścika).

Chandra is a responder. (This is literally true as Chandra the space-ball is actually a signal transponder in the Earth-Mars-Moon triangulation... but more on that later...)

Chandra responds emotionally to others' actions. Chandra also responds reflexively to one's own actions, for example with retrospective guilt.

Chandra regulates Earth's oceans among His other tasks. Chandra likes the rhythms of predictable patterns of evolutionary change following the cycle of the ocean tides. Chandra enjoys organic emotional life cycles, parenting and protecting, naurturing the weak, defending the defenseless.

Generally, chandra flourishes in the behavior of responding to life. Chandra rarely initiates action, but Chandra does like to respond by sympathizing, empathizing, protecting, parenting, nourishing.

Shani ashtamsha indicates a cold, dry, fixed, brittle, rigid, stiff, stuck, icy, windy, heavy, punitive, lawful, socially conformist, fearful, materialistic [Shani] .... all-systems resistance to FLOW.

Shani-ashtamsha is a high-pressure, slow-moving, emotionally-rigid state that endures for 2.3 years. The overall impact of the transit very much depends upon the concurrent Vimshottari Dasha periods as well as the characteristics and empowerment status of the planetary ruler of the bhava which is identical to trauma-inducing, discovering, revealing, danger-seeking 8th-from-Chandra.

Shani-Ashtamsha is both socially [Shani] and emotionally [Chandra] a difficult transii

Shani-Ashtamsha can make it seem like forward movement (8)has become impossible.

During Shani Ashtamsha, it often seems emotionally like one is stuck in a negative cycle and nothing shows evidence of being able to improve. There is usually pressure [Shani] from in-laws, taxes, secret undertakings, hidden liaisons, undisclosed dealings, and other 8th-from significators.

The bhava through which Shanaicarya is travelling usually forms the dramatic scene for most of the stuck, intractable, incorrigible, overloaded, overworked, emotionally withholding pattern.

Sisyphus syndrome

When Chandra is born into 8th-from-Shani, one may experience lifelong flow-freezing effects of "virtual permanent shani-ashtamsha"

these nativities may appear emotionally stiff, delayed empathy, repressed, restricted in their parenting or nurturing permissions

Often very hard-working personalities who feel that they must soldier-on despite limited emotional support from the social environment

  1. [Chandra-Mesha] +++ Shani-Vṛścika

  2. Chandra-Urisha +++ Shani-Dhanus
  3. Chandra-Mithuna +++ Shani-Makara-Draco
  4. [Chandra-Karkata] +++ Shani-Kumbha

  5. Chandra-Simha +++ Shani-Meena
  6. Chandra-Kanya +++ Shani-Mesha
  7. [Chandra-Tula] +++ Shani-Urisha

  8. Chandra-Vṛścika +++ Shani-Mithuna
  9. Chandra-Dhanus +++ Shani-Karkata
  10. Chandra-Makara-Draco +++ Shani-Simha
  11. Chandra-Kumbha +++ Shani-Kanya
  12. [Chandra-Meena] +++ Shani-Tula

Change-resistance, emotional status-quo, naeither forward nor backward Shani enters the shad-ashtakya 8th position from Chandra.

The 8th angle signifies identity transformation, change in social status, moving energetically through the transformative phases of life, eruptions of sudden force from hidden sources within the material shell, and other indications of major change +++ maintaining the living external physical body-shell. (Includes surgeries, therapeutic healings, gender reassignment, widowhood, surviving a natural disaster etc.)

Shani gochara via the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra . freezes the emotional response to the upwelling of internal life-force which motivates forward movement into the next phase of life. Shani freezes the permission, resists the muscular movement, prevents a thousand rebirths.

Humans are psycho-chemically reborn in every millisecond = cells dying and being rebuilt, outdated beliefs being disproven and replaced, relationship lessons learned and behavioral changes applied. Shani ashtamsha slows this process considerably.

When the rebirth canal is flowing, it channels the scheduled movements through life's organic phases. Shani blocks the rebirth canal.

One stiffens up, feels rigid on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Things feel locked in. The typical feeling during Shani-ashtamsha is to stop moving as much as possible while fulfilling the minimum social obligation.

Shani ashtamsha prevents nutrient from reaching the 8th position thus freezing Chandra's ability to support the otherwise one's natural segue into the next life phase ( 8).

Shani ashtamsha locks the person into a rigid emotional condition, during which one may experience a tangible resistance to flow at the physical, emotional, financial, social, mental, and even spiritual levels of perception.

Not Typically, ashell-death significator, unless Shani is also dhanapati-2 or yuvati-pati-7 Shani blocks the emotional response that normally lubricates the natural cyclical flow of identity change.

dematerialization is always followed by fleshbirth. Fleshbirth is always followed by dematerialization. Shani delays the processing time required to process the death-birth-death-birth cycle.

( Life has no opposite. All beings are eternally alive. The opposite of death is not life! The opposite of death is birth.)

Shani-ashtamsha generally prevents liberation via physical death, imposing instead a regime of continuous survival on minimum amounts of nutrient thus minimum amounts of life-force energy. Shani ashtamsha can indicate the onset of old age but not flesh-death.


Pema Chödrön in Start Where You Are, page 109

"Taking responsibility for your own actions is another way of talking about awakening bodhichitta (or, an open heart/mind), because part of taking responsibility is the quality of being able to see things very clearly.

Another part of taking responsibility is gentleness, which goes along with not judging, not calling things right or wrong, good or bad, but looking gently and honestly at yourself.

Finally there is also the ability to keep going forward. It's been described before as letting go, but in some sense at a personal level it's that you can just keep on going; you don't get completely overwhelmed by this identity as a loser or a winner, the abuser or the abused, the good guy or the bad guy.

You just see what you do as clearly and compassionately as you can and then go on. The next moment is always fresh and open. You don't have to get frozen in an identity of any kind."

Ashtamsha Shani = not a Maraka per se

But even the best healers may feel stuck

the river is temporarily frozen == and filled with a Shani-wooden log-jam too

" death conditions " of Shani-ashtamsha = "feels like" emotional death (more like emotional purgatory) but rarely results in physical death

  • usually the life-force which energizes the annamayakosha flesh-form is strong enough to withstand even the battering of a powerful gochara Shani ashtamsha.

Discomfort = trauma-inducing, discovering, revealing, danger-seeking 8th-from-Chandra

Shani-style fleshly symptoms

Normally one would experience some slow-down of physical vitality.

Expect Shani-type symptoms such as persistent fear of punishment by"the system" , age, cold, bitter, dark, dry, lame, slow, hard, low, bone, stone, stiff, strict, pinch, claw; loss of lubrication, seizure, freezing, stuckness, intractability, retardation, morbidity, repression, insufficiency, immobility, malnutrition, isolation, and resistance-resistance-resistance.

Ignorance of healers (8) is also a typical feature of Shani-ashtamsha. Often, shani imposes isolation and lack of resources, so that during these 2.3 year periods "no one can move the flow" . Even those healers who are very gifted in healing arts an deeply understand the human body-mind's energy-flow channels may find that Shani's tamasic darkness blocks their attempts to start the dried-frozen flow.

Skilled intervention from healers who might during less stressful times have a more clear understanding of the condition is often prevented for the 2.3 year period. Like a tremendous log-jam stuck in a frozen river, chandra's healing flow is suddenly released into action once the Shani-ashtamsha is completed.

Poison, hidden causes

  • 8th is also an angle of mysterious, apocryphal, hidden conditions and poisons. One may have been inadvertently poisoned by some subtle force of the environment and discovery of the poisonous element may be delayed [Shani] by ignorance based in fear.

PTSD model

  • Typically, the underlying poison is * not* an external physical chemical but rather an obscured, hidden internal source.

  • The Shani-ashtamsha effect is often a"PTSD" (post traumatic shock disorder) type of emergence (8).

  • Shani may evoke a terrifying old wound (8) which was stuffed down into a dark hiding place of subconscious memory at the time of the life-threatening injury (physical or emotional) in order to survive.

  • (bhava-2 = conscious memory= family lineage, values, history; bhava-8 represents hidden knowledge = subconscious memory)

  • Now the once-terrifying old pain rises to the surface and can be * Slowly * healed.

  • Internal poisons can include deep resentment, profound trauma following sudden deaths or unexpected eruptions of dangerous force, or long-lasting indignation following incompletely resolved emotional invasion (Mangala, 8) from the past (Chandra, parents, caretakers, childhood home).

  • Note the structure of the bhava located the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra and any graha influencing Soma himself.

Older people = double-Shani

  • Elder folks also may experience a notable increase in the natural resistance to change which accompanies age; thus Shani has an amplified effect in age (above age 50) which may result in specifically movement-limiting symptoms even conditions of invalidism.

  • However elder folk also experience much less frustration as they tend to accept the aging process and do not require constant innovation or quick-start action. Their lives are more systematic Generally, therefore, the main negative outcome of Shani's slow-down is an increase in the amount of fear, such as the fear of falling or fear of

  • Note these are temporary for a maximum of 2.3 years and the restriction on movement offers a splendid opportunity to address the underlying fear of death via practice of forgiveness.

  • After a significant struggle to discover healing and engage in a demanding process of recovery, indeed, rejuvenation efforts do succeed and the physical identity is retained.


  • Genuine Maraka Graha = the physical killers = dhanapati-2+ yuvati-pati-7 -- or Rahu-Ketu whose lords are the dhanapati-2 or the yuvati-pati-7 .

  • If Shani = empowered dhanapati-2 or yuvati-pati-7 *and* Shani ashtamsha coincides with a Shani bhukti of the Vimshottari Dasha then yes maybe Shani could grant permission for termination of the incarnation.

  • concurrent bhukti of marana-karaka dhanapati-2 or yuvati-pati-7 when paired with a Shani ashtamsha can signal completion of the present physical identity.

Forecast and interpretation WRT

  • severity of symptoms
  • speed of discovery-of-hidden cause + recovery-from-discomfort

Final outcome depends significantly upon:

  1. current Vimshottari dasha bhukti period(s)

  2. the presence of graha within bhava-8

  3. any graha yuti Chandra

What is the purpose of this recurring-every-29.5-yrs Shani-ashtamsha crisis drill ?

It is a wake-up call.

  • Genuine death will come eventually.

The Shani ashtamsha often succeeds in creating flesh-death-awareness via sustained shock and frustration with non-healing .

  • The spiritual message is often heeded!

  • Looking back from the authentic death-bed, one is often deeply grateful for the opportunity to re-prioritize and the practice run.

A miraculous opportunity = separation from negative emotions

Being incapacitated = a superb opportunity to strip down [Shani] to rock-bottom essentials in life [Shani] and discover (8) the normally masked (8) fears [Shani] which sit below the surface of consciousness until an emergency thrusts these primal fears into vivid reality

  • These are precisely the fears which create the terror of being pulled down into "hell" for those who leave this earthly vale loaded with emotional baggage of anger, grief, guilt, jealousy, bitterness, blaming, or resentment.

  • Shani ashtamsha = a wonderful opportunity to review this dehumanizing inventory and release all unnecessary weights [Shani] before the real crisis of actual physical death!

This emotionally separative crisis can be extremely liberating emotionally and spiritually, if properly understood

Shani dislikes Chandra

The Moon is the original Mother of all life on Earth. All-embracing all-consuming Mother Chandra, the Ocean of Emotion, has no enemies.

  • Shani has enemies: Surya, chandra, mangala, and Rahu-Ketu

Strict, dry, unbending, material performance-based Karma Professor Shani never enjoys interacting with tolerant, flexible, fluid, unconditionally loving parental Chandra.

Naturally, when this already-inimical pair move into a shad-ashtaka 6-8 challenge-angle, there is trouble for legalistic Shani .

  • However, during Ashtamsha Shani transit, it is important to appreciate that Chandra keeps doing what Chandra does = psycho-emotional being, maintaining the astral body, naesting, sheltering.

Chandra is not harmed by Shani's distress. In Shani ashtamsha, shani does all the dramatic work!

  • Profile of the crisis may be determined according to the bhava of Chandra vs the Bhava of transiting Shani

The Shani-ashtamsha script

Shani the intolerant imposer of material conditions trying to cope with a"moving target" His enemy Chandra the unconditional infinitely tolerant Mother

Shani's task = to impose strict time-space material-effect pre-incarnationally planned law

From Shanideva Bhagavan's point of view,

  • Chandra is the enemy (6) who is unruly and does not respect the pre-incarnationally planned contract (6)

  • Shani tries to make Chandra a second-class citizen (6), to villainize-or-criminalize (6) Chandra as illegitimate (6), or to place Chandra in servitude (6).

  • It is as if Chandra goes to jail (6).

The effect = generally a life environment which (for the 2.3 yrs duration of the transit) invalidates the legitimacy of one's emotions.

  • The feelings may be villainized or criminalized.

  • One is made to feel that one's needs are secondary to the greater agenda of lawful and stepwise procedure.

  • The tough law is applied to the bhava being transited by Shani, and this tough law makes the native feel emotionally victimized.

  • However, there is not much Chandra can do to counteract Shani, because Chandra occupies the typically disenfranchised 6th-from.

  • Chandra will need to wait it out.

From Chandra's point of view, shani the lord of Age and Death is harassing the tidal-flowing quiet vitality of Lord Soma.

Chandra will watch and wait, knowing that this too shall pass.

Chandra = the astral psycho-emotional body = does not know or respond to fixed time-space conditions.

  • Chandra does not age, chandra does not die.

Chandra generates very deeply rooted ancient emotional, usually at least partly subconscious, attachments to people and places of the past

  • to one's parents * especially mother * from the current lifetime and "past" ,

  • one's ethnic people or a remembered root-people,

  • one's homeland or a remembered root-place,

  • matters of the ocean and maritime life,

  • and other "roots " varieties of psycho-emotional attachment.

On death's doorstep - crisis - but does not die

Shani in the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra seizes and freezes the cycle of self-destruction and rebirth (8), imposing dry and brittle conditions upon a bhava which is normally dynamic ( svabhava of vital Mangala) and fast-moving.

  • Shani forces the native to take a long, hard look at fleshly mortality.

Shani very rarely kills the flesh-body during an ashtamsha transit, but it seems like death is at one's doorstep for the better part of 2.3 years.

Cold, hard Shani can use various devices to"freeze" the native into a near-death state, poised upon the verge of physical-form-change but unable to pass over into full identity with the astral body and thus unable to die and be reborn.

Sometimes Shani creates a fixed (for 2.3 yrs) intensely painful or in some way crippling [Shani] body condition, especially if Scarcity-imposing Shanaicarya is transiting the indriya-lagna (body).

The condition appears suddenly and forcefully (8) and the native experiences an emergency.

  • However, after the sudden eruption the Shani ashtamsha becomes a long-lasting (2.3 yrs) crisis

  • which may undergo a few phases

  • but will not fully resolve until Shani exits the rashi which = the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra ..

Shani says: Resist!

Gochara Shani = the force of resistance toward whatever circumstances Shani may meet during His 30-year, 360-degree travel circuit.

  • Whichever bhava Shani occupies for 2.3 years during His transit there,

  • that temporary-residence bhava becomes the site of Preincarnationally planned Law

  • Often draconian conditions apply in matters of the transited bhava the native struggles to to accommodate the harshness of the Law.

The 8th-from angle = forced transformation involving a process of destruction of the outdated form and transference of the essential vital energy into a new force. , destruction and rebirth.

During Shani Ashtamsha, shani's natural behavior of resistance becomes awkwardly juxtaposed with the emotional apprehension of reality [Chandra].

changes to The earthen body (1), to the birth family or the treasuries of valuable goods and conserved knowledge (2)

  • When Shani encounters the emotional Conditions of dematerialization (the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra .) Shani locks into a frozen state of emotional resistance to change

  • Shani craves order, routine, predictability, naormalcy

  • Shani's resistance to inevitable emotional change = painful, anxious, worrisome, fretting and frustrating,

    • as the native stubbornly insists upon return to Normal under conditions which are highly fluid and beyond the native 's control

    Unless combined with a bhukti of a genuine Maraka graha, the transit called"Ashtamsha Shani" does not cause Physical Death..,

Enforced Emergency

Ashtamsha Shani may indicate the onset of cataclysmic change , which can occur in the Physical, Emotional, mental and even Spiritual levels of existence.

  • During His transit through the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra, Shri Shanaiswara obtains the power to enforce a sudden, long-term, profound, and inexorable "emergency" .

  • Emergency conditions = in force for approximately 2.3 years, the duration of Shani's transit through the rashi which occupies 8th-from-Soma.

  • Naturally, much depends on other occupants of the bhava which is located the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra , drishti to that bhava, Vimshottari period lord at the time of the Ashtamsha Shani transit, and other conditions affecting the bhava.

The Crisis of death and rebirth may become acute when gochara Shani enters the 22nd dreshkhamsha [drekkana] from Chandra.

Shock, (Apparent) Loss, transformation, and Rebirth

Ashtamsha Shani is often perceived as an * emotional* near-death experience = an emotional death followed by rejuvenation and rebirth.

Shani has 12 methods * each methods matches the requirements of the 12 bhava.

  • Shani ashtamsha in randhra bhava can profile the end-of-old and beginning-of-new suggesting identity changes regarding spouse and marriage. Expect typical Shani behaviors such as scarcity of necessary materials, austerity, delay, rigidity, and also long-persisting structures, stones, bones, and laws

  • each bhava-rashi offers its own scenario for slow-motion Catastrophic Change and Healing.

Emotional Effects of Ashtamsha Shani

8th-from any lagna indicates the Transformative destruction of the identity of that lagna.

General emotional effects of ashtamsha Shani, related to 8th-from-Soma include transformation destruction of the emotional identity, through

  • Potential for alienating, socially prejudicial, rigidly judgmental, or punitive behavior from the spouse's family (in-laws) due to Shani's potentially oppressive impact upon 2nd-from-7th-from-Chandra. Much will depend upon any graha residing in the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra . Affects only the in-laws of the first marriage.

  • Anxiety from lack of movement in the quality and amount of the joint assets of (first) marriage may trigger a fear of financial failure of the marital estate

  • emotional stress from frozen assets, restricted inheritance, or heavy taxes,

  • fear of an undiagnosable illness , including the partner's fear on one's behalf (often the partner is more afraid than the native )

  • emotional irritability and exhaustion from a healing Crisis of death and rebirth which could come very close to the brink of dematerialization, in a long-term illness due to lack of movement in the native's own fleshbody healing flows

  • destruction of the conventional identity through spiritual encounter with mystery and awe

Less severe effect:

Shani occupies the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra . = Shani ashtamsha = simultaneously, shani transit natal Shani = "Saturn Return" (age 29-31, 57-59, 85-87)

  • This long-living native is accustomed to very slow rates of transformative change in life, therefore, the every-29.3-years Shani ashtamsha does not shock or frighten but rather simply doubles the slow-down, making it very hard indeed to enjoy any variety of rebirth e.g. To start new relationships. However, the feeling is not catastrophic and the grief is so familiar being a lifetime emotion that one may walk through the Shani ashtamsha feeling only a little frustrated.

Case studies:

Emotional crisis re: disease, divorce, debi

Example = Chandra in 6 = disease = Tula - Vanika lagna + Meena Chandra

lagnesha-1 +randhresha-8 Shukra/Shukra bhukti

Ashtamsha Shani migrates into Tula indriya-lagna = physical body

catastrophic slow-motion change to The earthen body

  • the native suffered a blood disease (bhava-1 = blood) which could not be medically diagnosed.

  • Major debt from medical treatments. She lived on"death's doorstep" for a period of 2.3 years. Medical tests showed profound infection and organ damage.

  • The disease made her look extremely tired and thin [Shani]. Spouse files for divorce from a sick, infertile wife.

  • As soon as Shani exited Thula rashi, the native regained her health and all medical evidence of the crisis disappeared (8).

  • medical crisis * recurred* 29.5 years later, this time creating a musculo-skeletal [Shani] seizure that mimicked Multiple Sclerosis or another freezing, seizing, muscle-abbreviating syndrome, severely limiting [Shani] the available range of motion (Shani anti-movement).

  • As typical of Shani ashtamsha, the physical symptons (1) confounded physicians resulting in an un-diagnosable condition (2) symptoms faded at the end of Shani's transit via the revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra .

Emotional crisis WRT wealth and family

Example = Vrishabha - Urisha indriya-lagna + Mithuna Chandra in 2 = family affluence

[Yogakaraka] Dharmesha-9 +karmesha-10 Shani/Shani bhukti

Ashtamsha Shani moves into Makara rashi = dharma bhava = father, children and religion

Catastrophic change affecting the father or guru, matters of sacred doctrine, and children

  • the native 's father (9), avery financially privileged man, threatened to disinherit (8) her due to her religion (9) being different than his. The daughter had been employed by her father without payment for many years, and felt that the paternal inheritance was her rightful paycheck. However, the father asserted his legal right (Shani, law) to withhold her hidden funds (8).

    • Shani in 9 = "anti-bhagya" , reversal of fortunes.

    They debated, discussed, cried, shouted, and separated over the issue of religion. There was no resolution for 2.3 years, and the native believed she would need to move forward in life without the assets she had so long expected to receive.

  • However, as soon as gochara Shani exited Makara-9, the father regained his sense of justice [Shani] and he accepted his daughter's religious choices. Her inheritance was restored.

Recommended Mentality

During ashtamsha Shani, when coordinated with a Vimshottari period of the lord of the house through which gochara Shani is traveling, the most importance piece of information to have is that, despite all of one's natural intelligence and problem-solving capabilities - despite the care and attention of others - despite the benefits of financial wealth , education, or upbringing - things are basically beyond one's control.

On the positive side, talk of self-reliance, of courage or conquest, is unlikely to have much benefit. Hidden forces are at work, which must emerge now according to the lifetime spiritual script.

  • Faith and acceptance, the two antidotes for Shani-driven fear, are the only reliable means of survival (especially during that exceptionally difficult phase when Shani travels through the 22nd dreshkhamsha from Chandra).

On the negative side, collapse into superstitious ritual, or otherwise increasing the natural upsurge of anxiety and dread which can drive this experience, are not recommended. No matters the symptoms: ashtamsha Shani does not, except under very special circumstances, indicate physical death.

Yes, this transit can be extremely stressful. It is exhausting.

But one will nearly always live to fight another day.


Bhava of [Comfortable Caretaking Chandra]


Bhava transited by gochara Shani

natural regulator

of gochara Shani bhava

Shani Ashtamsha Impaci

= slow-motion freeze-frame

of a catastrophic change in process


  • gochara Shani fiercely blocks precisely that rejuvenating transformation being demanded in 8.


- gochara Shani via bhava-8

Mangala = enemy of Shani

considerable difficulty

crisis due to lack [Shani] of resources needed [Chandra] for rebirth and rejuvenation. Symptoms of premature aging caused by a subconscious terror (8) of dematerialization.

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the occult treasuries, the banks of hidden knowledge


  • dematerialization education,
  • recycling skills,
  • healing therapies that facilitate transformation of identity

rejuvenating healing modalities such as Ayurvedic panchakarma, occasionally surgery to remove tumor or other dead matter which is incompatible with the remaining still-vital cells of the living body

Shock to the Expected Rhythms


Shani resists Moving the Dial during Shani Ashtamsha

Tale of a Close-Cut and Bitter POTUS election, naov-Dec-2000

POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush [Chandra-Kanya-1] 8th-from-Chandra = Mesha-8 contains no graha, intakes slowdown drishti of Shani.-11

During year-2000 Shani Ashtamsha via Mesha-8, GWB was purportedly working as the Governor of Texas, while at the same time he was running for POTUS.

[Chandra-Kanya-1] GWB sustained a long and difficult elections campaign during Shani Ashtamsha in Mesha-8, 1998-2000.

Despite pouring millions of dollars of funding money into his political campaign, GWB's standing among the voters did not change.

People had their minds-made-up long before the election, and there seemed to be very few "undecided" voters whose choice could be swayed by advertising. The situation was locked into place with the two candidates -- GWB and Al Gore -- running neck-and-neck.

Stuck Shani prevents the refreshing rejuvenating rebirth change cycle when He becomes the Visiting Professor in classroom-8.

Yet, there was going to have to be a winner.

Finally, in summer 2000, gochara Shani ingress Vrishabha = GWB's 10th-navamsha. ++ Shani contacted GWB's [uchcha-Rahu-9 = over-reaching ambitious Father and Faith] .

GWB was still in Shani-Rahu bhukti, so nothing was going to be normal. The way that the election ended was scandalous, marred by obvious nepotism, and bitterly resented by a polarized electorate.

Nevertheless, after a Supreme Court intervention, GWB became POTUS-43.


+ gochara Shani via bhava- 9

Guru = neutral of Shani

moderate difficulty

patronage, religious or father-guru crisis

crisis of faith

due to lack of confidence in philosophical beliefs

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the paradigm of belief

When samchara Shani enters Dhanus rashi = Jan-2017 until Jan-2020

Rus-Pres 1952- First Person Vladimir Putin = Chandra-Urisha-Rohiṇī-2 = will be subjected to the Ashtamsha Shani crisis in matters of the Fatherland [Dhanus-9] and his Patriarchal Patronage roles as head of a mafia-state, in which all resources are distributed by a paternal figure.

In 2017-2018, mr. Putin was pressured to respond to allegations that his political apparatus interfered with USA POTUS elections (9 elections, 9 international Dhanus) At home in Russia, VVP's authority is being publically questioned, but not significantly challenged [due to Mangala-Mūla-9 natally stationed in 9] VVP Kuja-9 may be able to successfully deflect the temporary demand for more legitimacy of his questionable regime. [Shani regimes]


+ gochara Shani via bhava-10

svabhava of Shani

generally easier effects

crisis of leadership, respect and responsibilities

due to lack of visibility

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the professional responsibility portfolio

Despite pouring millions into his political campaign, mr. Bush's standing amongst the electorate did not budge (Shani, stuck) until Shani entered Vrishabha in summer 2000.


+ gochara Shani via bhava- 11

svabhava of Shani

generally easier effects

crisis of economic earnings due to lack of marketplace connections

crisis of friendship due to obligations of the social network

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the community networks

  • UK-Princess of Wales 1961-1997 Diana Spencer chandra-Kumbha-4 yuti Ketu was married in 1980 during Shani Ashtamsha via Kanya-11. Although Shani's transit via bhava-11 is often helpful for materializing a personal achievement, the 8th angle also induces emotional upheaval.


+ gochara Shani via bhava- 12

Guru = neutral of Shani

moderate difficulty

crisis of prayer, dreams, sanctuary; enclosure, imprisonment or hospitalization

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the private sanctuary of imagination, dreams, sleep, clairsentience, and prayer

materialistic rigidity as spiritual guidance seems to dry up

Stiffening, rigidity, unmovable resistance, heavy traction in bhava-12 affecting sleep, meditation, and access to spiritual guidance. Sleep deprived, dreams stop, freeze-up seize-up insufficient time for bedroom life, prayer, sanctuary. Government oppressive in distant lands.

When gochara Shani enters Dhanus rashi in January-2017 those who enjoy the many benefits of [uchcha] Chandra will be subject to the Shani Ashtamsha.


most growth-challenging

+ gochara Shani via bhava- 1

Mangala = enemy of Shani

considerable difficulty

Shani gochara from Chandra-6 prevents the native from changing their method, scope, or style of service ministry.

During a Shani ashtamsha via the indriya-lagna (8th from 6th) one can minister (6) neither more nor less, since the pressure of material obligation [Shani] remains steady while the availability of psycho-emotional nutrient does not increase. In this case, the earthen body takes the hit .

If Chandra in 6, then Shani ashtamsha in 8th-from-Chandra = simultaneously, samchara Shani contact radical lagna =

  • Shani freezes the life-force vitality and temporarily annihilates the flesh-based identity. The native 's life goes on hold [Shani] due to extremely minimal life force fuel reserves.

  • However, as usually with the Shani ashtamsha, unless Shani = a temporal maraka (Makara and Simha indriya-lagna only) one does not die.

Important to consider: simultaneous Vimshottari bhukti

Like all transits, shani-ashtamsha gives much more vivid effects when it occurs simultaneously with:

  1. Vimshottari period of the lord of the bhava = 8th-from-Soma - Shani - Chandra
  2. bhukti of another health-harming graha such as rogesha-6 (imbalance, toxicity) or ruler-of-12 (draining of physical vitality)

physical body exhaustion crisis

due to lack of vital energy

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in The earthen body

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein

  • during the last two years of World War II, aE endured a war-related impact during the Shani ashtamsha across his Mithuna-indriya-lagna . He became exhausted from work on the nuclear bombs needed to defeat the forces of evil.
  • However, due to the strength of Einstein's rogesha Mangala-Maraka-Draco [Mangala in bhava-8]* uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu --the hideous weapon of mass destruction was accomplished.

Chandra-6 produces the worst pressures of Shani ashtamsha because the 8th-from-Chandra . = lagna = physical body + social identity. Against much resistance from Shani, must successfully complete a transformative mission by seizing and paralyzing The earthen body .

  • USA-Sen-Tenn VPOTUS Climate Change 1948- Al Gore endured a * blockage of animosity and contradiction * during the Shani ashtamsha contact Karkata-9 [Naga-Kuja-yuti-Shani-Naga ]

  • In 2004-2006 while trying to advance the public understanding of terrestrial Climate Change, aAG's scientific arguments (Budha-Kumbha-4) were contradicted by aggressive deniers. However, due to the strength of Gore's speech-yoga =[Apah-Somana-yuti-Guru-Mūla ] [2] much of the denial was overcome and the information-delivery mission was accomplished.


+ gochara Shani via bhava- 2

Shukra = friend of Shani

financial crisis bui

generally easier emotional effects

bhava-2 = death, saturation, end-of-cycle for matters of bhava-7

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the lineage values-fulfillment treasury

crisis of paralysis in the financial treasury + knowledge banks + genetics

crisis of frozen values

experience of scarcity of natural resources, shani seems to"dry up" the family lineage

Shani gochara from Chandra-7 produces non-movement effect upon bhava-2 which produces a stiff resistance to change in the marriage union coming largely from the family of origin and their storehouse of cultural values.

Family Lineage

  • UK-Queen 1926-2022 Elizabeth-2 endured a * financial treasuries (2) upheaval * duringShani transit to Shukra-Kumbha -2, 1993-1995 8th-from her Karkata-Chandra-7. Ashtamsha bhava-2"stored wealth" . At the same time she suffered a family lineage crisis = public royal divorce of UK-King 1948- Charles-3 + UK-Princess of Wales 1961-1997 Diana Spencer which forced a transformation in the family assets.


+ gochara Shani via bhava- 3

Budha = friend of Shani

generally easier effects

Crisis of publication or communications technique

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the instruction, description, or message

crisis of commercial business, management, administration

Crisis of manufacturing, handcraft, arms-shoulders-hands

crisis of siblings, cousins, cohort, team, ensemble, entourage


+ gochara Shani via bhava-4

Chandra = enemy of Shani

generally more difficult

Crisis of home ownership, schooling, examination or diploma,

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the place of settlement

vehicles, transport, parents, caretaking, or homeland

crisis of defensive patriotism, defensive ethnic boundaries

due to lack of established roots


+ gochara Shani via bhava-5

Shani proletarian conformism causes stress from a romance [5]

When CRS' rogesha Shani crossed Makara rashi during the three-year gochara 1990-1992, the decades-long intimate relationship between UK-King 1948- Charles and UK-Queen 1947- Camilla Rosemary Shand was flamboyantly publicized. [5, drama = 8th-from-Chandra].

Surya = enemy of Shani

high catalyst = challenging

crisis of children + speculative games

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the creative intelligence

oppression of creativity or lack of confidence

political stalemate

Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates

[Chandra-Meena] [10, andromeda]

+ [Viśākha-Shani-yuti-Surya-nicha-Svati] + [uchcha-Shani-yuti-Shukra-Visaka] [5, financial speculation, politics, showmanship, entitlements]

  • Anti-change, resilient Shani buffers the intensity of the trauma. WHG was born with a permanent Shani ashtamsha.


1984-1987 Shukra-Shukra svabhukti

  • Shukra rules Tula-5 = speculative finance, entitlements, gambling
++ Shani ashtamsha via Tula containing Shukra = Oct-1982 until Dec-1984
  • Gochara Shani retards the outcome of rulers of 3 + 5 + 8 + 9 + 12 -- all in vidyasthana = 8th-from-Chandra

Shani's transit via Tula-5 reinforced the Shani ashtamsha by causing a long delay [Shani] in production of the intelligent software [5 = 3rd-from-3, creative writings]

  • Delayed product was the first edition of Windows operating system for the intelligent new appliance called personal computer.

Yet, the permanent Shani ashtamsha nativity is accustomed to delays and uchcha-Shani does not over-react.


Nov-2011 until Nov-2014 Shani ashtamsha via Tula

via [5] = 8th-from-10, naext-step leadership identity

WHG calmly steps away from an expired leadership role. The permanent Shani ashtamsha nativity is accustomed to ongoing imbalance between public duties [10] versus personal creativity [5], and does not over-react.

  • Feb-2014 [WHG age 59] fully exit Microsoft executive duty, fully enter charitable foundation duty * Chandra-Guru bhukti * charitable Guru-3 business rules 10-leadership + Shani ashtamsha

Chandra- 11

+ gochara Shani via bhava- 6

Budha = friend of Shani

analysis crisis bui

generally easier emotional effects

crisis of argumentation, the logic of disease treatment

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the ministries of service

or the reasoning of litigation becomes slow + difficuli

in medicine, the disease does not explain itself

due to lack of detailed analysis of the complainers (plaintiffs)

Shani gochara from Chandra-11 prevents the native from changing their method, scope, or style of economic earnings. During a Shani ashtamsha via roga-ripu-ari bhava-6 (8th from 11th) one can earn (11) neither more nor less, since the pressure of material obligation [Shani] remains steady while the availability of psycho-emotional nutrient does not increase. In this case, the gainfulness network takes the hit .


+ gochara Shani via bhava- 7

Shukra = friend of Shani

marriage crisis but generally easier emotional effects

crisis of alliance partnership deal-brokering betrothal

due to a lack of rejuvenating movement in the negotiations and bargaining energy

stuck terms of the contract

subject to the Ashtamsha Shani crisis of trusts and contracts in the yuvatishtana; Chandra-12 = a very private person and Shani tends to bring public attention to the high-visibility bhava-7 10th-from-10th

Additional 8th-from Transits of Shani

Shani gochara 8th-from-Surya

transformative destruction of the identity of the social ego .

Shani gives traction . Shani and Surya = bitter enemies. Shani is cold-dark and Surya is hot-light. Too much of either will quickly derange the delicate human, who needs both components to work in proper apportionment.

  • Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of divine intelligence.

  • Shani forces encounter with social laws and folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms, impeding the ego's progress toward individual merger with the Divine Truth.

  • Shani calls the native 's attention to survival issues and severely slows the flow of personality validation .

  • Heart problems due to stress - can be avoided by adjusting expectations, going slower.

Mysterious and unexpected events during activities such as gaming, political campaigns, creative efforts in performance arts, literary authorship, theatrical drama, and anything involving romance or children.

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Ravi.

Shani gochara 8th-from-Mangala-lagna

transformative destruction of the identity of the warrior self , including the yang (initiating) sexuality r.

Mangala is the natural regulator of 8, therefore 8th-from-Mangala has a Vṛścika quality and randhra bhava = a hospitable location for matters which require the application of hidden force (emergencies, eruptions, upheavals).

Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of sexual and competitive vitality.

May cause a drop in sexual or athletic opportunities,

  • or a need for redefining the role of sexual-instinctive-muscular physical engagement in the maturing lifestyle.

PsychoTherapy which is targeted toward healing abuse of physical force such as violence and sexual invasion trauma may hit a stuck spot for the duration of Shani's transit through 8th-from-Kuja.

  • The stuck experience can be relieved via careful step-by-step method, reduce one's expectations (as always with Shani) as to turnaround time, speed, performance -- but with the slow and steady method in this as in all Shani-related endeavors, maturity, patience, and persistence will be rewarded.

Mysterious and unexpected events during sporting competitions, hunting, sexual performance, acts of aggression, corporate take-overs, military exercise, police action, pursuit of war.

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Kuja.

Shani gochara 8th-from-Budha-lagna

transformative destruction of the identity of the communicative self , including sexual communication.

Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of planning, organizing, and conversational energy.

Mysterious and unexpected events during conversations or all varieties, maintaining (not initiating - see Kuja) sexual relationships, writing and all-media communications, short-term travel such as holiday and business trips, and relationships with siblings and co-workers.

Shani traveling through 8th-from-Budha adds a depressive effect to the mental functions, with an underlying (altho likely unconscious) lurking fear of the unknown.

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Kumara.

Shani gochara 8th-from-Guru-lagna

transformative destruction of the identity of the wisdom self .

  • Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of religious consciousness and inclusive compassion

Mysterious and unexpected events during educational events, esp. at the university level. (The lower indoctrination level"K-12" is ruled by Soma.)

  • Fearful, forced changes in relationship with professors, father, moral teachers, temple culture, temple discourses.

For a female, the effects may more vividly impact the (first) husband (or primary male partner).

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Brihaspati.

Shani gochara 8th-from-Shukra-lagna

transformative destruction of the identity of the pleasure-self .

  • Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of sensual beauty, art, and design.

Mysterious and unexpected events in all alliance and partnership agreements, esp. relationships with womenfolk.

  • Crisis of death and rebirth of artistic sensibility, artistic design, and social diplomacy.

  • Most relationships acquire a stressful quality.

  • Shani sees Shukra kalatra-karaka as an enemy for 2.3 years; therefore expect trouble to maintain marital promises [Shukra] albeit for understandable material reasons.

In a husbandly nativity, the effects may more vividly impact the wife (or primary feminine partner).

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Shukra.


StiftsKirche Garsten Osterreich

Shani gochara 8th-from- Shani-lagna

strongest effects during a coinciding

  • bhukti of Shani

  • bhukti of the ruler of the transited bhava

transformative destruction of the identity of the lawful self .

  • Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of conventional moral behavior, professional and personal dignity , leadership responsibilities, and lawful behaviors.

Mysterious and unexpected events in regard to social conventions, customary ethical behaviors and step-wise expectations.

  • For example, abetrothal may not proceed step-wise to a wedding; a job offer may not proceed to employment contract; a pregnancy might not proceed to a live birth.

Crisis of death and rebirth of disappointed expectations vis-ŕ-vis fulfillment of obligations

  • For a female in her second marriage, the effects may more vividly impact the (second) husband.

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the ruler of the 8th-from-Shani.

  • Bhava of radix Shani shows the primary law-breaking agent.

  • Shani's house indicates people and ideas which are problematic throughout the lifetime; these characters are especially harmful during difficult Shani transits.

Bhava of gochara Shani shows the area of life where this agent causes a sudden disturbance in conventional behaviors, or where the agent will fail to meet obligations or perform expected duties - often with catastrophic results.

Shani gochara 8th-from-Rahu-lagna

ransformative destruction of the identity of the desire-self .

  • Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of passionate craving to experience and possess social-material privilege

Mysterious and unexpected events within relationships driven by subconscious hunger for pleasure and power. Mental disturbances due to chaotic internal signaling, as the native can obtain neither stability nor the satisfaction of desire.

Not strongly felt unless one is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Rahu.

Shani gochara 8th-from-Ketu-lagna

transformative destruction of the identity of the witness-self

  • Crisis of death and rebirth in the method and levels of entitlement for optimal channeling of passive observation and detachment.

Mysterious and unexpected events in the life, where the longing for wholeness through an ineffable Other meets sudden and shocking material resistance.

This is not a bad situation, but rather often a spiritual wake-up call during which one realizes the impossibility of attaining lasting union with anything or anyone on the non-lasting material plane.

  • Often beneficial results for life consciousness.

Not strongly felt unless the native is also enduring the Vimshottari bhukti of the lord of the 8th-from-Ketu.


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