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  1. [Mangala in bhava-1] [svabhava]
  2. [Mangala in bhava-2]
  3. [Mangala in bhava-3]
  4. [Mangala in bhava-4]
  5. [Mangala in bhava-5]
  6. [Mangala in bhava-6]
  7. [Mangala in bhava-7]
  8. [Mangala in bhava-8] [svabhava]
  9. [Mangala in bhava-9]
  10. [Mangala in bhava-10] [dikbala]
  11. [Mangala in bhava-11]
  12. [Mangala in bhava-12]

  1. [Mangala-Mesha] [mūlatrikoṇa if between 0-18 deg] [svakshetra]
  2. [Mangala-Urisha]
  3. [Mangala-Mithuna]
  4. [Mangala-Karkata] [nīcha]
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  8. [Mangala-Vṛścika] [svakshetra]
  9. [Mangala-Dhanus]
  10. [Mangala-Maraka] [uchcha]
  11. [Mangala-Kumbha]
  12. [Mangala-Meena]


OM kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Professor Mangala






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Mars Ars Ares Aries Arian Ori Orion

Simud- Bahram

Gugulanna- Nergal


Tiw - Tyr [Tiwesdæg - Tuesday]





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Public Figure Examples

[Mangala in bhava-1] [uchcha] [svabhava]

[Ruchaka Yoga] [Kuja Dosha for alliance-1]

[Dhanayoga uchcha-Kuja-1 rules-11]

[homebound-anchoring bandesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna] [friendly-profitable labha-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[identified with foundational teaching] [promotes ancestral cultures] [actively travels old pathways] [protects housing-fishing-farming-transport]


[Mangala in bhava-2] [uchcha]

[witty-creative vidya-pati for Dhanus indriya-lagna] [distant-contemplative vyaya-pati for Dhanus indriya-lagna]


[Mangala in bhava-3] [uchcha]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha co-ruler of Vṛścika indriya- lagna] [inimical-medicating rogesha for Vṛścika indriya- lagna]


[Mangala in bhava-4] [uchcha]

[Ruchaka Yoga]

[preserving-collecting dhanesha for Tulā indriya-lagna] [bargaining-balancing yuvati-pati for Tulā indriya-lagna]

[class-conscious warrior knight] [energized patriotism drives competitive alliances] [steadily promotes lawful local culture]

[empowered defender of established hierarchical routines] [propels regulated stepwise ascent in the homeland] [brothers may be builders-engineers-corporate rulers]

[Mangala in bhava-5] [uchcha]

[busy-collaborative sahaja-pati for Parthya indriya-lagna] [mysterious-transformative randhresha for Parthya indriya-lagna]

[Mangala in bhava-6] [uchcha]

[Yogakaraka homebound-securing bandesha for Simha indriya-lagna] [Yogakaraka doctrinal-believing dharmesha for Simha indriya-lagna]

[hierarchically energized enemies] [fights-and-wins against class-conscious injustice]

[Mangala in bhava-7 [uchcha]

[Ruchaka Yoga]

[Yogakaraka witty-creative vidya-pati for Karkata indriya-lagna] [Yogakaraka dutiful-executive karmesha for Karkata indriya-lagna]

[Mangala in bhava-8] [svabhava] [uchcha]

[Harsha Yoga]

[Mangala in bhava-9] [uchcha]

[balancing-bargaining yuvati-pati for Urisha indriya-lagna] [contemplative-imagining vyaya-pati for Urisha indriya-lagna]

[Mangala in bhava-10] [uchcha]

[dikbala] [Ruchaka Yoga]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Mesha indriya-lagna] [mysterious-revealing randhresha for Mesha indriya-lagna]

[Mangala in bhava-11] [uchcha]

[collecting-preserving dhanesha for Meena indriya-lagna] [believing-preaching dharmesha for Meena indriya-lagna]

[Dhanayoga Mangala-11 rules-2]

[earned treasury via family heritage, paternal uncle, elder brother, pushing friends, energetic marketplace actions]

[Mangala in bhava-12] [uchcha]

[Kuja Dosha for alliance-1]

[busy-messaging sahaja-pati for Kumbha indriya-lagna] [dutiful-hierarchical karmesha for Kumbha indriya-lagna]

[dynamic pursuit of clandestine governance] [behind-the-scenes regulatory activism] [drive toward using subliminal messaging to attain high position] [seeks socially approved research space] [may issue hierachical commands from unseen physical sanctuary]

Corporate Warrior

uchcha-Mangala pushes relentlessly forward toward becoming a lawful, orderly, ranked, approved winner of commanding positions

insititutionally normalized aggression

War of Rules

Mangala in rashi of neutral Shani= The Executive.

Splendid for Corporate Business. Captains of Industry. Structured and lawful dynamic energy characterized by instinctive common sense.

Vigorously competitive but legitimate movements direct the pursuit of the material goals.

Generally law-abiding (although will push the letter of the law to its absolute limit) and capable of enforcing laws upon others.

Relentlessly competitive but well-paced.

Uses the regulatory and ordering instincts to fuel the pioneering pursuit of new conquests and achievements.

//Business Instincts// forceful + regulated

  • " Work hard, play hard."

Prognosis = success in pursuit [Mangala] of top positions [Makara] when Kuja is exalted in any rashi

Mangala-Maraka must express His outgoing energy via regulated action in corporations and government.

BUILDER CREATOR PRODUCER of lawful, regulated, hierarchical, ranked, class-and-caste observant, punitive, convention-driven social systems.

  • The Executive = executes, gets things done, accomplishes the mission, both give and receive orders in lawful settings

  • Pursuer of status-affiliated entitlements.

  • Competes to win rank and recognized position in the hierarchy.

  • A top performer in hierarchical corporate business. One targets the available energy precisely upon the most productive tasks and attention never strays from the goal of building, promoting, expanding the basis of one's reputation and control.

Focused competitive vital energy is contained [Shani] in a lawful pattern [Makara].

  • Kuja-3 = not a humble bureaucrat but rather one who triumphs in competitive, innovative methods of fighting according to the Law of the Jungle. Fierce competition and ultimate high stakes are the key components of material success via tightly controlled highly dynamic energy.

  • One is sufficiently cautious to preserve life and property (and reputation) but one also engages in

    structured innovation and feels the thrill of the hunt.

Physical Fitness = steady burn

for the [uchcha] Mangala nativity, elite athletic pursuits, ready-to-move fitness, and bodily musculature cultivated toward the appearance of warrior's agility are associated with nobility and success.

Typically, these natives are lifelong practitioners of some physical-strength-and-agility movement training such as sport, 'martial art', or vigorous recreations.

The intent is to be ready for battle albeit the battle is normally a competition for peak status ranking in a social-institutional hierarchical pyramid and not the more primitive scenario of Kuja-Mesha which is muscular warrior-champion's battle.

Mangala-Makara is not outwardly noisy or aggressive. Rather, like a finely tuned and powerful engine, one is elegantly and relentlessly engaged in one's ladder-climbing work at all times.

  • the highest challenges are the most suitable for [uchcha] Mangala.

  • Mangala-Makara typically unable to"take a break" from one's work.

  • If deprived of challenging work, one will shortly expire.

Always and without exception a highly successful individual on the material plane.

ends to measure all human or institutional performance by one's own extraordinary standards. Can be a very demanding boss who holds one's underlings to one's own superhuman expectations; ironically, although an admired role model, one may be disliked in the workplace for domineering behavior.


  • Alpha-male fixation. Only notices the other Big Dogs.

  • Adolescent lack of appreciation for the larger scheme. May not see the collective support base of lesser works and workers, upon whose output one's own top-level success is founded.

May fail to give credit to colleagues and team members

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Physics Albert Einstein [collectivized-networking Uttarāṣāḍha-3] [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Rahu] AE won many prizes [navamsha Kumbha]. However, he notoriously neglected to attribute credit to those who had participated in discussions with him, written papers from which he drew information and inspiration, or taught him directly.

If success comes before Mangala's maturity at age 28, tendency to arrogance which can result in loss of position.

Sex drive wanes in proportion to career-building.


Mars is exceptionally strong and auspicious for individual success in his exalted sign of Makara.

Strongest in the prestigious professional karma-sthāna-10 for Mesha indriya-lagna, but also very successful in conferences, negotiations, and the full range of administrative business when occupying bhava-3 for Vṛścika indriya-lagna.

  • Kuja-Makara becomes a captain of industry or highly placed senior executive, socially honored for the dignity they confer on their organization through superior leadership.

Physically vigorous, instinctively competitive, capable of working very long hours, and singularly dedicated to the success of the institution, corporation, or organization.

Held in high esteem as a respected parent. Rarely falls prey to scandal.

Warrior of conventional role coordination, corporate order, and commercial structure.

Notable karaka for competitive success in corporate hierarchical structures.

  • Kuja-Makara are the builders of great businesses and Organizations.

Extremely competitive but the fighting energy is compressed into the narrow, highly conventionalized social space of a tightly rule-driven social organization. The social pyramid in which Makara-Mangala natives flourish is nearly always a type of"corporation" in which the individuals invest in membership within the"body" of the group via one's title, rank, position, or status marker.

The corporate social entity may be a commercial group, a university or government agency, a political party, a nation-state, or other authorized institution. The native is an active"ladder climber" who pursues higher and higher respect positions within the ranks.

In The earthen body , Makara rules the skeleton of bones(including the skull) and the articulatory cartilage(knees, nose, and elbows). These physical areas are common stress zones for an overloaded Kuja-Makara.

[uchcha] Kuja produces 'captains of industry. Mangala-Maraka is a competitive winner in hierarchical organizations.

In any bhava, this yoga guarantees business success. Tightly planned and organized energy; controlled productive energetic pace, supports long-term Achievement.

Vitality and health drive the native to assert his power in large organizations. High goals and plenty of fuel to get there. Starts work early and stays late;

learns from his mistakes; plies the hunter's instinct for negotiating the jungle pathways. complex levels of prestige and caste. Physical energy flows enthusiastically through hierarchical, commercial channels in society.


Outcomes depend upon the condition of Shani.

If Shani is well disposed and holds a good geometric angle to Kuja, the native climbs steadily toward executive positions in prestige social hierarchies - preferably in competitive business.

  • If Kuja's angle to Shani signals internal animosity - 2/12, 6/8 -- the path to success will be littered with obstacles, and work while productive is also exhausting. Of course if Kuja dosha is present, the person may be optimally successful in public life but will direct competitive aggression toward business partners and spouse.

  • One surprisingly good yoga is exalted Mangala with fallen Shani, where each aspects and improves the other.

For Mesha indriya-lagna or Vṛścika indriya-lagna, pursuit-oriented lagnesha Kuja makes the native a skilled and avid game hunter.

When Surya casts His eye upon Mangala residing in a rashi of Shani

QUOTATION from Das / Bepin Behari

WRT Mars is aspected by the Sun, and Mars is in Capricorn or Mars is in Aquarius.

" Sincere; wealthy;

a happy family life;

  • sharp-tempered
  • aggressive
  • considerate
  • methodical
  • jealous
  • very courageous."
When Guru casts His eye upon Mangala residing in a rashi of Shani

QUOTATION from Das / Bepin Behari

WRT Mars is aspected by Jupiter, and Mars is in Capricornus or Mars is in Aquarius.

" You have a number of good relations and are endowed with various noble qualities.

  • You apply yourself diligently to whatever you commence.
  • You not handsome but are long-lived.
  • Trouble in foreign land."

MangalMakarAgni.jpgQUOTATION Das / Bepin Behari

commentary Mangala- Makara

" You show courage and a spirit of adventure; interest in heroic actions ,

  • high hopes, great efforts, good management,

  • position, authority and success.

  • Slow to learn but intuitive,

interest in commerce and science.

Gains through marriage.

  • If afflicted indicates many difficulties and strife with superiors. Unlucky for parents.

Wealthy, fortunate, endowed with happiness and pleasures,

  • nice demeanor, famous, leadership abilities are good , has a good spouse,

  • successful in combat or competition ,

  • lives in his own country, independent, a protector, virtuous,

interested in learning detailed procedures for carrying things out."


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