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AUM som somaya namah

AUM hreem shreem chandraya namah

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Lifepartner Profile

Narratives, Characteristics, and Qualities


marriage patterns

Chandra in bhava-3

Comforted by Conversation

Chandra-3 = a business-oriented, communicative, sibling-cohort oriented, signaling, neighborly, announcing, instructional person who tends to seek the companionship of

a fortunate, generous, global, wise but often patronizing, philosophical LifeMate-1


Chandra in bhava-3

Public Figure Examples


LifeMate-1 (if any) = bhava-9

  • 7th-from-Chandra

Conditions of the first marriage are often framed by narratives of bhava-9, such as global interpretive paradigms, theory, first principles, expansive worldview, higher understanding, sangha of believers, faith communities, sacred teaching, fortune and patronage.

Depending upon conditions prevailing in dharmasthāna-9, Chandra-3 can enjoy a beneficial relationship with the spouse-as-muse.

It is a culturally smooth axis for the feminine nativity, since pitristhāna is a natural environment for masculine patterns of patronage and father-figures.

A masculine nativity may easily find his Muse in the lifemate, and much philosophical guidance can flow from the partner.

Indeed for either masculine-valence or feminine-valence or neutral-valence, one may feel that the primary partner is the ishta-devata or a council of spiritual coaches.

  • El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila [visionary-guiding Aryaman-4] chose a monastic path, declaring her only possible beloved to be the Divine One.

Barring any challenge posed by graha in bhava-9, lifepartner-1's primary identity is grounded through global perspectives, universities, indoctrination, sacerdotal roles, guidance, dharma, philosophical worldview, higher understanding.

philosophical, outward-looking, father-figured, principled, humanitarian, spouse = Muse, Guide, Coach, Professor

[Chandra in bhava-3] = fundamentally comfortable in administrative, explanatory, communicative, commercial environments. The first life-lifepartner for Chandra-3 = mapped to conditions in doctrinal, ideological, theoretical bhava-9.

This couple often shares an interest in communications, with the native applying pragmatic manual production skills to the project (3) while Lifepartner-1 guides the theoretical, philosophical development of the project (9). A shared worldview is helpful, and a shared credenda is solidifying to this union.

// Father knows best //

The downside can be a mate who becomes patronizing or develops a paternalistic (9) attitude.

Potential for overly pious, paternalistic dogmatism, or self-righteous preachiness (depends upon roles of dharmesha ++ Brihaspati.)

However, the material and social benefits of the union are generally pronounced, particularly when the partner holds a pontificating role. Culturally, it is generally a somewhat easier placement for a feminine nativity to manage the daily communications such as scheduling for the couple (3).

There may also be benefits for a masculine entity who seeks a coaching father-figure (9).

When conditions in bhava-9 are supportive, the lifemate becomes the Muse. Partnership is often based in shared commitment to religious beliefs or scientific theories, or a shared preaching or teaching agenda. The spouse maintains a higher worldview, and provides guidance from that wise perspective.

If multiple lifepartnerships, each one of the partners may express one particular slice of the pattern of the father.

  • Lights Out 1968-2023 singer Lisa Marie Presley [champion-challenging Purvabhadra-1] + [Kuja-yuti-Budha] ; LMP's highly publicized, brief 2nd marriage with famed entertainer Michael J. Jackson did feature a world-traveling deified figure [similar to her father] . The alliance was afflicted by Shani-yuti-Rahu in her 2nd-from-Chandra = bhava-4, security. The complex yoga of Shani-yuti-Rahu-4 also afflicts the nativity of her father, Elvis Presley.

suggests a spouse who is a presenter, announcer, writer, reporter, publisher, messenger, evangelist, or other engagement with media-messaging.

6th-from = constitutional challenges of the union

partnership predisposition toward accusation, disappointment, disagreement, or distrust

If there are misalignments of expectation in this marriage, profile detail regarding the spouse's mental or behavioral imbalances may be garnered from examination of the 6th-from-7th-from-Chandra = [12th-from-Chandra] .

For Chandra-3, this distinctively maritally contentious bhava 6th-from-9th = dhana-bhava-2 = family of origin, values lineages, savings, hoards, histories, memories, capital-assets.

Depending on the nature of any graha located in bhava-2, disagreement may arise within the union on matters of dhanabhava-2 such as speech, vocabulary, face, song, languages, financial values, databases and records, banking, conservation, containment, loyalty to tradition.

Chandra-3 often works as a micro-detailed writer, planner, or businessperson who attends meetings and conducts administration who seeks a mirror to help discover their complementary macro-philosophical understanding.

At the deeper emotional level, Chandra-3 seeks in the first marriage partner a replication or continuation of the familiar relationship with the father (9).

It is said that every woman marries her father. However, there is more thrust to that truism when the wifely-partner has Chandra in bhava-3. In a wifely nativity, Chandra-3 promotes a psycho-emotional tendency to marry a husband-1 who performs the same type of work as dad. Or, husband-1 may resemble dad in ways that are easy or problematic according to the character of one's own bhava-9.

The first life-partner may be emotionally apprehended as an agent of doctrinal, philosophical, or theoretical teaching-preaching, fortune through wisdom, and connection to the global perspective of university or high-temple world.

Doctrinal conviction, commitments of faith and membership in the sangha of one's own belief are often distinguishing features of LifeMate-1

LifeMate-1 may be a figure in the world of theoretical or philosophical doctrine, such as a professor or preacher. Bhava-9 also represents "high celebrity" figures whose charisma and entitlements seem to elevate them into the realm of divine powers.

LifeMate-1 may travel extensively, giving lectures; while one is a pragmatic person who is more emotionally oriented to daily communications such as reports, announcements, or literary correspondence.

Chandra-3 tends toward business administration, documentation, team management, ensemble work, production of documentation, commerce, daily business. LifeMate-1 is typically more theoretical, more global-humanistic viewpoint, more professorial and philosophical orientation.

Despite exterior social appearances, the mate may function as a philosopher's Muse, providing cherished insight into the nature of reality and the highest wisdom that cannot be spoken.

  • Cogito-Ergo-Sum 1596-1650 logic Rene Descartes + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] mated with a pleasant but humble personality who came into his life in the role of his housekeeper and remained with him for a decade, shifting house with him numerous times, and bearing a daughter. Although her social station was very modest, Descartes' philosophical friends understood her to be his Muse.

Seventh from Chandra = 9th-from-lagna. Lifepartner-1 generally brings philosophical wisdom into the marriage, presuming that bhava-9 is well-disposed.

  • .

first marriage may be emotionally triggered and sustained by deep memories of 7th-from-3rd = dharmabhava-9:

Chandra-3 remembers in the visage of the Mate, one's own father; maternal grandfather; religious indoctrinators, priests; guru, professor, religious teachers, judges; wisdom; universities and temples; grandchildren; physical body spine, hips, pelvis, sciatic complex.

Supplementing the material qualities of 1st-marriage = radix bhava-7, natal Moon in bhava-3 gives an emotionally paternalistic 1st-marriage partner

Chandra-3 due its signification of fatherly mate-9 may produce results that are similar in some ways to the known pattern of elder spouses for those born under Karkata indriya-lagna and Simha indriya-lagna, and this attraction * akarshana * to a mate with elder, paternal qualities is emphasized if Chandra occupies either Karkata or Simha.

Even a feminine mate likely has some distinctively familiar paternal qualities which evoke for the native a memory of one's father, coach, guides, indoctrinators, professors, or preachers.

LifeMate-1 (if any) = bhava-9

  • Additional spousal characteristics derived from the rashi of bhava-9

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Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 + Chandra-Mesha]

  • comforted by forward pursuit * settled into warrior rhythms * needs vitality

Kumbha indriya-lagna

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9

, include Shukra-ruled Tula - Vanika traits such as

  • a need to stabilize contractual agreements
  • naturally seeks peer-advising and equity-establishment
  • culturally sensitive match-making and deal-making,
  • intuitive balancing and brokerage,
  • graciously sentimental musical and artistic tastes
  • diplomacy and making of pleasant arrangements,
  • defensive negotiating and bargaining,
  • feels the soothing flow of trade exchanges,
  • and a preference for harmonious equanimity within relationships - perhaps at the cost of honesty.

the 3/9 axis is communicative (3) and doctrinal (9). The lifepartner is Typically, a thought-leader, professor, catechist, theorist, philosopher, or politician or humanist world-traveler; albeit rarely bhava-9 also can be an entertainer, celebrity, or royalty.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • Cogito-Ergo-Sum 1596-1650 logic Rene Descartes [tactical-strategic Bharani-2] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha]

  • Das Kapital 1818-1883 economics Karl Marx [brokering-bargaining Bharani-3] + [uchcha- Surya-yuti-Rahu]

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung [mysterious-discovering Bharani-4] CGJ married his Muse [9] Emma Marie Rauschenbach. The couple produced five children and their marital contract endured for a lifetime. Mutual exchange of Chandra-3-writing with Guru-9-understanding. Although CGJ conducted a broad spectrum of affairs-du-coeur, Emma Jung remained CGJ's theoretical [9] collaborator and co-writer {Shukra-yuti-Budha] . Emma Rauschenbach is credited with supplying the foundational conceptual understanding [9] which grounds CGJ's archetype theories. A generous spirit [9] who tolerated his multiple liaisons [Guru-9-Tula in 7th-from-Chandra] Emma was also the primary source of wealth in their household. Guru for Kumbha lagna is the wealth-maker, ruler of 2 + 11.

  • A New Earth 1948- philosopher Eckhart Tolle [rhythmic-protective Aśvini-4] [Chandra-yuti-Rahu ]

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan [face-voice-eyes Rohiṇī- 2]

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3] + [Chandra-Urisha]

  • comforted by precious values * settled into rhythmic gathering * needs luxury

Meena indriya-lagna

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Mangala-ruled Vṛścika - Thriketta traits, such as

  • penetrating insight,
  • use of poisons as medicine
  • invasive, evolutionary healing such as surgeries
  • discovery and exploration, possibly forbidden
  • drilling, plumbing, tunneling, mining, diving, plunging
  • secrecy and mysteriousness,
  • need for critical emergency experiences
  • non-disclosure, camouflage, cover-ups,
  • hidden assets / hidden knowledge, tantra
  • need for initiation into into classified empowerments

and a preference for ongoing transformation within relationships - perhaps at the cost of knowledge containment or financial valuation.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot [undulating-defensive Rohiṇī-4] (BB age 18) in 1952 married the Franco-Russian film director Roger Vadim Plemiannikov. BB was the first of his five wives and countless affairs-due-coeur. BB's [Ketu-yuti-Kuja-nīcha] 5 rules 7th-from-Chandra. The marriage was brief, volatile, and full of intrigue -- carried breathlessly by the press. Yet, the publicity (3) promoted [Kuja] BB's cinema career when RVP directed her sexualized [Kuja] performance in several widely praised dramatic roles.

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3] + [Chandra-Mithuna]

  • comforted by messaging * settled into rhythmic communications * needs mentality

Chandra = [homebound-anchoring bandesha for Mesha indriya-lagna]

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9,, include Dhanus - Haya traits such as

  • global travel orientation and broad worldview
  • identified with a doctrine, sacred belief, or credenda
  • teaching-preaching of righteousness
  • dogmatic and all-knowing
  • sanctimonious and patronizing
  • enthusiasm for wisdom-promoting, humanistic figures and causes
  • and a preference for relationships that are defined by ideological or theoretical principles

"Double-9" * Lifepartner-1 = a professor, preacher, pope, high-priest, proselyte, or prince.

Supplementing the qualities of the union, the unequal, naturally fraught relationship between the Budha-ruled native and the Brihaspati-ruled lifepartner. From busy Budha's perspective, the great benevolent Brihaspati = a sama-graha neutral party. Budha-ruled-Chandra usually feels neutral therefore toward Brihaspati's territories.

However, from Guru's perspective, busy-mind Budha is a more-than-annoying shatru-graha enemy. The wide-scope comforts of the Dhanus-defined lifepartner who needs global humanism and a philosophical view may be less compatible with the narrow-scope comforts of the Mithuna native who feels soothed by planning activities, technical details, and office chat.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • Russ-Empress 1729-1796 Noble Maidens Catherine the Great [secretive-camouflaging Mriga-4] + [Shukra-yuti-Guru] CG wed Peter Duke von Holstein-Gottorp when she was 16 years old, and he later gained princely entitlements (9) in Russia. Her eventual claim to the Empress title came not through her father, but through her marriage.

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan [managing-teamworking Punarvasu-3] [Atmakaraka] [Somana-yuti-Surya] [Kuja-yuti-Budha]

  • UK Princess of Wales 1982- photographer Kate Middleton [competitive-heroic Punarvasu-1] [Chandra-yuti-Rahu] [3] Kate Middleton married William who is represented by her fatherly, entitled, public-guidance-figure Dhanus [Surya-yuti-Ketu-9]. William has Mula lagna matching her Ketu in 7th-from-Chandra. The public profile casts William as an ideal [9] husband-and-father, super Patron of various charities [9] and future King [9]

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 + Chandra-Karkata]

  • comforted by maternal soothing * settled into tidal rhythms * needs to proteci

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Shani-ruled Makara - Draco traits such as

  • lawfulness, regularity, normalcy
  • status-consciousness, seeks honorable mention
  • concern with protocol and public propriety
  • prefers to hold a fixed position within a ranked hierarchy
  • pragmatism, common-sense, realism
  • sobriety, politeness, dignity
  • dislikes individualism, creativity, and exceptions to the rules
  • requests respectful, conventional behavior within relationships.
Makara is concerned with social reputation above all.

Add to the experience, the unequal, naturally fraught relationship between the Budha-ruled native and the Brihaspati-ruled lifepartner. From busy Budha's perspective, the great benevolent Brihaspati = a sama-graha neutral party. Budha-ruled-Chandra usually feels neutral therefore toward Brihaspati's territories.

However, from Guru's perspective, busy-mind Budha is a more-than-annoying shatru-graha enemy. The wide-scope comforts of the Dhanus-defined lifepartner who needs global humanism and a philosophical view may be less compatible with the narrow-scope comforts of the Mithuna partner who feels soothed by technical details and office chat.

For a feminine nativity, the partner can be a father-guidance-figure. For a masculine nativity, the partner is often a guide and muse.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan [Somana-yuti-Surya] [Kuja-yuti-Budha] married the entertainer-turned-politician Ronald Reagan. A legendary ideologue who promoted an invalid capitalist economic theory [9] called "Reaganomics" , RWR was hailed as a guru-figure in conservative USA politics. His wealthy patrons [9] provided the hermeneutics.

  • Yentl 1942- drama-song-activist Barbra Streisand [community-connected Aśleṣa-3] [age 21] married the theatrical actor Elliott Gould [Goldstein] during her Shukra-Rahu bhukti. BJS's [Guru-yuti-Shani] suggests two marriages. Her second alliance occurred 27 years later.

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 + Chandra-Simha]

  • comforted by creative display * settled into dramatic rhythms * needs attention

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Kumbha - Ghata traits such as friendliness, orientation to large social assemblies (such as rallies and parties) preference for economic gainfulness within relationships

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

Often impacted by the natural animosity of Shani-vs-Surya within the marital union, Chandra-Simha prefers bright intelligence, politics, drama, special exceptions, and center-stage roles. However, soberly serious Shani imposes lawful austerity in realms of 9, imposing strictures of dogma, philosophy, theory. Shani wants a regulated system. Brittle Shani has little tolerance for exceptionalism, entitlements, individual foibles, or special bright lights.

Chandra-3's lifepartner is governed by the patterns of Surya's arch-enemy Shani. The mate is a work functionary identified with a paradigm of orthodox political-religious-scientific belief. The Surya-ruled native (3) is often the center of attention in the 3-environments such as commercial business, media-messaging, administration, touring, event-planning. This pairing often supports political couples. The 3-partner entertains, communicates, and manages events, while the 9-partner focuses on massive-systems [Kumbha] oriented ideology-theory-doctrine..

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant [negotiating-diplomatic Pūrvaphalgunī-3] [Atmakaraka] [Somana-yuti-Guru] [3] Julia married a military officer who would become POTUS-18, U.S. Grant. Unfortunately, [Shani-yuti-Ketu] [12] rules her Kumbha-7th-from-Chandra, signaling a stressful marriage full of long absences. In his early career, USG was dismissed from the Army due to his crippling alcoholism and AWOL wanderings [Ketu]. However, during the crisis of the Civil War, he was reinstated [Shani]. As USG's systematic [Kumbha] war-slaughter got more attention from a desperate Abraham Lincoln, JDG determined to manage [3] her husband's self-destructive binge-drinking in order to advance his career. She constantly visited USG in his officers tents. She exchanged letters [3] with his fellow commanders and his direct reports. A master of team communication and travel itineraries [3] JDG steered USG into political visibility [Simha] and eventually to POTUS.

  • POTUS-31-pair Girl Scouts 1874-1944 author Lou Henry Hoover [protective-habitual Magha-4] LHL married POTUS-31 Herbert Hoover

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna [theatrical-displaying Yoni-1] [Somana-yuti-Budha] [Chandra-3 parivartamsha Surya-2] (3)

    M's first marriage to the dramatist Senn Penn was informed by his beliefs and global humanistic worldview. Mr. Penn has continued to be a social-community activist throughout his career.


Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 [+ [Chandra-Kanya]

comforted by remedial aid * sensitive to logical argument * needs to help

Karkata indriya-lagna

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Meena - Antya traits such as

  • retreat into sanctuary seclusion,
  • symbolic, visionary understanding
  • prone to fantasy and imaginative development
  • conceptually philosophical
  • influenced by cetacean teaching
  • may bridge clairsentiently with Other Worlds
  • intuitive dreaminess,
  • broad, multi-dimensional worldview
  • may offer spiritualized guidance
  • has a preference for withdrawal or social invisibility within relationships

LifeMate-1 = visionary, imaginative, clairsentient, seeking seclusion and somewhat paternalistic. LifeMate-1 's primary identity is grounded through preaching-teaching, development of theory or doctrine, and philosophical humanistic discourse.

The Meena mate = typically, a theoretical, perhaps theological personality. Chandra-Kanya = engaged in a ministry of service approached via the application of craft and technique involving high-frequency travels and tours, media-messaging or writing or reports.

Kanya-Chandra-3 seeks in the mate a type of a father-figure or professorial authority who can help one to compose their detailed narrative into a principled theory, even while the Kanya-Chandra serves the partner as an editor or publisher of the doctrinal message. It is often a literary or academic pairing.

Add to the experience, the unequal, naturally fraught relationship between the Budha-ruled native and the Brihaspati-ruled lifepartner. From Budha's perspective, benevolent Brihaspati = a sama-graha neutral party. Kanya-born feels neutral therefore toward the Meena partner.

However, from Guru's perspective, busy-mind Budha is a shatru-graha enemy. The wide-scope of the Meena-defined lifepartner seeks comfort in intuitive awareness and a compassionate view. Meena folk may be less compatible with the narrow-scope comforts of the Kanya partner who feels soothed by argumentative details and complaint.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila [visionary-guiding Aryaman-4] TdA was a tireless advocate for the unmarried [Kanya] religious community. Her community generally had no legal contractual protections and were often forced into painful states of malnutrition and poverty.

  • Israel-PM 1898-1978 Our Strength Golda Meir [competitive-innovative Hasta-1] [Guru-yuti-Chandra] [3, communications cohort] Kuja -Meena in 7th-from-Chandra = kuja dosha. The spousal pair separated after 14 years, but they never divorced. They shared a commitment to visionary [Meena] political activism [Kuja] for the new state of Israel. Husband remained supportive [9, guidance] while GM's national management and travel itineraties took her away from home. In 1951, he died (GM age 53). A second lifepartner would be expected from Somana-yuti-Guru. GM did not formally remarry, likely for political reasons, Yet, a second great love did develop.

  • Cuba-Dictator 1926-2016 Fidel Castro [announcing-managing Hasta-3] [Chandra-3 parivartamsha Budha-1] FC's first formal marriage to Mirta Francisca de la Caridad Díaz-Balart y Gutiérrez occurred at his age 22.The union ended in divorce when, according to her complaints, she was socially humiliated by his indiscretions. Castro was legally married twice, and the acknowledged romancer of many more. Guru-Makara - Guru in bhava-7 activates 7th-from-Chandra suggesting FC's profligacy.

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 + Chandra-Tula] comforted by ritual negotiation of agreements * sensitive to balance * needs to trade

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Mangala-ruled Mesha - Arya traits such asinventiveness, impatience, and a preference for action rather than words within relationships

LifeMate-1 = muscularly vital, inventive, competitive, energetic, kinesthetic, pioneering, and seeking championship through engagement with the primal propulsive force. Mesha-9 = often a professor, high-priest, preacher, or father-figure who promotes a particular theory or doctrine. Mesha-9's primary identity is grounded through global perspectives, universities or religious hierarchies.

Tula-Chandra-3 = a natural manager. Emotional intelligence = focused upon the immediate co-workers or sibling-group. Graciously harmonizing, negotiating, deal-making Thula patterns serve to balance a neighborhood, a work team, a corporate department, or a collaborative cohort.

This couple often shares an interest in writing, photography, information delivery, and communications, whether commercial or academic. Often they work together in a small, intensely interactive group. Tula-Chandra-3 applies equity-seeking manual production skills to the project while Mesha-9 guides the theoretical, philosophical development of the project.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • Layla 1945- guitarist Eric Clapton [inspirational-dogmatic Arcturus-1][1979, EC age 34] wedding 1-of-2 with Mod-1960's fashion model and photographer, Patti Boyd. [Mesha-9] [7th-from-Chandra] contains [Budha-yuti-Shukra] = rulers of 2 + 3 + 10 + 11. Previously married to EC's frenemy George Harrison, Boyd was a celebrated [9] physically-focused [Mesha] beauty [Shukra]. EC declared PB to be his Muse [9] and under her influence EC wrote many of his most famous songs [Tula-3, songwriting].

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 [+ [Chandra-Vṛścika-nīcha]

comforted by mystery * sensitive to trauma-healing * needs healing discovery

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Urisha traits such as artistic sensuality, acquisitiveness, and a preference for luxury within relationships.

Urisha = sense-pleasuring, collecting, hoarding-and-herding, containment of lineage values-fulfillment Bhava-9 worldview, beliefs, sangha, faith, priesthood, philosophy, university, theory. Spouse = usually a sociable person with an emotional focus upon treasury conservation in the context of community and the doctrinal sangha.

Ketta-Chandra-3 emotional intelligence directs toward commerce, communications, writing-publishing, management, manufacturing, conferences, meetings, all of which have a quality of secrecy, danger, volatility, intense transformation, trauma-healing, and psychological invasion.

This couple may find a place in the world of inspirational publishing, group therapy, explanation of healing theory, and other junctures wherein the intensely emotional discovery process of bhava-3-Ketta can interface with the inspirational, philosophical, paradigmatic worldview of bhava-9-Urisha.

As usual with the [nīcha] Chandra, it is wise to anticipate some moodiness and discontent arising from an incessant, rhythmically undulating urge toward self-transformation.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.


  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffett [calculating-logistical Anuradha-2] On 19-Apr-1952, 22-yo WEB avowed his marriage-1-of-2 with amateur singer [Urisha] Susie Thompson. Shukra-1 [Shukra-yuti-Budha] [uchcha] = governs 7th-from-Chandra. Despite a 27-year separation, the couple continued to present a harmonious public image while WEB enjoyed sexual adventures (Kanya indriya lagna). For decades after their actual split, Susie remained engaged with WEB's financial company [Urisha]. She faithfully attended the social functions of the corporation. She and WEB continued to co-sign their Christmas Cards. After a long wait, at age 76, WEB entered a second alliance. Shani in [2nd-from-Chandra] long wait..

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 [+ [Chandra-Dhanus]

  • comforted by customary beliefs * settled into rhythmic received teachings * needs to feel wisely guided

Budha-ruled amsha may have partnering challenges due to spousal immaturity [adolescent viewpoint] and grievance narrative [complaining]. Check condition of Budha. .

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Mithuna - Dvamdva traits such as

  • skilled handcraft
  • commercial business mentality, shopkeeping
  • advertising, marketing, publicity, sales
  • team-talking management
  • narratives of coupling, sexual transaction
  • detailed process administration
  • superficial conversation on any topic
  • scripted dialog, software programming
  • radio, television, internet, cinema, magazine, book publishing
  • verbosity,
  • and a preference for easy sibling-like companionship and chatty shop talk within relationships.

Mithuna = a merchant, businessperson, announcer, communicator, administrator, writer, publisher, explainer. Mithuna-9 = identified with guidance, doctrine, the credenda, ideology, and philosophical principles. Mithuna-9 = beliefs-oriented . They take a management approach toward global environments.

The Mithuna Mate also adds a sibling-skill of cooperative verbal expression [Mithuna] into the partnership energy reserves, which eases collaborative discussion and teamwork within the alliance.

Dhanus-Chandra = often focused upon matters of theory, belief, or higher understanding, albeit the perspective is emotional not intellectual. A global humanist, Chandra-Dhanus needs large scale viewpoint integrated with Somana's routinized, localized, customary sensitivities.

As karmesha, Chandra-3 identifies with career, social position, and executive authority. Chandra-3 finds comfort in the siblings, the neighbors, the workmates, the ensemble. Dhanus-Chandra-3 may anchor oneself within a security-seeking communicative practice.

Mithuna-9's skilled communication regarding the paradigms of belief may combine with Dhanus-Chandra-3's emotional need for conversation and scripting. The native and the mate both tend to be talkative. The mate may be a professor, preacher, priest, or proselyte (9). The union is often focused on Mithuna-9's need for humanistic engagement (9) while Dhanus-Chandra-3 takes a more pragmatic, detail-oriented, commercial role.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 [+ [Chandra-Makara-Draco]

  • comforted by hierarchy * sensitive to class-status * needs ritual ordering

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9, include Karkata - Kadaga traits such as

  • a need for secure household and familiar routines,
  • intuitive nurturing of the vulnerable,
  • caretaking, gardening, farming, fishing
  • dedication to parenting, protecting,
  • moralistic primary teaching
  • shelter providing and defensive
  • local roots in the place of settlement, environmentalist
  • stable habits follow ancient rhythms,
  • and a preference for customary, home-based lifestyle within relationships

Karkata = householder, defender, gardener, parent, caretaker, environmentalist, steward of the land. Dharmasthāna = worldview, paradigm of belief, all-encompassing perspective. Karkata-9 takes a protective approach toward matters of doctrine, theory, first principles, convictions, preaching, professorship, and public spiritual guidance.

The Karkata Mate also adds a security-and stability orientation [Karkata] into the partnership energy reserves, which eases co-parenting and property ownership-stewardship within the union.

Makara-Chandra = often focused upon social-status, lawful order, and hierarchies, albeit the concern is emotional not intellectual. Comfortable in roles = elite positions atop ranking pyramids, such as regulator, governor, legalist, law-upholder, order-imposer, director. Chandra-Makara needs dignified social achievement integrated with Somana's soft, routinized, localized, customary sensitivities.

As ruler-of-9, candescent Chandra = emotionally attuned to universities, globalism, and broad philosophical understanding. Chandra-3 finds comfort in the immediate vecinity, the cohort, the team, the neighborhood. Makara-Chandra-4 may anchor oneself within a security-seeking, messaging practice.

Karkata-9-partner's habitual orientation to guidance roles may combine with Makara-Chandra-3's emotional need for culturally anchored information delivery. Karkata-9 tends to be parentally protective + immersed in customary beliefs. The union is often focused on Karkata-9's need for engagement with ideological convictions or sacred teachings, while Chandra-3-Makara may take a planning, scheduling, schematics, commercial, instructional role. The couple are often found in inspirational communications work.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

Public Figure Examples

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 [+ [Chandra-Kumbha]

  • comforted by friendship * sensitive to gridworks * needs marketplace connection

Intimate partnerships that operate emotionally on the Simha-Kumbha axis can be intensely oppositional. They must contend with the mutually incompatible shatru-graha agendas =

  • (6) Shani's responsible, systematic, economically oriented Kumbha paradigm
  • (12) Surya's self-important, radiantly confident, inherently political, attention-demanding Simha paradigm.

Due to this pattern-clash, combined with Chandra ruling 6th-from-Chandra, Kumbha-Chandra nativities may experience growth-challenges in the realm of agreements, trusts, and alliances.

In childhood, the Chandra-Kumbha partner may have been expected to display community networking skills, economic pragmatism, and sensitivity to the needs of the group. The Simha partner may have been the adored jewel of their parents' or grandparents' eye (Simha adored) to whom the group served mainly as their audience.

In addition to the preaching, professorial, patronizing, and doctrinal behaviors of bhava-9, include within expectations of the spouse, Simha - Leya emotional traits such as

  • self-reflexive behaviors, self-dramatizing
  • brilliant creativity, gambling-games,
  • delight in children, romantic ideals
  • solipsism, general narcissism, entitlement
  • celebrated uniqueness, exceptionalism, certainty, charm
  • poetic genius, fashionable, political
  • and a preference for holding the theatrical center of attention within relationships.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.

  • Purple Rain 1958-2016 guitarist Prince [organizational-regulatory Varuna-2] [3, writing, commercial music production, tours] 1996-2000, marriage 1-of-2 with the ballerina-bellydancer, Mayte Garcia. A stage artist since pre-school, Garcia toured with Prince's musical ensemble, dancing in elaborate theatrical costumes under the spotlights. The Artist Formerly Known As declared the choreographer-performer to be his Muse [9].

  • King of Pop 1958-2009 Thriller Michael J. Jackson [champion-competitor Purvabhadra-1] [3, touring, songwriting, choreography] During his Budha-Budha svabhukti ++ janma Sade-Sati, MJJ was briefly married with fellow Chandra-Pegasus entertainer, Lisa Marie Presley . MJJ's Simha-9 contains [Simha-Surya-yuti-Budha] indicating the Muse role for the spouse.


  • Socialite 1963- beauty pageants Marla Maples Trump [adjustable-contractual Dhaniṣṭha-3] No graha in Simha-9. MM married the flamboyant businessman, television impresario, and erstwhile politician, Donald Trump

  • Lights Out 1968-2023 singer Lisa Marie Presley [champion-challenging Purvabhadra-1] + [Kuja-yuti-Budha]. Lifepartnership-1-of-4 avowed = LMP age 20, with with fellow musician, Danny Keogh. Guru-9-Simha, suggesting a copy of her famous entertainer-singer father, Elvis Presley "The King"

Learning Pathway

Lifepartner-1 for [Chandra-3 [+ [Chandra-Meena] comforted by ancestral guidance * settled into rhythmic intuition * needs contemplative sanctuary

Budha-ruled amsha may have partnering challenges due to spousal immaturity [adolescent viewpoint] and grievance narrative [complaining]. Check condition of Budha.

In addition to the humanistic, paternalistic, professorial, philosophical and doctrinal concerns of bhava-9

, include Kanya - Parthya traits such as

  • psycho-mental imbalance with digestive health issues,
  • engagement with polluted or toxic environments,
  • involved with medication and remediation
  • patterns of betrayal or misconduct in contractual agreements,
  • emotional instinct to help those in distress
  • narratives of injustice, dissatisfaction, disagreement, or distrust
  • need to complain about infidelity, exploitation, and involuntary servitude
  • capability to professionalize in medical, military, and human-services
  • and a preference for the role of service provider within relationships.

Naturally, graha residing in bhava-9 + bhava-3 can significantly influence the outcome.


Pronghorn Antelope couple in Teton National Park, Wyoming USa

LifeMate-2 (if any) = bhava-4

  • parenting
  • protection
  • policing
  • patriotism
  • nationality
  • sheltering
  • schoolteaching
  • farming
  • fishing
  • locality
  • environmentalism
  • seasons
  • familiarity
  • comfort
  • nourishment
  • boundaries
  • fencing
  • buildings
  • roadways
  • infrastructure
  • settlement
  • rituals
  • rhythms
  • routines

often the retirement remarriage

If multiple marriages are forecast, Chandra-3 may enjoy a retirement remarriage bhava-4

Focus life-partnership-2 on bhava-4

  • housekeeping, protection, shelter, nourishment, cultural foundations, rhythmic oscillation of the seasons, endings, things underground (including burial) security, grounding, familiar routines

Conditions in bhava-4 predict the profile of the second spouse.

The second life-partner may be emotionally apprehended as an agent of parenting, house-holding, sheltering, schooling, citizenship, local transportation and boundaries, policing, ethnic roots, familiar rhythms, and cultural foundations .

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffett 30-Aug-2006 (WEB age 76) consecration of marriage-2-of-2 with Astrid Menks, his long-time housekeeper (4) and former restaurant hostess. WEB [Mūla] Shani-4 imposes a long delay (but not denial) upon 2nd marriage to a lifepartner of solidly unpretentious status.

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan [face-voice-eyes Rohiṇī- 2] RM recounted that husband-2-of-6 was an old college buddy [college-4]. She married her schoolmate from her post-divorce guilt [4, roots] about her own son lacking an at-home father. [4, parenting] Although quickly separated, the pair remained lifetime friends [4, familiarity, comfort] talked often and co-wrote screenplays . [Mithuna-4]

Presuming benevolent graha in 4 and comfortable drishti into 4, the second marriage is often soothing rhythmic, rooted in a shared cultural foundation, and anchored by shared lands, homes, vehicles, and real-estate. The second marriage typically occurs (although not always) when the Chandra-3 is a bit older; and particularly after the age of 31.

Life-partner-2 (if any) may forms the foundation of the household, and is respected *within* the household or within the nation due to the dignity attending to 4 = 10th-from-7th. Mate-2 is typically, a protective, caretaker spouse, often a schoolteacher, police officer, boundary patroller, building construction craftsperson, farmer, transportation agent, or other locally grounded profession.

  • King of Pop 1958-2009 Thriller Michael J. Jackson [champion-competitor Purvabhadra-1] [3, touring, songwriting, choreography] 2nd-from-Chandra = Meena-4. MJJ made a brief second marriage to Debbie Rowe, the mother of his first two children.

Even if there are stress-fractures in this established union, it may be difficult to exit this arrangement due to the strength of the bandhu bhava's embedded home roots.

However, if graha in 4 are challenging enough, lifepartnership-2 may be unsustainable. Attempts to secure a stable foundation can be overwhelmed by churning Rahu or other pernicious graha. One may be attempting to protect and shelter the lifemate-2, but the success of this parental endeavor may depend upon the nature of graha in bandhusthana.JacksonMichaelJ_PresleyLisaM.jpg

  • Lights Out 1968-2023 singer Lisa Marie Presley [champion-challenging Purvabhadra-1] + [Kuja-yuti-Budha]. On 18-May-1994 [LMP age 26] only days after obtaining a Caribbean Divorce, LMP entered marriage 2-of-4 with Michael J. Jackson.

  • LMP [Shani-yuti-Rahu] ; ruled by her fatherly Guru-9 in 6th-from-4 only begin to describe the challenges of this union. LMP has stated that her motive was to protect MJJ from self-destructive choices.
  • However, his issues with drugs and criminal accusations proved too much. Neither of the partners had finished Shani's age of maturity [36-39]. Had they been older with guidance, the union might have endured.

Bhava-4 may contribute extra binding via one's mother, mother's root-culture, shared parenting or householding bondage.

Householding may include shared agricultural lands, real estate, and vehicles.

  • War and Peace 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy [analytical Pūrvaphalgunī-2] + [Surya-yuti-Budha] In 1862, LNT married Sophie Behrs, 16-years his junior [LNT age 34] [SB age 18] 2nd-from-Chandra = Kanya, indicating assistance and in extreme cases, servitude. [Rahu-Parthya] [Rahu in bhava-4] in LNT's nativity pushes the interpretation toward the extreme. Sonya Tolstaya served as LNT's manuscript editor, copyist, publications manager, and general secretary. Rahu-4 is ruled by an empowered lagnesha Budha-3 handiwork, manual craft. It is fair to say that without Sonya's excellent handiwork and document management, Tolstoy's writings likely would never have reached his admiring audience..

  • Also in the 4-theme, Sonya managed their noble estate with farms, livestock, wagons, and dozens of worker-families. The serfs were officially liberated in 1861, and Sophie became mistress of the estate in 1862. However due to the glacial pace of cultural change in Russia, most of the serfs stayed on their ancestral lands, and Sophie was tasked with ensuring their care.

Naturally, bhava-4 must be well-disposed for the positive auspice to yield material fruits. If bhava-4 is polarizingly catalysis , so may be the outcome of union-2.

  • Das Kapital 1818-1883 economics Karl Marx + [uchcha=Surya-yuti-Rahu] reputedly enjoyed an enduring relationship with the family's housekeeper [Shukra-4] Marx's seventh child was the product of his love for the house-lady. Yet, he continued to attend social parties and community activities (11) with his first wife. There was no divorce. His wife took a friendly (11) approach to their household community and included the additional son in family outings. The housekeeper retained her job, and her in-home status. She never accompanied the family in public settings and remained part of the nice house.

  • Friends 1969- drama-fashion Jennifer Aniston [Somana-yuti-Kuja] entered a second marriage 2015-2017 coinciding with her Janma Sade-Sati Vṛścika Nov-2014 until Jan-2017. Although numerous strong connections appear between this couple, Guru-yuti-Ketu-1 may tragically abbreviate the second union..

Transition from LifeMate-1 to life-mate-2

The first life-mate = doctrinal, global, professorial and often patronizing environment of bhava-9. The first life-mate has fatherly, generous, humanistic traits which may anchor marriage-1 into an ongoing state of patronage, philosophical worldview, and high fortunes.

Yet, LifeMate-1 represented by bhava-9 may tend to look down upon Chandra-3 in the way that a presumptively higher-wiser Brihaspati looks down upon a lower-sillier, more superficial and chatty Budha.

bhava-4 = 8th-from-9th. Emotionally life-partnership-2 indicates a significant upheaval (8th-from) and dynamic identity change (8) away from the global perspective and wide-ranging lifestyle of marriage-1 -- toward a new focus upon the shelter of house-and-home in context of the local, parochial culture.

Marriage-2 tends to be localized into the culture of the place of settlement.

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffett * Shani-[Mūla] 4. Shani durokaraka delays the second wedding, compounded by his Ketu-2. WEB second marriage vows spoken on his 76th birthday. The woman who finally became his second lifepartner had been cohabiting with him for decades [Shani-4]. The alliance treaty was not agreed until many tensions had matured (mutual drishti of Shani-Mangala). Unpretentious working-class identity of wife-2 ++ delay of second marriage due to Shani in 2nd-from-Chandra. The elderly couple stays in or near their home, eschewing most travel.

Depending on the presence or absence of graha in bhava-4, the second life-partnership may be vigorously active in the home (for example, Mangala-4). If bhava-4 is unoccupied, the second life-partnership may be more quiet in its expression. Yet marriage-2 is clearly distinguished by the increase in engagement with the rhythms of the local environment and concern for security.

Psychic precursors

Second life-partnership may be emotionally triggered and sustained by deep memories of 2nd-from-3rd. One subconsciously expects an emotionally protective second life-partner.

The psychically anticipated environment of bhava-4 for the second life-partnership includes agency of bhava-4:

fundamental emotional safety, established in the childhood home; cultural socialization through schooling, acquisition of diplomas and licenses; roots in one's own ethnic group, nationality, patriotism and; border-defense; ownership of lands and vehicles; maternal grandmother (mother's mother); dissolution of the bonds with children; children leaving home; physical body chest, heart, stomach.

LifeMate-3 (if any) = bhava-11

Conditions of the third marriage are often framed by narratives of bhava-11, including economic systems, social networking, voluntary associations, wages and revenues, and treasury distribution linkage.

Lifemate-3 may be friendly, scientific, systematic, community-oriented, socializing, active in the collectivity, earnings-focused, oriented to associative gridworks

Third lifemate may bear a resemblance to one's maternal grand-father due to third-lifepartnership = 9th-from-Chandra.

  • Lights Out 1968-2023 singer Lisa Marie Presley [champion-challenging Purvabhadra-1] + [Kuja-yuti-Budha] LMP emotional relationship to the third Mate dramatist Nicolas Cage = profiled via labhasthana-11, friendship, achievement of goals. LMP's famous father, Elvis Presley, has a psychological role to play in all of her marriages due to Guru-9 in 7th-from-Kumbha-Chandra-3.

Lifemate-3 is typically gainful, goal-oriented, friendly, and socially connected. Nature of gains according to the rashi of 11.

Example [Chandra-Tula] [Chandra-Arcturus] [[Chandra in classroom-3] = third alliance MITHUNA-11 = gainful communications roles, contains the complex and challenging [Arudra-Shani-yuti-Rahu-Puna] ruled by Budha-9

  • Layla 1945- guitarist Eric Clapton [believing-optimistic Arcturus-1] EC was married to fashion model Patti Boyd at the time. Also, in 1985 his first daughter had been born within yet another extramarital love-union. Nevertheless, EC embarked upon yet another passionate affair-du-coeur - this time, with Italian television-and-advertising figure [Mithuna], Lory del Santo. LdS's memoires provide details of their friendly [11] exhilarating-yet-limited relationship [Shani-yuti-Rahu rules 6-7]. The couple conceived a son, born in 1986. Their troubled union was burdened by the rage and child-discarding behaviors [Ketu-5] emitting from EC's severe narcissistic PD. On a rare and tragic visit with EC, the boy died by falling from a high tower. Although severely traumatized by her son's awful death, LdS continued in Mithuna publication roles, including books, cinema, and event-presenter.

The third life-partner may be emotionally apprehended as an agent of Goal Achievement and Profitable Gains for the native . The marriage is emotionally based in creative friendship working toward shared goals , due to the goal-oriented qualities of bhava-11 = 5th-from-7th-from-lagna.

If the nativity with Chandra-3 contains indications of a third lifepartnership , it is quite probable that the third life-partner would be an old friend. Mate-3 is likely to be someone long established in one's circle of associations.

Psychic precursors

The third life-partnerships may be emotionally triggered and sustained by deep memories of 9th-from-3rd

  • friendship and voluntary relationships; large assemblies, fayres and rallies, marketplace gains, praised achievements, networks of association, children's marriages; elder sibling, community development, body's skin and nerves

Supplementing the predictors of this partnership are the social-material indicators of bhava-9. The native psychically anticipates an emotionally friendly 3rd-marriage partner

LifeMate-4 (if any) = bhava-6

When indicated by other multiple-alliance predictors, the fourth marriage may serve as the retirement marriage .

The emotionally anchored 4th-alliance = optimized for comfort, routine, security, nourishment, farming, protection, patriotism, schooling, and observance of the rhythmic seasonal calendar

Much depends upon the characteristics of any graha located in [4th-from-Chandra]

Chandra in bhava-3 tends be be matched with a fourth lifepartner whose behavior patterns = military, medical, criminal, or ministry-of-service.

Lifepartner-4 has the potential to develop a bhava-6 behavioral profile that is characterized by ailing, exploited, mistreated, betrayed, accused, addicted, unfair, or toxic conditions. The potential remains dormant unless activated by an energized graha.

  • Lights Out 1968-2023 singer Lisa Marie Presley [champion-challenging Purvabhadra-1] + [Kuja-yuti-Budha]. Fourth marriage according to public accounts was marred by accusations of intra-family child sexual abuse against husband-4. Bhava-6 ruled by LMP's Shukra-1 does suggest a musician lifemate-4. However, LMP's Shukra-1 occupies 8th-from-6, triggering the explosively disruptive behavior of criminal mistreatment of daughters.

However, bhava-6 being a serve-or-suffer vortex, the lifepartner may also choose a helping role which contacts the 6-environment in a socially honored way, such as physician, nurse, social-worker, pharmacist, military officer, health-care provider, criminal-justice worker, jail-keeper, criminal attorney. Example [Chandra-Tula] [Chandra-Arcturus] [[Chandra in classroom-3] = fourth alliance

service-ministry satkona = Makara

  • Layla 1945- guitarist Eric Clapton [believing-optimistic Arcturus-1] Fourth marriage 2002 [EC age 57] [partner MM age 26] EC has two formal weddings and two love-unions resulting in children. 9-4-11-6 sequence. Union-4 produced three additional daughters. Melia McEnery was a 22-yo administrative assistant [6] when the couple met. Marriage-4 partner would have deeply familiar characteristics of the maternal grandmother 4th-from-Chandra conferring stability, security, and caring. EC was raised by his humble maternal grandmother, whom EC believed to be his real mother. Shani-yuti-Rahu-11 rules 6, located in corrective 6th-from-6. Earlier abusive and disordered marriage patterns can be reversed by Shani in 6th-from-6, by Shani's improvement due to age, and by the social gap between the pair due to Rahu.

The fourth lifepartner may demonstrate circumstances that are vicitimized, adversarial, ill, conflicted, medicated, criminal, toxic, enslaved, disagreeable.

  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot (BB age 58) on 16-Aug-1992 celebrated a fourth wedding to the right-wing French politician Bernard d'Ormale. Her [4th-from-Chandra] = Simha containing Shukra-6-Simha. With the fourth marriage, BB became politicized [Simha]. The couple have pursued an accusatory, adversarial political agenda which has resulted in numerous criminal censures (6). Also, BB has struggled with health (6) decline. Yet the 4th " retirement marriage" has endured for three decades.

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan [face-voice-eyes Rohiṇī-2] husband-4-of-6 = property manager and real-estate investor. According to McClanahan, the alliance was a thinly veiled criminal [6] attempt to move her drama-career earnings into his real-estate portfolio [6, theft]. RM had difficulty extracting her assets from the marriage [6, unfair contracts]. The fourth divorce was accounted her most acrimonious [6] Married during bhukti of Shukra = 6th-from-Chandra = emotionally sourced accusation and complaint.

Higher consciousness options may feature the spouse-partner's dedication to a ministry of service on behalf of the suffering. Specific nature of the service may be known via the rashi of 6 ++ nakshatra of 6 ++ any graha in 6.

LifeMate-5 [if any] = bhava-1

Conditions of the fifth marriage are often framed by narratives of bhava-1 , such as i nnovation, new birth, core identity, sport and muscularity, pioneering action, physical appearance, propulsion, championship, speed, and vigor.

Spouse-5 may be physically attuned, dynamic, winning, personality-identified, forward-moving, competitive, life-loving, active

LifeMate-6 [if any] = bhava-8


narratives of surgery, identity-change, altered appearance, initiation, transformation due to severe illness

  • Golden Girls 1934-2010 drama Rue McClanahan [face-voice-eyes Rohiṇī-2] husband-6-of-6 = dramatist. The wedding occurred during a time of stress caused by potentially disfiguring cancer surgery, Shani-Rahu bhukti, RM age 63. [Shukra-yuti-Rahu] [Shani-yuti-Rahu] The treatment was successful and did not damage her appearance. Following her recovery, the couple were estranged due to emotional conflict 6th-from-Chandra until the time of RM decease


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