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Graha Regulator of

Kalpa * Tanu Bhava-1


Ruler of 1st-from-Chandra

in the Twelve Bhava

Chandra in bhava-1

Public Figures

lagnesha = Surya in bhava-1 * radiates confidence

lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-1

lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-1 * Ruchaka Yoga * urge to move, compete, pioneer


lagnesha = Budha in bhava-1 * Bhadra Yoga * dig-bala

lagnesha = Guru in bhava-1 * Hamsa Yoga * dig-bala

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Elizabeth-1

  • "Aladdin" comedian, dramatist Robin Williams

lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-1 * Malavya Yoga Diplomacy

lagnesha = Shani in bhava-1 * Sashaya Yoga

  • "Das Kapital" 1818-1883 economist Karl Marx

  • "Moral Majority" 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell

  • "Aquero" 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes + Shukra + Budha

  • "Da Vinci Code" novelist Dan Brown

  • USA Sen, pres. cand 2008 John McCain

  • orchestra conductor Zubin Mehta

Performative Agency

  • lagnesha = ability to perform the actions

  • Personality Identity travels into the specific social-material Environments of the lagnesha-occupied bhava

Lagnesha in vital Tanu Bhava 1 = High Vitality, Focused Energy

Distinctive Fleshly Appearance, Warrior energy, Movement, Birth, Self-determination, Self-interest, enthusiasm for life

For Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, and Shani = social identification as a person of great abilities, via pancha-mahapurusha yoga

One feels most natural and comfortable in youthful environments, physical athletic competitions, physical performance, in sporting, combat or hunting, in the center of attention receiving recognition for one's expertise or specialty.

surrounded by students

Identified strongly with the physical form and the independent personality Wants to be in a body-attentive environment, such as on a theatrical stage, modeling, working as an athlete, in sports industry, or as a warrior.

Sees oneself as unique, competitive, new-born, vital, and ever-youthful. Associated with body-image transformations such as plastic surgery and gender change.

Can be identified with bodily protection roles such as bodyguard, safety expert, or risk control (especially if Shani is involved.)

Highly individualistic and distinctively self-referential. One believes that one is modeling to others the "self-determined life".

  • "Moral Majority" 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell served as an icon of rigid but reliable social identity (Shani-1)

  • "Faust" 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe + Budha

  • "Silly Love Songs" Beatle Paul McCartney gained fame for his public musical performances, but after a fixed period of touring, his strongest identity = father to his four children * Chandra-1

Native has a strong self-image, focus, and drive toward achieving recognition for the characteristics of the graha(s) occupying lagna.

Physical body appearance receives much attention --positive or negative as the Graha determine. one is often photographed or portrayed (paintings, statues) and the body-shell image becomes iconic for a movement, a product, an era, or an idea.

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Elizabeth-1 With her lead-based white "ceruse" face cosmetics, dyed-red wigs of sheep's-wool , gloriously woven damask gowns, brilliant jewels, literacy, intelligence, and refusal to marry, Elizabeth was an iconic figure during the 40 years of her reign and for more than 400 years following.

  • "Swing Time" 1911-1995 Ginger Rogers = 1930-1960 American icon of the athletic, graceful, beautiful, talented, humorous, always-working, independently healthy-and-wealthy woman.

  • "O" dramatist, media empress Oprah Winfrey = 1980-2010 American icon of the self-made, self-defining, photogenic, vital, always-moving, always-working independent woman. In the year 2000, Oprah started (1) the hugely popular O magazine for women and her iconic image (1) has graced the cover of every issue.

  • USA Pres-22-24 Interstate Commerce Grover Cleveland + Guru + Chandra + Mangala was a portly fellow whose girth brought mirth in the press

  • Calif gov partner 2004-2011, journalist Maria O. Shriver iconic image, associated with politics since her birth into the prominent American Kennedy family; a familiar-face TV news journalist (also Chandra-10). Her visibility increased further during her dramatist husband's terms as California governor and continued throughout their scandalous divorce.

"Strong personality", self-image, focus, and drive toward achieving recognition for the characteristics of those graha which occupy the lagna.

Physical body receives much attention, positive or negative as the Graha determines.

Charismatic, selfish and often impatient with others.

Barring unfavorable drishti, a healthy, attractive and self-confident person although somewhat handicapped by self-reflexive instinct.

If lagnesha = a malefic, may produce a hostile personality - yet materially successful with high vitality.

Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes the personality, personal appearance, physical movement, and athletic prowess.

  • The English word " athlete" originally meant " nobility".

"I am my physical appearance, my ability to represent ideas, my iconic body."

Dominant identification with the physical body appearance and its visual, muscular, active characteristics,

The social identity is infused with the qualities of healthiness and vigor, birth and movement, alertness, competitive enthusiasm, lust for life, the exercise industry "physique",

other values embedded in or reflected by the physical form, initiations, manifestation, new beginnings, innovation, new ideas, singularity, primacy, youth, pursuit, the hunt.

lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-1 * Malavya Yoga Diplomacy

  • Syria-Pres 2002, ophthalmologist Bashar al-Assad + Mangala; famed for crafting agreements and manipulating various factions in order to maintain power
  • "Satyagraha" 1869-1948 Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi + Mangala + Budha; famed for crafting agreements and manipulating various factions in order to maintain power
Public Figures

lagnesha = Surya in bhava-2

lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-2

  • "War and Peace" 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy + Surya + Chandra

lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-2 * urge to speak, sing, know

lagnesha = Budha in bhava-2

lagnesha = Guru in bhava-2 *

lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-2

lagnesha = Shani in bhava-2

Lagnesha in Bhava-2 "the keep" social identification with topics of:

  • speech, song, face
  • knowledge of history
  • Collections and accumulations
  • keep-sakes
  • family history
  • conservation of wealth
  • conservation of Historic Value
  • Treasuries of memory, wealth, and knowledge
  • Face and Voice,
  • Speech and Song

Lagnesha in Bhava-2 may be a keeper:

  • Greenskeeper
  • Housekeeper
  • Peacekeeper
  • Scorekeeper
  • Stockkeeper
  • Storekeeper
  • Bookkeeper
  • Doorkeeper
  • Gamekeeper
  • Gatekeeper
  • Goalkeeper
  • Lockkeeper
  • Shopkeeper
  • Timekeeper
  • Barkeeper
  • Beekeeper
  • Innkeeper
  • Zookeeper
  • treasure-keeper
  • secret-keeper

Kutumbha: Personality identified with one's own family history, the the lineage values repeated in the stories about the family.

Distinctive social identification with historic values, family of origin, bloodline, or cultural lineage ; and physically, with the voice, teeth, tongue, eyes, hair and facial appearance. qualities of ethnic identification such as bone structure, facial features, hair, and skin pigment of the complexion.

Face, Voice:


In particular lagnesha in bhava-2 pronounces mantra, individual words, sonorous speeches or sings songs.

  • "Hugging Saint" Ammachi + uttama-Budha * chanting

Often the topic of the pronouncement is virtue or worthiness, esp calling upon the historical traditions of Truth Value.

  • "Earth Changes" clairaudient healer Edgar Cayce pronouncements, a disembodied Voice

  • "Starry Messenger" 1564-1642 Galileo Galilei

  • "Harry Potter" magical-fiction J.K. Rowling * ancient magical mystical traditions

  • "Memories Dreams Reflections" 1875-1961 Carl Jung * ancient folktales and symbols

  • "Realm of Light" 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich yuti Ketu. Roerich * Rerikh was a tireless advocate for keeping, collecting, and storing the great cultural treasures of the past. The "Roerich Pact" in the 1930's was signed by many nations, and today's UNESCO Heritage protectionism owes much to his argument (lagnesha Budha-2).

speech-makers on topics of historic values:


Some day, "Moneyball" dramatist Brad Pitt may distinguish himself in this speech-making specialty.

Identified with domains of historical knowledge, speech, use of languages, wealth, family, values collections of all kinds.

Socially identified with to family customs, lineage, traditions.

Replicates the family culture they were raised in, within their own family, and usually wants to create their own family for this purpose of grounding and affirming the Self.

Vimshottari periods of L-5, L-9 and putra-karaka Guru may identify the era of children .

Wants to be telling stories, building wealth (often as "cultural capital"), representing and articulating historically superior ethical values, passing along lineage traditions.

Believes he is a curator of society's highest and most worthy moral and aesthetic graces, whose life choices exemplify "authentically beautiful living".

Their sense of beauty however is not always the public standard but rather what their family practiced aesthetically while growing up. The nature of this beauty norm will appear in the graha itself.

  • E.g., if the graha happens to be a strong Shukra, the beauty norm will be quite refined, and one will enjoy family wealth, lineage art and music talent etc.

By contrast a nichha-Guru, without correction from other beneficial support, might create too many children in poverty and disorder... or somehow Guru's expansion and abundance becomes aesthetically dysfunctional.

  • But whether it is easy or difficult, attractive or disarrayed, the attachment to family is strong when lagnesha occupies bhava-2.

Physically and socially identified with family lineage, treasuries of financial wealth and knowledge, storage and savings. Expertise and physical suitability for "banking" of money, curator and collector, professor and owner of values, art, songs, traditions, collections, food stores, memories, and family legacy behaviors.

one is concerned with and publicly identified with one's voice, face, hair, and wealth.

  • Physically attractive(lagnesha lord of the body in Shukra's natural bhava).

Musical and artistic abilities, good memory, often much stored wealth, active in biological and cultural conservation.

Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes speech,memory, facial appearance, and money-food-art-values expression.

Common position for actors who look attractive, have nice teeth, strong memorization skills, and favorable speech or song.

"I value and speak about knowledge of history, accumulated wealth, language, and death."

  • Historical materials and scholarship, wealth, family ancestry, hoarded lineage values: wealth, speech, song, drama, languages, bloodline and psychic family inheritance, traditions, music, heritage, entitlements, teeth,

The social identity is infused with the qualities of mouth, face, tongue, hair, moral and artistic values, ornaments, costume, visual arts, collections, record-keeping, death, beauty and knowledge of ancient languages, history, and legacy values of one's people."

L-2 = a maraka graha and karaka for second marriage

Native is physically and socially identified with money, provisions, historic cultural values, and family legacy behaviors.

  • Face, eyes, speech, and hair are socially recognized

  • Excellent for celebrity persons.

  • Musical and artistic abilities.

Lagnesha in bhava-2
  • positively identified with treasuries of stories, histories, wealth, language, and knowledge

    Lagnesha in 2 often means strongest social identification with one's second marriage or alliance; however one may just as easily be identified with one's knowledge-treasury of history or languages.

    Naturally therefore one's own first marriage and the previous spouse of one's partner can become the objects of derision or contempt. Financial loss from divorce payments adds to the irritation.

    • "Moneyball" dramatist Brad Pitt famously ended his first marriage in order to enter into a family-oriented union with his second life partner.

    • "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" 1875-1961 Carl Jung's L-2 = matching, pairing Shukra-yuti-Budha. Jung formed a series of secondary alliances (Shukra) with students (Budha) who soon became skilled practitioners and colleagues. Yet Shukra (wife-1) is so gracious and communicative that the first marriage was sustained until her death.

  • Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-3

    • USA Secy State 2009-2013 + Sen-NY + POTUS-42 partner Hillary Clinton * nichha + Shukra + Budha

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-3

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-3 * urge to write, publish, announce, commerce

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-3 = writers, evangelists

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-3 = writers, announcers

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-3

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-3

    L-1 in the evangelistic, communicative, messaging, planning, team-working 3rd-from-Swakshetra

    Social-personality identification with: writing, communications, frequent business travel, planning, group meetings, small-group-process, and teamwork

    Lagnesha in Sahaja Bhava 3 = constitutionally most natural and comfortable with siblings, on short journeys, at the writing desk, and in the business office.

    one is identified with commerce (3), particularly the business activities which generate self-made financial wealth .

    The personality is oriented toward delivery of information. Writers, announcers, reporters, printers, publishers, schedulers, planners. Newspapers, magazines, books, websites. Instructions, explanation, media-message.

    • "Telepathy" 1880-1949 Alice Bailey had lagnesha Chandra-Kanya in 3 "instruction". She toured constantly (3) from the age of 18 until her death, delivering evangelical (3) Bible courses and lectures in many cities (3). In later decades, in between receiving channeled information from her spirit guide (Budha-12 yuti Ketu) she wrote and published esoteric instructional courses and explanatory books (Mithunaya).


    Writers with lagnesha in bhava-3:

    • USA Pres-02 partner Abigail Adams famed letter-writer whose ideas communicated via personal correspondence influenced all of the USA founding fathers, not least her husband USA Pres-02 "Thoughts on Government" John Adams

    • nearly four centuries after its first publication, "Meditations on a First Philosophy" by Rene Descartes remains a college standard textbook

    • "War and Peace" 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy was a leading author of his day with a large attentive audience; he used popular novels to communicate his social-critical Christian Anarchist message

    • "As I Lay Dying" 1897-1962 William Faulkner * scriptwriter, novelist

    • "Duino Elegies" 1875-1926 Rainer Maria Rilke * poet, literary critic

    • "El Castilo Interior" 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila * her spiritual classic has been continuously in print since 1550 CE

    • "Little Way" 1873-1897 St. Therese de Lisieux + Ketu * parivartamsha L-3 Kuja-1

    • "Ethica ordine geometrico" 1632-1677 Baruch Spinoza

    • "The Mirror" 1895-1986 theosophy Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Publishers and printers:

    Announcers, reporters, evangelists:

    Songwriter, choreographer

    Naturally seeks the domains of group/team communication: the business office, conference table, the meeting room. This person identifies with skills training short-term education, media presentations (delivering speeches and reports, writing memos, issuing recommendations etc.)

    Short-term travel ("business trips") defines one's social worth, one feels validated when traveling to participate in small decision-making groups.

    If lagnesha is strong for executive business such as uttama-Kuja, they are powerfully identified with corporate travel.

    Identified socially with siblings; usually born into a close-knit sibling pack. Enjoys small-group sports like golf and yachting, or simply a regular visit with the usual friends to the corner pub. Believes that one is "important to the group" and represents a model of "vigorously active living".

    • Physically and socially identified with cooperative and collaborative teamwork, "office work", business and government administration (sales/marketing/advertising/public relations), commerce, local events management, writing of all kinds, editing the works of others, announcements, short-term travel, planning, scheduling, meetings, and small group process.

    • Favors neighborhood, commercial, and regional communications, pragmatic writing and media work, and sibling/team-mate/close-friend relationships.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes administration, Teamwork, attending meetings and conference, and communicative abilities.

    Lagnesha in bhava-3 = physically and socially identified with cooperative and collaborative teamwork, administration, business management, and small group process.

    • Favors neighborhood and regional communications, pragmatic writing and media work, and all types of sibling/close friend relationships.

    • Recognition of communicative abilities.

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-4

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-4 * dig-bala

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-4 urge to defend, settle, sustain, school

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-4


    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-4

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-4 * dig-bala

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-4

    • "300 Combinations" 1912-1998 Jyotishi B. V. Raman + Chandra

    • "Ringo" Beatle Richard Starkey * uttama + Guru

    L-1 in the stable, settled, parochial, patriotic, parental, sheltered, homelife, protective, defensive, rhythmic 4th-from-Swakshetra

    Those who provide fundamental support and stability to others via rhythmic, tidal, customary practices.

    Lagnesha in Bhava 4 = social identification with:

    • school-teaching, fundamental education, foundations and basements,

    • "food clothing and shelter" things underground and underlying,

    • property ownership, home, homeland

    • rhythms, pulsation, fluctuations, lunar and tidal cycles

    • security, patriotism, ethnic roots, folkways, guardians of the land and customs

    One feels most natural and comfortable when at home, moving in the predictable patterns of the ethnic rhythms.

    • "300 Combinations" 1912-1998 Jyotishi B. V. Raman + Chandra = ancient Dravidian divinatory customs

    Love of land and country.

    Strong identification with the childhood home, with schooling, the land of one's people, the ethnic Way of Life, protection of weaklings.

    Identified with education and with shelters that provide social, cultural, emotional, and financial security.

    • Microsoft philanthropist Bill Gates philanthropic campaigns to protect and educate children, the most vulnerable

    • 49th Nizari Ismaili Imam, Agha Khan-4 Karim al-Husseini * educational and cultural development programs

    Rhythm and pulsation

    • "Ringo" Beatle Richard Starkey was famed for his pulsating, emotionally attuned drumbeat which formed the musical basis of the Beatles' worldwide lyrical success. As well. Mr. Starkey is known for being a committed parent and the iconicly grounded, familiar, sensitive fellow within the famed fraternity of four.

    Deeply patriotic.

    Home building, home decor, Homecraft, schools

    In the evolved nativity, one may be able to grasp that one's nation is all mankind and thus protective patriotism is extended to the peoples (esp children) of all lands.

    world caretakers:

    If the graha is favorable and proactive, native is associated with landed property.

    Identity is strongly invested in cultural roots of the mother's people. If the graha is less benevolent, there may be disruption of ties to the land and the customs of one's people, making the issue of property an embattled one, but a strong reactive relationship to one's roots and customary entitlements nonetheless.

    Natural inclination to express the social identity via roles of schoolteacher, homeowner, and parent .

    Identified with the Home and all things in the home, structure of the dwelling, ornamentation of the dwelling.

    Most comfortable in the home, on the land, in the schoolroom. Self-identifies as a parent and also a teacher. Great concern for proper indoctrination and preparation of the next generation of citizens; thus (proportional to strength of the graha) greatly concerned with stable and productive education.

    • Microsoft philanthropist Bill Gates charitable support for worldwide early childhood security, health and education.

    Tends to be a homebody, preferring the protected space of home, monastery cell, or one's own little spot in the corner of the grass hut. Naturally prefers to be sought out; disprefers to advertise or promote oneself.

    However, once brought upon the stage = a natural educator who may be highly persuasive

    Creates safe space and channels nurturing energy, very parental. Identifies socially with the mother and her people. If a profession is required, he will be an educator, homebuilder, property manager or steward of the land.

    If L-4 lagnesha is powerful such as uttama-Budha or swakshetra Guru, native may never leave home. People will come to him. Believes he is "caretaker of the hearth" who exemplifies "securely grounded living".

    If the lagnesha in bhava-4 receives less benevolent drishti, the ruler is unfavorable, or lagnesha has troublesome co-tenants one may not easily find the sense of home and parenting which they find most comfortable.

    If Surya, an exceptionally independent person associated with transportation or teaching. Autocratic; more interested in personal truth than in customary habits of the people.

    • celebrity publisher 1960-1999 JFK-Jr

    • "Ethica ordine geometrico" 1632-1677 Baruch Spinoza + Shani + Budha

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-4, identified with food-nourishment, waters near the homeland, estuary culture, transportation of "moving shelters" such as cars. Home-loving and emotional rather than intellectual in one's understanding of culture.

    If Mangala, identified as a vigorous defender of the land and the customs of a settled people

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-4

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-4, identified with expansion of the extent of nutrition, care of the land, transportation and vehicles, gardening-farming, parenting, schooling

    If lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-4

    If lagnesha = Shani in bhava-4, identified with strict class boundaries and maintenance of the Old Ways. Often a schoolteacher or promulgator of Old Roots in the culture.

    • "300 Combinations" 1912-1998 Jyotishi B. V. Raman + Chandra = taught fundamentals and basics of Jyotisha which helped to defend the tradition against further erosion

    Lagnesha in bhava-4 = physically and socially identified with property, land ownership/stewardship, roots, socialization, sheltering, gardening, homes, pastures, childhood education, and patriotic values. Recognition for their steady character and solid conventional behaviors.

    Expertise and physical suitability for activities that emphasize parenting, shelters, care of the weak, stewardship and ownership of the land, home and home culture, real estate, building and property management, vehicles, schooling, socialization to deepen root cultural customs, environmental protection, and security.

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-5

    lagnesha = nichha-Chandra in bhava-5 * familiar, parental figures in politics + entertainment

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-5 * individualistic figures in politics + entertainment

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-5 * announcing, publishing figures in politics + entertainment

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-5 * ideological figures in politics + entertainment

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-5 * harmonizing figures in politics + entertainment

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-5 * durable figures in politics + entertainment

    Lagnesha in Bhava 5 = politics, theatre, charisma

    L-1 in the creative, confident, charismatic, charming, brilliant, glittering, radiant, regal 5th-from-Swakshetra

    A highly creative personality. Physical appearance is identified with:

    • Politics, Literature, Creative Genius, Performance Art, Celebrity, Royalty, Speculation, Children, Games and Entertainment

    Possessed of a natural political intelligence (peak strength when L-5 = Surya)

    A natural celebrity with a special creative performance intelligence,

    Bhagya placement; lagnesha in bhava-5 = remarkably "lucky" in life. (Although Shani-5 must work for that luck.)

    Splendid for celebrity creative performance upon the athletic (1) or political-theatrical (5) stage.

    Creative Literary Genius

    • "Just So Stories" 1865-1936 Rudyard Kipling + Budha + Surya + Guru + Shukra

    • "Second Sex" 1908-1986 Simone de Beauvoir + Chandra * beautifully written philosophy, social criticism, novels

    One receives opportunities and privileges which many others do not.

    Entitlement to much praise and applause for performances.

    One feels most at home when engaged in creative activity, giving audiences, speculating, gambling, authoring, directing, acting, orating, playing games, being on stage.

    If lagnesha = Surya in Dhanushya, Physical form and social personality may create an expression of Divine Intelligence::

    according to Behari,

    "If the planetary combinations are favorable for the blossoming of spirituality, you will have a special potential for receiving extraordinary powers from unknown sources"

    • "Autobiography of a Yogi" 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda + Budha (writing)

    • "Raja Yoga" 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda (writing, theatrical presentations)

    • Bhagavan Shri 1879-1950 Ramana Maharshi of Arunachala + Rahu

    For Dhanushya lagna nativities, Mesha-Guru in bhava-5 may yield similar personal difficulty + spiritual fertility:

    Ruler of 9th-from-5th in bhava-5

    The lord of Kuja's natural bhava-1 is quite happy in the swabhava of Surya . One's own childhood would have been a splendid time of physical vitality, identity-building and enrichment of the personality.

    • Children are fortunate with strong socially validated appearance and good intelligence.

    • Much romance, infused with a love of life and the physical body.

    Fortune through speculative risk in politics, body-based performance such as acting, modeling, dancer.

    May be a brilliant, center-stage, inspired teacher who works independently outside the mainstream curriculum. Deep psychic and physical connection with one's children.

    Identified with successful speculations, entertainments, and creative expression in the literary and performance arts.

    Identifies with domains of literary and performance arts, speculation, gambling, and politics. Prefers a creative environment such as a theatrical stage, art gallery, music amphitheater, university lecture hall, or political campaign where their personal genius is applauded. See oneself as a speculator, winner, genius.

    Note: all of these categories overlap, so that theatre-games people often enter politics and reverse

    Performance arts: Literature, Theatre, and Games

    Admires and identifies with expressions of individual genius, especially via writings.

    Prefers central roles like holding court, being an original author and performing theatrical scripts

    Affinity for social activities, roles, and environments which provide attention, recognition, and applause.

    Believes that one offers a bright "role-model for creative, intelligent living".

    Many experiences and entertainments, a vivid personality, delights in games, quite brilliant in their path to self-expression.

    Lagnesha in mantra-sthana = physically and socially identified with splendid light:

    • light, delightful, brilliant, bright, glimmer, glitter, glow, glory, glamour, sparkle, spark, splendor, spotlight, spectacle, speculation, royal, regal, superlative, magnus, magnificent, celebrations, celebrity,

    • jewels and ornaments

    • games and gambling - fortune and luck

    • one's own children, with adolescence,

    • literature, speculative thought, poetry, idealism, romantic love, center of attention, celebrity

    • intelligence, genius, theatre, politics,

    • speculation/gambling, winnings, fortune,

    • literary authorship, individuality, uniqueness,

    • confidence, and brilliant stage performance.

    • audience recognition for skill in games, genius in literary and dramatic creativity.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes entertainment and personal brilliance.

    Feels at home in

    • the fine and expressive arts, creative writing, trend setting, costume design, lives of children, childhood imagination self-expression through individual sport,

    • individual initiative,self-promotion,

    • the cult of personality, personalized expressions of faith,

    • and theatre/performance arts.

    If the lagnesha = fortunate, the brilliant intelligence of Divine Love may shine through this native. May be a splendidly theatrical teacher, rarely found in a conventional schoolroom.

    • Best results for Mesha lagna, Simha lagna, Thula lagna, Vrischika lagna, Dhanau lagna, Makara lagna, Meena lagna.

    If lagnesha = unfortunate, one may become "addicted to praise" and may pander to the the expectations of others.

    • Poor results for Vrishabha lagna, Karkata lagna.

    • Drishti of Shani will harm any graha in bhava-5 the swabhava ofRavi.

    • Drishti of a friendly graha will always help.

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-6 Makara

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-6

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-6 * urge to argue, exploit, medicate

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-6 * ailments of the hands, arms, lungs

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-6 * multiple service ministries * many health issues

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-6 * pleasure in service; addictions

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-6 * chronic illness

    Lagnesha in Bhava 6 = personal health issues (often of a chronic nature). Social or professional identification with:

    social conflict, illness, addiction, and pollution; poverty and usury, exploitation and servitude

    Personality-identified with the narrative of illness, poverty, servitude, and interpersonal conflict.

    Splendid placement for those offering a ministry of service in environments that manifest experiences of poverty, conflict, unemployment, war, enemies, toxicity, pollution, debt, and disease.

    Special abilities and skills emerge from a natural affinity with servitude, exploitation, and inability to achieve agreement. Repeated encounters and persistent connection with entities that cannot agree with each other (war, 6) or individuals who cannot agree with society (crime, 6).

    Dignified papagraha in bhava-6 may support a praiseworthy social success in one of the conflict-management professions such as military, law, finance, social-work, or medicine.

    • "Super Brain" Dr. Deepak Chopra

    • USA-Gov-FL 1999-2007 Jeb Bush + Chandra-yuti-Rahu. A Latin-American Studies college major and businessman in the markets serving los Hispanohablantes, Jeb Bush has been an advocate for Hispanic communities for decades during the contentious anti-immigration debates.

    If lagnesha-in-6 has benefic qualities (Shukra, Guru, or ruler of a pleasure bhava) lagnesha-in-6 may tend toward pleasurable identification with the victim narrative - both its litany of accusations and its medical, legal, or financial problem-sets.

    A neutral lagnesha such as Budha will cause both.

    lagnesha-in-6 feels most natural and comfortable in the medical clinic, the social welfare counseling office, the divorce court, or the police station. one is beautifully suited to the medical profession if evolved.


    As always with graha in bhava-6, best results from those graha which produce good effects in matters of controversy, dealing with enemies, war, pollution, arguments, disease, poverty, disagreement, and other species of imbalance.

    Shani-6, Mangala-6, and Rahu-6 all generally produce favorable results, albeit Shani takes a long time to win His battles as His method is not active but rather via Endurance.

    Other graha in 6 tend to produce physical health challenges for the native along with an orientation to the health-care or service professions. However the ultimate determiner of profession rules 10th navamsha and that lord's role in radix.

    Whether one chooses a profession in the human services ministry (the best choice) or becomes a patient-victim who receives those compassionate ministrations, often there are significant physical health issues associated with the lagnesha.

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-6

    • USA Pres-40 "American Life" Ronald Reagan high blood pressure, brain disease

    lagnesha Chandra in bhava-6 = Chandra in Dhanushya

    lagnesha Mangala in bhava-6

    • "My Inventions" 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla obsessive-compulsive disorder

    • USA Pres-11 James Knox Polk endured a very sickly childhood ending with a brutal frontier surgery for urinary stones at age 13. He eventually recovered from the surgery but suffered frail health paired with workaholism for his entire life, until his premature death from cholera age 53

    lagnesha Budha in bhava-6

    lagnesha Guru in bhava-6 * many service ministries; numerous health issues *

    • USA Pres-10 "Annex Texas" John Tyler lifelong dysentery, often debilitating

    • Russ 1870-1924 Proletarian Revolution Vladimir Ulyanov Lenin suffered skin diseases, injuries, digestive ailments, stoutness despite physical discipline (Shani in lagna) plus several debilitating strokes toward the end of his life. However typical of graha in 6 these were chronic issues and not deadly. He was killed by poisoning due to Rahu-8

    lagnesha Shukra in bhava-6 * pleasure in service; sweet false-balancing addictions *

    • "Cleopatra" 1932-2011, AIDS activist Elizabeth Tayloralcohol, drug abuse, addiction to painkillers for her scoliosis

    • USA Pres-18 Civil War 1860-1865 Ulysses S. Grant chronic alcoholism

    lagnesha Shani in bhava-6 = professional capacity for public-discourse argumentation (Shani-6) "problematization" (not resolution) of exploitation, social conflict, war, poverty, disease or pollution over a long period of time

    • "A New Earth" spiritual adviser 1948- Eckhart Tolle

    • USA Pres-28 "The State" Woodrow Wilson

    • USA Pres-13 partner Abigail Powers Fillmore suffered a lifetime of chronic ailments, dying immediately after her husband's presidency her age 53. In younger years, via her influence correspondence with many leaders, she produced a vitally important voice in the argument for a *lawful* if dangerous war of resistance against the oppressive, unfair British exploiters.

    one identifies (lagnesha) with domains of acute imbalance, such as medical clinics, battlefields, police and military, criminal attorney's office, money-lender and debt collection, poorhouse, bankruptcy court, social welfare agency.

    Flourishes in roles such as military agent, medical practitioner, or minister of service to the unbalanced populations. Identified with scenes of disease, injury, conflict and accusation.

    If the lagnesha is damaged, one may become moralistic, judgmental, and potentially vindictive. Otherwise a natural physician, problem analyst, counselor of victims and the dispossessed. Believes in the rules of natural law and natural consequences. Is concerned with processes for rectifying social ills. one feels "appropriate" when using definitions of moral error from bodies of argumentation and advice such as religious scripture or government law.

    When punitive graha such as Shani are the lagnesha, may be a wonderful fire-and-brimstone preacher. Deeply identified with "sin" or imbalance, and its vigorous correction.

    Believes that one is called to be a "role model for correctly argued and regulated living."

    Physically and socially identified with medicines, drugs, poisons, illness, poverty, finance + Loan-making, social work and family conflict, accusations and blaming, criminals and and crime, victimization, outsiders + Low class, exploitation and animosity.

    • If the graha has other positive association, may suit a professional in conflict management such as physician, attorney, police officer, or judge.

    • If the lagnesha is a dignified planet, gifted advocate for victims in the practice of law and medicine.

    Favorable lagnesha in bhava-6 makes a conflict management professional such as physician, criminal or divorce attorney, police officer, social worker, or judge.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes service to the exploited and disadvantaged, health, debts, accusations, argument-litigation, grievances.

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-7

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-7

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-7 * urge to negotiate, compromise, agree

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-7 = advocacy, deals, alliances, bargains, balance


    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-7 = agreements, deals, negotiation; multiple partnerships

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-7

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-7

    Lagnesha in Bhava 7 = negotiator, bargainer, deal-maker, broker, harmonizer, partner, balancer, match-maker, middleman, diplomat, go-between, advocate, attorney

    L-1 in the balancing, negotiating, diplomatic, bargaining, equitable, mutual, partnering, pairing, matching 7th-from-swakshetra

    social-personality identification with: negotiations, brokering, deals, partnerships, agreements, trades, match-making, terms of the contract

    An agent of balance, justice, equity, fairness; "arrangement"

    Activities and Environments

    One feels most natural and comfortable in chancery delivering an appeal for justice, in the act of making deals and arrangements within the civilized environments of the law courts, in arranging lyrics and writing rhyme, in professional advising and counseling, facilitating the balanced conclusion to barters and negotiations of all kinds.

    A deal-maker, alliance-crafter, equity-establisher, parity-insurer, balancer, broker, match-maker, trader.

    Splendid placement for attorney, advocate, barrister, lawyer, contract-agent, bargainer, deal-maker.

    Many found in politics and government due to their pronounced capability for crafting agreements amongst adversarial parties.

    Also gifted in corporate deal-making, financial mergers.

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-7 , lagna must be Simha. The deal is rarely balanced because self-centered Surya is the enemy of partner-parity Shukra. Bargains and arrangements tend to favors the interests of the solipsistic native above the interests of the partners. Second marriage is typically easier (unless there are also challenging graha in 2).

    Surya-lagnesha in 7 is often an iconic personality due to Ravi in 10th-from-10th = public visibility.

    If Chandra = lagnesha in 7, the Karkata native is typically devoted to the union and in fact emotionally dependent upon the partner; one cannot imagine life without this mate, and socially this native presents oneself always as part of a team or dual-unit.

    • "Two Women" drama-commerce Sophia Loren. According to her, she fell in love with her one-love-for-life Carlo Ponti when she was 15... Typical of Karkata lagna, the husband was much elder. They struggled to obtain a legal marriage due to her Shani + Rahu+ Chandra in bhava-7 contracts. However once wedded, the pair were an inseparable team.

    However the partner plays a primarily parental role as embracer, holder, protector, shelterer, and nourisher.

    In professional life, a deep sensitive affinity for the practice of contract law, advising, counseling, and diplomacy.

    If Budha = lagnesha in 7, a natural advocate ("voc" to speak).

    Social personality is strongly identified with married status. One often talks about the spouse.

    • "Lord of the Rings" 1892-1973 J.R.R. Tolkien + Surya Tolkien spoke frequently and lovingly of his wife Edith. Tolkien's friends were not so much enamored of Edith, who they found impatient, uninterested in ideas, and grasping at class-status (his Makara-Shukra). However Tolkien adored his wife, and no amount of complaining by his fellows ever could dissuade him of her charms.

    Attorneys with this placement are professionally successful due to natural commercial (Budha) acumen (unless the rashi is unsuitable for either Budha or Shukra).

    • "Out on a Limb" drama-author Shirley MacLaine * nichha * parivartamsha L-7 Guru-1. She made many contractual deals over a lifetime of real-estate, publishing, and performance agreements.

    If Mangala = lagnesha in 7: rush-in, rush-out of partnerships. lagnesha kuja in 7 = karaka for multiple unions.

    If Shukra = lagnesha in 7, sensual and gracious in the style of forming agreements.

    • Japan-Emperor Showa 1926-1989 Hirohito + Surya. Despite his emperorship, Hirohito was not an autocratic executive (Surya + Shukra). He escaped most of the punishments for Japanese aggression during World-War-2. He quietly brokered many agreements which preserved some modicum of dignity for his tragically defeated people.

    • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto

    If Guru in bhava-7 = lagnesha * generally identified with ideological doctrine, philosophy, guidance, multiplicity and generosity. Typically Guru-7 = two or more marriages.

    • "My Sweet Lord" 1943-2001 Beatle George Harrison * two marriages; identified with the religious doctrine of ISKCON mission

    • Standard Oil 1874-1960 philanthropist John D. Rockefeller donated the bulk of his inherited wealth to multiple charitable causes. 2 marriages.

    • Venezuela-Pres 1999-2013 Hugo R. Chavez + Chandra yuti Ketu + Guru. 2 marriages.

    If Shani in bhava-7 = lagnesha * relatively unyielding and interested only in imposing adherence to the Law. May be somewhat rigid or punitive in negotiation style, albeit successful via persistence in legal settlements and marketplace dealings.

    If Rahu in 7 yuti lagnesha, expedient and privilege-seeking in agreements, but highly motivated and often successful in alliance with exotic partners.

    Identifies with domains of balance-seeking such as law courts and legal offices, mediation and arbitration tables, counseling rooms, and discussion with partners including spouses.

    Feels appropriate when engaged in processes of negotiation and working toward resolution of conflict; creating contracts and agreements.

    Feels natural when interactive. Seeks deals and trades.

    Social personality

    Ruler of 7th-from-7 (self) occupies bhava-7 (contracts)

    • One 's core Social Identity is deeply invested in the marriage partnership.

      Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. one is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    One's sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    Partner = strongly identified with the native. However, other graha in 7 can change the expression of the spouse's allegiance.

    • Core Social Identity is deeply invested in the marriage partnership.

      Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. the native is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity. Sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    For example, Mangala yuti the lagnesha in bhava-7 may produce a spouse who is identified psychologically with one while at the same time sparring and competitive, or perhaps over-sexualized..

  • Core Social Identity is deeply invested in the marriage partnership.

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. the native is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist. A strong factor for marital longevity.

  • L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    the native 's sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. the native is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist A strong factor for marital longevity.

    L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    the native 's sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    Relationships both personal and professional provide the core validation of the social personality.

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. the native is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    One's sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    Negotiating, securing, maintaining, and validating the key trusting relationships of life is a major undertaking for one .


    • Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. the native is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    The native 's sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    Spouse = a mirror of self. Lagnesha in 7 = a strong predictor of spouse-partner in a similar or identical profession (10th from 10th) or same public position.

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. the native is motivated to persist in the union even when unstable conditions exist. A strong factor for marital longevity.

    L-2 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 8th-from-7 occupies 7

    Family interests and concerns are expressed through the marriage.

    L-3in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 9th-from-7 occupies 7

    Siblings and team-workers express their interest through the marriage.

    The spouse is administratively competent and inclined toward communicative aspects of business.

    L-4 in yuvati bhava

    Ruler of 10th-from-7 occupies 7

    Favorable for a stable and respectable alliance. A strong factor for marital longevity.the native 's sense of roots and property ownership / stewardship are expressed through the marriage partner.

    Lagnesha in 4th-from-4th = Spouse may be concerned with real estate, land and property management, schooling, and patriotic protection of the homeland.

    Lagnesha in 4th-from-4th = The spouse exhibits similar appearance, values and behaviors to one'sparents, particularly channeling the lineage of the maternal grandmother.

    Lagnesha in 4th-from-4th = one usually marries securely within the habitual and customary peoples who are similar or identical to one's own ethnic group (exception: Rahu in 7).

    Enjoys forming and sustaining peer-to-peer alliances in a variety of partnerships. Normally a very successful negotiator. Good in the "back-room" domain of political life, two-party sports (like tennis), and commercial trade.

    Rarely famous; generally prefers to work in the background. Likes the pronoun "we". Most natural professions = law-courts and their conflict-resolution deal-making quarters = attorney, contract-crafter, mediator, arbitrator, family court judge etc.

    Native may self-describe own lifestyle as a "model for strategically balancedliving."

    One may identify physically and socially with business and personal agreements, contracts, negotiations, alliances, treaties, and balancing scales.

    • If the graha is positive, makes a trader and negotiator of high skill.

    • Recognized for one's arranging, advising, and trading abilities.

    • If the lagnesha is a dignified planet, makes a broker, deal-maker, contract attorney, commercial trader, and negotiator of high skill.

    Social identity = deeply invested in the actions which uphold the terms of one's promises and vows. Typically a trustworthy person and often a professional specifically engaged in the establishment of various types of 'trusts'.

    However less so for Surya or Mangala when they are placed as L-1 in 7 = these hot-dry graha = self-promoting and less involved with the perceptions of Others, by their pitta nature.

    Budha's alliance-crafting is also sexualized, mentalized, and commercial, relatively short duration of contract unless impressionable Budha is constrained by Shani or another sober lawful force

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes diplomacy, counseling and advising, arranging and trading, bartering and bargaining.

    Das comments on "The lord of the 1 is considered Strong in Shad Bala, and the lord of the 1 is in 7, and the lord of the 1 has at least one beneficial placement attribute."

    • "You will reside in foreign countries or in the house of your father-in-law.

    • You may have multiple intimate relations.

    • You will be given to pleasures and will adorn yourself with scents, and other beauty care products. "

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-8

    • "Be Here Now" Baba Ram Dass yuti Rahu

    • "D'eux" balladeer Celine Dion * parivartamsha Guru-1 + Shani yuti Rahu

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-8

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-8 * urge to force change, erupt, invade

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-8

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-8 * many transformations, much identity change

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-8

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-8 * long life

    Lagnesha in Bhava 8 = secret-keeper

    L-1 in the hidden treasure, camouflaged, covered, occluded, occult, masked, contained, nearly erupting, revolutionary, potentially explosive, quick-turning, mysterious, secret, emergent, fearful, wheel-of-birth-and-death 8th-from-swakshetra

    Social-personality identities with sudden changes, Dangerous Conditions, shock, surgery, evolution, transformation, mysteries, discovery of treasures, rebirth

    Agent of Revolutionary Transformative Change

    agent of revelation and discovery

    • "Just So Stories" 1865-1936 Rudyard Kipling + Surya + Guru + Mangala + Budha. Kipling exposed for a generation of clueless Euor-American readers, a secret world of rhythms and beliefs that his audience found quite mysterious.

    secret dealings, holder of confidences

    Handlers of hidden monies, shared capital and the assets of Others

    healing,, emergencies, secrets, shocks, sudden change

    Form-change, evolution; agent of identity-transformation, often sudden and often partly hidden:

    • "Be Here Now" Baba Ram Dass yuti Rahu was a major transformative agent of American spiritual-seeker culture in 1960's through the 2010's. Rahu yuti his L-2 Surya in randhrasthana gives his mysterious-transformation narrative an exotic flair.

    Exposes the shocking truth

    Rejuvenation and Rebirth

    • "Gitanjali" 1861-1941 Rabindranath Tagore-Thakur * Bangla poet (which was only one of his identities) serving as a transformative rejuvenator of an ancient literary and musical tradition

    Dangerous Conditions, large-scale death:

    Hidden treasures and piracy:

    • Nazi dictator 1934-1945 Adolf Hitler directed the aggressive pillaging of extraordinary treasures across Europe

    Effects of graha in 8 are eruptive, secretive, occult, mysterious, hidden, magical, and changing-changing-changing. Any graha which is born into randhra bhava becomes subject to the fast spinning of the cycle of self-destruction and rebirth.

    The speed of change-of-form may be terrifying or it may induce ecstasy.

    Matters of the bhava ruled by graha in 8 are controlled by the fast-turning, identity-destroying and rejuvenating force which spins the wheel of the cycle of birth and death.

    Often body-image issues related to lagnesha-8's attempts to camouflage or surgically alter whatever part is perceived to be dangerous.

    In the modern age, women are told that beautiful bodies must resemble the adolescent male physique.

    • USA Pres-35 partner Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis constantly smoked and 'dieted' to reduce her unwanted feminine curves. She died of lung cancer aged 64. lagnesha swakshetra Shukra in bhava-8 yuti benefic Guru. Deha-kashta yoga does not apply.

    • "Lipstick" 1955-1996 Margaux Hemingway developed bulimia and alcoholism as defenses against age and feminine curves that would doom her fashion image career

    Lagnesha in randhrasthana = carries a strong social identification with the circumstances of sudden death.

    If lagnesha = a strong malefic or associated with a malefic (esp Rahu) one may be employed in emergency services, such as first-responder in fire, police, military, or medical intervention services.

    Lagnesha in randhrasthana = feels most at home in secret meetings, handling confidential or volatile materials, in tantric practice, in secret discovery modes.

    Agent of transformation, whether personal (Surya, inner graha) or social (Shani, Guru).

    Identified with occult domains where concealed matters are penetrated and revealed; where healings occur; as fragmented parts of a mystery are brought to the surface and re-assembled.

    • The psychiatrist's office, psychic reading room, stock market trading desk, séance session, addictions intervention (Chandra, Budha), oil drilling and mining, treasure hunter diving ship (Kuja), police detective, legal discovery, investigative journalism (Budha) archeological dig

    Attracted to state secrets, confidential power knowledge, great movements of the cycle of birth and death. Good for handling wills and estates;; distribution of joint assets of marriage after divorce; managing state secrets.

    • Excellent placement for a midwife, emergency responder, or intervention healer.

    Prone to marital infidelity (unless bhava-7 is strong) because they are so bodily identified with exploration and secrets.

    Often a highly sexual (Mangala) person but this depends considerably on the L-8;

    prone also to mysterious or undiagnosable disease.

    Often inherits legacy wealth. Also wealth from hidden sources, cash contributions, including non-payment of taxes, offshore protective banking, other schemes that do not see the light of day.

    Will use The financial wealth for purposes consistent with the character of the lagnesha. (E.g., Kuja or Surya, self-promoting purposes. Shani, conservative investments, esp. in earth properties.)

    Can be a remarkable tantriki esp. if enlightened to control the sexual powers; possessed of divinatory and manipulative skills due to reading hidden patterns, when the lagnesha is strong esp. Mesha, Vrishabha, or Dhanau rising. Marvelous esoteric scholar and psychic healer.

    One believes oneself to exemplify "secretly enriching, transformative living."

    Lagnesha-8 = physically and socially identified with secret transactions, hidden sources of financial wealth ,, including private investments, confidential therapeutic privilege, and classified diplomatic information.

    Often a secretive person

    • if the graha is strong one may wield considerable power behind the scenes.

    • Inherited wealth. Physical body = agency of mysterious and hidden forces.

    • If lagnesha = a malefic, accident-prone - but typically recovers.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes

    • confidentiality, secrecy, archaeology, exhuming and revealing the unknown, marine exploration, managing hidden financial assets, or discovery of secret knowledge esp. circumstances of death,

    • secret undertakings, tantric transformation of external forms, emergency response, surgery, reformation, rejuvenation, reconstitution, recovery of life force,

    From B.V. Raman's 300 Important Combinations:

    Deha-kashta "difficulty for the body"

    • deha = to plaster, mould, fashion) the body; to support the body

    • kaSTa = bad ; ill, evil, wrong ; painful ; grievous, severe, miserable; difficult, troublesome ah! woe! alas!

    "110. Deha-kashta Yoga


    the Lord of Lagna must join a malefic or occupy the 8th house.


    The subject will be devoid of bodily comforts.


    ...Most of the manual workers belong to this category. The Yoga is said to become defunct if a benefic aspects the ascendant lord."

    Das commentary:

    if The lord of the 1 conjoins a malefic planet

    or the lord of the 1 is in 8, and is not the lord of the 1 is aspected by a benefic,

    and is not the lord of the 1 conjoins a benefic."

    "The Ascendant Lord, who represents the body in the chart, is located in the difficult eighth house or conjoins a malefic devoid of any benefic aspect.

    • This means that, especially in early life, you will be unable to find bodily comfort easily.

    • Throughout life also, there may be a feeling that the simple pleasures of life, such as peace and physical comfort, are difficult to achieve.

    This can be caused, for example, by a continuing, difficult to shake, negative physical feeling or condition. "

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-9 * karako bhavo nashto

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-9

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-9 * urge to philosophize, preach, profess

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-9

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-9 * karako bhavo nashto

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-9

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-9

    Identity with the Father, the Priesthood, and the Doctrine = Lagnesha in bhava-9

    • The Professors and their Profession of Faith; the Guru; patriarchal religions.

    • Wisdom Teaching, Sacred Texts-Knowledge, World Travel, Life Philosophy, Worship


    Typically identified with philosophical beliefs, religious doctrine, dharma, intellectual priesthood, and the scientific realms of theory

    • "Totem and Taboo" 1856-1939 neurology Sigmund Freud with communicative L-1 Budha in 9 as well as critically argumentative Kanya-Mangala-1,produced groundbreaking theories in psychology and sexual behavior. Unfortunately, very little data could be located to support the theories... but they were well-argued theories nonetheless.

    A preacher-teacher who feels most natural and comfortable in the university, the temple, delivering sermons (in person, by writing, or by communications media) . The perceived life-defining task = transmission of higher knowledge.

    Core of identity = ideological commitments, strongly held beliefs, matters of conviction and principle.

    • Protestant Reformation 1483-1549 "95 Theses" Martin Luther * Chandra-lagnesha-9 promulgator of a new theology based in folk-ways, vernacular language, and local territory

    • "Way to Wealth" 1706-1790 Benjamin Franklin lagnesha Mangala in dharmsthana yuti L-7 (diplomacy) Shukra. During second half of the 1700's, Franklin was a mainstay "public intellectual" of the breakaway new American republic, a major force in crafting the USA Constitution and organizing the meetings (sahangam * sangha = 9) of those who believed fervently in its foundational Enlightenment principles

    • (L-1, L-3, L-4, L-6 in 9) although Surya-5 allowed him to follow in the governing footsteps of his famous politician father, USA-Sen-TN; VP environmentalist Al Gore made his greatest public impact with the preaching (9) about global warming, especially "An Inconvenient Truth". Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for this global (9) work.

    one may be called to one of the ritual priesthoods, or one may serve as a spiritual teacher in some institutionally unaffiliated capacity.

    • As a young adult at his mother's request (Chandra) USA Sen-Louisiana, Gov 1928-1935 Huey Kingfish Long trained as a Baptist-Christian preacher. Yet feeling unsuited for the church pulpit, he followed his father (9) into politics. In the footsteps of the original Christian, Mr. Long quickly built a power-base via appeal to the disenfranchised, exploited and frustrated poor-folk (Rahu = outsiders).

    • Rising to a powerful controlling role as governor then quickly elected to the USA Senate during the USA Great Depression, Long the Baptist allied himself with a prominent radical radio-preaching Catholic priest (Rahu = mixing). Drawing together several populist, religious movements, the "Share Our Wealth" political party was building toward a nationally legislated redistribution of financial wealth , when Long was assassinated at age-42 (Surya-Ketu period).

    When lagnesha occupies dharma bhava, one may serve as a global-wisdom-transmitter, whatever the social package.

    Identifies with religious fellowship (9 = 11th-from-11th, sahangam * sangha * global unity, and priestly ritual.

    Feels vitalized and appropriate in domains of religious ceremony, including universities and temples.


    May have a potent relationship with father and guru, generally following in the father's line of work.

    • The father of "My Fair Lady" 1908-1990 Rex Harrison was a man-about-town and general rake, charmingly in-demand and popular at parties. However Harrison's own lagnesha Budha suffers moudhya-dosha via a Kumbha-Surya-9 which much reduces the 9th's implication of wisdom, replacing philosophy with 'popularity'. Mr. Harrison was an enormously popular actor who enjoyed remarkable 'good luck' (9) in receiving highly suitable dramatic roles.

    • Motorsports 1980-2013 Formula-1 Maria de Villota + Mangala yuti Rahu = very strong relationship with her father, Formula-1 racer Emilio de Villota

    • The father of USA VP-Sen, environmentalist Al Gore was a long-serving USA senator. Young son Gore attended Vanderbilt-U Divinity School, although he did not take a credential in religious ministry. Instead he switched to law (likely under his USA-Senator father's advice.) However during Rahu-Mangala period in 2004 Gore's "stranglehold" nichha-Mangala lagnesha-9 preaching instincts returned when he started to warn about global warning.

    If lagnesha is strong, one may be identified with some variety of preaching. Wants to be in place of * worth-ship * worship (officiating) and in company of the congregation = sahangha of one's own belief system. A leader guiding some religious fellowship.

    • uttama-Surya= lagnesha for Dale Earnhardt the race-car celebrity. The huge NASCAR races are essentially religious ceremonies which are held on Vishnu's day: Sundays.

    • Damaged lagnesha trying to fulfill the guru role

    • uttama-Shani lagnesha in dharmasthana defines the authentic guru role of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the great exponent of institutional (Shani) compassion(9) for the dying.

    • USA-Sen-TN; VP environmentalist Al Gore toward the end of his public career evolved from a political preacher to a vigorous environmentalist

    Lagnesha in dharmasthana = believes that one naturally exemplifies "blessed, fortunate, auspicious living" as specifically directed by destiny. One's role-modeling is expected to serve as guidance to the followers as evidence of a higher truth.

    Associated with some variety of doctrinal profession, which includes ambassadorship, guru-ship and university professorship at the authentically divinatory level, including philosophy of the law.

    Recognized for teaching and transmission of great philosophical truths. 9 = 11th-from-11th "system of the systems" ideology and dharma and dogma.

    Lagnesha in dharmasthana = physically and socially identified with ideology, higher studies, religious belief and high university culture, philosophical discourse, theology, holy scripture, moral authority, academic theory, sacred liturgy, and temple discourse such as wedding and graduation ceremonies.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes philosophical teaching and transmission of great truths of the wisdom traditions.

    Das commentary :

    if The lord of the 1 is considered Strong in Shad Bala,

    and the lord of the 1 is in 9,

    and the lord of the 1 has at least one beneficial placement attribute.

    "You will do charitable deeds and will be devoted to your preceptor.

    Your father will be a person of great reputation.

    You will acquire property and wealth from your father. "

    ~~ BPHS

    Ch. 24, shloka 9

    "If Lagna's Lord is in Dharma Bhava,

    one will be fortunate, dear to people,

    be a devotee of Shri Vishnu,

    be skillful, eloquent in speech,

    and be endowed with wife, sons, and wealth."

    Das commentary , if The lord of the 1 is in 9

    "This is indicative of a good devotee of God,

    • a fortunate person who can speak well,

    • who has a good spouse and children

    • and who has a good future life as well.

    They are charitable and can do much good for others.

    • Look to the lord of the 1st for these things.

    If the ascendant lord is placed in the 9th house,

    • acquisition of financial wealth will be through her father and elders. "

    Das commentary , IF:

    • The lord of the 1 is considered Strong in Shad Bala,

    • and the lord of the 1 is in 9,

    • and the lord of the 1 has at least one beneficial placement attribute.

    "You will do charitable deeds and will be devoted to your preceptor.

    Your father will be a person of great reputation.

    You will acquire property and wealth from your father. "

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-10 * dig-bala

    • "Play to Win" real-estate televisadero Donald Trump + uttama-Rahu

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-10

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-10 * dig-bala * urge to govern, regulate, decide

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-10

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-10

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-10

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-10

    Lagnesha in Bhava 10 = social identification with:

    leadership, lawful environments, symbolic social roles, public responsibilities

    L-1 in the socially visible, dignified, lawful, orderly, conventional, executive 10th-from-swakshetra = strongly identified with leadership and institutional governance roles.

    • USA Pres-02 "Thoughts on Government" John Adams = lawyer, judicial theorist, founder of the independent American Republic, wrote the Massachusetts Constitution and much of the USA Constitution.

    L-1 brings the kinetic energy of the physical body movement and fleshly appearance (1) dynamically into elite, top-of-hierarchy positions for public viewing (10).

    If lagnesha is exalted, easy success from positive recognition. " I am my job." If fallen, self-esteem issues can sabotage career performance.

    Lagnesha in bhava-10 = socially visible positioned near the top of some hierarchy. One is well-known not for theatrical celebrity (5) but rather for dignified leadership roles such as parenting, business director, governance of organizations.

    Leadership, Respect

    • Helps to secure a respectable public reputation and dignified leadership roles

    • One is socially respected, regardless of the job function

    • socially normal and orderly behavior is attributed to the personality. Any irregularity or scandal will 'normally' be overcome


    Unless interrupted by other factors, L-1 in 10 provides a favorable public relationship to one's parents and the family's social standing -- often going back several generations. Generally the parents are persons of respect and reputation themselves.

    • UK-Queen 1953- Elizabeth-2

    • UK-Prince, environmentalist Charles Windsor

    • UK-Princess Anne Windsor Laurence

    • USA Pres-11 partner Sarah Childress Polk hailed from one of the "leading" Ulster Scots pioneer families in frontier Tennessee; her father was a wealthy planation owner.

    • The father of USA Pres-36 "Great Society" Lyndon Baines Johnson was a prominent political figure in his day; Johnson's mother was the "better half" of his father's career who managed the family home as anopen and welcoming political space.

    • USA Pres-41 partner; USA Pres-43 mother Barbara Pierce Bush - her father was a nationally known business executive and her mother a significant American socialite

    • "Theory of Relativity" 1879-1955 Albert Einstein's parents were pan-European merchants known throughout their commercial network

    • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Mohamed Reza Pahlavi was born and raised into a royal dynasty. L-1 Kuja in royal Singha -- but Mangala + Shani suggests that there will be problem-sets in sustaining the parental entitlements

    • "Play to Win" real-estate televisadero Donald Trump hails from three generations of large-scale, materially wealthy + successful real-estate developers

    Lagnesha in 10th feels most natural and comfortable in the corporate or government executive office, leading mass movements, and being a public icon.

    Lagnesha in karmasthana = an exceptionally public person whether they consciously choose this exposed role or not. Identified with prominent social position and recognized for lifetime public service. Wants to be in hierarchical leadership roles, making decisions which affect others, setting cultural standards for their group.

    Attracted to high-visibility domains of world government and public policy, dignified public assemblies, regal ceremonies of state, the throne-chair in the corporate board room; enjoys roles such as village headman, president of trade guild, etc.

    Takes public duty quite seriously, despite conflicts in personal life. (Note that Einstein in addition to being a theoretical physicist was also invited to be prime minister of Israel.)

    When L-10 is positive, the public associates the native with prestigious, orderly, socially accountable life purpose. (Verify arudha lagna and lagnesha to gain a fuller profile)

    Lagnesha in karmasthana = physically and socially identified with the benefits of an orderly society; leadership and public dignity. May be quite famous (or infamous). Recognized for one's ability to set trends, direct organizations, manage public interests, and lead the masses.

    Respected by peers and underlings. Identified with authoritative tasks, social reputation, and top levels of social hierarchy.

    Lagnesha in karmasthana = is physically and socially identified with leadership and public dignity. May be quite famous (or infamous).

    • Recognized for their positive and conventional reputation, inclination to represent and direct organizations, manage structured public interests, and lead the masses.

    • Respected by peers and underlings, takes responsibility for the whole organization. Conservative, class-division social viewpoint. Identified with parenting, responsible and reliable social reputation, and top levels of social hierarchy.

    • Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes institutional structure and stability, public responsibility, rule of law, iconic leadership, bureaucracies, social rank and class, prestige, privilege, and caste.


    • Ch. 24, shloka 10

    "If Lagna's Lord is in Karma Bhava,

    • one will be endowed with paternal happiness, royal honor (or patronage),

    fame among men and will doubtlessly have self-earned wealth."

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-11 = political, entertainment, bright-light networks

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-11 * feeling for ethnic, rhythmic, customary connections

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-11 * urge to network, connect, link

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-11 communication, propaganda, instructional, messaging networks

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-11 optimistic, philosophical, expansive networks

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-11 luxury, diplomatic, justice networks

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-11 * lawful earnings networks

    Lagnesha in Bhava 11 = social networker, missionary, outreach linkage


    distributive and associative networks, social movements, marketplace income, large group assemblies, gains and profits, prizes and prices, achievements, awards and trophies

    large, regulated systems:

    • economy, ecology, anthropology, sociology

    one is typically engaged with the national or international economy or perhaps with mass movements or even just a very large fan base.

    • "Grateful Dead" 1942-1995 Jerry Garcia enjoyed a tremendously loyal, large fan base supporting a 30year career in musical performance touring

    Splendid placement for agents of any variety of systematic connectivity: electrical, financial, water pipes, oil pipes, customer sales, social, conceptual, scientific, philosophical, ideological, material, familial, etc.

    May be a skilled genealogist or social historian due to gift for finding the links between items and ideas.

    • "Twilight of the Idols" 1844-1900 Friedrich Nietzsche was able to establish compelling linkage between the categorical ideations of ancient cultures e.g. Avestan and modern German aesthetic discourse.

    Naturally and comfortably identified with environments that feature active networking and gain via links of profitable association .

    Comfortable and successful in commercial and community organizations, in large social groups and assemblies, at "fund-raisers", and in the marketplace of goods and ideas.

    Lagnesha-11 engages in profitable business, even more so when the L-11 has invasive, progressive, or pro-active qualities

    • England-King 1491-1547 Henry VIII Tudor - L-11 = Surya-Mithuna yuti Guru L-5 royalty L-8 taxes

    Common placement for the principled and well-connected social progressive activist

    • "Policy of Kindness" 14th Dalai Lama Tenzing Gyatso * tireless community networker, engaged in large-scale missionary outreach, friendly

    • Archbishop of Canterbury 2002-2012 Rowan Williams * tireless community networker, engaged in large-scale missionary outreach, friendly

    • UK-Prince William Windsor

    • USA-Sen-Mass served 1962-2009 Teddy Kennedy lagnesha-Mangala + Budha + Surya

    • USA Pres-06 "American System" John Quincy Adams as a career diplomat, carried forward the ideological commitments of his father, adding his own vigorously principled opposition to slavery

    • USA Pres-39 "Talking Peace" Jimmy Carter founder of democratic elections supervisory organization; housing equity

    • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 M. Reza Pahlavi (in pre-revolutionary days)

    Wants to be in the marketplace, creating new markets and opportunities through regular and reliable links, making a profit, in large social organizations, in associations and networks, making connections between people and ideas, going to parties, organizing events.

    Surya in bhava-11 * personal engagement with political or entertainment career focused upon economics (11) or community development (11)

    personal engagement with social networking, fundraising, large-scale entertainment (Surya) events.

    • USA Pres-40 partner Nancy Davis Reagan hosted hundreds of glamorous State Dinners while her husband was POTUS 1980-1988 and hundreds more during his term as California-governor 1968-1976.

    personal engagement with global politics, theatre of philosophical explication

    Chandra in bhava-11 * personal engagement with rhythms of settled life upon the land; ancient customs and festivals; food planting and harvest; passing of traditions to the next generation

    Mangala in bhava-11 * personal engagement with physical vitality, muscular movement, career focused upon active pursuit of social, scientific and economic goals

    Budha in bhava-11 * personal engagement with large-assembly communications, rallies, meetings, planning, advertising, media-messaging

    • USA Sen-TN; VP environmentalist Al Gore * environmental films, conferences, speaking tours

    • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto * multiple election cycles

    Guru in bhava-11 * personal engagement with large-scale humanitarian undertakings, generosity of spirit in community-participation networks

    Shukra in bhava-11 * large-scale negotiation, deal-making, bargaining, brokering; also decorating, arranging, or matching-making professions

    Shani in bhava-11 * personal engagement with extensive social networking necessary to establish effective governance. Mandatory relationship with earnings systems.

    Notably connective and opportunistic in attitude, one seeks to mix with people of all marketplace participant groups and create strategic relationships between large assemblies.

    Identifies easily with the common human, the hoi-polloi, the masses.

    Exceptionally goal oriented

    • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto enjoyed a powerful parivartamsha yoga engaging Chandra-1 identity with Budha-11 goals and achievements. Against all statistical improbability -- after imprisonments, threats to life, and an onslaught of accusations -- she was able to take command of her country twice. Chandra is imprisoned (literally) in an absolute nishturabashi yoga at the exact same degree as Shani. The karmic cost of striving for leadership was massive. But it did happen! A young, idealistic, western-educated *woman* did rise to top governance roles in Pakistan.

    Identified with large distributive networks (11) which bear their name and likeness (1).

    Feels appropriate as a purveyor of commodities or shared ideas.

    A scientific actor who marshals resources then systematically distributes the goods.

    If lagnesha is amplified by Rahu here, likes pyramid schemes and home-selling networks; can promote these with missionary zeal. Believes he is engaged in generating "equality, opportunity, and full enfranchisement for everyman" (whilst of course earning his own commission.) If lagnesha is severely damaged can deal profitably in evil, such as prostitution or drugs.

    One may be physically and socially identified with large groups and assemblies, networks of associations, networks of ideas and electronic signals, connectivity on every level.

    • Recognized for ability to coordinate and distribute resources on a large and well-ordered scale.

    • Recognized for ability to regulate economic marketplace activities and for gainfulness .

    • Often widely known and usually socially active.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes social activism And community development, achieving goals and objectives, fund-raising, interconnectivity of people and devices, marketplace activities and their gainfulness, and large parties or gatherings such as fayre or mela.

    • USA Pres-39 "Talking Peace" Jimmy Carter = a man of the people, concerned and connected to distribute large-scale, regulated system-participatory opportunity via networks of charitable (L-11 in 12) and political association (11 = Simha)

    one is happy when moving from large event to large event.

    • One may take a directing role but one may just as easily mix with the crowd.

    Public Figures

    lagnesha = Surya in bhava-12

    lagnesha = Chandra in bhava-12

    lagnesha = Mangala in bhava-12 * urge to retreat, dream, imagine

    lagnesha = Budha in bhava-12

    lagnesha = Guru in bhava-12 * many meditations, much guidance

    lagnesha = Shukra in bhava-12

    lagnesha = Shani in bhava-12

    Lagnesha in Bhava 12 = social identification with:

    • visionary imagination, prayer and spiritual guidance, private bedroom, hospital and hotel, meditative spiritual retreat, divination, distant lands


    This native feels most natural and comfortable in his own imagination, in the liminal space between life and death.

    Also one feels identified with the geography and behaviors distant lands. Often an internationalized individual who feels equally comfortable in the homeland and abroad.

    one has a strong social identification with private, sequestered locations and foreign lands, which trait will emerge most vividly during the Vimshottari mahadasha period of the lagnesha.

    Wants to be in an enclosed, sanctuary space: bedroom, dormitory, attic, a spa, ashram, hospital, monastery - or prison, concentration camp, survivalist compound - any walled enclosure.

    Wants very high levels of privacy in all undertakings, both personal and professional. If other graha will bring one into high profile public life, the lagnesha in 12 says that this native's creative process, decision-making, and core relationships are conducted in a very private space preliminary to one's appearance on the world stage.

    Likes the peaceful courtyard, the ordered space of the meditation hall, the interior compound, the super-private meeting room.

    Socially identified with the domain of subconscious imagery, fantasy, dreams, and out-of-body creativity.

    If lagnesha is strong, one can be a dramatic articulator of the collective imagination.

    If Mangala, competitive and physicalized in bedroom and distant lands

    If Surya gains celebrity strength one may be a wonderful entertainer and brilliant or iconic genius.

    If Shukra is involved, may be a seductive tempter-temptress into a world of forbidden, private delights.

    In a generally sensualized nativity, one may be characteristically inclined toward "bed pleasures" when lagnesha occupies bhava-12.

    On the other hand, in a reserved and contemplative nativity, one may crave religious retreat in a cloistered sanctuary with as little visibility as possible

    Naturally, bhava-12 being 6th-from-7th, the unboundaried activities in this house are known for their animosity toward the boundaried contract of marriage.

    Yet one rarely achieves emotional intimacy of genuinely shared partnership, due to being so identified with the world inside one's own head.

    One feels appropriately engaged during long sojourns in foreign countries, where one acts out a dream-persona of foreign cultural behaviors.

    • Anglican Archbishop, social justice advocate Desmond Mpilo Tutu a South African native, spent decades in England, serving the Anglican Christian church. Eventually he returned to his homeland, but still travelled extensively.

    One believes that one is "making dreams come true" in exemplary "fantastic, imaginative living".

    One may be physically and socially identified with events which constitute a loss of personal identity, merging into the collective unconscious or the corporate mind, espionage, foreign lands, meditation, art studios, illusions, research laboratories, prisons and camps, sanctuary and enclosure.

    Alternatively, esp with a strong legal-punitive Shani, one is identified with social structures, survival fears, and laws of distant lands

    A private person, but one may nevertheless be responsible for managing essential world energies. Can be either prayerful or deranged or both.

    Not inclined toward seeking public recognition unless there are other, highly dynamic, graha in lagna.

    Physically and socially identified with 'loss of identity', espionage, foreign lands, meditation, art studios, illusions, research laboratories, prisons and camps, sanctuary and enclosure.

    Naturally suited to an environment that emphasizes undercover work, back-room deals, espionage, sanctuary life such as ashram or monastery, convalescence and retirement, private imagination, living in foreign lands, and recovery of past-life identity.

    Das commentary :

    IF the lord of the 1 is in a trine.

    "Good life in general, wealth, intelligence.

    Physical health at all times. "


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