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Amsha = Amshaka

Arudha Lagna

Public opinion regarding the social contribution of the Native = whether the profile represented by the Arudha Lagna is accurate or not (and it can be deceptive indeed) the AL shows the social profile or " what people think" about oneself


AL = bhava-1 physical form, flesh-body, athletics, championship, movement, birth, blood, innovation, invention, engineering, generation, genius, first-arrived, naobility, pioneer

AL = bhava-2 hoards, knowledge, banking, lineage values-fulfillment , speech, face, voice, eyes, storage, warehousing, collections, treasuries, libraries, silo, keepers, keep, coop, cup

AL = bhava-3


Administration and Announcements

Messenger-Message = missionary, envoy, apostle, = Signaler-Signal-Enseigneur

Ensemble = Entourage = Cohort = Team = Tour

cinema, evangelism, reports, scripts, announcements, communications, conferences, instruction, explanation,

  • writing, publication, advertising, photography,

small-group process, mercantilism, commerce, business, shop-manager, markets and marketing, sales, project management, meetings, schedules, short-term travel, itinerary , plans.

Translation, interpretation, exchange of communication, documentation, presentation, mental-manual activities, crafi

Bravery. Courage.

Events Managers. Correspondence, administrators, announcers, reporters, planners and Organizers, commercial business operations, , Producers

  • POTUS-pair-34 Military Families 1896-1979 Mamie Doud Eisenhower = events manager, planner = legendary letter-writing campaigns

  • POTUS-pair-38 Addiction Recovery 1918-2011 Betty Bloomer Ford = press conferences, committee-work, autobiographies, planning

  • Violet Flame 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet contains Ketu-3 psychic messages

  • POTUS-pair-43 School Libraries 1946- Laura Welch Bush campaign scheduling, staff management, event administration, travel itineraries

  • Calif-Gov-pair 1955- broadcast journalist Maria O. Shriver = television journalism, book author, executive producer of high-impact investigative series

  • Fashion economics 1981- real-estate Ivanka Trump Kushner 3- Garment-accessories manufacturing, entrepreneurship, communications liaison

= = =

Process Managers, administrators, announcers, reporters, planners, organizers - business, communications, announcements, conferences, teamwork

  • France-Emperor 1769-1821 Wars Napoleon Bonaparte famed for military field-management

  • POTUS-13 Slave Trade Compromise 1800-1874 Millard Fillmore = documentation, standard operating procedures, office behaviors. Rejuvenated (8th-from-8th) failed state bank by writing new SOP + policies.

  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt prolific writer, correspondence, policy, popular audience, books, newspaper-magazine journalism

  • Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 assembly line Henry Ford = automobile manufacturing

  • Russ-Soviet 1878-1953 Man-of-Steel Josef Stalin = plans, propaganda, schedules, explanations, announcements, cohort

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King = planning marches, scheduling demonstrations, writing speeches, management role in the unfolding social justice movement

  • VPOTUS Military Weapons Contracts 1941- Dick Cheney

RADIO, TELEVISION, CINEMA, internet, scriptwriters, songwriters

Entertainment Production

  • Truth Be Told 1933-2021 interviewer Larry King = radio-television journalism long career

  • Ave Maria 1935-2007 tenor Luciano Pavarotti touring performance

  • Zanjeer 1942- drama-politics Amitabh Bachchan = cinema, advertising, commercial businesses

  • Layla 1945- guitarist Eric Clapton = Songwriter, bands, touring musician

  • Syriana 1961- drama-activist George Clooney cinema, commerce

= = =

  • Swing Time 1911-1995 dance theatre Ginger Rogers [cinema, scriptwriting, autobiography, ensemble drama]

  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot cinema, books, essays - contains uchcha- Chandra

  • Sans attendre 1968- chanteuse compositrice Celine Dion scripted performance, touring, entrepreneurial ventures

Entourage, Ensemble, travel-Tours, , tourists

Conferences, collaborative Productions, announcements, business Administration

Commerce and communications media such as cinema, television, internet, sales, marketing, advertising,

= = =

  • My Fair Lady 1908-1990 musical theatre Rex Harrison cinema, taloid magazine publicity, ensemble performance

  • Heartbreak Hotel 1935-1977 rockabilly Elvis Presley cinema, photographs, commercial music production, entourage

Writers, scripters, publishers, Evangelists, painters

  • Dialogue 1347-1380 St. Catherine of Siena = her question-and-answer dialogues that were recorded by her interrogators are still being republished and read, 700 years later

  • Secret Doctrine 1831-1891 theosophy Helena Hahn Blavatsky

  • Telepathy 1880-1949 esoterica Alice Bailey

  • Second Sex 1908-1986 social theory Simone de Beauvoir = writings

  • On Golden Pond 1937- drama-fitness Jane Seymour Fonda [cinema, home-video, television, scripts, photographs, autobiographies, internet publications]

  • Law of One 1943-2015 Ra Material Carla Rueckert = book publication, conferences, psychic groupwork

  • Harry Potter 1965- magical-fiction J.K. Rowling = legendary Harry Potter books, cinema, merchandise

= = =

  • Starry Messenger 1564-1642 Galileo Galilei

  • Meditations 1596-1650 logician Rene Descartes

  • de Mundi Systemate 1643-1727 Isaac Newton

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin + printshop, publisher, commercialist, franchiser

  • POTUS-07 Indian Removal 1767-1845 Andrew Jackson political cohort

  • POTUS-14 Bleeding Kansas 1804-1869 Franklin Pierce commerce, committee-work

  • Holy Science 1855-1936 Shri Yukteswara Giri publication of seminal Yuga Cycle principles

  • Sherlock Holmes 1859-1930 occultist Arthur Conan Doyle publications, drawings, writing

  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner = lecturer, literary magazine, organizational programming

  • Principia Mathematica 1872-1970 philosopher Bertrand Russell = author of 40 books on mathematics, philosophy, social justice

  • Realm of Light 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich = instructional descriptive paintings

  • UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill = newspaper journalism, documentary reports, radio announcements, paintings, books = Nobel Prize for Literature, 1953

  • Memories Dreams Reflections 1875-1961 Carl Jung explanatory medical-psychoanalytic publications

  • Duino Elegies 1875-1926 mystical poet Rainer Maria Rilke = poet, essayist, literary publisher

  • Waste Land 1888-1965 publisher T.S. Eliot

  • India-PM 1889-1964 Toward Freedom Jawaharlal Nehru world-recognized books on history and political analysis; radio annoouncements; media management

  • USA Black Power 1925-1965 Nation of Islam Malcolm X = evangelism

  • Old Path White Clouds 1926-2022 Interbeing Thich Nhat Hanh = writer of more than 100 books, 70 of them in English + numerous translations of Buddhist scripture

  • Open Society 1930- currency-values George Soros = commerce, discussion, publications, conferences, programmatic activism, management, tactical planning

  • Nepal 1945-2001 The Last Hindu King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah [announcements, travel itineraries, support for village craft-making]

  • Genesis 1951- songwriter drummer Phil Collins = multi-decade music industry production executive, ensemble percussionist-singer, reputed ballad writer-publisher

AL = bhava-4 = foundations, base-layer

Parent-protector figures

Ancient ways

ethnicity, ethnoreligion, roots, familiar rhythms

patriotism, roots-culture, land-based

  • place of settlement
  • agriculture and architecture
  • locality
  • ethnocentrism

  • the land and its residents
  • ways and folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of a people

security, vehicles, homes, real estate, landed properties, shelter

Foundational schooling,

  • folkways,
  • local habits,
  • laying the groundwork,
  • rhythmic cycles,
  • rituals,
  • ruts, routines


  • dedication to parents and homeland rhythms
  • protection

  • parenting

  • nourishing

  • caretaking of the weak and the vulnerable

fundamentalism, folk religion, peasantry, nationalism, vernacular = Schoolteachers, parents, police

VEHICLES of transport including land, air, and sea

" Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

~~POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy

Basis, basilica, patriots, protectors, border-defenders, old Ways, ethnicity

  • Bello Gallico 100-44 BCE Julius Caesar laid the basis (4) of an enduring empire consisting of stone-lined earth and watery Pathways of Transportation (4) , schools for socialization (4) and boundary-defense armies (4)

  • POTUS-04 USA-Constitution 1751-1836 James Madison

  • POTUS-06 American System 1767-1868 John Quincy Adams [patriotism, foundational legal systems]

  • Iran-Shah 1772-1834 Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar [known for the elaborate arrangements of his stunningly opulent palaces, and his engagement with land-territory boundaries of the Iranian Empire]

  • POTUS-12 California Statehood 1784-1850 Zachary Taylor [plantation owner, land-appropriator for Euro-settlers]

  • Mormon Church 1805-1844 Golden Plates Joseph Smith [Mormon settlements, planned independent state]

  • Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie [railroads, pathways of Transportation, infrastructure (4), later schools]

  • General Electric 1847-1931 Thomas Edison [electrical home appliances, street lighting]

  • POTUS-28 The State 1856-1924 Woodrow Wilson [racial boundaries]

  • POTUS-29 Teapot Dome 1865-1923 Warren G. Harding [civil rights, naative American citizenship]

  • Mad Monk 1869-1916 Romanov Grigori Rasputin [farming, peasantry, patriotism, the Old Ways (4)

  • POTUS-33 Trial and Hope 1884-1972 Harry Truman [defense WW-1 + WW-2, national Guard]

  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Zedong [nationalism]

  • Japan-Emperor1901-1989 Showa Hirohito [nationalism]

  • POTUS-36 Great Society 1908-1973 Lyndon Baines Johnson [basic citizen rights, Headstart federal education funding, foundational schooling]

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy [patriotism, education, civil engagement; assassination in an open-top automobile; funeral wagons]

  • Hour of Decision 1918-2018 Rev. Billy Graham defender of the Old Ways of worshipful routine

  • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Aryamehr Mohamed Reza Pahlavi [patriotism, homeland, peasant support base, education programming]

  • 49th Nizari Ismaili Imam 1936- Agha Khan-4 Karim al-Husseini = extensive land holdings, schools, houses of worship, luxury yachts, racing cars = arudha lagna contains [Mūla] Rahu, [Mūla] Guru, [Mūla] Budha

  • Microsoft 1955- philanthropist Bill Gates [global infrastructure, contains uchcha-Budha+Kuja]

  • Iran-Pres 1956- traffic engineer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - patriot, college teacher, civil transportation engineer (local infrastructure)

  • Publisher 1960-1999 attorney JFK-Jr

  • Franc-Pres 1977- financier Emmanuel Macron [contains nicha-Kuja parivartamsha Chandra = deep, defensive patriotism]

Caretakers --

Patriots, parents, Educators, agriculturalists,

Builders, infrastructure in the place of Settlement , environmentalist, people of place

  • Harmonices Mundi 1571-1630 Johannes Kepler JK was a teacher of mathematics for most of his life. He was also known as a property-owner. Having received a portfolio of rental properties through his first wife, Kepler spent much time managing his houses.

  • Steppenwolf 1877-1962 anti-Nazi Hermann Hesse anti-Nazi polemicist, gardener, writer on student-teacher relationships, ancient ethnic sensibilities

  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter home-building, school-teaching, providing ballot-box security for fair elections

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffet = provider of securities

  • Moral Majority 1933-2007 Rev. Jerry Falwell = Liberty University

  • Clairsentient 1939-1994 social justice Paul Solomon

  • Banker to the Poor 1940- microcredit Muhammad Yunus = educator, homeland culture, focus on mothers

  • Super Brain 1946- Dr.Deepak Chopra = folkways, ethno-national customs

  • King of Pop 1958-2009 Thriller Michael J. Jackson parenting, naeverland estate

= = =

  • La Pucelle d'Orléans 1412-1431 St. Jeanne d'Arc = nationalism

  • POTUS-pair-02 Letters 1744-1818 Abigail Adams = 4 contains lagnesha Surya-4-parivartamsha-bandesha-Mangala-1 = foundation of a nation

  • Miraculous Medal 1806-1876 St. Catherine Laboure = caretaking, home nursing

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant caretaker of General US-Grant, also a plantation daughter

  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata = caretaking, provisioner of shelter, schoolteacher

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland mother, grandmother, familiar-face in American folk culture


    Avant-gardiste 1933- Beatle-pair Yoko Ono parenting culture, foundational human rights

  • Two Women 1934- luxury eyeframes Sophia Loren celebrated palatial homes, lavishly decorated and photographed for magazines

  • Entertaining 1941- housekeeping Martha Kostyra Stewart = mother, grandmother, homes and housewares

  • Yentl 1942- drama-song-activist Barbra Streisand = patriotism, real-estate

  • UK-Queen 1947- Camilla Rosemary Shand = pasturelands, barns, agriculture, old local folkways routines, parenting

  • Best Is Yet to Come 1949-2022 designer Ivana Zelnickova Trump mother, grandmother, real-estate, interior decor, parenthood

  • UK-Princess Royal 1950- equestrienne Anne Laurence nationalism, dedication to parents

  • Jyotiṣika 1956- educator BP Lama schoolteacher, parent

  • UK-Princess of Wales 1961-1997 Diana Spencer

  • Zorro 1969- drama-commerce Catherine Zeta Jones = luxury homes often photographed for magazines. Homewares decor business. Also promoted as a dedicated parent.

  • Oops 1981- music-merchandise Britney Spears = parents and parenting

AL = bhava-5 = mantra = vidya = putra/putriki

politics, artistic performance, divinity, brilliance, intelligence, games, genius, scholarship, celebrity

Politicians + entitled Royalty

= = =

celebrity entertainers + creative artists + genius + scholarship, literary writers

3rd-from-3rd bhavat-bhavam

= = =

  • Annunciation 1452-1519 logic Leonardo daVinci [paragon polymath of Renaissance Italy]

  • Four Seasons 1678-1741 Baroque sacred music Antonio Vivaldi [celebrated writer and performer of sacred and secular Baroque music, performed throughout Europe]

  • Origin of Species 1809-1892 naturalist Charles Darwin scholarship, creative literature

  • Flowers of Evil 1821-1867 symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire [Surya-yuti-Kuja] + [Guru-yuti-Shani] + [Shukra-yuti-Budha] [5, poetry, creative literature]

  • War and Peace 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy [celebrated philosopher, literary author]

  • The Tower 1865-1939 Symbolist poetry William Butler Yeats 1923 Noel Prize for Literature, poetry, theatrical plays

  • Gitanjali 1861-1941 lyrical poet Rabindranath Tagore [1913 Nobel Prize in Literature] celebrated poet and polymath

  • Savitri 1872-1950 revolutionary poet Shri Aurobindo

  • Psycho 1899-1980 film noir Alfred Hitchcock = cinematic films, television = celebrity figure

  • Turtle Island 1930- poet environmentalist Gary Snyder prize-winnering poet, celebrated literary creative, philosopher of Deep Ecology, intellectual environmentalist

  • Ring of Fire 1932-2003 rockabilly Johnny Cash [touring musician, celebrity figure]

  • Among the Believers 1932-2018 culturalist V.S. Naipaul [2001 Nobel Prize in Literature]

  • Chariots of Fire 1955-1997 Dodi Al-Fayed [entertainment]

  • Purple Rain 1958-2016 guitarist Prince [touring musician, celebrity figure]

  • Faith 1963-2016 singer-songwriter George Michael [touring musician, celebrity figure]

9th-from-9th bhavat-bhavam - Preacher-Divines

Celebrated figures in the realms of Philosophy-Theory-Conceptual Thought


AL = bhava-6 = service

medicine, military, legal defense, ministries of service

offered to those suffering imbalanced conditions such as conflict, accusation, animosity, abuse, war, pollution, addiction, exploitation, slavery, divorce, betrayal, or disease

AL = bhava-7 = arrangement = negotiation = promise = trust = fairness = justice

advisors and counselors; partners; designers, balancers, deal-makers, facilitators of contracts, agreements, adjudications, bargains, matches; advocates and arrangers

  • POTUS-27 Dollar Diplomacy 1857-1930 William Howard Taft

  • 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika B. V. Raman = a professional adviser granting countless consultations throughout his long professional life, mainly upon matters of marriage and business but also occasionally upon global affairs

  • UK-King 1948- Charles-3 = marriage, contracts, diplomacy

  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Ze Dong = revolutionary agent of destruction of the extreme injustice of the historic Chinese land-owner system; equalizer of genders and classes

AL = bhava-8 = secrets = mysteries

occult, discovery, disclosure, revelation, hidden assets, surgery, penetration of unknown, eruption of unexpected, upheavals,

sudden changes, transformation of identity, new

life, death-and-rebirth, renovation, recovery, mystery, use of hidden resources

AL = bhava-9 = doctrine = fortune = wisdom = philosophy = theory = creativity

philosophical intelligence, theory, first principles, temple discourse, ideology, catechism, indoctrination, university culture, world-travel, preaching, professor, priesthood

9 = 5th-from-5th = bhavat-bhavam Dharmasthāna often represents royalty and celebrity

also 5 = the // politics of politics // political philosophy of powers, rights and entitlements

Dharma-doctrine-philosophy-theory = global humanism

Politics, political philosophy, ideology, life-principled convictions, doctrine

= = =

  • Macedon-King o-Megos 356-323 BCE Alexander-III

  • Mughal Emperor 1592-1666 Shah Jahan

  • POTUS-05 Monroe Doctrine 1758-1831 James Monroe = Monroe Doctrine, principles of international relations, ideology

  • POTUS-09 Tecumseh 1773-1841 William Henry Harrison = ideology of Euro-diaspora agricultural expansion + indigenous genocide

  • POTUS-17 Reconstruction 1808-1875 Andrew Johnson Developer and believer in a jurisprudential doctrine that claimed Constitutional guarantee of the purported citizen right to own slaves. Guidance figure in the Manifest Destiny sangha.

  • Germinal 1840-1902 J'accuse Emile Zola social philosophy, social-ethical principles - contains Ketu

  • POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon

  • POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford

  • USA-Sen-Mass 1932-2009 Teddy Kennedy

  • USA-Congress 1943- Newt Gingrich

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush

  • POTUS-42 My Life 1946- Bill Clinton

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald Trump [political ideology, entertainment 5th-from-5th]

  • France-Pres 1955- public finance Nicolas Sarkozy = celebrity politics, ideological convictions

  • POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama

Royalty + Celebrity + Entitlements + Entertainments

creative arts = literature = drama = politics = celebrated genius

= speculative finance = humanistic expansion = patriarchal roles

= = =

  • Jungle Book 1865-1936 Empire Rudyard Kipling literary exponent of the patriarchal patronizing philosophy of the British Empire

  • Raag Khamaj 1920-2012 sitarist Ravi Shankar = celebrity musician

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King

  • Golf 1975- champion Tiger Woods [contains Kuja - celebrity sports-figure] [publicly identified with his father]

AL = bhava-10 = social leadership, governance of the social order, symbolic iconic roles

social ordering, statutory authority, elite hierarchical position

social leadership, the burden of responsibility, institutional governance, regulatory works, social policy, corporate executive decision-making, lawful ordering, rank, high public visibility, statesmanship, elite status, positions of authority and command

high levels of social recognition, symbolic-iconic representative roles

Governance Figures

= = =

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Armada Elizabeth-1-Tudor - 44-year reign

  • Russ-Empress 1729-1796 Noble Maidens Catherine the Great

  • POTUS-pair-04 hostess 1768-1849 Dolley Payne Madison

  • POTUS-pair-18 Civil War 1826-1902 Julia Dent Grant [known as the equal partner of the General and the POTUS, JDG was an acknowledged decision-maker]

  • POTUS-pair-37 Watergate 1912-1993 Pat Ryan Nixon [high visibility representative of Richard Nixon and until POTUS his leading advisor] [public symbolism of the disgraced POTUS-37 regime]

  • India-PM 1917-1984 Martial Law Indira Gandhi = Prime Minister of India [1966-1977] + [1980-1984]

  • POTUS-pair-35 editor 1929-1994 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

  • POTUS-pair-42 + USA Secy State 1947- Hillary Clinton

  • VPOTUS-pair Music Censorship 1948- Tipper Gore

Symbolic model figures + corporate leadership + high public visibility

  • Faust 1749-1832 polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe policy adviser Weimar Republic

  • Way of Zen 1915-1973 radio philosopher Alan Watts

  • " Dead Man Walking" drama-activist Sean Penn

  • Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 linguist J.R.R. Tolkien = intended his tales to restructure the social order (10) after the terrible World Wars, by drawing upon the memory of Britain's ancient Germanic settlements

  • Sound and Fury 1897-1962 novelist William Faulkner

  • Pucci Prints 1914-1992 fashion Emilio Pucci = member of Tuscan parliament, executive director of eponymous clothing corporation

  • TM 1917-2008 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi executive director TM corporation

  • Berkshire Hathaway 1930- mutual funds Warren Buffett [iconic finance-figure] governance of his own corporation (Urisha-10]

  • God's Dream 1931-1921 Anglican Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu

  • Easy Rider 1936-2010 artist Dennis Hopper symbolic counter-culture hero, cinema industry director-producer

  • Silly Love Songs 1942- Beatle Paul McCartney [counter-cultural icon]

  • Grateful Dead 1942-1995 guitarist Jerry Garcia [counter-cultural icon]

  • My Sweet Lord 1943-2001 Beatle George Harrison [counter-cultural icon]

  • Dittoheads 1951-2021 radio polemic Rush Limbaugh dramatizing leader of political emotion (Chandra-Simha)

  • Archbishop of Canterbury 1950- poet Rowan Williams leadership, elite decision-making, lawful command of the worldwide Anglican Church

  • Superman 1952-2004 tetraplegia Christopher Reeve = globally recognized advocate for spinal-injury research, cinema-hero Superman franchise

  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs corporate decision-making, executive authority

  • UK-Prince 1984- Harry = symbolic ministries of service [Kanya]

= = =

AL = bhava-11

  • community , inter-linkage, systems, naetworks,
  • Mass-movements, assemblies
  • Awards for Achievement
  • Fanclubs,
  • Systems. economies and ecologies, marketplace, large-group events
  • Social networking
  • large-scale connectivity, social-economic participation movements;
  • gainfulness, goal achievement, socially recognized attainment,
  • knit-knot-net-nexus, achievement awards and prizes for work accomplished

Social-Participation Movements + Economic Linkage + Community Activism + SYSTEMS networks

  • POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington = fundraising, revenues, distribution systems

  • France-Queen 1755-1793 Madame Deficit Marie Antoinette social networking

  • POTUS-pair-05 La belle Americaine 1768-1830 Elizabeth Kortright Monroe social networking

  • POTUS-pair-06 Adams Family 1775-1852 Louisa Johnson Adams = socialite, fundraising

  • POTUS-pair-16 Illinois 1818-1882 Mary Todd Lincoln = goal-oriented. Her primary aim was the Whitehouse.

  • POTUS-pair-26 Whitehouse Restoration 1861-1948 Edith Carow Roosevelt = socialite, fundraising, community-connections

  • Le Petite Voie 1873-1897 St. Therese von Lisieux = popular piety

  • Prodigals 1920-2007 Ruth Bell Graham community linkage, social networking

  • Seven Year Itch 1926-1962 Marilyn Monroe = earnings, connections, fanbase - contains Shukra

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T 1942-2018 Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin = fanclubs, revenues, community activism, social network of music-industry friendships

  • Lipstick 1954-1996 drama-model Margaux Hemingway = high-earning supermodel

  • UK Princess of Wales 1982- photographer Kate Middleton = community group patronage, revvenues

  • Uptown Girl 1954- supermodel Christie Brinkley

= = =

Economic, scientific, community-Network Systems

  • Protestant Reformation 1483-1549 hymns Martin Luther = the Protestant Reformation was essentially an economic movement, as mercantile interests overthrew the massive tax system of the Roman Church and removed the power of priests.

  • USA-Treasury 1755-1804 Federalist Papers Alexander Hamilton = USA economic infrastructure

  • POTUS-08 Democratic Party 1782-1862 Martin Van Buren = economic collapse during the Panic of 1837

  • POTUS-16 Emancipation 1809-1865 Abraham Lincoln = economic modernization including the end of slavery

  • POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant = USA community-economy reconnected

  • POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur = economic systems

  • POTUS-32 Fireside Chats 1882-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt = Economics, Great Depression, works Progress Administration with provided salaries for thousands of unemployed craftsmen

  • POTUS-40 American Life 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan = Reaganomics, marketplace de-regulation

  • SoAfrica-Pres 1918-2013 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela = social-participation, community linkage, goal-achievement

  • Egypt-Sudan King 1920-1965 Faruq al-Awwal = huge earnings from inherited lands and palace revenues, HNWI

  • Calif-Gov 1938- Moonbeam Jerry Brown = social participation ideology

  • POTUS-46 Pandemic 1942- Joe Biden economic systems management, global marketplace networks

  • Oracle Database 1944- Larry Ellison = computer relational databases, global economic profits, HNWI

  • Basic Instinct 1944- drama-commerce Michael Douglas = revenues, economic linkage, systematic profits, HNWI

  • Calif-Gov 1947- Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger [economic revenues, marketplace investments]

  • USA-Gov-FL 1953- offshore finance Jeb Bush = economic activism, profit-orientation, social networks, HNWI

  • UK Earl of Wessex 1964- Edward Mountbatten-Windsor = community engagement

  • Syria-Pres 1965- ophthalmologist Bashar al-Assad

Scientific-conceptual Community

  • Bacteriology 1822-1895 Microbes Louis Pasteur

  • My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla = Scientific, conceptual, electrical networks

Sangha = Community of Believers

  • Institutes 1509-1564 theology John Calvin = economic activist, ecclesiastical doctrine supported bourgeois tax-free profits

  • Satyagraha 1869-1948 Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi = community activist, participation network toward Independence and social change

  • Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. Josemaria Escriva [worldwide social-economic network]

  • 52nd Dai, dawoodi Bohra 1915-2014 Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin = economic development strengthens faith community (11)

  • Puttarpathy 1926-2011 Sathya Sai Baba community connections, profitability, marketplace revenues, commonwealth, naetworking, economic systems

  • Tantra 1931-1990 professor Osho Rajneesh [community interlinkage, social networks, economic revenues]

  • Miracle Roses 1207-1231 St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Cultural-Creative Community

  • Experience 1942-1970 guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Fifty+ years after his premature death, JH estate continues to reap millions from advertising royalties [11, revenues].

  • How Will I Know 1963-2012 singer model Whitney Houston = highest paid dramatist of her era, award-winning colossally profitable music [11, revenues]

AL = bhava-12

  • spiritual guidance
  • imagination, intuition
  • other worlds


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